Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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saber_a few question about programming for sailfishOS03:12
saber_is it possible to write a global qml plugin for other qml ( not packed in the same .rpm together )03:13
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fluxtechnically I think it should be possible, but such plugins are not going to get into the Jolla store AFAIK05:58
fluxas Jolla store apps don't have dependencies to each other05:59
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saber__I try to make it by using the qt quick 2 extension plugin06:00
saber__is it possible ?06:00
saber__Also, when I compiled that plugin06:01
saber__There are long list of "file not found" error06:01
fluxI don't really have information on how to do it :-)06:03
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smokusaber__: it is possible. you just wite standard qml extension plugin and throw it in /usr/share/qt5/plugins dir.  or you can put it anywhere and just add a plugins search path in your app.  the documentation on writing QML plugins is very through and extensive - just look in Qt5 API docs :)06:37
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coderusMitakuuluu Total Downloads: 62,698 Download stats geo:
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tbrinformal poll: is there interest in a push message transport for sailfish?07:32
artemmacoderus: congrats! Great numbers! Are these unique (everybody counted just once) or total (1 person downloading 3 versions is counted as 3)?07:33
Armadillotbr: what's your plan?07:33
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coderusartemma: total downloads.07:35
coderusperson downloads can be counted only for registered openrepos users and would be incorrect.07:35
coderustbr: a much!07:35
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henkCan anyone point me to docs regarding how free and open sailfish (and jolla) really are? Ideally compared to android on the software-side and neo900 on the hardware-side of things.07:36
coderustbr: having sleeping apps with push will be great implementation07:36
SK_workhenk: compared to neo900 it's far from open07:36
SK_workqualcomm blobs etc07:37
SK_workcompared to android sw side it's both better and worse07:37
SK_workas many middleware is developed in the open, but UI is closed07:37
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coderustbr: but afaik (correct me if i'm wrong) you should have free data transfer with mobile providers for push?07:38
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henkSK_work: hm, too bad ): Thanks07:38
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henkoh, followup question: is that how it was supposed to be or are these considered issues that are being worked on?07:39
coderushenk: you should understand sailfishos is mostly  fancy ui for Mer + nemomobile07:40
SK_workhenk: the HW is what it supposed to be (I guess), because it's not easy to design a fully open mass market device07:40
SK_workthe SW up to nemo (ie the middleware) is what it supposed to be07:41
henkcoderus: ah, yeah, I did not … thank you (:07:41
SK_worksome sfos apps are opened, and it seems that jolla is pushing forward to have them more open07:41
coderusJolla is small company, if it open all it's unique things to public it became dead company :)07:42
coderushenk: sailfishos07:42
SK_workhenk: sfos = sailfishso07:42
henkd’uh, right, thanks07:42
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SK_workcoderus: their effort on this side are not bad actually, too bad nobody took a look at sailfis office to enhance it07:43
henkcoderus: I don’t agree to that theory, but discussing that doesn’t make much sense now (;07:43
coderusand capsoff07:44
coderussorry :)07:44
SK_workcoderus: :)07:44
SK_workcoderus: close beginning, and open step by step ?07:44
SK_workI'm for too07:44
coderusSK_work: sure :)07:44
coderusas soon as stable partners will be found :)07:45
coderusi'm having my apps closed source at beginning too and WTFPL after some period of time :D07:45
tbrcoderus: I'm looking at MQTT as the push protocol over regular data connections07:45
SK_workcoderus: WTFPL ? :)07:46
tbrmy proof of concept works quite well07:46
SK_worksound good07:46
coderustbr: +100000000000007:46
SK_workwhat's MQTT ?07:46
kimmoliyeah, works :)07:46
SK_worktbr: thanks !07:46
tbrI have a server running and if someone wants to experiment I can hand out accounts07:46
* kimmoli cant decide open sdk or do real work ...07:46
SK_workcoderus: I know WTFPL, but just wondering why :)07:47
tbrthere are mosquitto client libraries built for sailfish on my OBS project07:47
