Saturday, 2014-06-07

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lpotterfaenil: works better in update 807:04
lpotterhopefully it will make it into u807:04
Morpog_PC__isn't u8 after that summerbreak?07:04
Morpog_PC__sounds like plenty of time07:06
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JonniMorpog_PC__: 'plenty' is relative term, feature deadlines for u8 are closing very soon before it goes into testing.07:18
Morpog_PC__oh ok, thought everything gets moved a bit because of the summerbreak07:19
Morpog_PC__so it's more like still working on stuff but no release trouble :)07:20
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lpotterQA takes it's time to make sure the update is the best it can be07:31
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faenilMorpog_PC__, no wait07:41
faenilisn't update 8 in July? Jonni07:41
faenilthe skipped one is August, iirc07:41
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faenilgood morning btw o/07:42
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Morpog_PC__faenil, ah ok, thought u8 is after summerbreak07:51
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faenilthat's what I remember at least07:55
faenillpotter, works better as in?07:55
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stephgmorning chaps and chapesses08:18
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Stskeepsgood morning stephg08:18
stephgI have a day to tinker today, apart from having to go to Ikea, and get food08:19
Stskeepsi thought it'd be a ikea day for me today, too08:19
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ppthe meatballs are not a lie!08:31
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps08:31
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Stskeepstbr: mystery solved regarding redirects, you need to be an op in target channel08:35
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mikma__where are you redirecting us anyway08:39
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tbrStskeeps: correct08:54
tbrStskeeps: and if you invite chanserv to the originating channel, the redirect shouldn't drop08:55
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* Stskeeps enables..08:58
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tbryou broke freenode ;)09:03
Stskeepsreminds me of once at university.. i was working on a research project related to DECT and positioning.. i managed to crash the entire department telephony system, all phones went offline..09:03
Stskeepsi decided it was a good time to go home09:03
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Stskeepsit was a nice repeat of when i was 3 years old and applied nice 220v to my brothers's computer through plugging in two nicely hanging plugs under the table ..which happened to enter into the screen port of the computer09:05
Stskeepsnice sparks09:05
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wazdStskeeps: a hacker to the bones :D09:11
wazdhi all09:11
Stskeepsmoo wazd09:11
coderusyeah! libpurple in the repos, thanks!09:12
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camerisHi, I'm using a c++ class set as root context in qml. The class contains a QList which I'm using as model for a ListView. The delegates have a ContextMenu and remorseAction that call the class to remove an index, ofc this emits a signal. When this happens  the view always jumps to the first item in the view. Is this normal behaiviour? Shouldn't the screen stay where it is?09:14
coderuscameris: set currentIndex: -1 to ListView09:15
tortoisedocupdate? update? yes?09:15
Stskeepsit's a saturday09:15
coderusStskeeps: no updates on weekend?09:15
cameriscoderus: thx! will try.09:15
coderuscameris: and how you reload model in ListView?09:17
Stskeepscoderus: well, it's usually not the best idea in the world09:17
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cameriscoderus: the class has Q_PROPERTY with NOTIFY09:18
coderusStskeeps: in the democracy world :D09:18
cameris... on the QList09:18
coderuscameris: i mean QML side09:18
coderuscameris: so you have no additional actions on this?09:18
cameriscoderus: why would I need it on QML side? isn't that the whole point of the signal thing?09:19
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coderuscameris: this is probably wont work, because notifying model to change will reload model, and list will be jumped to top09:19
coderuscameris: you should convert your model to listmodel in QML and synchronize witj QList09:20
camerisgot any examples?09:20
coderuscameris: or implement simple C++ QAbstractListModel based on your QList09:20
coderuscameris: first one just copy/remove values to/from ListModel in QML09:20
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coderusand for QAbstractListModel read reference :)09:23
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coderusits long story09:23
coderusStskeeps: is it only openssl 1.0.1h delayed release?09:24
Stskeepsnot really involved there09:24
Stskeepsbut security is important09:24
