Sunday, 2014-04-20

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lainwir3dgood morning06:16
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dwangoACStskeeps: I *finally* got the ball rolling on getting a Nexus 4 (by getting my wife a Nexus 5 and paying for it using Bitcoin)07:41
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StskeepsdwangoAC: cool07:42
dwangoACStskeeps: As soon as I get acces to the Nexus 4 I'll start testing with whatever is current at that time07:42
dwangoACStskeeps: Should be by the end of the week07:42
dwangoAC(I hope. :)07:42
dwangoACStskeeps: Thanks for your patience and my apologies for not being able to do this earlier.  I read the entire E-Mail update, sounds like good progress was made on things like phone calls.  How is other stuff going?07:43
Stskeepsslow but good, the work to be done is mostly on the hw adaptation side; the OS keeps evolving because it's same OS as on the jolla devices07:43
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dwangoACStskeeps: Account integration working?07:44
dwangoACStskeeps: That seemed software side07:44
Stskeepssuch as?07:45
dwangoACStskeeps: The latest E-Mail said that you couldn't register on, I think07:45
dwangoACStskeeps: I'd have to re-read it to get the exact wording, but it sounded like the whole thing was just disabled07:45
Stskeepsah, yes - it's because of some problems in our infra07:45
Stskeepswe're sorting it out07:45
dwangoACStskeeps: Not sure how much of an impact that really is, sounded bad out of context :)07:46
dwangoACStskeeps: The big ticket item I needed was at least some way to make a phone call, I can figure out the rest from there07:46
Stskeepsyeah you can07:46
dwangoACStskeeps: I'm also going to see if there's a way to flash the firmware to enable LTE support on the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile's network, not sure if that's possible or has been done before07:46
Stskeepsnot sure; but we haven't published LTE in jolla device yet either07:47
dwangoACI can be patient on that. :)07:47
dwangoACI'm stuck on EDGE right now.07:47
tbr-fiI seem to remember some incomplete hacks on TJC07:47
dwangoACtbr-fi: Interesting07:47
tbr-fiincomplete as they could only hard switch between one or the other07:47
dwangoACOuch, yeah, that's fairly incomplete :)07:48
tbr-fiwell nobody does LTE voice so far, or not many networks, so you're out of voice service by switching. neat eh?07:48
dwangoACAnyway, thanks to everyone who was involved in getting phonecall support on the Nexus 4 alpha07:48
dwangoACtbr-fi: Oh, really?  I thought T-Mobile was going exclusively to LTE and ignoring all other upgrades...07:49
dwangoACtbr-fi: I'm still trying to find good sources of information on that, though - xda has been good but it's a lot to wade through07:49
dwangoACLots of times the information is there but finding it is very difficult07:49
tbr-fidwangoAC: mh, maybe they are then07:50
dwangoACtbr-fi: I could just as easily be wrong :)07:50
dwangoACtbr-fi: The MetroPCS merger kind of forced their hand07:50
dwangoACThe only path forward was to basically scrap both existing networks (or, rather, cap them and grow in LTE)07:50
tbr-fido they have areas with only LTE coverage?07:51
dwangoACtbr-fi: Not sure, probably a few07:52
dwangoACMost of it is just upgrading major cities for the time being07:52
dwangoACtbr-fi: I suspect it's more like "You'll get better coverage in this metropolitan area by using an LTE capable phone because we've been putting that on nearly all of our towers"07:52
tbr-fithat's basically what I know07:53
tbr-fipossible that T-Mobile has that stuff in place07:54
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tbr-firobot apocalypse is coming!08:00
stephgbut cool08:03
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freedomrunis there a way to try sailfishos on some android tablet?09:06
tbr-finothing that would work "out of the box"09:06
tbr-fithat said it has been shown on the 2012 nexus-7 and basically should run on anything that has CM10.109:07
freedomrunok I have cm10.1 on it already but it is not nexus .. also I didn`t expect it to work out of box but some guidlines would be awesome to have09:08
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tbr-fian "adptation kit" is supposedly coming09:14
tbr-fidetails are sparse, you might want to wait unless you want to to a _lot_ of things manually09:14
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freedomrunthnx tbr-fi for the information09:18
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freedomrundownloading sailfishossdk 64bit for linux atm so I`ll see .. have aprox: 5 days to do something with this tab09:20
Nicd-sailfish os sdk is for developing apps though09:21
freedomrunand android is really bad solution09:21
freedomrunonly for apps?!09:21
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squiddsorry wrong screen09:55
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Sfiet_Konstantinsquidd: BECAUSE!10:06
squiddmy jolla machine just crashed :(10:07
squiddthen I turned it off and it was red light all over10:07
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sharefreehey yo11:11
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sharefreewilliam-gen, What is up man11:16
squiddwilliam-gen is a man?!11:17
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sharefreewilliam-gen, hi sorry i did not know11:18
squiddsharefree: I was just messing with you, pretty sure william-gen is a man :D11:18
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sharefreesquidd, why do you prefer sailish over android11:19
