Friday, 2014-07-18

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gexcare there examples for multitap characterkeys?02:28
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stephggive me an f, give me an r, give me an i...06:46
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pp_android support downloads are a good indicator of sales :-)06:48
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Sceltstephg: gimme mushrooms!07:22
Sceltmushrooms mushrooms07:22
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phlixipp_: for a long time I didnt installed it, there might be others ;)07:28
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pp_could be yea :-)07:44
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Nicd-it's fake, don't buy it08:50
cos-any details? does it actually run sailfish or is it some hacked android?08:51
Nicd-apparently the phones are real and run sailfish, but not legally sold08:52
Nicd-so might be bought from europe and resold or stolen from factory or something08:52
Nicd-or devices rejected by QA08:53
cos-or just traditional chinese after hours work from the same factory08:53
ryukafalzhuh, fake Jollas...08:53
ryukafalzIf they are actually stolen that makes sense08:54
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ryukafalzotherwise, why can't they just not use the Jolla branding and then they'd be just fine =/08:54
cos-i wonder where are the official licensed third party sailfish phones08:56
Nicd-are there any?08:56
ryukafalzI haven't taken a look at the Sailfish license, but would you need a special license to distribute it?08:57
cos-not announced yet08:57
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Nicd-ryukafalz: yes, it's not fully open source08:57
ryukafalzThe Mer bits and Nemo bits are fine, not sure about Silica, etc.08:57
cos-afaik jolla's main business is to license the os to 3rd party device makers08:57
ryukafalzcos-: Ahh, hmm. Haven't heard much about that side of it.08:58
cos-ryukafalz: yep, sailfish is not foss and you need license08:58
ryukafalzI know it's not FOSS, just wasn't sure how much the license allowed for :P08:58
ryukafalzlike presumably the various released builds have a license associated with them, is that personal use only or?08:59
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lbtSo there's a fishy odour in the air...09:07
lbtsmells like haddock09:07
lbtyes ... the Hardware Adaptation Dev Kit 1.0 -
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Anarkyyeah \o/09:08
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Nicd-I love that it too says this may lead to hair loss09:09
Nicd-gotta cover all possibilities09:09
Anarkylbt: I'm curious, did you try to make a port to an Android tablet to see how the UI behaves?09:11
lbtyep - not seen it myself though09:11
lbtfeel free to give it a go09:11
AnarkyI plan to try on my phone first :)09:12
Anarkythe tablet I have is a prototype and except for the kernel the sources weren't delivered :/09:13
lbtwe'll take HADK detailed technical stuff into #sailfishos-porters too btw09:14
ryukafalzHADK yessss09:14
ryukafalzalso I didn't know #sailfishos-porters was a thing09:15
* ryukafalz hangs out in #nemomobile-porters09:15
SceltHADK reminds me of GECK09:16
Sceltmaybe there is something similar09:17
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carepackgreat. email received atm. congrats for first hadk release09:48
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sledgescarepack: you mean, "no email received yet"?10:10
sledgesthanks for congrats :)10:11
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ryukafalzsledges: Do you know where I might find the license info for the early adopter images? Just curious now from that conversation up there ^10:44
coderusGPS not working in android AT ALL for me. Any ideas how to fix it?10:47
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sledgesryukafalz: Sailfish OS EULA applies10:58
sledgescoderus: context pls? :)10:58
coderussledges: what context?11:00
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coderusgps not working in android apps11:00
sledgeswhich device android11:00
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sledgesah android apps11:00
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sledgeswasn't there a ticket on tjc after u8 ?11:00
sledgeson this11:00
ryukafalzsledges: Oh, okay, I kept searching for "license" rather than "EULA", which is why I couldn't find it. Thanks!11:01
sledgeswe :)11:01
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coderussledges: yeah, something about GPS may have problems, but for me it's not working at ll for all apps11:07
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coderuseven if stock maps running and gps working11:08
coderusandroid apps are not receiving gps data11:08
coderusi really don't want to downgrade os :(11:08
sledgesstrange, i remember using gmaps fine with u811:09
sledgesyep, it works fine, just tested11:10