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faenilI guess having plain text password accessible as nemo:nemo doesn't count as security? :D09:25
Stskeepsouch :)09:26
faenil"nobody" even released a hotfix for that though...09:26
Stskeepswell, there's no such thing as a 1-day hotfix.. or a feature.. :P09:27
cameriscoderus: thx, think I will try QAbstactListModel, don't get the other approach.09:27
coderuscameris: good, it's better to make proper model09:27
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cameriswhile where at models an views: Later I need a page with buttons. Is it possible for a  GridView that some delegates are just placeholders (not visible) while others a actual buttons?09:35
tortoisedoccover:undefined still gives me the cover :/09:35
tortoisedocany chance to get rid of it alltogeher?09:35
cameris*... others are actual buttons?09:36
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*** remarc_ is now known as remarc09:56
MSameertortoisedoc: I don't think there is a way to remove covers from all apps09:58
MSameeryou will have to modify lipstick AFAICT (not sure)09:58
coderuscameris: why?09:58
tortoisedocMSameer : only my app is would enough :)09:58
tortoisedocMSameer : *only my app is enough :)09:58
tortoisedocsorry perhaps I was unclear09:59
coderustortoisedoc: you dont want your app showed in tasks?09:59
tortoisedoccoderus : if possible, not09:59
coderustortoisedoc: its not possible :)09:59
coderusif you have window you will be showed in tasks :)09:59
coderusits wayland window manager feature10:00
coderustortoisedoc: the only option is dynamically destroy and create view10:00
tortoisedoccoderus : X window had this feature10:00
MSameertortoisedoc: that worked for me10:00
MSameerha you want to remove it from switcher10:01
coderustortoisedoc: but its different behaviour than X ;)10:01
tortoisedoccoderus : :P10:01
coderustortoisedoc: it always draw if app have window10:02
tortoisedoccoderus : yes, I recall something like that from the lipstick code10:02
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tortoisedocso far I got the app to show the cover only when opening10:03
tortoisedocbut since I start it once10:03
tortoisedoc*when opening -> when raising10:03
MSameercheck the lipstick code10:03
tortoisedocthen just hide it10:03
MSameermaybe there are hacks10:03
tortoisedocevery time I re-raise it, it shows the cover for a few seonds10:03
coderustortoisedoc: its not actual cover when opening, it's just placeholder for app10:03
coderustortoisedoc: drawed by lipstick10:04
tortoisedochmm ok10:04
tortoisedocso cover:undefined might actually work10:04
tortoisedocand problem is in the placeholder10:04
tortoisedocnot being "disabled"10:04
coderusyou can't remove it, it hardcoded :)10:04
coderusapp activated -> draw placeholder10:04
coderusin any cases10:04
tortoisedoc(if possible or not, is to be defined)10:04
coderusit replaces loading animation and app splashscreen10:05
tortoisedocok, so two options10:05
tortoisedoceither i do not minimize the app (and make it invisble somehow)10:05
tortoisedocor I wait until there is a feature for disabling placeholders10:06
tortoisedoc(aka I push a pull-request to git for lipstick?)10:06
tortoisedocmaybe first option is more correct10:08
coderusyou can make your application do prestart job10:08
tortoisedoccoderus : no->why?10:08
coderusand  make your UI lightweight10:08
coderusand just create/destroy view on demand10:09
tortoisedocand create / destroy it when raising it?10:09
tortoisedocbut that will always show placeholder?10:09
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coderussame as silica platform apps10:09
cameriscoderus: what do you mean by why? I need a page with placeable buttons (column/row).10:10
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos10:10
coderuscameris: GridView is for model representation10:10
camerisyeah, and buttons are added/removed by the user dynamically10:11
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos10:11
camerisisn't that something you use a model for?10:11
coderuscameris: gridview -> check gallery for example :)10:12
coderusthis is gridview for :)10:12
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC10:13
cameriscoderus: seen it. but if I could abuse this by telling the delegeate: if (model.modelData.type == placeholder) invisible = true else Rectangle{ ... }. it would function as a grid.10:14
*** Sequenced has quit IRC10:15
coderuscameris: sure, do tricks you want :)10:15
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos10:17
MSameercameris: what are you trying to do?10:17
camerisIn general the user should be able to create/remove/place buttons on a page (in a raster).10:20
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tortoisedoccameris : sequentially or in a random order?10:23
tortoisedoc(i.e. in random places on the page)10:23
camerisA Problem that I see, if for example I would create them on page init: Page { Component.onComplete { load_buttons() } } it will have an impact on performance with many buttons. While with a view only buttons that are visible on Screen get created/loaded10:24
cameristortoisedoc: random places10:24
