Saturday, 2014-04-12

louisdkDoes Sailfish apps have to be compiled against all target architectures?00:09
kengui'd say no00:10
sledgessjn: have you reset again after untarring muckery? :)00:11
louisdkI'm playing around with Android x86 and find it nice that the apps doesn't have to be compiled for x86 but are generic.00:11
ShadowJKsome of them are00:13
ShadowJKmuch of the nontrivial stuff isnt00:13
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louisdkI'm playing with Sailfish emulator in Virtualbox, however after a few reboots it just has a black screen when I boot it. Pressing Host + H doesn't help. SSH works fine. Could I restart a service and see if that helps?00:45
sledgeslouisdk: check `systemctl status`00:51
sledgesof what went south00:52
louisdksledges: systemctl status: Too few arguments.00:53
sledgeslouisdk: just `systemctl`00:53
sledgessoz is late :)00:53
louisdksledges: yes it is ;)00:55
sledgeslouisdk: systemctl-user00:55
sledgesas user00:55
louisdkIt asks for password. Should I run passwd first?00:56
sledgesas user should not ask00:56
sledgestry nemo00:57
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louisdkHmm. It keeps failing if though I've set the password. I'm logged in as nemo.00:59
sledgessystemctl --user01:00
sledgeslouisdk: your lipstick is dead01:01
sledges(nailed to the perch)01:01
sledgescheck journalctl01:02
sledgesgrep lipstick01:02
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louisdkjournalctl does not give output as root and as you can see I've tried to start lipstick with systemctl:
sledgessystemctl start lipstick.service01:07
sledgestry that01:07
sledgesand see what `journalctl -f` spits (in another window)01:07
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* lpotter wonders why lipstick never crashes for him lately01:10
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sledgeslouisdk: yeah, it is dam late :D01:14
sledges`systemctl --user start lipstick.service`01:14
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lpotterpr 12 04:10:11 SailfishEmul ofonod[212]: create_ril: can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory (2)01:19
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william_gen_hi guys ,how to make Maliit keyboard on nexus4's sailfish os can type in Chinese?01:25
william_gen_now cant01:26
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louisdksystemctl --user start lipstick.service just stand here, nothing happens01:27
sledgeswilliam_gen_: perhaps you could do one yourself? watch this spae:
sledgeslouisdk: and journalctl in the meanwhile?01:29
* artemma_ really likes a not mentioned in notes update 5 improvement: now when Jolla temporarily freezes again, keyboard keeps recording touches and "plays them back" on unfreezing. No lost letters anymore01:29
* lpotter wonders about btrfs issues01:30
william_gen_sledges: I have seen it,but only layout can typein Chinese?I dont know01:30
sledgeswilliam_gen_: chinese is there btw01:31
sledgeson your n401:31
louisdkjournalctl is just repeating this:
sledgesgo to settings->system->text input->keyboards->(scroll to bottom)01:31
sledgeslouisdk: regardless of your actions? then yes, those are your problems sadly01:32
william_gen_sledges: Chinese input use English letters,so the layout should be QWERTY English,I think01:32
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sledgeswilliam_gen_: let me check on jolla01:32
william_gen_sledges: thanks01:33
sledgeswilliam_gen_: on jolla is the same01:34
sledgesthe only difference - jolla supports text prediction01:34
william_gen_sledges: offical jolla phone can type in Chinese,but sailfish os on N4 cannt01:34
louisdksleedges: Well thanks for your help. I might reinstall the SDK tomorrow.01:34
sledgeswhere kanji starts to be suggested01:34
sledgeslouisdk: i agree :)01:34
sledgeswilliam_gen_: as you understood already, it's because text prediction is not in n4 - we apologise about that, i will pester to include that for chinese in the next update01:35
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sledgesthanks for finding this01:36
* sledges waves off goodnight o/01:36
william_gen_sledges: thank you a lot01:36
sledgesartemma_: sounds like kind-of magic :)01:37
artemma_sledges: that might be a side effect of some optimization01:37
artemma_not sure if many other people cared01:37
sledgesdepends on how many had tmp freezes01:38
* artemma_ is known for being able to stress test even the fastest devices and systems. My Jolla is most of the time half-frozen01:38
william_gen_I am from China,I will use sailfish os as my daily-use os,if can type in Chinese words and can voice call01:38
sledgesand how often they type01:38
sledgeswilliam_gen_: noted ;) thanks!01:38
artemma_sledges: the effect I see is very clear. Before update it was loosing letters always on freeze, after update - it never looses them01:39
sledgesartemma_: respect man :)01:39
sledgesand well done jolla hehe, probably some touch/qt optimisations/updates01:40
artemma_not that I mind :)01:41
