Saturday, 2014-07-05

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Nicd-hmm, when deploying from the SDK, I get four lines like this: [W] MGConfItem::update_value:77 - MGConfItem Failed to read "/desktop/jolla/theme/font/sizeMultiplier"07:19
Nicd-I didn't get those before, is that bad?07:19
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kaltsiNicd-: those can be ignored08:01
Nicd-ok, good08:02
kaltsiNicd-: in some future release you won't see those anymore because:
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coderuskaltsi: bte about dconf, can anyone teach me a bit?09:26
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coderuskaltsi: and i want to upgrade to latest dsk soon, is switching between devices to deploy and run was fixed>09:39
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* coderus using irssi on a vps, and having >800ms ping.09:39
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walokraso, if I want to capture image from camera (for upload to somewhere) I have to write it myself?10:54
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walokraor just look some code like from mitakuuluu210:54
walokrawould be nicer to have same kind of function for camera as there's for gallery10:57
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tadzikalso, media player10:57
tadzikSkippingStones is actually packing mediaplayer.qml (!) to be able to remotely fetch currently played song10:57
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M4rtinKbundling is fun and games11:01
M4rtinKuntil there is either an vulnerability or API break for the stuff you are bundling11:02
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M4rtinKimagine the was upstream for Silica on Github (or somewhere else) where we could send patches adding features like this :)11:04
tadzikone can dream..11:04
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tadzikI was wondering recently why wouldn't they do that, since they still publish the source code every now and then11:05
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M4rtinKdoesn't make sense really11:05
tadzikand my conclusion was that having everything on github or somewhere is fun and games until you have to maintail all this11:06
tadzikread every issue, reply to every pull request etc11:06
tadzikthis needs effort, which Jolla may not have resources to spare11:06
M4rtinKissues = free QA11:06
tadzik(I suck at english)11:06
M4rtinKpull requests = free development11:06
tadzikwell, look at what they did with the android launcher11:06
tadzikwhy do you think they only shipped it to limited number of people?11:06
M4rtinKI am oversimplifying but it is like this11:06
tadzikTo limit the incoming bug traffic, obviously11:07
tadzikbecause someone needs to sort out all that bug traffic11:07
tadzikI imagine their move on publishing the sailfish browser on github was a test run of this11:07
M4rtinKwell for one I don't see any point in wasting resources on the Android launcher :)11:07
tadzik"let's see how much resources it'll eat, maybe we'll push more stuff then"11:07
M4rtinKcould be invested better to the product you actually sell :)11:07
tadzikwell, they obviously want to target android users, and this is just another step11:08
EztranWhile it may be working out that way, I'm not sure the Jolla was ever their main product - SailfishOS was.11:08
tadzik"hey, here's a better launcher than the one you have, and btw you can switch to our platform which also runs your android apps"11:08
tadzikandroid launcher is the entry drug for them11:08
tadzikEztran: agreed11:08
M4rtinKwell, that's what I mean11:08
M4rtinKconsidering their limited resources it makes even more sense to be as open to contributions as possible11:09
M4rtinKsay for example that the Silica documentation was on Github11:10
M4rtinKwhat is easier - scrapping bug reports on docs from ML and Together11:10
M4rtinKor merging pull requests or handling issues directly at the source ?11:10
EztranTogether is basically an example of what happens when the floodgates open right now, IMO.11:10
M4rtinKwell, it works as you wold expect11:11
Stskeepsas a personal comment, it would be a better world if valuations of companies didn't see open sourcing as giving away assets..11:11
M4rtinKlike a normal stackoverflow chaos :)11:11
* tadzik just realized that mersdk VM is single-cpu, and his "make -j4" is only a placebo11:15
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tadzik"why is htop only showing one core milling? ....oh"11:17
Stskeepsadd more cpus to the vm11:17