MSameercameris: that's expected10:24
camerislike Button(column, row)10:24
tortoisedoccameris : is the max nr of buttons on screen fixed?10:25
MSameerdelegate: Loader { visible: model.modelData.type != placeholder; source: visible ? Qt.resolvedUrl("MyDelegate.qml") : ""10:26
MSameerdelegate: Loader { visible: model.modelData.type != placeholder; source: visible ? Qt.resolvedUrl("MyDelegate.qml") : "" }10:26
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos10:26
MSameerdelegate: Loader { width: XXX; height: YYY; visible: model.modelData.type != placeholder; source: visible ? Qt.resolvedUrl("MyDelegate.qml") : "" }10:26
*** TMavica has quit IRC10:26
MSameercameris: you can base on that delegate and use a GridView maybe?10:26
MSameerI think you dont set width and height for GridView delegates10:27
* MSameer is too lazy to look it up10:27
camerisMSameer: that's what I was thinking.10:27
camerisand from the index on the model I can calc the row/column (for saving the layout)10:28
cameristhx MSameer10:28
MSameerview.width/cellWidth = cellsPerRow10:29
MSameercellsPerRow % index10:30
cameristhat was a statement rather then a question. thx10:30
MSameerok :)10:30
camerisbut one more thing10:30
MSameeronly 1 question per day :P10:30
camerisok, then I will ask tomorrow ^^10:31
MSameercameris: just ask as much as you want :)10:31
MSameerjust take care when you are using the loader like that because you will get some funny stuff to happen with the QtQuick context10:32
MSameerI can't recall all the details10:32
MSameerI remember I had issues but can't even recall the code10:32
camerisMSameer: would this work as an alternative to Loader? delegate: Item{ visible: ...type != placeholder; Label { text: ...type != placeholder ? ...buttonText : "" }. would it have a great impact on performance/memory usage?10:41
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos10:41
MSameercameris: it's a simple element so maybe it will work10:44
MSameerbut then I'd remove the parent Item as it's not needed10:44
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MSameercameris: you cal also do it:10:44
MSameerComponent {10:44
MSameerid: myComponent10:45
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MSameerItem { Label {} } }10:45
camerisofc the actual component would be more complex10:45
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MSameerthen delegate: Loader { sourceComponent: ..type == .. ? myComponent : undefined10:45
*** Sailor6744 has joined #sailfishos10:46
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cameriswould it also be possible to do the same thing without creating the placeholders in the model? what I mean is just have a list of actual buttons in the model and dont create the placeholder buttons.10:49
MSameeri think I don't fully understand what you are trying to do10:49
MSameerbut I need to go out now so I apologize for not being able to follow up now :/10:50
camerisnp. maybe another time.10:50
cameristhx for the help and ideas so far10:50
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stephgyey finally ambience packages that build that include the (currently empty) translations15:54
stephg... or not15:57
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos16:15
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:22
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos16:24
DrIDKI have no sound on my jolla.... but calling works.. :(16:37
coderusDrIDK: details?16:39
DrIDKcoderus: I was late for my work several times ! Cause the alarm didn't ring16:40
coderusDrIDK: just alarm?16:40
DrIDKno, all16:40
DrIDKexept the call16:40
coderusbut you hear talk when calling?16:40
Morpog_PC___so maybe loudspeaker dead?16:41
Morpog_PC___can this be tested with csd tool?16:41
DrIDKactually, when I make a call,, and turn on the speaker, it doesn't work16:41
Morpog_PC___sounds like a case for jolla care then16:41
DrIDKI m going to bring it back to repair16:42
DrIDKis there a place ?16:43
*** dharman has joined #sailfishos16:57
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stephgkimmoli: lbt: fwiw:
stephgnow I gotta make dinner17:20
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:20
kimmolistephg: \o thanks17:23
kimmolinow i'll update the sdk wizard... where is mi winmerge?17:24
*** dharman has quit IRC17:25
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC17:25
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:25
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos17:26
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos17:27
vgradestephg: nice work17:28
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos17:30
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC17:30
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC17:31
stephgthx guys17:32
stephgkimmoli: that was all on linux so you shouldn't have conversion trouble if you're careful17:32
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:33
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos17:36
vgradestephg: lets hope a way can be found to accept works built on this into hardour17:36