artemma_so far I really like the update. Jolla feels much faster and freezes way less01:41
artemma_still freezes in my most frequent scenario (connection handover), but less01:42
william_gen_sledges: you and your partner must be thanked actually,because you give us a good experience and another choice01:43
artemma_hmm, why isn't my state change applied..01:43
sledgeswilliam_gen_: thanks for good words, it's the whole team behind01:43
artemma_can't I change a state by just setting a state name? I think I remember it working in Qt 4.7-801:44
artemma_do I have to change state via its when property?01:48
artemma_Can't I somehow imperatively set state to be what I want?01:48
william_gen_sledges: GStreamer audio and video codec not on sailfish os on N4?01:48
sledgesartemma_: what state do you have in mind?01:49
artemma_QML State01:49
sledgeswilliam_gen_: browse to and video shows fine with audio there01:49
* sledges not a QML dude :)01:50
artemma_somehow I change object's state property to "mycoolstate", but state named "mycoolstate" isn't set01:50
artemma_is set just fine if when condition is true01:50
artemma_ok :)01:50
artemma_or actually not01:51
william_gen_sledges: but in gallery,video can not be played,on N401:51
sledgeswilliam_gen_: nope, funnily ;) not yet01:51
william_gen_audio dont test01:52
sledgesaudio works01:52
artemma_aha, there was mistake in PropertyChanges01:53
william_gen_in gallery of sailfish os on N4,video can not be played. click it,but nothing happen01:53
sledges04:51 < sledges> william_gen_: nope, funnily ;) not yet01:54
william_gen_sledges: hope so,but I cannot01:54
sledgeswilliam_gen_: videos do not work in gallery01:54
sledgesnext release would hopefully improve01:54
william_gen_add gst-plugins-bad and  gst-plugins-ugly plugins?01:55
sledgestry, it's your toy :) i haven't investigated that01:55
william_gen_i see01:56
william_gen_thanks for your reply01:56
sledgeswelcome :)01:56
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william_gen_jolla company planed publishing jolla phone in China before,BUT why not?02:07
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carepackgood morning07:20
carepackcongrats to the new release guys!07:21
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theResonantcan anyone point to some documentation for "sailfish-qml", the executable?09:18
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt09:18
theResonantor any basic info... i just discovered it in a .desktop file, and never heard about it before09:18
theResonantwhat is it?09:18
leszeksomeone already rebuilded the gstreamer extra codec packages ?09:18
leszektheResonant: as far as I know it is just a qmlviewer which accepts as parameter a path to a qml file it should show09:20
theResonantdo you know if it will run Python components? I mean, from PyOtherSide09:20
leszektheResonant: only qml I guess09:21
leszekso no python or anything else09:21
theResonantPyOtherSide exposes the Python interpreter as a QML component09:21
leszekor what does the line look like you found in the desktop file ?09:21
theResonantit starts the interpreter09:21
leszektheResonant: ah ok so pyotherside is a qml plugin basically nowadays ?09:22
theResonantit advertises itself like that09:22
theResonantapparently it has functions to import Python modules into it (when you're defining it in QML)09:23
leszekI did not test it. Maybe you could write a small test app to try it. Hmm... how is the gpodder app started. It is also python code I guess09:23
theResonantthat's one of the examples09:23
theResonanthere's how another one is started09:24
theResonantsailfish-qml harbour-fremantleline09:24
theResonantExec=sailfish-qml harbour-fremantleline09:24
theResonantthe second one, sorry09:24
theResonantthat's from the desktop file of the application "Perth Trains"09:24
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theResonantthe gPodder repo on Github doesn't seem to contain any c++ files09:25
theResonantdammit, i must go already09:25
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leszekyeah gpodder is also written in python and uses sailfish-qml09:25
leszektake a look at their code it might help09:26
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theResonantbut there's something else: it looks like you need "libsailfishapp-launcher" in order to have "sailfish-qml"09:26
theResonantyeah, well, the best way to get into sailfish devel is reading the repos :)09:26
leszekyeah reading code helps. Helped me too getting into C++09:27
theResonantstill, can't find some docs on sailfish-qml, if there are restrictions, or features, what you should or should not do... will check later though09:27
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theResonanti just did "pkcon install libsailfishapp-launcher" and it installed "sailfish-qml" :) nice09:29
theResonantso it's "official"09:29
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theResonantwill try more later09:29
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Waiteecoderus: mitäkuuluu crashes every time i scroll the backlog of groupchat10:01
