Monday, 2014-03-10

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m4g0gGuys, have somebody installed gallery to emulator?05:56
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tbrm4g0g: I don't see "jolla-gallery" available in the emulator repositories06:24
m4g0gbrowser doesn't available too, but we can install it06:25
tbrthe browser is open source, you can build it and then install it, yes06:25
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tbrhmmm is it just my system or is the path to the emulator ssh key now different:  ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/1/nemo06:38
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coderusgot my Jolla, finally :)07:10
coderushow to start/stop services in terminal?07:11
chriadamsystemctl --user start/stop servicename.service07:12
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coderusah, sure, thank you :)07:16
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m4g0gwaiting for an update this week!07:23
flora_hi, what is libhybris? and what relation is it between libhybris and android?07:23
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Stskeepsflora_: in practice it means we leverage android hw adaptations07:29
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flora_many thanks  for Nicd-  and Stskeeps07:42
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flora_Stskeeps,  can libhybris adapt android any HW?07:47
Stskeepsflora_: it can adapt a lot of android hw yes07:49
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flora_Stskeeps,  it is wonderful,07:53
flora_Stskeeps,  which android hw can libhybris adapt? including gps, camera, etc.?07:55
Stskeepsflora_: jolla phone was done with libhybris07:55
Stskeepsso everything useful07:55
flora_jolla phone can use android hw07:57
Stskeepsyes, it was built on an existing android hw reference07:57
flora_is it for any android phone?07:58
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Stskeepsflora_: we'll be putting this out for download to existing android devices during the next half year07:59
Sailor2212test ignore  this07:59
Nicd-Sailor2212: don't tell me what to do08:00
flora_Stskeeps,  what you mean is user can open source for android hw in next half year08:01
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Stskeepsflora_: well, more that you can download and port sailfishos to android hw08:03
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ljphalf my testing lately is waiting for a disconnect08:15
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flora_Stskeeps,  I review,  some android hw seem not work08:23
Stskeepsflora_: yeah but that's nothing to do with libhybris; it's about wiring up things08:23
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flora_Stskeeps,  according to info, some android hw such as nfc, bluetooth, or camera don't work because libhybris do nothing, right/08:29
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Stskeepsflora_: no, it's more that the bits aren't wired up08:30
Stskeepslibhybris works fine with those08:30
Stskeepsbecause jolla device was built with libhybris too08:30
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flora_Stskeeps,  what you mean is libhybris can work fine on jolla device, it doesn't work well on android hw08:33
Nicd-but the jolla device is android hardware afaik08:34
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flora_Nicd-,  I don't understand what you said, what you mean is jolla device runs on android hw?08:36
Nicd-yes, as far as I understand it08:37
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tbryes, because essentially all you can get if you want to build a "mobile phone" nowadays is "android hardware". which is short for Hardware that comes with a support package to make android run on it reasonably well.08:40
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tbrthis is why you see so many OSs leverage this: FirefoxOS, UbuntuTouch, WebOS, ... and SailfishOS08:41
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tbrand the Jolla phone hardware is no exception to this. It also started its life as an "hardware that could run android"08:43
flora_if we get the imag package download to android phone  and camera work fine .is it ?08:45
tbrcould you rephrase that question please?08:49
flora_I mean that flash sailfish image to android device,And the camera can work fine,right?08:51
tbrcamera is usually one of the hardest things to get working. This will be per-device work.08:53
tbrIf CyanogenMod 10.1 works on the device AND if the camera works on it. Then there is a chance that it will work on Sailfish. But it will require additional work. This work needs to be done by the community.08:54
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Anarkytbr: this additional work should be done on libhybris, or on another part?08:59
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tbrAnarky: I'm not competent to answer this, but suspect it will be "above" libhybris, talking to some bionic binaries through libhybris. Maybe Stskeeps can elaborate on that.09:00
AnarkyOk :)09:01
m4g0gis there any way to test transfer engine plugins without real device?09:03
flora_Stskeeps,  ping09:07
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juke__is there an event for view becoming visible?10:46
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Acceif views have visible property, if you mean that when the model is loaded, I think there was either onModelChanged or onModelLoaded10:48
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juke__i have an attached page in stack, and i'd like that page to do stuff every time it is switched to10:49
cos-last week's update still not available?10:49
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inffy_what last week update?10:50
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inffy_there was never gonna be a 1.0 update last week ;)10:50
inffy_this week..10:50
cos-i think i read it in some press release or something10:51
inffy_u read wrong then :P10:51
cos-luckily factory reset fixed the issues and my phone behaved well on last week's trip10:51
yulimoto_hi folks, is there some android phone on the market, on which can be installed sailfish ?10:51
