Monday, 2014-05-26

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coderusMitakuuluu v0.7.0 update. Download: Changelog:
Bysmyyr_coderus: thx07:52
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Bysmyyrcoderus: sorry about stupid question but what this means: "Hiding contacts. Showing by shaking phone."07:58
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smokexmeans bad translation I hope :D08:02
coderusBysmyyr: new context menu for contacts - Hide/Un-hide08:02
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coderushidden contact will be hidden from list after deactivating - activating application08:03
smokexyou wat contact? shake vigorously and throw at your tv08:03
coderusand you can show hidden contacts by shaking phone.08:03
smokexthats actually kinda cool08:03
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Bysmyyrcoderus: ooh, thats nice08:04
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kimmolicoderus: +108:10
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coderusi'll probably write Mitakuuluu user guide some day... :D08:13
coderusmany peoples dont know many features of application :)08:13
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kimmoliWhen you support starting apps from mitäkuuluu? so no need for launcher anymore, just keep mitäkuuluu on top ? :)09:02
Stskeepsmitakuuluu phone09:02
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joonahoiheheh, when will there be emacs built in to mitäkuuluu?)09:03
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squiddvi > emacs09:11
squiddnow fight!09:11
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Accewhat, is there no whatsapp plugin for emacs09:14
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tortoisedocwhatsapp for emacs :D09:15
tbrjust boot into emacs as userspace...09:16
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coderus feel free to post your feature-requests to github ;)09:23
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tortoisedocfound a bug09:28
tortoisedocmake a project with sub projects09:28
tortoisedocand try to run one of the subprojects on device09:28
tortoisedocpath takes the wrong name09:28
tortoisedoc /opt/sdk/<mainprojectname>/usr/bin/ etc09:29
tortoisedocinstead of09:29
tortoisedoc /opt/sdk/<runprojectname>/usr/bin/ etc09:29
tortoisedocsolution : set alternative command in run sheet of project09:29
kaltsihow do you do subprojects and what's the use-case for them?09:31
tortoisedockaltsi : multiple exe's in one package?09:32
tortoisedoc(for example)09:32
SK_worktortoisedoc: well, not technically allowed in harbour09:32
tortoisedocSK_work : having multiple exe's in harbour?09:32
SK_workand also the deploy to /opt/sdk might be broken in QtC side09:32
SK_worktortoisedoc: IIRC, not allowed09:33
tortoisedocI second the last one09:33
tortoisedocSK_work : not a problem, I am currently testing09:33
SK_worktortoisedoc: right :)09:33
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kaltsihow do you do a subproject? :)09:33
SK_worktortoisedoc: thought about packaging and deploying instead of rsyncing to /opt/sdk ?09:33
tortoisedocbut faster is better :P09:33
SK_workkaltsi: TEMPLATE = subdirs\nSUBDIRS = somesubdir someothersubdir09:33
SK_worktortoisedoc: yep I agree09:34
SK_workthought I always use rpm09:34
kaltsiah that way09:34
tortoisedockaltsi: as per SK_work09:34
SK_workjust to get path correct09:34
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SK_worktortoisedoc: I think that the rsyncing stuff fails to understand how to install09:34
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tortoisedocit's kind of confusing that the "deply binaries" has a different target as "deploy RPM",with all consequences09:34
tortoisedocperhaps argument passed to function which calls rsync takes $(ProjectName) :P09:35
tortoisedocgoing to report this to tjc09:35
kaltsiadd a detailed example so it's easy to test, please :)09:35
kaltsior if you have something in github that can be cloned, that would be ofcoz the best09:36
tortoisedocthis unknown09:38
* tortoisedoc old skool svn dude09:39
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kaltsisvnhub? :)09:41
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kaltsiI added a tag there (sdk)09:42
tortoisedocah thanks09:42
tortoisedocgood point09:42
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tortoisedocbtw, stepping is unusually slow via wlan09:48
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stephgam I being retarded (I probably am) but is there a cleaner way to remove cross compile objects from projects built with mb2 when switching from intel to arm beyond make distclean et al?10:35
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special'git clean' is helpful, but sometimes dangerous if there are any files you care about under the repository10:36
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special'git clean -dfx .' removes everything untracked under the current path10:37
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specialuntracked or ignored10:37
