Thursday, 2014-05-15

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Venemo_jpvuorela: ping06:23
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w00tVenemo_j: pong06:47
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kimmoliNc_ was asking signals of calls and SMS. this is my solution,
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pvuorelaVenemo_j: pong07:34
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stephgso here's a curious thing: (nearly) all of my Jolla apps (that is, apps by Jolla on the store) have moved to the bottom of the launcher07:37
Nicd-mine did that once07:38
stephgI had a UX crash, and did a reboot after that07:39
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Nicd-haven't bothered to move them up so they're now at the end of the 2nd page07:39
stephgonly other thing I noticed is that the email client thought it had no accounts, and I did the reboot as the vkb was being really sluggish07:39
stephgnow everything back to normal except they're in the wrong place07:40
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Venemo_jpvuorela: I heard you are pretty familiar with maliit07:44
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pvuorelaVenemo_j: sure.07:49
william_genno new update?07:50
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Stskeepswilliam_gen: we're doing updates when they're ready and stable, ensures high quality :)07:51
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william_genjolla said new update published between 9-16,May07:53
Stskeepswell, updates are such that you only put them out when you know the update isn't going to break thing07:54
Stskeepsalso it's the 15th today07:54
Sail0rStskeeps: is there any statement about the reboot "fix"? Is it truly a issue with the connectors or is it only a software bug?07:55
william_genwhat's new will be in the new update?07:55
StskeepsSail0r: i don't make any statements in those regards, sorry, you'll have to wait for official communication07:55
Stskeeps<- sw guy07:56
fluxso it's a hw issue then ;-)07:56
Sail0rStskeeps: ok, but will there be a statement in the future?07:56
StskeepsSail0r: you can ask me about things like sailfishos architecture/research/etc but it's not really my area to speak of these kind of things :)07:56
fluxbut it's curious how simply replugging battery seems to get rid of the issue for a long while. so, it could be some battery controller firmware issue.07:57
Sail0rI am just wondering because it started suddenly for me at the weekend07:57
Sail0rand everytime Jolla gets heavy load07:57
Sail0rbut pulled out battery for over an hour and it does not occur anymore until now07:58
Sail0rIf it is a battery connector issue we should see a drop in voltage or smth before sudden black screen07:59
Sail0rIs there a method to get battery voltage every 5s or so?07:59
Stskeepspossibly through /sys somewhere07:59
Sail0rhow is decided to do a emergency shutdown? On voltage? Heat?08:00
Stskeepsi don't know :)08:00
Stskeepsone of the few areas i never touched, back when i was just doing contracting i never wanted to touch remotely anything related to batteries due to the insane liability issues08:01
Sail0rwould be nice to know maybe it's only a race condition in the software08:01
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Venemo_jpvuorela: can you help me with it a bit?08:02
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Venemo_jpvuorela: I'm trying to create a virtual keyboard, so as a first step I built maliit-framework and maliit-plugins from upstream source08:03
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Venemo_j_sorry, got a random reboot...08:06
Nicd-Sail0r: there are possibly many causes (because people have different situations where the reboots happen) but supposedly one of them is that the battery contact is not firm and the impedance between the connectors grows over some value which triggers a watchdog shutdown08:06
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Sail0rbut when the impedance grows I must see a voltage drop don't I?08:07
Venemo_j_pvuorela: so I built maliit-framework and maliit-plugins from upstream source and started maliit-server, but no virtual keyboard appears if I try one of the examples08:07
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Venemo_j_pvuorela: what am I missing?08:08
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Sail0rok actual voltage can be found at cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/voltage_now08:09
pvuorelaVenemo_j_: running with proper qt input context?08:09
pvuorelaVenemo_j_: also, on what context would that be? desktop? haven't tried that myself in a while :)08:13
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Venemo_jpvuorela: I dunno, I thought the input context was in the source of maliit-framework08:15
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Venemo_jpvuorela: I'm trying to run it on Fedora 20 / Gnome 3.1208:15
pvuorelaVenemo_j: it is, but apps need to be having QT_IM_MODULE=Maliit so they use the correct plugin.08:16
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pvuorelaalso depending on system theming, might need a click on focused editor to request virtual keyboard.08:17
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Sail0rNicd-: any clue how low the voltage is allowed to drop before watchdog triggers?08:21
Nicd-I have no idea, I just repeated what other people said08:22
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Sail0rat the moment (70% as battery level) voltage drops to 3,7v when heavy load occurs08:22
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fluxsail0r, last time it started to occurring to me, I just removed the battery for 5 seconds and it worked fine after that..08:49
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Sail0rflux: I wrote now a simple script to monitor battery voltage I hope it brings more light to the problem08:53
