Saturday, 2014-04-19

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william_gendevel-su to root,you will can use zypper02:20
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stapleris it possible to run sailfish on the nexus 5?05:35
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Stskeepsmorn stephg08:20
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dirkvlhi! it seems the charging current display is no longer in the 'csd' menu08:21
dirkvlwhere can i find it now?08:21
StskeepsSage-: ^08:22
Stskeepsyou might be better off asking not during easter ;)08:23
Stskeepsyou can probably find it in /sys worst case scenario08:23
Stskeepsdirkvl: any thoughts in this direction:
stephgI did like that08:27
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dirkvlstskeeps: you would like me to build that?08:29
dirkvlthat is beyond my capabilities at this point ;)08:31
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Stskeepshehe, no, just if you had any interesting TOH ideas08:34
Stskeepsi wonder if we could make a phone-less TOH interface08:34
Stskeepskinda like a device that's connected, but doesn't have screen, just TOH on the back..08:34
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SpeedEvilSailfish on n900?
SpeedEvilMore seriously - it would be great if it was easy to get these various devices running sane OSs. But porting alas makes this impractical.08:42
SpeedEvilI mean - there is no reason the above couln't be a perfectly fine home automation node.08:42
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stephgStskeeps: that's actually a great idea, releasing the phone from the wall would require some thought though08:55
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Nicd-SpeedEvil: I remember a while back they were actually selling a Nokia N900 Mini08:58
Nicd-and "real" Nokia N900s with some chinese symbian knockoff08:59
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ppSure it was nokia, it could have been Nokla09:02
tbrof course, they are all KIRFs09:02
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Sage-dirkvl: hmmp... there should one under "Power" that you can check the charging current09:19
dirkvlit was09:20
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dirkvlit was under the discharging test09:20
dirkvlbut that has changed09:21
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Sage-ah, there has been some minor changes there. But the info should still be there :)09:22
dirkvlit now has a 'low power' test and 'high power' test09:22
dirkvlnothing about milliamps09:22
* Sage- rechecks09:23
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Sage-yes, the discharging test actually now does what is should and tests couple of scenarios how much power is consumed atm. in micro amps (without charging)09:25
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Sage-actually we dont show those numbers while chargin anymore, will ask adding those to some test or similar. The fact that it was shown before was a bit accidental, thus it got lost.09:27
dirkvlthat is a pitty, it was very usefull09:29
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Sage-dirkvl: filed task about readding it to some page on csd :)09:31
dirkvlthanks! :)09:31
Sage-thanks for bringing it up, didn't realize it disappeared :)09:32
dirkvlhaha i only just found out09:33
Nicd-pp: they were both sold as actual Nokia phones. the "real" ones looked just like the actual N900 (might've been stolen/discarded cases from the factory with different internals)09:34
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stephgSfiet_Konstantin: re: Friends and integration09:35
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: yep ?09:35
stephgis it possible to have the Sailfish FB notification Posts button go to Friends?09:35
stephg(or is that on the Jolla side and unchangeable by you)09:35
stephgit drives me potty that it launches the browser09:36
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: not changeable, but I'm planning to push my own notifications (ie I'm writing a daemon too)09:36
stephgoooh shiny :)09:36
Sfiet_KonstantinI also want to have an account integration, but I wonder how I will do this ...09:37
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kempeThis might be an obvious question but i can't seem to get it to work. is it to have a Label vertically centered inside an BackgroundItem?09:47
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Sfiet_Konstantinkempe: anchors.centerIn ?09:57
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kempeSfiet_Konstantin, well that is both vertical and horizontal10:00
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Accekempe: anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter10:01
Sfiet_Konstantinkempe: yep10:03
Nightmare__or if it's not a child of that BGItem: anchors.verticalCenter: [backgrounditemID].verticalCenter10:03
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kempeAcce, yeah i just found it did not think of it becouse i thougt verticalCenter was a read only, but of course not when its anchors10:04
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qwazixarghh I will kill myself, is there any reason why a script would run from terminal (as user) but not from a desktop file? The script just touches /tmp/test10:12
stephgcontents of the desktop file?10:13
qwazixlet me explain it in full10:14
qwazixI'm trying to force tweetian to work with multiple twitter accounts10:14
qwazixI noticed that if I launch it like this HOME=/home/nemo2 /usr/bin/harbour-tweetian10:15
qwazix(ofc /home/nemo2 exists)10:15
qwazixit uses a seperate datadir so it just does what I want10:15
qwazixso I copied the normal tweetian desktop file and changed the exec line10:16
