Saturday, 2014-04-05

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taixzoI'm stuck with pyotherside. I've added my python file to the project, but it crashes and says "Python error - no module named saera"02:53
taixzohow can I make it find it?02:57
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taixzoI tried adding the absolute path, but it still isn't working03:23
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Umeaboytaixzo: Do you see it with lsmod?03:38
UmeaboyI think you have to use modprobe to load it.03:39
taixzoUmeaboy: I don't know what I'd be looking for in lsmod03:40
taixzopyotherside is unrelated to the Other Half03:40
UmeaboyLook for the module-name.03:41
UmeaboyThis might help you:
Umeaboytaixzo: ^^03:45
taixzoUmeaboy: but it's being imported from QML - and I already added the path, so it should be able to find it03:47
UmeaboyWhat Python-version are you using?03:53
Umeaboytaixzo:  ^^03:54
UmeaboySee if you get the same problem with another version.03:54
taixzoUmeaboy: python 3.3.203:54
taixzoand pyotherside isn't compatible with python 2, so I can't test with another version03:55
UmeaboyMaybe there's something wrong with pyotherside then.03:55
UmeaboyHave you asked in #python ?03:56
taixzono, because it's not so much a Python problem as a pyotherside problem03:58
UmeaboySo, you're saying it could be a module-problem then? I mean......if it's there, it should be seen.03:59
taixzoUmeaboy: it might be a problem with my setup. I have no idea what I'm doing, really - this is my first Sailfish app, and I can't find any good pyotherside tutorials.04:01
UmeaboyCheck the link that I posted from Google any way. You might find something to be helped by.04:02
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taixzoI figured it out! Turns out qt creator hates symlinks.05:58
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Almindorhow do you reply to the store comments?07:44
Almindoror is there no specific-reply, just add another comment?07:44
Nicd-just add another one07:45
Nicd-there is no reply function07:45
Almindorhmm openrepos is better in this regard I think07:45
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kimmoliurf, just again fighted with CRLF for 30mins. rpmbuild hates .spec -file with crlf .. $'\r' command not found08:34
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ln-well, that's why i contributed this thing to artemma's helloworld pro:
ln-relevant in case you are using git08:37
kimmoliok, thanks.08:39
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APTXHi guys09:02
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APTXI'm having trouble using my jolla with the sailfish sdk09:03
APTXit always says connection timed out09:03
APTXI can connect to the phone via ssh, but not via the sdk09:03
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stephgAPTX, ssh over the USB or wireless?09:06
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APTX... and now the vm broke again09:20
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APTXI don't know what can be done to make it start up again, only rebooting helps09:21
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TheBootroo_homeNicd-: Hartzi : hi ! If you want updated version (faster than old one) of Bible'me for this sunday office you can get it from my DropBox10:33
* TheBootroo_home getting the public link10:33
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TheBootroo_homehere it is10:34
TheBootroo_homesquidd: ?10:36
TheBootroo_homeyou use it too ?10:36
HartziTheBootroo_home: thx! I'll test it10:36
TheBootroo_homeHartzi: nice!10:37
squiddnope, but I like there is software beign made :)10:37
TheBootroo_homesquidd: hehe ! i'm a coding machine10:37
TheBootroo_homei have at least yet 3 apps for sailfish coming soon10:38
squiddGood, sailfish needs more apps being made!10:38
TheBootroo_homedefinitely need to get rid of android app on my phone ;-)10:38
TheBootroo_homejolla ui is so cool that each app that doesn't respect it needs to be banned from my system10:38
TheBootroo_homei also give particular importance to the launcher icon, to match good with jolla ones10:39
HartziTheBootroo_home: works fine :)10:40
TheBootroo_homeyou know, almost flat but subtle gradient, symoblic drawing atop, no border, highlight etc10:40
TheBootroo_homeHartzi: cool !10:40
TheBootroo_homei use it since yesterday ;-)10:40
TheBootroo_homemuch faster than previous version10:40
TheBootroo_homethanks to a fully rewritten algorithm in engine10:40
TheBootroo_homeand multithreaded loading10:41
HartziTheBootroo_home: are you planning to make split screen mode for 2nd scripture?10:41
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TheBootroo_homeoh and better in-memory storage, that use maybe 3x less RAM10:41
TheBootroo_homeHartzi: maybe but not soon10:41
TheBootroo_homebecause current state of engine would need big modification to support 2 texts10:41