Waiteeapparently if  there is too many messages on the backlog10:02
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itsxaosi just got the orange TOH :D10:33
itsxaosits awesome10:33
* Yaniel had one from the start :310:34
Waiteei kinda like the new poppy red ambiance more than the first one ambiance :D10:34
Waiteestill not paying for second orange TOH10:35
YanielI don't use the first one ambience anyway10:35
Waitee: D10:35
Waiteeme neither10:35
Yanielbut the orange TOH is nice10:35
matrixxmy lime colored TOH <310:35
*** Nekron_ has joined #sailfishos10:35
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Waiteeoh man i want a lime colored one too10:35
itsxaosIf you tell me how, i could probably send yoy the ambiance :D10:36
YanielI don't like the lime colour10:37
Yanielerr, the aloe colour10:37
Waiteei like the aloe too10:37
Yanielif there was a real lime coloured one that might be nice10:37
Yanielor even better a pine coloured one10:38
Yaniel(really dark green)10:38
WaiteeM05 coloured TOH10:38
itsxaosM05? is that a plane? ^^10:39
Waiteeit's the pattern used in finnish defence forces' field suits10:40
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos10:40
itsxaoshaha i gotta check that out10:40
Yanieldamn em-dash is not \emdash in LaTeX10:41
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*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos10:50
itsxaosand now i know what TeX and LaTeX are10:55
Yaniel(turns out it is simply -- )10:55
*** pbn has quit IRC10:56
leinirAnd, of course, how LaTeX is different from Latex ;)10:56
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itsxaosokay i don't know that10:59
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leinirwell, the one with the funny casing is a typesetting tool... and the one spelled like a word isn't11:00
itsxaosor do you mean the stuff from tree11:00
leinirwell, and dandelions... yeah :)11:00
itsxaosah kk :D11:00
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virtualdsomeone decided you have to pronounce TeX like tesh11:01
leinirwell, that's not really a decision... that's more because it's Greek and not English ;)11:02
Yanielmore like tech11:02
itsxaosyeah i pronounce it like χ11:02
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itsxaosnot really something you can spell in English11:02
Yaniel...just noticed your username :D11:03
virtualdi don't know how greeks pronounce χ and I've always seen it spelled with latin letters11:03
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Yanieldon't trust latin letters11:03
leinirthe latin letters, much like cake, are a lie11:03
Yanielespecially when used for languages that are not.. latin11:04
Yaniel(pinyin anyone?)11:04
virtualdlast cake i had wasn't a lie11:04
coderusWaitee: who cares? :)11:05
Waiteei do : D11:05
itsxaoswas that right? xD11:05
Yanielif google translate is right about the "german" part then it at least makes sense11:06
Yanielbut that is not pinyin :D11:06
Yanielnor latin11:06
Waiteei dont have that char set installed11:06
itsxaosi just love that i can switch the languages on the keyboard like that11:07
Yanielcjk fonts should be present by default on all systems :/11:07
tuukkah[tex] in ipa:
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itsxaosthats cool11:12
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SiddeI just reinstalled sailfish sdk. But for some reason i can't get the appliations to compile11:39
SiddeFatal: No spec file found in ...11:39
SiddeDoes not matter if a choose the emulator or the arm device11:39
Siddeanything obvious i forgot?11:40
itsxaosgoogle yet?11:40
itsxaosokay im out of wisdom11:41
Siddei can't understand whats wrong with the SDK. It's completely freshly installed11:42
tbrwhat are you trying to build? an existing project?11:43
Siddetbr: i tried that first but because everything failed i started a new project11:44
*** xaos_ has joined #sailfishos11:44
tbrno idea right now.11:44
Siddei reinstall it again i think and start from scrath. Maybe something is fucked up because i started with an existing project from another computer11:45
*** itsxaos has quit IRC11:46
SiddeI can't say i really like the build concept. It's to complex. Too much stuff that can go wrong11:46
Siddehaha, the uninstaller does not really uninstall everything...11:48
*** xaos_ is now known as itsxaos11:48
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tango_Yaniel: -- is en-dash in latex, --- is em-dash11:51
*** itsxaos has quit IRC11:53
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Siddei found the problem. Installing Sailfish SDK inside Windows program files directory12:40
SiddeNot the obvious problem when it could not generate a spec file12:40
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theResonantI'm trying out PyOtherSide, and there's a weird thing I'd like to try: to use an object retrieved from Python *directly* as a ListModel for a ListView13:49
theResonantdoes anyone know how this object should be?13:50
