Sunday, 2014-07-13

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ryukafalzTrying to figure out why my XMPP account isn't connecting... a account works, but my self-signed one does not =/00:52
ryukafalzer, self-hosted00:52
ryukafalzcert from an internal CA, whose cert is in /home/nemo/.config/telepathy/certs/00:52
ryukafalzso that shouldn't be a problem...00:52
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CpluspluserHello. Do You know pastebin-like site that coulour syntax of C++?07:26
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AcceCpluspluser: pastebin.com07:28
Acceoptional paste settings -> syntax highlighting -> c++07:29
CpluspluserAcce: Thank You.07:29
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CpluspluserWhat I do wrong here: ?07:29
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Accecheck row 7 for typos07:30
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CpluspluserAcce: I just want to display value of "a" that has been given. But IDE says that it's overloaded.07:33
Acceok, you have not declared a07:34
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stephgsledges: sadly not, not for a long period anyways08:38
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CpluspluserWill SailfishOS have Open Document editor?09:02
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leinirCpluspluser: not an official one, but the engine behind the Documents app (the source for which was recently released) would allow for such a thing to be created :)09:13
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Cpluspluserleinir: The same could be said about Androd :/09:30
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leinirCpluspluser: well yes - but this one is a different situation... i helped write the Documents app, and it was built with that in mind, so... it's very possible :)09:31
leinirthe QML components don't expose the editing functionality, but Calligra (on which the odf parts of Documents is based) supports it just fine :)09:32
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SkorpyHey, does PeekFilter give out any info on where the user is touching the screen or where the peeking was started? like x or y or something? (messing around with compositor)09:37
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locusfPeekFilter is propietary afaik09:45
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Skorpyhmmm.. is it possible to get the touch location somehow?09:47
Skorpydoesn't need to be from PeekFilter09:47
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locusfglacier-home uses ScreenGestureArea
Skorpythanks. I'll take a look if glacier-home has some useful stuff in it :P09:50
locusfsure, go ahead09:51
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CpluspluserHello. Which mobile OS fully does (or will) support open documents?10:00
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inteisnt there a openoffice port for android?10:09
intethe jolla document reader is based on koffice (which supports odf) but is currently readonly10:09
inteits not os-dependend anyways, though10:09
inteor i got you wrong :-))10:10
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Morpog_PCinte_away, it's based on calligra10:10
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Aardcalligra is what koffice was10:27
Aardand the backend supports writing, 'just' the ui does not10:28
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CpluspluserWhich C++ IRC channel do You recommend?11:00
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* stephg headdesks, opens window, throws laptop out window, jumps out of window after it11:05
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ericccthe  wrong  :-1: wrong:Project is outside of shared home 'C:\Users\Administrator' and shared src 'C:\Users\Administrator'.11:29
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ericcci had  put the  code  on  'C:\Users\Administrator'11:29
ln-it's so 90's to use your computer as the administrator11:30
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ericccyep  as  the administrator11:33
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Morpog_PCwhy do you even have the account enabled?11:41
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ericccaccount ?why bug?12:07
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Morpog_PCthe administrator account is disabled by default, so there should be no administrator folder in users12:08
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ericccok    i  will  chang  the folder12:12
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tortoisedoc_update? :)13:24
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MoritzJTIs there SCP on Qt base for all OSs?13:32
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MoritzJTNever mind, got what I need ;-)13:39
mgroverthis may sound stupid but how do I pass arguments to QString append? Can I just pass simply another QString to it nad expect it to work? since I can pass literal strings I.E "stuff goes in here", but not other QString variable names13:39
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tortoisedoc_sailfish irc needs some finetumimg it seems15:09
tortoisedoc_*tuning as well15:09
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jukei'm getting this runtime error: (process:11925): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:3112: signal id `9' is invalid for instance `0x462038b0', how can i go about debugging it?15:45
jukei have no idea where it comes from15:46