stephgperfect thanks special10:37
stephgI'd clobbered by hand the .o's but it had left Makefiles around10:38
stephgeverything looks like a nail when all you have is git10:38
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kaltsibut you need to be careful if you've added that one file there which you have not yet committed before git cleaning :)10:49
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kaltsibut I always do git clean -xdf too.. and only once did I lose a file that way :p10:50
stephg... so far ;)10:53
kaltsiyep.. when iterating the sdk tests I used to manually rm -rf ~/.config/SailfishAlphaX .. until once I did rm -rf ~/.config10:54
kaltsiluckily I had backups :)10:55
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stephg-f is unfeasibly dangerous11:00
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* stephg stupid mervncserver11:03
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stephgkontio: are you here by any chance?11:09
kontiostephg: yes11:09
stephgooh hello11:09
fluxit'd be sort of nice if the snapshotting feature of btrfs were used for 'time machine'-like rolling back of changes :)11:10
stephgquick question, messing around with mervncserver, got it built fine for both intel and arm11:10
stephgin both though it will start but immediately closes connection if you connect to it11:10
stephgno error, nada11:10
kontiohow do you connect to it? it limits connection to usb-net11:11
stephgusbnet on device and I did the vbox port forwarding on the emulator11:11
kontiosince no user/pw is needed to connecto to it...11:11
stephgwhich branches is the working one from?11:12
stephgmaster for mervncserver and also libvncserver?11:12
kontioyes I use master11:12
stephgalso how do you detect that it's on the usbnet, via IP or something else11:12
stephg(am trying on my n4 not my jolla)11:12
kontioso your interface might not be rndis011:14
kontioit's currently hardcoded11:14
stephgthat would also explain why it no worky on the emulator either11:14
stephgyes one sec lets see what it's called11:14
kontiofor emulator mouse does not work...11:15
stephgah ok11:15
kontiosince /dev/input/event0 is also hardcoded..11:15
kontioin emulator it's an other device but can't remember which...11:15
kontioso that you would need to adapt too...11:15
kontioand since we read directly from fb, not sure if that works for the n4, Stskeeps warned me that might not work...11:16
stephgyup it's usb0 on the n411:16
stephglet me hack that up and watch the comedy ensue :)11:17
kontiou'r welcome11:17
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ziggy42is someone of you using ubuntu with unity? I hate the missing integration with unity of the IDE...11:22
kaltsiwhat kind of integration?11:22
ziggy42HUD working and the menu on the top panel11:24
kaltsihmm what's HUD? (I use ubuntu but avoid unity)11:24
stephgthe windows-key search thingy I think11:25
* stephg also avoids unity11:25
ziggy42Yep. If you start using it it's really cool. I like it very much.11:25
kaltsiwhich ubuntu version?11:26
Loris_No i think HUD is the [ALT] menü...the windows-key-menu is called dash11:26
cos-almost everyone who uses Ubuntu at the office uses Cinnamon instead of unity11:26
*** arcean has quit IRC11:26
ziggy42yes Alt is the dash for the commands :D you press 'Alt' the type new and is like go to file->new11:26
zbenjaminmy jolla keeps crashing on me. I'm in a area where is have  mobile internet disabled because of roaming and move between different WiFi hotspots. After some time the phone freezes after unlocking it and the red led starts blinking11:27
Stskeepszbenjamin: yes, there's a nasty blocking dbus call :/11:27
kaltsiziggy42: do you happen to have the real qtcreator installed too.. does it support those features?11:27
zbenjaminStskeeps: ah ok so its known already , thats good11:27
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ziggy42kaltsi: well, with the QtCreator downloaded from qt-project no, it's the same thing of Sailfish IDE. I don't try the one on the ubuntu repo. Of course UbuntuSDK that is based on QtCreator has the integration11:29
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos11:30
kaltsiwell any distro specific support would require that the upstream qt creator has sailfish support and the distro then adds their own bits on top of that11:30
kaltsithat's our goal, but I'm afraid it's a long shot with the current approach we have11:31
cos-sounds like QtC is fragmenting quite badly nowadays11:34
stephgkontio: it's alive! (kinda!)11:34
ziggy42kaltsi: of course I can live with these missing features :) but it would be really cool to have the integration. Hud and menus on top panel is some of the reasons why I use unity. For the people that hates unity, guys you should try it for a month.11:34
zbenjaminziggy42: whats your problem? i'm working on the ubuntu-sdk11:35
kontiostephg: what does not work?11:35
kaltsiziggy42: sure, I'm just saying that it's not going to happen any time soon :p11:36
