Monday, 2014-04-07

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william_guys who can tell us when the next public EA of sailfishos for nexus 4 published?03:38
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Dr_Cainhmm, my IMAP4 emails stopped syncing for some reason07:32
Dr_Cainis there a log I can check?07:32
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chriadamDr_Cain: VDVsx will be able to help you07:34
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VDVsxDr_Cain, manual sync or the automatic sync ?07:35
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Dr_Cainmanual sync07:36
VDVsxDr_Cain, how to collect logs:
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* Dr_Cain sets it and does a dsmetool -b07:39
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 09:41:19 [Warning] socketError: 0 : "Connection refused"07:42
Dr_Cainhmm, it might be the smtp that's failing07:46
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william_sailfish os on nexus 4 can not input Chinese,though there is we can select Chinese input method07:50
Stskeepswilliam_: might be because of XT9 not being there07:50
william_guys who know when will be solved?07:51
Stskeepsit may be a longer thing, we want to cover basics first07:51
Stskeepsthen add value-add things on top07:51
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Stskeepswilliam_: dictionaries, word prediction, etc07:52
william_i see07:52
william_when will publish the next EA of sailfish os for nexus 4?07:53
Stskeepshmm probably sometime after the next jolla update07:53
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Dr_CainVDVsx: seems like it's not IMAP4 that's failing, just the SMTP part (which might be blocked on this network)07:54
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william_i am form China,no Chinese input,I can not use sailfishos-ized nexus 4 as a daily device07:55
Stskeepsyes, that's a valid concern07:55
VDVsxDr_Cain, it should not block SMTP, they are independent07:56
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ArtVandalaeDr_Cain, SSH into your device. And see if you can access the IMAP port on your server. e.g. telnet 143 -- see if it responds, or if it times out07:57
Dr_CainArtVandalae: I just checked, the IMAP part is fine, but it tries to check the SMTP part too while it's at it, and it's failing07:58
ArtVandalaeDr_Cain, telnet 25 -- does it respond?07:58
william_hope multi-languge can works normally soon07:58
Dr_Cainheh, I don't have telnet07:58
Dr_Cainis it in pkcon?07:58
ArtVandalaeSorry, not sure. I don't have any Sailfish device. Just a Linux user, waiting :P telnet or nc (netcat) will work.07:59
fzkisnt smtp usually filtered by isps?08:00
ArtVandalaeyou could search for the package using package kit. pkcon search name telnet08:00
Dr_CainArtVandalae: I just did, it's not in there, and neither is netcat08:00
Dr_Cainfzk: let's try SMTP over SSL then08:01
Dr_Cainport 46508:01
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Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:01:46 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: "250 DSN"08:02
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:01:46 [Debug] SMTP :  SEND: NQotWBtAh08:02
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:01:46 [Debug] SMTP :  RECV: "502 5.5.2 Error: command not recognized"08:02
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:01:46 [Debug] Messaging :  void SSOSessionManager::recreateSsoIdentity() Recreating SSO identity using auth method  "password"08:02
Dr_Cainthat didn't work as expected08:02
coderusi had a dream about kickoff-meeting. there is a desk with nicknames on it and peoples sitting. and somebody unknow entering room. next there are blood at the walls, floor, desk and only two peoples still sitting. i see no dead bodies but i'm sure its unknown guest did this.08:03
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VDVsxDr_Cain, that looks strange flow, can you pastbin the entire log and send me the link ?08:06
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Dr_Cainsoon, I need to gather a bit more data08:08
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Dr_Cainoh it seems to connect when I select Authentication "not in use"08:10
narchieis there any way to change the VM display resolution08:10
Dr_Cainwith SSL and 46508:10
narchiemy laptop screen is too small08:10
narchieand I have to scroll to see the bottom menu for instance08:10
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narchiealternatively I could buy a new laptop :)08:10
Dr_Cainnow it's on the:08:12
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:11:08 [Debug] SMTP :  SEND: MAIL FROM: <xxx>08:12
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:11:08 [Debug] SMTP :  SEND: RCPT TO: <xxx>08:12
Dr_Cain[954] Apr 07 10:11:08 [Debug] SMTP :  SEND: DATA08:12