Nicd-yulimoto_: there's early adopter stuff for the nexus 4, ask sledges if you want to try that, but be prepared to do some work10:52
sledgesand sgs310:53
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Accejuke__: then use Page status10:56
juke__is there event for it?10:57
AcceonStatusChanged: {if(status==PageStatus.Active) do your stuff;}10:57
juke__oh, nice10:57
Acceevery property has the onChanged{Name}10:57
Acceeven the properties you define by yourself10:57
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juke__good to know11:00
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cos-"1) Wait till the next SailfishOS update - planned to week 10. It will contain a fix for the phone-turn-off-by-itself issue. "11:15
cos-quote from
Nicd-planned to11:16
* Stskeeps goes look for people to hit with a plank11:16
juke__i have a PushUpMenu in SilicaFlickable which can be dragged to infinity, what am i doing wrong?11:17
cos-you shouldn't have let people leave office on friday before release is made :-)11:17
Stskeepscos-: our guys don't leave the office, they're all handcuffed. people who are walking out from our offices are just actors.11:17
inffy_it was already confirmed on twitter for example taht it will released week1111:17
Stskeepswe prefer not to release on time vs releasing something with problems, fwiw11:18
Acce"releasing" has more concrete meaning at Jolla11:19
cos-do you have any stats on how large percent of users are suffering from the reboot issues?11:19
Acceit means releasing people from their handcuffs11:19
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Accejuke__: what do you mean? the pushupmenu can be dragged to infinity?11:20
Accepastebin your code11:20
cos-i think the issue is so serious that it would be worth releasing an emergency fix just to address it.. unless it's only a small portion of users11:20
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Accejuke__: first, I would take the needless width and height settings away11:26
juke__lines 9 and 10?11:26
Acceanchors.fill: parent already does everything you write for size and anchors after it11:26
Acceyes, 9, 10, and 12-1511:27
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juke__ok. do i need to specify those things for the Page element as well?11:28
Acceno, page has implicit setting to fill the screen11:28
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juke__no i have on ly anchors.fill: parent in SilicaFlickable, but PushUpMenu can still be dragged further than were it stops11:29
juke__now*, only*11:30
Accehmm, you could try setting the pullDownMenu and pushUpMenu properties explicitly11:30
Acceto your menu items11:30
juke__so MenuItem.height?11:31
Acceno, pullDownMenu: PullDownMenu { ... }; pushUpMenu: PushUpMenu { ... }11:31
Accenot sure if it helps though11:31
Acceif it doesn't, I suggest you find some app which uses both menus, and see how they do it in their QML files11:32
juke__i didnt understand your example11:32
juke__oh right11:32
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juke__now i got it11:33
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edipsHow to install python to sailfishOs VM?11:56
edipsI dont know its terminal to write "pkcon install python3-base"11:56
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stephgedips, you'll need to SSH into the device12:25
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edipsBut there is no any development headers at
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stephgheaders are usually in -devel packages12:53
edipsok , when I type something, packages appears, so is it like synaptic package manager which installs packages to sailfishos emulator?12:53
stephgthe emulator or  the build VM?12:54
Yanielpkcon is like synaptic yes12:54
edipsYaniel: I meant
edipsI would like to try pyotherside examples on sailfishOS VM12:57
edipsso after installed required packages from Manage Targets, it may be possible12:57
edipswhen I enter nemo passport from terminal, it says permisson denied12:59
edipsI try to run emulator now13:00
joonahoi_check the url that stephg pasted13:02
edipsPermission denied (publickey,password).13:02
edipsjoonahoi_: sorry which url?13:03
edipsyes I try to apply this, as ssh -p 2223 nemo@localhost13:03
joonahoi_read it again13:03
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edipsthanks :)13:04
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edips2. command worked13:04
joonahoi_yeah :)13:05
edipsbut when this is typed, "Command failed: This tool could not find any available package: could not find python3-base"13:05
edipspkcon install python3-base13:05
edipsnemo includes mer-project repositories?13:06
edipsI pasted this due to
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edipsnow trying to enter as root13:09
kaltsiedips: the sdk repositories have not been updated to level, the wiki might be correct for in-device development13:10
edipsdid not find as root too "pkcon install python3-base"13:10
edipsI see13:11
edipsso is it not possible to test pyotherside or python on VM?13:11
edipsmaybe it can be possible to run it after installing mer-sdk via manage targets13:18
* tbr finds it questionable, that the SDK is not being kept in sync. :-/13:21
Stskeepsnot unquestionable13:22
Stskeepsthey're two different release paths afaik; i think that's changing though13:22
edipsit installed python. but cant find python3, so it needs to be added repositories before instaling it13:22
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ChimChimHiyo :)15:59
ChimChimCan anyone give me a status update on the N4 port?16:02
StskeepsChimChim: well we're all waiting for the 4th update of sailfishos16:02
Yanielclosed beta is probably not too far off16:02
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ChimChimAlright awesome guys! Can´t wait :)16:04
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Stskeepsi have to wonder if you guys are subscribted to that page :)16:24
flotroni check that every day :)16:25
stephghey I'm watching it daily :)16:25
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Yanielit's my desktop backgr- wait16:26
* stephg naptime16:27
