Tuesday, 2014-05-13

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m4g0ggood morning05:55
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Venemo_jmorning :)06:29
* Nc_ goes phew06:29
Nc_was half-expecting to find another dead channel :)06:29
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Venemo_jNc_: why?06:31
Nc_What is the best option for locating help with issues developing for Sailfish using Python? Is there a good forum for it (sailfish dev), or..?06:31
Venemo_jthere is a good mailing list06:32
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Venemo_jand a good IRC channel06:32
Venemo_j(what you're on now)06:32
Nc_really thought IRC went the way of the dodo around the turn of the millenium XD06:33
Yanielit certainly isn't exactly mainstream anymore06:34
lpotterit is mainstream in open source dev circles06:35
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Nc_Anyhoo .... I'm trying to repurpose an unofficial python-based lib for LIFX to let me write a basic LIFX app for my Jolla, but am running into a problem around network it seems06:37
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Nc_it gets stuck in a udpsock.recvfrom() call (waiting indefinitely it seems), and I'm pondering whether there are any limitations on what you can/are allowed network-wise on Sailfish OS ?06:38
StskeepsNc_: hmm, multicast?06:39
Stskeepsor how is it06:39
Stskeepsis your udpsock non-blocking?06:39
Stskeepsshould be fine06:39
Nc_(note: the library is not mine, and I suck at network programming)06:40
Stskeepsperhaps it's intentionally blockign?06:41
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Nc_the blocking bit is OK - since I expect it is blocking due to not getting any responses06:41
Stskeepsinstall tcpdump maybe to see if any packages factually make it in06:42
Nc_I tried the code on desktop, gets responses from the LIFX bulbs nicely06:42
Nc_yeah... might be an idea06:42
* Nc_ sighs06:42
Stskeepser, packets06:42
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Yanieltcpdump all the things!06:42
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coderustrying CVE-2014-0196 http://bugfuzz.com/stuff/cve-2014-0196-md.c on Jolla07:12
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coderussome minutes passed and still cant owerflow tty07:12
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Jonnicoderus: that one is for 3.14-rc1<->v3.15-rc4, so jollas kernel is older than that. :-)07:16
Jonnibut yes race condition does exist on older kernels too, havent checked if we have that patched yet.07:19
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coderusJonni: okay :)07:22
coderusi'm just searching for existing exploit for Jolla :)07:23
SK_workcoderus: what did you found today :) ?07:23
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coderusnothing yet07:24
SK_workyet ...07:24
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Juubathis is happening at the moment07:37
Juubais there anything you guys can point me to ?07:37
Juubawhat to log or see ?07:37
Nc_oki, another stupid question: where can I possibly find TCPdump (+libs) for Sailfish? Got it installed trivially in the emulator, but not able to get one for the phone itself ...07:39
Stskeepsssu ar mer-tools maybe07:40
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Nc_Will try, cheers07:42
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coderusJuuba: at least check journalctl07:56
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Juubawhen callin`g?07:57
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coderusit should be already logged sine bug happened08:00
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Juubaa few of these, similar:08:00
JuubaMay 13 10:38:51 juubanjolla dbus[470]: [system] Rejected send message, 5 matched rules; type="error", sender=":1.11" (uid=0 pid=868 comm="/usr/sbin/ofonod -n --noplugin=dun_gw,hfp,hfp_ag ") interfac08:00
Juubae="(unset)" member="(unset)" error name="org.ofono.Error.Failed" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.13" (uid=0 pid=897 comm="/usr/bin/fastdormancyd ")08:00
Juubaany ideas, what kind of lines should I look for ?08:00
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coderusnot me, sorry08:02
Juubaokay, i think i got the whole call "process" there, let me clean out and post to the Question08:04
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m4g0gguys, how I can vertically align text in delegate with context menu?08:14
SK_workm4g0g: anchors.verticalCenter ?08:14
SK_work(inside your Text or Label) ?08:14
m4g0gI can't set anchors.verticalCenter because when I call context menu delegate height changed and text position changed too08:15