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fluxsail0r, my guess is that you will not find battery level dropping before the shutdown, that is, it it does, your script may be the last one to know it if at all :)08:54
fluxsail0r, but let's see what happens!08:54
Stskeepsaudio feedback of voltage level? :P08:54
fluxis it a controlled shutdown that occurs?08:55
fluxor more like cut-the-cord-kind08:55
fluxif it's the latter, the last outputs from your script won't even be stored08:55
Sail0rit looks like a cut-the-cord08:55
Sail0rbut sometimes it powers off normally08:55
fluxso you should write it to some host on the network via ssh perhaps?08:55
Sail0rI push it via http to a simple php script08:56
Sail0rwhich stores it in a db08:56
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fluxbest solution would be hooking up a digital oscilloscope to the battery connector :)08:56
Venemo_jpvuorela: I tried with a Gtk app08:57
Sail0ryeah but it's a bit heavy for daily use ;)08:57
Venemo_jpvuorela: maybe that was the problem08:57
Venemo_jpvuorela: but the maliit example app didn't work either. I'll try your suggestion :)08:57
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cos-Sail0r: you know there's also a cut-the-cord shutdown issue that's not related to battery level?08:59
Sail0rdid not know08:59
Sail0rI do not have to remove the battery09:00
Sail0rI can turn it on normally after this happens09:00
cos-very painful to debug, i haven't had it for over a week now09:00
cos-ok, then it's probably different09:00
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fluxsomeone should make a kernel serial console ToH over i2c ;-)09:01
fluxit's would be neat having a db9 connector on it :)09:02
cos-flux: just what i was thinking :-)09:02
Sail0rit's pretty strange because sometimes screen turns black and it does nothing ... after pressing power button for a long time it boots up again09:02
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cos-does a kernel panic blank the screen?09:02
Sail0rvery good question09:02
Sail0rcould be possible09:02
fluxI think kernel does now know how to blank the screen?09:03
Sail0rbut I did not find anything in the logs about kernel crashing09:03
Sail0rbut maybe it crashes so hard that even those logs cannot be stored09:03
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Sail0rwhat I wonder most about is why does it suddenly start to do so09:05
cos-iirc kernel remounts filesystems readonly when it detects a (serious) panic and a log file can't be written after it09:05
Sail0rwhat does cause the sudden black screen and why does it repeat that often after first occurence09:05
Sail0rMy phone for example never crashed before this weekend and I have one of the first once which is at daily use09:06
Sail0rand now it repeats that so often09:06
fluxI had my second crashes last weekend and then it did it like 5 times on the same day09:07
cos-these issues (if they are related) seem to be somehow "modal"09:07
fluxbattery off, 5 seconds, battery back, no more crashing09:07
cos-battery tricks have never worked to my issues09:08
Sail0rmine is healthy since I pulled out the battery for over an hour I hope it keeps being ok09:08
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Sail0rwhat I noticed everytime my sudden black screen occured battery level was at under 60%09:12
Sail0rand after some of the blackscreens battery level was down to 4%09:13
pvuorelaVenemo_j: could check that the qt5 input context is actually available. remembered it now needs CONFIG+=qt5-inputcontext, and as earlier version in qt repo was removed, could be that none is available.09:13
pvuorelaVenemo_j: for gtk im module there's a separate repository.09:14
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Venemo_jpvuorela: okay. can I ping you about this tomorrow? I'm a bit immersed in my studies for tomorrow's exam09:15
pvuorelaVenemo_j: sure.09:15
Venemo_jpvuorela: thank you :)09:16
pvuoreladon't know you version, but suggest also running master. latest releases are somewhat old.09:16
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dr_gogeta86good morning09:28
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condo43Hello all;11:19
condo43I have  a problem  with a sailfish QML application (dev)11:19
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condo43In fact, I want to create a SwipeArea, but in a page where I used a PullDownMenu11:20
condo43so, I used the preventStealing of a MouseArea;11:21
condo43if the user touch the screen, mouve the finger; all works well, but if he is moving when the finger touch the screen, I don't recieved any event... (nor PositionChanged, Press nor released...)11:22
condo43This is a QML/Qt bug ? or I used MouseArea in a bad way ?11:23
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m4g0gare there any simple possibility add context menu to Button?12:06
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m4g0gI have column with buttons inside it. One button on click should show context menu12:08
m4g0gI try this:12:09
m4g0gbut this show menu in invalid position and cover add button. But I want to show it under button12:10
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m4g0gwhere are all ppl?14:14
cos-finns are probably moving from work to home14:16
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stephgfor those of you that haven't seen this yet, v. cool:
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cos-is there a decent ftp client available?15:31
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zoldyck_today I tried Firefox OS and Sailfish OS no suddenly looks so smooth, user-oriented, bug-free and absolutely perfect15:38
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coderusm4g0g: what are you doing man!? use ComboBox!18:28
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RamothSo... no update this week as it seems...18:45
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos18:47