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dodgeramresHi all, my problem with the volume-sounds is solved.18:42
dodgeramresI can adjust the ringtone directly in the ambience when ist set as favorite.18:43
raa70Is there a way to force whatsapp to use mobile data instead of wlan18:44
raa70i mean mitäkuuluu18:44
dodgeramreswhen the ambiance is not set as favorite, you can use the normal settings.18:44
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edips_I try to run pyotherside for android. there is a python3.2 for android. So export=Qt path; export=python path and export=pyotherside can make run pyotherside for android? is there anybody run it on android?19:02
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John24_hey guys19:18
John24_got a number formating question in qml19:18
John24_how to add commas ever 3 numbers?19:18
John24_example number = 12345678919:19
John24_I want to output it as 123,456,78919:19
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elenrildoes the OS update write a log somewhere?19:57
elenrili've just run the update to, but it says i'm still on
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Juubai've had similar problems with this last update.. had to run it twice20:01
mornfallJohn24_: you can always write javascript to do that I guess20:02
mornfallJohn24_: the locale normally dictates how numbers are formatted20:02
John24_yep i am trying out locale now20:02
*** fprimex has joined #sailfishos20:05
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elenrilafter 3 attempts it still calims to be
fprimexHi all. Is there a list of phones that will be supported anywhere online? I am in the USA and waiting to get a new phone until I know which will work with Sailfish OS. Looking at Xperias, specifically.20:13
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:14
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tbrfprimex: depends what you expect from it20:18
*** kvt has joined #sailfishos20:18
tbrfprimex: if you're willing to put some own work into it, then phones running CM10.1 are a sensible bet, even better if they have a qualcomm chipset20:19
fprimextbr: works with AT&T, voice, text, MMS, 3G (4G/HSDPA+ eventually? LTE not really needed)20:19
fprimextbr: absolutely willing to work on it. I've a pretty good technical background.20:20
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tbrfprimex: right now the jolla as primary device doesn't support MMS. I think that's coming, but you might take that into account.20:22
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:22
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fprimextbr: Good to know. I could probably live without it for a while if it were eventually coming.20:23
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos20:25
tbrthe first devices that are probably on their way are Nexus4 and one of the Samsung S3 models20:25
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fprimexhmm, most of the phones I was looking at appear to need CM11. There's two xperias that are supported on 10.220:26
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos20:26
tbrwhen it comes to newer CM, I'm not sure how that will work. Stskeeps might know.20:27
fprimexthanks for the info. it looks like I will have a little longer to wait than I hoped.20:28
fprimexpretty sad state of affairs in the USA if you don't want an iOS or Android. I miss my Pre+, and am considering Blackberry. Nothing else seems ready- Sailfish, Firefox, or Ubuntu20:30
*** John24_ has quit IRC20:31
fprimexkeeping a very hopeful eye on sailfish. thanks again!20:33
*** fprimex has left #sailfishos20:33
m4g0gguys, who have ideas how implement in sailfish this architecture: profile - friends - friend profile - friend's freiends - friend's friend's profile - (...)?20:35
*** Finleida has quit IRC20:35
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M4rtinK2m4g0g: maybe show the hierarchy in the header20:39
M4rtinK2with horizontal scrollable are where you would see how you got to a given page20:40
*** piggz__ has quit IRC20:40
*** piggz__ has joined #sailfishos20:40
M4rtinK2this should also probably replace the stack indicator as it would be rather long otherwise20:41
m4g0gI thought about pages queue, which will be replace last page with needed data20:42
*** arcean has quit IRC20:42
Acceyou could maybe do it without pagestack, using a listview and snapmode: ListView.SnapOneItem and have the delegates full Page size20:43
Accethen load the needed info on the next delegate and change listview index when you need to show the info20:44
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos20:48
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m4g0gAcce: hm, interesting idea21:01
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M4rtinK2Acce: the Cacheme file picker used in many Harmattan applications used something like this21:05
M4rtinK2but I think it had multiple listviews so that it could make transitions between them21:05
M4rtinK2that reminds me - as an official silica file picker is still MIA21:06
M4rtinK2does anyone know about a nice file picker for Sailfish ? :)21:06
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:07
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos21:07
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AcceM4rtinK2: yes, you could have one listview on each page for example, to reduce the depth of the pagestack21:10
Accejust need to make sure that if pulley/pushmenus are used, there aren't nested Flickables / ListViews / similar that accept gestures in same direction21:12
M4rtinK2or maybe a custom page stack indicator21:12
M4rtinK2that shows either numbers or something else21:12
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john24_wanted to ask does debuging work now for sailfishos in qtcreator?21:31
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Accejohn24_: nope, not yet, hopefully we get SDK update soon too21:49
john24_ahh I see, Hopefuly it will come soon21:53
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jake9xxif no more supprises happen, we should get it out in march, a bit after update4 release22:21
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