stephgit connects and sets up the display11:36
*** paju has quit IRC11:37
stephgkontio: and also the finger overlap detects mouse presses11:37
ziggy42zbenjamin: no problems :D I'd like to have HUD and menu on the top panel on Sailfish IDE :)11:37
stephgbut the screen is blank and gestures don't seem to register actually on the device11:37
*** faenil has quit IRC11:37
zbenjaminziggy42: aa, that one :)11:37
stephge.g. you swipe up and down on vnc and nothing happens on-device11:37
saidinesh5can any one tell me whats the version of malliit that sailfish latest uses?11:37
zbenjaminziggy42: i guess you would have to compile it yourself on ubuntu11:37
saidinesh5maliit and even Qt i think (maliit is tied to the Qt version its compiled for right?)11:38
stephgsaidinesh5: maliit-framework-wayland-0.99.0+git1795.17fdf86-1.8.11.armv7hl maliit-framework-wayland-inputcontext-0.99.0+git1795.17fdf86-1.8.11.armv7hl11:38
zbenjaminziggy42: i guess the downloaded one does not use the system qt binaries right?11:38
saidinesh5thanks stephg11:38
saidinesh5and grrrr still having a hard time getting maliit to compile and run on desktop11:38
saidinesh5stephg: do you have any instructions on how to get maliit up and running on desktop?11:39
stephgnone whatsoever I'm afraid, just happened to have a ssh to a device infront of me to pull the package versions for you11:39
saidinesh5also stephg is sailfish's vkb foss?11:40
*** ArtVandalae has joined #sailfishos11:40
ziggy42zbenjamin: You're talking about things a little bit out of my knowledge at the moment :D I can live with missing HUD, of course it will be cool to have it but it's ok :)11:40
saidinesh5heh nice nick ArtVandalae11:40
stephgsomeone correct me if I'm wrong but most of it is, I think the word prediction isn't though11:40
kontiostephg: yeah might well be that the events sent in are specific for that touch driver? not sure... I cough them with /system/bin/getevent  tool...11:40
kontioand if the fb is organized differently, then, well you get a black screen...11:41
stephgkontio: yeah11:41
saidinesh5thanks stephg11:41
saidinesh5getting back to abusing maliit11:41
stephglet me poke around more, at least I can compare with a jolla11:41
*** paju has joined #sailfishos11:43
*** piggz has quit IRC11:44
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos11:51
zbenjaminkaltsi: btw you could just provide a qtcreator-plugin-sailfish package for ubuntu, if you did not have to change anything outside your plugin11:58
kaltsizbenjamin: it does require some changes outside the plugin and we're still with qt creator 2.8, and I think newest ubuntus have 3.x?11:59
kaltsiI'd like to move this to qtc 3.x first and clean it up while doing so.. but that's quite a big effort11:59
zbenjaminkaltsi: yeah we switched to 3.x, but we also one version behind. We also still did not get our changes upstream12:00
kaltsisailfish creator sources are here btw
kaltsizbenjamin: the problem with our qt creator approach is the story without sailfish installer.. without the virtual machines the plugin is not very useful currently12:03
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos12:04
coderuskaltsi: i'm using sdk in chroot with no VM and its very useful ;)12:04
kaltsicoderus: yes I'd like to provide that option somehow too so that a user could select VM or chroot12:05
coderuswhy linux user can prefer vm instead of chroot? :)12:06
*** ziggy42 has quit IRC12:07
*** ballock_ is now known as ballock12:07
kaltsihmm why?.. was that the correct word? :)12:07
*** faenil has quit IRC12:08
coderuslinux developers shouldnt use vms :D12:09
fluxyep, vms are just bandaid over the lack of operating system features :)12:09
*** paju has quit IRC12:10
fzki heard everyone was sitting in the cloud nowadays12:11
fluxI suppose it solves the problem if you never restart a system. that is, whenever it starts it's always from a fresh image.12:12
fluxoh, wrong channel12:12
cos-remember the scratchbox days? i'd prefer vm over it..12:12
*** xth has quit IRC12:13
coderusscratchbox days ended with sb212:16
coderusi'd prefer sb2 migration12:16
coderusand crosscompilation :)12:16
*** DarkSim has quit IRC12:17
*** paju has joined #sailfishos12:17
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jake9xxfzk: well, we still repsect privacy of individuals ;)12:21
jake9xxflux: yes, if e.g. symlinks in windows would work like in other systems, we'd be happy w/o the vm approach12:22
jake9xxflux: but - the world is not turning like you want, you need to turn with it..12:22
coderusjake9xx: just more options will be fine for everyone :)12:23
coderusnot just single solution and "happy hacking" guide12:24
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC12:24
kaltsimore options = more support but no more guys to give support = problem12:24
kaltsibut this chroot approach should be doable as a linux option, but it'll take some time12:26
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lbtkaltsi: yay :)12:36
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos12:38
coderusTrust me, i'm an engineer:
*** xnbya has quit IRC12:44
kaltsithat was like the git diff to upstream qtcreator12:44
*** vgrade_ is now known as vgrade12:46
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coderusi want to start hacking sailfish, can you provide me configuration for having ssh available all the time to restore phone?13:11
Stskeepscoderus: -r parameter to usbmoded service13:11
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos13:11
marxistveganmorning folks13:11
marxistveganI am on to my day 2 of running #sailfishOS on the n9 so far so good13:12
marxistveganis there any recommended way to get access to contacts that are on harmattan?13:13
cos-running this irc channel?13:13
fluxmarxistvegan, I think togethertjolla has a link to a tool that can extract information from n9 and export it to jolla..13:13
coderusmarxistvegan:  its not trivial. just  export contacts from harmattan and import13:14
marxistveganflux: oh ok I will look there13:14
marxistvegancoderus: for some reason that seems more trivial to me cause I do not see an import feature in sailfish, unless I am looking in the wrong place13:17
*** tachikoma has joined #sailfishos13:17
marxistvegancoderus: the only import option I see is from SIM card and that fails13:17
tachikomaanyone here some knowledge about the jolla mail app?13:18
coderusStskeeps: where is it?13:18
tachikomaI hav the right credentials entered but sending mails always gives me a 'login failed' error, and enabling debugging shows me some weird messages13:18
Stskeepscoderus: /lib/systemd/system somewhere13:18
*** Nc_ has quit IRC13:18
coderusmarxistvegan: xdg-open file.vcf13:18
coderusStskeeps: ah lib13:19
coderussearched in /etc only13:19
tachikomawhat does confuse me ist the line "[985] Mai 26 15:14:19 [Debug] Messaging :  void SSOSessionManager::credentialsNeedUpdate() Setting credentials need update for the service  "smtp"  from account  9  using authentication method  "password""13:19
coderusStskeeps: ExecStart=/usr/sbin/usb_moded --systemd -r $USB_MODED_ARGS ?13:20
phdeswercoderus: yep. Do keep in mind this means developer mode will stay on the whole time.13:21
coderusi'm not using anything except devmode :D13:22
phdeswerNo devicelock security etc... if you would use it.13:22
phdeswerThere should be some upstart service file to disable it once UI is up somewhere.13:22
phdeswerIf you want that (usb_moded_util -r) will restore normal behaviour until next restart if you ever need it13:23
coderushmm, what is $USB_MODED_ARGS13:26
coderusi can just override it and use -r13:26
coderusseems proposed environment folders is empty/doesnt exists13:27
phdeswerThose USB_MODED_ARGS come from some environment file that gets added with some internal rescue mode package (which also disables usb-moded rescue mode when UI comes up)13:27
phdeswerWe discussed we should make it available13:27
coderusah, great :)13:27
coderusokay. can you explain more about -r option.13:29
coderusit will turn device in developer mode like cable connected?13:29
coderusso i can use static ip and get access to device in rescue mode?13:29
coderusor dhcp will be available in this mode?13:30
phdeswercoderus: -r will make usb_moded always set developer mode, regardless what is set in the configuration or if there is a devicelock active or not.13:32
phdeswerafaik dhcp server might be active now already on devices out there. Just not sure if the actual corrected developer mode config file got shipped already or not.13:33
*** TheBootroo_work has quit IRC13:33
phdeswerAnyway you can configure it any way you want, docs and code for usb_moded are here:
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos13:34
coderusso, it just force devmode? if i have devmode in usb settings, it doesnt make change?13:34
phdeswercoderus: that will not work if the UI does not come up. No UI, no devicelock, => usb is locked down as no devicelock could mean lots of things13:35
phdeswerSo -r bypasses the security also13:35
*** paju has quit IRC13:36
coderusthanks, just one thing left. using -r option causing any problems?13:36
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos13:37
phdeswercoderus: nope, except that it will always be developer mode, regardless what your USB settings may say.13:38
coderusokay, its good for me. i'm not using any other usb modes :)13:38
coderusthank you :)13:39
Turskimarxistvegan: you could just use bluetooth sync...13:40
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** PMG has quit IRC13:41
phdeswercoderus: you might want to ;) I posted a trick to get usb mass storage in TJC last week. And the repo has config files for getting USB tethering to work.13:41
*** paju has joined #sailfishos13:43
*** martyone_ has quit IRC13:45
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos13:50
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos13:53
coderusphdeswer: mass storage is not interesting for me, i'm using sftp and ftp13:54
coderusand i have my own iptables script for forwarding interfaces13:54