qwazixI tried Exec="HOME=/home/nemo2 /usr/bin/harbour-tweetian"10:16
qwazixI tried Exec=sh -c "HOME=/home/nemo2 /usr/bin/harbour-tweetian"10:16
qwazixI tried Exec=bash -c "HOME=/home/nemo2 /usr/bin/harbour-tweetian"10:16
qwazixI tried Exec=tweetian-other-account10:17
qwazixwhere tweetian-other-account is in /usr/bin, has the +x bit and contained the above line10:17
qwazixthen I commented that out and added touch /tmp/test to see if the file is being created, but it doesn't10:18
stephgtouch or /usr/bin/touch (just a thought)10:18
qwazixlet me try /usr/bin/touch too10:18
stephgwell from looking at the .desktops here it shouldn't matter10:19
qwazixtouch is in /bin, so I'll try /bin/touch10:19
stephgyep sorry, :q10:19
qwazixargghh    cat: /tmp/test: No such file or directory10:20
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stephgjust tried something similar and it doesn't work for me either10:25
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qwazixstephg, thanks10:30
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qwazixnow at least I feel less stupid10:31
stephghey I'm no guarantee of lack of stupidity10:31
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qwazixit's too hard for two people to do the exact same stupid mistake10:33
StskeepsHOME=/home/nemo2 is bound to well, blow up things.. :P10:34
qwazixoh, hi Stskeeps10:36
qwazixwhy blow up things?10:36
Stskeepsuses .files likely10:36
qwazixif I create a whole new nemo2 user and launch with su?10:37
Stskeepseven worse, /run/user/100000 and permissions10:37
Stskeepswayland socket, as an example, or pulseaudio10:38
stephgit's the /bin/touch thing that is a bit odd for me10:38
qwazixwell, I'll try with the HOME= approach and I hope you guys did a good work with recovery :P10:38
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rubdosIf I'd make a chatting application for Sailfish, what API's can I use to integrate into the system? Eg. integrate into the contact list or (chat) messages?14:05
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tbrrubdos: I'd recommend to write a telepathy plugin, that way it will integrate seamlessly into the whole system14:18
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rubdostbr, telepathy contacts will be in the contactlist too?14:18
tbrrubdos: that said there is a significant chance that whatever you want either exists or is easy to adapt. note that also pidgin/purple plugins are accessible through telepathy-haze14:18
rubdosbut that's something I didn't think about indeed14:18
rubdosThat makes a lot of things really clear to me :)14:19
rubdosThank you very much :D14:19
* tbr still has Lync/SIPe on his todo list14:19
tbrit's pretty trivial through telepathy haze14:19
tbrno problem, happy to help14:19
Yanielhow will it integrate btw14:20
rubdostbr, no really, that's really appreciated. I was thinking about it for about two days now... 'telepathy' is a magic word here lol14:20
Yanielusable via the messaging app or so?14:20
tbrYaniel: correct14:21
william-gensailfishos on n4,opened wifi can not be joined14:21
tbrrubdos: that's why I'm happy to help and throw people the right keywords14:22
Yanieland using the default messaging method as specified in contacts14:22
tbrYaniel: the only thing that would need to be custom made would be the account UI14:22
tbrbut enterprising users will just use mc-tool ;)14:22
rubdostbr, I'd say I'll donate something to Jolla now. But I already spent 840 euro's yesterday on the company ;p14:23
Yanielis it possible to respond to messages via the same API they were received from?14:23
Yanielie someone sends SMS but default is xmpp14:23
Yanielhow would one respond with SMS14:23
Yanielwilliam-gen: tell more about your problem?14:23
tbrYaniel: not sure about that, didn't pay attention14:27
* merlin1991 wants newer sqlite in sailfish14:27
merlin1991starting with 2014-02-03 (3.8.3) sqlite supports common table expressions ...14:28
tbrmerlin1991: that's something you can contribute, offer your help to get it into mer:core14:29
merlin1991it's used everywhere, which I guess is the reason why the package in mer:core still ist at the version debian-stable has14:29
tbrpossibly, but if nobody does it, it won't happen14:31
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merlin1991true, I'll ask around in #mer for the correct process when I find the time14:32
artemmaWhat is the way to set silence on/off?14:48
* artemma got tired from waking up from email beep at night14:49
Yanielpulley on the lock screen?14:49
artemmaI mean what's the API for it, I forget doing it manually :)14:49
artemmathough maybe it is more of a nemo part.. will ask there as well14:49
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tbrartemma: tried looking at dbus yet?14:57
*** kkruglov has quit IRC14:59
artemmatbr: I suspect I could dig it out from DBus monitor, but decided to ask community while cleaning cooking - comunity usually helps faster :)15:00
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artemmaWhat often happens is that some nemomobile persons just remembers proper component name by heart15:00
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netzvieha bit late, but I like the new build for the mako :D are the numbers in the demo image all real? ^^15:18
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artemmakimmoli: thanks15:36
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artemmakimmoli: so Jolla's Silence is actually switching profiles between "silent" and "general", hmm15:38
artemmaso.. no other profiles planned I guess15:39
artemmaSailfish OS way for storing app settings is QSettings in a file, right?15:40
artemmaNot meego-style gconf?15:40
