Friday, 2014-04-18

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william_genEA2 for N4,wifi can not work,Ea1 works02:01
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Stskeepswilliam_gen: did you wipe the data first, and install from scratch, 4.2.2, then CM 10.1.3, then sailfishos?06:36
Stskeepswilliam_gen: and click 'search again' when it can't find networks06:37
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carepackwifi works here07:32
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william_genStskeeps: after rebooting,wifi works fine07:46
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william_genStskeeps: I INSTALLed xt9-cp* form offical jolla repos via zypper,then Chinese chars can be input07:51
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Stskeepswilliam_gen: good to hear07:53
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william_genStskeeps: In FingerTerm,right half is blank and outputed text can reach there(wrapped),how to correct that?08:06
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Yanielwilliam_gen: did the screen rotate or are you talking about the keyboard08:34
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Almindorwhat would be the best way to get application name out of process name?09:34
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AlmindorI can do rpm -qf <binary> to get the package, but how do I get the app name?09:34
Almindorsearch for the .desktop file?09:34
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william_genuse zypper instead10:04
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Almindorthere is no zypper on the phone10:06
AlmindorI need to find this out for my process monitoring app10:06
AlmindorI think binaryname.desktop mapping to /usr/share/applications will work tho10:07
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Almindoris debugging still broken?10:31
AlmindorI got "gdbserver: command not found" on device10:31
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tordemusHi bros, can you help me * or not;) *, how to become early adopter of SailfishOS for Android devices?10:57
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satmdhello :)10:58
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Nicd-tordemus: private message sledges with your email, devices and why you want to be an early adopter10:59
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tordemusNicd, can i send you email to adress from whoisaccount info? (actually done)11:07
Yanielthat is not an email address11:08
tordemusoops (11:08
Yanieland nicd is not working for jolla AFAIK11:08
Yanielbut as he said, send a private message (here on IRC) to sledges11:09
tordemusdouble oops. can you help me? What should i use to send pm?11:09
tordemusGot it. Tnx11:09
Yaniel/msg someones_nick your_message11:09
Yanieluhh what happened to the Tidings app11:10
Yanielit is pretty much useless now11:10
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Yaniel(doesn't keep old items)11:13
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stephgYaniel: you've not run out of space and don't know it?11:44
Yanielsettings shows 2.7GB used11:44
Yanieland I suppose I would notice running out of space in other apps too11:45
stephgprob not that, yeah the space thing makes all sorts of stuff misbehave in weird ways11:45
Yanielanyway tidings shows all feeds with 0/0 after refreshing11:45
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Yaniel(I read all items prior to that and it showed 0/20)11:46
Yanielmaybe I should add an issue on gihub complaining about it11:49
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stephgwhat does it store the articles in, sqlite?11:49
stephganything in there?11:49
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Yanielno idea11:54
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rubdosMmm, so Sailfish doesn't have a social feed as n9 does? :/13:01
leszekrubdos: it has. At least for twitter and facebook13:02
tbrrubdos: the closest thing seems to be the stuff accessible from the notification screen13:03
tbrbut not a consolidated one13:03
rubdosany plans on making one?13:03
rubdosbecause this is one of the things I love about Harmattan13:03
leszekthe only limitation so far is that it only shows last 10 tweets or facebook messages13:03
tbrno idea if they do13:03
rubdosleszek, oh, only last 10 tweets? Well, I see when my Jolla arrives ^^13:05
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leszekrubdos: yeah I am not quite sure why this is limited. As for speed reasons they could at least have an option to load the next or previous 10 tweets but they didn't. Also the twitter integration is not so great. If you get a reply it displays a notification but only opens the webbrowser with the mobile twitter site for you when you want to read it13:06