marxistveganTurski: coderus I am opting for setting up syncevolution since i have my contacts in owncloud13:54
coderus./ip_forward rndis0 rmnet0 and i'm in web :)13:55
marxistveganjust trying to figure webdav on syncevolition13:55
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos14:01
*** RobJanc has quit IRC14:02
*** RobJanc has joined #sailfishos14:03
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos14:08
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos14:12
*** maxorator has quit IRC14:14
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos14:14
*** paju has quit IRC14:15
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:17
*** Funkeh` has quit IRC14:21
*** paju has joined #sailfishos14:22
*** PMG has joined #sailfishos14:23
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos14:30
*** ilmgb has quit IRC14:34
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:35
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos14:38
*** scharel has quit IRC14:41
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos14:42
*** hge__ has quit IRC14:44
*** hge has joined #sailfishos14:44
*** hge_ has joined #sailfishos14:45
*** hge_ has quit IRC14:46
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC14:46
*** ahjolinna has quit IRC14:49
*** Blizzz has quit IRC14:49
*** paju has quit IRC14:55
coderusMitakuuluu v0.7.1 hotfix released14:55
*** ilmgb has quit IRC14:56
*** tat has quit IRC14:58
tachikomagreat - i now learned that the mail server only supports 'login' as auth method and not 'plain'15:01
tachikomaafter setting this with ag-tool i now get authentication failed, looking at the base64 encoded password that is sent and decoding it i see that the mail client now sends my username as username and also the username as password :(15:02
*** paju has joined #sailfishos15:02
tachikomahow can i set the password for the smtp account using the command line?15:03
tachikomaas setting it in the gui also resets the authentication method to 'plain' which then fails15:03
SK_workVDVsx ? ^^15:04
chem|sttachikoma: bugreported?15:06
*** kunev_ has quit IRC15:07
tachikomachem|st: I'm still in the middle of trying to find out what is the problem15:09
tachikomawhat does make me wonder is this line in the messaging logs:15:10
tachikoma"SSO identity is not found for account id:  10 , using password from accounts configuration"15:10
tachikomaand i have not much time left today :(15:11
tachikomadeleted the account, recreated it - now the mail app insist on me not yet having created an account15:14
tachikomait has id of 11 now, could it be that the mail app does not work with ids larger than 10?15:15
*** tat has joined #sailfishos15:16
marxistvegantachikoma: is this on the N9 i have not tried the email client as of yet15:17
*** tat has quit IRC15:17
tachikomano, on my jolla phone15:17
marxistvegantachikoma: ahh what version of sailfish is that running?15:17
tachikomalatest, the mms hotfix15:18
marxistvegantachikoma: do you have a version number on that?15:18
tachikomacan i see the version somehow from the commandline?15:18
* marxistvegan is new to sailfish15:18
*** ArkkisN has quit IRC15:18
tachikomai only have ssh access right now15:18
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos15:18
tachikomaoh, and it's rebooting atm15:19
marxistvegantachikoma: I am logging into mine via ssh to see15:19
marxistvegantachikoma: I am updating my computer with updates to my browser so I cannot search for how to find it from command line yet15:21
stephgmarxistvegan: you're looking for your mail client version?15:21
stephgand you're on an n9 with (the mail client compatible with that is ooooooold)15:22
stephgtachikoma: I doubt there's a limit of < 9 accounts15:22
tachikomaok, deleted account once more and recreated, not the mailer recognizes it15:22
tachikomamust be some glitch15:22
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC15:23
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos15:23
tachikomaanyway, now how do i correctly change the authentication method from 'PLAIN' to 'LOGIN' ...15:23
*** ArkkisN has joined #sailfishos15:23
marxistveganstephg: no, was wondering the version of sailfish that tachikoma is know how far off my n9 is15:23
stephgoh if it's uptodate he's running
stephgyou're on update 2, everything else public so far is u515:23
tachikomastephg: yes, i have15:24
marxistveganstephg: where can I actually find the development work on the n9 version, I know vgrade has it packaged just not sure where i can jump in to help advance it15:24
tachikomai tried now to set the authentication method to LOGIN with this command:15:26
tachikoma ag-tool update-service 12 email int:smtp/authentication=115:26
* marxistvegan is psyched that syncevolution works15:26
tachikomawhich seems to actually swithch to LOGIN, but now fails with an authentication error15:26
tachikomais there already a mutt package for sailfishos somewhere?15:27
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:29
*** paju has quit IRC15:30
tachikomawhat is the difference between auth/method and auth/mechanism ...15:32