TheBootroo_homebut definitely would be cool10:42
TheBootroo_homenext feature : bookmarks10:42
TheBootroo_home(also called : highlighting)10:42
HartziI think you should make it asap :) very handy feature10:42
TheBootroo_homemaybe next week10:43
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Hartzicool :)10:44
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chem|sthow do you enable dev-mode without wlan or mdata?11:09
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SfietKonstantinchem|st: eh11:22
SfietKonstantinyou can't ?11:22
SfietKonstantinit downloads packages so you basically cannot have dev mode without internet11:23
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chem|stSfiet_Konstantin: is there a way to get usbnetworking?11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinchem|st: IIRC yes, but you need dev mode :/11:27
chem|stSfiet_Konstantin: iirc yes? iirc this means no...11:28
Stskeepsor hack in recovery mode11:28
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: ah, never thought about this11:28
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chem|stactually dev mode should be available without the need to have internet11:29
chem|stdeactivating dev mode does not uninstall anything so why not have it in that state by default?11:31
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squiddthey need internet so nsa can be informed that someone might be hacking with the device11:34
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brujoandhey guys, is there a progress/info/status page somewhere showing which phones are being worked on to be able to run SailfishOS?13:47
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coderuswhat is preferred way to format microsd for jolla?14:07
Turskipersonally i would format it ext4 possibly without journal if there's no need to use it with other devices14:09
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Turskiif that's what you meant...14:10
coderuswhat is "without journal" means?14:10
Nicd-ext4 is a journaling filesystem, apparently the journal can be disabled14:11
Turskijournaling causes some wearing on sd card14:12
Turskiand usually it's not really needed for sd14:13
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coderushow to disable journal?14:13
Turskimkfs.ext4 -O ^has_journal14:15
SpeedEviljournalling is likely to reduce IO14:15
TurskiSpeedEvil: how?14:16
coderusinteresting too14:22
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brujoandNicd-:  thanks!14:28
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peppelakappaguys, a quick question15:41
peppelakappainside the Timer's member onTriggered, i can do whatever i want?15:41
peppelakappalet's say, declare a string variable and assigning a value dynamically?15:41
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Nicd-peppelakappa: yes15:47
peppelakappaNicd-: declare a myVar.text = class.function() is ok?15:48
peppelakappaprobably I'm doing something wrong but this method doesn't seem to work, here's what i'm trying to do
peppelakappathis inside a CoverPage.qml15:59
Nicd-so what's class.function()?15:59
peppelakappaa c++ QString function16:02
Nicd-can you show the exact code you have?16:02
peppelakappasure, i've done a pull request to HungerMeter but then i've understood that the feature i've added (percentage on the cover) doesn't get updated
Nicd-in what circumstances does it not get updated?16:05
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peppelakappawhen onTriggered is executed16:07
peppelakappabecause as you can see, for the percentage i've simply called the hunger.bat_cur_pr() function outside the timer16:08
peppelakappaso when the cover is showed, the value is placed there and not updated until the cover is redrawn16:08
Nicd-have you verified onTriggered actually gets called?16:09
peppelakappaall the other labels are dynamically updated so i assure that onTriggered is called16:10
Nicd-what is the line you're having problems with exactly?16:10
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peppelakappaa moment, this code isn't updated, i'm uploading it on pastebin right now16:11
peppelakappahere is it
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Nicd-if you have a github account, I suggest using instead of pastebin, btw :)16:13
Nicd-so, try debugging this by putting console.log calls before line 37, inside hunger.bat_cur_pr() and after line 37 to see what happens16:13
peppelakappaNicd-: pastebin is an old habit, i'll try to use gist more :) just a moment16:14
Nicd-my problem with pastebin is the ads, they're sometimes nsfw16:15
Nicd-and I don't have adblock on all my browsers16:15
peppelakappaok this is strange16:16
peppelakappano sign of these two console.log but the other two labels are updating16:16
peppelakappakengu: neat!16:17
kengupretty, yeah.16:18
Nicd-peppelakappa: now you just need to do some binary search with console.log calls to see where it stops execution :)16:19
