Thursday, 2014-08-21

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* lpotter cannot find motivation today04:11
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coderusphdeswer: i'm using usb-moded -r hardcoded, will tethering config work for me?04:28
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tortoisedocnazanin : thanks for the qa feedback06:19
tortoisedocnazanin : I have submitted a new build with a fix for the swiping06:19
tortoisedocworking on the rest of the issues :)06:20
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m4g0ggood morning06:51
SK_workmorning m4g0g06:51
m4g0gCan you help me with delegate height? I don't understand how I can calculate it automatically to content height06:51
m4g0gthis is my delegate, but it height is wrong. Removing 2 * Theme.paddingSmall doesn't help too06:52
lukedirtwalkerwhy do you use contentItem.childrenRect? and no mainItemColumn.height?06:54
m4g0gbecause it doesn't help too06:56
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lukedirtwalkerm4g0g: what is wrong then? (maybe the top anchor of the column is a problem)07:03
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m4g0glukedirtwalker: I add bottom anchor too and all become better07:07
m4g0gI have removed  both top and bottom and all have become better07:11
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m4g0ghow I can emulate in Row behaviour like this: first item in row has  fixed size and second item in row take all left space in item?07:19
SK_workm4g0g: no07:19
SK_workyou either need anchors07:19
SK_workor layouts07:19
m4g0gAre there layouts in current version of sailfish?07:20
SK_workQt 5.1 should come with layouts07:20
lukedirtwalkerYou can also with row, firsItem.width:$fixedVal, secondItem.width: parent.widht-firstItem.width07:22
m4g0gSK_work: module "QtQuick.Layouts" is not installed07:23
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Juubaanyone done this btrfs thing?
JuubaI cannot access the card over USB from windows (I can see it under Sailfish - SD Card, but nothing there...)07:27
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Juubais chem|st here?07:33
Juubaare you chemist in TJC07:34
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SK_workm4g0g: install it ?08:01
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chem|stJuuba: yes08:04
chem|stJuuba: iirc this used to work, for me it is also a blank item in my filebrowser (linux)08:05
Juubaso I guess it is not usable currently ?08:06
chem|stAard: sdcard is your soil isn't it?08:06
chem|stJuuba: does journal shout anything?08:07
Juubawhen accessing the card over USB? lemme check08:07
chem|stI am off to work in a few minutes, I will check back with you later08:08
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Juubaokay, I dunno how I'm online in the afternoon, but tomorrow again08:08
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nazanintortoisedoc: cool :)08:09
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Juubachem|st: i dont see anything coming up on journal..08:12
Juubai'm not a linux pro... but I did follow your instructions, and it seems to work...08:12
Juubaohwell, continue later :D08:12
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phdeswercoderus: late answer but here goes. with -r hard-coded you will always get developer mode, so no.08:14
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chem|stJuuba: yes my instructions work, just don't forget to NOT do the formatting again when trying to figure out what happened after an upgrade08:22
chem|stJuuba: and something is wrong as writing to android_storage in home gives errors like hell but it actually worked to copy things to it08:23
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Juubayeah, I think it worked ok, but I just cant access the card over USB08:23
chem|stJuuba: use WinSCP to copy files onto the sdcard08:23
Juubayeah, that seems to  work08:24
Juubabut ... so it is "normal" for the card to appear empty ?08:24
chem|stJuuba: yes for me it is the same on linux, and that is an MTP export issue08:24
Juubakiitos :D08:25
chem|stwritting to android_storage gives access errors but actually writes ok'ish08:25
chem|stI mean the folder $HOME/android_storage when exported to MTP08:26
chem|stthat mount is so irritating, Juuba did you understand what they did to it?08:26
Juubanot really no..08:26
chem|stand what the systemd script does?08:26
Juubabasicly yes08:26
Juubai know linux only ... very shallow08:28
chem|stthey have a folder they fuse-mount to $HOME/android_storage to circumvent limitations of android08:28
coderusphdeswer: understood, thanks, will continue using iptables :)08:28
chem|stthat fuse-mount is only mounted when aliendalvik is running08:28
chem|stmy script takes that into account and prevents aliendalvik from starting until the sdcard is mounted to the media folder, so the fuse does not mount the internal storage instead08:29
phdeswercoderus: here are the systemd files to avoid the -r issue
chem|stJuuba: I will try to find out why mtp is borked08:30
phdeswerOr you can do your own thing after UI comes up to turn usb_modeds rescue mode off (usb_moded_util -r)08:30
chem|stJuuba: what is your TJC nick?08:33
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coderushmm, looks ok for me :)08:36
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coderusi really need that -r option while deeply hacking system :)08:37
Juubachem|st: does the btrfs format sd card appear under /media/sdcard with a LOOOONG serial08:37
Juubacompared to FAT that has 8 numbers08:37
Juubaor 8 hex "numbers"08:37
chem|stJuuba: btrfs UUIDs are a tad longer yes08:38
chem|stJuuba: what is your win version?08:38