theResonantwould it be enough to simply define those methods that a ListModel should have, to trick the ListView into believing it's a real ListModel_13:51
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Nicd-I have a Label element which wraps to multiple lines. it's inside a Row that's inside a ListItem14:02
Nicd-the problem is that the ListItem's height does not match the height of the wrapped text14:03
Nicd-I've tried setting height: childrenRect.height for the ListItem and Row but it doesn't change anything14:03
theResonantwould it work if you bind the height of the ListItem to the height of the Label?14:04
theResonantit is a bit backwards, but...14:04
Nicd-I'll try14:05
Nicd-it does change something14:06
Nicd-now the ListItem is activated if I click anywhere on the wrapped text, but the highlighted part is still the original size14:07
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artemmastate name can be only lower case??? WTF?14:16
artemmadebugging non working animation second day in a row and figured that things work if I use lower case state name14:17
Acceonly the first letter, I guess?14:17
artemmanope, that's not about the case (tried identical long name, but small case)14:18
artemmaI must be missing something simple and stupid14:18
*** arcean__ is now known as arcean14:18
artemmasorry, that was not it. Back to studying14:18
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*** edgar2_ has joined #sailfishos14:20
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*** alin has quit IRC14:20
artemmaarrgh! Stupid me. When declaring animations used propertY instead of propertIES14:28
artemmaQtQuick engine should post messages about it at least, really14:28
*** Price15x has joined #sailfishos14:31
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos14:33
Nicd-yeah, so now I have a ListItem { Label {} } and the clicks go through correctly, but the highlighted area is still the same size (doesn't follow the height of the content)14:37
Nicd-the ListItem has height: labelId.height14:37
jpnurmiNicd-: try setting contentHeight instead14:38
Nicd-as in contentHeight: labelId.height?14:39
Nicd-that did it, thanks jpnurmi :)14:40
jpnurminp :)14:40
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kimmoliIs there way to crop camera viewfinder shows with GStreamerVideoOutput? Would like to set it 480x480, but it insits to be 480x640 or 640x480 (width/height not worky)15:02
kimmoli_sailingalso would like to freeze/pause it...15:05
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos15:06
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos15:09
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:09
*** alin has quit IRC15:10
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:14
*** AL13N_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos15:15
AL13N_jolla_Venemo: the irc app doesn't have a changelog.15:15
VenemoAL13N_jolla_: yes, everyone has already told me that15:15
VenemoAL13N_jolla_: next time I won't forget to fill that field, ok?15:16
AL13N_jolla_i noticed a new system update... nice15:16
AL13N_jolla_Venemo: sorry15:16
AL13N_jolla_Venemo: si, what has changed?15:16
Nicd-bummer, the new Qt5 connect syntax doesn't deal with overloaded signals15:17
*** docent has left #sailfishos15:17
AL13N_jolla_btw, does anyone know if someone made a question yet about turning off mms?15:19
Nicd-so now I have QObject::connect(socket, SELECT<const QList<QSslError>&>::OVERLOAD_OF(&QSslSocket::sslErrors), ... :P looks terrible but it works15:19
AL13N_jolla_or rather hide mms option for sending?15:19
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos15:20
*** jjanvier has quit IRC15:20
coderusartemma: ping15:22
artemmacoderus: pong15:22
coderusartemma: i'm using Harmattan FastScroll component15:22
coderusa bit modified for silica15:22
coderusit using section scroller technique15:22
artemmafastscroll, hmm.. thanks15:22
coderusit was ported from some system harmattan application ages ago for wazapp and ported now for mitakuuluu15:23
coderusyou can grab it from my sources15:23
artemmaoh. I thought mitakuuluu is closed15:24
artemmasure it's not :)15:24
coderusqml is open15:24
coderusand next release will be 100% opensource :)15:24
coderusartemma: FastScroll js + qml15:24
artemmawell, as I guess you know, I try caring about licenses too, not just about technical ability to grab code :)15:24
coderusmy code is wtfpl15:25
coderususage in for example15:25
artemmaneed to study it :)15:25
coderusi dont care about license in my apps, you know :)15:26
coderusyou can do what you want with my code15:26
Nicd-wtfpl is nice for devs (that don't expect to make much money on the project) but not for businesses15:26
artemmaI sounds more cool than just Public Domain that I use for some public demos15:26
artemmait* sounds15:26
coderusi will be happy if any piece of my code can help developers :)15:26
Nicd-artemma: the problem with public domain is that it isn't valid in all countries and businesses won't be able to use it. that's probably not a problem here but it's good to note15:27
