Friday, 2014-08-22

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narchiewhen jolla205:51
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pp_"this page intentionally left blank" :P06:01
Juuba22:41 < cos->
Juuba22:41 -!- Irssi: ::: RTFM 0day in iOS apps: G+, Gmail, FB Messenger, etc. - Algorithm.dk06:18
Juuba22:41 < cos-> i wonder if that works on sailfish06:19
Juubatried opening that URL... Sailfish browser crashes06:19
Juubaor closes, dunno if it crashes :D06:19
Juubathat 02.html page has a link to tel:0000 and jscript that makes the page click the link by itself06:21
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Nicd-yep, it kills the browser06:22
narchiewhy does it reboot my phone?06:22
Juubayesh, tried opening it on a second Tab, but same thing, whole browser quits06:23
Nicd-you can test other numbers with
Nicd-just substitute the number you want06:24
Juubaphdeswer: chem|st : filetransfer over sftp worked this morning just fine.. and also I can create folders over "TMP"06:24
Nicd-but it seems to crash with any number06:24
Juubawell, I guess crashing is better than dialling that number :D06:24
Juubadialing? dialling?06:24
Nicd-Juuba: it only crashes if it's tel://number06:25
Nicd-I changed to tel:number and it works06:25
Nicd-it opens a popup asking if I want to call that number06:26
Juubadoes it prompt?06:26
Nicd-so doesn't call automatically06:26
Juubahow bout inside android apps?06:26
Nicd-I'll try06:26
Juubai tried with chrome and firefox, but the page would not open for me06:26
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Nicd-it takes a long time to open in jolla browser too for some reason06:26
JuubaNicd-: that loop page is yours?06:26
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Juubasailfish browser takes a moment to ... open any pages :D06:27
Juubaon first open after opening06:27
Nicd-it prompts in android opera too06:27
Nicd-good job jolla! :)06:27
narchiestill rboots06:29
pp_heh, lessee what n9 does :D06:30
dr_gogeta86good morning peeps06:31
* dr_gogeta86 is going to resurrect is own jolla from reboot after 2 minutes06:34
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Juubashould we put that tel://0000 crash to TJC ?06:45
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Nicd-Juuba: I reported it to veskuh_06:46
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kimmoliclicking tel 123456 link in irc app asks permission to call
coderusShinryuu: oh, lol :D07:02
coderustortoisedoc: shader background is optional :)07:04
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coderustortoisedoc: you can just give me code for collecting last running apps and i can add it to powermenu :)07:04
tbrkimmoli: that's weird...07:04
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kimmolimakes just decimal to ip-address conversion07:07
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kimmoli123456 = 1E240 = 1.226.64 bytes in dec07:08
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tortoisedoccoderus : I would like to keep it :P07:09
tortoisedoc(as in keep the development)07:09
coderustortoisedoc: lol, then i have no other choise to make my own and make it opensource ofc. :)07:09
tbrkimmoli: oh, it thinks that's an IP address...07:10
tbrin the decimal notation07:11
kimmoliseems so07:11
tbrdid you try tel:+123456789 yet?07:12
tortoisedoccoderus : why, can't i add it to powermenu?07:12
pp_blind inet_aton or whatnot07:12
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tortoisedoccoderus : I thought the source of powermenu is open?07:12
pp_not necessarily the most robust url parser out there ;)07:12
kimmoli_sailingkimmoli tel//+050050050007:13
Nicd-tel isn't supposed to have //07:13
tbrtel just uses : no //07:13
Nicd-like mailto07:13
kimmolithen it is not recognized as link07:13
kimmoliby irc07:14
coderustortoisedoc: git
kimmolineeds tel://+1234567807:14
tortoisedoccoderus : do you mind if I push stuff there?07:14
Nicd-then it's not a huge bug :P07:14
tbrthat's a bug in irc then IMO07:14 detected?07:14
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pp_hxxp:// detected?07:14
kimmoliit gets too07:14
kimmolialso that pp_  hxxp detected by irc07:15
tbrsounds like a broken URI parser07:15
tortoisedoccoderus : I want to be clear that this is just about how to do things, not what to do07:17
coderustortoisedoc:  sure07:18
tortoisedoccoderus : great :-)07:18
tortoisedocmy idea was to make a plugin actually07:18
tortoisedocwith quickbar functionality07:18
coderustortoisedoc: sure07:18
tortoisedocthat can be used07:18
coderusi can read your settings and load your plugin07:18
tortoisedocwhat if plugin works a bit like transfer ui07:19
tortoisedoctakes care of all settings07:19
tortoisedocand exposes qml object?07:19
tortoisedoc(which can be registered)07:19
coderusthere is no C++ access for menu07:20
coderusonly qml07:20
tortoisedocimport? :)07:20
coderusi can just read some configuration here and load qml plugin07:20
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tortoisedocthat should be ok07:20
tortoisedocI think07:20
tortoisedocas quickbar plugin should be installed on qt plugin path anyway07:21
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coderusi can load it with absolute path with no problem07:21