Nicd-I don't see anything wrong with your code snippet syntax wise16:19
Nicd-except not using semicolons but that's just me :P16:19
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peppelakappai've defined a little function test() just above the timer, where i call console.log16:21
peppelakappaNicd-: this is much more strange16:21
peppelakappaif i call this test function inside onTriggered, console.log is actually executed16:22
peppelakappathen i have to set the battery percentage label id to coverPercentage to actually see any text in the cover16:25
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Nicd-of course you have to16:27
Nicd-line 89, text: coverPercentage doesn't make sense16:27
*** vesurivs has quit IRC16:28
peppelakappaNicd-: sorry for any nonsensical code, I'm still learning :D16:29
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peppelakappaGot it working Nicd-, a js function did the trick16:45
*** martyone has quit IRC16:45
programguyIs enough source code available to port SailfishOS to say, a Motorola Droid 4?16:48
Nicd-peppelakappa: can you show how you made it work?16:52
Nicd-just out of interest16:52
peppelakappasure, here is it16:53
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:55
peppelakappanow i'm waiting my jolla to discharge ;P16:55
*** programguy has quit IRC16:56
Nicd-peppelakappa: you don't need to do onCoverBool.valueOf() == true16:59
Nicd-you can just do if (onCoverBool) { ...16:59
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:00
peppelakappaactually the first thing i tried was if(!onCoverBool), no luck17:01
Nicd-that would execute if onCoverBool was false17:01
peppelakappawth, i'm stupid17:02
*** pat_o_sf has quit IRC17:03
peppelakappadidn't noticed that my first condition is assuming coverPercentageOrNot as the battery percentage, so onCoverBool must be true17:03
peppelakappatoo much work today lol17:03
FrobergSage- In continuation of our conversation from yesterday, the problem persists after having removed the simlock code. I had my first reboot around six hours ago, and two more in short progression during a phone call with my girlfriend just now. So I'm back at 10 minutes with battery removed. Just figured you'd want the feedback :)17:05
peppelakappatalking about battery percentage, why the native one is so inaccurate?17:06
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TheBootroo_homejake9xx_: ping !17:12
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #sailfishos17:13
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TheBootroo_homejake9xx_: i'm at nex having exhausted memore compilation issue on MerSDK17:24
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos17:24
TheBootroo_homeheavily used forward include, but still same issue17:24
TheBootroo_homeseems to come from the new Qt5 syntax17:24
TheBootroo_homesince that's the only thing i added today17:24
TheBootroo_homeand if i comment them, it compiles17:25
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Sage-Froberg: thanks for the feedback.17:52
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Nicd-damn, if a QSslSocket fails peer verification, it emits a signal and I have to call ignoreSslErrors() within a slot in the same thread18:44
Nicd-but I want to pop up a dialog asking the user if they want to ignore the errors, that would require a different thread (UI thread) and queued connections18:44
Nicd-or can you think of some way to do this?18:44
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Acceafaik signals can be connected passing the thread boundaries18:54
Acceie you can connect signal sent by QSslSocket to a slot in the gui thread18:55
Nicd-yeah, but they will be queued signals18:55
*** qqK has quit IRC18:56
Nicd-that doesn't work with QSslSocket's sslErrors() signal, it was mentioned in the docs18:56
Accehmm.. I'm not famialiar with qsslsocket, but i'd guess you have to subclass it and implement queue functionality18:57
Nicd-I have no idea how that would be accomplished save rewriting the entire implementation18:58
Acceif you have different instances of qsslsockets, they all have their respective signals, no?18:59
Acceso implement some queue which instantiates new socket for every connection and connects it's respective signals to a gui slot18:59
*** Finlod has quit IRC18:59
Acceand pass which connection it is as a signal param19:00
Nicd-I only want one connection19:00
Nicd-I'm not sure what you're getting at19:00
Accesorry, I'm probably misunderstanding what you mean by queued connections19:00
Nicd-the only thing I can think of now is to connect, get the error, let the socket die, store the error information in case the user chooses to accept and then reconnect19:01
Nicd-Acce: Qt::QueuedConnection19:01
Nicd-when you send a signal across thread boundaries, it's not delivered immediately19:02