*** paju has joined #sailfishos15:37
tachikomaah, also great that switching that using ag-tool seems not to actually switch anything, the log show still auth method plain being used15:37
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos15:37
stephgtachikoma: the methods for login are all probably in one of the sqlite databases15:39
stephgmay be worth a poke round that to see if you can understand that and change it appropriately15:39
stephg^^ also potentially a recipe for disaster15:39
stephgso be careful :)15:39
tachikomai don;t think i want to :(15:39
tachikomai just can't sned mails anymore when not in the office (no more computer at home)15:40
tachikomafine with me i guess15:40
*** leszek has quit IRC15:40
tachikomarebooting the phone might help, still trying that15:40
*** leszek__ has joined #sailfishos15:40
tachikomaf**k me15:43
tachikomathe changes are really only there after a reboot15:43
stephgso there are two components to the mail client15:43
tachikomathat explains why i can test arbitrary settings without any difference on the error side15:43
stephgthe client itself and the thing that does the connecting for you15:43
stephgmessageserver5 iirc15:43
stephgnot sure if ag-tools changes are picked up by that without killing it15:44
*** Mikkosssss_ has joined #sailfishos15:44
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:46
*** RobJanc has quit IRC15:47
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:49
*** edgar2 has quit IRC15:50
*** ikapcsandi_ has joined #sailfishos15:53
coderusoh, i'm stuck with exif things again...15:54
coderusQExifImageHeader started broking images. wtf?15:55
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** Hijackal has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** ikapcsandi_ has quit IRC16:02
*** paju has quit IRC16:09
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:09
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos16:10
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos16:14
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:15
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*** paju has joined #sailfishos16:16
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*** ikapcsandi_ has joined #sailfishos16:17
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:20
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos16:21
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos16:22
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC16:23
*** ArtVandalae has joined #sailfishos16:28
*** Beankylla has quit IRC16:39
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos16:40
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos16:43
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*** admiral0 has quit IRC16:48
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:52
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*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos16:52
SK_workcybette: ping !16:53
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos16:53
SK_workmeeting is tomorrow !16:53
SK_workdon't forget !16:53
*** paju has joined #sailfishos16:54
SK_work(hint hint: please send an email in dev ml)16:54
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:56
*** javispedro has left #sailfishos17:02
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:02
*** ilmgb has quit IRC17:02
*** remarc has joined #sailfishos17:10
kimmolihmm, why SDK makes a  working copy of spec file, like myfunkyapp.spec.4798 ? sometimes it is left behind in rpm folder, need to manually delete it17:10
VDVsxtachikoma, you can't see password via command line, only way is using SSO apis17:16
kaltsikimmoli: it does it because it needs to modify it.. I haven't managed to leave it behind yet, but apparently it sometimes happens?17:19
*** gexc has quit IRC17:20
VDVsxtachikoma, and it does support plain auth for smtp, unless you have first release of sailfishOS :D17:22
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC17:23
kaltsikimmoli: if you can find a pattern when it is left behind, it would be nice to know.. in next sdk it's going to make more of those working copies because of the CRLF thing17:23
coderusmore copies!!! :D sorry :D17:24
stephgVDVsx: tachikoma is on an n9 sadly with 1.0.2.x :(17:29
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:29
VDVsxstephg, ah ok, I don't remember anymore what's there, but changing those settings from command line won't work anyway, since passwords and usernames are saved in separated db17:31
*** paju has quit IRC17:34
kimmolii think i did stop vm while doing build... then it was left there (accidental clikclcickc)17:39
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:39
kaltsikimmoli: ok that can cause it if it's stopped at the right time17:40
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos17:40
kaltsicreate tmpfile; rpmbuild; rm -f tmpfile17:40
*** paju has joined #sailfishos17:41
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:41