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*** circleside has joined #sailfishos19:09
circlesidehi to all19:12
circlesidei noticed from and the dev mail list that this will be in the update19:13
circleside(in the next update)19:13
circlesideis it nemo source-wise?19:13
circlesideor is it on the closed-source components side?19:13
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:13
*** vesurivs has joined #sailfishos19:15
RamothSounds good anyhow.19:17
*** keithzg has quit IRC19:21
circlesideyeah it does19:22
circlesideim just wondering if it is implemented in nemo or not19:22
circlesideill just clone the lipstick from nemo and cross fingers :)19:22
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** mornfall has quit IRC19:26
*** mornfall has joined #sailfishos19:27
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*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos19:29
locusfthats implemented in lipstick-jolla-home which is closed source19:30
circlesidelocusf : thanks for confirming19:35
coderuscircleside: what difference if it opensource or not?19:35
circlesidecoderus : I can't get my hands on it? :P19:35
circleside(not yet at least?)19:35
circleside(for testing purposes I mean)19:36
coderusyou should always wait for updates even if some nemo part updated19:36
circlesideyes of course19:36
coderusbecause one part is never changing alone19:36
circlesidebut from a developer's mindset point of view, new features are interesting when they are hot19:37
coderusand you can't be sure 100% if you updated everything19:37
coderusi dont think its real name19:37
circlesidecoderus : life on the bleeding edge is cool ;)19:37
Stskeepstell that to when my development branch device stops booting19:38
coderuscircleside: how old are you?19:38
circlesideStskeeps : hah19:38
circlesidecoderus : old enough to have lived through debian :P19:38
coderuswell, thats strange then19:38
circlesidehow so19:38
coderusi was excited living on egde some years ago, but i'm still young enough19:39
coderuscurrently i'm sure stable is better :)19:39
circlesidecant stop falling for the old charm i guess19:40
coderuswell, for the  truth, its valid for everyday devices only19:42
coderusi can make experiments if malfunction device diesnt hurt anything19:42
coderusor if recovery doesnt take much time and critical data wont be damaged :)19:43
coderusand for me smartphone is everyday use device, and i cant fix jolla myself until someone gift flasher with images :D19:44
coderus* i really have no idea why flasher wasnt released yet19:45
Stskeepscoderus: simple, it requires us to distribute parts we can't19:45
Stskeepsflasher itself is fastboot, image is the problem19:45
coderuswhat the problem with images19:46
circlesideStskeeps : exactly, images can be dumped?19:46
coderusevery device have open firmwares, why not jolla?19:46
Stskeepscan i just saw 'yadda yadda lawyers' and stay at that?19:46
circlesidecoderus : perhaps it is too early?19:46
Stskeepsneedless to say, if we could, we would19:46
Stskeepsbut we can't19:46
circleside*me ducks*19:46
coderus*too early* stops me from modding jolla19:46
Stskeepsfactory reset is pretty useful19:47
Stskeepsor btrfs snapshots19:47
Stskeepsrecovery -> shell19:47
circlesidehmm backups?19:47
coderusi cant repair jolla if it will break to unrecoverable state19:47
coderusit stops me19:47
coderusi should be sure in repair19:48
Stskeepsyou can't reflash the device anyhow if you brick the bootloader..19:48
coderusif i can restore it from any state - i'm in19:48
coderusbut not yet19:48
coderusbootloader not interests me :)19:48
coderuswell, you say i can rm -rf / and recovery will repair my phone?19:49
Stskeepsif you don't mess up your btrfs fs in the progress19:49
Stskeepsfactory image is on the device19:49
*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:49
coderusso, the answer is?19:50
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:50
*** vesurivs has quit IRC19:50
Stskeepshow about i test it on my development device tomorrow and then tell you?19:50
Stskeepsi don't like telling people when in an official channel how to shoot themselves in the foot :)19:51
coderussure :)19:51
coderusi'll be happy to get this from any channel :D19:51
coderuswell, factory image is on device19:52
coderusand its different image, which can help me if i break device and want to restore it with flasher?19:53
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:55
Raimit's actually a btrfs snapshot. if you break it, you can't restore anymore.19:55
Raimbut you can dd the partition somewhere else first to feel a bit more safe19:55
coderusgood enough19:56
*** maxorator has quit IRC19:56
coderusand i can create my own snapshots to restore it?19:57
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos19:57
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faenilcoderus, of course you can :)20:45
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m4g0ggood night20:57
m4g0ghow I can read image data in qml?20:57
stephgimage data? like exif?20:58
*** raa70 has quit IRC20:58
m4g0gno, content. I need to send image via XMLHTTPRequest20:58
*** cnuke has quit IRC20:58
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos20:58
m4g0gnow I have only one idea: using Canvas and Context20:59
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dwangoACAny word on a new N4 build?21:30
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away21:32
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meegobitcarefull with having alot of snapshots, whence they start deviating from one another they start occupying alot of space, and I've had some bad experiences in other devices, in which I was out of disk space, even though df told me I had several GBs free21:56
meegobitAre there plans for implementing a qml designer for SailfishSDK?21:57
meegobitQtCreator proper has one, so it's probably only just silica that's missing from it21:57
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