tadzikhm, I guess I can do that11:17
tadzikthen I'll probably have to stop starting it from sailfish sdk11:18
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tadzikhmm, I'll give it a shot when this thing is done building11:21
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tadzik.....aaand it run out of memory :(11:26
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coderushow can i check if installed sailfish version using gconf or sconf?13:06
coderusMGConfItem and nemomobine-configuration doesn't contain listItems method i need to use13:07
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special(maybe you should submit a PR to add it?)13:07
coderusi will make my own backends, but i need to create gconf or dconf depends of sailfish version13:07
coderusspecial: sure, but it can be runned on old sailfish versions too13:08
specialwell, in practice there are only three versions people can install. And I think upgrades are adopted quite fast.13:09
special(those three versions are,, and the most recent store update)13:09
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coderusN9 with ancient is still there :D13:10
specialit seems to me that it'd be reasonable to fail gracefully and encourage the user to upgrade if dconf isn't available?13:10
coderusis dconf available in repos13:10
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coderusi can use dconf-only then :)13:11
specialdon't think os13:12
coderusthat the reason of switching between gconf - dconf on different sailfish versions then :)13:12
specialbecause of N9 users?13:12
coderusyes ")13:13
specialencourage somebody to update the N9 port, then :p13:13
coderuskernel adaptation in progress, you know13:13
coderusthat the only stop-factor13:13
coderusokay,i can check with rpm cache if dconf installed myself13:15
specialthat does not sound like the easiest solution13:15
coderuswhy not?13:15
specialwhy not just check if the binary/file/?? you need from dconf is available?13:15
coderusor just if QFile("... libdconf ...").exists()13:16
coderusaha :)13:16
coderusi think so :)13:16
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coderusthanks :)13:28
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coderusso, it's enough to grab libdconf to have dconf in system?17:21
coderusah, seems there are also some dconf-service running...17:22
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M4rtinKI think dconf is actually the default since last update17:31
specialit is used instead of gconf, yes17:32
specialwe had some data loss issues with gconf among other things17:32
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M4rtinKwell, I still rather handle my application settings myself17:41
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos17:42
M4rtinKso I don't have to care about the Xsettings to Zconf migrations of the week17:42
specialsure. Most of the value in dconf/gconf/etc is system-level settings17:42
M4rtinKand also the application can run where no settings management libs are available at all17:42
specialQSettings is crap, though :p17:42
M4rtinKyeah, for system level it can be good17:42
M4rtinKwith callbacks & co17:43
coderus../dconf-test/src/mgconfitem.cpp: In function 'GConfClient* get_gconf_client()':17:48
coderus../dconf-test/src/mgconfitem.cpp:60:5: warning: 'void g_type_init()' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gtype.h:669) [-Wdeprecated-declarations]17:48
coderuscant compile gconf test project :D17:48
coderusM4rtinK: i need light settings backend for two processes using same settings at the same moment :D17:50
coderusi found gconf/dconf is the best one for me17:50
M4rtinKyeah, I have been thinking about that17:51
M4rtinKpeople running two modRanas or Mierus for some reason17:51
M4rtinKcurrently the last one closed will nuke any changes the any previous instances did in the options :)17:52
coderusthe worst qsettings bug i got is:
specialthat sounds like maybe you were using the (weird, broken) API wrong17:53
coderusafter lipstick crash/restart my qsettings losing some settings randomly. saving connfig file with some values unset :D17:53
M4rtinKas the settings are just a Python dictionary dumped/loaded at once using the Marshal module17:53
specialyou're supposed to create QSettings, write to it, and let it destruct, *NOT* to keep any QSettings instance around17:53
M4rtinKso that's working as correctly :)17:53
coderussettings is just ini files, i know :)17:53
M4rtinK*as expected17:53
coderusspecial: yes, i have qsettings objet in stack livin17:54