leszekand sometimes it even fails to load the correct reply site :P13:07
rubdosleszek, is the twitter application open source? If I'm annoyed I'd change it :P13:07
rubdosMmm, glad I'm not thát active on twitter :d13:07
tbrtwitter has been annoying me a lot recently with those 'sponsored tweets'13:08
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rubdosAnother question: which parts of sailfish are open and which aren't? So I know on forehand what I could help developing and what I can't :P13:09
leszekrubdos: they are using the nemo social packages here so basically it is opensource. The qml files itself are also accessible I guess13:09
rubdosleszek, great :)13:10
leszekrubdos: basically the underlying nemo and mer packages are opensource. The sailfish UI isn't. Though the some of the source code is in plain qml and can be easily edited or investigated on the device itself13:10
rubdosleszek, be it illegal ;)13:11
leszekI don't think its illegal. You own the device and the files are there in plain text :P13:12
rubdosleszek, I own the device, not the source code. I pay for a license of the code :P But I don't think they'll sue you anyway? :P13:13
rubdosBut yeh, I wont mess a lot with the UI code... I'm glad it's mostly plain Mer and Nemo :')13:13
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Yanielas long as you only poke around your own device... nobody cares13:13
Yanielexcept maybe care when you brick it13:13
rubdosYaniel, exactly.13:14
rubdosI just installed the SailfishOS SDK, so gonna mess around a little :)13:14
rubdos(it starts about 100 times faster then eclipse. LOL)13:15
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merlin1991everything starts faster than eclipse13:15
merlin1991except for the java application servers ;)13:15
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Yanielstephg: found the sqlite db13:26
Yanieland the articles in the "read" table13:26
Sfiet_Konstantinleszek: well ... it's not only Jolla's fault here :(13:29
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m4g0gI have created class with Q_PROPERTY  and send it to qml via invokeMethod. console.log (profile) returns QVariant(SailReads::UserProfile*) but when I call property I got undefined13:39
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Accem4g0g: could you show some code in pastebin13:59
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m4g0gcan all14:01
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Accehave you registered your UserProfile class to your qtquick view?14:05
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Accealso, I recommend you implement the userImageChanged signal in your class and add it to your Q_PROPERTY declaration14:06
Acceotherwise the qml side won't know when the property is changed14:07
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Accefurther, it would work better to use Q_ARG( QObject*, dynamic_cast<QObject*>(profile))14:11
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AcceI'm not sure whether using QVariant with pointers works at all14:11
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m4g0gAcce: no14:14
m4g0g1) no. I don't register it but on desktop the same code works withoutregistering14:14
m4g0g2) I don't need signal because this class only should transfer data to qml.14:15
m4g0g3) if I use Q_ARG( QObject*... I get QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method ApplicationWindow_QMLTYPE_11_QML_36::setUserProfile(QObject*)14:16
m4g0gqvariant with QObject pointers works, as I understand:  QVariant(SailReads::UserProfile*) in debug14:16
Accewell, you said same code works on desktop, what are you doing differently now?14:17
m4g0grun it in sailfish14:17
Acceqt versions match?14:18
Accewhich version on desktop?14:18
rubdosMmm, I see the default icon for sailfish application in qtcreator is a png file. Can I use svg?14:19
m4g0gAcce: 5.2.014:21
kaltsirubdos: it must be a png14:23
rubdoskaltsi, :O Why? What if the next Jolla device has a QHD screen? :(14:23
rubdosmeetingcpp, that's pretty... dumb?14:24
meetingcppyeah, cleartext passwords in a database in 2014, orly?14:24
rubdosmeetingcpp, in userspace? yeh right14:25
Accem4g0g: well, I'm out of ideas then. Please let me know if you figure it out, so I can learn it too14:26
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m4g0gAcce: ok14:30
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m4g0gAcce: I have fixed it14:42
Accehow'd you do it? what was different from desktop vs. sailfish?14:44
m4g0gQ_ARG (QVariant, QVariant::fromValue (static_cast<QObject*> (profile))));14:44
m4g0gdirect cast to QObjectr14:44
AcceI see14:44
Accegood to know!14:44
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carepackhello guys16:28