artemmaI agree, some more standardized public domain could be good for such cases, wtfpl may be just that15:27
Nicd-jolla is probably the only business that's involved here and they can just ask for another licence15:27
Nicd-wtfpl isn't much better from a business perspective I Think15:28
*** theResonant has joined #sailfishos15:28
artemmacoderus: do you happen to have some user feedback on fastscroller? It looks cool, but also somewhat different from sailfish style15:28
coderuswell, if you can modify it to suit better for silica style it will be nice :)15:29
coderusalso notice all section scrollers have common bug: you can use them only if delegates with is fixed15:29
coderusif not if won't scroll to target position :)15:29
artemmaI see15:29
*** AL13N_jolla has joined #sailfishos15:29
artemmaI am not really a designer unfortunately, hence looking for somebody's else work15:30
*** AL13N_jolla_ has quit IRC15:30
coderusif you have huge list its better to use alphabet search15:30
coderuslike in phonebook15:30
Morpog_anyone lese got network problems in some but not all android apps since latest update?15:31
*** AL13N_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos15:31
coderusMorpog_: no. i got only network performance boost since update in alien15:32
Morpog_Stskeeps, ?15:32
* artemma is thinking about a grid with hundreds of image thumbs. Well, maybe just a standard grid without extra scroller will be fine for some 200-500 images. After all it looks okayish in Gallery15:33
*** AL13N_jolla has quit IRC15:34
*** alin_ has quit IRC15:34
*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:34
*** alin has quit IRC15:34
*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:34
coderusartemma: you can add buttons to scroll to next section. it will be more suitable for silica :)15:37
artemmaI was thinking of a scroll-to-top icon a'la tweetian master15:37
artemmaspeculating on that in most cases user just needs to scroll to latest images15:38
coderussure :)15:38
* artemma prefers relying on Apple design expertise whenever possible and they made fast scroll exactly to top a standard always accessible feature15:39
artemmadon't trust my own UX ideas compared to pros :)15:39
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos15:39
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos15:39
*** xerpi has quit IRC15:41
*** RoKenn has quit IRC15:42
*** master_of_master has quit IRC15:43
*** spider-mario has quit IRC15:48
artemmaCan I programmatically minimize app?15:49
artemmaI am changing ambience and would like to show task manager after ambience is changed, so that user could see the effect easily15:50
Nicd-artemma: Jonni's ip address app does that15:51
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos15:51
*** AL13N_jolla_ has quit IRC15:53
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC15:53
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:54
Acceartemma: ApplicationWindow has a function deactivate() which should minimize, at least activate() brings the app to foreground15:55
Jonniyes there are couple ways to do it, my app does it a bit tricky way (as official api was not available when I did it).15:55
Nicd-is it possible to display a blocking dialog for the user from C++ which makes the thread wait for the result?15:56
locusfis there a simple way of keeping the screen on when the application is on the foreground?15:56
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has quit IRC15:57
Jonni(my app calls lower() function from qml window object).15:57
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC16:00
*** alin has quit IRC16:01
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos16:01
coderuslocusf: no simple ways16:01
coderusNicd-: afaik its not possible in wayland16:01
*** william-gen has joined #sailfishos16:01
coderusNicd-: only lipstick can block ui as windows manager :)16:01
* coderus dont like blocking actions as user16:02
Nicd-well, I only need a dialog which would block the execution of my thread, not the whole phone UI16:02
locusfcoderus: well what about the hard way then :) ?16:02
*** stephg has quit IRC16:03
coderusNicd-: ah, well, use synchronous check while (condition) or so16:03
Nicd-but that's a busyloop then16:03
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos16:04
coderuslocusf: mce for example16:04
coderusNicd-: isnt it what you want?16:04
Nicd-no, busyloops are bad16:05
Nicd-the problem I have is that QSslSocket emits a signal sslErrors and if I still want to keep connecting, I need to send it ignoreSslErrors _from the same slot_ where I caught the sslErrors signal16:05
Nicd-this means I can't talk to other threads except with a BlockingQueuedConnection and I can't just show a dialog to the user (because it would be asynchronous)16:05
* coderus thinking16:06
*** alin_ has quit IRC16:09
coderusfirst of all: ignoring ssl make your connection unencrypted16:12
Nicd-it doesn't16:12
