Friday, 2014-07-04

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he1kki_vielakin kannyircin varassa04:55
he1kki_mut joo04:55
he1kki_whops, wrong chan04:56
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suosaaskiDoes anyone know if there is a difference between an LG G2 bought from germany or finland?07:07
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coderussuosaaski: you will ask about every device now? :)07:20
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suosaaskino, just this one, as I noticed it is very similar to nexus 5 but with a far better battery life07:26
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chem|stsuosaaski: yes there is a difference!08:33
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cos-sounds like the callspeaker on my phone is dead. there's no audio in calls except when enabling "speaker mode"08:41
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cos-am i the first one?08:41
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chem|stcos-: nope you arent08:47
cos-ok. care@jolla will help?08:47
chem|stprobably, did you had a look at PA yet08:49
chem|stas you probably would reset your phone for sending it to care, you might wanna check if something got messed up08:52
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tortoisedoccan anyone say if the stats given in harbour dashboard work for them?09:04
tigelitortoisedoc: it does not work yet09:06
tortoisedoctigeli : thanks!09:07
tortoisedocthe counter in the jolla store app is quite nice i must say :)09:08
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tortoisedochope you guys find a quick way to get it working in the harbour as well09:08
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kaltsitortoisedoc: you pinged last night, anything I can help with?09:16
tortoisedockaltsi : yes, I have some more reproducing steps for the debugging on qtcreator09:18
kaltsitortoisedoc: ok I'm interested :)09:18
tortoisedocif you press shift+f5 (to stop) an abort (debug menu-> abort) is required to properly stop09:18
tortoisedocif instead of abort you press the red square, it wont be possible for you to stop the program at all :D09:19
tortoisedocand you will be forced to quit09:19
kaltsiI noticed that not stopping problem myself.. it happens only in windows09:19
tortoisedocthis is extremely, extremely unproductive :P09:19
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tortoisedoc(from a developer09:19
tortoisedoc point of view i mean)09:19
tortoisedocmakes sense09:19
kaltsiyep I understand, I've made a bug about it.. just need to find a fix :)09:19
kaltsinow I'll run away to lunch.. thanks for the feedback09:20
tortoisedoc that was all09:20
tortoisedocwelcome :)09:20
tortoisedocand please fix it asap09:20
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tortoisedoccoderus : ping09:28
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tadzikhello there09:42
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tadzikhow would I go about compiling a CLI app for sailfish? The QtCreator from SDK only seems to like qmake and cmake; when I imported a project from a directory it built it for x86, not giving me a way to run it in the emulator or whatnot10:10
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tadzikmaybe I should just get the mer sdk10:11
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kimmoli_sailing_i have done many cli apps with qtcreator.. no problems10:19
tadzikhmm. What was your workflow? I went for New Project -> Import project10:22
tadzikthen Build worked okay, but it clearly built stuff for my local machine10:22
tortoisedoctadzik : do you have the correct SDK installed?10:24
tortoisedocsailfishos sdk != qt sdk10:24
tadziktortoisedoc: I installed the Sailfish SDK from the sailfish website10:24
tadzikit has sailfish project options all around10:24
tortoisedoctadzik : great10:24
cos-tadzik: have you selected arm build, not x86?10:25
tadzikoh, I don't remember doing that, indeed :(10:26
Nicd-cos-: but emulator is i48610:26
tadzikoh, I don't need the emulator10:26
tadzikI want to cross compile a thing for Jolla10:26
Nicd-you did mention emulator though10:27
tadzikoh, right. I thought the emulator would be running on the target architecture though, via virtualbox or whanot10:28
tadzikif it's not, that's fine10:28
tadzikwhere can I change the target architecture?10:28
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Nicd-the emulator runs an i486 version in virtualbox10:31
Nicd-you can change the kit in the lower left area, where it says "release" or something10:31
tadzikI found "open build kit selector" in options, but nothing seems clickable:
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stephgdon't think it's there10:35
stephglet me start my sdk10:36
