Friday, 2014-07-25

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elcasetmysterious: I'd love to be able to run Sailfish OS on my Galaxy Nexus :)>     That's the only Samsung I have.00:51
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camerisgood morning05:43
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camerisWhy can I append '"?" + Theme.highlightColor" to image sources in QML Silica to colorize it, if the source is a theme icon ("image://theme/someIcon") but not with a filepath? I found a workaround to colorize an image with ColorOverlay from QtGraphicalEffects, but sitll really want to know why it doens't work with some filepath given.05:51
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lukedirtwalkercameris: it should work I use it aswell source: iconSource + (listItem.highlighted ? ("?" + Theme.highlightColor) : "")07:11
lukedirtwalkerfor own icons you have to write image provider like here:
lukedirtwalkerOh I misread for own images use the link ^07:13
camerislukedirtwalker: a big THANK YOU for the link!07:15
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cameris... and apperantly kimmoli for writing it.07:19
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TemeVwhere mitakuuluu saves log files?07:58
TemeVI'd like to see what's in there before sending07:59
TemeVah, its /temp/mitakuuluu2.log (found it from the sources) :)08:01
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alinok I have some issues with the mail app... it does not seem to auto update08:08
kimmolicameris: nice to hear you find it helpfull..08:11
coderusTemeV: what problem do you want to show me in logs? :)08:19
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TemeVIt got stuck to "connecting"08:26
TemeVbut it might just be problem with my connection, chaning from wifi to 3g made it connect08:27
TemeVtrying to reproduce now08:27
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TemeVcoderus: there is piece of log if you want to check :)08:39
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coderusTemeV: you have crap connection, so?09:23
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TemeVcoderus: I know, something it's something wrong with my wifi. Other apps don't seem to have much problems though, and mitakuuluu logs show very much connects and disconnects09:39
TemeVbut yes, this problem seems not to be problem with mitakuuluu09:40
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cos-has anyone experienced anomalies with wifi on latest jolla firmware?09:41
cos-my phone seems to sometimes fail to connect to working networks09:41
cameriscos: do you have 2 routers that share the same wifi?09:45
lbtcameris: I've had an issue which I think is related to DHCP leases expiring whilst the device is asleep and not being renewed09:47
lbtsolution is to reconnect09:47
javispedroah, wakelocks..09:49
camerisi have to routers that share the wifi through my home. since the last update, the switching from one router to the other causes a connection drop and connman seems to forget the password(always asking for new), even though it still saved in the connman-settings file.09:49
cameris*two routers09:49
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elenrilis the kernel source for downloadable yet?10:08
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cos-cameris: nope10:35
cos-sometimes it just uses mobile network when wifi would be available and i need to switch to wifi manually.10:37
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cos-also yesterday i noticed this: at hacklab i had the lab wifi and my bbq grill wifi. when i tried to connect to the grill wifi, jolla reconnected to the lab wifi without asking.10:38
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cos-before i could choose which i want to use and the phone whould stay in it unless the other went out of range10:38
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HBP_so why exactly I need VirtualBox for compiling a project with the SDK :|10:43
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HBP_or can I compile without it? At if I try to build it wants to start VirtualBox which fails because presumably my kernel is incompatible with the kernel modules supplied with VirtualBox. For various reasons compling those modules will be pain in the ass for me...10:44
javispedrowhat is your distro?10:45
javispedroservice vboxdrv setup10:46
smoku_HBP_: Mer does not have resources to provide compilation environment for every single distro out there - thus they settled on providing virtual one10:46
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HBP_smoku_: oh well that seems reasonable reason :)10:46
javispedroplus windows.10:47
smoku_HBP_: if you feel adventurous:
* javispedro coughs at reinventing mer-sdk-chroot10:49
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HBP_hmmh maybe I'll just try to compile those kernel modules10:58
smoku_HBP_: I'm running Fedora 20 - there is virtualbox with proper modules in rpmfusion11:06
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smoku_HBP_: just "yum install VirtualBox" and SDK works just fine11:07
HBP_yeah but I'm running a custom kernel. I think I'll go for akmod but first I have to compile my kernel locally to get headers correctly11:08
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HBP_smoku_: so currectly loading those kernel modules shipped with that package just faills11:08
HBP_as those are obviously incompatible11:09
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smoku_custom kernel?  why?11:20
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HBP_mainly because I can do it, secondly I don't like some of the default options and especially I don't like those patches that distributions are pushing into their kernels11:23
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Schrostfutzhi, im considering getting a new phone. the LG G2 is cheaper than the Nexus 5 which is why I tend to it right now. How hard will it be getting sailfishos on it considering that it is very close to the nexus 5?14:22
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SpeedEvilAs a general point, unless you are willing to do that coding yourself - don't assume it'll ever happen14:25
SpeedEvil(or someone else with a good record has said they will)14:25
