Thursday, 2014-07-17

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dpurginstroughtonsmith, switch to Qt 5 :)01:42
dpurginstroughtonsmith, QtMultimedia + QtLocation01:42
stroughtonsmithah that explains why I couldn’t find any worthwhile references online01:46
dpurgindon't forget QT += multimedia location in .pro file01:47
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coderuskimmoli: does it really need second signal?05:16
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coderuswhat is changed with location api? why it's not working and what changes i need to do??05:54
amccarthycoderus: can you be more specific about what is not working.05:55
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coderusamccarthy: positioning06:07
coderusamccarthy: csd always says "turn on gps positioning"06:09
coderusand nothing works :06:09
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amccarthycoderus: That message can be ignored it is incorrect.06:15
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Nicd-so what does 'clip: true' mean on an element?06:19
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coderusNicd-: means child elements will be clipped to parent geometry06:22
coderusyou can have width: 200 rectangle fully visible inside width: 100 one06:22
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Nicd-ok, thanks06:24
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kimmolicoderus: totalUnreadChanged was used inside QML, for updating some parts of UI (?).  I did export that first, and it was really noisy as it is emitted once per contact at start or something, and when going back/forth to conversations page.07:05
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kimmolithats why i made silent signal with the actual value as argument, emitted only when totalUnread actually changes its value07:09
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kaltsicoderus: I don't know of a nice way to reinstall mersdk without full reinstall.. the mersdk component with lots of stuff can be downloaded as a 7z, but it won't be configured correctly.. but you could replace the vdi with it..07:31
kaltsicoderus: the mersdk component is here
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coderuskaltsi: okay, reasonable08:24
coderuskaltsi: maybe tell maintenance tool somehow about mer vm is not installed?08:24
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kaltsiI don't really know how to fake it..08:25
coderuskaltsi: now qtc tells me: "Mer VM is not installed" when i'm pressing build, deploy and so08:25
coderusbut in maintenance tool checkbox checked and greyed08:26
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kaltsiqt creator uses 'VBoxManage list vms'08:26
kaltsimaintenance tool has its own magic since mersdk is one of its 'components'08:26
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coderusokay, i won't care about it while it's working :D08:28
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coderusamccarthy: ping08:30
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coderusso, how to check if GPS settings enabled now?08:30
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coderusamccarthy: found /etc/location/location.conf, seems good08:35
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lukedirtwalkeranyone uses qsortfilterproxymodel?08:44
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BasilSemuonov_lukedirtwalker, everyone uses08:47
lukedirtwalkerWell I mean a subclassed one? For me filterAcceptsRow() never gets called08:48
lukedirtwalkerWould be happy to see a working example08:49
carepackhi, can we expect additional hardware components working in upcoming release? thx in advance?09:01
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fluxcarepack, additional hardware components?09:30
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carepacknew supported hw components: camera, sensors, etc....09:48
carepacknexus 4 = mako09:48
fluxoh, no idea. I sure would imagine that would be the goal ;-)09:49
carepackyes. sure :-)09:49
carepackif camera came up, I can switch permanently to sailfish. I hope so :-)09:50
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Nicd-sledges or someone else involved with mer: the certificate has expired09:54
sledgesNicd-: thanks; cc lbt09:54
Nicd-anyway, carepack: the nexus 4 status can be followed here:
sledgescarepack: we were working on a slightly different type of goal for you: hadk ;)09:55
coderusok, GPS seems working now for my Qt app, but its not working for me in android apps. Me using Yandex Maps.09:56
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carepacknicd: I know :-)10:06
carepacksledges: this would be great :-) thx for the hint....10:08
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sledgeswe :)10:10
carepacklol. thx again. DANKESCHÖN10:11
sledgesbitte vielmals10:12
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carepackha -> great!!! Next time you'll be over here in my region call me if you nedd a place to stay or an coffee.10:14
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sledgesyay thanks, I might be visiting Rhine Westphalia in September :)10:16
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carepackok. call me if you want. contest in september?10:17
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sledgesyes, grading school+1day tournament, as usual10:21
narchiecoderus: still having issues very frequently on 0.8.0-210:22
narchieseent you a log10:23
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m4g0g - is it facebook messages api or I don't understand something?10:27
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sledgeslooks like; what's you don't understand m4g0g ?10:28
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m4g0gSfiet_Konstantin said that there is no api for messaging10:30
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coderusMitakuuluu 0.8.1 Beta2 build:
sledgesSK_Sailfish: ^^10:38
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sledgesm4g0g: then how does it work in sailfish ?10:39
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m4g0gsledges: there is no messages in sailfish friends10:42
m4g0gthere ara*10:42
sledgesm4g0g: in friends no, but they are built in10:43
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m4g0gsledges: O_O10:46
sledgesSettings->Accounts->Facebook->instant messaging10:47
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jmlichI have bug in my application. According to backtrace it is looks like problem with geoclue. Can anyone help ?10:50
specialm4g0g: sledges: but note that Facebook is shutting down the chat API next April :|10:50
sledgesgah D:10:50
specialthey haven't offered any kind of replacement so far at least.10:51
Sceltthey want people to use the official fb app10:51
Sceltor fb messenger10:51
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narchiespecial: do you have a link=10:52
specialnarchie: see the bottom of
sledgesany uproar discussion on that?10:56
Nicd-damn, I won't be able to chat with bitlbee anymore10:57
Nicd-there goes my facebook usage10:57
locusfyeah me too10:57
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m4g0gfucking bustards (11:00
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SK_Sailfishthere are messages, but read only for the full api and jabber for sebd and receive, that will be closed11:05
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pp_they'll have something where they can inject ads eventually11:07
SK_Sailfishdon't think so: message api can be used for spam11:08
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jmlichanyone who can help with geoclue problem?