kimmoliwill  the "black market" jolla app store be called mordor ?17:37
*** gexc has quit IRC17:38
vgradeneeds to pirate related I guess17:38
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:39
kimmoliTortuga then17:39
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos17:41
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:41
stephgvgrade: yeah I'm sure they will, as I say, that's the official one hacked up to work.17:43
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos17:43
stephgnow going to make 6 or 7 this evening (all without sound, am no sound designer) and whack on openrepos17:43
kimmolistephg: you can also then testdrive the wizard with maybe few last ones17:44
*** arcean has quit IRC17:44
stephgwizard? (I've not installed the warehouse nor ever submitted anything before_17:44
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC17:45
kimmoliSDK wizard i mean17:45
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:48
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:49
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*** leszek has joined #sailfishos18:01
leszekharbour is down ?18:01
leszekah up again18:02
*** sclukey has quit IRC18:02
leszekhmm... 503 bad gateway was the error I got when trying 10 minutes ago18:02
leszekor for 10 minutes :P18:02
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos18:08
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kimmolimy rdp clipboard is broken18:39
kimmolistephg: better
kimmoliin windows, dos2unix to .spec is needed18:40
*** freddeloy2 has quit IRC18:41
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos18:41
kimmolithis will save the search-and-replace pain... for those who use sdk ..18:42
stephgkimmoli brilliant18:44
stephgdinner but will have a play in an hour or so18:44
kimmolime too18:45
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:49
*** alin has quit IRC18:51
tortoisedoclooking into lipstick18:52
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos18:52
tortoisedoci noticed a CATEGORY property is assigned to all windows18:52
tortoisedocis there a list of values available for this?18:52
tortoisedoc*for this property I mean18:52
*** kunev has quit IRC18:53
*** Almehdin has quit IRC18:54
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*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC19:02
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:02
tortoisedocseems notifications rely on this property...19:03
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos19:06
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stephgso how do I invoke the wizard? I see all the variables, so I edit the xml and then?19:53
kimmolijust extract it to a folder in the path in readme19:54
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:54
kimmolithe restart sdk19:54
kimmolithen Create Project, and you should see Jolla Ambience under the SaifishOS gategory19:55
kimmoliif you give your project name "template" it should create close identical to what you already made19:57
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos19:57
tortoisedocnow i see19:58
tortoisedocapps started from command line are not visible in the task switcher19:58
tortoisedoc(command line == finger term)19:58
stephgkimmoli: weird: Cannot open /home/steph/SailfishOS/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/qtcreator-ambience-wizard/README.jolla for reading: No such file or directory19:58
stephgit is there though19:58
stephgcapital J versus j19:58
tortoisedocso the task switcher icon is probably added by the invoker?19:58
FireFlytortoisedoc: huh, should be if it's a graphical app I think19:58
FireFlylike, try running `fingerterm` in fingerterm19:59
FireFlyshould get you a second window with the first one being busy running the second one19:59
FireFlyDunno if fingerterm is "special"19:59
tortoisedochmm ok20:00
kimmolistephg: will fix20:00
tortoisedocFirefly : via sshy20:00
stephgkimmoli: that's really cool :)20:00
tortoisedocFirefly : via *ssh20:00
tortoisedocFireFly : try starting an app via putty, and it will not show20:00
tortoisedoci believe it might have something to do with the DISPLA?20:00
stephgonly thing I would change would be to lowercase the Title in files/folders etc.20:00
tortoisedoc*DISPLAY damnit20:00
specialtortoisedoc: what application are you running20:00
stephgbut other than that it's super easy :)20:00
specialDISPLAY is an x11 thing, it does not exist with wayland20:01
tortoisedocspecial   : some test app :)20:01
specialand invoker is (almost entirely) unrelated to the switcher20:01
FireFlyoops sorry for the accidental highlight special20:01
tortoisedocaah true20:01
FireFlytortoisedoc: even over ssh it seems to open a task-switcher window for me20:01
tortoisedocspecial : do you know anything about the CATEGORIES property of a window?20:02
specialyes, works fine over ssh20:02
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC20:02
specialtortoisedoc: I guess you're doing something non-Qt?20:02
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:02