squiddhello carepack!16:28
carepackis for someone else "this is not production quality" have gone after lipstick update?16:30
Stskeepswell, if you update lipstick.. :P16:32
carepackshouldn't I?16:32
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carepackit's gone and I'm happy about. Is on official jolla phone not possible too, to change the calendar for an existing entry?16:34
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rubdosO, another important question for me: is there flash player on Jolla?16:41
rubdosGREAT :D16:43
Yanielflash is dead16:44
squiddYaniel: dont lie16:44
rubdosit's not dead, but it's dieing very fast :)16:44
rubdosGlad there's no flash :)16:44
rubdos(I don't like Adobe :P )16:45
Yanielwell the good thing about it was that .swf is pretty much self-contained16:45
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rubdosCan't wait until my phone arrives ^^16:45
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* Yaniel gently strokes his jolla...17:14
squiddmy jolla is running out of battery17:14 silence the alarm clock17:14
squiddbut charger is on the floor17:15
squiddI cant reach it :(17:15
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rubdosMmm, anyone knows what package I need to install in the SDK to have a contactlist/phone?18:09
Stskeepssdk isn't complete system (yet)18:09
rubdosBut... but ... :'(18:10
rubdosI want to try out some QContact stuff :O18:10
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rubdosSo, no contact list, whatsoever?18:17
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rubdosSo, no API for pim? (source:
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*** eyome__ has joined #sailfishos19:50
*** rydare has quit IRC19:53
*** Nichope has quit IRC19:54
*** rydare has joined #sailfishos19:55
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:59
*** sharefree has joined #sailfishos20:01
sharefreewhat is this OS20:02
sharefreeis it full gnu/linux on phone20:02
rubdossharefree, it's MeeGo, so basically, yes, almost complete gnu/linux on a phone20:03
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:03
Acceand there's the glacier UI in the works too..20:03
sharefreerubdos, omg .. how is it different from tizen ? jus asking sir not trying to raise an argument20:04
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos20:04
Yanielit is based on mer/nemo20:05
Yanielwhereas tizen is based on.. well I dont actually even know20:05
*** Kabouik_j has joined #sailfishos20:05
AcceI'm not familiar with tizen either20:06
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:06
Yanielanyway last time I checked there was no commercial phone shipping with tizen20:06
Accebut if it uses somekind of VM, it's already losing in my opinion :D20:06
Yanieldoes it?20:06
rubdosTizen is based on meego, as is mer20:06
rubdossamsung is shipping one later this year20:06
Acceoh yeah, I remember seeing some image.. of all the Mer forks20:07
tbrtizen is a very different beast20:07
rubdostizer indeed is a beast20:07
rubdossailfish is lighter20:07
tbrtizen inherited the corporate backing, while mer inherited the community20:07
tbrand tizen has yet to see a shipping mobile phone, which is funny20:08
AcceIs that wikipedia image correct? it gives an idea that Sailfish does not use parts of Nemo Mobile, which it does afaik20:08
rubdosmmm, indeed Acc20:09
*** Nichope has quit IRC20:09
sharefreeI see20:11
sharefreeso Tizen = full gnu/linux as well20:11
sharefreeroot android is not gnu/linux right ?20:11
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos20:11
tbrandroid is linux kernel + bionic + dalvik/etc20:11
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:12
sharefreeso sailfish and tizen is more powerful than Android20:12
sharefreeTizen is a beast like someone said20:12
fzkafaik android isnt gnu20:12
sharefreefzk, but gnu = whole of linux as linux is just the kernel the whole OS is the gnu operating system20:13
Accesamsumg wants to get rid of android I guess20:13
fzksharefree: im very well aware of that20:13
fzkbut afaik android contains very little gnu20:14
tbrAcce: no, it's a leverage20:14
*** myla has joined #sailfishos20:14
tbrsharefree: tizen is a construct driven by purely corporate agenda20:16
rubdosSo, I'm back with my N9 developer questions... On N9 you can use QContacts to alter some contacts in your phone directory; any way to access them in Sailfish yet? :)20:16
sharefreefzk, hehe .. in fact i do not know much I am non-technical guy20:16
sharefreejust into computing so I always support such products20:17
sharefreein facts i am using gnu/linux ( which i ve never used in my whole life )20:17
sharefreeI learned it and now i m using it20:17
fzksharefree: ah, ok. ive been around foss since 200020:17