*** alin has quit IRC17:43
*** Beankylla has quit IRC17:49
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** jmlich has quit IRC17:49
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:54
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos18:02
kimmolioh, i made my first bilingual translated (en/fi) app... i celebrate with a beer18:05
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos18:06
*** FlashAsp_ has joined #sailfishos18:07
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC18:07
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:08
*** wickwire has quit IRC18:09
stephgI want a beer18:10
stephgbut I has wine! so is ok!18:10
*** Guest4857 is now known as s1gk1ll18:13
kimmoli2 tasks to go; 1) draw a icon, 2) harbourize18:14
*** Kabouik has quit IRC18:14
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos18:14
kimmolihmm, nice, validator updates itself automagically; Retrieving package sdk-harbour-rpmvalidator-1.14-10.18.1.jolla.noarch18:16
*** freedomrun has quit IRC18:16
kaltsithat's what the 'enabled' toggle button on that page does18:18
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos18:20
kaltsiyou can toggle it to disabled if you don't want it to check (in case of no network or something)18:20
*** paju has quit IRC18:21
kimmoliäh, now i get just Internal server error on that page18:26
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:27
* stephg ponders what 'Ten characters' could me 18:27
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos18:27
*** paju has joined #sailfishos18:29
*** screwjack has quit IRC18:29
kaltsikimmoli: haha.. it probably ran out of memory :P18:30
kaltsistephg: it means that a post can't be less than ten characters long...18:30
stephghehe kaltsi it was in this context:
kaltsiyes so was my response :)18:31
kaltsi"Soon." is 5 chars.. need some padding18:31
stephgobviously I try and give hugely verbose messages on TJC so didn't know that ;018:32
kaltsikimmoli: if you want it back, restart the mersdk VM18:33
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:34
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos18:34
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:35
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos18:36
*** screwjack has joined #sailfishos18:37
kimmoliyep i did that already :)18:38
kimmolitried to open that page/tab while building18:38
kaltsiby default the mersdk only has 512 MB of memory.. if you want to and your host has plenty of mem, you could increase it from virtualbox settings18:38
Morpog_PC__and add some cpu cores to it18:39
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos18:39
kimmolihm... i could add few cores to this pc18:40
*** Nichope has quit IRC18:40
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC18:40
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos18:40
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:41
kaltsidownload a few more18:44
kimmolivm didn't allow to increase number of processors18:45
kaltsihow many does your host have?18:45
Morpog_PC__you need to stop it first18:45
kimmoliit was powered off18:45
* kimmoli has only 218:45
kimmolibut inc mem to 1024M18:46
kimmolicould it be possible to make harbour-validator to remember or use current project folder? it goes to \sailfishos\bin everytime18:47
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos18:47
kaltsion some machines it does remember18:47
kaltsiyou could also try it with firefox (not chrome) .. just go to, in case that works better18:48
kimmoliok, that remebers at least when i keep tab open18:49
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos18:49
kimmolitnx for tip18:50
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos18:50
kaltsiif someone knows how to make a webpage with <input type='file'> to open a specific directory, I could try to put it in there18:50
kaltsiI think there are some security reasons for it being difficult to do with pure html at least18:50
*** rashm2k has quit IRC18:51
*** szopin_sailing has quit IRC18:51
kaltsiso that you couldn't be fooled to open/submit some other file than what you're trying to submit18:51
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
*** paju has quit IRC19:02
*** thomasgubler has quit IRC19:02
kimmolioo Validation succeeded:19:04
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos19:07
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos19:07
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos19:08
*** paju has joined #sailfishos19:09
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*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:11
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos19:12
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*** Jpel has quit IRC19:13
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*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:23
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** thomasgubler has joined #sailfishos19:27
*** dhbiker has quit IRC19:27
kimmolidoes phone have some sort of icon cache..? it takes some time or uninstall/install cycles before it is updated19:29
