Tuesday, 2014-04-22

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UmeaboyI'm almost done with the translation of Sailfish OS into Swedish, who can review my work? I used the unofficial-jolla-translations on Transifex.com02:54
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ShadowJKheh wow i didn't know it wasn't already03:48
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m4g0ghow to use mlite-qt5?06:48
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Stskeepsokay, time to really parse last meeting's text..08:27
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netzviehnext meeting is today, isn't it? 15:00 cest?08:33
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tbrnetzvieh: UTC08:34
tbrnetzvieh: it's in my mail08:35
tbrthat's 1700 CEST 1800 EEST08:35
netzviehtbr: thx :)08:35
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lpottertoo late for me09:01
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stephgwow that came around quickly09:10
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coderusqml profiler should work in 1404 sdk?11:19
kaltsiI think so, but it requires that you install a package to the device11:19
kaltsiwith emu it is already there11:20
kaltsidebugging part from here https://sailfishos.org/wiki/SDK_Alpha_Qt5_Known_Issues11:20
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coderusi'm not using emu11:25
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coderusQML Profiler: Connecting to ...11:36
coderusand nothing happening11:36
coderusapp started with debugging: [D 17:35:17] QML Debugger: Waiting for connection on port 10000...11:37
kaltsidid you install the package qt5-qtdeclarative-plugin-qmlinspector11:37
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coderusi profiled app manually with old sdk11:38
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kaltsihm it does work for me.. and you're using sdk 1404?11:38
coderusjust thought it should work out of box now11:38
kaltsiit does, no reason for it not to11:38
kaltsihow do you start the debugging?11:39
coderuswell, maybe i'm doing t in wrong order?11:39
kaltsior profiling11:39
coderusopening analyze tab and clicking start button11:39
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kaltsido you have debug build on?11:40
coderusgdb working11:40
kaltsido you #include <QtQuick> somewhere11:40
coderusyes in main11:41
kaltsiif you ssh to device do you see your app running with the -qmljsdebug* option there?11:41
coderus/usr/bin/harbour-mitakuuluu2 -qmljsdebugger=port:10001,block11:43
kaltsi10001 ? hmm11:43
kaltsiis your port 10000 already reserved for some reason11:43
kaltsiif it tries to connect to 1000011:43
coderusmanually starting process and  using analyze -> external profiler11:44
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coderusthis way working11:44
kaltsido you give it 10001?11:45
kaltsiahaa the play button in the analyze window starts the external profiler11:46
kaltsiif I choose the 'qml profiler' from the menu (not the external) it starts it directly without asking for port11:46
kaltsiI've never clicked that little play button :P11:47
kaltsiah the first time I clicked it it started the external asking for port.. but after I have chosen the normal qml profiler from menu the little play button doesn't ask anymore, just runs11:48
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kaltsiso I don't know if that would work for you too11:49
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kaltsicoderus: if you want to fix the cleaning of rpms when incrementing version, ssh to mersdk and edit mb2 script like this https://github.com/sailfish-sdk/sdk-setup/commit/4fd6c1f9a8cb24085980934bddb51778f331f2eb12:02
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coderuskaltsi: thanks12:25
coderuskaltsi: can you also make debug build automatically upload and install my application debug symbols?12:26
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kaltsidebug stuff is filtered away.. mb2 does not know if it's debug build or not unfortunately12:26
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kaltsithat's a bigger change then.. got to think about how to do it properly12:28
kaltsiif you want to do it yourself meanwhile, search for run_deploy and change the find RPMS part in pkcon method to not filter out *debug*12:29
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coderuskaltsi: thanks ^)12:41
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lbtthe rsync deploy sends debug stuff to the device12:59
