Sunday, 2014-04-06

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tbrgood moaning04:31
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coderusCan i get Sailfish.Media/MediaKey 1.0 Sources somehow?05:44
Stskeepsif c++ not that likely, have you checked if qml files aren't in file system?05:47
coderusi need c++ code to implement it myself :)05:49
coderuschecked disassembly of mediaplugin05:49
coderusit seems to require QWindow to catch keys05:49
coderusi wanted to make process handling keys with no window...05:50
Stskeepsprobably difficult05:50
Stskeepsas keys are sent related to that05:50
coderusokay, need to make patch for lipstick-pandora then to make my ideas internal.05:53
Stskeepsas a general note you don't want to overload the compositor too much with functionality05:54
Stskeepswhat's in there is already too much :)05:54
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squiddStskeeps: time to optimze then!06:47
squiddtoo much is too much06:47
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* lpotter wonders how to debug an app that crashes only when run by clicking on the desktop icon09:15
tbrreplace the desktop execution call with a gdb wrapper or such?09:17
tbror a strace09:17
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merlin1991hm tbr whatabout signing the chum repo? and related, is there any convenient way to add the chum repo in such a fashion that it changes url with the sailfishos version?09:35
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tbrmerlin1991: that's a question for lbt not for me09:41
merlin1991wtf is going on, i did zypper ar
merlin1991then I can see chum in zypper lr, but as soon as I zypper ref the repo vanishes from zypper lr and I can't install packages ...09:41
tbrfrom my brief looking into OBS signing (for different reasons) it looks like it's not exactly trivial to have things signed by different keys09:42
Stskeepsmerlin1991: you should probably use ssu ar09:42
tbrmerlin1991: it's "ssu ar chum-u4"09:42
merlin1991but why would the ssu plugin in zypper kill my repo added by zypper, that's silly09:42
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thpM4rtinK2: yep, $APPNAME is always with the harbour-prefix (for harbour apps), more generally the RPM package name09:43
Stskeepszypper isn't there by standard ;) ssu manages the repositoies09:43
M4rtinK2thp: ok, thanks for the clarification :)09:43
merlin1991but the zypper repo syntax is soo much more convinent ;)09:43
thpmerlin1991: if ssu updates zypper's repo list, (ssu ur), it overwrites whatever was there09:44
thpmerlin1991: doesn't ssu ar work then?09:44
M4rtinK2thp: oh, so that's what is eating my repo files :P09:44
merlin1991thp: didn't try, went zypper first ...09:44
tbrrepeat after us: zypper is not the right tool on sailfish09:44
merlin1991the best thing is that it even asks about the unsigned metadata for the chum repo when doing zypper ref, only that it vanishes afterwards09:45
merlin1991tbr: next you're telling me I should get used to pkcon ;)09:45
tbrmerlin1991: why yes of course, because that _is_ the package manager... :-รพ09:46
merlin1991does pkcon have a flag for "do not refresh the software list for the 9k time today"?09:46
merlin1991I'm looking at you thp ;)09:48
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merlin1991hm trying to find the ssu source isn't exactly easy neither google with nor the github search are realy helpfull09:53
thpmerlin1991: well, it usually doesn't do that except if you have to (add a repository - that repo needs refreshing, etc..)09:54
thpssu has some nice features such as automatically making sure your hw adaptation repos are added, etc..09:54
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merlin1991btw I've been wondering since day 1 what that "home" repo is with user honeybadger09:58
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william_I am a sailfish lover in China10:06
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william_how about the sailfish os for nexus 4 now?10:09
william_I flashed sailfish os on my nexus 410:14
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Guest25302Hi guys! Could u help me to install a text/file editor (like nano and gedit) to my Jollas terminal?10:19
william_maybe others can help you10:20
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merlin1991Guest25302: there is vim ;)10:25
Guest25302ahh maybe I should learn to use it ;)10:25
merlin1991but also nano is available10:25
merlin1991pkcon install nano should be enough since it's in the jolla repo10:26
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merlin1991Guest25302: if you're wondering how to search for packages, "pkcon search name SOMEPACKAGE"10:27
Guest25302Okay thanks :)10:27
william_who know when will the next rom for nexus 4 published?10:27
Guest25302Okay, I'm pretty newbie here in nemo world :) (Used debian 4 yrs)10:28
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merlin1991thp: do you remember what we did exactly to bootstrap a sailfish sb2 target starting from the mer sdk vm?10:29