stephgopen your project, then click on 'projects' about 2/5 of the way up the left hand side10:36
stephgthat's where the kits are10:36
tadzikaha, there it is!10:37
tadzikthank you stephg10:37
stephgso the arm one is for deploying to a real device and the i486 for the emu10:38
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HtheBcan anyone make a screenshot (or a picture) of the "Enter Pin code screen" ?11:10
HtheBmy phone is on repair :( and I need it for the Sailfish theme for harmattan11:10
cos-Jolla service request form is in Dropbox as .docx file.. nice :-)11:12
Nicd-Jolla or Optima?11:13
cos-Optima actually.. but anyway11:14
kimmoli_sailing_for me it was downloaded as pdf, not doc. but without any extension..11:16
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cos-filename ends in .docx and it opens in libreoffice11:17
kimmoli_sailing_but that was due dropbox previews it as pdf, and i dont want to show pdf in browsrr.11:17
cos-how quick the service is usually?11:18
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kimmoli_sailing_i did drop it there, and in less than 24 hours i had it back11:20
Wntcos-: When I returned my device to DNA store to get a broken earpiece replaced it took less than a week to get it back11:21
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kimmoli_sailing_i had loudspeaker replaced11:21
Wnt4 working days if I rember correctly. probably most of that time it was just waiting for shipment to Optima / back to the store11:21
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cos-ok, not bad11:22
cos-did you get the device back with all the data?11:23
Wntmine was flashed to the latest release11:24
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Nicd-I think they flash all devices11:24
Wntoriginally I got the device with firmware and a factory reset would go back to that, but after the service it only goes to something like update 3 or 411:25
Stskeepsyeah, we try to kill old releases when possible11:28
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Wntif one would be still running an old release like, would the store application show the exact download counts for applications?11:32
WntMy store client seems to be stuck at "Loading apps", in the journal I noticed "heinä 04 14:33:51 Jolla [22879]: [W] DBusConnector::acquireService:303 - void DBusConnector::acquireService() Service name is already in use: "com.jolla.jollastore""11:35
Wntlast time I tried opening the store, I had internet connection issues and I closed the application11:36
Wntdo I need to reboot the device to get the store application to start up?11:36
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kaltsiWnt: do you see a 'store-client' process running if you check the processes with ps?11:52
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locusfAard: ping12:23
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Aardlocusf: pong12:28
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locusfAard: did you guys fix the sbj-configs package yet?12:32
Aardlocusf: I'm still not sure if the dependency should be there, or not. if it should not be there it'll be gone with update9 (=late august/early september)12:32
locusfAard: okay thanks12:33
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AardI'm currently in the middle of moving, so right now the only thing I'm working on is getting u8 out12:33
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dr_gogeta86hi coderus13:36
coderushello dr_gogeta86 ?13:38
HtheBhello all?13:38
tadzikhmm, how can I get a shell inside the running Mer VM?13:40
tadzikI need to investigate some build erorrs13:40
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tadzikaha! Many thanks13:45
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tadziknow, why does the gcc inside produce x86...13:56
tadzikin the qtcreator it claims to be MerSDK-SailfishOS-armv7hl13:56
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specialtadzik: the VM isn't actually running ARM14:02
special(unless it's different from what I expect; I don't directly know)14:02
tadzikhmm. Can I convince the compiler inside it to emit arm binaries?14:03
specialit uses qemu/scratchbox2 for ARM cross-compilation14:03
specialthe emulator is x8614:03
tadzikI see14:03
specialbut I don't know how the sdk stuff is set up..14:03
specialdoes it have 'sb2'?14:03
tadzikyes indeed14:03
tadziksb2 gcc is i486 though, but there is sb2 -t to set a target14:04
specialit will be a native gcc14:04
specialsb2 uses a combination of native binaries and an emulated environment..14:04
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kaltsitadzik: if you have a project like the default sailfish template so that you have a source dir and an rpm subdir with yaml/spec files, you can use the mb2 command to build your project14:13