sharefreethat too debian .. now switched to Crunchbang20:17
Accetbr: leverage to what?20:18
fzki prefer gentoo, just because i like headachepills20:18
Acceand which, android or tizen?20:18
tbrAcce: guess how samsung brokered that patent deal with google?20:18
sharefreesoon to Alt Linux ( cuz to ati drivers issues ) Debian does not seem to play with ATi drivers at all20:18
sharefreeI install prop. driver still it does not work well20:18
tbrAcce: and suddenly no tizen phones at mwc, although the rumor mill was quite loud before20:19
sharefreebt a Russian Distro seems to play well with it .. my netbook can even play 1080p videos on that linux distro20:19
Accetbr: they threatened to move to tizen if google doesn't bend?20:19
fzkimo intel works best for graphics20:19
sharefreeAlt Linux20:19
Accemhmm, I see..20:19
rubdos(other Q: is there a separate developers channel? :P )20:19
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos20:19
tbrAcce: corporate negotiations20:19
sharefreeif I had an intel laptop I would use Trisquel .. purely Free OS20:19
tbrtizen is a mere pawn, a strategic investment20:19
fzksharefree: imho its pretty hard to stay totally "free"20:20
sharefreebut i cannot live without youtube to I under how free replacement of flash would do20:20
tbrit might get upgraded to something serious at some point, from samsungs view, but right now it's not20:20
fzkyou can use html5 compatible youtube, sharefree20:20
sharefreefzk, in my gnu/linux uptime of 6 months i ve learned so20:20
sharefreeI think we do not have whole of in html5 yet20:21
sharefreeI know20:21
sharefreeBut not all the videos are there20:21
rubdosI had some plugin that converted all yt videos in html5...20:21
fzkbtw, dont forget that google has updated their eula and gone evil20:22
sharefreeI hate Google20:23
sharefreethat is why I was looking for Android without Google20:23
sharefreeand I found Jolla 6 months back20:23
sharefreeand then I met Geeksphone20:23
sharefreeand then I met a lot of new things20:23
sharefreeand i wiped Windows after visiting Gnu / Fsf sites20:24
sharefreeNow i m here talking to you people20:24
sharefreei even installed Arch guys! it was so cool .. so type a whole book of commands nice distro if you love to update every day20:24
fzki unfortunately have windows20:25
YanielI, too have windows20:25
fzkbut thats because i need to satisfy my needs of model plane training20:25
Yanieland I hate it everytime when I have used windows and want to boot arch again20:25
Yanieland have to go to UEFI and change the boot order back to what I want it to bee20:26
fzkuefi, hurr20:26
sharefreefzk, but why /20:26
sharefreeWife forcing ?20:26
fzksharefree: there are not any good simulators available for other platforms20:26
*** alin has quit IRC20:27
Accesharefree: +1 for Arch ;)20:27
sharefreeAcce, hehe20:28
sharefreefzk, I see20:28
fzki hear lots of good about arch, will i as a gentoo fag like it?20:28
sharefreefzk, you would adore it20:28
sharefreearch = dream come true20:28
fzki like to tune all packets before compiling20:28
Accefzk: It's like friends with benefits20:28
sharefreebut try parabola = libre version of arch if you have all of intel stuff and if you do not want prop. stuff ever20:28
sharefreeAcce, no its like Gfssssss with benefitssssssss20:29
fzkgfs is a headache20:30
fzkif speaking of the non redhat gfs20:30
sharefreei wana gf20:30
fzkhad a lots of trouble with write locks not working correctly20:30
sharefreebut my attitude problem ..20:30
Accesharefree: you need no gf, you already got linux ;P20:31
fzkoh, those gfs20:31
fzki thought we were speaking filesystems20:31
virtualdwho needs them when you got gifs anyway20:31
Accefilesystems, girlfriends.. what's the difference?20:31
fzkboth fragment20:32
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:32
Acceboth become a mess after a while, unless you keep strict order20:32
*** pat_o_sf has joined #sailfishos20:32
fzki think hans reiser had the same problem, couldnt distinguish his wife from the other one20:32
sharefreeI love jolla community20:32
sharefreenice people man20:33
*** netzvieh has quit IRC20:33
fzki havent got my thumb out of my ass yet to try jolla tbh20:33
sharefreebut i am worried as well cuz Tizen is backed by Intel / Sammy boi / Linux foundation20:33
fzkno need to worry20:34
fzkits a different entity20:34
sharefreenothing different20:34
sharefreeit seems same 2 me20:34
sharefreefrom different houses20:34
sharefreeits battle 10120:34
sharefreeI think Google is going to release Chrome OS for phones as well20:35
sharefreeAndroid would battle Tizen and Sailfish20:35
sharefreeand Chrome vs Firefox vs WebOS would be there20:35
fzklet ignore google and let people use their crap if they want to :-)20:35
fzkboth ios and android imho are so cluttered20:36