ryukafalzHmm, interesting... connecting to one of my boxes with openssl s_client on my N4 with Sailfish just hangs, where on my local machine it opens a connection15:52
ryukafalzbut in Sailfish... no output15:52
ryukafalzwell that would certainly explain my XMPP issues15:52
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ryukafalzno, never mind... it opened a connection after sitting there for a while... still could be the issue maybe15:59
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ryukafalzYeah, it's taking >1m to complete the SSL handshake, and gabble is likely timing out in the meantime. Wheeeee16:19
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coderusany ideas why gps stopped working for android apps and how i can debug it/17:56
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pp_coderus: there's a "gps test" app that seems useful19:04
pp_keeping it running makes foursquare working a bit better too for whatever reason19:04
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stephgpp_: I found since they released swarm it's basically unusable19:09
stephghowever they used to do gps lookup in 4sq is now different in swarm, and basically doesn't work19:09
pp_I've managed to check in a few times, but it's pretty bad yes19:09
tbrbut wasn't there a native client?19:10
*** fracting has quit IRC19:10
pp_those usually don't give free pizza toppings or whatnot :P19:11
stephgtbr: there is, foursail, and I use that as a result19:14
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:14
* tbr used that too a couple of times19:14
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ryukafalzAnyone else here with a Nexus 4 running Sailfish who would be willing to check something for me real quick?19:38
ryukafalzIf so, run this: date && openssl s_client -connect | awk '{ print strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"), $0; fflush(); }' | head19:38
ryukafalzmight need to install openssl for that if it's not there already (pkcon install openssl)19:38
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stephgsure sec19:43
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ryukafalzthanks :)19:44
stephgstalls on the second line of the cert19:44
stephgby the looks of it19:44
ryukafalzthat's 'cause you're piping it through head19:45
ryukafalzbut the relevant bit is...19:45
ryukafalzhow long did it take to get to the line that says "CONNECTED(00000003)"19:45
ryukafalzHmm... this is a Nexus 4 running latest Sailfish?19:45
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ryukafalzokay, so it's not a device-specific issue then either19:46
ryukafalzit's either my configuration or my local network19:46
ryukafalzyeah, that looks normal19:47
ryukafalzfor context:
stephgwhat does tcpdump (-v -v -xX -s 1500) say when you do that?19:47
stephgi.e. is there anything funky in the handshake19:48
ryukafalzpackets don't even hit my server until then19:48
stephgok, and if you try by IP rather than by name?19:48
ryukafalzer, hold on, I'll rerun what I was doing before - maybe I was doing something dumb with my tcpdump syntax previously19:49
stephgtcpdump -i <int> -v -v -s 1500 -xX src or dst terracrypt.net19:49
stephgit's pretty instantaneous on a jolla too fwiw19:50
ryukafalzI've been running tcpdump on the server side, since it didn't seem to be in the Sailfish repos19:50
stephgit's there19:50
stephgas root: ssu ar mer-tools; ssu ur; pkcon refresh; pkcon install tcpdump19:50
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stephgdo it on both and see how they differ :)19:51
ryukafalzaha, thanks19:51
ryukafalzthis is what I was doing before btw19:52
tigeliryukafalz: openssl s_client -connect does not hang on my jolla19:52
stephgryukafalz: that's very strange19:55
stephganother thing to try would be to install strace and see what openssl is doing for that minute19:55
* stephg switches to the laptop and goes to sit infront of the telly19:56
ryukafalzstephg: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea... how much stuff is in that mer-tools repo that I didn't know about before? :P19:56
stephgall of the usual little things that you'd need19:57
* ryukafalz nods19:57
stephglike strace is there fore example, may also be where gdb is too19:57
ryukafalzwhy's all that stuff in a disabled repo? :P19:57
stephghehe it's not disabled, it's just not on by default!19:58
ryukafalzthat = disabled ;)19:59
ryukafalzoh goddamnit20:00
ryukafalzI know the issue20:00
ryukafalzjust a sec, I'll show you20:00
ryukafalzThanks for the heads up about strace being in mer-tools, it's amazing how enlightening that can be. This is why:20:01
ryukafalzconnect(3, {sa_family=AF_INET6, sin6_port=htons(5281), inet_pton(AF_INET6, "fce9:df87:2170:6a3d:e0d4:67a5:c82d:1bc0", &sin6_addr), sin6_flowinfo=0, sin6_scope_id=0}, 2820:01
ryukafalzthat's where it was hanging... note the address20:02
stephghehe cool20:02
ryukafalzI'm doing funky IPv6 things on my local network, and it's trying to connect over a network that isn't totally functional20:03
stephgyeah no v6 here20:03
ryukafalzthe reason it took approx. 1 minute 3 seconds is it was timing out because it doesn't currently have a route to that box20:03
ryukafalzactually no, that's not even the same machine atm20:04
* ryukafalz runs off to fix DNS20:04
ryukafalzkind of annoying that openssl doesn't even tell you important things like what address you're actually connecting to20:05
ryukafalzeven with -debug enabled20:05
stephgeveryone *hearts* openssl20:05
pp_you mean *heartbleeds*20:06
tigeliryukafalz: just for kicks, how long did you debug the problem? ;)20:07
ryukafalztigeli: since last night :<20:08
ryukafalzopenssl can go die now20:09