*** itsxaos has joined #sailfishos16:12
Nicd-for example, a self-signed certificate will result in an SSL error but if you compare the certificate fingerprint and know it's correct, you can ignore the error and be sure that the connection is encrypted16:13
coderusit does16:13
itsxaosdoes NielDK from openrepos ever come on here?16:13
coderusyou need to add your certificate to connection parameters16:13
itsxaosoh hi coderus!16:13
Nicd-coderus: the client does not have a certificate. it will validate the remote certificate from the fingerprint16:14
Nicd-or rather I will ask the user to validate the fingerprint16:14
coderusNicd-: you need to get server client certificate16:14
coderusif you call ignore your connection will be unencrypted16:15
Nicd-coderus: it's perfectly ok to use self-signed certificates, it does not mean the connection is unencrypted16:15
coderusafaik it does16:15
coderuslet somebody more experienced to consult :)16:15
coderusitsxaos: afaik he doesnt16:16
coderusyou can meet him on TMO forum16:16
coderusNicd-: ping me if you got 100% trusted answer please16:17
* coderus looking for proper custom QAbstractListModel filtering example16:17
Nicd-coderus: "Unless you inspect the certificate and verify the thumbprint matches what you expect, you can not be certain ..."16:18
stephgcoderus: they're technically still safe16:18
Nicd-the point here is that I control both the client and the server so I *can* check the fingerprint16:18
coderusNicd-: its okay. i'm talking about ignoring option in Qt QSslSocket16:18
stephgyou just don't have a 3rd party to say that Nicd- is who he says he is ;)16:18
stephgor rather, that he asked for the cert16:19
itsxaosdo you know why i cant install something because it says is missing? I'd really appreciate it, but you probably need more than that to tell me what's wrong :D16:19
stephgitsxaos: the thing you're trying to install, where was it built?16:19
coderusitsxaos: you need to show more details for answer16:19
stephg(and is it built for x86 not arm)16:19
Nicd-coderus: ignoreSslErrors() just tells the socket to ignore the *errors*, it will still create an encrypted connection (this does not mean it's secure, that's what the user must verify)16:20
itsxaoswell no clue, but it is from the warehouse app...16:20
stephgah, which package then is it?16:20
itsxaosso it was built for jolla, i would think16:21
itsxaos... metasploit...16:21
YanielNicd-: what is the problem with refusing, asking the user and retrying if the user says so?16:21
itsxaosi promise i know not to do anything stupid with it, don't worry about that16:22
Nicd-Yaniel: it feels like a workaround, I would much prefer to keep the connection alive16:22
coderusNicd-: also, if its you who controlling both server and client and expecting ssl error, doesnt you just skip it by default?16:22
Nicd-coderus: of course not, the error might not be what I expect16:22
*** Price15x has quit IRC16:22
Nicd-there might be someone listening in the middle, so I need to verify that it's *my* self-signed cert16:23
coderusNicd-: you verifing it by asking user accept crt or not?16:26
*** william-gen has quit IRC16:27
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos16:30
*** pat_o_sf has joined #sailfishos16:30
Nicd-coderus: yes16:32
*** AL13N_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos16:32
*** Venemo has quit IRC16:33
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos16:41
stephghm Oops no networks found16:42
stephgnothing written to wpa_supplicant.log for 5 hours now it seems. before I disable/reenable the wireless should I look for anything else?16:44
*** vesurivs has quit IRC16:46
artemmaAcce, Jonni : thanks16:47
*** theResonant has quit IRC16:51
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC16:56
*** TriztZZzzz is now known as Trizt17:01
*** ibloat has quit IRC17:02
*** ibloat has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC17:06
*** jjanvier__ has joined #sailfishos17:06
*** itbaron has quit IRC17:06
*** leinir has quit IRC17:07
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*** TimTTK has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC17:13
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos17:15
coderusQSortFilterProxyModel rulezzz. Use it!17:24
*** xaos_ has joined #sailfishos17:27
*** itsxaos has quit IRC17:27
*** piggz__ has quit IRC17:30
*** onurati has quit IRC17:31
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos17:34
tortoisedocupdate 517:34
tortoisedocthat's meego +2 :P17:34
artemmacoderus: indeed, a cools one! I like it's easy sorting17:36
artemmaIs there some theme icon for indicating DONE? Like a checkmark?17:36
* artemma is browsing the theme images..17:37
tortoisedockaltsi: when is the sdk update due?17:37
xaos_okay guys does anyone know why i can't install NielDK's metasploit? I get the error message (when im trying to install with warehouse) that is missing :/17:37
artemmagraphic-tutorial-welldone.png maybe?17:37
xaos_i googled and that library should be on here, right?17:38
