Sunday, 2014-06-15

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faenillpotter, ping00:53
faenilmy phone still doesn't let me enable 3g data (and it's not an operator issue anymore)00:53
faenil(I haven't reboot yet to help debug this though)00:54
faenilif you happen to read here instead of having a relaxing sunday with family, let me know the steps to debug and the things you need to know, and I'll report when I wake up ;)00:57
faenilgood night people00:57
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lpotterrelax? with family?!?01:29
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Titan_Arumwhen is the next nexus  4 update due to be released?05:45
Stskeepshopefully early next week05:46
Stskeepsor, in jolla terms, "soon"05:47
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cos-has the latest update been a disaster for everyone? at least my phone reboots or asks pin almost all the time07:27
cos-before the update it worked quite well so i'm pretty confident it's a software issue07:28
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Nicd-what is INCLUDEPATH relative to?07:34
Nicd-what dir?07:34
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Stskeepscos-: contact care, IMHO07:39
elenrilit seems that this update failed to write the proper kernel, for some reason07:41
elenrilit rewrote the custom kernel i had in there, but with an old build from 201307:41
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cos-Stskeeps: will do07:49
Morpog_PCcos-, no, latest update is not a disaster at all07:56
Morpog_PCeverything runs stable here07:56
Nicd-has been running fine for me too07:56
cos-oh, must be a hardware issue then07:57
cos-it just started about the same time i upgraded07:57
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scharelgood morning, does anyone know how long it lasts for an app to appear in store after it got approved by the QA?08:02
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icanprogramStskeeps, I've got a but report. My system UI is 'off'. When I'm on the lock screen, the battery and 3G connections are slightly visible (so as if I dragged up a bit). When I'm on the home screen and I have 3 or more open apps so that the whole screen is filled with covers, the covers are too high and overlap the favorite apps. I can't close apps by swiping from the top anymore, only by long pressing on home. I tried to reboot/change08:11
icanprogramambiance but that didn't help. I also tried to reset to factory settings, but that didn't do anything.08:11
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giucamicanprogram: for the swipe to close, are you sure you have it enabled?08:20
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icanprogramgiucam, it was working yesterday, when do you disable/enable it?08:45
giucamicanprogram: in settings, shortucts page08:46
icanprogramOk nice :p08:46
icanprogramScratch the swipe to close thing08:46
icanprogramRest of the issue still stands08:46
giucami'm afraid i don't have a setting for them ;)08:47
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tortoisedochey all09:10
tortoisedocseems qurl loads from qrc: if a ressource file is embedded in the exe09:10
tortoisedoc(by default)09:10
tortoisedocanyone else noticed the same?09:10
tortoisedoceveryone on a vacation? ;)09:11
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coderustortoisedoc: what you mean?09:24
faenillpotter, but you didn't leave instructions! XD09:30
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lpotterfaenil: journal logs09:52
faenillpotter, logs of *when*09:54
faenilit's 10mb buffer, it only keeps the last hour of life09:54
faenil(with all the kernel debug spamming that sailfish currently does :D)09:54
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faenilcan I trigger some useful logging by tapping on some data button? don't know09:57
faenillike flight mode on/off09:57
faenildon't know09:57
lpottermaybe. those logs bz down quite well10:00
faenilalso, do I need the connman tracking stuff?10:02
faenil(but if that requires a reboot it's not useful in this case)10:02
lpotterya, that requires a reboot, or restart of conman10:05
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faenillpotter, ok, I guess not worth it without the tracing pkg10:28
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faenilwe'll never reproduce this :( network outage was quite a useful case...10:29
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faenillpotter, it seems there's definitely a "conn error" loop, there are few people reporting it in the hotfix thread11:03
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tigelifaenil: it's not really a loop11:10
faenilyeah well, that thing that shows an error for 100 times ;)11:11
tigelifaenil: wpa_s still shows the wlan ssid available and connman tries to connect it, if it fails it will retry11:11
faeniluntil it desists, and permanently disables my data :D11:11
tigelifaenil: well the error should be suppressed :D11:11
faeniltalking about 3g here11:11
tigelifaenil: well, same thing ;)11:12
tigelifaenil: if ofono fails to setup 3g, connman will retry11:12
faeniltigeli, every sec?11:12
tigelinot sure of every sec, but it will retry )11:13
tigelibefore it did not11:13
tigeliand people were complaining of that too :D11:13
faenilof course, and they were right :)11:13
faenilbut now it disabled my data and I can't enable it back :P11:13
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tigelifaenil: :D11:15
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Andy80hi huys13:32
Andy80I'm having a problem with Mitakuuluu.... I've tried to remove my account because I changed my SIM, but it didn't ask me to reuthorize13:32
Andy80and now it's trying to connect and disconnect continuously13:33
Andy80I would like to reauthorize my number.... but I don't know how to do it13:33
Andy80Account-->Remove Account is also disabled13:33