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carepackno. I've got an email?!11:14
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carepackterribele :-)11:15
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TemeVI'm trying to compile telegram-cli with sailfishos sdk, and I get error "openssl/err.h: No such file or directory"11:43
SK_workTemeV: missing some openssl include i think ?11:44
TemeVwhat should I install and where, to get that work?11:44
SK_workzypper se openssl11:44
SK_worksomething like openssl-devel ?11:44
TemeVto the buid virtual machine?11:44
SK_workTemeV: yep11:44
SK_worksb2 -t <ARCH> -R11:45
SK_workand then, zypper stuff11:45
TemeVwhere do I find the ip for virtual machine?11:46
SK_workTemeV: ssh  -p 2222 mersdk@localhost11:47
SK_workwith some key11:47
SK_workone sec11:47
SK_workcan't find it :(11:48
TemeVis there a tutorial for this kind of stuff? I tried to google but couldn't find11:49
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TemeVSK_work: thanks, I try to figure this out :)11:51
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TemeV"File './core/armv7hl/openssl-devel-1.0.1h-1.4.1.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''"11:59
TemeVoh, you got paste also, that was ment for google :)12:01
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kaltsiTemeV: maybe you have the old sdk.. the repository urls were changed in the 1407 sdk and that url is no longer valid12:08
TemeVI installed the new one12:08
kaltsithat's an old url and cannot come from the new one12:09
TemeVhmm... I'm quite sure it was the newest12:09
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TemeVwhere is the version number so I can check?12:10
kaltsiwe can check.. in installdir there's a text file called sdk-release..12:10
kaltsidoes it say 1406 or 1407 or do you have that file at all12:10
TemeV1406, so I downloaded a wrong file :/12:10
kaltsibtw when did you download it?12:11
TemeVquite soon after publishing12:11
kaltsiI'm just wondering how did you get a link to that file..12:11
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kaltsiperhaps the caches take a while to update around the world12:12
TemeVtime stamp is 15 july 2014 11:5212:13
kaltsi11:52 .. what time zone :)12:13
TemeV(in germany)12:13
kaltsithe publish was 12:00 UTC, which would be 14 german time12:14
TemeVoh, so I was too much in rush to download :)12:14
kaltsiyeah :)12:14
TemeVthere is still no way to update without uninstalling, right?12:15
kaltsithe update does remove everything.. except some qt creator settings12:16
TemeVok, thanks for help. I install the new SDK and try again :)12:17
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elenrilhmm, why are there two VMs in the sdk?13:13
elenrila 'MerSDK' and a 'SailfishOS Emulator'13:13
roboroexactly that... one is an emulator and one is a build environment13:15
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roboroyou don't have to use the emulator... you can use a jolla phone for that if you want13:15
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos13:15
roborobut you will nearly always build on the merSDK VM13:16
elenrilah, ok13:16
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roboropersonally I never use the emulator... I just build and then run on my phone13:18
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Nicd-I wish I had enough memory to run the emulator :D13:19
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos13:19
elenrili'm trying to do a bit of a frankensetup here, with the virtualbox on a different host than the sdk13:19
elenrilwonder if that will work13:20
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kaltsielenril: won't work unfortunately, everything assumes localhost13:21
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TemeVNow I'm getting this error13:55
TemeV/srv/mer/targets/SailfishOS-armv7hl/lib/ error: could not read symbols: Invalid operation13:55
TemeVI guess this would bee too much fun, if things would just compile :)13:55
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kaltsiat least linking with -lrt works for me..14:01
kaltsidid it ever work or are you creating a new program with possible link order problems?14:03
*** inte is now known as inte_away14:04
TemeVI'm trying to compile telegram-cli14:05
kaltsiwhat is it.. new code, old code?14:05
TemeVold code14:05
TemeVc code actually14:05
kaltsiis that the only error you get.. anything before it?14:06
kaltsianything about DSO?14:06
TemeVno, all object files seem to be there14:06
TemeVso it compiles ok14:06
kaltsimmm.. isn't that a compile time error?14:06
kaltsior build time.. possibly link time error14:07
lainwir3di can't deploy anymore14:07
lainwir3d"Fatal error: Failed to obtain authentication."14:07
kaltsilainwir3d: you are using pkcon aren't you?14:07
lainwir3dI used it one time I think14:07
lainwir3dis that bad ?14:07
kaltsiwell your deploy is using pkcon14:07
kaltsior what do you mean with deploy :)14:08