Dr_Cainand it gets stuck on the DATA part hmm08:12
Dr_Cainhere we go "Recipient address rejected: Access denied"08:13
Dr_Cainsomething wrong with the SMTP config08:13
ArtVandalaeheh :)08:13
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fluxapplicatino idea: smtp setting debugger :-)08:17
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VDVsxDr_Cain, if you give me the server address I can check the settings in use, but port 25 normally is without auth, 465 SSL and 587 TLS08:18
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Dr_Cainyeah, 25 does not work because of blocked by ISP, and while 465 does work, but only with auth method "Authentication "not in use""08:19
Dr_CainI should try 587 TLS too08:19
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VDVsxDr_Cain, when you connect in port 465 check the AUTH caps that are listed08:20
VDVsxin comes in the logs just after the connection after the EHLO command08:21
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Dr_Cain587 works too, but needs the Authentication "not in use" option set08:23
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Dr_Cainnow I have to debug the Client host rejected: Access denied error I'm getting08:23
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VDVsxDr_Cain, does it really allow you to send email ? or just connect there08:27
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Dr_Cainwell it has worked in the past, but I have done a few upgrades since hmm08:28
Dr_CainI have two email accounts08:29
Dr_Cainit might try to set the sender as the other one08:29
Dr_Cainthat will obviously not work08:29
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Dr_CainI'll have to debug this more when I get home, with another email client like thunderbird08:35
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gabriel9|workif i want to share a link to Sailfish app on store what to do?08:46
gabriel9|workIs there a web UI for store?08:47
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coderuswhy the hell QtCreator in SailfishSDK losing const params declarations when using automatic refactoring menu option in context menu?08:56
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admiral0coderus: because good guy QtCreator sets variables free.09:02
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Acceno more binding of variables! they're naturally free, we are violating their rights09:24
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Almindorhow do you make a notifcation from an app?09:54
sjtoikif you can't find from the documentation, i would start looking examples from
jake9xx_Almindor: have you looked from silica documentation in sdk ?10:00
Almindorjake9xx_, I didn't find anything about notification in there, just components10:00
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jake9xx_Almindor: ok, i'll take a look as well10:04
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MFaro-Tusinoping stskeeps10:58
StskeepsMFaro-Tusino: pong10:58
MFaro-Tusinoi need your linux expertise - private chat?10:59
Stskeepsyou can try, it'll be 200 EUR/hour10:59
tbrheh, that reminds me of this one:11:00
tbrHire me. My rate would be onehundredandfifty an hour. Plus VAT and expenses. Four hours minimum. Dollars for small problems, Euros for big problems. British Pounds for management problems.11:00
jussihehe, I was just about to say, "careful, he is expensive" :P11:00
jussihire me, Im 50 per hour. I know nothing but can point you in many right directions :P11:00
Stskeepsthis is just like post-feb11..11:01
MFaro-Tusinohahah having issues with my old pc - windows boots fine but linux (mint and ubuntu) hang on install. the only good linux guys i know are in here11:01
tbrMFaro-Tusino: how old?11:01
tbrMFaro-Tusino: does the CPU have PAE?11:01
jussiahh yes, that could do it...11:02
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MFaro-Tusinotbr: 200511:02
tbrMFaro-Tusino: where should I send the invoice? ;-รพ11:02
tbrthere are non-pae installers11:03
MFaro-Tusinoi know its OT so I know i shouldnt really talk about it here11:03
fzkjussi: this works very well against my fiances family, "would you work for free?"11:03
jussifzk: hehe :D11:03
jussifzk: Ill give you a discount - Ill work for beer :P11:03
fzkjussi: beer plus computering=weird code11:04
tbr - look at the 'forcepae' option11:04
jussifzk: unless it is in the right doses...11:04
MFaro-Tusinookay ill look into it tbr. thanks :D11:05
fzkjussi: haha, i only have experience from that after a half bottle of kossu11:06
fzki told myself the day after: wtf have i done?! now ill have to rewrite everything11:06
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TheBootroo_work"Sorry for rejecting your update, but new version must be higher then the one, which is currently in the store. "13:11
TheBootroo_workin store : 0.1.2, my package : 0.2.8, wtf ?13:11