Andy80it also sayd my account expires on 197013:35
faenilcoderus, ^13:35
Andy80coderus, any idea about how I could fix it?13:36
Andy80I can't find a way to reset it all13:36
Andy80I've tried also to uninstall and reinstall but didn't help13:36
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scharelAndy80: you can try to delete mitakuuluu config and/or database14:04
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scharelthis will also delete your conversations and contacts14:05
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Andy80scharel, how can I delete the db?14:07
Andy80contacts can be resync14:07
Andy80and I don't care about old messages14:07
scharelhave you installed a file browser?14:09
scharelor have you enabled developer mode an know how to use terminal?14:09
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scharelconfig is located under /home/nemo/.config/coderus/mitakuuluu2.conf just delete that file14:11
schareldatabase is located under /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-mitakuuluu2/harbour-mitakuuluu2/database.db14:12
schareli don't know what file you have to delete, but should reset mitakuuluu14:13
Andy80ok thsnk you so much!14:14
Andy80I will try it later thanks :)14:14
scharelok, good luck, maybe coderus reads this later, he should be able to provide better help ;)14:15
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FireFlyWhere can I find information about the Sailfish for Android thing?14:49
icanprogramFireFly, XDA mostly14:50
FireFlyNot having any luck with google--all I can find is an xda-developers thread from march, but I guess things have progressed since then14:50
icanprogramNo that's the one14:50
icanprogramThe links are updated with the latest image14:50
icanprogramBut a new image should come somewhere this week14:50
icanprogramOr next14:50
icanprogramI ran the first version back in March for a day, just installed the second yesterday14:50
icanprogramPretty fun14:50
FireFlyIs it only for N4/S3 so far?14:52
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icanprogramI'm running it on the N414:53
icanprogramBut I think I saw a post about the N5 too14:54
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stephgthe N5 is coming soon hoepfully15:01
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Morpog_PCicanprogram, N5 is done by vgrade, not by Jolla16:07
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kimmoli_sailing_gr8? or just grrr ?16:17
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tortoisedocit seems android launcher icons are in /var16:17
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos16:17
tortoisedocinstead of themes16:18
tortoisedocinstead of themes16:18
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tortoisedoc*instead of themes  folder16:18
tortoisedocplus, for some reason once I embedded my qmls as ressources,  QUrl objects refer all file paths to qrc: by default16:20
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tortoisedocso definitely grrr only :P16:23
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tortoisedocweird weird16:25
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rai_Hi everybody. I have a doubt about port of sailfish os to galaxy S3. Anybody here could help?16:42
rai_Im from Brazil and the jolla cellphone wont be here so soon.16:43
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tbrrai_: I guess you have a question. If you have a question, just go ahead and ask it.16:46
rai_yes. I wanna know if there is a place where a can see wich S3 model is compact with the sailfish os ROM. A friend is selling a GT-I9300I, and I thinking about to use it.16:49
tbrI think the LTE version will come out first. I don't know which model descriptor that is.16:51
Andy80after the upgrade my Google account was disabled. I've re-enabled it, but my Android Contacts app looks almost empty. How do I force the resync of the Android Contacts?16:51
tbrI guess that's a  GT-I930516:52
tbrShare, New window16:52
tbrI would expect a community adaptation to appear for the 930016:52
tbr probably reflects the current state16:53
rai_I think the GT-I9305 its only in Brazil. So probably I will have some issues in installing.16:53
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rai_Ok. I will check in the wiki. tks!16:54
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cos-has anyone managed to transfer files from jolla to ubuntu via bluetooth?16:58
*** fracting has quit IRC16:59
cos-on maemo & harmattan devices you could 'browse device' and it would mount it via bt and copy files freely.16:59
cos-but even sending image from gallery doesn't seem to work.17:03
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MikkosssssAnyone knows dbus command to set device to loced state even to skip set time to secure device?17:20
Mikkossssshad it on N917:20
Mikkosssssand I dont know why theres that "even"17:21
MikkosssssIf you dont get it: You have set lock device time to 10min and you leave it to charge but want to be sure that none uses it during that 10min so 1. you can wait go to settings and set instant lock.17:24
Mikkosssssor with this you could just click icon and phone is locked17:24
tortoisedocMikkosssss : sounds like a good idea!17:26
tortoisedocuse dbus-monitor to find your signal17:26
tortoisedocis there a screenshot of the lock screen with all icons?17:27
tortoisedoci know the space to the left is reserved for calls / sms / notification icons17:28
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Mikkosssssthis one works on N9 dbus-send --system --type=method_call /com/nokia/mce/request string:locked;dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply /request int32:1 int32:117:48
Mikkossssshow to find it from dbus monitor17:49
KempeWeidenbaumI saw someone quote about a near leak of the hardware adaption kit? Can you define how soon? I burn to use sailfish on my Xperia ZL.17:51
kimmoli_sailing_Mikkosssss: did you try that on jolla? workd almost.17:53