lainwir3dwith Qt Creator14:08
lainwir3dwhen I tried to launch my app14:08
kaltsiwhich sdk do you have?14:08
TemeVI think it is link time error, but not really sure. I have to get my brains back to gcc mode. It has been a while since I've been using it :)14:08
lainwir3dkaltsi: I don't know, but i just noticed that it's not up to date anymore14:08
*** klarre has quit IRC14:08
kaltsiTemeV: it's link time yes.. but can be caused by a missing library or library given in wrong order.. compilers/linkers changed rules/conventions some years ago14:09
kaltsilainwir3d: yep.. the 1.0.8.x software on the phone does not allow installing packages with 'pkcon' as nemo anymore14:09
kaltsilainwir3d: if you don't want to update but just quickly want to test.. you can fix this in qtcreator easily14:09
lainwir3dI'll update :)14:10
lainwir3dthank you for your quick answer !14:10
kaltsilainwir3d: in qt creator open the 'projects' tab and select Run settings for the arm kit14:10
kaltsiah.. if you're going to update, then I won't say no more :)14:10
lainwir3dit's still good to know I guess14:10
lainwir3dok :P14:10
kaltsiwell there are the deploy options.. it says --pkcon somewhere.. change that to --sdk :)14:11
lainwir3dok :)14:11
lainwir3dthanks !14:11
kaltsilainwir3d: but I do recommend updating14:16
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*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos14:19
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*** King_DuckZ has joined #sailfishos14:32
King_DuckZhello, anybody succeeded at sending files to a jolla phone from a linux pc, through bluetooth? I can send from phone to pc fine, but not the other way round14:32
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos14:36
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carepackfew weeks ago here was a discussion about open source messenger and end to end encryption / security14:38
carepackhad textsecure be a part of it? It's fully open source and end to end encrypted14:38
TemeVcarepack: telegram maybe. I think if you use "secret chat" it is end to end encrypted14:40
TemeVclients are open source but server is closed14:40
specialcarepack: TemeV: is also neat14:41
TemeVHow do I change linker flags from qt creator? If I just change makefile, qt creator overwrites it14:41
specialif there's a Telepathy CM for telegram, it can go on the device and give us telegram support in native messaging.14:41
DottiTemeV: add QMAKE_LFLAGS += myflags  to your .pro file14:42
carepackok. Would only mention it. telegram is no option for me. threema is my favourite choice14:42
TemeVDotti: thanks14:42
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King_DuckZhm actually I can send stuff, but only mp3 and jpg... no ogg nor flac? wth? the phone is refusing them?14:43
SK_workTemeV: Telegram is IIRC trust the server14:44
TemeVSK_work: with normal chats, yes14:45
lainwir3d"bash: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''" :-(14:45
King_DuckZam I the only one having this issue?14:45
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos14:46
TemeVBut I don't really care. I use whatsapp, and biggest issue with that is, that I can't have a pc client14:46
King_DuckZI can send .flac fine from pc to symbian... I will try from symbian to sailfish as well14:47
lainwir3dkaltsi: better, but another error message appeared14:50
King_DuckZthat didn't work either... so what's the problem? nobody knows? is there a bug tracker somewhere?14:52
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos14:52
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Nicd-King_DuckZ: my OS X just doesn't even show the option of sending a file to the phone, so I guess it's not supported14:54
ryukafalzNot the biggest fan of Telegram - it's not really any better than XMPP IMO14:54
TemeVNicd-: mine does14:55
TemeVKing_DuckZ: I just gave it a try and sending file to Jolla seems to be working14:55
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos14:56
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King_DuckZTemeV: I can send .jpg and .mp3, but not .flac, .ogg, .txt... not even from symbian14:59
King_DuckZTemeV: what file did you send?14:59
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos15:00
TemeVsome random .txt15:00
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:00
King_DuckZTemeV: weird :/15:01
*** msava has joined #sailfishos15:02
King_DuckZTemeV: is there some sort of whitelist somewhere?15:04
TemeVno idea15:04
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC15:04
TemeVI don't have any flacs to try15:05
King_DuckZI just tried with a pdf, no luck either15:06
*** tat has quit IRC15:10
TemeV.pdf works fine also15:10
*** tat has joined #sailfishos15:10
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*** gexc_ has joined #sailfishos15:13
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*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos15:15
lainwir3dPlease, does someone know about this error message ?