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TheBootroo_workiekku: ^13:13
iekkuTheBootroo_work, i take a look immediately!13:14
TheBootroo_workapp package name is 'bible-me'13:15
iekku:nod: found it already13:16
TheBootroo_workwow, quick13:16
iekkuTheBootroo_work, contacted tester, need to catch a bus now, will get back to you soon13:17
kontioTheBootroo_work: I will answer a little later...13:19
TheBootroo_workkontio: who are you ?13:20
TheBootroo_workthe tester ?13:20
kontioTheBootroo_work: no the interface between the testers and #sailfishos :-)13:23
TheBootroo_work oh ok13:23
kontioor one of them... like iekku13:23
kontioTheBootroo_work: ok give me a moment, I need to check what happened...13:24
TheBootroo_workkontio: i think i konw what happened :13:24
TheBootroo_worki have 0.1.x in store13:24
TheBootroo_worki submitted 0.2.4  three days ago13:25
TheBootroo_workmichal tested it and rejected it13:25
TheBootroo_worki pushed released 0.2.8, and michal found that 0.2.4 and 0.2.8 have only revision different version, forgetting to check store versino13:25
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos13:26
TheBootroo_worki wouldn't increase major/minor version because it's onyl bugfix upon 0.2.4 i pushed 3 days ago13:26
TheBootroo_workusing 0.3.x doesn't make sense here13:26
Nicd-but 0.2.8 is bigger than 0.2.413:27
Nicd-so it should be ok13:27
Turskiif it's after dot, it is a version bump13:27
Turskirelease number comes after dash13:28
TheBootroo_workNicd-: in fact not13:28
Turskiand TheBootroo_work why not?13:29
TheBootroo_work0.2 is maj.min, and last dot is revision number13:29
Nicd-yes, I know13:29
TheBootroo_workand FAQ says increasing only rev is not good13:29
TheBootroo_workbut anyway, in store i have 0.1.x13:29
TheBootroo_workso any 0.2.x shoudl be good13:29
kontioTheBootroo_work: sorry... there our tester mixed up something... seeing the whole day just numbers, might blur your view ;-) so he made a mistake...13:30
TurskiTheBootroo_work: there is no "revision" number13:30
TheBootroo_workkontio: no problem13:30
TurskiTheBootroo_work: release number is the one after dash13:30
kontioTheBootroo_work: it's now accepted13:30
TheBootroo_workkontio: thanks !13:30
kontiocheck your harbour messages...13:30
TurskiTheBootroo_work: it's ok to have multiple dots in version number13:30
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: the store FAQ says 1.0.1-7 -> 1.0.2-1 is ok13:30
kontioTheBootroo_work: will take a moment until it's synced to the store...13:30
TheBootroo_workNicd-: oh yeah, didn't see that one13:31
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: the FAQ says that just incrementing the *release* is not ok, the release is the number after the dash13:31
TheBootroo_workin fact13:31
TheBootroo_workjust noticed13:31
TheBootroo_workmy apps version is 0.2-813:31
TheBootroo_worknot 0.2.813:32
TheBootroo_workthat's why13:32
TheBootroo_workso 8 it release number13:32
Turskii hate it when people are talking about application version x.y-z as x.y.z13:32
TheBootroo_workand version is 0.213:32
TheBootroo_workTurski: to me it's quite logical : Major.Minor.Revision13:33
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: yeah, don't do that. use 0.2.0-8 then13:33
TurskiTheBootroo_work: that's not the usual way to do that13:33
Nicd-don't change the release number13:33
TheBootroo_workto me a major needs huge changes, minor means small changes , revision is only about bugfix13:33
YanielI'm used to x.y.z too13:33
Yanielbut x.y.z-w seems reasonable13:33
TheBootroo_workTurski: that's not clear in te YAML file13:33
Yanielor x.y-z for less lively projects13:34
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: we all agree on that, but the thing in the YAML file is *release*, not revision13:34
TheBootroo_workwhen i release a new version, i increase minor13:34
TheBootroo_workbut what the hell is release version ? revision number i can understand13:34
TheBootroo_workbut release version ? so what ? it's a absolute version counter ?13:35
TurskiTheBootroo_work: see also
*** killSwam has quit IRC13:35
Nicd-I've assumed it has something to do with the packaging13:35
YanielTheBootroo_work: think: build number13:35
TurskiTheBootroo_work: release version is usually bumped on rebuild13:35
Nicd-so if the package fails harbour, then increment release13:35
TheBootroo_worklike   0.0.1 is release 1, 0.0.2 is release 2, 0.1.0 is release 3 ? etc13:35
w00tmajor.minor.patch-release, release is only applicable for packaging changes13:35
Yaniel0.0.1-1 is release 113:35
Yanielor build 113:35
Yanielthen you do bugfixes -> 0.0.2-113:35
Yanielthe build/packaging does not go as planned -> 0.0.2-213:36
Turskior application needs to be built agains updated libraries -> bump release13:36
Yanielyou notice you forgot a library from the rpm -> 0.0.2-313:36
TheBootroo_workwell in fact i won't ever use release number ?13:36
