Monday, 2014-07-28

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TMavicais it possible use swipe to change keyboard?06:18
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SaberAltriaSK_WORK ?07:25
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dr_gogeta86good morning08:46
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lsixHi, I cannot have MMS working on my SailfishOS Phone. I just have a "Problem with sending message" or "Problem with downloading message". Is there a log file where I could look to get more detailed diagnostic of what is going on ?09:56
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phdeswerlsix: I think there is a thread on about that somewhere09:58
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phdeswerYep Plnt was faster and more accurate :D09:58
lsixgreat ! Ill look into that09:58
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tortoisedocspecial : got a minute?10:30
tortoisedocsome wayland stuff :10:30
tortoisedocok infinite thanks D10:30
tortoisedocfor some reason10:30
tortoisedoci call destroy on my surface10:31
tortoisedocfrom the start10:31
tortoisedocI want to hide my window10:31
tortoisedocso what I do is hide (destroy surface)10:31
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tortoisedocsurface disappears but comes back10:31
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tortoisedoci think problem could be damaged event gets dispatched after destroy has been disp?10:32
tortoisedoc(as you can see in log?)10:32
tortoisedocI mean, is my rational possibly correct ?10:33
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tortoisedocso i guess I need to find where the damage is coming from10:38
* special reads10:49
specialover my head10:50
specialyou're dealing with wayland directly, not qtwayland?10:51
tortoisedocfor some reason10:51
tortoisedocthis happens only in one case10:52
tortoisedocin quickbar, you can now launch apps either by just clicking or then by dragging and releasing10:52
tortoisedocand this situation happens only in the second one (i.e. after you have dragged the icon you want to launch and release it)10:52
tortoisedocmaybe the dragging is causing some damage event after the surface has been destroyed..10:53
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giucamtortoisedoc: are you calling QWindow::hide() or what?11:01
Nicd-tortoisedoc: would it be possible to make the quickbar settings be a normal app? one I can minimize and close normally :P11:01
tortoisedocgiucam :yes11:01
Nicd-it confuses me that it's some kind of overlay11:02
giucamtortoisedoc: and we're talking qtquick, of course11:03
giucamtortoisedoc: what os version?11:03
giucamah, it doesn't matter actually11:05
giucamtortoisedoc: qtwayland bug, it will be fixed in the next version11:05
giucamtortoisedoc: and fyi, the problem there is not the damage but the attach call11:06
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tortoisedocnicd- : everything is possible :)11:24
tortoisedocgiucam : yes, qtquick11:24
tortoisedocbut handled on c++ side as well11:24
tortoisedocgiucam : the attach call?11:25
tortoisedocah, the one in which it attaches the old buffer?11:25
giucamtortoisedoc: yes11:25
tortoisedocqtwayland means next qt update? :(11:25
tortoisedoc(for the fix)11:25
giucamyeah, unless you want to build it yourself11:25
tortoisedocany worakrounds?11:26
tortoisedoc*workarounds alos11:26
tortoisedocalso :P11:26
giucamlet me think..11:26
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tortoisedochmm does the bug consist in the fact that damage events are taken even after a surface has been destroyed11:31
giucamtortoisedoc: i suppose you could call QTimer::singleShot(0, obj, slot) afetr you call hide(), and call window->handle()->setVisible(false) in the slot11:32
tortoisedoccause then it's probably the dragging that causes  some event after the release of the touch (and consequently after hiding the surface911:32
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giucamtortoisedoc: no, the problem is that after the attach(0) the qtquick render thread is still drawing the last frame11:32
tortoisedocgiucam : yeah, that's worth a try11:32
tortoisedochmm why does this recall vsync11:33
tortoisedocperhaps I could fix it in there somehow11:33
giucamthere were?11:34
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tortoisedocin some vsync synchronized slot?11:34
giucamit has nothing to do with vsync11:34
tortoisedoc(if that even exists)11:34
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tortoisedocI see11:36
giucamoh, another workaround could be to connect to QQuickWindow::frameSwapped signal and call window->handle()->setVisible(false) if window->isVisible() == false11:36
tortoisedocthere :P11:36
tortoisedocmaybe it would be better to actually make the whole hiding logic synchronous with the frame swapping11:37
tortoisedoc(i.e. handled at frame swap)11:37
giucamthat's the bug in qtwayland, indeed11:37
giucamcalling hide() should not return until th erender thread has finished drawing11:37
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tortoisedocgiucam : hmm but why does this happen only in certain situations?11:46
tortoisedoctiming issue?11:46
tortoisedoc(just testing the theory)11:47
giucamtortoisedoc: yeah, it's a race condition so it's time sensitive11:48
tortoisedocok thanks giucam11:49
tortoisedoccoffee time :)11:49
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VicxHi, is the Sailfish OS SDK opensource ?12:18
VicxI'm trying to make scripts for the qt installer framework and I know that it's used for the SDK, it would help me.12:20
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JareVicx: mostly yes, but those installer scripts aren't publicly available12:52
VicxJare: oh, ok... thanks12:52
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smoku_how should I install additional RPM packages I have locally on HDD to SDK build engine?13:18
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SK_worksmoku_: scp them in the mer sdk13:23
SK_workand sb2 in a build engine before zypper in them ?13:24
smoku_SK_work: just found - this way?13:24
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SK_worksounds good13:25
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smoku_SK_work: thx13:26
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elenrilhmm, is the mysatroker kernel module not needed anymore?13:51
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Turskishouldn't gst-plugins-bad supposed to include MMS protocol source plugin?13:57
TurskiERROR: from element /GstPlayBin:playbin0: A Microsoft Media Server (MMS) protocol source plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed.13:58
Turskithat probably explains why MMS radio streams cannot be played...13:59
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locusfsmoku: ping, aren't you the one whos responsible for the pebble app?15:06
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locusfsmoku: nothing anymore, I got pebble working :)15:58
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HBP_is there a quota for android apps? I get "No space left on the device" when trying to sync music from spotify16:47
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ryukafalzAdmittedly I haven't been using it that much, but my n4's battery life with sailfish at idle has been pretty impressive16:49
ryukafalzw/ mobile network connection16:49
ryukafalzprobably 'cause it's not sending all my stuff to google all the time :P16:49
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SpeedEvilOn a related note - is obtaining a n4 image still not simple. My n4's just stopped booting after upgrading to the most recent android16:54
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locusfanyone with hadk can bake a new image for n4 btw17:11
locusfjust ask17:11
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tbrHBP_: you might have exhausted the btrfs, there is a TJC item on that17:17
HBP_meaning what? :P17:19
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EztranHBP_: see
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HBP_hmm I see only 21% usage (df -h)17:25
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stephgHBP_: you can't trust df17:27
HBP_seems so... I answered before reading that :P17:27
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HBP_devid    1 size 13.75GB used 4.75GB path /dev/mmcblk0p2817:29
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ShadowJKthat's a damn scary tjc17:46
ShadowJK13.75 used 13.75 for me17:46
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kimmoliseems is not allowed in harbour, needs for GStreamerVideoOutput - or does the VideoOutput work already?18:13
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coderuskimmoli: sure its working already19:07
coderusopen GStreamerVideoOutput and look :D19:07
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kimmoliyep that works, mean plain ViedoOutput19:12
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kimmoliäh, have to make test app19:14
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kimmoliok, seems that VideoOutput works now. iirc there was issues ages ago19:26
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