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Juubajust so I know where to put my stuff in uSD08:38
Juuba/home/nemo/android_storage  should point to sd Card ?08:39
chem|stone sec08:40
chem|stwhat are you on about when you say "point to"08:41
Juubamy term was bad perhaps...08:41
Juubahow can I confirm that the android is using sd Card currently?08:41
chem|stif you look into mount (type "mount" and enter in a terminal) you should see /dev/mmcblk1 on /data/media and after that /dev/fuse on /home/nemo/android_storage08:42
chem|stthen it is actually the sdcard08:43
Juubaroger that08:43
chem|stJuuba: your windows version please08:44
Juubawin 708:44
Juubawindows 7 enterprise, at home I run win 8.1 pro08:44
chem|stboth with the same behaviour?08:45
chem|styou see an sdcard folder but that is empty, right?08:45
Juubai havent yet tried this at home08:46
JuubaI see the folder under sailfish, but it is empty.. and If I tri to copy something there, windows says it cannot be performed08:47
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chem|stok WinXP does not show the empty sdcard at all, my explorer "jolla" folder goes directly to the "phone" folder I usually see next to sdcard08:47
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chem|stJuuba: ok, what does windows say when you transfer something to android_storage?08:48
Juubasec, need to abort scp :D08:49
chem|stJuuba: no need to abort that08:49
Juubawell, I use "developer mode connection" to connect over USB08:49
Juubacan't use Wifi here08:49
chem|stah ok then you do^^08:49
Juubanow I see stuff there, that I just copied08:50
Juubaand I could create a new folder08:50
chem|stin the sdcard folder under windwos08:50
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chem|stomg that is sooo strange08:50
chem|stwas it empty "empty" before?08:51
Juubai concur :D08:51
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Juubaand now i can copy stuff also08:51
Juubayes it was empty before08:52
Juubabut now I cannot delete that "New Folder" i just created08:53
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Juubawindows 7 says: "New folder could not be deleted. The device has either sotpped responding or has been disconnected."08:53
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Juubaand now I cannot copy anything anymore08:54
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Juubachem|st: here's the error message when copying
Juubai cant see the "new Folder" in the card when looking at it over SCP08:57
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coderusmy phone started unlocking itself in my pocket :(09:03
coderushappened many times now. i thinking about setting lock code...09:04
coderuswill it affect repair procedure with telnet rescue?09:05
chem|stcoderus: do that, I had it a few days ago too, just pulled it out of the pocket and it was on the lockscreen09:05
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chem|stcoderus: affect, yes, you will need to enter the device-code there09:06
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chem|stJuuba: you should have a notification in tjc, add comments as it suits you09:07
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coderuschem|st: ok, thanks :)09:07
coderusfor me it typed a lot of symbols in sms for random numbers09:08
chem|stcoderus: better not forget the set code, it cannot be reset09:08
Juubachem|st: okay, i'll try to write something.09:09
coderusi used word association ofc. :)09:09
chem|stcoderus: oh that sounds like another bug, someone pulled his phone as he received a msg from his sister that she got spammed with random text from other messages (10+ sms)09:09
chem|stJuuba: first of all post the link to your screenshot!09:10
chem|stcoderus: so the phone aggregated some msgs into one to his sister adding some random characters09:10
coderuschem|st: not the bug, just my pocket more intellegent  ;D09:11
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Juubahmm, how do you make the MTP and scp "red" :D09:12
Juubawhat tags?09:12
Juubacltr-k i see09:12
JuubaI keep losing the USB Dev mode connection09:13
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JuubaAug 21 12:14:40 juubanjolla tracker-miner-fs[964]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Tracker - Could not execute sparql: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Tracker1.SparqlError.Internal: column nie:url is not uniqu09:15
Juubae (strerror of errno (not necessarily related): No such file or directory)09:15
Juubai get this error in journalctl09:15
Juubapropably not related to USB connection loss09:17
chem|stI guess that this worked up tracker badly now09:17
chem|stthat this affects dev-ubs is weird09:17
Juubadev.usb loss migth be due to powersavings ?09:18
JuubaI get a new error every time a new file is copied over scp09:18
Juubaand there, I lost connection again09:19
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Juubadunno what happens, all the data traffic stops09:24
JuubaUSB conncetion stays up it seems09:24
Juubaphone keeps charging09:24
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chem|stJuuba: when it seems loosing the connection, there is a security measure, if the phone is in standby you may need to unlock before it reacts to ssh connections09:51
chem|stthe winscp times out after a few seconds and it looks like you lost connection09:52
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chem|stI use ssh as bare tunnel, and that is kept open once transfer is initiallized, winscp is probably set to sloppy modes and does start an scp command for every file, what then needs an unlocked phone again09:54
Juubai'm actually usin SFTP, with filezilla09:56