Yanielthen it will always be -113:36
TheBootroo_workwell i learned something new today13:37
TheBootroo_workNicd-: anyway, Bible'me 0.2-8 should be in your hands very soon now13:39
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos13:40
TheBootroo_workNicd-:  <---- is that little guy something you wanted ?13:40
TheBootroo_workjust noticed it13:41
* TheBootroo_work 's brain hardly sees smileys when they are rotated wrong side13:41
TheBootroo_workyou didn't put it there on purpose ?13:42
*** harha has quit IRC13:43
*** xerpi has quit IRC13:48
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos13:49
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*** ilmgb has quit IRC13:53
iekkuTheBootroo_work, testers apology, should be approved now13:53
TheBootroo_workiekku: yep it is,13:53
TheBootroo_workiekku: thanks13:53
iekkuand my apology too13:54
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos13:59
TheBootroo_workiekku: really, no problem, was fixed really fast13:59
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos13:59
*** Okeanos has quit IRC14:00
*** piiramar has joined #sailfishos14:02
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos14:02
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*** piiramar has quit IRC14:06
*** sequantz is now known as remarc14:06
*** mvdan has joined #sailfishos14:10
iekkuTheBootroo_work, thank you for you understanding14:10
*** ilmgb_ has joined #sailfishos14:15
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*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:04
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TheBootroo_workaaaawwww yeeahhhhh15:12
TheBootroo_worknew Bible'me is in store !15:12
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:15
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:17
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:26
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:26
roboroI want to store some default data in a small sqlite database that can be used by my app...15:27
roboronot localstorage for a user15:27
roboroso my package would contain the database already prepopulated15:27
roborodoes anyone know how to access this in qml?15:27
Acceroboro: why not just include code that creates the database15:27
roboroit sort of seems redundant15:28
roboroa whole lot of processing when the app starts up...15:28
roborowhy not just create a database to begin with and package it with the app15:28
roboroit seems like a lot of unnecessary code15:29
Accewell you can do that, but then you have to use c++15:29
roboroeverything is always more complicated than I hope for15:30
Acceafaik localstorage can access only .local/share/appname/.. etc15:30
roboroyeah... that's what I thought15:30
Acceyou could always google for some qml plugin for sqlite database driver15:30
roboroso either I have to code my app in c++... or have a stack of redundant javascript15:31
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:31
roboromeh... I'll take the redundant javascript route :(15:31
Accewell, just make sure it's ran only on first start after the app has  been installed, and it's not that bad15:32
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:33
*** edgar2 has quit IRC15:33
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:33
*** artemma has quit IRC15:34
*** stephg has quit IRC15:35
Accebut honestly, it's not really a big deal to write the c++ that would use qt's sql classes and offer some execution interface to qml..15:35
Acceof course if you don't know c++ to begin with, it is lot of work15:35
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos15:36
roboroAcce: true... I can make sense reading other ppl's c++... writing my own takes ages... I sit with google open for every line15:36
roboroand then things break15:37
roboroand then I spend many many many hours trying to work out what is wrong15:37
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos15:37
Accemhmm.. I'm like that too often, but it comes better with time and experience15:38
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos15:38
roboroI would probably opt to do this in python... but I was hoping to finally make an app that might be able to get listed on harbour15:39
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos15:40
Acceheh.. well, the best in that case is to not care too much about little details so your motivation doesn't drop :)15:40
roboroheh... I know15:41
*** master_o1_master has quit IRC15:42
roboroI'll stick to javascript for this one... its a really simple app... so to hell with it... in the future I might fix that bit of code and do something a bit more sensible15:42
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:42
roboroany suggestions on how to check that you are on the first run of an app?15:42
roboroset a parameter in another settings table in the database?15:42