SK_worktbr: /me wants accounts :)07:47
coderusSK_work: i did not started monetizing my apps since i started developing...07:47
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SK_workcoderus: me neither07:47
kimmolitbr: me too07:48
coderusSK_work: and i dont want to care how my sources will be used07:48
coderusas i developing to very small community like symbian, then harmattan and now sailfish07:48
lainwir3dhaha, I didn't know wtfpl07:48
coderuslainwir3d: ;)07:48
henkSK_work: Which license do you use?07:48
coderuslainwir3d: if you dont care about copyright, but asked about license in your apps - choose wtfpl07:49
SK_workcurrently BSD07:49
lainwir3dhow easy it is to include QtBluetooth in my app ? So that it's accepted in harbour07:49
SK_worklainwir3d: can you static link it ?07:49
lainwir3dI don't think I can static link just a part of Qt, can I ?07:50
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SK_worklainwir3d: you might07:50
lainwir3dand licence wise, I think I can't at the moment. The app will be closed source first07:50
lainwir3dSK_work: oh, that change everything I guess07:50
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lainwir3dotherwise I have to find a way to load the .so from another directory ? Is it that "simple" ?07:51
henkSK_work: ah ok, I thought something radically different …07:51
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SK_worklainwir3d: yep, LD_LIBRARY_PATH or RPATH07:52
SK_worklainwir3d: static link would be abd07:52
SK_workbut would work07:52
lainwir3dabd ?07:54
SK_workbad :D07:55
lainwir3dI guess I can even link to a Qt 5.3 QtBluetooth... If it build against Sailfish Qt 5.1ish07:55
lainwir3doh :-) Yeah it would be also be bad licence wise :-/07:56
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lainwir3dexcept if I free the bluetooth part. I can do that easily I guess07:56
SK_worklainwir3d: of course, only works for oss projects07:56
lainwir3dDo you think I can just free the part of the code that use it ? the C++ class07:57
lainwir3dthat would remove the need to ask the autorization from my employer to free the code :-P07:57
kimmoligrr, my mersdk wont start...07:58
tbrok, initial accounts handed out and service activated07:59
lainwir3dhaha, this licence is awesome :D08:02
tbrso if anyone else wants to experiment with MQTT push messages on their jolla, privmsg me08:03
tbrI'd appreciate help/ideas on drawing up a sensible push messaging architecture using MQTT08:07
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tbrmy current idea is a local daemon that speaks MQTT on one side and dbus on the other08:08
stephgrandom question for anyone using foursail: have you noticed a bunch more crashes since u8?08:08
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chem|stquick hint anyone? I restored .local/share and I guess I need to trigger tracker to rebuild the db10:28
specialsee tracker-control and other commands starting with tracker-10:30
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chem|styeah that I did but there are still things "oops thumbnail..."10:34
tadzikhmm, sysctl restart tracker.service?10:38
tadzikor something like that10:38
chem|stkinda lost... what is the tracker service name?10:49
tadziklet me check10:49
chem|stnot having a device for 4 weeks lets you forget a lot10:49
tadzikah, I don't have it in history :/10:49
chem|stand restorign the previous state is close to impossible10:50
chem|stif not just dd ing partitions10:50
Nicd-chem|st: try devel-su tracker-control -ks11:03
chem|stNicd-: it is a user db, are you sure about doing it as root?11:04
Nicd-then try without root :P11:05
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chem|stto rephrase the issue...11:10
chem|stI now see in ambience-switcher ambiences with "oops" where one of it is "oops" in Gallery->Ambiences but the others are properly displayed11:11
chem|stambience works like expected11:12
chem|stooh much better now... now I see the "oops" message with the correct thumbnail11:13
chem|stbut only in gallery11:13
chem|stambience switcher still has oops only, restarting gallery helps the oops msg11:14
chem|stok maybe I need to kill lipstick...11:15
chem|stit did not update the views11:17
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chem|sthow does the factory restor point work? I'd like to back it up and replace it with my current install11:29
chem|stthe factory reset snapshot (is it a btrfs snapshot?)11:30
specialI would not suggest messing with the factory restore snapshot, there's a very high chance of breaking your device to require a reflash11:30
