Tuesday, 2014-07-22

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m4g0gwhy doesn't ambience influence on android applications?06:22
m4g0ggood morning06:22
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tbrandroid applications run in their own environment06:28
tbralso they were not designed to be influenced by ambience06:29
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Dr_Cainhmm, jolla really need to do something about their battery07:15
Dr_CainI had to reseat it again this morning07:15
slatebattery pusher sticker, well known from Nokia 5230.07:16
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Dr_Cainalready put electical tape under it07:19
Dr_Cainwonder if the contacts get coroded or something07:19
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camerisGood Morning.07:21
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camerisAgain I have a question I can't seem to figure out by searching. If the PageStack has grown too far, it is recommended to replace the pages instead of pushing more. But how can I navigate back from the new page? There seems to be no onBackNavigation signal.07:25
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coderusDr_Cain: try hard rubber eraser07:29
coderusDr_Cain: ^07:29
Dr_Cainhmm, not a bad idea07:30
Dr_Cainneed to find one though07:30
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Dr_Cainwith a small tip07:30
Dr_Cainsince the connectors are recessed07:30
coderuscameris: try to use Dialog instead of Page for dialog pages07:31
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tbrDr_Cain: high contact impedance is one possible issue, yes. cleaning them with some mild abrasive is a good idea IMHO07:36
cameriscoderus: hmm, don't know if Dialog fits for this. The app should have several two-pages layouts (Profiles/Devices),(Activities/Devices in Profile), (Activity/Devices in Activity).07:37
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coderuscameris: just for some cases07:37
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coderuscameris: but if i really need to make app with deep stack i'll hack pageStack to timit indicators to 3-4.07:40
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cameriscoderus: I don't have a problem with 4-6 indicators. But the 'Common Pitfalls' says I should try to avoid more than 4, so I am trying.07:46
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kimmolicoderus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeL9vZYS9y408:13
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coderususer want to get "png files of BubbleChat" in Mitakuuluu. https://twitter.com/irulestar/status/491492675015540736 Mwahahahhahah! https://github.com/CODeRUS/mitakuuluu2/blob/master/client/qml/ModernDelegate.qml#L275-L32908:16
coderuskimmoli: lol :D08:16
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coderushttps://twitter.com/irulestar/status/491499238874832897 :D08:36
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m4g0gcoderus: is it possible to create native notifications as android notifications?08:40
Nicd-hey coderus, I got the busyloop on 0.8.1 after deleting all my settings after all :/ it took about a day for it to appear08:41
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coderusm4g0g: what you mean?08:43
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m4g0gcoderus: showing notifications without launching appplication08:45
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tortoisedocm4g0g : dont you need a service for that?08:53
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m4g0gtortoisedoc: I don't know. This is a solution but I don't think that it is a good one.08:55
tortoisedocit might be jolla does not have the support yet08:55
tortoisedoc(for this particular feature I mean)08:55
m4g0gtortoisedoc: jolla not ready for native applications08:56
tortoisedocwell, it is - kindof, you just need to do all the stuff that is not there which you need yourself :P08:57
tortoisedocsee it like a business opportunity08:57
tortoisedocyou make a component == you might be able to get it into MER08:57
tortoisedocit's the "do it together" spirit ;)08:57
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dv1does anyone know how the sailfish launcher for android is going?09:06
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dv1are there official/inofficial downloads already?09:07
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coderusm4g0g: it called push servicces09:07
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coderusm4g0g: you need a push server for that and you should control whatsapp server for that :)09:09
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tortoisedoc___speaking of whatsapp09:10
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tortoisedoc___android app on my jolla just got use time extended by two months09:10
tortoisedoc___(did not do anything myself actually for ti)09:10
m4g0gcoderus: hm. My application should setup it's own push server?09:11
Nicd-my mitakuuluu was extended for an additional year09:11
coderusm4g0g: sure :)09:11
m4g0ghmm. Ok. This is not bad idea09:11
coderusyour server should be connected to service instead of you and send messages to jolla push server to show push notifications on device :)09:12
dv1noone knows? :309:15
m4g0gcoderus: your application do that?09:16
coderusof course not09:18
coderusjolla doesn't have push services09:18
henkWhat does "got use time extended" mean?09:18
m4g0gcoderus: does ur application can show notifications without running?09:19