Juubais that "logtalk" correct syntax for the log files in pastebin ?08:15
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Juubaruby seems to work better, updating the past :D08:19
SK_workm4g0g: tried using ListItem for the autoembedded context menu ?08:19
SK_workm4g0g: https://sailfishos.org/sailfish-silica/qml-sailfishsilica-listitem.html08:20
SK_workand you can anchors easily08:20
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m4g0gc SK_work this is better solution but there is line between item and context menu08:29
SK_workm4g0g: screenshot plz ?08:30
SK_workit might be normal08:30
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SK_workm4g0g: unrelated08:32
SK_workpaste QML ?08:32
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Nc_Stskeeps: Seems your hint was right - TCPDump shows me UDP data leaving the phone, and I can see (on laptop) that the LIFX bulbs are replying, but phone never gets the replies :(08:40
SK_workm4g0g: remove line 508:40
StskeepsNc_: check your wifi then08:41
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* Nc_ ponders08:42
Nc_phone, bulbs and laptop are all on WiFi, if the laptop can receive the broadcasts from the bulbs, then the phone should too08:42
m4g0gdoesn't help08:43
SK_workm4g0g: screen again (full screen plz) + code08:45
StskeepsNc_: hmmmm...08:46
Stskeepstigeli: did we have something funky about broadcast packages?08:46
SK_workm4g0g: BTW, let ListItem manage the context menu (check example)08:46
SK_workno need of your custom code08:46
Nc_broadcasting from laptop, phone not seeing :(08:47
Nc_using this - tcpdump -n "broadcast or multicast"08:47
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SK_workm4g0g: something like http://codepad.org/C9l7TELp ?08:51
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m4g0gSK_work: no. Menu item covers view item08:54
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m4g0gSK_work: all works fine. Thx08:56
SK_workm4g0g: totally fine ?08:56
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StskeepsREMINDER: Next meeting on SailfishOS, open source, collaboration: today in about an hour, https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-May/004152.html09:03
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dr_gogeta86tnx Stskeeps09:19
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Nicd-Stskeeps: should I announce my presence to the bot in the beginning even though I'm just going to read and idle?09:26
StskeepsNicd-: up to you09:26
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Nc_Stskeeps: this the correct mailing-list to join and pose questions to?   https://lists.sailfishos.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/devel09:32
StskeepsNc_: yes09:32
Nc_will sign up, and post my network issue incl logs then09:33
m4g0gtoday  - day of anchors problems =)09:33
m4g0gthis is my delegate. How I can verticalCenter image? When I set this property I get: QML BackgroundItem: Binding loop detected for property "height"09:34
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coderusm4g0g: what the problem with code?09:38
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m4g0gcoderus: image doesn't centered vertically09:41
*** sclukey has joined #sailfishos09:41
m4g0gno, it centered, but output full of warnings09:42
m4g0gQML BackgroundItem: Binding loop detected for property "height"09:42
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coderusthis warning because of your height: contentItem.childrenRect.height09:52
m4g0gI understand this09:52
m4g0gbut on what I can change this  line?09:53
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coderusyour image is menu icon?09:56
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos09:57
coderususe height: userImage.height, or set height to Theme.itemSizeSmall/Medium and change icon size to this height09:57
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m4g0gcoderus: no. It's photo09:57
coderusno difference09:57
coderusyou need fixed delegate height09:57
coderusbut preferred is wrap labels into Column and set delegate height to column.height09:58
m4g0gtext can have height bigger then image09:58
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coderususe column09:58
m4g0gcoderus: hm. This is more interesting. I am trying. Thx09:58
coderusanchors layout for floating ui, changing orientations, etc. etc.09:59
coderusfor static items row/column method is preferred09:59
lbtPSA OSS collaboration meeting in #mer-meeting10:01
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lansegHi all! Does anybody have different time in native and android applications?11:12
