Sunday, 2014-06-01

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kimmolicoderus: gm05:19
Stskeepsmorn coderus, kimmoli05:19
coderusmorning early finns :)05:20
coderusits 11:20 here :P05:20
kimmolii forgot alarn from yesterday05:21
Stskeeps7:22am here in poland05:22
kimmoliOT: those functions at QPaint looks lots like canvas stuff05:23
kimmolii need to finish paint, and get started soldering the eink board. but first coffee. ttyl05:24
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Stskeepscool on eink05:26
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ekcmc3hello everyone06:30
ekcmc3is there a guide to install sailfishos on a nexus 7 201306:32
tbrnot at the moment06:33
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tbrfor determined people it shouldn't be too hard, but you'd need to start at zero and bring up a hardware adaptation06:39
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ekcmc3indeed. i wish i had a device i could dedicate to that. i use the nexus 7 a lot. which samsung galaxy was sailfish ported to? it was a big thing on the blog06:47
tbrcurrently Nexus4 is officially supported. community ports are available at least for the Nokia N9/N950 and the Nexus5.06:49
tbrgalaxy S3 LTE is in the works by jolla but as of today unreleased06:50
ekcmc3does the ports have a lot of work done on them? like updates and such.06:57
ekcmc3i have been really interested in a n906:57
tbrI wouldn't recommend a N9 at this point07:01
tbrunless you want the original OS on it07:03
tbrthe hardware is really dated07:03
ekcmc3how about a nexus 5?07:04
tbrinstall and go, apparently07:07
tbrnot every function working yet, but I don't know the details07:07
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kimmolii try to be cooperative but then ; [W] QQuickContext2D::toImage:3495 - Pixel readback is not supported in Cooperative mode, please try Threaded or Immediate mode08:01
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Stskeepsmorn stephg09:08
stephgit's a sunny sunday09:11
Stskeepsit is, going for garden when kid wakes up09:11
stephgasleep? you lucky parent ;)09:13
Stskeepsyeah.. well, got up at 6:3009:14
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MikkosssssHow to create text file (.desktop) from my application?09:27
stephgMikkosssss: copy one of the existing ones or someone elses' from their source? ;)09:29
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MikkosssssI mean I want make desktop file from application. "Click here to create shortcut!"09:30
stephgso writing the file would be easy, the complication is getting it into /usr/share/applications09:33
stephgunless I've missed something (really quite possible)09:33
kimmolimake shortcut-only rpm, and call pkcon install-local to install that rpm? but i assume you want to have dynamic shortcuts created?09:35
kimmolinot the best way09:35
coderusMikkosssss: stephg: isnt sailfish loading files from .local/share/applications?09:36
stephgdoesn't look like it, no09:36
scharel says they are in /usr/share/applications/09:37
coderuslol, i know, just there are many linux distributions allow adding custom desktop files to .local/share/applications09:39
coderusit seems to be just lipstick restriction, sadly then09:39
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stephgit's probably how things like favourites on the n9 were done too, so it might be an upcoming feature. Mikkosssss may be worth opening a question on tjc about it?09:41
MikkosssssI made .desktop file to .local/share/applications/ and it wont show up09:43
coderusMikkosssss: i just tried it too myself09:45
MikkosssssWanted to make application to create web shortcuts for upcoming folder support.09:45
Stskeepsw00t might know09:45
coderusalso appearing desktop files require lipstick refresh by calling desktop-file-install, which requires root privileges09:46
coderuswhile it requires root such applications wont be allowed in harbour (just if you want t publish there)09:47
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specialcoderus: Mikkosssss: remember that lipstick is opensource, you could look at adding ~/.local/share/applications/ support and submit a patch ;)09:49
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coderusspecial: sure, but it also require to update desktop-file-install09:49
Mikkossssswhen I copy new .desktop file to /usr/share/applications/ it doesnt need any refresh09:53
MikkosssssSo how to create text files from application?09:54
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coderushm, really. wat desktop-file-utils doing then?09:55
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coderusMikkosssss: using QTextStream for example09:55
MikkosssssAnd how to manage them? I have no idea how to create listwiew from them09:57
coderuslistview for them? what are you talking about?09:58
coderusyou should use C++ side for this, its not doable with qml only09:59
MikkosssssIf you create random.desktop you cant delete it from laucher10:02
Mikkosssssso I need somehow to manage them10:02
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coderusemm, what the problem to save filenames you created?10:05
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MikkosssssOnly problem is I dont knoe how to code :D10:08
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coderusthis is a problem, sure :)10:09
coderusthe best thing you can do is create tjc poll for saving bookmarks as desktop icons for sailfish-browser :)10:10
Mikkosssssthen how I can learn if I dont do stuff :D10:11
coderusaah, you want to learn? i think you should start from easy  operations before :)10:12
coderusi undestand you have an idea and waht to eralize it, but you really should start from some essential things first :)10:13
coderuswant to realize*10:13
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Mikkosssssproblem is I can do stuff only on weekends and still most of time goes on other stuff10:18
coderusMikkosssss: what about readin articles other time?10:19
coderusif you read more you can implement more ideas.10:20
MikkosssssThere isnt much to read for sailfish10:20
coderusSailfish have nothing unique10:21
coderusyou should read abiut basic Qt and QML stuff first10:21
coderuswhen you making cars you not reading about mercedes, you reading about engines and so.10:21
scharelyes, basic, general knowlege about programming is mor important than sailfish specific stuff10:22
coderusmain thing is programmer knowledge, drawing in mund how algorytms are working and things communicete10:23
coderus*sorry for typos10:23
coderusspecific I/O, Internet, hw access stuff can be different between programming languages, but you should be able to construct in mind main, common abstract processes your application should do10:25
coderusif you not doing something monstrous, it should be very simple too keep in mind abstract stuff10:26
