Monday, 2014-05-12

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artemmawhat was again that project for using abstraction layer for Sailfish and std Qt Quick controls?01:37
* artemma should have bookmarked01:37
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artemmaah, this one
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m4g0ggood morning06:06
m4g0gin spec file in section Requires I should specify package which uses by my app in run-time?06:08
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coderusm4g0g: right06:18
coderuspackages required, available in repositories, but not installed by default06:18
coderusyou may not add packages available in system from factory06:19
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m4g0gI try to install package for i486 (for arm it installed successfully): sb2 -t SailfishOS-i486 -m sdk-install -R zypper in /home/src1/Programming/git/kQOAuth/build-kqoauth-MerSDK_SailfishOS_i486-Release/RPMS/libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i586.rpm06:29
m4g0gand i got:06:30
m4g0gwhat does it mean? There is no any problems for armv7hl06:30
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coderusm4g0g: em. you trying to install libkqoauth-qt5 and it replied about libkqoauth-qt5 provider?06:39
coderusthen you have package depends on itself :D06:40
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m4g0gthis is part of spec file. libkqoauth-qt5-devel depends on libkqoauth-qt5, but libkqoauth-qt5 - not06:43
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m4g0gno-provider error is libkqoauth-devel error, because libkqoauth-qt5 haven't installed06:49
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m4g0ghm/ I try to install it via rpm -i and got 2 new errors:06:53
m4g0g is needed by libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i58606:54
m4g0g is needed by libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i58606:54
m4g0gsbin/ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ Permission denied06:57
m4g0gwarning: %postun(libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i586) scriptlet failed, exit status 106:57
m4g0gthere are real errors06:57
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coderuswow, you should clean depends :)06:58 and for library is very suspicious06:59
m4g0gno, this is my mistake: i forget to specify target06:59
m4g0greal problem in  sbin/ldconfig: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ Permission denied06:59
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m4g0gvia rpm it installed and erased successfully07:00
m4g0grpm -i / rpm -e07:00
m4g0gbut via zypper - don't07:01
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stephgrandom question: did we set a date for the next meeting last week?07:04
m4g0gthis is output with verbosity = 107:04
Stskeepsstephg: i need to send it out, i have been so busy with child baptisement07:05
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stephgokies, wasn't sure if it was memory mismanagement on my part or not. Hope it went ok!07:06
Stskeepsyes all good07:06
stephgnot too much crying ;)07:06
Stskeepsjust a bit07:07
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m4g0gwho can help me with zypper and why it returns "package not found" error when I try to install rpm package?07:11
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kaltsi_m4g0g: what does this say: rpm -qp --queryformat "%{name}" libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i586.rpm07:13
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m4g0gkaltsi: installing via rpm works fine.07:16
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kaltsisomething's wrong with the zypper tmp cache directory or something.. I'm sure I've seen this before07:18
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kaltsiI'm not at my laptop right now and it'll take me more than an hour to get there, but I'll try to find out something once I get to it07:22
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dwangoACStskeeps: About to go to sleep but I figured I'd check to see if there was anything interesting developing on the Nexus 4 front07:35
dwangoAC(It's 12:37 AM here in PST)07:35
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m4g0gkaltsi: the strange thing: the same library but for arm installed successfully07:40
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m4g0gguys, how I should build custom library for emulator sdk part? I build library and deploy it to emulator successfully. But how I can deploy it to sdk?08:08
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SK_workm4g0g: ssh into it and sb2 into it afterwards ?08:09
SK_workthen you can RPM install it08:09
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m4g0gI have built package in qt creator for i486. then deploy it to emulator and have got 4 rpm files. I ssh to sdk and try to install it: [mersdk@SailfishSDK ~]$ sb2 -t SailfishOS-i486 -m sdk-install -R zypper -v in /home/src1/Programming/git/kQOAuth/build-kqoauth-MerSDK_SailfishOS_i486-Release/RPMS/libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i586.rpm08:12