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APTXis there any solution to "connection timed out" in the sailfish sdk?11:39
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kaltsiaptx, if I remember you had problem with the timeout to your device, to which you connect via wifi?11:43
APTXI still can't connect via the sdk11:43
kaltsiaptx, the problem may be that the device "goes to sleep" shutting down the wifi radio11:43
APTXit works with ssh11:43
kaltsiif your display is not on when you try to deploy from sdk, it might be sleeping.. try to keep it on just to test it11:44
APTXthe screen is on, I'm connected via ssh and the sdk still says timeout11:46
APTXis it possible to increase this timeout?11:46
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kaltsihm let's try something else.. the deploy goes from the MerSDK virtual machine via ssh to the device, could you login to MerSDK and try ssh from there to see if that works?11:47
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kaltsi tells how to login to the "build engine" or MerSDK11:49
kaltsiwhat is your host machine btw? linux/mac/win?11:50
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kaltsithe faq doesn't explain how to login to mersdk with windows.. bah11:52
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APTXso I did connect to mersdk11:55
APTXand... it asks if I want to add the fingerprint, then hangs11:55
kaltsiasks when you ssh to device?11:55
kaltsiif you do ssh -v -v -v -v -v etc, will it tell you anything more useful?11:56
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APTX... I went away for a bit and it's asking for the password12:01
APTXso it just seems to be really slow12:02
APTXand I'm in12:03
kaltsiinteresting.. sadly there's just a hard coded 30 second connection timeout ther if I recall correctly, but that slow doesn't sound usable anyways12:03
APTXit times out much sooner than 30s12:03
kaltsihmm I wonder.. there's some timeout in the device settings12:04
APTXI can paste ssh -vvvv outlput12:05
kaltsicheck your device settings first.. I don't remember what the timeout was there for12:05
APTXmy... device settings?12:05
kaltsiin qt creator12:05
kaltsiyou've added the device to qt creator somehow..12:06
kaltsithat same place where you added it should have settings12:06
APTXno I haven't12:06
APTXafter adding it tries to deploy ssh keys and it times out12:06
APTXand the device never appears12:07
kaltsiduh, that could have been useful info :)12:07
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kaltsitry again and set a longer timeout there12:08
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thpmerlin1991: start with normal sdk sb2 target, add repos from device, then dup? (roughly)12:08
APTXkaltsi: that worked...12:09
APTXI do wonder why it's so slow12:10
kaltsithp: can you somehow dup gently?12:10
thpkaltsi: last time merlin1991 and i did this, it somehow worked (basically we needed a newer version of libsailfishapp-devel that contained the i18n stuff)12:11
thpor we added the repos referred to by the chum obs target or something12:12
kaltsimeeh.. just joking with roughly vs gently :p12:13
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kaltsiAPTX: with ssh -v -v.. can you see where it spends all the time connecting?12:15
thpkaltsi: damn! i didn't get that :p12:16
kaltsiaptx, maybe some component wants to resolve MerSDK/SailfishSDK hostname to something and fails with a timeout12:16
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kaltsiaptx is there a way to add timestamps to log output.. that doesn't show the passage of time12:19
APTXI don't really know, but it's inside the mer sdk...12:19
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kaltsiok.. well unfortunately that log output doesn't tell me any clues12:21
kaltsiAPTX: if you want to try one thing.. that would be to add SailfishSDK to your windows host file.. basically the host file tells that a hostname like X has an ip address Y12:23
APTX added timestamps12:24
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kaltsiok 10 second timeout there hmm12:24
kaltsiAPTX: in case you're not familiar with hosts
kaltsiin this case I'd add the line12:25
kaltsi127.0.0.1 SailfishSDK to the file %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts12:25
kaltsiand then try again12:25
kaltsiif it doesn't help, just remove the line12:26
kaltsior the location of that file depends on your windows version, but I hope you're not using windows 3.1 or 95/98 :)12:27
APTXwindows 8.1 and it doesn't seem to be changing anything12:28
kaltsiok, thanks for testing anyways12:29
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kaltsihow about trying to add SailfishSDK to your device's /etc/hosts file12:32
kaltsiahh maybe not a good idea.. that would not work12:32
kaltsiI don't know if any of those are relevant.. quite old articles12:33
APTXhow do I login as root on the device?12:33