fzki prefer ios before android tbh, but its still cluttered20:36
AcceFor now, developing apps on jolla is most joy of the platforms I know, haven't tried Tizen though, don't even know if they have tools published yet20:36
sharefreecluttered as in ?20:36
sharefreeTizen = Prop. SDK20:37
sharefreewhat is up with Sailfish SDK /20:37
sharefreeTizen's SDK = Freeware20:37
fzkgazillions of apps to do the same thing(sure, nothing wrong with it, but 10000 apps for the same?!)20:37
*** artemma has quit IRC20:38
fzki need to get hold of a jolla phone, my n9 suffered a lot damage :<20:38
*** Andy80 has quit IRC20:39
sharefreefzk, I wish I had a jolla too20:40
*** rydare has quit IRC20:40
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos20:41
*** rydare has joined #sailfishos20:42
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:43
*** artemma has quit IRC20:43
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** sharefree has quit IRC20:45
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:50
rubdosfzk, order one, like I did today20:50
rubdoscan't wait :)20:50
TemeVfzk, yeah, that is really problem with Android apps. I think there is like 4 or 5 apps for reading menus of student cantineens of the city I live atm20:53
*** Kabouik_j has quit IRC20:53
TemeVAnd only way to find the good one is to test them all20:53
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:54
rubdosTemeV, if they aren't anyone of them open source, make a sixth ;)20:54
*** Nichope has quit IRC20:54
TemeVI'm here only for one semester, so maybe I'll manage with those currently available20:56
*** Kabouik_j has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** m4g0g has quit IRC20:58
TemeVAnd it seems that same goes for public transport apps, local weather apps, etc20:59
TemeV(btw, who wants an app for local weather only?)20:59
Yanieldepends on how local21:00
Yanielbut yeah I prefer meecast with openweathermap21:00
M4rtinKAKA "we are too lazy to do an API, here is an app instead" :)21:00
M4rtinKopenweathermap ? :)21:01
Yanielthat's the one I have set it to use21:02
TemeVyeah, Meecast is good. I use yr.no21:04
*** rubdos has quit IRC21:04 is pretty accurate yeah21:04 has an involved API21:05
*** eyome__ has quit IRC21:06
*** Kabouik_j has quit IRC21:07
coderushow to use qmake for proper automatic transtations release while building projet?21:09
*** eyome__ has joined #sailfishos21:09
coderusbut can't understand it a bit21:10
kaltsicoderus: have you checked how libsailfishapp does it?21:10
coderusthis generates source translation file21:10
coderusi just need a proper way to load my ts files and release qm21:10
coderuskaltsi: is it related to my question?21:11
*** netzvieh has joined #sailfishos21:11
kaltsiI probably don't understand your question21:11
coderusi have bunch of .ts files21:11
coderusi want a proper way to generate qm files automatically while building project21:12
coderusi like how sailfish-browser doing that21:12
kaltsiok then I repeat my answer21:12
coderusjust dont understand how to add translations here21:12
kaltsithe sdk 1404 template + libsailfishapp work together as an example21:12
kaltsito do just that21:12
kaltsithe template app .pro file then has this21:14
kaltsiCONFIG += sailfishapp_i18n21:14
kaltsiTRANSLATIONS += translations/untitledccc-de.ts21:14
coderustrying it now21:14
kaltsijust add your ts files to TRANSLATIONS and it will build them automatically21:14
coderusi need to add it to each subproject?21:15
kaltsilet me know when you try it :)21:16
coderusjust looked into that prf21:16
coderusit should be added to each subproject21:16
coderusand will install translations in wrong folders then21:17
coderusso its just for most common app template21:17
coderusbut thanks, i'll just reuse that prf code for me21:17
coderusQtCreator decided to crash after pastin prf code to my project :D21:19
kaltsithat sailfish-browser way of doing it is used to create engineering_english translation and then a ts-devel file which is given to the translation server as an input for all the language translations21:20
kaltsicoderus: oh crash? :( did you get a core dump?21:20
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:30
*** Beankylla has quit IRC21:35
coderuskaltsi: no. its just a regular crash after  8 hours of coding.21:36
*** kkruglov has quit IRC21:38
*** BitEvil has joined #sailfishos21:39
*** SpeedEvil is now known as Guest4704421:39
kaltsicoderus: ok.. do I understand it's common that it crashes like that? was it so with older sdk too or is it more unstable now?21:42
coderusno its just my pc :)21:43
coderusi'm using development branch of kubuntu21:43
coderusit crashes everytime :)21:43
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos21:49
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