*** AL13N_jolla has joined #sailfishos17:39
*** AL13N_jolla_ has quit IRC17:41
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC17:49
*** itsxaos has joined #sailfishos17:51
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC17:52
*** xaos_ has quit IRC17:53
merlin1991tbr: are you gonna copy the chum packages to or should I do a new request?17:54
*** xaos_ has joined #sailfishos18:05
*** itsxaos has quit IRC18:06
*** Almindor has joined #sailfishos18:13
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos18:14
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*** sdjayna has quit IRC18:15
*** amizraa has quit IRC18:16
*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos18:21
*** radekp_ has joined #sailfishos18:23
coderusartemma: icon-m-certificates18:26
coderusim' using this one18:27
artemmayeah, looks good, thanks18:27
artemmaI found icon-header-accept as well18:27
artemmaadds more glow18:27
artemmaif you are into it :)18:27
coderusdepends on purpose :)18:28
*** piggz__ has joined #sailfishos18:29
artemmaicon-m-certificates can be filled with e.g. green color though18:31
artemmathough I can add green circle to icon-header-accept as well18:31
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:31
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:33
artemmaokay, primitive ambience changer is ready. Now to the party and wrap for harbour tomorrow probably18:34
artemmathen will proceed to the fun part - changing many times a day on schedule18:34
Turskiis there really no ambience directory under $HOME?18:37
Turskido i really need to push my custom ambience to /usr/share/ambience to be able to use it?18:38
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:39
*** xaos_ has quit IRC18:50
*** rydare has quit IRC18:52
*** radekp_ has quit IRC18:52
Turskibtw, is someone actually following nemomobile bugtracker? can't see any activity on this trivial issue
*** jjarven has quit IRC18:53
*** rydare has joined #sailfishos18:54
* Stskeeps pokes special_ and w00t18:56
*** special_ is now known as special18:56
*** special has joined #sailfishos18:56
tortoisedocStskeeps : any public ETA on sdk update available?18:57
Stskeepstortoisedoc: i don't know about sdk sorry, that'd be jake9xx18:57
locusfits been 4 months tomorrow18:58
tortoisedocthanks no prob18:58
tortoisedoclocusf : ah true :D18:58
tortoisedocshould get ready then18:58
locusfyou can compile the sources from github if you have to muscle on your computer + the disk space18:58
specialTurski: mmm. do you have a patch? :p18:58
zoldyckwhere can I install CAcert root cert in Sailfish?18:59
tortoisedoclocusf : i do, but I am lacking a) time b) interest19:00
tortoisedoccan focus on more important things instead :)19:00
* tortoisedoc hopes sdk update fixes debugging issues19:00
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:01
tortoisedoclame question : opengles barebone app is not accepted in harbour, right?19:02
Stskeepswell no such thing as barebones opengles app19:03
Stskeepsthere's always some wayland involved19:03
Turskispecial: nope, i don't know how to set up needed environment to build that stuff19:08
tortoisedocso linking against ogles2 does not exist?19:09
Turskispecial: or at least i thought that it's so much easier for a developer to do that fix that i wouldn't bother setting that up19:12
*** keel has joined #sailfishos19:12
phaeronTurski: I remember some other tools had different behavior also when posixly correct is changed19:12
phaeronTurski: which breaks some things like backup application19:13
Turskiphaeron: do you mean that it breaks if posixly correct is unset?19:14
phaeronTurski: I don't remember which way it went , but try looking at df output with and without the env var19:15
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos19:15
phaeronfor example19:15
*** Dcmrg has joined #sailfishos19:15
Turskiphaeron: since invoker leaves the posixly correct set by default19:15
phaerondeztructor would know exactly what the bug was when he is around19:16
*** Dcmrg has quit IRC19:19
merlin1991my first reaction upon reading the bug was, maybe it is set for a reason?19:21
*** keel has quit IRC19:21
specialit's a legitimate bug19:22
*** keel has joined #sailfishos19:23
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos19:23
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC19:23
artemmaProof of Jolla being a descendant of Nokia: Nokia lingo-English dictionary: "beta" means "alpha", "release" - "beta", "update 1 after release" - "release", "update 2 after release" - "maybe I'll recommend it to friends"19:23
*** piggz__ has quit IRC19:29
Turskimerlin1991: you can see in source why it's set19:30
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
Turskimerlin1991: looks like i didn't mention it in that bug, but at TJC i mentioned this:
*** artemma has quit IRC19:39
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:42
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos19:50
*** itsxaos has joined #sailfishos19:51
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*** itsxaos has quit IRC19:52