sharefreeI am writing an article on Sailfish11:19
william-genpublishing of sailfish EA2 for N4 is so hurry that many many known bugs do not be fixed11:19
william-gena man ,of cz11:20
squiddsharefree: because its different11:20
squiddand new11:20
sharefreesquidd, what is so new about it ?11:20
william-genwhat' new?11:21
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sharefreewilliam-gen, why do you prefer sailfish over android ?11:21
squiddsharefree: UI wich works with gestures is pretty new I believe11:22
william-genthe screen resolution of offical jolla phone one is lowsharefree: the screen resolution of offical jolla phone one is low11:23
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william-gensharefree: and I am in china,not europe,can not buy a jolla phone11:28
sharefreewilliam-gen, I know so you use it for that reason ?11:28
sharefreesquidd, so UI is what is love outta whole Sailfish OS ?11:28
william-gennot enough?11:29
sharefreewilliam-gen, same11:29
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squiddsharefree: no love. I just like to use new stuff. Sailfish is new compared to other mobile os's so I use that11:29
william-gensharefree: where are you11:29
sharefreeI am your neighbor11:31
sharefreebut we both always fight11:31
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william-gen,new,BUT should improve the beauty of UI11:31
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william-genor India?11:33
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sharefreewilliam-gen, I am Freenonymous11:34
sharefreei cannot disclose my location11:34
sharefreeCuz If I do I might have to kill you lol11:34
Acce:( our channel has been defiled11:35
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sharefreesquidd, I am a strong critic of Apple11:47
sharefreeI use Free Software only11:47
squiddsharefree: I was just joking :P11:47
sharefreebut not necessarily FSF endorsed distro as we cannot be 100 percent free11:47
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YanielI just realized I'll have to set up some theme changing script for my pc :/11:54
Yanielambience just works too well11:55
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squiddambience for pc11:55
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artemmaSupport getting Mitäkuuluu and other cool apps to harbour -
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* artemma thinks following harbour rules precisely is quite.. limited thinking when there are literally just few very important apps that would benefit platform a lot12:03
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Yanielartemma: you want a Friends app with benefits? :P12:04
artemmatotally :)12:04
squiddbending rules isnt good :O12:04
artemmaseriousely, not having mitakuuluu in store is a shame, because so little is needed to get it there12:04
artemmasquidd: that's my point: I can't see why bending rules is bad in this case12:05
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artemmaseriously, there aren't these thousands of submissions you have to control strictly12:05
squiddif you start beding rules why have rules?12:05
squiddor how do you decide when to bend the rules?12:05
artemmawhy on Earth do I need to keep mitakuuluu running at all times just because it is not allowed to have daemon running?12:05
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aard_artemma: no bending of rules, but we're working on allowing more apis in harbour.12:06
tbr-fiif you don't want rules: install openrepos12:06
artemmaIMO it all depends on how much you think Jolla ecosystem suffers from not having good apps12:06
artemmaif it's not a big deal, sure let's keep everything super safe12:07
squiddartemma: isnt the rules there for making sure there will be good apps?12:07
artemmaif it's a big deal, go arrange a developer program to specifically help hand-picked apps12:07
tbr-fiJolla seems to have chosen a long term strategy here, avoiding to break apps through updates12:07
artemmathat's my point: I am offering a compromise to get good apps to store already now while rules and tools get developerd12:08
tbr-fithey also stated time and again, that they don't have the manpower to allow unstable apis now and then deal with the fallout on their side12:08
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artemmaI am not talking about letting all the shit to store. One hand picked app at a time. And only temporarily while tools and rules are still being developed12:09
tbr-fiartemma: no, your point is "screw the rules" and that's something very different. to put it a bit more bluntly.12:09
Turskiis python currently allowed in harbour?12:09
aard_artemma: we're working on the ability to publish packages only for specific versions of sailfish. once that's in place we can be a lot more flexible about allowing new stuff.12:09
aard_Turski: not yet, but it'll come soon12:09
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artemmawell, if Contacts cannot be accessed, yet, I am requesting to screw this particular rule for a particularly approved app12:09
aard_that won't happen, too risky12:10
squiddartemma: Why this app, why not that app?12:10
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artemmaapproving this for a whatsapp client with code examined by Jolla ppl, why not? 100% security is unreachanble anyway12:10
artemmasquidd: because this particular app is one of the very few who really matter and absolutely cannot function with the current rules12:11
squiddartemma: my app cant function with the current rules, I want my app there too!12:11