Nicd-dv1: the launcher is in private beta I think09:19
Nicd-well, invite-only beta09:19
dv1why is it private :(09:20
tortoisedoc___coderus : there is a jolla push server?09:21
artemmamaybe they will build one.09:21
artemmayet another usual mobile feature to be build when time allows09:21
henktortoisedoc___, Nicd-: What is that extension you mentioned?09:22
tortoisedoc___artemma : a good os takes its time to develope09:23
Nicd-henk: you need to pay to have a whatsapp account after a year. but they extend the free period whenever your free year seems to be ending09:23
Nicd-henk: so I don't know anyone who has actually ever paid for whatsapp :P09:23
henkNicd-: ah ok, thank you.09:24
henkI thought it was about jolla or sailfishos, as I did not expect to find whatsapp users here …09:24
m4g0gI can't remember. In previous versino of sailfish was possible to change ambience from very first screen (I forgot it name) or not?09:26
SK_workm4g0g: it was possible from lockscreen, this got removed09:27
m4g0gSK_work: why? It was so comfortable!09:29
SK_workm4g0g: --> TJC :)09:29
SK_work(ie go to tjc and complain)09:29
m4g0gI understand =)09:29
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coderusm4g0g: application developer have push server running, it's connected to service you using with your credentials once in 5-60 minutes and sending message with your push id to your phone provider (google, microsoft, nokia, blackberry, i.e.) push service. and phone connected to push server showing notifications and etc.09:40
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m4g0gcoderus: why not to setup service which will be read notifications from service and show in jolla?09:40
coderusm4g0g: because jolla sailfish have no push server :)09:41
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coderusthey should setup own push server to allow developers use it09:42
m4g0gwihout push server. Local appliation-service which get notifications via api and use mlite09:42
coderusmlite is just a library showing notifications on display :)09:42
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coderus(notifications is just a part of mlite library which is meegotouch stripped library just for adaptation purposes)09:44
coderusjust because meego and sailfish have no own push services i made background daemon for mitakuuluu09:45
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kimmolisoon meeting was it?09:49
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cybettekimmoli: yes 8 min09:52
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SK_worksmall meeting, should be fast09:54
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m4g0gcoderus: stop.Showing notifications in notification display - it is not mlite work?09:54
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coderusm4g0g: no. it's lipstick work09:55
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coderusmlite and freedesktop are just adaptation layers :)09:55
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coderusm4g0g: check mlite sources09:56
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coderusm4g0g: https://github.com/nemomobile/mlite/blob/master/src/mnotification.cpp#L5909:57
m4g0gcoderus: why all is so complex in sailfish ((09:58
SK_workm4g0g: actually, it's not :)09:58
SK_workbut you need to figure out what does what09:58
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sledgesPSA: SailfishOS community meeting in #mer-meeting starting in 1minute, everyone's welcome :) http://piratepad.net/SailfishOSSMeetings10:00
m4g0gsledges: what will be discussed there?10:01
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sledgesm4g0g: see piratepad10:01
sledgesask also any questions during the end10:01
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* artemma checks topics10:03
SK_workartemma: APIs mostly10:03
SK_workartemma: check on #mer-meeting10:04
artemmaSK_work: piratepad link has topics for today it seems10:04
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dr_gogeta86there are some strict rules for pubblishing android apps in jolla harbour11:27
Nicd-there are some in the harbour faq11:28
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guaquahas anyone integrated a jolla app with an oauth provider?  what should/would one use as the local http server?12:52
m4g0gguaqua: I have integrated12:52
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guaquado you have the code somewhere where i could take a look or can you give a brief intro into how you did it?12:53
m4g0gYou can do it without local server. Parse urlChanged in embeded webview12:53
guaquahmm. okay12:53
m4g0gguaqua: https://github.com/Maledictus/sailreads see AuthManager.qml12:53
guaquamassive! thanks a bunch, m4g0g!12:53
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m4g0gguaqua: np12:54
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King_DuckZhello, anybody knows if I can use this cable http://images.fonearena.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/nokia-n8-usb-otg.jpg to connect usb keys to my jolla phone? or would I damage something if I tried?13:27
cos-i doubt it can damage anything13:28
King_DuckZit would work like this http://www.itdunya.com/attachments/290455d1305971621-nokia-n8-usb-go-samsung-mp3.jpg13:28
King_DuckZcos-: so at worst it won't work?13:28
WntKing_DuckZ: the device doesn't support USB host mode or usb otg13:28
King_DuckZok :(13:28
King_DuckZis that a software limitation?13:29
WntKing_DuckZ: USB host mode might be possible, but requires external voltage source and nonstandard kernel module13:30