M4rtinKI think If one wanted to be independent, sqlite is probably the best solution for multi-process settings17:55
specialit doesn't do atomic writes, so you can lose data if the timing is wrong17:55
M4rtinKa bit heavy weight but easier than a custom solution (which is also doable of course)17:56
coderusM4rtinK: i had settings in my sqlite database before17:58
coderusbut it have some issues with multiprocess access :)17:59
M4rtinKwell, it has a write lock17:59
*** xfrancis has left #sailfishos17:59
M4rtinKso only one process can write to it at a time17:59
M4rtinKbut it should just block any other until it is done18:00
M4rtinKhaven't tried that myself though18:00
specialsqlite is safe.18:01
coderusso, if i'll make QSettings set;, value); for writing and same for reading, it wont break after crash?18:01
specialcoderus: a good rule is to never keep a QSettings instance after returning from a function.18:02
coderusi need some workaround for now, untill everybody move to dconf everybody goes to dconf and until i push some changes to mlite and nemomofile-configuration18:02
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Nicd-hey, if I do 'emit signal(MyCustomClass* pointer);', can I destroy my pointer to it afterwards? will QML take ownership of the object and handle its deletion?18:05
Nicd-the class inherits from QObject18:05
coderusNicd-: youwill emit signal(this) ?18:08
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:08
Nicd-but the variable is a pointer to an object which inherits from QObject18:09
Nicd-created with new18:09
*** arcean has quit IRC18:09
coderussure, you cen emit it and use delete pointer, or pointer.deleteLater()18:09
Nicd-but do I have to?18:10
Nicd-won't the QML engine delete it for me once it is garbage collected in javascript?18:10
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos18:11
coderusem, you doing QML stuff or C++ exported to QML?18:11
coderusif you have class exported with qmlRegisterType and created in QML, it will be destroyed in parent destructor too18:13
Nicd-well it looks like this:18:13
Nicd-Hdata* contents = handleHdata(data);18:13
Nicd-    emit bufferLineAdded(contents);18:13
Nicd-handleHdata creates a Hdata with 'new'18:13
Nicd-Hdata is a child of QObject and is registered with qmlRegisterUncreatableType18:13
Nicd-I want my C++ to give it to the QML side in the signal, then I want to forget about it and the question is, will it be deleted when the QML side is finished with it?18:14
specialNicd-: fun topic!18:15
specialthe answer is that it depends18:15
specialif you return a QObject* from an explicitly called Q_INVOKABLE function or slot, it will be owned by javascript and garbage collected18:16
specialyou can call setObjectOwnership to make the choice explicit18:16
Nicd-I'm not returning, I'm generating the objects on the C++ side (based on network input) and send signals to the JS side18:17
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos18:17
Nicd-so I guess I should set JS ownership18:17
coderusNicd- special what if object have parent already? will it continue functioning after setOwnership?18:19
Nicd-I don't know but these objects won't have parents18:19
specialif it ahs a18:19
specialif it has a QObject parent, it QML ownership doesn't apply18:20
coderusthat what i mean :)18:20
coderusif you have parent already you should use object.deleteLater() in root object onDestruction: {}18:21
Nicd-so special... 'Obj* o = new Obj(); QQmlEngine::setOwnerShip(o, QQmlEngine::JavaScriptOwnership); emit giveToQML(o);' is a valid way of giving objects to the QML side?18:21
Nicd-or is there something else usually used?18:21
specialit's the Ownership, not the Owner Ship, but yes18:21
specialthat should do18:22
specialI'm not sure what happens if nothing in QML ever takes that object, though.18:22
ln-_wtf, there's an app in the store whose uninstallation requires manually killing the binary from the command line??18:22
specialNicd-: is there a reason you're using push instead of pull?18:22
special(emitting the object in a signal rather than having QML stuff request the object)18:23
*** ced117 has quit IRC18:23
Nicd-I have network input (new events) and want to notify the UI18:23
Nicd-sure I could just have a "new events" notification signal and then the UI would pull but that feels clunky18:23
Nicd-I would have imagined pushing is fairly common18:24
specialanother question is if Obj should actually be a QObject18:24
specialnote that you can return things that are like objects with various properties to QML with a QVariantMap18:25