Juubabutyeah, it doesn't seem to open the connection again unless I re-plug the USB and Developer mode09:57
Juubamy auto lock timer is 30 minutes, screen turns off after 1 minute09:58
chem|stunlocking does not work?09:59
Juubait doesn't lock09:59
Juubajust blank screen09:59
chem|stI mean within that minute09:59
Juubadoesn't seem to work09:59
chem|stdoes journal tell anything?10:00
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos10:01
Juubanope, at least I dont see10:02
Juubaterminal running on the phone10:02
Juubajust "timeout" transfer again, nothing on journal10:03
Juubai don't know what's going on :D10:03
Juubajust annoying to copy 600 items over SFTP when the connection is lost after a few minutes10:04
*** lukedirtwalker has joined #sailfishos10:04
Juubai wonder if it is Windows that is interrupting this10:05
phdeswerJuuba: journalctl from the device?10:06
phdeswerAnd the device lock will not interrupt the USB if a connection exists.10:06
phdeswerwell dmesg actually will tell you if the device sees a disconnect event.10:07
*** cameris has joined #sailfishos10:08
Juubayes, in device10:09
Juubamight have been a windows power savings action that stopped it10:09
Juubadisabled USB power saving now, let's see if it happens again10:09
Juubaso far so good10:09
Juubajolla screen is black but transfers keep on rolling10:10
Juuba.... aaaand there it is lost again10:10
phdeswerJuuba: so the device sees disconnects?10:11
Juubaat least I dont see anything related to that in journal10:11
Juubarunninf "journalctl -f"10:12
phdeswerJuuba: can you check dmesg? That contains usb events10:12
Juubahow do i do that10:13
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phdeswertype dmesg in the console10:13
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Juubathe transfer just times out10:20
Juubanothing on dmesg10:20
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos10:22
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*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos10:26
phdeswerJuuba: so no android_work: android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=DISCONNECTED10:28
phdeswerAnd if you can immediately restart the transfer?10:28
Juubaonly after reconnecting the USB dev mode10:29
Juubaand no work work's in dmesg10:29
camerisis there a log of this channel? Maybe someone answered my problem with GridView and QSortFilterProxyModel.10:29
phdeswerJuuba: Well there should be a log of you connecting and disconnecting the cable at least. Well seems the messages are in journalctl also..10:30
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has joined #sailfishos10:30
Juubayes, I see stuff when I remove and connect the cable10:30
phdeswerBut when it happens you see no messages at all related to USB?10:30
Juubabut not when the transfers timeout10:30
phdeswerWell it probably happens a bit before the transfer times out.10:31
dr_gogeta86_jollcoderus: any watsup pertubation?10:31
dr_gogeta86_jolli got many errors10:31
dr_gogeta86_jolli needed to reregister twice10:31
*** TMavica has quit IRC10:31
Juubaphdeswer: nothing10:31
Juubanothing when the transfer times out, plus-minus one minute10:32
Juubaor so10:32
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos10:32
m4g0gSK_work: install what?10:32
phdeswerJuuba: weird. You have the terminal on the device right? When it happens can you check if the usb is up? And if sshd is running?10:33
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos10:34
phdeswerSo "ifconfig rndis0" and see if there is an ip, and "ps ax | grep ssh" to see if sshd is running10:34
*** maxorator has quit IRC10:35
*** dragonkeeper has quit IRC10:36
Juubaso, when the disconnect happens, i do those?10:37
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos10:37
phdeswerJuuba: yes. We need to try to figure out what happens.10:38
JuubaI have a few minutes, lets see10:38
phdeswerAlso try to ping the device from your pc. We need to figure out if it is the usb connection that dies, or ssh10:38
Juubainet addr ...1510:39
Juubathere's like ... 20 sshd's ?10:39
cameristhx, chem|st. unfortunately no answer.10:40
phdeswerSo you can ping it and the network is still up?10:40
Juubanope, can't ping10:40
JuubaPinging with 32 bytes of data:10:40
JuubaGeneral failure.10:40
phdeswerSo the usb is still up on the device but you can't ping it. Is your pc end ok?10:41
Juubawhat you mean by "OK" :D10:41
phdeswerWell does it still have a usb network interface that is up?10:41
Juubalet's see10:41
*** R-Z has quit IRC10:43
Juubasomething is fishy, "Network Connections" would not open, was stuck10:45
Juubawhen I disconnected USB, it loaded10:45
Juubawaiting for another disconnection to see if it happens again10:46
phdeswerSounds like something goes wrong on the windows end.10:46
phdeswerYou can also try ipconfig from the windows shell10:47
Juubawhy does "ps ax | grep ssh" show so many sshd:s ?10:47
phdeswerJuuba: probably there is a separate process spawned for each scp transfer10:48
Juubaand they stay open for a moment after they're done?10:48
*** spider-mario has quit IRC10:48
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*** dr_gogeta86_joll has joined #sailfishos10:49
*** zhxt_afk has quit IRC10:50
phdeswerJuuba: possibly. Or they are hanging since the connection dissappeared and are waiting to time out10:50
*** dragonkeeper has joined #sailfishos10:50
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*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos10:55
Juubaof course, now that I dont' have time, it doesnt disco anymore...10:56
Juubawill continue tomorrow, I gotta run10:56
*** Blizzz has quit IRC10:57
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lukedirtwalkerdo I need to install libs for QWebView ?11:58