APTXI can't check the sshd config otherwise12:33
kaltsiyou need to login as nemo and then use: devel-su command to make yourself root12:34
kaltsijust: devel-su12:34
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merlin1991thp: the actual reason was python312:46
merlin1991since the sdk python3 has no ssl module12:46
merlin1991but yeah, iirc rsync sb2 target from mersdk vm to local machine, duplicate settings in ~/.scratchbox2 for new target, remove ssu repos, replace with repo and zypper dup12:47
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APTXkaltsi: it still asks for a pasword12:52
APTXoh, it's the rot password you set12:53
APTXkaltsi: I added UseDNS no and it no longer waits 10 seconds12:56
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artemmaAnybody who knows about ambianced here?13:39
artemmaI am calling setAmbience and it works just fine for ambiences I already used in the past. For new pictures, it updates background, but doesn't change highlight colors in UI (seems it changes them in gconf though)13:39
artemmaif I first call generateAmbience and setAmbience later, everything works just fine, but naturally photo gallery is polluted with one more photo in Ambienced album, I'd like to avoid it. To do it just as if you selected "Create Ambience" for a random photo in gallery13:41
* artemma stares at dbus-monitor output trying to understand the difference13:41
kaltsiAPTX: wow so it worked? glad to hear.. I have to scribble this to my notes13:43
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cl0ehi, not sure is this is the right place to ask, but does anyone have an opinion on wheter its already worth having a go at installing sailfish on the sony xperia Z ?  has anyone had a shot at this. thanks14:18
tbrdepends on your definition of "worth it"14:19
cl0ewell will the basics still work, i.e. email, phone, sms :p14:20
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tbrah, you want a ready install. No, you'd need to work out the hardware adaptation layer yourself first, based on CM10.114:22
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cl0ehmm, so im guessing the answer would be to wait :s14:23
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tbror to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Kernel and hardware plumbing experience required, tho.14:24
cl0edo you recon people are going to start porting for mainstream devices soon14:25
tbrhow much more mainstream than Nx4 and SGS3 does it get?14:25
*** tdan has quit IRC14:25
tbrThere is a hw-adaptation-kit due soon though14:25
cl0enot much i guess14:25
tbrso we're probably going to see more devices14:25
cl0eil look out for that14:26
cl0ejust didnt know i might wanna try sailfish when i bought my phone :p14:26
cl0eok thanks for the tip14:26
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bogginshello, I have trouble getting sensible magnetometer information from my Jolla.14:51
bogginsreadingChanged() is triggered, but the QMagnetometerReading does not contain sensible values, and never changes14:51
bogginsIs this something that is just not working yet?14:52
Stskeepsandroid or qt api?14:52
Stskeepsand what sailfishos version?14:52
*** cl0e has quit IRC14:52
bogginsQt 5.1 for Mer14:53
Stskeepsok, please ask that same question on the sailfish devel mailing list14:53
Stskeepsthe guy who can answer isn't around atm14:53
bogginsok thanks14:53
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APTXwhat's the best thing in silica to use as a number input field?15:24
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Sfiet_KonstantinAPTX: Text field with specific keyboard15:30
APTXkeyboard would be...  inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhDigitsOnly ?15:31
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APTXwould I also need a validator?15:33
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Sfiet_KonstantinAPTX: yes, not sure15:46
Sfiet_Konstantinbetter put a validator though15:46
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taixzoDoes anyone know how I can connect to an https server from a PyOtherSide application? The version of Python 3 in the Jolla repositories seems to have been compiled without SSL, and same with cUrl.18:00
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fk_lxtaixzo: that is supposed to be fixed in future - I'm sure I've read that somewhere18:36
taixzofk_lx: is there some workaround I can use for now? My app relies on an API that is only accessible over HTTPS.18:36
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fk_lxtaixzo: dependency on openssl was added
fk_lxtaixzo: I guess you could build newer package from this repo
taixzofk_lx: right, but I'd like to avoid forcing users to install that too18:40
fk_lxtaixzo: then I guess you need to wait and ping guy with nick thp18:41
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Guest27668Guys, how can I use bluetooth (4.0) in my Sailfish App?20:01
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