Thursday, 2014-07-03

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tortoisedocharbour people08:03
tortoisedocare the stats supposed to be  updated live?08:04
tortoisedoc(like the store app?)08:04
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stephgtortoisedoc: don't think so, not yet nyways08:18
tortoisedocstephg : thanks08:18
tortoisedocI believe this is weird, as the store app does seem to be able to give live results :P08:18
tortoisedocbut I guess it will come08:18
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tortoisedocnazanin: hey, about quickbar & jolla-settings, what are the chances a jolla-settings configuration might pass harbour qa?08:24
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nazanintortoisedoc: hey :) explain more please08:26
tortoisedocnazanin: for the app closing issue you mentioned in your email; the way this was solved on the N9 was that there was a specific application setting for putting the app on / off08:26
tortoisedoc(from settings-ui)08:27
tortoisedocyou could then access this from the application-specific settings menu08:27
tortoisedocI was thinking about something similar for Jolla, but  afaik apps relying on jolla-settings might get rejected08:28
tortoisedoc(jolla-settings is the jolla counterpart of settings-ui of N9)08:28
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tortoisedoc(btw this relates to quickbar)08:30
tortoisedoc(sorry for not mentioning it stratight away)08:31
nazanintortoisedoc: well, I need to investigate this issue more, and then get back to you, is that okay? :)08:33
tortoisedocnazanin : sounds great, thanks08:33
nazanintortoisedoc: thanks for contacting :)08:33
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Nicd-ads in the quickbar? :(08:33
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tortoisedocNicd- : working on iiiit :P08:35
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tortoisedocguys you have to understand that people also have normal lives outside of sailfishos :D08:35
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Nicd-I realize that, it just means I'm not going to install it08:36
tortoisedocNicd- : thats unfortunate, but its of course ok :)08:37
ruskieI won't installit not due to ads but due to the fact I see no use for it08:37
tortoisedocoh! some feedback that makes sense!08:37
tortoisedocruskie: thanks!08:37
tortoisedocruskie : can you detail your reason more?08:37
ruskiemy phone is locked all the time when I'm not using it08:37
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ruskieand I rarely have a need to quick access an app the way quickbar offers it08:38
Nicd-tortoisedoc: why don't you release as open source and let other people contribute their time instead of ads? or is money more of a motivator to you? (honest question)08:38
ruskiemy pulley menu has 2 things in it on the lock screen... silence sounds and lock device08:38
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ruskiebecause once the device is locked all the other options other than silence are greyed out...08:39
ruskiewhich I consider an issue since instead of greyed out it should let me pick them but ask for lock code before executing anyway08:39
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tortoisedocNicd- : money is a very good motivator, im afraid (as always); the open sourcing has been considered; it is just a bit too early for this now as it is not 100% clear how well this app works, and how much better it can be made08:41
tortoisedocruskie : very good point, I did not test it with lock code08:41
ruskiebut yeah as said don't see a use case for myself for it08:41
ruskieas I don't utilise the default shortcuts on in the pulley menu as well08:42
tortoisedocruskie : so mostly the fact that you would not use it, am I understaning correctlY?08:42
tortoisedocthats ok08:42
* tortoisedoc cries a little08:42
tortoisedocthanks for your feedback08:42
tortoisedocI have been thinking about donations08:42
tortoisedocand am working on getting something into place08:43
tortoisedocbut it takes TIME grrr08:43
tortoisedoc(and services etcetc)08:43
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tortoisedocthe opensource idea is definitely a nice one08:46
ruskiehmm need to setup my alt cert8.dbs and prep the shell script to swap between them and an empty one option08:46
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nazanintortoisedoc: unfortunately the application-specific setting thingi is not supported for harbour app atm08:47
tortoisedocnazanin : ok thanks for confirming08:47
tortoisedocso I will add a "close" button :)08:48
nazanintortoisedoc: great :)08:48
tortoisedocSK_work : stop reverse-eng my apps :P08:59
tortoisedoc(and brag about it in the jolla store comments :P:P)09:00
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tortoisedoci hate gimp >_<09:17
tortoisedoc(even tho I love it)09:17
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SK_worktortoisedoc: why not09:33
SK_worktortoisedoc: it"'s your fault hiding everything09:33