lbtwhen I want to debug I run : set debug-file-directory /opt/sdk/harbour-app/usr/lib/debug:/usr/lib/debug13:00
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lbtin my gdb session13:00
kaltsican you set it from qt creator?13:00
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lbtnot tried yet - I'm still on the older SDK :)13:02
kaltsiok, if you ever try and it works, let's add that to some faq :)13:02
lbtI am running gdb just fine on the device with nice backtraces etc13:03
lbtbut the goal was to run gdb-server iirc13:03
lbtand that doesn't need deployed symbols13:03
kaltsioh right :p13:03
kaltsiit's running gdb-server now13:03
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lbtin VM ?13:04
kaltsianything in vm is out13:04
lbtis gdb running in VM13:04
lbtok - well that's going to be fun :)13:04
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flotronanybody know how to fix this with warehouse? http://i.imgur.com/oETIvLA.jpg13:35
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flotronwhen i pkcon refresh i get: Fatal error: Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?)13:40
kaltsiflotron: looks like that repository url is not correct.. it says .../nemo/adaptation-/armv7hl/... I think the adaptation- part is not complete13:41
carepackif you want to go back. mv /etc/ssu/ssu.ini to ssu-old. the ssu domain sales. after that ssu ur. then yiou'll be able to add the repo's for the store again13:43
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flotronalready did that, but i don't know why it modifies the repo every time i modify it. For ex i have https://store-repository.jolla.com/releases/ inside ssu but when i ssu lr i get this https://releases.jolla.com/releases/
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carepackyep. same for me....13:49
flotronand you have problems with warehouse?13:51
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carepackyes. but have you tried to remove adaptation0 and 1?13:53
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wickwirehi guys, does anyone know where does pkcon keep the rpm app packages in the system, and how to clean?13:53
carepackmaybe /var/cache/zypp/packages/13:54
Stskeepshow's EA2 going for you guys? :P13:54
carepackgoing for an daily driver.....13:55
carepack:-). really. the improvement from ea1 to ea2 was a big step.13:55
flotronadaptation0 and 1 are useless?13:56
StskeepsREMINDER: Weekly meeting about SailfishOS, open source, collaboration, way forward @ today, 15:00 UTC -- https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-April/004007.html13:56
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carepackthe only thing I'm anger is the delay from time to time when I wake up the device13:56
Stskeepscarepack: hmm thought that was sorted, unless you broke the hack we added13:56
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cos-i got a total blackout of the device yesterday. had to remove battery to boot it.13:57
carepackflotron: to get store working you don't need the adaptation repo13:57
*** pat_o_sf has joined #sailfishos13:58
carepackstskeeps: it's much better but I have it from time to time. I don't think I broke them because I was going back on official ea2 and doesn't update lipstick. stock13:58
Stskeepshmm, ok13:58
*** pat_o_sf has quit IRC13:58
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carepackthe problem isn't present if the device connected to power or pc. But when it goes in deep sleep I have to wake it up 3 or 4 time with power + vol down. I can't say it sure but it looks for me that wlan cause the issue14:00
carepackand since mp3 is working I sorted android completely out...14:00
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC14:00
flotronwithout adaptation0 and 1 worked14:01
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:01
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flotronso what are those?14:02
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos14:02
carepackmaybe some components for the hardware adaption layer to work on android devices or for parts of the alien dalvik14:04
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flotronI discovered that i can turn on my n4 the 6th or 7th time i long press the power button. The lockscreen can't figure it out yet14:07
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guimendeshey guys, why do we need to flash stock android 4.2.2 on nexus 4?14:10