Venemojust some stuff to laugh at:
coderusVenemo: nice, thanks :)10:28
Venemocoderus :)10:29
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scharelthats why i always get nonsense when i use casts, i always forget to glose them :D10:30
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stephgoops have a repeatable segfault in the settings app for the mail app settings :/12:58
stephgfaenil: [W] Buteo::ProfileManagerPrivate::parseFile:1096 - Failed to parse profile XML:  "/home/nemo/.cache/msyncd/sync/syncemail.xml"13:00
stephgthink you're right13:00
faenilyeah VDVsx already helped another guy few days agfo13:00
stephgVDVsx: ^^ you've seen that before I understand13:00
stephgweird the file is 0 bytes long13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: well, it's ot a valid xml :)13:01
stephg... and deleting it and it the settings app comes back :)13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinsome guy got same issue while abusing the "restart lipstick" option from patchmanager :D13:02
Sfiet_Konstantin for people who didn't see it BTW :)13:02
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: cool13:02
faenilstephg, yes the fix was to delete the file D:13:03
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coderusSfiet_Konstantin: nah, it was Schturman posted you bug, he always have a lot of bugs with every app and tons of requests. i never surprising  :D15:50
Sfiet_Konstantincoderus: :D15:50
Sfiet_Konstantincoderus: want to join the sailfishos-patches group ? :)15:50
coderusSfiet_Konstantin: sure, why not :)15:52
phdeswerSfiet_Konstantin: what is that group?16:09
Sfiet_Konstantinpatchmanager and stuff16:09
phdeswerThanks! Interesting stuff there16:10
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* stephg rant nnnnnnnng kde device manager fffffffffs16:30
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Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: what's the problem ?16:49
Sfiet_Konstantinit works here :)16:49
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stephgkio_mtp not installed by default16:55
stephgno my tablet is not a camera...16:55
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Sfiet_Konstantincoderus: relaunching voicecall-ui (or messages) implemetned17:50
Sfiet_Konstantin(in patchmanager) :)17:50
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coderusSfiet_Konstantin: good, thanks, will check it soon :)17:54
Sfiet_Konstantincoderus: not pushed yet17:55
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coderus...tomorrow. tired today :)18:26
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tortoisedocfifteen men19:44
tortoisedocon a dead-men's chect19:44
Stskeepsand a bottle of rum?19:44
tortoisedocor two :P19:44
tortoisedoccrap why is setMask not working for me? :(19:44
stephggood evening internet!19:45
Stskeepsgood evening19:46
tortoisedocgood evening19:46
stephgit's still, well, not, sunny, but not raining!19:46
scharelis there a way in Qt Creator to manage the app version? I mean when I change the version of the app? i have to change it in spec, yaml, changes file and in my about page19:47
tortoisedocStskeeps : do you know if qt wayland compositor actually checks input mask for mouse (set  for example via setMask)?19:47
Stskeepstortoisedoc: not in detail sorry19:47
tortoisedocdang :(19:47
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Stskeepsask during daytime perhaps, giucam might know19:47
* tortoisedoc writes down note with naem19:47
tortoisedocnow for something completely different :)19:48
* tortoisedoc wonders if there is harbour limitation on ads?19:48
tortoisedocstephg -> rum bottles19:48
stephgeven better19:49
tortoisedocive got me own here19:49
tortoisedocit certainly does not mention ads in the "nono" list on the harbour faq19:49
tortoisedocso I would imagine it being ok?19:50
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stephgStskeeps if you have a sec a bit confused about the current structure of the piratepad19:55
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:55
Stskeepsmm the chair is cybette isn't it19:56
Stskeepsno, netzvieh19:57
stephgthis week looks to be tbr (unless I'm looking at the wrong one)19:57
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stephgok I might be on the wrong one then19:57
stephgthanking you :)19:58
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* tbr is NOT aware of being the chair of anything, JFTR!20:01
Stskeepstbr: yeah, i think he got the original etherpad20:01
stephgyeah, someone should delete this:
Stskeepsnetzvieh: you volunteered as chair at last meeting?20:01
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* Stskeeps obsoletes old etherpad20:02
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netzviehStskeeps: jep20:03
*** Nekron has quit IRC20:04
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stephgso question to everyone, can anyone think of a (harbour compliant) way of sending a dbus message on RPM install?20:10
tbryou can't run scripts, so that's out20:13
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Stskeepsstephg: perhaps some context?20:14
tbrI suspect you'll have to resort to "first start" instead20:14
stephgsure: ambiences, you install a jolla ambience from the store (i.e. the nfc detects it calls the store which pulls it down) somewhere in that process something sends a message to ambienced saying 'here are the new files, add them to your db'20:15
stephgwhen you do it via pkcon obvs none of that happens20:15
stephgyou can %post a systemctl-user restart of ambienced and it will see them, but that's a nono20:16
stephgassuming 3rd-party ambiences behave in the same way on the store then it doesn't matter if one were happy that being the only method of distribution; if not then everything has to be packaged twice20:20
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stephgtbr, the problem in this case is there's nothing to run20:40
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tbrstephg: noticed, didn't expect that...20:48
tbrstephg: file question on TJC, make noise, poke jollans20:48
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos20:49
stephgokies, will do, have added it to the pirate pad20:49
netzviehstephg: on which one? :D I don't see it in the community meeting pad?20:52
stephg is nestling under BasilSemuonov's big section as it is in a general way related20:53
netzviehah I see20:54
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stephgI've only just noticed, which is extraordinary given the harbour is how very many months old, but it's spelled correctly20:56
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:56
stephg^^ woop for proper English ;)20:56
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lbtstephg: jolla uses UK english ... although the finns can throw a few z's here and there :)21:16
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