Wednesday, 2014-03-05

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zhxtwhat does the "early adopter" mean?01:18
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pp_"ready to void warranty and not cry if it breaks"05:18
pp_I guess :)05:19
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jussizhxt: it means sledges likes you :P05:37
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zhxtjusics_,  haha.., I like him too :D06:01
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zhxtjussi, but I still don't know what the "e d" is?06:02
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jussizhxt: have a look at the graph here :
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zhxtjussi, ok, I'll have a look, thx :)06:11
* Stskeeps clings to the coffee machine06:12
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zhxtjusics_, I got understand, more or less.06:21
zhxtjusics_, There is a chance to get Sailfish OS running on android devices, am I right?06:22
* jussi hands Stskeeps an extra strong one...06:22
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zhxtjusics_, sorrrrrrrrrrry.  I mean jussi .06:23
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zhxtin early stage.06:28
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Stskeepszhxt: early adopter's first yes, on initially sgs iii lte and nexus 406:30
Stskeepsbut also guide how to do the porting06:30
zhxtStskeeps, only these two devices ?06:31
Stskeepszhxt: just as 'official' adaptations06:32
Stskeepsrest is possible to make fairly easily06:32
Stskeepswe have a limited team, so06:32
jussiStskeeps: limited team of you and sledges? :P :P06:32
zhxtStskeeps, uhmm... understand.06:33
Stskeepsjussi: hah, no06:33
Stskeepswe're more06:33
Nicd-guess I'll have to wait with the galaxy gio then06:33
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Stskeepszhxt: we are probably publishing our in progress adaptations for other devices too; but, honestly, the porting process isn't the hardest in the world06:33
jussiStskeeps: btw, when are you next in the land of coldness that isnt so cold at the moment? I do think a beer together is in order...06:33
Stskeepsjussi: unknown currently06:33
jussiStskeeps: also, android apps coming with those?06:34
Stskeepsjussi: sorry, was that a pony you're asking for?06:34
jussiStskeeps: hehe, dammit, I tried...06:34
Stskeepsinitially not for early adaptor images but you never know what'll happen in future06:34
jussiStskeeps: and no, it wasnt a pony... it was a UNICORN!!!!!!!!!06:35
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Stskeepsit's one of those key selling points so it's a bit tough problem06:35
jussiyeah, I agree06:35
Stskeepsie, why should we enable other emerging OS'es to have it, too, etc..06:36
jussiyeah, the business logic of it is hard.06:38
zhxtStskeeps, uhmmm..., unfortunately, I don't have an S III or nexus 4.06:38
zhxtjust an note 3.06:39
jussihow much of it is device specific? or is it the same across devices?06:39
Stskeepszhxt: does it run cyanogenmod 10.1? still a exynos?06:40
jussiStskeeps: Im planning to see if I can manage to slap sailfish on this sony ericsson that I have also :)06:41
zhxtStskeeps, I'm not sure, the official android come with it.06:41
Stskeepszhxt: ok, sec..06:41
jussiXperia pro (the one with a keyboard) :)06:41
jussizhxt: which model number is it?06:41
zhxtStskeeps, my model is N9006,06:42
Stskeepszhxt: ?06:42
Stskeepsah, n900606:42
zhxtStskeeps,  good news?06:42
Stskeepsnot necessarily06:42
zhxt I didn't see it in the list.06:43
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zhxtStskeeps,  a device an running CM that can run Sailfish?06:45
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Stskeepscm10.1 officially definately helps06:47
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veimisis it known that new images taken with the camera won't show in android apps (kakaotalk, wechat, QQ) before restarting the phone?09:56
veimisI guess restaring the android runtime would be enough, but it won't really restart by just closing it?09:57
Stskeepsif it's not on together.* add that bug09:57
veimiswill do, thanks09:57
ottulonenveimis: I've noticed, but haven't tried to restart09:58
ottulonenso if you add it on tjc, let me know and I'll go vote :P09:58
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Nicd-veimis: I've had that same issue10:13
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Nicd-link the tjc here and I'll vote for it too10:14