kaltsitadzik: mb2 -t <tab> will list you the available targets.. same  with sb2 -t <tab>14:13
kaltsitadzik: one example of building a project: mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl build14:14
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kaltsimb2 is a 'higher level' command than sb214:16
kaltsimb2 will do the packaging for you etc and it will call sb2 to build the project14:16
tadzikkaltsi: nah, I have a good, ol' ./configure-make project14:16
kaltsiok then you may want to start an sb2 session to build it: sb2 -t Sail<tab>14:16
tadzikyeah, trying that now14:16
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tadzikmoar: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, ARM \o/14:19
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tadzikis there a way to query a currently played song on the Sailfish media player?16:39
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tadzikah, it apparently requires patching AudioPlayer.qml16:52
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MoritzJTWhere are the logs to SailfishOS channel?17:00
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*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos18:59
ahjolinnaHello: :  I have weird problem when I try to transfer (USB) files from chakra-linux to my Jolla phone... every files goes to my phone except .flac and .mov least those dont work .........I dont know if its libmtp problem or SailfishOs one18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
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M4rtinKahjolinna: never got MTP working myself on Fedora 2019:17
tadzikMTP is the worst thing I've had to use since systemd :(19:17
M4rtinKahjolinna: but USB networking with SHFS works very well19:17
tadzikluckily jolla still has SSH, otherwise I wouldn't be able to copy a thing19:18
*** Ariadeno has joined #sailfishos19:18
M4rtinKwith public key authentication it is seamless as it gets19:18
ahjolinnaM4rtinK: mtp does not works thanks to this bug:
tadzikthis thing doesn't work for me for some reason19:18
M4rtinKand much better than even mass storage19:19
tadzikmaybe I need to tune the ssh server19:19
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC19:19
M4rtinKzero issue for me19:19
M4rtinKmaybe incorrectly configured USB networking ?19:20
*** silmoc has joined #sailfishos19:20
M4rtinKBTW, MTP has quite a lot of issues, even on protocol level19:20
M4rtinKlike missing support for seek19:20
ahjolinnaMTP sucks19:21
*** chiromante has quit IRC19:21
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos19:21
M4rtinKsay you have a 4 GB video file on your Jolla connected to your PC19:21
fluxI must wonder why anyone ever deviced such a half-assed protocol19:21
fluxI mean it was required to be simple, but..19:21
M4rtinKwith mass storage, NTP, SSHFS, NFS, samba, etc, you can start plying it from any spot19:22
tigeliflux: they weren't capable creating usb-storage which both host and client could access the same time :D19:22
tigeliflux: so they created shitty mtp :D19:22
M4rtinKwith MTP you need to download the whole thing before you can do anything19:22
fluxtigeli, but why didn't they create a non-shitty mtp..19:22
smokuM4rtinK: MTP works for me in fedora out-of-box19:22
tigeliflux: because they were in-capable19:22
*** silmoc_ has quit IRC19:23
M4rtinKsmoku: strange, never did a thing for me19:23
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos19:23
fluxto work with multiple hosts at the same time they would have needed a better filesystem19:23
fluxand that'd be quite an overkill solution19:23
M4rtinKsmoku: but I haven't tried very much19:23
tortoisedoccoderus: ping19:23
M4rtinKNFS has been there for how long ?19:23
M4rtinK20 years ?19:23
tigelibut yes, mtp could work better19:23
M4rtinKand SMB/samba19:23
tigelisftp works19:24
smokuM4rtinK: I have a pretty default setup with gnome3. I plugged the phone, few seconds later a popup came out that new "drives" connected ;-)19:24
ahjolinnaI think this is an issue that should be fixed or at least figure out if the problem is on sailfish end or not19:25
smokuM4rtinK: didn't have to do anything19:25
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:25
M4rtinKsmoku: weird, will have to try again some time19:25
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos19:29
tortoisedoccalling Qt.openUrlExternally does not bring up the browser directly..19:33
tortoisedocother apps seem to work, but specifically the browser does not :19:33
tortoisedocanyone else has experienced the same?19:34
* tortoisedoc eyes M4rtinK19:34
*** silmoc has quit IRC19:34
M4rtinKtortoisedoc: works fine in modRana19:34
M4rtinKtortoisedoc: check for yourself on the About page :)19:35