artemmathat is I think gconf was recommended meego style for settings15:40
kimmolithis was just something i recalled that i have found and tested once. retested it now after Sfiet_Konstantin segfaultings..15:42
Sfiet_Konstantinartemma: QSetting is simple and efficient15:43
Sfiet_Konstantinwhy use gconf ?15:43
*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos15:44
artemmaJust asking abt the proper ways15:44
artemmaI have some meego-times code for gconf15:44
artemmaand QSettings... I'll want to wrap it for QML15:45
artemmanot sure why QML Qsettings is not a part of Qt yet15:45
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*** sharefree has joined #sailfishos19:28
UmeaboyNothing much.19:29
UmeaboyCan't wait until the official image for i9305 gets released.19:29
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC19:30
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*** Ruslan has joined #sailfishos19:32
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sharefreeUmeaboy, cool19:32
sharefreeme too19:32
sharefreebut what is i930?19:32
UmeaboyNever herd of it.19:33
UmeaboyOr did you miss a number?19:33
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC19:33
Umeaboyi9305 is the modelname of Samsung Galaxy SIII 4g (LTE)19:33
Umeaboysharefree: ^^19:35
sharefreeUmeaboy, I am think about buying a revolution phone19:37
UmeaboyBuy the Jolla-phone. :)19:39
UmeaboyIt even comes with Sailfish as standard.19:39
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos19:41
sharefreeUmeaboy, but sir not available here19:41
sharefreeUmeaboy, why do you love jolla over android /19:42
Umeaboysharefree: Multitasking and freedom to a 100%..19:45
UmeaboyAndroid can't beat that.19:46
Waiteeimo just feels much nicer than android19:46
sharefreeUmeaboy, wow but android's custom rom are better i think like CM19:47
Umeaboysharefree: Android is still a shell.19:47
UmeaboyNot a full Linux-system.19:47
sharefreeKiller point19:47
*** Jpel has quit IRC19:48
sharefreebut can we do all most everything on Sailfish OS19:48
UmeaboyEverything except cooking and cleaning.19:48
joonahoiwell, you can order a pizza or a cleaning service, so i think we have those covered19:49
sharefreeWe need a HD phone now with Sailfish OS19:51
sharefreeSailfish on Samsung Note 2 = blast then19:51
Yaniela highend phone yes19:51
Yanieland then laugh as it puts laptops to shame :D19:52
*** petantik has quit IRC19:52
*** petantik has joined #sailfishos19:52
joonahoithe current one sits pretty comfortably in my device array19:52
sharefreeOcta core + Full HD 5" or more + 2+ Gigs of Ram + 3000 maH+ battery + Sailfish OS = I m popeye the Sailor man I am popeye the sailor the sailor im popeye the sailor man ... pooooooo poo19:53
*** artemma has quit IRC19:53
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:53
joonahoi< less powerful ---------------  wheeeeeeee >19:55
joonahoi< jolla - tablet - laptop - desktop machine >19:55
joonahoi< at hand -------------------- gotta get to >19:55
joonahoicalculate the correct device per use19:55
sharefreeWow I think Jolla is going to be the next most powerful mobile OS19:56
joonahoi*sailfish os19:56
sharefreeSailfish OS19:56
joonahoiand yes, I agree. everything on my tablets (both android and apple) feel so restricted compared to the phone19:57
sharefreeI think even Google's version of Android is prop.19:57
sharefreeSo either root android like CM without google apps or no android at all19:57
joonahoii just feel so at home with linux19:58
Yanielno android at all sounds much easier19:58
sharefreeYaniel, Do you mean you like android more ?19:58
joonahoior well, not linux itself, even though the kernel is really good, but in posix environment with gnu tools available in general19:58
YanielI mean no android at all sounds much simpler than rooting an android phone and using it without google services19:59
Yanieland no I like sailfish more19:59
*** alin has quit IRC20:01
*** rubdos has quit IRC20:01
sharefreeYaniel, support your statement - no i like sailfish more20:01
Yanielusing my jolla does not feel much different from using my computers - all are more or less unix'y20:03
Yanielexcept the jolla has an awesome touch UI20:03
Yanielwith android I'd have to root it before doing anything interesting20:03
Yanieland the UI still can't hold a candle to sailfish20:03
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:04
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sharefreeYaniel, but sir like I said custom android rom like CM without google apps = Done !20:09
*** tbr has quit IRC20:12
*** MMx has quit IRC20:12
Yanielbut why bother20:12
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos20:13
sharefreeYaniel, good point but what is a phone comes root without google apps then ?20:14
Yanielif it is an android phone, not muxh20:14
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC20:16
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sharefreeYaniel, good you select as Patriot Yolla!20:20
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos20:20
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doneillhi all.21:08
doneillwould i be drawn and quartered if i asked about the nexus 4 image?21:08
*** euroelessar has joined #sailfishos21:13
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jtjj222The latest ea image is running beautifully on the n4. Great work!22:53
flotroncan i modify the display refresh rate of my n4?22:56
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC22:57
jtjj222Is there a way to disable the developer software message? It is so incredibly enraging to see such a beautiful design ruined by the obnoxious watermark.23:01
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