m4g0gall right?08:12
SK_workm4g0g: sound good08:14
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m4g0gsound good and doesn't work (08:14
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m4g0gfor arm works and for i486 not08:14
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m4g0gwhy target is i486 but package has postfix - i586. May be problem here?08:20
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kaltsim4g0g: let's start from the basics.. have you rebuilt the i586 package completely?08:21
kaltsithe i586 is a feature of the SDK env, it will be fixed in next release, but is unrelated to a problem here08:22
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m4g0gkaltsi: . I rebuild project fro stretch08:23
kaltsidid you rm -rf the build directory ?08:24
m4g0gno, but I use rebuild button. Now I try to remove08:24
kaltsirebuild button may not completely rebuild everything.. it depends on many things08:25
m4g0gkaltsi: i have remove build dir and build again. It successfully deployed to emulator and unsuccessfully installed in sdk08:28
SK_workm4g0g: what does rpm outputs ?08:28
kaltsiok.. do you have the sources somewhere, I could try it too08:29
kaltsiin the worst case it's some problem with sb2 and i486 target08:29
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matrixxis there some missing capability which prevents installation of sports tracker on jolla?08:30
m4g0gkaltsi: but you should fix some issues with macros in spec file because this repository is for build.merpproject.org08:31
kaltsiok I'll try it08:31
m4g0gSK_work: in sdk?08:31
m4g0gthis is installing via zypper08:31
SK_workm4g0g: tried with "rpm" ?08:32
m4g0git installed successfully08:33
m4g0gthis is rpm outpur08:33
kaltsithat permission denied is normal for sb208:34
kaltsiif your postinst script calls ldconfig, that happens08:34
m4g0grpm installed successfully but zypper no08:35
SK_workm4g0g: well, use rpm them08:35
kaltsiSK_work: that's a lazy solution :)08:35
SK_workzypper info libkqoauth-qt5 ?08:35
SK_workkaltsi: well be lazy :P08:35
kaltsilazy now - f'd up later08:35
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kaltsim4g0g: do you build this with qt creator?08:38
m4g0gkaltsi: yes08:38
kaltsidid you add the qtc_ macros to the spec ?08:38
kaltsiand fix %qmake5 etc08:39
m4g0gypper info libkqoauth-qt5 ?08:39
SK_workm4g0g: just use zypper info libkqauth-qt5 inside sb208:40
SK_worknot the full path08:40
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m4g0ghow? login in sb2 and then zypper info /home/src1/Programming/git/kQOAuth/build-kqoauth-MerSDK_SailfishOS_i486-Release/RPMS/libkqoauth-qt5-0.97-1.i586.rpm08:41
SK_worksb2 -t SailfishOS-i486 -R zypper info libkqauth-qt5 ?08:42
kaltsim4g0g: yep I'm getting the same problem here..08:42
kaltsiso I can start debugging this now08:43
m4g0gSK_work: sb2 -t SailfishOS-i486 -R zypper info libkqauth-qt508:45
*** oyviaase has joined #sailfishos08:45
m4g0gpackage 'libkqauth-qt5' not found.08:45
SK_workm4g0g: geez08:46
SK_workthought that rpm installed your package :/08:46
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*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos08:46
m4g0gSK_work: after rpm -i and zypper info:08:47
SK_workm4g0g: so, no need to zypper in, it's installed ...08:48
kaltsisomething is broken08:48
kaltsiI'm getting the same error when trying to install this with zypper08:48
*** carepack has quit IRC08:50
kaltsiyeah it's some sb2 problem since the package installs nicely to the emulator08:50
*** b0bben has quit IRC08:51
coderuspageStack actions blown my mind...08:54
*** crazy_imp has quit IRC08:55
SK_workcoderus: what happened ?08:55
*** crazy_imp has joined #sailfishos08:57
*** crazy_imp has joined #sailfishos08:57
coderusso, i have page, pushing page component to pageStack from that page onAccepted, it pushing own component page to PageStack onAccepted, final component should return to first page08:59
*** Elleo_ is now known as Elleo08:59
*** Elleo has quit IRC08:59
*** Elleo has joined #sailfishos08:59
*** ottulonen is now known as ottulo08:59
coderususing acceptDestination **ing out my actions08:59
kaltsim4g0g: it's not a problem with your package.. it's a zypper problem installing local rpm files09:00
*** oyviaase has quit IRC09:00
*** hardy_44 has joined #sailfishos09:00
kaltsim4g0g: and the problem is probably in sb2 rules.. I'll need to debug this a lot09:00
coderusm4g0g: did you tried pkcon install-local?09:00
kaltsiI tried with another package too and it also fails09:00
kaltsicoderus: this is installing into sb2 target.. not to emulator09:01
kaltsiand the problem is in i486 but not in arm.. hmm now that I think of it, it could be the i486/i586 problem, I'll verify that now09:01
coderusah, then i understood it wrong from beginning09:01