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SK_worklanseg: not checked, but I have seen on twitter someone saying this11:18
SK_work(or on TJC, forgot)11:18
lansegI wrote that on mailing list with simple steps to reproduce11:20
tigeliStskeeps: yes, there's a setting on wlan driver for multicast/broadcast traffic.. let me check for it11:27
tigeliespecially when device is sleeping11:27
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tigeliStskeeps: # 1: Enable standby, 2: Enable Deep sleep, 3: Enable Mcast/Bcast Filter11:30
tigeliStskeeps: that one is enabled on WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini11:31
Stskeepsokay, which is on a ro participation?11:31
Stskeepsthat shouldn't happen on a non-sleeping device?11:31
tigeliStskeeps: and yes, located on /persist11:34
tigeliStskeeps: but, could be worth of shot to try values 1/211:34
tigeliStskeeps: oh, completely forgot this on11:36
tigeli# Flags to filter Mcast abd Bcast RX packets.11:36
tigeli# Value 0: No filtering, 1: Filter all Multicast.11:36
tigeli# 2: Filter all Broadcast. 3: Filter all Mcast abd Bcast11:36
tigeliwhich explains lots of things ;)11:36
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Stskeepsokay, why would we do this..11:36
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tigeliStskeeps: to save battery11:37
tigelino other reasons11:37
coderus/opt/alien/system/genv/bin/alien_audio_server eats 100% cpu11:37
Stskeepstigeli: aren't dhcp broadcast?11:37
tigeliStskeeps: yes, but you don't have to listen for those, only server needs to11:38
tigeliStskeeps: the reply will back straight to you11:38
tigeliStskeeps: but ARP is brodcast, which is handled on the chip11:38
Stskeepshmm ok11:38
coderusnothing suspicious in journalctl11:39
tigeliStskeeps: and if we set that to 0, it will consume a lot of power in busy wlan network11:40
* javispedro ponders if that's active during earlysleep too11:41
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* Nc_ starts reading back11:45
Nc_tigeli: so issue is that phone is filtering out bcast/mcast due to powersaving settings?11:46
tigeliNc_: yes11:46
tigeliNc_: you could confirm this by changint that McastBcastFilter to 0 for a test11:46
Nc_sure - how? :)11:47
*** sclukey has quit IRC11:47
tigeliNc_: mount -t ext4 -o remount,rw /dev/mmcblk0p25 /persist11:47
tigeliNc_: and then edit /persist/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini11:47
tigeliNc_: and reboot11:47
Nc_note: just before reading your reply, I might have asked basically same question on the mailing list XD11:48
tigeliit would seem so :)11:49
Nc_but from your description, sounds like this is not something that can be controlled at runtime :/11:49
tigeliNc_: I understand why you want to use broadcasting but with mobile devices which want to conserve power it might not be good idea. :(11:50
tigeliNc_: yeah. :( At least I'm not aware of how.. unless there some nice API on the driver itself which could enable to change that filter during the runtime.11:50
Stskeepsiwpriv maybe?11:51
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Nc_I found a possible "in" with the company behind the lightbulbs - I think I want to drill them about why the replies are broadcast instead of being direct? Comparing their homemade protocol to e.g. UPnP, they are doing odd things :(11:51
javispedrothese days MS is also filtering bcasts when on "connected standby", so it's pretty much the norm.11:51
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tigeliStskeeps: at least there is setMCBCFilter in iwpriv11:53
tigeliStskeeps: Nc_: iwpriv wlan0 setMCBCFilter 1 seems to be working also11:58
Nc_already rebooted etc XD11:58
Nc_but I'll try that later11:58
Nc_got a reply from the LIFX bulbs (setting 0)11:59
Nc_and I just turned on a lightbulb using the CLI on my phone :p12:00
tigeliNc_: :) be my guest and reploy to that mailing list post also, I'm too lazy now and have one episode of Game Of Thrones waiting ;)12:00
Nc_Will run tests, then reply ... will see about copying in some of the IRC chat log for reference12:01
Nc_and yes, seems iwpriv turns it on/off depending on setting12:03
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m4g0ghow I can make action on ReturnReleased in SearchField?12:54
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC12:59
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m4g0gany ideas?13:14
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coderusm4g0g: what the purpose?13:38
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*** Ariadeno has joined #sailfishos13:40