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mike7b4_atworkIs there some way to enable armv6l in sailfishsdk? Since I want to build RPI image(without sailfish stuff, only qt5)10:15
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Nicd-why do you want to compile it with sailfish sdk if it's not for sailfish?10:18
veimisottulonen: Nicd- here
Nicd-thanks, I upvoted10:21
mike7b4_atworkNicd, because there does not exist any MerPlatformSDKVM10:22
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ottulonenveimis: voted10:33
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Juubaany ideas how/where I can get nano or some other terminal-editor in my Jolla10:37
Nicd-you can install nano with pkcon install nano I think10:37
Juubaoh, gotta try that10:38
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JuubaError message: Couldn't resolve host ""10:40
TeguJuuba: vi is readily installed10:40
Nicd-is your internet connection working?10:40
ln-is vi preinstalled?10:40
ln-ok, so use vi.10:41
Nicd-I like nano :P10:41
Juubai dont know how to use vi :)10:41
Juubai'm simple.10:41
leinirvi: because [esc]:q is a totally obvious way to quit an application10:42
Juuba3G online, connected it says...10:42
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Nicd-leinir: sometimes you need to be angry with [esc]:q!!!10:43
Juubaping works, but no replies10:44
Juubabut pkcon cannot resolve10:44
Juubaoh wait, now it worked10:44
Juubaairplane mode solved problem10:44
Juubawhat do you guys get if you do "locale" in terminal ?10:45
Juubai get posix in all10:45
Juubano wait10:45
Juubawhen I SSH to my phone i get posix10:45
stephg_Jubba I get the appropriate UTF8 for ev erything other than LC_ALL and LANGUAGE which are unset10:46
Juubain terminal it is correct10:46
Juubaso why is the SSH connection with diff locales?10:46
Juubayeah, in terminal in phone locale is correct... but login over SSH has posix10:47
Mnsu_ssh uses the client's locales10:47
Juubaokay, last night i was tinkering with it and it was odd10:48
JuubaLANG=GB.utf8, LC_ALL is unset10:50
bencohis that a valid LANG ?10:50
bencoh(I'd rather say en_GB.UTF-8)10:51
Juubamaybe i typoed it here :)10:51
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Juubayeah, en_GB.utf810:51
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Juubawhy does stephg_ have it unset?10:51
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos10:52
stephg_LC_ALL? dunno10:53
Juubano, LANG ?10:53
Juubaor is it different from LANGUAGE10:54
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stephg_LANG AND LANGUAGE are diff11:01
stephg_I'd expect LANG to be set11:01
veimisottulonen: great :)11:02
Juubaokay, I dont have LANGUAGE in my "locale" output11:05
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Master-Passelicoderus: hi, are you aware of mitakuuluu bug where connection to whatsapp servers keeps looping between disconnected -> authorized -> connected -> disconnected...12:21
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Master-Passelicoderus: Mitakuuluu is constantly doing that and is unusable because it takes all the CPU and messages never goes to the servers etc. happends on 3G connection and also on WLAN12:23
korMaster-Passeli: you sure that isn't related to the sailfish bug where the connection just keeps looping in general?12:25
koron another note, mine always stays on "Authorizing..." if i leave the application for a while. It never logs back in on it's own, I have to quit and restart, but sometimes just opening the application works.12:25
Master-Passelikor: no, it looks that connection on phone side is working just fine. just Mitakuuluu keeps disconnecting and connecting again12:26
korah, okay. My mitäkuuluu keeps losing connection, but not reconnecting12:26
*** nahka^ has joined #sailfishos12:26
Master-Passelirestarting whole application does not change the case. just after it start again it starts this loop again12:26
kordoes it ever stay connected, or just always do that?12:27
Nicd-my mitäkuuluu sometimes shows "authorizing" when I leave it on its own12:27
Nicd-when I open the UI it instantly logs in12:27
Master-Passeliand i'm running newest Mitakuuluu. i actually happened already with older version but update did not effect at all12:28
Master-Passelikor: very rarely it stays connected. mostly it just reconnect loops12:28
korNicd-: messages don't arrive while the authorizing-message is up, do they?12:29
Nicd-I don't know, I haven't got any during that time12:30
Nicd-I only use whatsapp to talk to my wife :P12:30