tortoisedocaah with qpluginloader?07:21
coderusno, with import "/usr/share/harbour-debota/qml/harbour/debota/quickbar" 1.007:22
coderusfile:// ..07:22
kimmolitbr in messaging, only 1234567 is recognized as number to call, tel:12345 tel://12345 not (not link generated)07:22
tortoisedocok, ill see what can be done for the plugin later today07:23
coderustortoisedoc: as i said i have only qml access to lipstick07:23
tortoisedocneed a little bit of refactoring but should not be impossible07:23
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tortoisedocoooh younited :)07:25
tortoisedocthought that one was dead?07:25
kimmolidat hype?07:25
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tortoisedocbut hmm07:28
tortoisedocit's weird that quickbar is not visible on top of powermenu07:28
tortoisedocat least it used to be on other systemwindows :D07:29
tortoisedoc(as bugs)07:29
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coderustortoisedoc: you can make it visible on top of connection selector dialog?07:36
tortoisedoccoderus : yes07:37
tortoisedoc(which is also a bug)07:37
tortoisedoclooking at the code of powermenu, it is a systemdialgo07:37
tortoisedocso in that sense it should not act differently than connection selector07:38
tortoisedocone reason I was thinking could be the opacity you set?07:38
tortoisedoc(and some bug in qtwayland)?07:38
coderusah, its at another dimension ;)07:38
coderusit sticked at lipstick compositor07:38
tortoisedocso is lockscreen :P07:39
coderusconnection, bluetooth and i'e' are dynamically created07:39
coderusbut powermenu and UnresponsiveApplicationDialog are sticked07:39
coderuscheck UnresponsiveApplicationDialog should be vivible on top of powermenu too07:40
tortoisedocwhat do you mean with "sticked"?07:40
coderusi mean it statically created as child07:40
tortoisedocah you mean explicitly defined in qml?07:41
tortoisedoc(through the patching I mean?)07:41
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tortoisedocso UnresponsiveApplicationDialog is also defined in lipstick qml?07:43
tortoisedoc(and not created dynamically=07:44
tortoisedoc(and not created dynamically)07:44
coderusin compositor.qml07:44
tortoisedocim getting more and more tempted to patch lipstick myself :P07:44
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dr_gogeta86guys how to manually backup sms database07:47
dr_gogeta86i've backuped whole /home/nemo07:48
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tortoisedocI do wonder if they would accept it harbour - if done dynamically08:07
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dr_gogeta86SK_work: just a small question ... but is not related to sailfish it self08:23
dr_gogeta86a good operator in france08:24
dr_gogeta86better prepaid and jolla friendly08:24
dr_gogeta86nice area08:24
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coderustortoisedoc: harbour doesnt care if somebody will use your component08:30
coderuspowermenu not for harbour anyway :D08:30
SK_workdr_gogeta86: IMO, orange08:30
SK_workthey have prepaid08:30
SK_workbut don't expect much ...08:30
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SK_work(ie, data etc are exopensive)08:30
dr_gogeta86better value for money ?08:30
dr_gogeta86is just for 3 month08:31
tortoisedoccoderus : I was talking explicitly for quickbar now :P08:32
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coderustortoisedoc: what about quickbar?08:33
coderusyu can create and ship your plugins08:33
coderuswhat problem?08:33
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tortoisedoccoderus : I mean I am thinking to patch lockscreen of lipstick to fit quickbar in it :P08:40
tortoisedocand to do it dynamically08:40
tortoisedoc(perhaps that could make it pass qa)08:41
SK_worktortoisedoc: hum08:42
SK_workroot stuff cannot pass qa08:42
SK_worknor pre / post scripts can08:42
tortoisedocSK_work : yes I know :P08:43
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SK_worktortoisedoc: so no luck to have it to go harbour08:51
tortoisedocif you say so ;)08:54
coderusunless youo will use some exploit ;008:55
SK_workcoderus: youo ?08:55
tortoisedocexploits might / might not work, there is still a human tester doing the jon08:57
SK_worktortoisedoc: yeah, you need to exploit the tester08:57
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SK_workhi nazanin, I'm writing some root scripts, but please, forget them :)08:57
tortoisedoc*please do not look at them D:08:57
coderusexploits will pass qa easily :)08:59
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SK_workcoderus: indeed, tortoisedoc did one09:00
SK_worksort of09:00
SK_workcoderus: are you trying to push a package that have root escalatin bundled inside ?09:00
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*** N-Mi has joined #sailfishos09:02
coderusSK_work: no09:03
coderusreal exploit09:03
SK_workcoderus: like ?09:03
coderuslike exploit getting root privileges for itself :D09:03
coderuswhat exploits does? :D09:03
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SK_workcoderus: so root escalation09:05
SK_workwell, unauthorized root escalation09:05
SK_workrooting a SailfishOS device ...09:05