kimmolihmm, can i change keuboard comma to dot when using inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhDigitsOnly ?19:34
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos19:35
kimmoliit uses now comma, and it is no good for js19:35
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos19:35
kimmolinah i just use replace(",", ".")19:37
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos19:41
*** cloanta has quit IRC19:42
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:43
*** paju has quit IRC19:45
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:46
*** FlashAsp_ has quit IRC19:47
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** paju has joined #sailfishos19:52
Turskikimmoli: that sounds like a proper solution since it's probably locale dependent whether it's comma or dot in the keyboard20:00
coderuskimmoli: what you using for?20:01
coderusin my project i replaced input field with slider :)20:01
*** Loris_ has quit IRC20:03
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work20:05
Turskikimmoli: and then there's this
*** dhbiker has quit IRC20:06
kimmolijust when entering some numeric values, i want to use them for calculations, and stupid comma kills everything20:07
*** leszek__ has quit IRC20:07
kimmolithat replace , . did do the job. i store those as TEXT in sqlite db, and i sanitize them before storing20:08
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:08
*** sletta has quit IRC20:09
kimmolibut it went to harbour QA already...20:13
*** alin has joined #sailfishos20:13
*** tat has joined #sailfishos20:21
*** Hijackal has quit IRC20:21
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*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos20:31
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*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away20:38
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*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away20:43
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*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** paju has joined #sailfishos20:45
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC20:52
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:56
* stephg gurgles, full of food20:56
stephgso a question for the android adaptation folks, kontio was great today holding my hand through getting the vnc server working20:57
stephgthere're a bunch of conditionals that could be put into the mervncserver code that'd support as-is the n4 (other broken things notwithstanding)20:58
Stskeepstake a look at the hwcomposer qpa code in perhaps20:59
stephgbut is it worth it? i.e. will rmnet0 as is on a jolla eventually work it's way through to the n4 or i9305 etc?20:59
stephgStskeeps: that's a bigger problem (that's probably beyond me!)21:00
Stskeepsrndis0, you mean21:00
stephgsorry, yes21:00
stephgthat's kinda what I'm asking, should they all eventually be convergent or not I suppose21:00
stephgvnc would be a special case right now (no auth, therefore local only)21:01
stephgor is it up to the individual HA21:02
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos21:04
*** RoKenn has quit IRC21:08
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos21:09
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:09
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos21:23
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*** tat_ has joined #sailfishos23:33
ziggy42I'm not sure how to add a language to my application. I run lupdate, than I add a myapp.mylen.ts file, the I copy in this file myapp.ts file and add the translations. Then lrelease that generate .qm file. Is it right? There's a way to change the language of the emulator? I'd like to add italian support but at the moment I don't have a real device to try the translations23:34
*** tat has quit IRC23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
*** tat has joined #sailfishos23:36
*** tat_ has quit IRC23:39
ziggy42Are you all sleeping? :D23:43
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC23:44
*** thomasgubler has joined #sailfishos23:46
marxistveganziggy42: i think so23:50
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ziggy42marxistvegan: for which question :D23:53
kaltsiziggy42: if you take a look at the default template application, it has an example of german translation23:54
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kaltsiadding a new language is as easy as adding it to the .pro file TRANSLATIONS line.. build it once and it will generate the ts file for you where you can fill in the translations23:54
kaltsithat's available if you use libsailfishapp, if not.. then you can take a look at how libsailfishapp does it23:56
kaltsiits sources are here
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kaltsibut now I go to sleep.. l8r23:58
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ziggy42Ok thanks23:59
ziggy42good night!23:59

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