SK_workcoderus: IIRC there is an example in SDK for this09:01
coderusSK_work: sure, but not too big depth :)09:02
coderusone-leved depth work flawlessly09:02
SK_workcoderus: are these pages all dialogs ?09:02
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos09:02
SK_workin example, there is one wizard with 2 as depth09:02
*** hardy_44 has quit IRC09:04
kaltsim4g0g: solved.. yes you were right in the end09:06
*** hardy_44 has joined #sailfishos09:06
kaltsim4g0g: the problem IS the i586 .. but there's nothing you can do about it now unfortunately (fixed in next SDK release)09:06
coderusSK_work: cant find two-level depth example, only single09:06
kaltsim4g0g: the arch check fails with a locally installable i586 package to the i486 environment09:07
*** gexc has quit IRC09:07
coderusbtw, i found way to show feedback when user tried to accept dialog, while its not allowed :)09:08
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos09:08
kaltsim4g0g: manually installing it with rpm is a workaround until next sdk release :(09:08
SK_workcoderus: dialog page, check the "wizard"09:08
coderusSK_work: it have just one nested page, not two09:08
SK_workah sorry09:08
SK_workyou meant depth = 3 :P09:08
SK_workcoderus: what's the flow actually ?09:09
kaltsim4g0g: or possibly using zypper install --force09:09
Nicd-coderus: do you have any pointers on how to make a listview that follows the bottom when new content is added? like a scrolling terminal or IRC window09:09
coderusSK_work: i just meant nested to nested page, returned to first page09:09
SK_workNicd-: ?09:09
SK_workcoderus: :/09:10
SK_workcoderus: not good at this sorry09:10
SK_workcoderus: however, depending on how you display what youy want, you might reduce the number of dialogs09:10
coderusSK_work: i just cant push/pop while pageStack transition is active, thats pita09:10
SK_workcoderus: you can push / pop without transition09:11
SK_workor wait for transition to finish and push / pop something else ?09:11
coderusSK_work: avatar dialog -> camera capture -> making image -> opening image avatar crop -> returning to avatar dialog previous page09:11
*** sletta_ has joined #sailfishos09:11
Nicd-SK_work: thanks, how do I keep it there? atYEnd() seemed to return false most of the time when I tested it even when the view was completely scrolled down09:11
SK_workcoderus: I see, hard to do this09:11
*** sletta has quit IRC09:12
*** sletta_ is now known as sletta09:12
SK_workNicd-: you call this method when something ios inserted ?09:12
SK_workand should check with atYEnd yeah09:12
Nicd-or is it better to reverse the listview (bottomtotop) and then add new items at the beginning (bottom) of the list?09:12
SK_workbut how come atYEnd is false ?09:12
SK_workNicd-: dunno09:12
Nicd-I don't know, it sometimes was even when I had scrolled to the bottom09:12
SK_workNicd-: try calling this method all the time ?09:12
coderusNicd-: if you using bottom-to-top direction adding item automatically scrolling it to bottom09:13
Nicd-I don't want to call it every time09:13
coderusi found having bottom-to-top much native then having a lot of hacks for manual scrolling and position fixies09:13
coderusthe only problem is having section headers in normal direction09:14
*** Universebenzene has quit IRC09:14
coderusNicd-: it will be scrolled only if your list at bottom09:15
Nicd-an unrelated (or possibly related?) problem: my scrolling decorator changes size when I scroll up and down09:15
coderusNicd-: it will work like jolla messages09:15
coderusNicd-: if your delegates height varies its okay09:16
*** ikapcsandi_ has joined #sailfishos09:16
Nicd-my scroll decorator looks like the one in Friends, it changes size and looks like its having a seizure09:16
coderusas its asynchronous work and nobody have your actual height09:16
Nicd-surely the actual height should be known. I just have list items with text inside that is wrapped09:18
SK_workNicd-: changing size is normal if your delegate change size09:18
*** hardy_44 has quit IRC09:23
*** flyapen has left #sailfishos09:31
*** jjanvier has quit IRC09:33
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos09:33
m4g0gkaltsi: thx.09:34
*** b0bben has quit IRC09:35
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos09:36
*** Universebenzene has joined #sailfishos09:43
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos09:43
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*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos09:54
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*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos10:05
* dr_gogeta86 good morning10:05
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos10:15
*** spiiroin has quit IRC10:15
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC10:18
m4g0gfuck, all my efforts are usless10:18
m4g0gi hate this world (10:19
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos10:19
dr_gogeta86why ?10:19
m4g0gbecause or library doesn't work as needed or service10:19
dr_gogeta86which libs ?10:20