Accehmm, yeah, just make something like settings table and give it whatever attributes you need, including isFirstRun or similar15:44
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos15:44
junnuviCREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS tablename blaablaa blaa...15:47
junnuviah, sorry.. forgot :)15:47
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:49
*** ilmgb_ has quit IRC15:52
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos15:52
roboroyeah... the IF NOT EXISTS is fine... its the populating of it that I don't want to repeat15:53
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos15:55
roboroI thought about just including everything as XML... but working with sqlite is nicer since I can easily do filtered queries etc without having to code around that as I populate a list model15:55
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos16:04
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos16:05
junnuviroboro: don't know but maybe it will return 1 on rows.length in case table has been created?16:05
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has quit IRC16:07
roborojunnuvi: good point... although this would be a quick fix... the better approach would be to have a setting for the app... then in the future I can trigger to repopulate the database after a release update... possibly by comparing version number or something16:07
*** artemma has quit IRC16:08
*** RobJanc has quit IRC16:11
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*** jjarven has quit IRC16:15
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*** carepack has joined #sailfishos16:25
*** locusf_ is now known as locusf16:26
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stephg_jstrikes me today is v quiet16:29
*** japaric_ has quit IRC16:30
*** ilmgb has quit IRC16:30
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos16:30
*** piggz has quit IRC16:32
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*** japaric_ has joined #sailfishos16:44
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*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos16:45
stephg_j^ not l33t16:47
Yanielmoon moon -day16:47
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has quit IRC16:48
fzk :-)16:48
*** piggz_ has quit IRC16:50
carepacklol. funny gif16:53
fzkim so gonna do that16:53
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos16:53
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos16:56
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*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos17:52
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: it's not on purpose17:53
Nicd-someone else has Nicd already :P17:53
Nicd-that's what I use everywhere else17:53
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: nice work!17:58
Nicd-it's really fast now17:58
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos17:58
Nicd-love that the bookmarks show the verse in small text17:58
Nicd-TheBootroo_work: suggestion: add remorse timer for removing bookmarks18:00
*** ilmgb has quit IRC18:02
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*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos18:18
coderusis there any solution for QtCreator highlighting and autocompletion for my class exported with qmlRegisterSingletonType?18:18
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos18:19
*** juergbi has quit IRC18:21
*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos18:21
kaltsicoderus: have you made the plugins.qmltypes file for your class?18:21
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #sailfishos18:21
*** thehorsestaple has joined #sailfishos18:21
kaltsisomething like this
*** schmittlauch_ has quit IRC18:22
*** tanghus_ is now known as tanghus18:25
*** thehorsestaple has quit IRC18:25
coderuskaltsi: no i want qtcreator to do it automatically :)18:27
*** piggz_ has quit IRC18:28
kaltsiok... :)18:28
kaltsieven that page says that the automatic dumping is a fallback with many points of failure and cannot be relied upon.. but the doc is for qtc 2.318:29
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos18:29
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos18:30
kaltsithe integration with qt creator and the project in sailfishos projects is really bad and qt creator fails to do some important tasks properly (like figuring out if qmake needs to be run or not)18:31
kaltsiI haven't yet followed the qmldump code path so far at all18:32
*** HoloIRCUser has joined #sailfishos18:32
kaltsiah there's also a newer version of that page for qtc 2.8
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos18:33
*** HoloIRCUser has quit IRC18:33
coderusbut i'm not using plugins18:34
*** juergbi has joined #sailfishos18:34
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*** thesignal has joined #sailfishos18:48
thesignalhi guys, anybody using openvpn with his jolla?18:49