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #sailfishos11:59
*** jukkaeklund___ has joined #sailfishos12:00
SK_worklukedirtwalker: yes, and they are not harbour-compatible12:01
lukedirtwalkerwhich ones? doesn't matter12:02
SK_worklukedirtwalker: let me check12:02
lukedirtwalkerI found qt5-qtwebkit-debugsource12:02
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:03
SK_worklukedirtwalker: libqtwebkit5-widgets[-devel]12:03
*** martyone has quit IRC12:03
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: thanks :)12:03
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC12:05
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos12:05
lukedirtwalkerhm nope: Can't provide ./qt/armv7hl/qt5-qtprintsupport-devel-5.1.0+git35-1.14.7.armv7hl.rpm12:09
SK_worklukedirtwalker: Oo12:12
SK_workzypper ref ?12:12
lukedirtwalkerhm I think I have to update SDK, let's see if that helps12:15
tortoisedocnazanin : any chance to get the swipe fix for quickbar  out today?12:16
nazanintortoisedoc: hopefully :P12:17
*** daitheflu has joined #sailfishos12:17
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*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC12:20
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos12:20
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: updating SDK indeed helps :P12:23
coderustortoisedoc: powermenu updated with dbus signals ;)12:24
tortoisedoccoderus: thanks! :)12:25
*** valdur55 has quit IRC12:25
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away12:25
tortoisedocI need to test it12:26
tortoisedocnazanin : any chance to see quickbar with swipe fix released today?12:26
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos12:26
*** valdur55 has joined #sailfishos12:27
nazanintortoisedoc: I replied above ^12:27
*** fracting1 has quit IRC12:27
coderus18:17 < nazanin> tortoisedoc: hopefully :P12:27
tortoisedocnazanin : thanks, sorry my flash crashed :D12:27
tortoisedoccoderus : thanks :)12:28
coderuscompiled sailfish-browser nightly version and it crashing again. need to compile fresh engine version %)12:28
*** pyksy has quit IRC12:31
*** pyksy has joined #sailfishos12:31
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos12:32
*** enedil has quit IRC12:32
coderuslol, it happened again... :D12:35
SK_workcoderus: Oo12:37
coderusaha :D12:38
coderusok, will revert my version to stock and just make patch for that :D12:39
coderusso suxxx :(12:40
*** enedil_ has joined #sailfishos12:40
SK_workcoderus: did you hacked your own browser ?12:43
SK_worknot stock ?12:43
coderusmany users continue asking text selection for browser12:52
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos12:52
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos12:57
*** krendil has quit IRC13:03
tortoisedoctext selection everywhere would be awesome13:03
tortoisedocdoesnt wayland provide interfaces for that?13:03
tortoisedocspeaking of apps13:04
tortoisedocive been tempted to port yo! client to sailfish :D13:04
entilcoderus: really loving the background in the powermenu menu13:05
entilpulldown menu, that is13:05
entil(installed warehouse just to test powermenu ;)13:05
*** jukkaeklund___ has quit IRC13:05
SK_workcoderus: ever pinged veskuh_ for help or hints ?13:07
coderusSK_work: sure13:09
coderusi'm waiting for newer emgine version in nemo:devel:mw :)13:09
coderusentil: :)13:09
coderusi made them system-wide for myself13:09
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos13:10
entilprobably some hacking required?13:12
entilalso.. uhh.. is there a reason this isn't in the store?-)13:13
entilhaving settings in the shortcuts and menu for short tap seems like a much better way of doing things than swiping and all that13:13
entilclick click airplane mode yay13:14
coderusentil: sure, edit your /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/PullDownMenu.qml and PushUpMenu.qml and change background object to my ShaderTiledBackground13:15
entilmaybe some day ;)13:16
entilanother question would be that why doesn't powermenu open its menu in the uppermost screen?13:16
entildouble-tap to unlock, short-tap on the power button and nothing happens, have to swipe down once :/13:16
coderusdidnt understand what you mean exactly :)13:18
coderuspowermenu can't unlock your device and screen if you talking about this13:18
entilnono, I double-tap to unlock, then I short-tap on the power button (supposed to open the menu) and it does nothing13:18
entilI have to scroll down one screen, to the screen with the app covers, to have powermenu show its menu13:19
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos13:19
entilcoderus: got it now?13:20
entilis that a bug?13:20
*** enedil_ has quit IRC13:21
coderusah, powermenu can't be showed when screen is locked :)13:22
entildude, I unlock the screen first :D13:22
coderusbeing on lockscreen means screen is still locked13:22
coderusyou unlocked device, not screen :)13:22
*** zhxt_afk has quit IRC13:23
entilso the topmost screen is called the lock screen?13:23
entiland when I'm there, my "screen" is "locked"?13:23
entilis the expression "pizdets"? :D13:24
entilI was hoping that's a bug, to avoid scrolling down a screen ;)13:24
coderusfirst screen is always lockscreen at every device13:25
entilmy last phone was the n900 and it had active usable icons after the swipe-to-unlock overlay13:25
coderusno, scrolling already avoided by fullscreen mousearea13:25
coderusand edge swipes are locked while powermenu on screen since 0.2.313:26
entilso the n900 did not have a lock screen ;)13:26
coderusof course i can show powermenu on lockscreen, but it requires more work as renewing times not to lock device and so :)13:26