*** NoGy_ has joined #sailfishos10:21
dr_gogeta86have a  laugh10:22
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC10:23
*** NoGy has quit IRC10:24
*** NoGy_ is now known as NoGy10:24
*** b0bben has quit IRC10:25
dr_gogeta86SK_work, hi10:26
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos10:28
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos10:38
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos10:42
gabriel9|workwth is Zingari10:48
gabriel9|workoh, cigani10:48
gabriel9|workwe are not cigani :D10:48
*** ikapcsandi_ has quit IRC10:53
*** jjarven has quit IRC10:53
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos10:54
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*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos11:29
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos11:31
m4g0gfucking goodreads. They don't use oauth_verifier and I can't get access tokens ((11:34
*** grzywacz has quit IRC11:39
*** FryeX is now known as Frye11:48
*** euroelessar has quit IRC11:56
*** grzywacz has joined #sailfishos11:57
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*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos12:36
Nicd-how can I create an object of my custom metatype in javascript?12:38
Nicd-I have a custom class that I register with qmlRegisterMetaType, I need to create an instance of it and pass it to C++12:38
meek_geekNicd-, :]12:39
Nicd-I have .import harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0 as QSCI in my javascript12:44
Nicd-and then I can do var info = new QSCI.QSslCertificateInfo(); (at least that's what the autocomplete offers), but it says QSslCertificateInfo is not a function12:45
Nicd-when I enumerate it, it's just an object with no properties12:45
*** meek_geek has left #sailfishos12:46
*** BearT has joined #sailfishos12:47
MSameerNicd-: have you tried Qt.createComponent("/path/to/file") ?12:47
*** jjarven has quit IRC12:47
MSameervar component = Qt.createComponent("/path/to/file")12:47
MSameervar obj = component.createQmlObject()12:47
MSameerunless I misunderstood something12:48
Nicd-what would the path be?12:48
MSameerwhat's the name of your file?12:49
MSameeractually, is it a js file or a qml file?12:49
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC12:50
artemmaI think there was a way to create component from just a piece of text (not necessarily coming from a qml file)12:51
Nicd-it's a .h file12:51
Nicd-it's a C++ class that I have registered with qmlRegisterMetatype12:51
artemmaand text will be something like "import... ; MyClass {}"12:51
MSameerNicd-: aha12:52
artemmaNicd-: basically first you need to make sure you can instantiate your class in QML at all (as just a part of declarative definition)12:52
coderusNicd-: why you registering metatype?12:53
artemmaand then if you want to do it dynamically, you pass same qml text to some Component utility12:53
artemmaah, metatypes..12:53
coderusits profit for dbus/invoke methods, not qml12:53
coderusam i missing something?12:53
Nicd-artemma: ah, nice idea12:53
Nicd-coderus: I have a struct that I want to pass from C++ -> JS and vice versa12:53
coderusNicd-: if you need object its rootContext()->addContextProperty("property", new MyObjectClass());12:54
MSameerNicd-: var obj = Qt.reateQmlObject ("import  harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0 as QSCI;  QSCI.QSslCertificateInfo {}   ")12:54
Nicd-MSameer: yeah, I'm trying that now12:55
coderusNicd-: you can register only QObject, not random struct12:55
MSameeryou can also add it to the context as coderus pointed12:55
Nicd-coderus: it inherits QObject12:55
Nicd-MSameer: it's not a singleton12:55
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos12:55
MSameerI can't say much without understanding how it is used12:56
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos12:57
coderusNicd-: you using qmlRegisterType and want to use it in .js side?12:57
artemmaNicd-: still, why not just qmlRegisterType12:57
Nicd-coderus: yes12:57
*** branek__ is now known as branek12:57
Nicd-artemma: I am already doing that12:57
MSameerseems to be QtQuick 1.1 only though12:58
Nicd-MSameer: it contains two datetimes and a string digest, I pass them to the C++ backend and vice versa12:58
artemmaNicd-: what MSameer says should work. Just pass string to createQmlObject12:58
MSameerNicd-: ^^12:58
coderusthen var obj = Qt.reateQmlObject ("import  harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0 as QSCI;  QSCI.QSslCertificateInfo {}   ") is right way12:58
artemmaI believe you can even do it the async way if creating these is expensive (I used the sync way only)12:59
coderusor just create SsclCertificateInfo.qml with this contents and create object from it12:59
*** xerpi_ has joined #sailfishos12:59
coderus(btw, its the cool way to fool harbour QA if you want to use restricted modules in project ;))12:59
*** xerpi has quit IRC13:00
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:00