lbtKnown good basepoint14:10
tbralso binary compatibility with build14:11
lbtWe really don't have much spare time - so wasting it on "oh I skipped that step and it seemed to work" bugs can be somewhat frustrating :)14:11
guimendesI installed without this step and my wifi just don't work14:12
lbt(that was just supposed to explain why a good basepoint makes sense - not have a go at anyone!)14:12
lbtguimendes: exactly - it's possibly not related but you never know :)14:12
carepackwlan not working because of wrong modem / baseband14:12
guimendesI installed modem from 4.2.214:13
lbtyou know what to do...14:13
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*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos14:13
guimendesbut I did not replaced my android with it, I used some trick with MultiROM14:13
guimendesthat may be the cause14:13
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos14:14
carepackwhich kernel???14:14
guimendesall stock14:14
guimendesit's not working14:14
flotronIs there a way that i can tweak the display refresh rate?14:16
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos14:16
guimendesmy steps: added new rom into multirom with cm 10.1.3; flashed 4.2.2 modem; flashed sailfishos zip (without demo content); swap first rom with sailfish14:17
guimendesthis allows me to boot14:17
guimendesbut wifi does not work14:17
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:18
tbrreminder: sailfish community meeting in 40min in #mer-meeting! - https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-April/004007.html14:18
guimendesI think this can not boot as second rom due to something related to hybrid boot14:19
*** aarapov has quit IRC14:21
ottotbr: where in general are people supposed to find more information about how to use OBS channel into SailfishOS repos? There is nothing on google with keywords like "sailfishos chum" or "obs chum". Neither has Mer wiki anything about "chum".14:21
ottotbr: If you could please add something to Mer wiki and send me the link when done, and I'll help advertising chum in our blog.14:22
tbrotto: this is partly related to jolla being mum about things14:22
tbrthere is no sense to put work into this if jolla gives us the finger over it14:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos14:23
ottook, I won't do anything about it then for now14:29
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:31
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StskeepsTMavica: who made the IM, out of curiousity?14:33
*** flyapen has quit IRC14:38
TMavicamy fd and me14:38
TMavicabut got some problem14:38
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:39
TMavicaafter install in device, the sound forever keep in silence and without vibrate in sound mode14:39
StskeepsTMavica: okay, is it open source?14:39
TMavicau want?14:39
Stskeepswell, url to git repository ;)14:39
Stskeepsjust to see14:39
TMavicai not at home14:40
Stskeepsmeh, i can't steal.. :P14:40
TMavicait is very good!14:41
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:41
TMavicai happy i can type traditional chinese with correct input method, instead of default one..14:41
Yanielwhat happened to fdisk?14:42
Yanieliirc it was there earlier14:42
*** nsm has quit IRC14:42
Stskeepspretty sure it's still there14:42
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tbrMeeting starts in one minute on #mer-meeting!14:58
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carepackfrlotron: you've pushed the script on xda?15:05
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rusty88hey guys, what's the status of the hardware adaptation kit?15:20
*** holla_me has joined #sailfishos15:22
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coderusthis example not working for me17:31
coderusInvalid alias reference. Unable to find id "headerItem"17:31
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos17:33
coderuswithout it seems i cant set field text from outside17:34
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC17:36
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ejjomangood evening :)17:39
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ejjomancoderus: can you add me to the reviewers in mitakuuluu2 on transifex again? --> German translation18:04
*** piggz has quit IRC18:06
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos18:09
dirkvlmy battery is draining very fast18:10
dirkvlnot responsive18:10
dirkvlchecked with lighthouse:18:10
dirkvlprocess called 'mount' is taking 100% of cpu218:10