artemmaI am talking abt whatsapp as abt a good example only. Sure, selection is to be done by jolla12:11
artemmaapp contests and procedures of applying for expert help and mothership company support are well tried by all big OS vendors by now :)12:12
artemmaI know, finns need a sense of equality and jolla is very limited on resources, so get application process and select one app at a time to review and help12:13
tbr-fialso screwing with the rules now would require a lot of effort, effort that could be spent opening up more APIs earlier otherwise.12:16
tbr-fishort sighted decisions are great if you don't intend to be the one paying the debt12:18
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coderusi just increased build version number and compiled new version13:49
coderusit builded successfuly, but qtcreator deployed old version13:49
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coderusartemma: Harbour rules are too strict13:50
*** arcean has quit IRC13:50
coderusand there will be no exceptions for any applications13:51
coderusgod bless there is openrepos and obs13:51
coderusand internet with sites13:51
coderusand google13:51
coderusand thanks god for these semiconductors13:51
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artemmacoderus: abt building old version: just rebuild a couple of times. I think there's issue with changes propagating along yaml->spec->pro->makefile->cpp14:04
artemmasome of that uses old version sometimes14:04
artemmayeah, I think at least a particular build of mitakuulu should be allowed to access contacts, because it's very important app and it can be examined/trusted enough. My assumptions may be wrong though14:06
artemmaI just think that in the end contacts security will anyway be reduced to a question: do you let Mitakuuluu access contacts. Why not to ask trustful developer ask it manually first while system APIs are not ready yet14:07
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* artemma promoted some interactive Easter-related images to front page of - adding a bit of Easter mood to the internet14:08
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jtjj222Can the watermark on the early access images be removed?14:13
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos14:14
Raimthat would defeat its purpose, right?14:15
jtjj222yes, but it is very obnoxious14:18
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jtjj222I have no plans on publishing video of it without the watermark.14:19
coderusartemma: no, new version builds correctly and files are in place inside rpm. just build folder contains two releases and qtc decided to deploy old one to device.14:21
coderusartemma: after rremoving old release packages it deployed finally latest version :)14:22
kaltsicoderus: how do you build your stuff.. if you use mb2, always does rm -f *.rpm before making the new rpms.. strange that old version would stick around14:24
coderuskaltsi: i'm using qtc14:29
coderusjust pressing big green play button :)14:29
kaltsiand it uses mb2, so very strange.. but perhaps your project is so complex that all bets are off14:30
*** krnlyng has quit IRC14:30
coderuskaltsi: you can try it yoursef with my project :)14:30
kaltsiI can give it a go.. I probably should know where the sources are, but can you give me a link :)14:31
kaltsithanks.. so I should first build it and then increment version number and build again?14:34
coderuswell, yes14:35
coderusprobably you can first build and then switch to
kaltsiok.. building14:38
kaltsidid you use shadow building?14:38
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coderusin default /home/coderus/SailfishProjects/build-harbour-mitakuuluu2-MerSDK_SailfishOS_armv7hl-Release14:39
kaltsidamn those build dirs have long names14:40
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kaltsicoderus: ok bug in mb2.. it does the rm *.rpm in the wrong dir, would work in non-shadowbuild :) I've made a bug for myself and will fix it soon14:47
coderusthnaks :)14:49
coderuscan you also apply hidden option for disabling VM checkings please? :)14:50
coderusi'm using local chroot14:50
kaltsino.. it's embedded into qt creator14:50
kaltsiwill have to think a better way to do it at some point14:50
coderusvm is too sloooow14:51
coderusit always need to press esc button :)14:51
kaltsiwhat happens with esc14:51
*** martyone has quit IRC14:52
kaltsiif you have memory and want to give VM another chance, you could try to increase its memory size and cpu count14:52
kaltsiit had a bug about increasing memory over 2 gigs but it's fixed now14:52
kaltsibut it's still going to be slower than chroot14:53
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos14:53
coderusits just asking "vm not started, do it now?" and esc closing its popup :)14:53
kaltsioh heh14:54
*** flyapen has quit IRC14:54
coderus20:50 < coderus> can you also apply hidden option for disabling VM checkings please? :)14:55
coderusasked about disabling its checkings by any way14:55
kaltsithe check is ndonw in qt creator14:55
*** jtjj222 has quit IRC14:55
*** sharefree has quit IRC14:57
Morpog_PC__so giving more than 2gb ram to vm would speed building up? or is it nor significant?14:57
kaltsiMorpog_PC__: you can only try.. it can always be changed back14:58
kaltsistop the VM and configure the mem/cpu again with virtualbox manager gui14:58
coderuskaltsi: sure. does it opensourced with sailfish addons? i can rebuild it for myself then.14:59
kaltsisources are available in
kaltsithere's also sdk-build-tools repo with some build scripts that we use to build that stuff15:00
Morpog_PC__kaltsi, well I had it already on 4 cpu cores and 2gb ram15:01