Nicd-it's just passed to the other thread's event loop and then delivered when the event loop resumes19:02
Acceah, I mixed network and signal-slot connections19:02
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** antoniolatiano has quit IRC19:07
*** Sequenced has quit IRC19:15
coderusthp: ping19:16
coderuswhat is the right way to use QStandardPaths?19:16
coderusIf i set appname and orgname i like it work bad for Harbour19:17
AcceNicd-: well, did you try with a direct connection?19:17
coderusand if i unset these values an use sailfishapp defaults if wirk bad for QSettings?19:17
Acceaccording to QThread docs it's possible to do that, but then you need to deal with the usual multithread issues by yourself19:18
Accehmm well might not be a good idea after all.. the reconnection scheme might be better19:20
*** jjarven has quit IRC19:22
Nicd-Acce: yeah, I'm not going to do it with non-threadsafe methods19:26
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
thpcoderus: if you use libsailfishapp, you shouldn't need to set appname or orgname. if you are not using libsailfishapp, you can set it to $APPNAME. there's no requirement at all what to set the app name / org name, other than the XDG rules + $APPNAME subdirectory for files that are saved (so e.g. if you "compute" the paths manually, you don't have to care about appname/orgname setting)19:31
thpcoderus: the idea is that if you are unaware of appname/orgname/xdg, using libsailfishapp and QSettings / QML Local Storage / QStandardPaths will do The Right Thing19:32
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:32
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos19:32
thpcoderus: harbour basically only requires ("Where should I store application configuration, application data and cache files?"), which means XDG + $APPNAME to store app-specific data/config/cache files19:33
*** TW1920_ has joined #sailfishos19:34
*** TW1920 has quit IRC19:36
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos19:41
*** TMavica has quit IRC19:41
*** saraghon has quit IRC19:41
Nicd-hmh, getting really odd compilation errors, undefined reference to `RelayConnection::socketDisconnected()' even though it's clearly defined and qt creator finds it just fine19:42
Nicd-also other signals in the same code block (it's a bunch of connect statements) work fine even though they are from the same class19:43
M4rtinKthp: just to make sure, $APPNAME = "harbour-<actual app name>"19:45
M4rtinKcould get confusing sometimes19:45
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:45
Nicd-ignore me, I was stupid19:50
*** eyome has quit IRC19:51
*** jjanvier has quit IRC19:52
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:54
*** eyome has joined #sailfishos19:54
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:58
*** Nichope has quit IRC20:00
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:06
MSameerfaenil: thank you for such kind words :p20:09
faenilMSameer, ? :)20:09
MSameerfaenil: your email to sailfishos-devel20:09
faenilyeah, got that, but what's up :)20:09
MSameer From what I can tell Carsten is the only one (with Jolla hat) who20:09
MSameer really cares about improving the seems the rest of the20:09
MSameer company doesn't really do much except "talking" about "doing it20:09
MSameer together" and similar slogans.20:09
faenilhave you read what's next? :)20:11
tbrMSameer: the latter part pretty much accurately describes how I perceive the situation too.20:11
*** Nichope has quit IRC20:11
faenilMSameer, if you read my whole msg you already got what I meant ;)20:12
MSameermaybe I am not doing enough community effort then20:12
MSameerfaenil: I read it but I don't believe Stskeeps is _the only one_20:13
MSameerotherwise you would be ignoring efforts from people like w00t :p20:13
MSameerfor an example20:13
faenilMSameer, no way, it's for different aspects20:13
faenilin that message I'm talking about the community situation20:14
MSameerthen I obviously missed it20:14
faenilI've never seen anyone but carsten being discussions like he's done (again) this time20:14
MSameerbut we have others who simply do20:15
*** myla_ has joined #sailfishos20:16
faenilI think I can sum up my message in: most of the sailors help people, but are not proactive about it20:16
faenilif somebody joins and asks for help, you help if you can, I'm sure of that20:16
MSameerthat I agree with :p20:17
faenilbut carsten is the only one (that I could see, and it seems others agree) that is proactive20:17
faenillooks for feedback, tries to understand what's wrong in the community, tries to do something about it20:17
Nicd-Acce: seems there is a blocking queued connection in Qt which will fix my problem20:18
faenilit's not just about technical help, that's the difference :)20:18
MSameeri thought going through tmo and answering there is considered part of being proactive20:18
MSameerperhaps I was mistaken20:18
MSameerfaenil: but anyway there is no point in arguing it and I am fine with him being recognized :p20:19