*** zon has joined #sailfishos13:03
Nicd-MSameer: I tried this: var qmlSpec = "import harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0 as QSCI; QSCI.QSslCertificateInfo {}";13:04
Nicd-        var info = Qt.createQmlObject(qmlSpec);13:04
Nicd-and got Error: Qt.createQmlObject(): Invalid arguments13:04
*** jjanvier has quit IRC13:07
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos13:07
coderusits wrong13:08
coderusfirst: its QML inside.13:08
coderusso you using: "import harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0; QSCI.QSslCertificateInfo {}"13:08
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** meegobit_ is now known as meegobit13:09
jpnurmithe qml looks fine to me, it's just Qt.createQmlObject() that expects certain arguments as the error suggests13:09
coderusand for creating: Qt.creqteQmlObject(qmlSpec, parent, "objectName")13:09
Nicd-yeah, I noticed that just now13:10
coderusand using of QSCI depends on your preferred declaring type way13:10
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos13:11
coderusshow me your plugin cpp file declaring type13:11
Nicd-you mean this? qmlRegisterType<QSslCertificateInfo>("harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo", 1, 0, "QSslCertificateInfo");13:11
coderusvar qmlSpec = "import harbour.weechatrelay.qsslcertificateinfo 1.0; QSslCertificateInfo {}"13:12
Nicd-the qml was actually fine13:12
Nicd-I'll make it shorter by removing the QSCI13:13
coderusdont use extra redefinition if you don't really need them13:13
Nicd-seems everything is working now, thanks for all the help everyone :)13:13
*** grzywacz has quit IRC13:14
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC13:16
coderuswhile i have no time for developing myself, its good to keep skill good by helping writing code remotely :D13:17
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos13:17
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos13:18
*** Sidde has joined #sailfishos13:18
Nicd-my SSL verification works! \o/13:20
dr_gogeta86coderus, how to debug not working audio13:23
dr_gogeta86somes works other not13:23
dr_gogeta86i did some statistics13:23
dr_gogeta86dosn't work at all13:23
dr_gogeta86audio messages coming from mtk phones13:23
dr_gogeta86from samsung and iphone works quiet well13:24
dr_gogeta86only in older phones occur the problem13:24
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe13:24
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** flywheel has joined #sailfishos13:33
*** Nurmituomas has joined #sailfishos13:35
*** Nurmituomas has quit IRC13:36
Nicd-I got the listview to follow the bottom as well :) turns out it worked by just checking for textList.atYEnd before appending the element and then calling positionViewAtEnd() if it was true13:40
*** Yaniel has quit IRC13:45
*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos13:45
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos13:45
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos13:46
coderusdr_gogeta86: what are you talking about?13:47
dr_gogeta86audio messages13:47
*** Guest30462 has quit IRC13:47
coderusNicd-: it should scroll automatically13:48
Nicd-coderus: it's not BottomToTop now13:48
coderusNicd-: ok13:48
*** Sail0r has quit IRC13:49
Nicd-now I can finally start some non-GUI work :)13:50
Nicd-at least for a moment13:50
*** Pat_o has quit IRC13:55
*** grzywacz has joined #sailfishos13:56
*** Yaniel has joined #sailfishos14:00
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*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos14:01
*** artemma has quit IRC14:02
*** NindroidX has joined #sailfishos14:05
*** freedomrun has quit IRC14:07
jake9xxNicd-: start considering some custom animations and you're soon doing fancy bezier curve algos for your ui ;)14:09
*** IgorSK has quit IRC14:10
*** jmlich has quit IRC14:11
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos14:12
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos14:17
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*** faenil has joined #sailfishos14:40
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos14:44
m4g0gI got interesting problem. If I use QNEtworkAccessManager for oauth signed post request to goodreads service - I got an error: 203 "Error downloading - server replied: Not Found"  each odd time. And success each even time14:45
m4g0gDoes anybody have this problem?14:45
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos14:48
*** mibrunin has left #sailfishos14:49
m4g0gwhat you can suggest me to send POST/PUT/DELETE requests?14:57
SK_workm4g0g: hum14:59
SK_workdoes this means that oauth might fail every odd time ?14:59
*** Okeanos has joined #sailfishos15:00
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:01
m4g0gSK_work: no, because when I use liboauth with deprecated fuctions which send post request via curl cmd line - all works fine every time15:01
SK_workm4g0g: what about libkqoauth ?15:01
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:02