coderusyou can create your wish on github, just dont forget to donate first :D13:27
*** sletta has quit IRC13:27
entilbut let me get this clear.. the first (topmost) screen is the lock screen, the second one is the home screen (with four launchers) and the rest are launch screens?13:27
coderussecond is "switcher"13:28
entilI never bothered to think that these screens have names, did a google just now :P13:28
coderusand last is "launcher"13:28
coderusits internal names, just lockscreen is known for users13:28
entilso if I have multiple screenfuls of apps the screens are logically/internally/whatever just one launcher screen?13:29
coderuswhile you on lockscreen it locks faster13:29
entilwhich incidentally does not fit on the screen at once, but if I scroll upwards from its upper bound, I end up in the switcher screen, with covers and the four launcher icons13:29
Wntentil: see for the terms of the different views13:30
coderusgood article :)13:30
entilwnt: ooh thanks :)13:31
entilcoderus: I don't really have money right now but if some kind of donation would fix powermenu I could consider it some month13:31
entiloh and that article of wnt's uses home screen, not switcher screen, for the name13:32
coderusin some month it will be fixed itself when i have time13:32
coderusjust if you want it to be updated "now" you should donate :)13:32
coderushome is easier name for users than switcher :D13:32
entilswitcher sounds cool tho13:33
entilthere's something for mitakuuluu2 as well.. I'd like it to return to the person list when I minimize it13:34
entilinstead of leaving the last discussion open13:34
entilbut yeah, donation or pull request, I know :)13:34
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos13:35
coderuswhy yow want so?13:35
entilI'm pretty sure it's faster for me to open the discussion with whoever sent me a message from the list view than going back from another discussion and then opening13:35
entilok, most discussions are with the missus so it usually works out, but there are other people using whatsapp besides her13:36
coderusif you clock at notification of new message13:37
coderusit will open mitacuuluu at this conversation13:37
*** disharmonic has quit IRC13:37
entilok, I usually have the cover on my home screen and click that when I hear the mitakuuluu tone13:38
coderusclick on notification13:38
entilI guess I could unlearn that habit but if I can get by with a pull request and a configuration option... ;)13:38
*** krendil has quit IRC13:38
coderusclicking notifications is better13:38
coderusyou can even have mitakuuluu closed13:38
entillove the app anyway and wish it was in the store, and all that, and no promises of course I would have time for this13:38
coderusand clicking on notification will open mitakuuluu at conversation13:38
entilyeah I know.. maybe I just got the cover-always-there reflex because there wasn't always a daemon13:39
entillike way way back13:39
*** zhxt_afk has joined #sailfishos13:43
coderusopen with stock browser13:46
coderusyou can scroll down far too long too?13:46
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos13:47
entilit's the longcat of web pages but it ends where it's supposed to, after the copyright line13:47
coderusi have nothing (just empty space) after Gesture based13:48
Sceltcoderus: that happens to me sometimes too13:49
Sceltstock browser13:49
coderusprobably page just didnt loaded fully13:49
Sceltit makes just the bottom of the page blank white13:49
entilok this is what I did: I opened the kazakh page, went to the tab view, closed kazakh, slid to the tab and now I have render bugs like a white area that doesn't get content until I wait for a while13:50
Sceltsometimes changing the orientation does something but most of the times just need to kill the browser13:50
entiland when I scroll up to the dark area it renders a stripe of the dark background and after a while "fills in the rest"13:50
Sceltsounds familiar13:51
coderusentil: you Kazakh? :D13:51
entilno, I just opened it because I didn't know jolla was available there13:51
entilI'm .fi13:51
entilthe kazakh site didn't work very well, it was too wide, and the hong kong notice says the phone'll be available 12 august, which went already13:52
coderusentil: where you know "pizdets: then?13:52
entilI worked at Nokia for 13 months, you couldn't do that in the maemo days without picking up some russian :D unfortunately it's been like 7 years so I'm not sure if I remember anything correctly13:53
entilnevozmozhno ponyat13:53
entilsomething about the build systema stroikat dva paketa13:54
coderus*hugs* to you :D13:54
entilback at ya bro :D13:54
*** xerpi has quit IRC13:56
Scelteverytime I try to pronounce some russian, it reminds me of Ville Haapasalo13:56
entilthose 13 months were some of the best time of my life, but they didn't renew almost any of the external contracts at the end of it...13:56
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos13:57
Sceltcoderus: a movie actor13:57
entilI also had other plans so I couldn't stay as an internal, but I love the guys for offering a position... for what it's worth, it went bad shortly thereafter so maybe it was an ok thing to get out in time13:57
Nicd-I can read russian but I don't know what the words mean unless they are similar to english :P I just know what the letters sound like (well, somewhat)13:57
entilNicd-: yeah, the same13:57
Sceltm4g0g: you want a hug too?13:58
coderuspeace door ball :D13:58
coderusdont ban me please :')13:59
entilwonder if it was the serena water park.. well some place that's big with .ru tourists.. and there was a sign in russian that was basically only loan words :D13:59
m4g0g - there is this url14:01
m4g0gcoderus: lol14:01
m4g0gthey don't understand this joke14:01