tortoisedochiding everything? :P09:34
tortoisedocah you mean the qml?09:34
tortoisedocfor the record, i plan to publish the smaato sdk09:34
tortoisedoc(which is basically just an edit to make it work on qtquick2)09:35
tortoisedocbut do you want that?09:35
tortoisedocconsidering you are against ads :P09:35
SK_worktortoisedoc: :D09:40
SK_workwell I want a way to opt out of ads09:40
coderusSK_work: hack qrc and remove and manually? :)09:40
SK_workwell, your app will allow me to test some nice stuff09:40
SK_workcoderus: indeed, custom qrc loader :)09:41
coderuscuston qrc-like loader? :)09:41
SK_workcoderus: thinking of this or LD_PRELOAD09:42
SK_workdon't know which is better09:42
SK_workbut don't have time to hack until WE09:42
coderusem, what point of hack?09:43
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SK_workcoderus: provide a patched qtCore / qtqml etc for dumping qrc, or having a LD_PRELOAD to do this etc.09:44
coderusaha :)09:44
tortoisedocSK_work : no need, in next release there will be "Donate" button :)09:44
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tortoisedocSK_works : do you plan to use it?09:44
tortoisedoc(the donate button)09:45
coderustortoisedoc: if paypal then yes :)09:45
tortoisedocyes, paypal :)09:45
coderustortoisedoc: make like my mitakuuluu does09:45
tortoisedoccoderus : how does it?09:46
coderusand also add enable ads button :D09:46
tortoisedocyes I was thinking to give the option09:46
tortoisedoceither ads09:46
tortoisedocor support button09:46
tortoisedocbut problem is that currently i wont be able to hide the support button :/09:46
coderusyou shouldnt hide it09:46
coderussome peoples donating not only once :)09:47
tortoisedocbut on quickbar it will be on front all the time :(09:47
tortoisedocits not so nice09:47
tortoisedoc(or not perfect)09:47
coderusah, you should add it in settings aparently ;)09:47
tortoisedocquickbar has no settings :D09:47
coderusin quickbar you can add it like own ad09:47
coderusyou should add settings!09:47
tortoisedocbut people do not like ads :D09:47
* tortoisedoc is confused!09:47
coderusbut it will be your own ad09:48
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coderuslike my app -> buy me a beer09:48
tortoisedocsounds nice09:48
coderusand disable ad for a (week, month?)09:48
coderusor show it once after reboot, or something like so09:48
tortoisedocso mitakuulu shows ads too?09:49
Nicd-it doesn't09:50
coderustortoisedoc: no, i'm talking about donate buttons :)09:53
tortoisedoccoderus : ah ok just wanted to make sure )09:53
coderusi'm thinking million of times about monetizing app...09:54
tortoisedoccoderus : do not do ads :P09:54
tortoisedocit seems people do not like them :D09:54
coderusyep, because i dont like ads myself09:54
tortoisedoc(at least in my experience)09:55
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coderusi'm thinking about platform-targeted ads09:55
coderuslike new app in store: try it09:55
coderusin form of fake messages09:55
Nicd-fake messages?09:56
coderuswith engine for checking if app is really installed or not09:56
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ppfree game, 1e to remove ads, extra for "paid content" seems okish09:56
ppcoderus: pay 2e to make font non-comic sans might work for you?09:57
coderuspp: i'm f**ng iap with freedom in android :D09:57
coderuspp: no09:57
coderuspp: i'm talking about really useful ads09:57
coderuswith no payment09:57
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coderusjust some developer might ask me to add his app to ads batabase09:58
ppyea, might work09:58
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos09:58
coderusand it will send fake message to users09:58
ppcomic sans trick is pretty clever tho, seems to have worked for libressl09:58
coderusoption for not loosing messages :D10:00
coderusoption for not disconnect every 5 minutes :D10:00
coderusoption to allow send media messages :D10:01
coderusahahaha :D10:01
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC10:01
ppoption to not "autocorrect" messages10:01
coderusand option to give me some extra brain to solve issues :D10:01
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goroboroI'm looking at adding timed type events to an application I am developing...10:29
goroboroso I've looked at the timedclient and qmlclock code on github10:30
goroborowhat I really want to avoid is rewriting a whole alarm type interface in my app10:30
goroborois there any way to load a prewritten alarm interface and pass it an application with commandline params to trigger an event10:31
goroborothe idea is basically this... I am quite happy with the Jolla clock alarm setup... but instead of waking up to a beeping sound every morning... I would prefer to load a particular internet radio stream10:32
goroboroso I have built an app to store radio streams etc... and it accepts command line params to autoplay a selected stream id10:33
goroborobut I want to make an easy way to set an alarm event to trigger that10:33
goroboroI could just write a whole new interface to set alarms etc... but that seems overkill10:33