Stskeepsps aux ?18:13
coderusejjoman: added18:13
ejjomancoderus: thank you :)18:13
dirkvlwhat do you mean?18:13
coderusdirkvl: sdcard with multiple partitions?18:14
dirkvlhad an sd card18:14
dirkvlremoved it18:14
coderuscheck lournal log18:14
dirkvlhow do i do that?18:14
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos18:16
dirkvla, took sd card out, rebooted18:17
dirkvlha! and battery current went from 500ma to 250ma18:17
dirkvli like18:17
*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos18:19
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artemma QDBusInterface profileD( "com.nokia.profiled", "com/nokia/profiled",19:07
artemma                              "com.nokia.profiled" );19:07
artemma    QDBusReply<QString> dReply = profileD.call( "get_profile");19:07
artemmawhy do I get arguments to dbus_message_new_method_call() were incorrect, assertion "_dbus_check_is_valid_path (path)" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1266. ?19:07
artemmacommand line seems to work file19:07
artemmae.g. dbus-send --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.nokia.profiled /com/nokia/profiled com.nokia.profiled.get_profile19:08
Acceare the timeout problems caused by dns of the virtual machines still present in the new sdk version?19:08
*** lizardo has quit IRC19:08
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos19:09
artemmaI can't get it. Path seems to be correct and works with dbus-send19:16
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos19:17
artemmaah! first slash was missing!19:17
*** radekp has joined #sailfishos19:24
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walokrais there a bug in sailfishos emulator in showing textswitch checked icon?20:12
*** crevetor has quit IRC20:14
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RavensStealthNot to sound like a newbie but I have some graphic that I am working on but where do I upload them?20:35
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:35
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos20:38
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:38
szopin_sailingis wayland 1.2(1.3) planned/in the works?20:38
szopin_sailingasking because someone recently brought up on tmo wayland-friendly project (mpv), that is on 1.2 since 6 months20:39
szopin_sailingif we're expecting everything x to move to wayland, having outdated wayland will be a major pain20:40
MSameercoderus: do you still maintain/update/fix Persecute for N9?20:40
szopin_sailingbecause it does seem like a major compatibility component, kernel like, like with n900, too old kernel=no new things, but as new things move to wayland right now there will be no old things, if/when vlc move to wayland it will be 1.3(4,5?)20:40
*** piggz has quit IRC20:41
*** RavensStealth has quit IRC20:42
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away20:43
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M4rtinKI wonder if we might end in the same situation as on the N900 with the Jolla20:48
*** planasb has joined #sailfishos20:48
M4rtinKeq. old Kernel due to BSP Android blobs only supporting 3.420:49
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:49
MSameerM4rtinK: what's the issue?20:49
szopin_sailingold wayland so all new projects moving to it will be only 1.2+20:50
M4rtinKMSameer: well, I don't see any at the moment and it is a LTS kernel at least20:50
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC20:50
M4rtinKMSameer: so just noting a possible issue20:50
*** bartek2 has quit IRC20:51
M4rtinKbut with a bit of brainstorming we might miss some BTRFS and ARM support improvements ?20:52
M4rtinKon the other hand Wayland and systemd are rather conservative in required Kernel features, so that should be covered20:52
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC20:53
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** szopin_sailing has quit IRC20:55
*** szopin_ has joined #sailfishos20:55
szopin_1.3 is supposedly coming in a couple of montha20:56
szopin_so unless leaving 1.1 behind is on the table/in the works we will be two revisions back20:57
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC20:58
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artemmaI want to show two time pickers in a flickable - whole UI is just about setting from-to time interval21:14
artemmatwo pickers don't fit to page so it has to scroll a little, that's okay21:14