tigeliwell, shit happens sometimes :)20:09
pp_you could choose the plague^Wnss20:10
ryukafalzheh, yeah... and I have a rather unusual network configuration that caused this issue20:10
pp_or typhoid^Wgnutls20:10
ryukafalzmy next step was going to be "try from another network" which would have illuminated the problem a bit :P20:10
ryukafalzbut I have a mac mini running radvd to assign v6 addresses for a vpn-type thing to clients on the local network20:11
ryukafalz(which is currently non-functional)20:11
ryukafalzsooooo :<20:11
Nicd-dammit, my app is just showing a white screen and QML isn't giving any errors :(20:11
stephgNicd-: in the emulator?20:12
Nicd-no, device20:12
Nicd-can't even run the emulator on this machine20:12
stephgin the emu stuff was doing that for me when waiting for things like network20:12
ryukafalz-bash: ip: command not found20:14
Nicd-well the app starts as white so it's not waiting on any network20:14
ryukafalzbut iproute is installed...20:14
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:15
stephgryukafalz: path?20:15
ryukafalzstephg: argh, /sbin isn't in the path20:15
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:16
ryukafalzthis is an irritating little distro out of the box, heh20:17
Nicd-stephg: it was a cyclical javascript import :)20:19
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:20
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:21
*** flyapen has joined #sailfishos20:24
stephgif there was no output how did you find it?20:25
Nicd-by looking through all my imports20:25
Nicd-google said javascript imports are usually the reason20:26
ryukafalzmerp, now to figure out why I still can't connect to my XMPP server20:26
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:28
stephgyou still can't connect?20:30
ryukafalzyeah, but now it's an xmpp issue for reals20:30
ryukafalzsession shows up in my xmpp server logs20:30
ryukafalz(and is promptly destroyed)20:30
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:32
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:34
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos20:38
tortoisedocspecial : ping20:39
*** kor has joined #sailfishos20:39
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:39
*** kunev has quit IRC20:43
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe20:43
*** flyapen has quit IRC20:50
ryukafalzyep, now it's an untrusted cert error20:55
ryukafalzbut I definitely have the cert installed...20:55
tigeliryukafalz: it might be that telepathy uses different cert-path20:56
tigelifor some weird reason20:56
tigeliespecially for xmpp20:56
ryukafalztigeli: there is ~/.config/telepathy/certs that reportedly it searches20:57
ryukafalzbut it should use the system-wide cert store as well afaik20:57
ryukafalzregardless, I have my internal CA's cert in both20:57
stephghave you done the cert hash thing if you have it in the main cert store?20:57
* ryukafalz nods20:57
ryukafalzunless that doesn't do it?20:58
tigeliit does20:58
ryukafalzmulti_c_rehash -h20:58
ryukafalznot my terminal :P20:58
*** Jpel has quit IRC20:59
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos21:00
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos21:00
ryukafalzyeah, it definitely had already hashed that cert21:00
ryukafalzside note, adding new certs seems like something that should definitely have a gui in a mobile OS21:02
*** RoKenn has quit IRC21:02
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos21:03
tigeliryukafalz: tried on internal xmpp-server and it seems that it does not use the system-wide cert store :(21:04
tigeliwill create a bug about it21:05
ryukafalztigeli: woo, thanks :)21:06
stephgcool :)21:06
ryukafalzin the meantime I'll set it to ignore ssl errors, but I'd rather not do that seeing as I have my own CA :P21:07
ryukafalzanother side note, it seems like checking "ignore ssl errors" in the account settings doesn't seem to set the appropate telepathy bit21:07
ryukafalzI should probably file a bug report about that too21:08
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away21:09
ryukafalzaaaand finally connected \o/21:13
tigeliryukafalz: that one I've reported ;)21:14
tigeliryukafalz: already21:14
ryukafalztigeli: Aha, alright, you're way ahead of me :P21:14
tigeliryukafalz: it does set it if you set it while creating the account, but not after21:14
ryukafalzAhh, okay. I suspected that might be the case.21:15
ryukafalznow of course there's the lack of feature support in gabble, but that's an upstream issue ;)21:16
ryukafalzI don't have enough experience yet, so I put some money up for one of them :P21:24
ryukafalzthere are others that would be nice to have, but that's the one that really makes the experience not-crappy on crappy mobile networks21:25
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:26
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tortoisedocGermany is WC :)21:35
tortoisedocsorry for the spoiler ;)21:38
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC21:38
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tbruseretail: please don't mess with the bots, mkay. If you have a question, just ask.23:04
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useretailtbr: ok, i will23:17
*** crazy_imp has quit IRC23:17
useretailis it possible to install jolla on n900?23:17
*** crazy_imp has joined #sailfishos23:19
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elcasetuseretail: I, too, want to know which devices sailfishos can be installed on, beyond the list on wikipedia.23:55

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