faenilMSameer, maybe you're not, but I don't follow TMO, so I could not appreciate, even if you did :)20:19
MSameeri personally have been taking a step back lately due to my share of issues but let's see20:20
tbrMSameer: let me ask you though, as that was what was emphasized, when did you challenge the status quo and tried to change that.20:20
MSameertbr: I just said that I have been taking a step back (and I did not mention myself as being proactive BTW)20:21
tbrnobody is ignoring the contributions that jolla does to the open source projects around it. but that is just not the point of that statement.20:21
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos20:22
MSameertbr: BTW I still agree with all what is being said20:22
jake9xx_like I told in twitter, IMO the problem is the onboarding to any mer/nemo/sailfish oss activity20:22
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC20:24
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos20:28
* lpotter gets back to hacking out code20:29
*** Hijackal has quit IRC20:29
faenillpotter, hope you got my point about github20:30
M4rtinKMSameer: oh, yeah, sorry - now I do remember you are quite active on TMO :)20:30
M4rtinKand of course lbt is working on chum20:30
Nicd-anyone know why my app would compile and deploy fine but never start? it just says "[D] QWaylandEglIntegration::QWaylandEglIntegration:58 - Using Wayland-EGL" and then nothing happens until I kill it20:31
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #sailfishos20:31
MSameerM4rtinK: no need to apologize. I was not talking about myself at all20:31
*** krnlyng has quit IRC20:31
jake9xx_Nicd-: using libsailfishapp ?20:31
MSameerNicd-: have you tried running it under the debugger and checking where it gets stuck?20:32
Nicd-jake9xx_: do you mean CONFIG += sailfishapp?20:32
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:34
lbtM4rtinK: :)   I think some activities are a bit bigger and tend to trigger more of a response. Others are more continual background effort which tend to become 'normal'20:34
Nicd-MSameer: I'll try now20:34
MSameeractually, lbt also maintains the obs sailfish targets with iamer20:35
faenillbt, lpotter MSameer jake9xx_ has anyone of you ever contacted a community member to get feedback? just curious20:35
Nicd-debugging just results in a popup "Debugging failed", maybe I have a wrong configuration somewhere20:36
lbtfaenil: srsly?20:36
faenillbt, srsly, just curious20:36
MSameerfaenil: isn't reading feedback on TMO and/or together and responding considered some sort of looking for feedback?20:36
MSameertaking the response back. putting it in bugzilla and working on it. isn't that kind of acting on the feedback?20:37
MSameeri am not saying that what carsten is doing is bad or useless. I am just saying that he is not the only one20:38
* lbt looks at mer/nemo OBS, bugzilla, platform-sdk, mer git repos, mailing lists, irc bots, webhooks, DNS, release system, infra, financials...20:38
jake9xx_faenil: well, I've talked to a few developers regarding the SDK and those have been the drivers to prioritize fixes20:38
MSameerand believe me that saying this might discourage some people who are doing something20:38
faenillbt, don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying that you're not (or haven't done) enough for the community20:39
* MSameer grabs faenil's pizza20:39
faenilI'm talking of a different kind of effort20:39
faenilMSameer, I wish I had a pizza here with me :(20:39
MSameerfaenil: not in italy ? :/20:39
lbtfaenil: go on20:40
faenilMSameer, yeah :(20:40
MSameerfaenil: oops20:40
faenilMSameer, no, wait, I misread, yes I am in Italy20:40
MSameerfaenil: anyway I get your point wrt community efforts20:40
* MSameer slaps faenil 20:40
faenillbt, thinking about how to put it20:40
* tbr goes back to his ml post: fog of war20:41
lbtfaenil: also Stskeeps would be the first to acknowledge that we all keep each other honest wrt comunity and OSS side20:41
* lbt hugs tbr20:41
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:41
tbrlbt: I'm just trying to describe the outside perspective20:42
lbttbr: the conversation is going to produce heat as well as light :)20:42
lbtso long as we see the light all will be well20:42
Stskeepsgood - i personally believe that it's very easy to get blind to issues when you have full view of something20:42
tbrand given my minimal insight into what happens on the boat, I consider myself an outsider in most aspects20:43
MSameertbr: I have to admit that it was not easy for me to contribute to mer/nemo when I was an outsider20:43
MSameertbr: but I have also seen some patches from non-jolla employees (I hate the word outsiders)20:43
MSameerone of them got released in update 4 IIRC20:44
MSameerbut I have seen patches waiting in review queue on github for months without anyone acting on them20:44
tbrMSameer: yes you will see those, but this should be much easier.20:44