goroboroI mean... what if I want to write several apps that are able to trigger events10:34
goroborodo I have to write the same qml interface over and over for each app that I want this?10:34
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goroboroso I guess what I am asking is... is there some way that I can load some alternate app and pass it the command line item that I want to trigger... and then allow the alternate app to handle setting the alarm?10:36
goroboroI suppose I could write something like this... but my abilities and time are somewhat restricted... so I was hoping that something like this would already be out there10:37
ruskiemaybe use fcron for that10:37
ruskiethough I believe systemd has some support for cron like functionality as well10:38
goroborommmm I thought about that... but I actually don't care so much about the backend that triggers the event... its more about writing an interface to set alarms over and over again10:39
goroboroI am sure that there are loads of apps that could do with this sort of functionality10:39
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coderusgsettings on Jolla not connected with dconf as in ubuntu?11:36
Jonni_depends what you mean by gsettings11:41
*** Jonni_ is now known as Jonni11:43
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Jonniwe did change MGConfItem to use dconf instead of gconf backend, but afaik we havent been using gsettings.11:44
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coderusi mean gsettings cli tool11:46
coderusin ubuntu i can use dconf or gsettings and they're changing same values11:46
coderusin Jolla i see gsettings contains only freedesktop keys, not other11:46
coderus(maybe caused by lack of schemas, not investigated yet)11:47
coderusjust asking at the moment11:47
Jonniah yes, in jolla we use dconf to change dconf values. Most likely we just havent even tried to use gsettings to change the dconf values.11:47
Jonniand root vs nemo user has different keys11:48
coderusof course11:48
coderusi'm just migrating from QSettings to dconf because of some weird bug:
coderusafter lipstick crash/restart/reboot my qsettings are broken11:49
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Jonniwell that bug doesnt really show that qsettings conf file would be broken, atleast It doesnt show the contents of the conf file nor say that it would be 0 bytes11:51
Jonnimihgt as well just be connman and network connection troubles that makes client think that register is needed.11:51
coderusi have some conf files after lipstick crash11:51
Jonniand the files are broken?11:51
coderusit have just some vaules unset after crash11:51
coderusand i have two different processes using same qsettings and frequently call sync after changing settings to force it update on the other side11:53
Jonnisounds quite wierd, if there are clear steps to repro, then I would suggest filing bug for it in qt bugzilla.11:53
coderusi'll do that after quick fixing my app with different settings backend :)11:53
coderusbecause it 100% broking qsettings after lipstick crash -> compositor crash -> all apps exiting because of compositor crash -> all my qsettings syncs are destroying unexpectedly11:54
Jonniwell yes dconf has been working quite well, but we do have some apps ugins qsettings, so if there really is bug then fixing it would be nice11:54
coderusi didnt tested it with single process usage11:55
coderuswill test it after update release and let you know ;)11:55
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danielbeck_Hello! Is it possible to simulate a "screen rotation" in the emulator?13:36
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kaltsidanielbeck_: I don't know how.. I was following your story in #jollamobile just now, have you specified allowedOrientations to your application?13:37
*** tat has joined #sailfishos13:38
danielbeck_kaltsi: I don't think so. I will look this evening. Where should I specify "allowedOrientations"?13:38
kaltsidanielbeck_: you could also check the 'Sailfish Silica Component' demo application in the emulator13:38
kaltsior the component gallery that is.. it has an orientation page13:39
danielbeck_For information: my appliation is WebApp display by QML/Webkit13:39
kaltsiits sources are in the 'examples' section of the qt creator welcome page13:39
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC13:39
kaltsiif you have a Page {} element, it could be as simple as adding the allowedOrientations there13:40
danielbeck_OK, I will check it where. thanks kaltsi.13:40
danielbeck_Ah, ok, that sounds easy.13:40
kaltsiyw.. I'll try to find out how to tell the emulator to change its orientation.. it might not yet be possible13:40
danielbeck_but testing it will be difficult, if virtualbox doesn't allow screen orientation.13:40
danielbeck_ah, yes, that would be nice.13:41
kaltsithat orientation page on the demo app lets you choose its orientation.. so at least you should be able to do that13:41