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*** artemma has quit IRC19:56
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*** Finlod has quit IRC20:21
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:23
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:25
merlin1991obs or jolla issue?20:27
*** Zotan has quit IRC20:33
*** keel_ has quit IRC20:39
*** keel_ has joined #sailfishos20:40
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC20:43
*** keel_ has quit IRC20:50
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*** Stephan has joined #sailfishos20:54
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*** Stephan has joined #sailfishos20:57
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*** Shingetsu has joined #sailfishos21:04
Shingetsuhello all, anyone alive?21:04
Shingetsuwell that's great!21:05
ShingetsuI'd like to try porting sailfish over to my device, but I've never done work with phones (though I am specialized in *nix and C/C++, so there's a decent chance I can get there)21:05
Shingetsucould someone point me in the right direction?21:05
kengume. alive, yes. helpful in your problem, no.21:06
leszekI would recommend the asking the mer & nemo team or taking a look there as sailfish os is basically based on mer & nemo21:07
ShingetsuI'm guessing more about mer, since nemo only shared part of its code. But that'd be essentially mer, then there's the headache of getting actual sailfish UI on top of that, but I'll ask them, thanks ^^21:08
*** Skorpy has quit IRC21:10
leszekShingetsu: for what I know getting the sailfish ui installed should be not too hard as they are packages as rpms. replacing the default shell however is something I don'tknow about21:10
ShingetsuI'm guessing default shell isn't bash?21:10
Shingetsuoh you mean UI shell21:10
Shingetsuif mer is using any gentoo init or systemd that'd be gr8 (xdm is very easy to operate)21:11
Shingetsubut if it has its own init system ... idk21:11
leszekI guess they are also using systemd21:12
Shingetsuwith systemd replacing a shell is simple work21:12
kenguwhat device?21:12
Shingetsukengu, HTC Incredible S21:13
Shingetsuit's legacy and I checked on XDA and others to make sure there's no development yet21:13
*** Skorpy has joined #sailfishos21:14
tbrmerlin1991: did lbt create a new chum yet?21:15
merlin1991tbr: yes new chum is there21:16
merlin1991but atm one can't build against sailfish because is giving nothing out over https21:17
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:17
merlin1991or at least my build failed some time ago21:17
merlin1991but I should retry, wonder how though21:18
merlin1991how do I reschedule a package for build?21:18
tbrI'm not that good at it21:18
merlin1991any obs user who know how to reschedule a package for build without changing a file (the last build due to an obs error)21:21
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:23
coderusis it bug when pushing page from attached page draw three pagestack indicators instead of two when pushing page from first page?21:25
lbtmerlin1991: ??21:27
*** Dcmrg has joined #sailfishos21:27
lbtI did a test build before updating chum - I may need to prod it though. Jollas release repos don't play nice for some reason21:27
merlin1991lbt I've built against the chum target on obs and got "400 remote error: connect to 443  timeout"21:27
lbttry an osc rebuild now21:28
lbtI just restarted the reposerver21:28
*** Shingetsu has left #sailfishos21:28
merlin1991no way todo it via the webinterface? I currently cant use osc (win)21:28
lbtwhat proj/pkg ?21:29
lbtthere used to be a way on the bottom of the build log screen - it may be broken21:30
coderusold, but:
lbtlets see
merlin1991ah so you gave it a kick :)21:31
lbtyes :)21:31
*** Dcmrg has quit IRC21:31
merlin1991thanks :)21:31
merlin1991seems to work21:31
lbtok ... and tbr if that happens I just need to prod the repserver. I hope the new OBS will have better code in that area21:32
merlin1991so tbr you can start working on ;)21:34
*** onurati has quit IRC21:36
tbrmerlin1991: certainly not tonight. I'm off to bed.21:36
*** Dcmrg has joined #sailfishos21:41
*** TimTTK has quit IRC21:46
*** Dcmrg has quit IRC21:49
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*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos23:49
*** aironeous has joined #sailfishos23:49
aironeousSince the April monthly was just released for Jolla phones should we expect the Nexus 4 image soon? If I had to guess I would say 2 weeks to a month after the Jolla monthly comes out it gets put into the Nexus 4 port but I really don't know.23:53
aironeousJust curious23:53
aironeousI'm a fan and I'm excited. Can't wait for you to release that developer kit for porting to various android devices. That will seriously rock. Thanks for all your hard work. I was a Nokia phone buyer since the beginning so I know you guys have history in making phones23:56
*** aironeous has quit IRC23:58

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