Sunday, 2014-07-27

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SaberAltriaA problem about sqlite00:23
SaberAltriaQSqlError(8, "Unable to fetch row", "attempt to write a readonly database")00:23
SaberAltriaeven though I set the this : db.setConnectOptions("SQLITE_OPEN_READWRITE");00:24
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ryukafalzYeah, so as far as Pulse is concerned my audio should be playing00:47
ryukafalzas far as I can tell00:47
ryukafalzI'm not sure if it's using ALSA or something else below that...00:48
ryukafalzah, no00:48
ryukafalzWell that's fun :<00:49
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stephgSaberAltria: permissions on the file? the filesystem is RO?07:58
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alinhi boys... I get a silly one... the browser... bot sailfish-webrowser and cutefox are upsidedown and ledtrigh and mirror text08:05
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stephgwell done!08:09
alinstephg: ?08:12
stephgso it's only gecko browsers that do it?08:16
stephgnothing else08:16
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alinstephg: yes08:50
alinstephg: only the browsers all the rest is cool08:51
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alinstephg: cool now the sailfis-broswer does not even start09:00
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alinstephg: maybe is of my doing added some mer repos and zypper up09:34
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alinin jolla-email is possible to attach from random locations09:35
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meek_geekcan I install sailfish OS on any phone ?12:25
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coderusmeek_geek: sure. as soon as you port it to any phone.13:05
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tbris there something that changed in terms of network access?15:04
tbrin update 815:04
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tbrhmm, is that possibly related to those polkit changes?15:08
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tbrdoesn't seem like it15:09
tbrcase in point: /usr/libexec/telepathy-rakia seems no longer able to access the network15:10
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tbrok, I suspect it's somehow related to connman wanting to keep two interfaces up15:39
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tbrspecial / jusa_ - Seems I can beat things into submission for you both to try. I suspect some sort of connectivity weirdness related to connman. :-/16:03
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tbrspecial: I can give you step by step instructions how to set up test accounts on both a Jolla and e.g. a Harmattan device or a Android device running CSipSimple16:04
tbrspecial: I guess voicecall-ui falls into your domain? - I guess this is just an unhandled case or something that leads to a flood of those messages. It stops if I kill telepathy-rakia16:05
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meek_geekcoderus, How to port ?17:10
coderusmeek_geek: #sailfishos-porters17:21
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enedilAnyone knows how to connect over SSH to SailfishOS Emulator?17:35
enedilI got connection refused17:37
tbrenedil: it's in the SDK faq on the website17:39
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enediltbr: just found it. Thanks17:43
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enedilJolla's CPU is Little-endian or Big-endian?18:24
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enedilAnd Jolla has hardware or software floating point?18:58
enedilspecial: thx ;)19:05
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tbrI think most recent ARM cores have VFP19:13
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tbrand the potential performance gain between softfp and hardfp ar marginal as both use VFP19:18
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enediltbr: I'm new to ARM. All my life with Intel :(19:23
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tabhoois anyone aware of an app like Android's 'Twilight' app that adjusts the colour temperature of the screen depending on the time of day?20:05
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stephgtabhoo: no, don't think there is one20:35
tbrcould plug into the ambience for that20:36
tbrofc would only work on native apps20:36
tabhooTwilight works kind of like an orange overlay on the entire screen..20:37
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tabhoois it theoretically possible?20:38
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tbrhardware runs software, it's possible, film at 1120:38
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coderus_N9 has mce mods for display colours tweak :)21:06
coderus_knobtviker did some presets like sepia and gray afaik.21:06
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