artemmahowever, you cannot flick if you start flick in a time picker area (it starts time selection) :/21:15
artemmawhat could be an alternative?21:15
Turski1.3 coming? i already have 1.4 on my desktop21:17
*** jjanvier__ has joined #sailfishos21:20
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos21:20
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC21:20
coderusMSameer: no, i have no time and interest for harmattan now21:20
coderusMSameer: why asking?21:20
MSameercoderus: thought about using it21:21
MSameerfor someone21:21
coderusMSameer: well, for now whatsup is better21:21
MSameeryeah I decided to use it21:21
szopin_sailingin the xwayland tjc we had pro-hurra-optimistic guy: screw X it should die, everything is moving to wayland... what if everything moved to wayland 1.3? oops, ask them to provide 1.1?21:22
szopin_sailingthought for a while jolla would be ahead of curve so no worrybfrom too new things as wayland is too new, but wayland 1.3 looming in this actually quite worrying21:23
Yanielartemma: still there?21:24
M4rtinKartemma: got you :)21:24
artemmaYaniel, M4rtinK , a little :)21:25
Yanielartemma: well21:25
artemmaskipped sleep last night, so not for long though :)21:25
M4rtinKartemma: https://github.com/M4rtinK/universal-components21:25
Yanielhow about having two "time fields"21:25
M4rtinKartemma: enjoy! :)21:25
Yanielwhich open a time picker when tappec21:25
Yanieltapped even21:25
artemmaYaniel: that will sure work, but.. the ONLY purpose for the screen is to set interval. I don't want to inject a requirement for extra tap21:26
artemmathat is unless I figure something better21:26
artemmaM4rtinK: looks cool! Let's promote it!21:26
M4rtinKartemma: just not that the controls version might not be fully self sufficient yet outside of modRana, you might need to comment/hardcode some stuff for the time being21:26
*** louisdk has quit IRC21:27
M4rtinKartemma: sure, why not :)21:27
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:27
artemmahmm, maybe accompanying demo app project could be good21:27
M4rtinKartemma: yeah21:28
artemmapossibly in another repo, git subtreeing components21:28
M4rtinKartemma: and the docs are a bit sparse at the moment :)21:28
M4rtinKwould be a good demonstration how it can be included in a project :)21:28
artemmaM4rtinK: why custom license? I mean it is very-very permissive, but if it's 95% same as MIT, why not use a standard license?21:28
artemmaor maybe it is MIT, just without naming it so..21:29
M4rtinKisn't that BSD ?21:29
Yanielartemma: well then just "replace" he field with a picker for the duration of the touch event21:29
M4rtinKI took the same THP has in PyOtherSide21:29
artemmaYaniel: yes, that's an option. Still a bit of extra flickering.. so far I am leaning towards just having two always expanded controls. Maybe if I delete header and labels, it will fit..21:30
artemmaand time values maybe I draw right in the center of dials! :)21:30
artemmaor maybe I just scale controls down :D21:30
M4rtinKartemma: looks like it is the MIT license21:31
artemmaM4rtinK: I think it's totally cool, but would be nice to mention in readme21:31
artemmathen ppl won't have to read and understand :)21:31
artemmathinking is hard21:31
M4rtinKwell, I think I might just switch it to BSD when I'm at it21:32
MSameerM4rtinK: good work on universal components21:33
MSameerwant a Qt 4.x backend too ? ;)21:33
M4rtinKMSameer: thanks! :)21:33
MSameeri have the same QML code used for both n9 and jolla21:33
M4rtinKMSameer: but try to use it first, it might be not as good as it looks like :)21:34
M4rtinKMSameer: how do you handle import QtQuick 1.1/2.0 ?21:34
MSameerI will try if I start a sailfish only project21:34
M4rtinKsed or you override everything ? :)21:35
MSameerM4rtinK: ugly but easy21:35
*** radekp_ has joined #sailfishos21:35
MSameerM4rtinK: neither not. s/QtQuick 2.0/QtQuick 1.0/ during loading of QML files21:35
MSameerwill show you some code in a sec21:35
* artemma feel nostalgic for old good preprocessor magic21:35
MSameerM4rtinK: https://gitorious.org/cameraplus/cameraplus/source/65c9ab1c1d38deb9ecfefc6e6814d07c3af9609f:src/main.cpp#L7721:36
M4rtinKwell if only QML devels could be arsed to actually use dynamic imports :)21:36
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos21:36
MSameerM4rtinK: that's the actual implementation21:37
artemmaM4rtinK: you know the Qt/Jolla ppl answer: just use Loader :)21:37
MSameersince Qt5 does not have the filesystem backends anymore, I decided to load it only for 4.821:37