*** softmetz_ has joined #sailfishos19:35
*** macmanus has joined #sailfishos19:38
*** softmetz has quit IRC19:39
macmanusjust wanted to start program my first jolla sailfish os app19:39
macmanusjust finished the tutorial shipped with the ide19:40
macmanusdoes anybody know some good ongoing tutorials ?19:40
*** Ariadeno has quit IRC19:44
*** disharmonic has quit IRC19:45
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*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos19:51
macmanusor can someone tell me how to handle a .json in an app?19:51
*** softmetz_ is now known as softmetz19:51
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*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:53
M4rtinKmacmanus: well, I am actually working on just that :)19:53
*** kunev has quit IRC19:54
macmanuswhow thats great19:54
M4rtinKbut I'm using Python not C++ for the backend so I'm just using the build in JSON library19:54
M4rtinKfrom the Python standard library19:54
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos19:55
smokumacmanus: you want to load some data from .json file to QML app, or do you need to fetch it via http request?19:55
macmanusi need to fetch it via http request19:55
smokumacmanus: standard XMLHttpRequest is available in QML, so do it just like you would do in a web app19:56
smokumacmanus: parsing may be a problem though - if you're fine with its security implications, you could just eval() it19:57
smokumacmanus: if not, plug some JSON to QVariantMap parser from C++ side.  qjson library plays nice19:57
M4rtinKWhat could possibly go wrong ? :D19:57
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:57
macmanusokay thank you, i'll try that. The python side looks also great, M4rtinK, can you tell me how you implement the python code to the app in the sailfish ide ?19:58
specialmacmanus: I think QML has JSON.parse these days?19:58
smokuM4rtinK: ;-)  depends on whether you trust your http endpoint ;-)19:59
specialyes, JSON.parse and JSON.serialize are available just like in a browser19:59
*** overlayer has joined #sailfishos19:59
smokuspecial: oh, great.  it wasn't when i was working with it.  but it was at qt 4.8, qtquick1 times ;-)20:00
specialpfft, that was two javascript engines ago20:00
smokumacmanus: it gets even better:
specialtechnically that's somewhat unnecessary, because an array can be a model in QML and you can get an array from JSON.parse20:01
specialbut not with the nifty querying.20:02
*** AlmAck_ has joined #sailfishos20:02
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macmanusthanks to you all20:08
*** overlayer has joined #sailfishos20:09
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*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos20:12
tortoisedocjust discovering net tethering does not allow developer mode on at the same time..20:13
tortoisedoccrap :|20:13
specialhow do you mean20:13
tortoisedocturning net sharing / tethering on20:14
tortoisedocand then I want to turn developer mode on as well20:14
tortoisedoc(on top of it)20:14
specialI don't know of any reason why that would be a problem20:14
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos20:14
tortoisedocfrom the developer mode settings page (with sharing on), it does not get a wlan ip20:14
tortoisedocah maybe the glitch is in the ui then :P20:15
tortoisedocas a matter of fact, it actually works20:15
specialah, you want it on wlan20:15
tortoisedocyep :P20:15
tortoisedoc(at least deploying works)20:15
specialyeah, I'm not too surprised if that one doesn't work20:15
specialUSB cable ;)20:16
tortoisedocdo not have one :D20:16
tortoisedocit probably has an issue with double dhcp20:17
tortoisedocand ip stuff20:17
tortoisedocyou would think it *should* be possible20:17
tortoisedocas the functionality is basically the same20:17
tortoisedoc(DHCP, DNS etc)20:17
specialwell, I'd guess that the sshd just isn't bound to the tethering wlan interface?20:17
specialor maybe it is bound, and the UI just doesn't know to find the IP address from there?20:17
tortoisedocthe second one sounds more plausible20:18
tortoisedocweird thoughts coming up20:20
tortoisedoctoo late to code P20:20
tortoisedocbetter watch football20:20
* tortoisedoc wonders is it possible to pipe an interface to a service?20:20
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tortoisedocwhats the qml plugin for screen locking20:46
*** AlmAck has quit IRC20:48
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos20:49
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos20:50
smokutortoisedoc: you want to lock the screen, prevent locking, get notified about locking?20:50
smokuhow can I get system volume level?  i would like to set my soundeffects to the system volume level, instead of playing them full-on 100%20:51
tortoisedocsmoku : solved by rolling my own :P20:56
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