Saturday, 2014-07-19

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kimmolismoku: ok, there was some changes to gconf in last version, something was wrapping something iirc. dont remember what way ..05:17
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coderuskimmoli: what do you want?05:20
kimmolismoku asked for some settings stuff.., he provided some links, which did make me remembering some dconf/gconf wrappings05:21
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kimmolibut good morning coderus \o05:24
coderussmoku: dconf is nice stuff05:30
coderusbut if you want to get notifies for QSettings you can implement signals from client to server. it's more cheaper than listening dcoonf value changed signals ;)05:30
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kimmolicoderus: thanks for idea... i had the setting values passed over dbus to daemom, daemon stored them. but such "apply new settings" would be propably eaasier05:34
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kimmoliyes. (i have not yeat gone through all the sources of mk2)05:39
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coderusbut if you have small amount of settings using dconf is better imho :)05:50
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kimmolimaybe i use something like apply button, which saves all settings, and emits one signal/call to reload them, or just simply restart the daemon... then this part stays the same regardless of how many settings i might have.05:55
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Nicd-morning, anyone around to help with anchoring now? :)06:55
Nicd-I'll just paste my problem from last night06:57
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Nicd-well, just in case someone is here, here's my code:
Nicd-it works nicely so that the TextListComponent (which is a SilicaListView) takes up the space in the middle06:59
Nicd-but when I focus on the text field so that the keyboard comes up, the listview isn't made smaller, it disappears under the text field06:59
Nicd-also when I pull on my pushupmenu, I can pull forever (it doesn't snap) until I can see the background image06:59
Nicd-here's a demo of the latter error:
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kimmoligot dejavu with that pullmenu not stopping...07:02
Nicd-yeah, I've seen some apps in store with the same problem07:02
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kimmoliso you have title, testlistcomponent (listview in middle, and then have input-row at bottom of page? and pullup menu?07:06
kimmoliand intended to make textlistcompo smalled when vkb opens07:07
kimmoliare you sure it disappeas? if it goes smaller, but it shows less?07:09
kimmoli:) i dont know what i try to say07:09
Nicd-well, the contents don't move07:11
Nicd-so if it's like (from top to bottom) ABCDEF[textfield], then it's AB[textfield] afterwards07:12
kimmoliand you would like to have EF[textfield]07:13
kimmolitry to call scrollToBottom() when textfield focuschanged ??07:19
kimmolithat is method of silicalistview07:20
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Nicd-but that will only work if the view was already at bottom07:26
Nicd-if the user has scrolled up to some point, it won't work07:27
Nicd-I mean, I've seen programs do this correctly (like mitäkuuluu, should study the sources)07:27
Nicd-so that when the keyboard opens, the listview is moved up correctly07:27
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kimmoliok, not always at the end07:30
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Nicd-it works now if I set the ListView to have verticalLayoutDirection: ListView.BottomToTop07:40
Nicd-stupid qml07:40
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Nicd-still have the infinite pushupmenu problem though07:43
kimmoliwas it something with silicaflicable height or something...07:47
kimmolithe pulley menu07:47
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Nicd-well the flickable has anchors.fill: parent07:51
Nicd-and the parent is a page07:51
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Nicd-oh dammit qml08:16
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Nicd-so I'm using moment.js in my app but I have these strange problems with it08:17
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Nicd-I can do console.log(M.moment().format()); (where M is the moment.js library) and it works just fine08:17
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Nicd-but if I pass the value I get from M.moment() into a function, where it gets inserted into a ListModel, then in the delegate item call format() for it, it fails because 'format' has turned into an object for some reason08:19
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Nicd-yeah, seems when you take an object returned from M.moment() and put it into a ListModel, it gets screwed up somehow08:21
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smokukimmoli: yeah. gconf was replaced by dconf, but mlite interface stayed the same.09:36
smokukimmoli: and it works great. I change setting in my conf app and deamon gets notified of change :)09:37
smokuMDconfGroup class is cool as it can wrap configuration to properties of an settings object, so you don't have to even thinh that there is some persistency layer there :)09:39