kaltsibut the end result will anyways be that the emulator screen stays in portrait mode, the content might be in landscape13:42
*** tat has quit IRC13:45
*** Nc_ has quit IRC13:45
*** tat has joined #sailfishos13:45
Morpog_PCkaltsi, how about having 2 emulator entries in virtualbox, one in portrait and one in landscape? Would be great to have thta. unfortunately if you change the resolution atm for the existing emulator V;, it won't recognize it as landscape.13:47
Morpog_PCyou can change the resolution like that:  VBoxManage setextradata "SailfishOS Emulator"13:48
Morpog_PC "CustomVideoMode1" "960x540x32"13:48
kaltsithe long term goal is to not use virtualbox's own window but own skin with rdp viewer13:48
danielbeck_Morpog_PC: In my case, I really need a screen orientation, because the app dynamically loads other graphic ressources.13:48
Morpog_PCdanielbeck_, sure, I just tried to suggest kaltsi a solution for future sailfishOS SDK releases :)13:49
danielbeck_ah :-)13:49
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC13:49
Morpog_PCbut his long term goal sounds better :D13:49
danielbeck_kaltsi: are you a developer of the sailfishOS SDK13:49
*** chiromante has quit IRC13:50
danielbeck_Ah, nice. I  really appreciate the SDK. At the end, it was quite easy to port the application on SailfishOS.13:50
kaltsithanks, nice to hear :)13:51
danielbeck_Much easier as making it run on Ubuntu Touch :-)13:51
kaltsithe emulator part needs a lot of work and we have very limited resources to do it.. I hope to get something done about it after the summer13:51
*** inte is now known as inte_away13:52
*** Mystery47 has joined #sailfishos13:53
danielbeck_The emulator is already quite good. It's fast.13:53
kaltsiit's running x86 code in that virtualbox, which makes it faster than trying to emulate an arm device with for example qemu13:55
danielbeck_Ubuntu and SailfishOS both uses QML and QtCreator. The SDK of SailfishOS is much more stable than ubuntu touch. On the other side, Ubuntu Touch will release quite a lot of nice software and libraries.13:55
danielbeck_Are there any synergie?13:55
*** SK_Sailfish has joined #sailfishos13:56
kaltsinot at the moment no..13:56
kaltsiother than sailfish probably benefits from stuff Ubuntu does for Qt Creator13:56
kaltsia medium term goal is to move to Qt Creator 3.x and hopefully eventually get the Mer/Sailfish plugin part of qtc upstream13:57
kaltsito get the plugin to be a part of qtc upstream13:57
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC14:03
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coderusi'm too dumb, please help me. how to read dir from dconf with MGConfItem?14:53
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC14:55
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos14:56
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Jonnicoderus: what do you mean by read dir?14:59
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:59
coderuslist dir14:59
coderuslike dconf list /apps/appname/ in cli14:59
Jonniah list schema keys you mean14:59
*** alin has joined #sailfishos15:00
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coderusi see MGConfItem->listDirs() but i have no idea how it should work.15:00
coderusMGConfItem conf = new MGConfItem("/apps/appname", this);15:01
coderusqDebug() << conf->listDirs(); returning empty list for me15:02
coderusbut dconf list /apps/appname/ returning list of childs correctly15:02
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC15:02
Jonniit should return QList<QString>15:02
coderuswhem i'm trying to set key name as /apps/appname/ (as in dconf cli) MGConfItem sends warning message to output15:02
* coderus reading mlite soures now15:04
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos15:09
coderus and error:
coderussame error if i set MGConfItem ends with slash:
coderusvery strange for me15:11
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coderusheeeeeeeeeelp me!15:17
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tortoisedochuh irc on sailfishos :p16:56
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suosaaskidoes anyone know if there is a difference between a nexus 5 bought from germany or finland?18:21
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wmarone_suosaaski: nexus 5 should be the same around the world18:35
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suosaaskiwmarone_: ok, thanks19:02
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Almindorwhat can be used to get/send data from bluetooth?19:32
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off19:34
Almindordoes work with Jolla?19:35
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tortoisedoc_kaltsi : ping19:43
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coderusvote pleaseee!
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smokuAlmindor: yes. Qt Bluetooth works on Jolla. but in Qt 5.1 the support is _very_ limitted. for interesting stuff like paired devices you need to talk to BlueZ directly over dbus21:55
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