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC14:01
*** jmlich has quit IRC14:02
m4g0gIn emulator image not aligned with url. It looks like this:
m4g0ghow I can fix it? In browser all normal14:03
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos14:03
lukedirtwalkerQFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects() is there a qml comp which calls this? which one?14:05
lukedirtwalkerm4g0g: show code?14:05
m4g0gwhat code?14:05
m4g0g - there is this url14:05
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:06
lukedirtwalkerwell the image is screenshot from emulator not?14:06
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:06
m4g0gfrom emulator14:06
lukedirtwalkerwhat code do you use to display it14:06
kimmoliah to the Amsterdam then...14:07
entilI'm leaving in 814:07
coderuslukedirtwalker: why QFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects ?14:08
coderuswhat purpose?14:08
lukedirtwalkerI don't want to use it but findout what uses it because: QFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects:289 - bool QFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects() Error: did not find vibra spi device!14:09
lukedirtwalkerm4g0g: no qml around?14:09
m4g0glukedirtwalker: yes. All from url.14:09
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC14:10
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos14:10
lukedirtwalkerm4g0g: no idea then14:10
lukedirtwalkerm4g0g: if you use some text component to display it maybe this helps:
*** enedil_ has joined #sailfishos14:12
m4g0glukedirtwalker: I have replaced with qml and all become better14:14
coderuslukedirtwalker: it used by silica at least14:14
*** daitheflu has quit IRC14:14
coderusfeedback vibra effects and so14:14
*** BitEvil has joined #sailfishos14:14
lukedirtwalkercoderus: oh ok, thanks14:15
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:15
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:16
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:16
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:16
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:18
camerisI already asked this yesterday evening: I have a QSortFilterProxyModel derived class that I filter by a search like in the components example project in qml. If I use a SilicaListView everything works fine, but with the SilicaGridView and some filterString (not all) the first delegate is not displayed until I flick or drag the View or I add to the filterString and then remove the added characters. coderus suggested to raise the14:18
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:20
cameristo be more specific: the missing first item is not displayed/instantiated, but the view reserves space for it.14:21
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:21
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:21
*** daitheflu has joined #sailfishos14:22
*** disharmonic has quit IRC14:22
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:25
*** BitEvil is now known as SpeedEvil14:29
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos14:29
*** xerpi has quit IRC14:32
*** dhbiker has quit IRC14:32
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos14:35
*** Mirv has quit IRC14:35
*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos14:36
*** kempe has joined #sailfishos14:43
*** blues-man has joined #sailfishos14:44
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos14:44
*** blues-man has quit IRC14:48
lukedirtwalkerhm is qwebpage not supported in sailfish?14:52
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** niqt has quit IRC15:01
SK_worklukedirtwalker: it should be supported15:01
SK_workBUT, not in harbour15:01
SK_worklukedirtwalker: use a QApplication instead of a QGuiApplication15:01
coderusQApplication is qt415:03
coderusQCoreApplication probably/15:03
*** killSwam has quit IRC15:03
SK_workcoderus: QApplication is Qt 5 widgets :P15:04
SK_worksince QWebView is QtWebKitWidgets, you need QApplication15:04
*** gexc has quit IRC15:05
lukedirtwalkerI see15:06
lukedirtwalkerSK_work, coderus: QApplication works thanks :)15:09
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:13
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos15:21
*** Yomi has quit IRC15:28
*** Yomi has joined #sailfishos15:29
*** artemma has quit IRC15:30
camerisnobody got another idea where I could start looking?15:31
coderussorry :(15:31
coderusbut with source model instead of filter it's workig?15:31
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos15:32
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos15:33
*** gexc has quit IRC15:34
camerisofc. it only occurs while I'm filtering15:34
*** inte` has joined #sailfishos15:34
coderuscan i look at sources?15:34
camerisqml or c++ or both?15:34
*** inte has quit IRC15:34
cameriswell, ofc. but there is no issue in the c++. checked the filtering with qWarnings and the item is accepted by filterAcceptsRow15:35
coderusi believe you15:35
camerisok, just a sec15:36
coderusprobably you can create simplified qml + c++ to reproduce?15:36
*** artemma has quit IRC15:37
*** goroboro has quit IRC15:41
coderusheader plz15:42
camerisoops, sry forgot.15:42
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off15:48
coderuslooks ok15:49
coderusplease try to make minimal project to reproduce15:50
camerisI will make a minimal project, but I think I won't be able to do it today. Thx for having a look and your help so far.15:53
*** kunev has quit IRC15:58
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:00
*** tat has quit IRC16:01
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe16:04
*** tat has joined #sailfishos16:08
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos16:10