coderusyeah, by "no" i answered at "tort did one" sorry :)09:05
coderusi'm looking for system processes for exploitation09:06
coderuslazy finding09:06
coderusno real success atm :)09:06
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SK_workcoderus: too bad09:08
SK_workI think nielk could be helpful here09:08
SK_workbut he is not on irc :(09:08
coderusyeah, he is "not using that ildschool stuff" :D09:09
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SK_workthat's too ba09:13
SK_workIRC is nice :)09:13
dr_gogeta86SK_work: with communi on sailfish doesn't seemss old school at all09:16
SK_workdr_gogeta86: don't tell it to me ;)09:16
dr_gogeta86is xchat that create this perspective09:17
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coderusSK_work: can you test some patches now?09:26
SK_workcoderus: not at all09:29
SK_worknot time09:29
SK_worknext week I will be more free09:29
*** tuba has joined #sailfishos09:30
coderusi mean just apply patch and check result :)09:30
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tortoisedocSK_Work : no exploit in quickbar ;)09:42
*** Tache has joined #sailfishos09:47
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coderusSK_work: ping09:51
coderusplease update patchmanager09:51
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos09:51
coderusadd Browser group and do [touch /var/lib/_MOZEMBED_CACHE_CLEAN_] after apllying patch :)09:51
*** Kabouik__ has joined #sailfishos09:52
SK_workcoderus: what ?09:53
SK_workyou want me to add some sort of pre post when applying unapplying patches ?09:53
SK_workcoderus: add an issue on github, so that I remmeber09:53
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coderusi want you to do it now :)09:55
SK_workcoderus: I'm at work :/09:58
SK_workI need to change ausmt to look at pre / post scripts09:58
SK_workcoderus: one sec09:58
SK_workwill try to give some "demo" to you09:58
SK_workand integrate later09:59
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*** furikku has joined #sailfishos10:00
SK_workagree about this ?10:02
coderusSK_work: probably, but i'm asking for lighter solution10:03
SK_workcoderus: can be an effective solution for your problem and maybe others10:03
SK_workand the impl is trivial10:03
coderuslike you have  now actions for some groups restarting services10:03
SK_worknote that these scripts will run as root10:03
SK_workcoderus: ah10:03
SK_workhum ...10:03
SK_workcoderus: will this be needed for *all* browser patches ?10:04
coderusjust for Browser group you dont need systemctl and just touch that file :)10:04
camerisis there a way to position the navigationIndicator of a Page in QML?10:04
*** giucam has quit IRC10:04
SK_workcameris: no10:04
coderusSK_work: yes10:04
SK_workcoderus: hum ... ok10:04
SK_workcan do this too10:04
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*** giucam has joined #sailfishos10:04
camerisSK_work: ok, thx.10:04
SK_workdamn I need to go back to patchmanager fixing10:04
SK_workcoderus: you need to be root to touch this file ?10:06
SK_workand what will happen to this file afterwards ?10:07
*** filippz has quit IRC10:11
SK_workcoderus: damn proxy10:13
SK_workcannot clone from git here :/10:13
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos10:14
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*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos10:15
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*** killSwam has joined #sailfishos10:24
coderusSK_work: as root sure10:24
coderusafter touching this file browser will create new cache for components10:24
SK_workcoderus: and do you need to remove it yourself ?10:24
coderusSK_work: no10:24
SK_workor will browser clear it ?10:24
SK_workwoow, wonderful10:24
coderusit checked creation date and last cache clean10:25
coderusnot removed it exactly10:25
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away10:25
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC10:26
SK_workhum ...10:26
SK_workso this file might be remove at some point ?10:26
SK_workor can we keep it here10:26
coderusjust if touched after last cache clean it will clean cache :)10:26
coderuscan be keeped here :)10:26
SK_workyeah, understood10:26
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos10:27
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe10:34
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*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away10:50
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coderusSK_work: seems working ok :)11:49
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC11:52
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entilmy god, two jolla reboots today! that's more than ever like, the beers must have hit the phone as well as me ;)11:59
cos-entil: is your battery mount fixed?11:59
entilnaah, I haven't had many enough reboots to have cared12:00
entilI think the total count is around 5 or 6 since december now, it's just almost worrysome that two of those were today12:00
cos-it gets worse over time12:01
cos-i've had zero reboots since it was fixed12:01
entilI'd expect to have zero after a fix ;)12:02
coderusPatch for Patchmanager: Search text on page for SailfishOS browser.