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sledgescoderus: 16:17 < m4g0g> why there is no onAccepted method for searchfield?13:41
sledges16:18 < m4g0g> how I can detect that I should begin search?13:41
sledges(from #nemomobile)13:41
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coderusSearchField inherits TestArea13:44
coderusplace Keys on it13:44
coderusbut SearchField was designed for fast searching with onTextChanged13:44
coderussking user to press return for search if oldschool13:45
*** Guest16234 has quit IRC13:45
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m4g0gcoderus: for remote search is not oldschool13:47
*** Guest69805 has joined #sailfishos13:48
coderusit is13:48
coderusadd Timer, reset it onTextChanged13:48
coderusset interval to 500ms or so13:48
coderusand you'll have nice instant search :)13:48
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coderuslol, why?14:01
*** niqt has quit IRC14:05
m4g0gcoderus: why not? manually creating delay timer for begin search instead of adding onAccepted method14:05
*** IgorSK has quit IRC14:06
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coderusso, why you dont want to use Keys.onReturnPressed and want onAcccepted method? :D14:16
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:18
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Guest64200coderus: I use it, but why there is no this method in item?14:29
*** remarc has joined #sailfishos14:29
Guest64200page hierarchy "limit" make me sad (14:29
coderusGuest64200: SearxhField is just TextField with custom background14:36
coderususe normal properties and methods, dont invent new14:36
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Guest64200how do you solve 4 page in stack problem if you need more pages??15:08
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC15:10
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m4g0g_winSome time ago I have the same problem with viewing friends profile. We solved it with replacing profile page with each selected friend/user. Now I have new problem: profilepage->groups->searchgroup->groupdetail->groupfolders->grouptopic - 6 pages and I don't know what I should replace or any good solvation. May somebody had similar problem with pages limit and can share his experience?15:17
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coderusGuest64200: replace unwanted pages15:46
*** sclukey has quit IRC15:48
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tatis there a easy way to download an apk from playstore, without installing anything or having a rooted android by hand ?16:04
*** Universebenzene has quit IRC16:04
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javispedrotat: google for apk downloaders, but you have to blindly trust the site you're downloading from.16:07
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos16:07
tati prefere to download it on an android device and then move it over, but i kind of looking for a way to download the apk directly16:08
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:09
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m4g0g_wincoderus: there is no such pages in this case. 3 last pages is necessary. imho16:14
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coderustat: so you dont want to install Play Store, right?16:28
coderusi have maximum 4 pages afaik16:29
Plnttat: there are some scripts https://lekensteyn.nl/apk-downloader/ which does that but i didn't tried it. there is also webpage which does that for your but be careful if they really give you unmodified apk from play store http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/16:30
coderusi just installed play store. and i dont know why i shouldnt do it :)16:31
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NC_There are no way to react to the cover being pulled in either direction, before the user lets go?  (CoverAction)18:28
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coderusno :(18:32
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NC_Crapskij - had hoped to use it to control lightbulb brightness (pull+hold to change brightness, pull+letgo to turn on/off lights)18:33
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artemmaAnd now Jolla was frozen from the first ring until the calling party hanged up.. grrr!23:24
* artemma is very annoyed23:24
artemmathat sort of sucks to see the answer and decline options and neither is pullable23:24
artemmais there really no way in Jolla to let exactly phone UI/menu be of high priority?23:25
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ShadowJKpriority is hard23:51
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