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** Nightmare___ has joined #sailfishos16:24
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC16:24
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos16:25
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:25
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC16:26
*** boom1992 has joined #sailfishos16:32
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos16:34
coderusafter call phone stuck and not unlocking16:35
coderuspushing power button showing lockscreen16:35
coderusbut i cant unlock it16:35
*** soexit has quit IRC16:36
*** soexit1 has joined #sailfishos16:36
coderusjust screen sweated and touch stopped working :D16:37
coderusdryed it and it's now working again :D16:37
*** soexit1 has quit IRC16:38
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos16:38
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC16:50
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos16:55
*** N-Mi has quit IRC16:56
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:00
*** jalomann has quit IRC17:02
*** smoku has quit IRC17:04
*** inte` has quit IRC17:09
*** inte has joined #sailfishos17:09
*** inte has quit IRC17:09
*** inte has joined #sailfishos17:09
*** enedil_ has quit IRC17:12
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC17:12
*** rashm2k1 has joined #sailfishos17:13
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*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos17:22
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos17:26
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*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC17:26
*** lukedirtwalker_ has joined #sailfishos17:28
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*** lukedirtwalker has quit IRC17:28
*** lukedirtwalker has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** jua_ has quit IRC17:35
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos17:36
*** smoku has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC17:39
cameriscoderus: something strange: when I change invalidateFilter() to invalidate() in CardProxyModel::setStringFilter the item shows up, but I get alot of "Unable to assign [undefined] to bool" errors, coming from a delegate property where I assign a model role. Does this mean anything to you?17:43
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** Triada has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos17:56
TriadaHello guys! Now Multirom uses the new recovery with Salfish support. I actually managed to install Sailfish OS, but the boot process gets stuck at loading stage with "Google" screen. Should I have installed CM 10.3 first, or what's wrong with that?17:56
*** kempe has quit IRC17:57
*** beidl has quit IRC17:59
*** Alcasa has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** Alcasa has quit IRC18:01
*** igordcard has quit IRC18:05
*** ndvl has quit IRC18:09
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:11
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos18:13
*** Triada has quit IRC18:14
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC18:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos18:19
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos18:22
tortoisedoc_update? :)18:22
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos18:22
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC18:23
lukedirtwalkerIs it still possible to have a db in qml/js like this?
Sfiet_Konstantinlukedirtwalker: yes18:25
Sfiet_Konstantinuse QtQuick local storage18:25
lukedirtwalkerSfiet_Konstantin: great thanks :)18:27
*** Blizzz has quit IRC18:27
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:28
*** soexit has quit IRC18:28
*** Hijackal has joined #sailfishos18:32
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos18:35
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos18:36
*** kunev has quit IRC18:40
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos18:44
tortoisedoc_nazanin : thanks alot for reupdating quickbar!18:45
lukedirtwalkerSfiet_Konstantin: do I need to install something?18:48
nazanintortoisedoc_: no problem, thanks for the update18:49
lukedirtwalkerSfiet_Konstantin: nvmd this helped:
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos18:55
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:55
coderuscameris: i didnt used invalidate, i found it buggy myself, i just changing sortRole to force filtering18:56
*** lainwir3d_ has quit IRC18:59
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:00
*** Hijackal has quit IRC19:04
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** jalomann has quit IRC19:04
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:04
cameriscoderus: yeah, changed it back. Still think there is something wron at the qml side. Why else would the GridView leave the cell, where the first item should be, free and immediatley displaying the contents when I flick? Strange thing thre too, as I added a Component.onCompleted: console.log to the delegate and for the missing item it never occurs, even after flicking where it suddenly appears. this is so strange.19:06
tortoisedoc_coderus : powermenu works great :)19:07
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos19:09
*** furikku has quit IRC19:10
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos19:11
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:11
*** lpotter has quit IRC19:14
*** ljp has joined #sailfishos19:14
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:14
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:16
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:18
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos19:18