MSameertbr: I agree20:45
tbrMSameer: I wrote a patch for FirefoxOS without understanding the platform. It ships on phones. It was a painful 3 days and incredibly hard to even find the information on where to look in the sources and even harder to find people to talk to.20:45
tbrin the end it was essentially a one line patch20:46
MSameerbut it was painful20:47
tbrwhat I'm trying to say is: Things will seem incredibly clear and straight forward for people who are paid to intensively work on things and have a huge private backend to reach out into for help/information/bugs/roadmaps/etc20:47
faenil^^^^^^^^^^^ that!20:47
*** fracting has quit IRC20:47
MSameertbr: that is what I said a few minutes ago: [23:43] <MSameer> tbr: I have to admit that it was not easy for me to contribute to mer/nemo when I was an outsider20:48
tbrfor people who come from the outside, who can not access JB#1234, who can't just join #trashtalk on a private network, it becomes incredibly frustrating20:48
MSameertbr: I understand you20:48
tbrMSameer: yes, I'm just trying to explore this further for others to be able to go back to this discussion20:48
lpotterthat would be #w and only crazies join that channel20:49
MSameertbr: I totally agree with you20:49
tbrlpotter: luckily I was never invited there ;)20:49
*** xfrancis has quit IRC20:50
lpottertbr: you dont want to be20:50
tbrwe agree, yes20:50
MSameerwe have some stuff in github/nemomobile, nemomobile-packages, mer, mer-qt, mer-packages which is a bit of a mess20:51
faenilthat's the least20:52
MSameerfaenil: it starts from there20:52
MSameerbut does not end there20:52
faenilbut what if you say "I would like to help, let's see what they need help with"20:52
MSameeranyway, maybe we should wait for the meeting20:52
Stskeepsi'm more than happy that people are discussing, fwiw20:53
faenilif you're IRC-friendly you come here, you ask for people, maybe they're australians, maybe they're in USA, so they won't reply because they're sleeping20:53
Stskeepsthe more that understand the issues involved, the better20:53
faeniland you have to stay awake at night20:53
faenilto know how you can help..20:53 is a bit of a mess too20:53
faeniland there's no documentation about Nemo MW structure20:53
MSameerfaenil: there are issues on t.j.c if you need to find stuff20:53
sledgeswhat structure? :D20:53
faenilthat! :D ^20:54
MSameernemo MW structure ? :P20:54
faenillike, you know20:54
faenilcontacts stuff is split into so many repos20:54
sledgesi know20:54
MSameernemo on n9  was a demonstration of nemo MW structure20:54
faenilI just refuse to think about contributing to contacts20:54
faenilbecause there's nothing written I know I should be bothering people to know more20:54
faenil*every* single time20:54
faenilbecause there's 0 doc20:54
faeniland that is, if I know whom to to talk to!20:55
faenilotherwise I also have to find people *who* will tell me *whom* to look for!20:55
MSameerdo you think I know ? :p20:55
faenildo you think that's how it should work? :D20:55
MSameerthat's the 3rd point20:55
MSameeror 4th20:57
MSameeror 5th :D20:57
Stskeepsi'm really sad i can't find my old meego talk20:57
MSameerStskeeps: start fresh :D20:57
MSameergoogling for "carsten's meego talk" and first result points to :p20:58
faenilI'll keep that for a good sunday morning20:59
faenilgf is looking for me...guess I have to go :p20:59
MSameerfaenil prefers his gf to community21:00
faenilahaha :)21:00
tbrOMG, I just remembered MeeGo Community office and threw up a little21:01
Stskeepscommunity office.. we so should have one21:01
Stskeepsthat's a brilliant idea21:01
tbrStskeeps: will it come with people who have absolutely zero clue about what's really going on jerking off verbally to the process? that would be great, mkaaaaay?21:02
tbrespecially later this was so incredibly painful21:02
* Stskeeps does note community antipatterns as well though21:03
* faenil doesn't like leaving discussions like this :p21:03
tbrat least this time the corporate entity is not actively sabotaging community porting work. ;-)21:04
*** Guhl has quit IRC21:08
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:09
*** kempe has quit IRC21:10
* Stskeeps has to go sleep soon, too21:10
* lpotter is staying awake21:10
* tbr is also on his way to catch some sleep21:11
* sledges turns on a movie chill21:11
* lbt is having fun with GLES and doesn't feel like sleeping :)21:12
* SpeedEvil suspends to disk.21:14
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:17
* MSameer is hacking on code21:19
* lpotter talks to tsl277221:19
*** TheBootroo_home has quit IRC21:20
* FireFly joins the /me train21:20
* jake9xx_ closes SDK & 3rd party development office from his ends and does 'shutdown -h now'21:21
*** Nichope has quit IRC21:22
Turskijake9xx_: shutdown is obsolete21:23
*** TemeV_ is now known as TemeV21:24
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