*** leszek has quit IRC20:02
tortoisedocspecial : nono, all qt, but I set the CATEGORY of the window to Dialog20:03
*** NindroidX has joined #sailfishos20:03
tortoisedocbecause? :P20:03
FireFlyMaybe that screws things upp20:03
tortoisedocwhat does the CATEGORY property control? all i can see from lipstick is that it is exposed to qml20:03
specialit's for special types of windows20:04
kimmolistephg: will check lowercases20:04
tortoisedocspecial : are these "special" documented somewhere?20:04
tortoisedoc*"special" types20:04
stephgkimmoli: also what would it do with spaces :)20:04
specialno, they're internal details of lipstick-jolla-home20:04
*** nodevel has quit IRC20:04
*** filippz has quit IRC20:04
tortoisedocdang :|20:04
stephgkimmoli: that is *really* great though20:04
kimmolispaces, dontknow20:04
special"cover" is one, if I remember correctly. Because silica uses a separate window for the application window and the cover20:04
specialI think keyboard has a different window category20:05
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:05
tortoisedocwhich one?20:05
coderuscant write sigle line of code 2 days :D20:05
*** faenil has quit IRC20:05
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos20:05
specialwhy is the default category not the right one for you?20:06
kimmolistephg: Did yo give projectr name with Capital Letter20:06
kimmoliok, it can change that lowercase if needed in some places, will check20:06
tortoisedocspecial : i am experimenting with popup windows20:06
specialtortoisedoc: "dialog" windows don't get an entry in the switcher.20:06
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC20:07
tortoisedocspecial : yes, that seems to be 90% correct, what happens is that the switcher shows an entry for the testapp only upon start, but then it disappears20:07
special"dialog" is used for system dialogs overlaying the current application, like the connectivity dialog20:07
tortoisedocso perhaps a glitch somewhere in window manager?20:07
specialmore likely that your window is shown with the wrong category at first.20:08
tortoisedocspecial: ok that confirms that "dialog" seems a good candidate for me20:08
specialthese are all undocumented details, none of them are guaranteed to not change20:08
tortoisedocdidnt think of that20:08
tortoisedocyea, I know :|20:08
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos20:10
tortoisedocim taking the risk tho :)20:11
tortoisedocalso in hindsight of seeing these undocumented / closed parts made open at some point20:12
kimmolistephg: pushed20:16
tortoisedocthis doesnt add up20:18
tortoisedocdebugging the app gives the correct behavior -> ie no switcher window20:19
tortoisedocrunning from on-device, however, shows the switcher window for a few seconds20:19
tortoisedoc(running it from on-device === starting app from icon launcher)20:20
*** faenil has quit IRC20:20
specialthe correct way to set category is to call QWindow::create(), then QGuiApplication::platformNativeInterface()->setWindowProperty(handle(), "CATEGORY", "dialog")20:22
special(abbreviated from actual code)20:22
tortoisedocspecial : thanks, that is the way I am handling it20:22
specialthat should be done before show() is called on the window.20:22
tortoisedocI am calling Sailfhisapp::createView20:22
tortoisedocwhich might be the reason20:22
tortoisedochmm which actually creates a view, not a window..20:23
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:24
speciala view is a window20:24
specialQQuickView inherits QQuickWindow which inherits QWindow20:24
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:25
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stephgkimmoli: you have a pull request coming your way :)20:38
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC20:39
*** Nekron has joined #sailfishos20:39
*** Hijackal has quit IRC20:39
stephg(and you still have a lowercase README.jolla in wizard.xml)20:39
*** onurati has quit IRC20:41
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC20:42
kimmolii did renamve file to .jolla ?20:43
stephgkimmoli: that's weird20:45
stephgso you did20:45
*** Dazzozo has quit IRC20:45
*** Dazzozo has joined #sailfishos20:45
kimmolifuu this broken clipboard20:45
*** lynxis has joined #sailfishos20:46
kimmolibut merged20:48
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos20:49
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stephghmm something about the way we're donig the sounds now is breaking ambienced21:08
*** Nirkus has joined #sailfishos21:08
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stephg(or may just be me)21:12
*** ced117 has joined #sailfishos21:14
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stephgno it was just me21:21
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*** sclukey has joined #sailfishos21:37
MSameerstephg: what sounds?21:41
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos21:44
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:50
stephgMSameer: ignore me, I'd misread an ambienced warning whilst making a new ambience21:52
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