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m4g0gjmlich: what about updating foursail?11:21
jmlichm4g0g, updating how?11:24
m4g0gadding photo posting, for example?11:25
jmlichit is work in progress11:25
jmlichI have some patch for this. I want to resolve crashing first11:25
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m4g0gI have one request but I can do it myself later. Now there is no possibility to read comments.I want to add detailed checkin page for checkin history. Where user can see checkin info and comments to this checkin. Not for place11:27
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jmlichpatches are welcome11:49
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lukedirtwalkerBasilSemuonov: found the error thanks for contacting me (I forgot a const, thus the method signature was different thus never got called - dumb me)11:54
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sledgesjmlich: would this help?
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jmlichsledges, thanks, I will take a look on this bugreport and let you know12:17
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sledgesjmlich: it's just googling keywords..12:18
sledgesthey are saying something that client might be dead by the time signal reaches geoclue12:18
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m4g0gdoes somebody notice that jolla eats more battery after last update?14:06
Nicd-people always say that :P14:07
m4g0gI think this is new android without background feature14:08
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tachikomahere it does not seem to eat more battery\14:39
tachikomabut thena agein i don;t use android stuff with it a lot14:39
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stephgtachikoma: same here, not noticed anything different14:50
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tachikomaand - as always - I love my jolla :)14:53
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stephgditto :)14:53
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m4g0gwe need more native applications!14:58
m4g0gwe needxmpp muc support in jolla as in maemo14:58
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coderusplease check pull requests to mlite and qml configuration:16:50
*** Andy80 has quit IRC16:55
zoldyckis it true that you can hot-change SIM in Jolla?16:55
coderuszoldyck: yeah, with some luck. sometimes it asking ffor reboot.17:01
*** Khertan has joined #sailfishos17:01
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zoldyckSD card, too? Given that it's unmounted17:02
*** danielwf has quit IRC17:03
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stephgzoldyck: sdcard would be fine I'd have thoguht17:05
coderuszoldyck: sdcard of course17:05
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Nicd-I just can't seem to figure this out :( I want a column of: PageHeader {} SilicaListView {} Row {...} Row {...} and I want it to fill the screen so that the listview takes the space that the rest of the elements don't take19:25
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:27
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tortoisedocNicd- : for the column, remember to add height / width / spacing19:32
tortoisedoc(also for the row)19:32
*** klarre has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #sailfishos19:32
Nicd-the column has anchors.fill: parent19:32
Nicd-and the parent is a Page19:32
Nicd-I don't know the height of the rows, they are determined by the height of the child elements which are buttons and text fields19:33
coderusNicd-: row1 anchors.bottom:; row2 anchors.bottom:; row3 anchors.bottom: page.bottom; listView anchors.bottom:; header.bottom19:36
*** alin has joined #sailfishos19:37
tortoisedocis qmsystem accepted in harbour?19:38
* tortoisedoc too lazy to make testapp to check :|19:38
coderusis qmsystem in qt5?..19:39
tortoisedocbut it's mentioned in the harbour faq, hence the doubt19:41
*** Blizzzek has joined #sailfishos19:44
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kimmolicoderus: "hey this looks nice, lets put there M like in Mitäkuuluu" -- now i know where it came from O_o19:53
*** MoritzJT has quit IRC19:56
coderuskimmoli: :D20:01
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC20:03
coderusi really like harmattan clock / alarm manager ui more than sailfish one...20:03
Nicd-thanks coderus, your code example works <320:04
coderusNicd-: :D20:04
coderusNicd-: there are two common layout methods: rows + columns and anchors20:05
coderususe anchors if you dont know how to properly layout items :)20:05
*** RoKenn has quit IRC20:06
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:07
kimmoliand, heh rows+anchors - usually my first experience is "row may not work correctly".. and then everyting is in topleft corner of screen... but check console output for those20:08
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos20:13
RoKennis there a way to change the text of a Button dynamically?20:13
kimmoliyourButtonId.text ?20:13
RoKennI try text="newText" in the OnClicked method, but that doesn't work20:13
*** Mossepo has quit IRC20:14
kimmolijust wondering where i have used this...20:16
RoKennkimmoli: thanks, got it working20:18
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos20:20
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smokuwhat is the recommended way of storing settings in sailfish app?20:54
stephgwhat sort of settings?20:54
*** niqt has quit IRC21:02
*** olafh_ has quit IRC21:03
*** soexit has left #sailfishos21:05
kimmolismoku: i do them like this: (harbour-approved way atleast)
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC21:09
smokustephg: the kond you enable/disable in application settings screen/app21:15
*** lsme has joined #sailfishos21:15
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*** lsme is now known as Guest4963021:15
smokukimmoli: so you just wrap a ~/.config file with QSettings?21:17
kimmoliafaik yes.21:17
smokupity. I am spoiled by how GConf does things, with schemas and notify-on-change :(21:18
kimmoli"just" is the key word for me here :)21:18
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos21:18
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smokuI am used to not having to poke the app, that I just changed its config and it needs to reload stuff21:18
kimmolii dont (need to) know anything more complex things, as these are just really simple settings here.21:20
kimmolijust passed to/from qml side21:21
smokuyeah. I have a bit more complex app. a background daemon and QML configuration app21:23
*** BasilSemuonov_ has quit IRC21:35
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kimmolismoku: ok. when you figure out how to do it, please share. i might need something like that in future... now i use dbus to control daemon settings.22:13
*** msava has quit IRC22:22
smokukimmoli: I might settle on exposing all the settings as attributes on dbus.22:26
smokukimmoli: but Gconf magic... it makes things so much easier... ;-)22:26
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