SK_workcan it be faulty ?15:02
SK_workor you are not using it ?15:02
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos15:02
entilis it so I can't run an app on the phone through the sdk? because I'd really love to get qDebug() and other such messages out of my app when it crashes, but it works on the emulator :/15:02
entilI kinda got that vibe yesterday but I'm sure I did it before, once upon a time15:02
m4g0glibqkoauth uses qnam too and i get the same problem15:03
*** gexc has quit IRC15:05
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos15:06
entilor is there another way to get that output somehow?15:08
m4g0gSK_work: now o think about libcurl15:10
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:11
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work15:11
SK_workm4g0g: are you using libkqoauth ?15:11
*** kunev has quit IRC15:12
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** RobJanc has quit IRC15:14
*** ikapcsandi_ has joined #sailfishos15:16
*** TMavica has quit IRC15:16
m4g0gSK_work: yes. and it has the same problem15:17
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos15:17
*** Universebenzene has quit IRC15:17
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away15:19
*** Kabouik has quit IRC15:20
Turskientil: huh? just change the target15:20
Turskifirst add your device to SDK if you haven't done that15:21
*** Swan_Z has quit IRC15:21
entilTurski: I hooked it up over usb and developer mode, doesn't show up in the sdk15:23
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos15:24
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away15:24
entilTurski: ok, got it now, it's not about the developer mode, but there's another menu for devices where I set it up over tcpip15:24
Turskitools -> options -> devices in SDK15:25
entilthen there's just a little bit of setting up the target before I can actually do this thing15:25
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:25
*** xfrancis has left #sailfishos15:26
*** xfrancis has joined #sailfishos15:26
entilthis is worse than bullshit, now the app doesn't crash :D15:27
*** martyone has quit IRC15:27
entilnope, no crashes anymore15:28
entilthanks for the help, tho15:28
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:28
*** toartist has quit IRC15:30
*** admiral0 has quit IRC15:30
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*** remarc has joined #sailfishos15:39
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*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos15:56
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:59
*** radekp has joined #sailfishos16:04
m4g0gso, what you can recommend me for post/put/delete http requests?16:05
jake9xxentil: know that already, right?16:06
*** ikapcsandi_ has joined #sailfishos16:07
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:08
entiljake9xx: I read it when I first started... the thing is, on upgrading the SDK mostly everything broke one way or another16:09
entilbut since the app doesn't seem to crash anymore, I'll attribute that to random16:09
entilfrankly I wouldn't mind if no one ever used it, but I was encouraged to put it up on openrepos ( so I did and was shocked at it crashing16:10
entilbut without reproducibility I'll let people open issues if they find any, cuz now it just works for me again as well16:10
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos16:17
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:20
*** gexc has quit IRC16:20
jmlichThe LED on my Jolla was red blinking for about one minute.16:25
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:25
jmlichlast dmesg message is "lcm_recovery_timer_handler: ## panel_power is off"16:25
*** jjanvier has quit IRC16:29
jmlichHere are logs from the phone
jmlichcan I provide any additional information to debug this?16:36
jmlichStskeeps, ^16:37
jmlichThe UI is dead but I am connected via ssh16:37
Stskeepsjmlich: killall -11 connmand16:38
jmlichdidn't helped16:38
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:43
*** gigetoo has quit IRC16:45
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos16:46
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos16:46
Turskijmlich: do you use wlan?16:48
jmlichit is connected to wifi16:49
jmlichprobably - it is hard to say, because it is frozen16:49
Turskiand you tried to kill connmand?16:55
*** fracting has quit IRC16:55
Turskias root of course16:55
*** xowap has joined #sailfishos16:56
jmlichAnd it did not helped16:56
Turskitry to restart connmand.service then16:56
Turskimight take a while until systemd gets it down16:57
jmlichwhat is exact name of service?16:57
Turskioops, connman.service16:58
jmlichphone call16:59
jmlichcannot answer )-;16:59
jmlichthe command  "# systemctl restart connman.service"  was running more then one minute17:01
jmlichIt looks like it is better now17:01
Turskiconnman has some bad freezes with wlan17:02
Turskii've disabled wlan completely because it's too unstable to be usable on this release17:03