coderuskaltsi: thanks15:01
kaltsiMorpog_PC__: ah ok.. just mentioned that 2 gigs was the old limit.. usually more memory = better, but there are other bottlenecks too like the speed of the VM shared mounts15:02
Morpog_PC__hmm, so not much to spped up then, as it's all running on SSD's already15:03
*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:04
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:04
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*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos15:14
Morpog_PC__coderus, just did the sql query15:19
Morpog_PC__it shows the contact i had a conversation with as result15:19
stephgnew interesting n4 failure15:22
stephgwell I dunno if it's new15:22
stephgon the lock screen, I can't swipe to get the pulley or go to the home & app screens15:23
stephgbut swype down to lock works, and notifications work15:23
stephgfrom notifications I can swipe left to get to the home screen but still can't get down to the app screen15:23
Morpog_PC__how can you use the n4 at all then?15:23
Morpog_PC__ah ok15:24
stephgnor can I launch apps15:24
Morpog_PC__maybe redoe it?15:24
*** disharmonic has quit IRC15:24
*** flyapen has joined #sailfishos15:24
stephgI had an FB notification and *that* could launch the browser15:24
stephgand now that I've done that, icons/pulleys are working again15:25
stephgand it works as normal15:25
*** alin has quit IRC15:28
stephgnothing in the journal that's pertinent :/15:28
Morpog_PC__strannge, transifex show 10 not tranlated strings but there aren't any left :(15:30
coderusMorpog_PC__: yup, i have no idea what is translations15:31
coderuspossible bug in transifex15:31
Morpog_PC__somehow russia is at 100%15:32
*** Bernte has quit IRC15:33
*** kunev has quit IRC15:36
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos15:37
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos15:37
squiddcoderus: why is it that lots of times mitakuuluu drops the connection(?) without showing it does that. I'm assuming it drops the connection as I cant get any messages without first quitting the app and then starting it agian15:37
*** pat_o_sf has joined #sailfishos15:38
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*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos15:45
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coderusMorpog_PC__: i translated it localy, not web15:46
coderussquidd: no idea15:46
coderusi'll fix logging option for next version and let you to create logfile and send it to me15:47
coderussquidd: you can try to enable connection notifications15:50
coderusbut i really didnt tested if it working or not15:50
squiddcoderus: ok, I put those on15:52
coderusok i'll delay openrepos release for investigation this connection behaviour15:52
*** Eztran has quit IRC15:56
* tbr just sent the invitation for the next community meeting to the dev ml16:02
squiddThose without an IRC client can access it here:"16:03
squiddis there such people out there?!16:04
*** Sequenced-- has quit IRC16:04
tbryes, those exist16:04
tbrsee the followup to my meeting minutes16:04
*** rusty88 has quit IRC16:05
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kimmoliäh. SDK target update  - Task failed ...17:32
*** sharefree has quit IRC17:38
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merlin1991been there, done that17:41
merlin1991reinstalled from scratch ...17:41
*** crazy_imp has quit IRC17:42
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walokrasame here17:44
*** rusty88 has quit IRC17:45
kimmolidoing that atm17:45
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* artemma thinks that SDK update notifications should just tell to download new sdk and reinstall. Soft updating works rarely anyway (not just for Sailfish) :)17:59
walokraartemma: the sdk package doesn't get updated as often as the update packages18:01
walokra*sdk install package18:01
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artemmaHmm, QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::ConfigLocation) reports just "/home/nemo/.config"18:25
artemmashouldn't it include app name if called after SailfishApp is instantiated?18:26
artemmaas in QScopedPointer<QGuiApplication> app(SailfishApp::application(argc, argv));18:26
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artemmafor example  QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::DataLocation) uses app name just fine18:28
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kimmoliah XmlListElement was kinda tricky... luckily this provided helpful links
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC18:48
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stephgcool mail coderus :)20:12
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walokrayeah, code under WTFPL will make it much easier for other devs to use the code as they don't need to think how licenses like MIT or GPL are compatible with their project's license20:37
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coderuswell, i hope someone from Jolla can check my sources and help me find optimal way of fixing it for publishing to Harbour23:29
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
ponky_coderus: can we record & send videos directly from mitäkuuluu yet?23:41
coderusno, video recording not supported23:42
coderusadd your wish to github, i'll check it later23:43
ponky_will do, if i still remember tomorrow :P23:43
coderusi never thought somebody is sending videos over whatsapp :)23:44
*** TimTTK has quit IRC23:45

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