thesignali read on, that somebody was working on a gui for openvpn18:49
thesignali'm not able to set this up correctly, and was hoping somebody who has done it could help me a bit18:49
*** stephg_j has quit IRC18:50
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** stephg_j has joined #sailfishos18:51
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*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos19:20
zoldyckthesignal: I installed the app yesterday but haven't tried yet19:20
zoldyckit's called SecureFishNet in openrepos19:21
zoldyckit installs openvpn and some other stuff19:21
thesignalzoldyck: but it's not a gui for creating a config, right? it's a gui for managing them after created?19:24
thesignalhave you successfully created a config yet?19:25
thesignali'm not able to :D19:25
Dr_CainVDVsx: I found out what the problem was earlier today, broken curl on the mail server (zimbra installation), I had to manually downgrade it to 7.3319:25
Dr_Cainso this was not a jolla related issue :)19:26
zoldyckthesignal: I've been using openvpn before but not on Jolla19:26
zoldyckas I know the only thing to pay attention there is absolute paths19:26
zoldyckI'll try it later19:26
thesignalok, thanks, i'll keep trying around19:27
*** martyone has quit IRC19:27
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*** stephg has joined #sailfishos19:52
VDVsxDr_Cain, ok, good to know19:54
coderuswhy the hell TextArea label not visible when text is empty?19:58
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos19:59
ln-you have the wrong size or anchors or something for it19:59
coderuswhy the hell TextArea label not visible when text is empty?19:59
coderusln-: i'm laking about label property20:00
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos20:00
ln-ah, that one20:00
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos20:01
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coderusopacity: (textBase.errorHighlight || _editor.activeFocus ? 1.0 : 0.5) * (1 - placeholderTextLabel.opacity)20:04
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:04
coderus * (1 - placeholderTextLabel.opacity)20:04
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos20:04
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coderus_labelItem.opacity: errorHighlight || activeFocus ? 1.0 : 0.520:10
coderusfixed it20:10
coderusbut why? is it Silica UX?20:11
*** fzk_ has quit IRC20:11
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Guest98892coderus: yes20:32
*** Guest98892 is now known as special20:32
*** special has joined #sailfishos20:32
specialcoderus: the placeholder is visible when the input is empty, the label is visible when it's non-empty20:33
specialthere's a document on this somewhere..20:33
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:35
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AcceHas someone ideas how to have a static header for a listview and a pulley menu at the top of the page?21:03
AcceListview inside a Flickable is not working very nicely, parent sometimes hogs all events21:04
*** xerpi has quit IRC21:04
coderusspecial: so, settings label: placeholderText is right solution?21:07
coderusAcce: ListView Inside Flickable working nice21:07
coderuskust set pressDelay: 0 for both21:08
specialcoderus: you should define both; sometimes the text is slightly different21:08
speciale.g. "Enter username" (placeholder) and "Username" (label)21:08
*** Usling has joined #sailfishos21:09
*** krig has joined #sailfishos21:09
specialthat's up to you.21:09
*** Devaux has quit IRC21:09
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APTXsailfish ide keeps deplyoing old qml files. What can I do to make it deploy the correct ones?21:10
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:11
coderusAPTX: clean21:11
*** squidd has joined #sailfishos21:12
*** tigeli has joined #sailfishos21:12
coderusspecial: ok, i'll think21:12
*** entil has joined #sailfishos21:12
APTXcoderus: no change21:16
*** ilmgb has quit IRC21:17
Accecoderus: ok, thanks for the tip!21:21
*** krendil has quit IRC21:22
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coderusAPTX: check your build directory and clean it manually (update SDK and enable shadow build, if not updated)21:30
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos21:35
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m4g0ghow to pass oauth1 authorization in sailfish?22:00
*** northrup has quit IRC22:06
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC22:11
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos22:11
*** lbt has quit IRC22:12
m4g0gmay be liboauth or something else?22:13
m4g0gI didn't find kqoauth22:13
m4g0gas I understand - there is no oauth library for qt in sailfish22:13
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos22:13
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