Turskiand somehow connman freeze then freezes whole lipstick17:03
*** TMavica has quit IRC17:03
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos17:04
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:04
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** m4g0g has quit IRC17:06
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:12
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*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos17:20
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos17:21
*** sletta has quit IRC17:23
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:26
*** Nurmituomas has joined #sailfishos17:28
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos17:28
*** Nurmituomas has quit IRC17:28
walokrais there someway to skip having your text in three places when translating your app? In QML, in unfinished translation and in translation file?17:33
walokrausing some key for qsTr etc.?17:33
*** hardcodes has joined #sailfishos17:34
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos17:42
*** sletta has quit IRC17:42
*** Blizzz has quit IRC17:43
coderuswalokra: emm17:43
coderuslupdate generates translation from your project17:44
coderusyou dont need to create ts files manually17:44
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** slate has quit IRC17:46
walokrajust noticed that the original file is generated but not the translation one17:48
coderuslrelease *.ts17:48
coderussailfishsilica-i18n have some bugs according to mailing lists17:49
coderusyou can check mitakuuluu2 locales generation on github17:50
walokraok, I'm just following what the helloworld template showed about this. Yeah, I read some of it17:50
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:50
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC17:50
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos17:52
*** gormio has joined #sailfishos17:52
*** beyond has quit IRC17:58
*** piggz has quit IRC17:58
*** jmlich has quit IRC17:59
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos17:59
*** thrakcattack has joined #sailfishos18:00
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*** slate has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos18:02
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:02
artemmacoderus: mitakuulu server crashes sometimes on me (I have Jolla's crash logger installed). Are there any logs that could be sent to you? Or maybe you can make use of crash logger files?18:02
Sceltartemma: you author of night silence? is it possible to supress vibration as well when put to silence?18:05
m4g0ghm. Let's use libcurl for sending post/put/delete requests18:06
Sceltartemma: would also be awesome too if you could put to silence and sounds back on with a cover action18:09
artemmaScelt: yes, me. In principle it is possible to turn off/on a lot of stuff, but I am unlikely to do it18:09
artemmapowerful profilematic seems to be coming anyway, so I just implemented the quickfix for most painful part18:10
Sceltartemma: why so? I hate to wake up to vibration just as much as to sound18:10
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos18:10
artemmasome cover action I'll create, but turning on-off... isn't it a duplicate of a standard home screen menu?18:10
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC18:11
Sceltartemma: yes but difference is that I couldn't mute the phone like in android you can18:11
Sceltthere's sounds, vibration and mute18:11
Sceltbut now I'd like to vibration on when sounds off during day but at night the phone should be mute18:12
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:12
Sceltannoying to go to system settings every time18:12
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:12
* artemma didn't pay attention to vibration settings..18:13
Sceltyou can do what you want, just putting in my point of view :)18:14
artemmaindeed there's vibration settings18:14
artemmaScelt: but you can disable it yourself just for the night (if you use Night Silence)18:14
artemmayou can set vibration to be on only when sounds are on18:14
artemmaat least there's option for it in the Settings18:15
artemmaI didn't test it with Night Silence, but I guess it will just work18:15
*** ejjoman has quit IRC18:16
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:17
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:17
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos18:22
*** sender42 has quit IRC18:22
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:25
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*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos18:31
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*** disharmonic has quit IRC18:53
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos18:56
Sceltartemma: but the problem is that I don't want to have vibration on when sounds are on but instead off. but I guess, that even bigger issue is that I'd like to disable notification light for night18:56