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SmarteXcoderus: Hi! Are you aware that in EA3 (on the mako) Mitakuuluu doesn't let me go into a conversation?12:57
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ryukafalzstick around why don't ya? :P13:18
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sledgesconnprobs i gather :)13:30
sledges(like closing browser tab ^_^)13:30
* ryukafalz runs a client on a server13:30
ryukafalzs/server/mac mini sitting on a table at home/13:31
coderusSmarteX, it was discussed many times, some depends packages missing. You can install 0.8.1 Beta2, it have all required depends13:33
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coderushate smartex, joining for two minutes :D14:44
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kimmolicoderus ping ... hmm... do you know can i use dconf over user boundaries? my service/daemon runs as root, and does not know nemo...16:36
kimmoliQSettings with SystemScope will store to /etc/xdg/organisation/application.conf which i can't write from nemo-user. now my settings app works fine if also root16:37
kimmolimaybe i revert my implementation to the original, and pass configs over dbus as arguments...16:37
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coderuskimmoli: afaik dconf is not stricted to user (i can be wrong)16:46
kimmolithen i have to take a look at that more deeply.16:47
coderusjust try cli cdonf with and without root16:47
kimmoliwill do16:48
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kimmolihmm.. strange results... some groups are only in other (root/nemo), some are different between them, and some are the same... but seems that those can be made cross-user17:00
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rkzanyone know anything about the alphabetic list picker in the people app?18:36
rkzis it a mix of silica components or something bespoke for that app18:36
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thomas_sch <--- So I can't port SailfishOS to anything other than ARMv7 right?19:23
thomas_schI'm asking because there is and I would really like to get some use of my old phone19:24
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kimmoligiving up with dconf now... seems it is user dependent. not system-wide.  also for qml/harbour ... Import 'org.nemomobile.configuration 1.0' is not allowed19:31
coderusrkz: /usr/share/jolla-contacts/pages/ContactsListPage.qml19:43
coderuskimmoli: yeah it seems to be user-dependent..19:45
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rkzcoderus: that has a contactbrowser object, but that seems coded specifically for handling contacts19:50
rkzrather than something that just navigates a list19:50
coderusrkz: it coded for specific model19:51
coderusbut it's not too hard to hack it19:51
rkzdo you know where the contactbrowser is defined?19:52
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hzbhmmhh, should QtPositioning be found on the SDK? gives a not-found error and someone has asked on IRC but got no answers, dev-mailing list refers to it..19:58
rkzqtpositioning isnt in the SDK yet19:58
rkzbut you can install it19:58
hzbthanks, and there seems to be nice documentation related to that.. I'll try..
rkzits not considered stable yet, which is why its not in the SDK20:00
hzbI'd just like to define coordinates for MapQuickItem markers and coordinate function seems to be in QtPositioning20:00
rkzthe officially sanctioned method of getting positioning data is through dbus to geoclue20:01
hzbrkz: what I'm trying to do is just adding markers on map, am I making it too complex?20:01
rkzafaik qtpositioning is all about interaction with GPS20:03
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hzbrkz: I'd just like to write in QML something like this "coordinate: QtPositioning.coordinate(lat,lon)"20:03
hzbhmmh, reading more code examples and qtlocation API, I think qtlocation is enough for me, I'll try..20:06
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hzbit seems that those pages I read later were outdated, coordinate function seems to be nowadays in QtPositioning20:14
coderuskaltsi: i hacked binary to make it always think Mre VM is installed and running :)20:15
coderusMer VM*20:15
coderushzb: and
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thomas_schdoes anyone know if I can port an armv6 android device to sailfish?20:29
hzbrkz: that was the URL I started from, but I didn't read it carefully enough, since now it works, whee!:) solution was that simple: coordinate { latitude: value; longitude value } inside MapQuickItem{}20:29
rkzi was thinking it was strange to pass coordintes into a function to get coordinates20:30
smokuthomas_sch: sailfish is based on Mer. ask on #mer whether is there an armv6 build of Mer - you would need that as a starting point.20:31
hzbrkz: me too, but I thought it'll wrap them into some object with some specific magic...20:31
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smokuthomas_sch: also, sailfish has pretty high expectations on the kernel. are you sure your armv6 kernel can support cgroups, systemd, devtmpfs?20:41
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thomas_schsmoku: not 100% I will check as soon as I know if it's possible at all :) but thx21:30
thomas_schps I think mer can run on armv6 the n900 was armv6 right?21:30
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