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:19
camerishmm, the console.log appears before the filter would only display the missing and the other 2 items. so it is actually created, only not displayed.19:20
*** jmlich has quit IRC19:23
cameriscoderus: seems you had the right clue afterall. But instead of raising the cacheBuffer, lowering fixes it.19:23
camerispropably that is why it had worked with ListView.19:25
coderusdo you have free memory?19:30
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos19:31
tortoisedoc_coderus : it semes you have two signals for opening the dialog19:34
tortoisedoc_one for opening and one for dialog opened :P19:34
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos19:34
*** freedomrun has quit IRC19:35
cameriscoderus: had the problem on both, device and emulator. emulator has 2GB. and top reports 6% on device.19:36
*** giucam has quit IRC19:36
cameriss/6%/6% mem usage/19:36
camerisso there should be no problem19:37
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos19:39
cos-i wonder if that works on sailfish19:41
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos19:42
*** uvatbc has quit IRC19:44
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away19:46
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:47
tortoisedoc_coderus : how did you get com.jolla.lipstick to work for you?19:50
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos19:51
coderustortoisedoc_: aha19:55
coderusone signal is from mce19:55
tortoisedoc_coderus : ah ok19:56
coderusand two signals from dialog when it opened and when closed19:56
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC19:56
*** Shinryuu_ has joined #sailfishos19:56
cameriscoderus: do you think this is a bug that I should report? here is the qml if you want to have a look:
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC19:57
kimmoli_sailingcos tel://123456 but clicking that on communi irc tries to call to IP like numbrr?19:58
kimmoli_sailingcos-: ^19:59
javispedrowhy does everyone uses embedded webviews in iOS instead of calling your webbrowser19:59
javispedroit's so idiotic20:00
tortoisedoc_coderus : does the com.jolla.lipstick work only if app is a service?20:00
tortoisedoc_aaah no20:00
tortoisedoc_its because you patched lipstick :P20:00
* tortoisedoc_ double palmface20:00
tortoisedoc_life is easy on the way of the patch!20:00
Shinryuu_mhh, I wonder what am I doing wrong - because I can't get powermenu to work after restarting the lipstick20:01
*** Shinryuu_ is now known as Shinryuu20:01
tortoisedoc_Shinryuu : reboot20:02
Shinryuualready did20:02
tortoisedoc_and make sure you do not have "Application" set as action on powerbtn long press20:02
coderusShinryuu: just installed?20:02
coderusShinryuu: open powermenu icon and configure it!20:03
Shinryuuyeah like five minutes ago20:03
coderusit doesn't do anything if you not configured it20:03
ShinryuuI've tried to put "menu" in different actions and I added some shortcuts there20:03
coderusin pulley menu call restart lipstick20:06
Shinryuuyeah, I did that after I added shortcuts and modified settings20:07
coderusok, then reinstall app :)20:07
Shinryuuwill try20:07
coderusand do in in terminal and show me output20:07
coderusabout patching hunk #120:07
tortoisedoc_btw, are the minutes from the last sailfish meeting going to be available?20:07
coderusprobably you patched lipstick somehow before and my patch conflictiong with your20:08
coderustortoisedoc_: i received message right now20:08
coderuschec mail20:08
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:09
tortoisedoc_coderus : mail?20:09
coderusdevel mailing list20:10
tortoisedoc_aah :D20:10
*** jua_ has quit IRC20:10
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos20:11
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away20:12
*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos20:18
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC20:20
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos20:22
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC20:22
Shinryuucoderus: can you tell me the commands I have to run so I can paste them in ix and/or sprunge20:23
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos20:23
lukedirtwalkerwhy does ViewPlaceHolder have a y value fixed? wouldn't centerInParent be enough?20:24
tortoisedoc_coderus : powermenu obfuscates quickbar :P20:24
tortoisedoc_lets see if i can workaroung it20:24
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC20:28
tortoisedoc_ coderus : is it possible to attach to the interface of a qt plugin loaded by another process?20:32
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC20:33
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Shinryuucoderus: solved, it didn't work in the main screen but in the second one20:46
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tortoisedoc_coderus : cant seem ti get quickbar to display on top of powermenu just yet :/21:07
tortoisedoc_I believe it has something to do with the fact that powermenu is a systemdialog21:08
*** Eskild_ has quit IRC21:09
tortoisedoc_that, or the fact you are using a shader object for the background...21:10
tortoisedoc_sounds like an already played record :/21:15
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UmeaboyIs there anyone here who's kind enough to guide me thru the HADK to make a working zip for my i9305?22:24
Umeaboysledges? :)22:25
sledgesUmeaboy: people in #sailfishos-porters ;)22:26
UmeaboyAre you there as well?22:27
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Umeaboysledges: Why are there so many blank pages in the HADK?22:40
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