MSameerso the code would be suitable for QtQuick 2.0 and gets modified during runtime for QtQuick 1.121:37
MSameer_ugly_ but there is no other way21:38
MSameerand surprisingly it does not add much overhead if any21:38
M4rtinKnice hack! :)21:38
MSameerso that's for the common code. OS specific controls are also used21:38
M4rtinKartemma: I'm already using the loader trick for QtPositioning fallback21:39
*** Beankylla has quit IRC21:40
M4rtinKwhen we are at posting hacks, it looks like this:21:40
M4rtinKMSameer: so if you want to add a 4.8 backend - sure, why not :)21:42
MSameerM4rtinK: i will try but i cannot promise :)21:43
*** szopin_sailing has quit IRC21:43
M4rtinKMSameer: sure, no problem :)21:43
*** Jpel has quit IRC21:45
*** TheAlienol has joined #sailfishos21:46
*** TheAlienol has quit IRC21:47
*** eyome has quit IRC21:50
coderusbtw, location21:51
coderusi'm using PositionSource component21:51
coderusand i need to know when actual true current location really fetched21:52
coderusat first 1-3 fires of onPositionChanged i'm getting my old location21:52
coderusbut i just moved some kilometers far21:52
coderusand only after 4-6 it returns my actual location21:53
*** danielwf has quit IRC21:53
*** qqK has quit IRC21:56
M4rtinKmy experience is that it first returns last known location21:59
M4rtinKthen every minute (or 30 seconds ?, not sure ATM) approximate location that probably comes from WiFi or BTS positioning22:00
M4rtinKand after some time it starts returning the real location from GPS/Glonass22:00
M4rtinKand the duration of these phases varies22:01
M4rtinKsometimes you get the real fix almost instantly22:01
M4rtinKsometimes after 15 minutes22:01
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC22:02
M4rtinKartemma, MSameer: ok, so the license is now BSD 3 clause (same as Silica QML code) and is noted in the README :)22:02
*** freedomrun has quit IRC22:02
* MSameer hates contributing to BSD stuff :(22:03
*** fracting has quit IRC22:05
*** radekp has quit IRC22:06
M4rtinKMSameer: it is artemmas fault! :P22:12
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:13
*** artemma has quit IRC22:14
M4rtinKI'd license it under GPLv3 myself, but well, what the heck :)22:14
M4rtinKPyOtherSide is under MIT and Silica QML under BSD, so might well go with the flow this time :)22:15
M4rtinKwell _it is_ a rather obscure project (at least currently) anyway :)22:16
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos22:21
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos22:21
*** datagutt has quit IRC22:22
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:26
M4rtinKMSameer: but if it is a blocker for you, we might find a compromise I guess22:28
MSameeri am only 1 person so you can ignore me22:29
*** RobJanc has quit IRC22:33
M4rtinKwho knows, choosing a wrong license can doom a project :)22:34
*** xerpi has quit IRC22:35
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:36
*** ejjoman has quit IRC22:36
*** Kabouik has quit IRC22:41
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:44
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*** killSwam has quit IRC22:57
*** vesurivs has quit IRC23:10
*** sender42 has joined #sailfishos23:20
*** Mossepo has quit IRC23:21
MSameerM4rtinK: BSD is usually fine for others. I prefer LGPL/GPL to prevent people from taking my work and closing it23:23
*** sender23 has quit IRC23:23
MSameerM4rtinK: BSD allows people to take my wok and close it23:23
MSameerwhich is why I don't like contributing to BSD style projects23:24
MSameerunless it's part of my job23:24
M4rtinKMSameer: basically my words23:24
M4rtinKMSameer: modRana, modRana data repository, Mieru, RePho, Panora, etc. are all GPLv3 for this reason23:25
MSameerartem writes cosed source stuff and that might be the reason why he wants it BSD23:25
M4rtinKyeah, that's the reason for sure23:25
MSameer(assuming he's the one who convinced you)23:25
M4rtinKhe also specifically mentioned he would not contribute to GPL licensed codee as hi would not be able to use it in his closed stuff23:26
MSameeri don't have anything against him23:26
MSameerI just don't use his apps :p23:26
*** mikma has quit IRC23:26
M4rtinKstill in this case I'm willing to make an exception from using GPL23:26
*** pasik has quit IRC23:26
MSameerit's your code so you are the boss :)23:27
M4rtinKwell, yeah :)23:28
MSameercode is king23:28
M4rtinKI think in this case it should bring more good than bad23:28