Sceltthere are 3 options in android:18:57
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos18:57
Scelta) sounds on, vibration off18:57
artemmaScelt: did you see the possible setting options? I don't get what exactly you want, but there are like all possible variations18:57
Sceltb) sounds off, vibration on18:57
Sceltc) sounds off, vibration off (called mute)18:57
m4g0g> 201418:58
m4g0g> use libcurl for post requests18:58
m4g0gfucking world18:58
Sceltartemma: I know but I'd like to have different options (for vibration) for day and night18:58
artemmaScelt: if you vibration wishes are completely in sync with sound wishes, then using just Jolla Settings should be good enough18:59
Sceltartemma: but they are not18:59
artemmaNight Silence will control sounds, vibration will follow18:59
artemmaah.. ok. Then what do you want? :)18:59
* artemma needs examples18:59
Sceltartemma: at night I'd like to have sounds off and vibration off but at day I want to have sounds off (during my son's day sleep) but vibration on19:00
Scelta bit tricky, I know :)19:00
TurskiScelt: you want to disable notification light? how about turning the phone upside down?19:00
Turskiproblem solved.19:00
TurskiScelt: why don't you just use ambiences?19:01
TurskiScelt: that's what they are for19:01
TurskiScelt: configure one ambience for day, one for night and one for your son's day sleep19:01
artemmaTurski: you are kidding, right? :)19:02
SceltTurski: well, can't say :P I'm not that familiar with them yet. But can you set a vibration setting specific to an ambience?19:02
Turskiartemma: not?19:02
* artemma is yet to see people who use ambiences for profile switching. Recoloring the phone when I like is cool however19:02
Eztranthis is exactly the sort of situation Profilematic/Situations was really useful for.19:02
Turskihmm, damn. looks like there's no vibration settings on ambiences19:03
Turskibtw, qml canvas is horribly slow19:06
*** furikku has quit IRC19:06
SceltTurski: I thought so too. I think that I checked them out some time ago19:06
Turskigraph of 274 points takes almost 4 seconds to draw19:07
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos19:07
SceltTurski: And I know that I could just turn off my phone over night but don't really want to do that either19:07
TurskiScelt: but turning phone upside is good solution for notification light :)19:08
Sceltyeah, I will just keep tapping the toh then :P19:08
Sceltgot a habit of checking clock at night every time I wake up19:08
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos19:14
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* artemma thinks profilematic is supposed to solve exactly that19:21
artemmaand to be honest, I think I'll decrease my participation in Sailfish app ecosystem. Device is too unstable and freezing to my personal daily use and zero monetization ways don't provide even fake hope-to-earn-money motivation either. Plus some sort of Qt/QML is nowadays possible for iOS/Android19:23
Sceltartemma: sad to hear that19:28
*** nodevel has quit IRC19:28
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* artemma loves creating mobile apps. Jolla just happens to be the best platform for my favorite Qt/QML and the rest of dev environment is good too19:30
*** martyone has quit IRC19:32
Sceltartemma: isn't there a way to have donation button in app?19:33
artemmaScelt: it's illegal in Finland where I live (well, it's not exactly illegal, but legal hassles are huge)19:34
artemmaand then I am not big fan of donations in general19:34
artemmamicropayment per use/time is my favorite method as it provides clear motivation for developer to continue development and improvements all the time19:35
SceltI understand19:35
artemmaBut that's just me. I know that there are many devs out there excited to have a [mostly] open source linux phone and will port a lot of stuff jsut for the pleasure of endless phone tweaking experience19:38
artemmaand even me... With 7 Sailfish apps one of which is 2nd most liked 3rd party app I might be less money driven than I say :)19:38
Sceltmaybe one day you'll get something more than respect back fromt he community :)19:40
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keithzgYeesh I'm spoiled by SailfishOS. My officemate is trying to change the permissions his microSD card is mounting with on his cheap Android phone and it's a nightmare of Google's NIH nonsense. "Well, I'll just modify /etc/fstab...oh, not there. Well fine, I'll just add the shell user to the right group with useradd or adduser...which don't exist in Android. ARGGHH" :P21:42
javispedroironically, i'm trying to workaround the miniudisks clone called "" that ships on Sailfish21:43
javispedroI guess I should be thankful it's a shellscript! :)21:44
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keithzgYeah on Android it's an xml file that when edited appears to . . . do nothing. Le sigh.22:18
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