chem|stcan I tell to use another snapshot instead of overwriting the original11:30
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chem|stspecial: to neverever again need to restore everything by hand...11:31
special(I don't know the answer to that, but the same caution applies)11:31
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chem|stit took me ages to get close to what I had before $care11:31
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chem|stand creating a snapshot is not like going to recovery console and dd partitions around11:32
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chem|sta button "backup device to fastboot img to sdcard"11:33
chem|steither that or we pump up thevault to a degree where you do not need to do everything by hand after a reset11:35
chem|stdoes pkcon have something like "user installed packages"?11:35
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tadzikuh, I think I found a bug in patchmanager. Is the dev catchable on the IRC?12:34
SK_worktadzik: I'm here12:35
dr_gogeta86SK_work, tadzik is looking for you12:35
tadzikSK_work: so, the problem arose after I updated the Mediaplayer Buttons patch12:36
SK_worktadzik: what happens ?12:36
tadzikI started patchmanager, it says "This patch is not available anymore"12:36
tadzikI unclick it, it disappears, I restart the services12:36
tadzikthen I start patchmanager again, and that patch is still there, enabled12:37
tadzikthere is no way to get rid of it now, even after I uninstalled it12:37
SK_worktadzik: try to get rid of it and send me logs12:37
SK_workinside /var/lib/ausmt/logs12:37
SK_work(or something like that)12:37
SK_worktadzik: send using paste.kde.org12:38
*** blues-man has joined #sailfishos12:39
tadzikI hope gist is ok too12:39
SK_worktadzik: k12:39
SK_worktadzik: looks like a bug to me indeed12:40
tadzikglad we're in agreement :)12:41
SK_worktadzik: ls /var/lib/patchmanager/patches12:41
tadzikadv-homescreen-eventview-control-center  base-system-volume-warning  mpb-homescreen-musicplayer-buttons  mpb-mediaplayer-mediaplayer-dbus-add12:42
SK_worktadzik: one sec12:43
SK_workplease try mv mpb-homescreen-musicplayer-buttons /usr/share/patchmanager/patches12:44
tadzikdid so, should I try to disable it now?12:44
SK_worktadzik: yep12:45
SK_workgot it12:45
SK_work(the bug)12:45
tadzikSK_work: no difference, it's just as it is before12:46
SK_worktadzik: send new logs12:46
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tadzikoh, hold on12:48
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos12:49
tadzikSK_work: I think I made it work, after doing mv once again12:50
tadzikmaybe I typoed the directory name the first time12:50
SK_worktadzik: ah12:51
SK_workthen remove the folder12:51
SK_workI know what's going wrong12:51
*** piiramar has joined #sailfishos12:53
tadzikSK_work: ok, it's all good now12:53
SK_workthx tadzik12:53
tadzikthank you12:53
SK_workI think I need a new release of my patches too :/12:53
tadzikso, the patch changed its directory name and the old one stuck there, or something like that?12:53
SK_worktadzik: noope, it's a problem about ausmt12:53
SK_worksomething I forgot to change when added a feature12:53
SK_work(the uninstall when patch removed thing)12:54
tadzikwell, the mediaplayer buttons patch is just as buggy as the one before anyway :P12:54
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Hartzihey, does anyone know why gps doesn't work on android sports tracker?13:06
*** Sail0r has quit IRC13:13
pp_try running something native/other android gps stuff at the same time, sometimes helps me13:14
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos13:14
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos13:17
Hartzigoogle maps doesn't get gps fix either13:19
tadzikhm, I never had any problems with gps fix on c:geo13:19
tadzikI don't think I ever used anything else thouhg13:20
Hartzitadzik: does it still work?13:20
Hartziwhen did you test it last time?13:21
pp_c:geo is getting a fix just now (oldish nightly)13:21
*** krendil has quit IRC13:21
tadzikHartzi: hm, I might have not tried on the latest update, actually13:22
tadzikI'm in a building now though, not sure if it'll work13:22
Hartzitadzik: could you try it asap?13:22
pp_google maps works too13:23
pp_(not a very good fix, but I'm inside)13:23
tadzikHartzi: I can't exactly leave the office right now :P13:24
Hartzipp_: my google maps doesn't get the fix :P13:25
pp_hmn, I had netradar running on the background, could explain :P13:27
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos13:27
Bysmyyrsome update said that you have to keep gps online by some native app13:29
Hartzididn't work for me..13:30