kimmoli_sailing_goes to lock screen but do├ęsnt lock17:53
MikkosssssI didint think it works because there is nokia in it17:53
kimmoli_sailing_some things just works... lots of nokia inside jolla :)17:54
Stskeepsthank you for all the open sourcing17:55
Mikkosssssbut it only goes to lockscreen so its useles17:58
kimmoli_sailing_but maybe with some tinkering...17:59
kimmoli_sailing_first part works, that takes to lockscreen.18:00
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Mikkosssssbut it should take to black screen18:04
*** flywheel has joined #sailfishos18:06
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attahAnyone familiar with harbour rules.. App that messes around in ~/.cache/media-art OK or NOK?18:09
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:11
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coderusAndy80: /home/nemo/.config/coderus/mitakuuluu2.conf18:12
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coderusdatabase only contains your contacts and messages, not your settings18:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos18:12
coderusattah: ok, just use it as QDir::homePath, not harcode /home/nemo18:13
attahcoderus: excellent :) now i have no excuse not to make an album art fixer18:14
attah...although qtdocgallerymodel would have made it a lot easier..18:15
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kimmoli_sailing_cache to .cache/harbour-app/...18:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:25
kimmoli_sailing_i had to change paths like that to get approved in harbour18:25
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos18:26
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coderuskimmoli_sailing_: media-art is some system path for album arts probably?18:38
coderuswhere is Jonni? vacation? :)18:39
kimmolidont know what attah is doing... just saying that to get nemomobilethumbnailer to pass harbour, had to change caching path18:40
*** silmoc has joined #sailfishos18:40
*** leinir has quit IRC18:42
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos18:42
attahkimmoli: making an album art fixer (potentially).. is that something i'd want to look at?18:43
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has quit IRC18:43
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos18:43
kimmolithat was something was used in mitakuuluu2 with mediaselector, and i porked it into paint.18:45
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has quit IRC18:46
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* icanprogram notices that the Sailfish development banner is gone 19:40
Stskeepsprolly some update19:41
icanprogramDo those happen without prompting?19:41
icanprogramDid you see my bug report from this morning btw Stskeeps ?19:41
Stskeepsno, just when you install something else patterns might resolve19:41
Stskeepsi did but worth checking with next update19:41
*** kunev has quit IRC19:41
icanprogramWill do19:41
icanprogramWhen I think back19:42
icanprogramI think the banner disappeared at the same time as this buggy behaviour started19:42
Stskeepseverything is possible19:42
icanprogrambut seeing as I only use openrepos and not Harbour, it was probably an unsopported app19:42
*** filippz has quit IRC19:48
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icanprogramAny hints on getting mp3 support on the Android version :)?20:39
Stskeepsxda-developers forums had a lot of hints..20:40
icanprogramCool, I'll go search there20:41
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icanprogramBah, that fluendo codec isn't working for me20:58
icanprogramTime to re-encode everything to flac :p20:58
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MSameericanprogram: use gst-av21:19
icanprogramYeah I already installed just about every codec out there21:21
icanprogramTurned out all I needed was a reboot :)21:21
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coderusMSameer: do you know what audio encoders in videorecorser are available in Jolla?21:50
coderusStskeeps: do you know how to manually reinstall aliendalvik?21:50
MSameercoderus: other than aac?21:51
MSameerI think none. there might be vorbisenc (not sure)21:51
coderuswhatsapp servier rejecting video with jolla audio codec, but accepting video with removed audio :D21:52
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:52
*** icanprogram has quit IRC21:53
MSameerwhat audio does it expect?21:54
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos21:54
*** freddeloy2 has quit IRC21:55
coderusamr :)21:55
MSameerthat's not available21:56
MSameeryou can package the codec with your app though and register it with gstreamer upon startup21:57
MSameerand it will be picked up (you need to update your encoding profile)21:57
coderusany instructions? :)21:57
javispedrothe hw seems capable of accelerating amrnb encoding21:58
MSameercompile amrenc (I don't know what the element is but can check)21:58
MSameercoderus: modify the encoding profile file you ship already to use amr audio21:58
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:59
*** Penthotal has joined #sailfishos21:59
MSameercoderus: I think if you export GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH to where the plugin is then it will be picked up21:59
MSameercoderus: or you link it statically to mitakuuluu and register it during startup22:00
MSameercoderus: how to tell gstreamer about it is not the problematic part22:00
MSameerjavispedro: which hw?22:00
javispedrothe qualcomm dsp22:01
MSameerwe use sw codecs for audio22:02
MSameerI know that the hw can accelerate aac but it did not work properly22:03
javispedrooh, so then this becomes an interesting research project :)22:03
*** screwjack has quit IRC22:03
MSameerjavispedro: the kernel has everything (device wise) and code aurora has the rest ;)22:04
* javispedro adds to long list of topics =)22:04
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