SchrostfutzSpeedEvil: I was thinking that with the new HADK it would be doable to port it myself14:26
SpeedEvilI haven't looked closely14:27
EztranIf the right CM version is available, it should be anyway.14:27
SpeedEvils/closely/at all/14:27
SchrostfutzThe G2 supports CM1114:27
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EztranAh, right, like the N5. Might be a bit tricky then, though certainly not impossible judging by that the N5 effort seems to be going pretty well.14:27
* SpeedEvil is getting distracted by horrible real life stuff, and has way less time to put into fun stuff.14:27
SchrostfutzEztran: Would it be possible to salvage some of the work put into the N5? The specs are pretty much the same and are even coming from the same manufacturer?14:29
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EztranSpecs look reasonably close. Some should be reusable, though you'd be better off asking the devs (I have no idea who was working on the N5 port).14:34
SchrostfutzEztran: okay, thank you!14:39
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smoku_from my experience getting stuff like boot and video is "easy"14:45
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smoku_problems arise with unique things like radio, audio, nfc, keys...14:46
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smoku_ie. on Streak I had video upside-down (it was easier for the manufacturer to mount it like this) and touch digitizer at 90deg (also easier to mount) and on android it was worked around in software... it took some time to recreate this setup on linux14:48
tbrreminds me of various Archos devices14:48
tbrTS was also mounted in weird ways, or the display was upside down14:49
Schrostfutzsmokex: having no experience in this topic so far do you think I should try it or just give up and use CM11 or get an N5?14:49
smoku_Schrostfutz: how much time do you have to spend and how much do you want to get dirty?14:50
SchrostfutzI like clean sollutions :D How much time would I need to spend?14:51
smoku_Schrostfutz: I say - buy Jolla device then14:51
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Schrostfutzokay =/14:52
smoku_I've spent 3-4 months with 2-5 evenings every week working on MeeGo port for Streak...14:52
smoku_It got nowhere functional... WiFi connectivity and SMS is not enough for daily use14:52
smoku_having said that - what I learned in the process allowed me to land my current job, which I love...14:53
smoku_Schrostfutz: so... YMMV14:54
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HBP_javispedro smoku_ thanks, after recompiling kernel and trying to bash my head with vbox provided by Fedora I tried to install from official repo by Oracle. Seems to work now :)15:28
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HBP_hmm has anyone compiled fingerterm?
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HBP_ahem, shadow build was enabled by default16:05
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HBP_but no luck while trying to run it on jolla: Tried to rename the target just to test if it matters but the error is same with the original as on this paste16:17
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Jeffrey04erm... is there a way to install "less" for sailfishOS16:50
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HBP_you mean the sdk?16:57
SK_workJeffrey04: isn't less already in sailfishos16:58
SK_workor is it more ?16:58
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kimmolipkcon install less ?17:00
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kimmoliit is in mer-tools repo17:03
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Jeffrey04erm, do I need to add that repo?17:04
Jeffrey04@SK_work only more, but i prefer less17:04
Jeffrey04HBP_: on the device17:04
* Jeffrey04 keep forgetting this is irc so no @ notation17:04
kimmolistep 517:06
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:07
Jeffrey04ooo ok17:07
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locusfhmm restarting homescreen twice restarts the whole phone, is it a feature or a bug?17:09
tbrcould be a feature?17:10
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Jeffrey04locusf: harmattan has this too.... but i remember restarting lipstick more than twice the other day17:12
Jeffrey04so restarting lipstick != homescreen?17:12
locusfJeffrey04: lipstick == homescreen17:15
locusfnow it doesn't restart anymore17:15
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paulvthello all... I've just upgraded the SDK and (maybe stupidly) clicked through the errors surrounded the sailfishos VM20:02
paulvtand now, indeed it doesn't start, but I have no VirtualBox experience to get this working again20:03
paulvtVBoxManage: error: UUID {d3d962a5-3d6b-407a-b353-ceb0fbe252b8} of the medium '/home/paul/Projects/SailfishOS/emulator/sailfishos.vdi' does not match the value {93d956bb-612e-4bc2-8a5f-dcb096349423} stored in the media registry ('/home/paul/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml')20:08
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paulvtI used 'VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid' to fix it, but now I'm unsure the sailfishos.vdi was correctly upgraded20:16
HBP_my issues with fingerterm were fixed by creating a directory /opt/sdk with usr:grp nemo:nemo20:21
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stephgpaulvt: unless you've made some huge changes to your dev env I'd nuke it and start again :/20:29
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paulvtstephg: reinstall you mean?20:33
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos20:35
stephgwhen you say upgraded20:36
stephghow do you mean?20:36
stephgas iirc the sdk releases themselves aren't upgradeable20:37
paulvtooo.. 3 times already I started it, saw the button notification and went through the process20:41
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camerisIn qt-creator I can choose between Debug and Release when building, what precompiler directive does Debug set? I want to add some debug messages that should not be in Release.20:49
jpnurmi#ifndef QT_NO_DEBUG qDebug("boo"); #endif20:50
cameristhx. double negation reads a bit strange.20:52
jpnurmimm, i think QT_DEBUG is defined in qt520:53
jpnurmijust an old habbit since that's the way it used to be :)20:54
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