specialif you don't need setters, signals, member functions that is a good option18:25
Nicd-I'll have to think about it18:26
Nicd-it would save me from some custom code. thanks for the suggestion18:26
*** dhbiker has quit IRC18:26
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Nicd-with QVariantMap I could give it to QML as pass-by-value? so I wouldn't have to worry about pointers18:27
Nicd-ok, I'll probably move to that. it'll be a hell of a nested map though :P18:29
coderusyou can use qvariantmap or just qvariant. if data is not too complex you can use qstring and JCON.parse18:29
Nicd-QVariants are a blessing, I'll say that18:30
Nicd-made implementing the network protocol so much easier18:30
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:31
coderusmake sure you sending/emiting const &QVariantMap value, otherwise it will be copied before sending :)18:32
coderusoops, const QVariantMap &value18:32
*** kunev has quit IRC18:32
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specialQMap is implicitly shared, copies are cheap, modifying causes a deep copy18:33
specialbut QVariant is also implicitly shared, so the deep copy is actually only a copy of the QMap's data, not of the data it contains18:34
*** ced117 has joined #sailfishos18:35
Nicd-yep, I'm using the implicit sharing to its full potential18:36
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coderusforgot to ask: what is the preferred way to draw pie chart / arc in QLM without using canvas? or canvas is the best way for that?21:03
specialcanvas is probably the best way21:04
specialif canvas isn't fast enough, scenegraph items21:05
*** silmoc_ has quit IRC21:05
ln-_can cover action buttons be disabled and enabled based on some conditions?  (i guess not, i don't recall seeing such in any app)21:07
*** silmoc_ has joined #sailfishos21:07
coderusspecial: what is scenegraph?.. newer 21:08
coderusnever saw it21:08
coderuscan anyone share silica ProgressCircle base item sources?21:09
coderusln-_: it's very easy21:09
coderuscheck mitakuuluu cover qml code21:09
specialcoderus: The scenegraph is what qtquick2 uses for rendering. Direct opengl.21:12
coderusoh! links to related articles please! will read all of them :)21:12
specialsearch for qt scenegraph and look at the docs for QSGNode and QQuickItem21:13
specialbut if you've never done it before, you'd find the process of drawing a circle with opengl to be incredibly difficult and crazy21:13
ln-_looks easy indeed... however disabling just one button at a time is probably not be possible?21:14
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos21:14
specialln-_: I think our apps do it by having separate CoverActionList for each state21:14
coderusln-_: never tried that. i need to disable all buttons only21:15
specialbut maybe there's another way too21:15
coderusCoverActionList is non-visual component, it have no active state and can't be disabled/hide as usual Item-based element21:16
coderushaving separate list for One and Two acctions is the only way probably21:16
specialit has an enabled property21:16
* coderus means state for each buttons21:17
coderusnot list itself21:17
coderusand there also possible to override color of items to have > 2 actions :D21:17
coderusthen it will overlap cover and your task view will look uglu21:18
coderusand you will control only first two actions from cover...21:18
coderusbut you will see other 3-100 actions on your cover (on other covers :D)21:18
* coderus crazy and dont control what fingers typing :D21:19
coderus*there is possibility to override cover actions count to have > 2 actions on cover :D21:19
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* coderus need to sleep, he won't answer you when sleeping.21:23
coderusspecial: it's seems to be a time to learn opengl drawing :)21:24
ln-_thank you, both21:24
*** n9mx has quit IRC21:25
coderusspecial: it i'll write sample code for drawing arc areas i can just usse it as template function and don't care how it works :D21:25
specialscenegraph might also throw you off a bit21:25
specialit's not the QPainter-style drawing API you might be used to21:26
coderusi read some amazing opengl code before21:26
coderusi notied :)21:26
* coderus off21:28
* coderus fingers living outside bobdy and typing some strange sentencies21:28
* coderus really21:28
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intehello sailors22:02
inteis there any way to review a detailed call log?22:02
inteah sorry wanted to ask @jollamobile22:04
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