*** mikma has joined #sailfishos23:28
*** pasik has joined #sailfishos23:28
MSameerthat's what I said23:28
MSameerI am one person so you can ignore me :)23:29
M4rtinKhopefully more people using it -> more people doing Sailfish/QtQuick apps23:29
M4rtinKwell, you seem to have some good code that might be a nice addition to UC :P23:29
MSameerhow nice, sailfish sends a paint event to my app after it gets minimized -> failure23:29
M4rtinKwell, mine segfaults after it is closed when run with sailfish-qml but not with qmlscene :)23:30
M4rtinKat least it did this before the last update23:31
M4rtinKnow I think it actually segfaults after being closed even when run with qmlscene :)23:31
M4rtinKconsistent behavior :D23:31
MSameerthe painting is the least of my issues. I am doing something horrible that breaks something somewhere in the camera stack23:31
MSameercan't even release an alpha with such issue :/23:32
M4rtinK+ an achievement - Python & QML app that segfaults ! :)23:32
MSameerM4rtinK: I crash the qml runtime a lot :p23:32
M4rtinKwell, the impression I've got is that the Camera stack on Sailfish is not very stable :)23:32
MSameerqualcomm rules :(23:33
MSameermostly binaries :(23:33
M4rtinKyeah, that's what I've though23:33
M4rtinKhybris can do only so much if the blobs are a POS23:33
MSameerit's worse23:34
MSameerhybris exposes other issues23:34
MSameerandroid is really permissive23:34
MSameerit allows you for example to use an attr without initialization23:34
MSameerglibc barfs heavily at some point when this happens23:34
MSameerpthread mutex attr23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
MSameeri had to debug these issues23:35
MSameerand the other issue with android is that vendors seem to implement what's needed only23:35
M4rtinKwouldn't expect it to be _that_ fundamentally broken23:35
MSameerany deviation from the android use cases -> boom23:36
M4rtinKlike good old ACPI@x86 :)23:36
MSameerso in camera for example, android initializes it23:36
MSameerthen does get_parameters(); set_parameters();23:36
MSameerfor no good reason23:36
MSameerI have seen a crash if we don't do that23:37
MSameerit was not in qcom hw but something else23:37
M4rtinKlazy initialization ? :)23:37
MSameera bunch of not so qualified people running to release in time :)23:37
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:38
M4rtinKI've seen my share of crazy stuff in open source code bases23:38
MSameeropen ssl ? :D23:38
M4rtinKbut one can only image how most proprietary ones must look like :)23:39
M4rtinKYUM & old (RHEL 4/5) Anaconda releases are enough :)23:39
MSameerwell, I still remember the comments from the leaked windows code that were posted on kuro5hin23:40
MSameerI am on debian for a reason :p23:40
MSameerfound it23:41
MSameer/ The specific idiot in this case is Office95, which likes23:41
MSameer // to free a random pointer when you start Word95 from a desktop23:41
MSameer // shortcut.23:41
*** p2-mate has quit IRC23:42
M4rtinKfor a good luck ? :)23:42
M4rtinKmy favorite are utilities that unexpectedly revert to interactive behavior23:43
M4rtinKnothing better than lvcreate starting to ask you if you REALY want to wipe those old metadata23:44
M4rtinKwhich kinda sucks if the whole install gets stuck on partition creation as a result :)23:45
MSameernever seen those23:45
MSameerI stopped reinstalling linux years ago23:45
MSameerI just copy the installation from a laptop to the new one23:45
M4rtinKI'll be doing just that tomorrow23:46
M4rtinKbut just to a SSD, not a whole new laptop23:46
MSameergood luck :)23:47
M4rtinKand when I'm at it I plan to move the rootfs to XFS and add bcache for the spinning disk that will remain as a data drive :)23:47
M4rtinKthanks! :)23:48
MSameeri still use ext323:48
* MSameer is old fashioned23:48
M4rtinKI still have EXT3 on some systems23:48
M4rtinKbut it seems to get fragmented more easily than EXT423:49
M4rtinKbut could be due to different workloads :)23:49
MSameerdepends on how often you reboot too23:50
M4rtinKwell, getting kinda late here :)23:54
*** Nichope has quit IRC23:55
M4rtinKso I would say, good night for now :)23:55
MSameergood night23:56
MSameerit's almost 3 am here23:56
coderusM4rtinK: exactly23:58
coderusand there are no way to detect if real coordinates returned23:58
M4rtinKcoderus: I think I saw it discussed somewhere23:59
M4rtinKcoderus: not sure if a solution was found23:59
M4rtinKcoderus: things to check would be the timestamp23:59
M4rtinKcoderus: and accuracy23:59

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