*** arcean has quit IRC15:15
lainwir3dwhen trying to deploy an app to the jolla15:15
lainwir3dwith the latest sdk15:15
*** gexc_ has quit IRC15:15
TemeVit might help if it was not in French :)15:15
lainwir3doh sorry15:15
*** disharmonic has quit IRC15:15
lainwir3dI'll translate15:15
lainwir3dor launch the sdk in en15:16
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos15:16
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TemeVI most likely can't help you anyway, but most people understand English better15:16
*** tat has quit IRC15:17
*** vode has joined #sailfishos15:17
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos15:17
lainwir3dhere we go :
*** vode has left #sailfishos15:17
King_DuckZTemeV: I think they broke something with v, which is the one I have... do you have the same version as well?15:18
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:18
King_DuckZI see reports about syncing contacts with old phones not working, which happens to me as well15:18
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos15:19
TemeVKing_DuckZ: yes, I have that version also15:19
*** blues-man has joined #sailfishos15:20
King_DuckZwhat do I have to install to have xmpp chat?15:20
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:21
TemeVKing_DuckZ: I'd say #jollamobile is better channel for these questions15:21
King_DuckZTemeV: ah I didn't know sorry... should I ask about my bluetooth problem there as well?15:22
TemeVYou can try, maybe there is someone who had similiar issues15:24
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC15:24
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Nightmare__coderus: i can confirm that one with 0.8.1-215:33
*** xerpi has quit IRC15:35
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coderusNightmare__: proof?15:39
*** cybojenix has joined #sailfishos15:42
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rusty88is there someone wanting to work on the port of sailfish to the galaxy s3 i9330 ? since the HADK should be quite easy15:46
coderusNightmare__: where is logfile?15:46
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos15:50
Nightmare__fixed it :D, somehow on mitakuuluu.conf  group write was disabled, i was unable to save settings (enable log). after changing permissions und mita restart the high usage was gone15:50
*** rcg has quit IRC15:50
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Schrostfutzhi, what does the sdk installer do? I dont want to execute it without knowing how it affects my system17:50
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dpurginSchrostfutz, unpacks the SDK files to the folder of your choice18:21
dpurginno root account needed18:22
*** freedomrun has quit IRC18:22
Schrostfutzdpurgin: okay, thank you18:23
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Nicd-anyone here to help me with some anchor stuff?18:42
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Nicd-well, just in case someone is here, here's my code:
Nicd-it works nicely so that the TextListComponent (which is a SilicaListView) takes up the space in the middle18:51
Nicd-but when I focus on the text field so that the keyboard comes up, the listview isn't made smaller, it disappears under the text field18:52
Nicd-also when I pull on my pulldownmenu, I can pull forever (it doesn't snap) until I can see the background image18:52
Nicd-sorry, pullupmenu18:52
Nicd-pushupmenu* :D18:53
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smokukimmoli: about that settings stuff...20:48
smokukimmoli: see and
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