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kor"selective hearing", in the most optimally enforced way12:30
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Stskeepsleinir: is krita on qt5 yet, ooi?14:51
Stskeepskrita sketch specifically14:51
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos14:51
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mirkolonehi sailors!14:53
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Stskeepsmirkolone: hewwo14:53
*** roric has joined #sailfishos14:55
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mirkolonemy nexus 4 is bored of androiddd, he says swipe me!14:56
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos14:56
mirkolone#can't wait14:56
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:59
leinirStskeeps: Not yet, no - Krita on qt5 is a 3.0 thing15:01
Yanielapparently even the desktop version is still 4.x :(15:02
leiniras in, a Calligra 3.0 thing :)15:04
*** flotron has joined #sailfishos15:08
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cvphi, is it possible to refresh/rescan/ the batterie state over the terminal?15:13
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UmeaboyIs there any porting instructions out for Sailfish yet?16:22
inffydon't think so16:23
UmeaboyPerhaps a chroot-build?16:23
UmeaboyI have the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab that I want to port Sailfish to.16:23
Stskeepsdoes it run cyanogenmod 10.1?16:24
UmeaboyBootloader SHOULD be unlocked,but I can't boot into bootloader mode.16:24
UmeaboyI used the Chainfire unlock app to unlock it.16:25
UmeaboyRight now it's blanked out.16:25
UmeaboyIt boots a rooted kernel thou.16:25
Yanielbut can you get it to run cyanogenmod 10.116:25
UmeaboyI did use it a while ago.16:26
ryukafalzSo, just to be clear... even if a device runs CM 10.1, if it's a CDMA device, Sailfish won't support it at this point right? Because of lack of ofono support?16:26
UmeaboyIt is a CDMA-device. 3G-modem.16:27
UmeaboyNative compilation from the SD-card is possible?16:27
*** pp_ has joined #sailfishos16:28
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XenGitonight we have a sailfish os meetup at c-base space station. feel free to drop in if you are near the landing site in berlin.16:29
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:30
UmeaboySomething seems to be discussed related to it.16:32
*** pp_ has quit IRC16:32
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celeron55how would i go about enabling one to take a picture from my app, so that the app can get the image data?17:34
celeron55(as an image file)17:34
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos17:34
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos17:34
Accea screenshot?17:35
*** djselbeck has joined #sailfishos17:35
celeron55oh i mean photo, using the camera17:35
Acceah, ok, sorry, don't know about that17:36
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:36
celeron55on android there's a way to just tell the OS that "i want a photo to be taken, put it in this location" and then the OS calls back once the user is done with it17:38
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos17:38
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tbrI think I saw someone do that for QR codes. one of the 2-factor auth apps17:48
tbrlook at how they did it17:48
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos17:48
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veimisottulonen: Nicd- There was actually a related question in tjc with a workaround to show new pictures in android apps: restart android with Killdroid from Jolla store. I edit the bug report with this information.17:54
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC17:54
Nicd-yeah, I read that17:55
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celeron55tbr: found it; looks like SailOTP had to use something that isn't allowed in harbour at the moment18:00
*** djselbeck has joined #sailfishos18:00
tbrbut I installed it from harbour IIRC?18:00
celeron550.6 is in harbour, 0.7 is in openrepos18:01
celeron550.7 adds QR code stuff18:01
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gobbenn/win 518:21
gobbesorry :)18:22
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ottulonenveimis: when you mentioned reboot fixes it, I was thinking of KillDroid, but I didn't get around to trying it yet19:13
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veimisyep, it's better than rebooting the phone, but hardly ideal :)19:45
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