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stephghm, my xmpp is stuck to 'on'14:44
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King_DuckZanybody knows how to unmont the sd card?15:29
tadzikother than 'devel-su unmount /media/sdcard'?15:29
tadzikumount *15:29
King_DuckZI didn't enable developer mode yet, so no console15:29
*** nad6234 has joined #sailfishos15:30
oh8gnzmaybe today I will make my first attempt to build a little app to my Jolla15:31
*** Zesty_ has joined #sailfishos15:32
tadzikI wanted to build a "set a default browser" app, possibly a settings plugin, but the solution from TJC didn't work for some reason even when I did it manually :D15:32
SK_worktadzik: ah15:33
SK_workwhich solution ?15:33
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos15:33
zoldyckit's not /media/sdcard, it's /media/sdcard/<many numbers>15:33
tadzik this one15:33
tadziktried that for opera mobile, it started it but didn't open the url15:34
tadzikI thought "oh well" and didn't try much more15:34
tadzikalso, I feel a bit dissatisfied how on maemo it was supported to add entries to settings menu, while on SFOS we need to have patches to QML15:35
*** leinir has quit IRC15:35
SK_worktadzik: you need root, so not easy for an app15:35
SK_worktadzik: what do you mean that you can add entries in settings menu ?15:35
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos15:35
King_DuckZso no umount from the gui? do I have to switch off the phone every time?15:35
tadzikSK_work: there's a patch that adds "Torch" to the Settings app15:35
SK_workyou don't need to patch QML, except if you want to modify entries in settings15:35
SK_worktadzik: that's not a patch15:35
SK_workand that's my work too15:35
SK_workcheck jolla-settings-torch in my github15:36
tadzikI am wrong then15:36
SK_workI'm planning to build phonebot right inside the system too (inside settings)15:36
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off15:36
SK_workKing_DuckZ: not .. ATM15:38
SK_workbut maybe someone can do something shouldn't be hard15:38
King_DuckZabout the sdk, I'm trying it on my sabayon machine at work and I get a segmentation fault just like at home15:38
SK_workKing_DuckZ: tried running gdb on it ?15:38
King_DuckZSK_work: let me try15:38
SK_workKing_DuckZ: there is also a tutorial to run the sdk without virtualbox15:38
SK_work(so you can develop with just a standard qtc + some scripts)15:39
tadzikSK_work: ok, this makes me happier :)15:39
tadzikI seem to recall it was from patchmanager, so I thought it's a patch15:39
SK_worktadzik: btw, use my sources to build your own settings entry if you want15:40
tadzikSK_work: I will, thanks :)15:40
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos15:41
tadzikbut since doing root things is tricky, I might postpone that idea15:41
*** SailKenn has joined #sailfishos15:41
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King_DuckZSK_work: it's not virtualbox, it's qtcreator - I'd be happy to use the one from my distro if it's possible, I can run that one just fine15:43
SK_workKing_DuckZ: I don't know what it is :/15:44
King_DuckZalso, from trial and error I found that -noload Core avoids the crash, but I don't see any gui popping up, I have to terminate the process with ctrl+c15:44
SK_worktadzik: root things requires a daemon running root15:44
SK_workbasically patchmanager have one15:44
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* nad6234 is a seasoned dev who may be able to help. What's the best enviroment for installing the sdk onto?18:46
*** nad6234 has quit IRC18:46
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nad6234rubbish connection here (disconnected)18:49
nad6234cos: how does that compare witj the mac?18:49
nad6234i actually run mac & bootcamp into windows 8.1 too.18:52
cos-dunno. afaik most devs run linux.18:52
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:53
nad6234cool. no problem.  generally perfer debian over ubuntu (political )18:53
cos-that should also work18:54
nad6234I'll set up dev box and get hacking then18:54
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Nightmare__coderus: i send you a logfile after having high cpu usage with latest version19:09
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nad6234does anyone know of any jolla/sailfishos podcasts?19:55
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Sfiet_Konstantinnad6234: for SDK better use linux20:18
Sfiet_Konstantindon't know podcasts20:18
Sfiet_Konstantindon't think there are20:18
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nad6234thanks :-)20:19
nad6234perhaps we should create one20:19
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