WntOTG is not possible with the hardware13:30
King_DuckZhm I see... I was hoping I could plug in powered usb hard disks to copy stuff, as removing the memory card is not very practical and bluetooth's got issues13:34
King_DuckZah btw, how do I unmount the micro sd before removing it?13:34
fluxking_duckz, why not use wlan?13:41
King_DuckZflux: wlan? how? I've been looking how to mount a webdav or nfs share, I couldn't find anything either13:43
fluxwell, I use it with scp13:43
flux(and rsync over ssh)13:43
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King_DuckZah... but you have to activate developer mode right? I suppose I'll have to do that to port cloonel jump at some point, but wouldn't I void the guarantee?13:44
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*** chiromante has joined #sailfishos13:44
King_DuckZhm I think it's "warranty" what I meant to type, sorry13:46
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cos-i don't think activating dev mode has any practical issues with warranty13:48
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tadzikhey hey14:25
tadzikhow much of sailfish-maps code is shared with https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlmaps, if any?14:25
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:26
Nicd-probably nothing since qmlmaps is under the GPL14:26
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos14:26
tadzikah, bummer14:27
Nicd-sailfish maps was made by appello14:27
tadzikI'm thinking, since every sailfish app using maps is reimplementing them, wouldn't it be useful to have a common shared component which everyone could use?14:27
tadzikso maybe it's possible to rip it off something that already has a good implementation, like sailfish-maps14:28
tadzika qml component with some decent api would probably work14:28
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos14:30
artemmaWasn't there some common Maps component at the QtQuick controls level..?14:30
artemmanot sure, but I have slight memories about something like that14:30
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:31
SK_worktadzik: you can read qml code imo14:31
artemmaprobably tied to Here maps14:31
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos14:33
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tadzikSK_work: yeah, looking at it now14:40
tadzikit all seems to use some 'map' component, but the source doesn't seem to be there :/14:44
tadzikoh, it seems like it's a regular QDeclarativeGeoMap14:49
*** nad6234 has left #sailfishos14:51
tadzikwhatever that is :)14:51
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HBP_he, no ops15:25
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dpurginis it me or has anyone noticed that rpm deployment to the device or copying files via ssh from the device is not started until the screen is unblocked?15:43
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vakkovHi there! Is alien dalvik run in a chroot on the original jolla16:02
SK_workvakkov: don't think so16:02
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TemeVdpurgin: Jolla tends to go to quite deep sleep when display is off. SSH is not responsive then17:20
TemeVI think I saw some instructions how to change that, but battery life takes a hit of course17:21
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:21
dpurginTemeV, it seems though after I logged onto shell it remains responsive regardless of screen state, it seems to affect only the initial login prompt17:22
dpurginnot a problem actually, just curious :)17:22
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TemeVyea, it is a feature, nothing wrong with your device :)17:26
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King_DuckZhello, is anybody else getting a segmentation fault launching qtcreator from the sailfish sdk?17:54
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos17:54
dpurginKing_DuckZ, okay with me since the initial release, using on Fedora 19/20 x86_6417:55
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elenrilwhen running the emulator, seems something goes wrong with the orientation sensor so the gui thinks it's in landscape mode17:58
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos17:58
elenrilso it renders sideways and a large part of it is outside the screen17:58
elenrilany ideas?17:59
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King_DuckZdpurgin: I'm using sabayon x86_64, not sure what's going wrong :/18:08
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Morpog_PCcoderus, are there download stats for mitäkuuluu anywhere?18:19
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King_DuckZI can run qtcreator from my system fine, but the ore from the sdk segfaults18:38
King_DuckZcan I use the one from my distro and bypass the one from the sdk?18:39
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eppeSo my jPhone has worked fine the last 14 days, and that means by my experience that the fun should end soon (bootloop). Since i am REALLY tired of sending the phone back to Finnland i have dd out all the partitions to an sd card. Does anyone have any advice when i need to restore them? like a what to do and NOT to do? Thanks in advance18:54
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King_DuckZanybody knows if I can customize the qt-creator installed from my distro's repo to enable the creation of sailfish apps? or can I skip it altogether and use just cmake and command line?20:57
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