coderusPatch for Patchmanager: Select text on page for SailfishOS browser.
entilso patchmanager makes it easier to change the background in pull-down menus and stuff like that?12:05
coderusPatch for Patchmanager: Disable word snap while select text on page for SailfishOS browser.
coderusentil: it makes easier for other peoples to do same patches as you do on your phone12:07
entilany chance of those going upstream?12:07
coderusjust yu do it once, edit files, make patch12:07
coderusand other just applying your patch12:07
coderuswithout going trough filesystem and so12:07
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos12:08
entil(maybe) I'm neurotic so I don't necessarily want to muck around with files and then forget what I've done ;) chances also are that they might get overridden in an update and I'd want to (attempt to) reapply the patches12:08
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NaranekI'm building a public transportation routing app, and I'd like to be able to use different routing data sources. Is it possible to use variables in the import statement, or how should I do it? import "models/" + location + "/routes.qml" would be great.13:01
*** daitheflu has joined #sailfishos13:05
SK_workNaranek: nope13:05
SK_workyou cannot do thi13:05
SK_workyou have several choices13:05
SK_workeither use different pages (or qml components) that load different imports13:05
SK_workor simply use C++ code to manage models for different data sources13:06
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*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos13:13
*** Blizzz has quit IRC13:14
Naranekmy goal is to convert the data from different sources to the same format so I don't need to worry about the different sources in rest of the app. There should just be a single point that decides which model to use13:15
NaranekI guess I should just man up and learn C++ as well13:15
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos13:16
Naranekare there any hints about when python might be allowed in harbour?13:16
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos13:19
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos13:19
*** Jpel has quit IRC13:23
*** Nc_ has quit IRC13:27
SK_workNaranek: best is C++ (or python actually)13:30
lukedirtwalkerNaranek: We are planning to release soon an update that enables support for python apps to be submitted (cybette, 16:06:25)13:31
SK_workNaranek: the recent meeting said that as soon as possible13:31
SK_workNaranek: are you using python for aggregating different sources ?13:31
SK_workif so, you can use a python model too to feed QML code13:31
Naranekoh yeah, I forgot to check the meeting minutes13:31
NaranekI'm currently using just QML+JS, but I'm more familiar with python than C++13:32
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos13:33
coderusNaranek: just make different QML with different imports13:33
coderusand use them when you need13:34
coderususing Qt.createComponent13:34
SK_workthing is that, for a rather complex app, better use datamodels from either C++ or python13:34
NaranekI feel like I'm already hitting the limits of QML models :D13:36
Naranekso now would probably be a good time to do them from scratch13:36
Naranekalthough I love the xpath functions of XmlListModel13:36
coderusor use Qt.createQmlObject from plain text13:36
coderuswhere you can replace <import here> with your selected import path :D13:37
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos13:37
Naranekcoderus: thanks! I'll have a look at those13:37
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos13:37
coderusbut the idea is still same13:37
coderusyou just hav qml source text inside some variable13:38
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos13:40
SK_workwell, for the sake of organization, I would recommand using either13:41
SK_work1. Qt C++ / python based models13:41
SK_work2. javascript files that feed models13:41
SK_workso you have a bit of separation13:41
Naranekqml would have the advantage of being easier to create, if others want to add their local sources13:41
SK_workNaranek: you need to build a nice API for sources then13:45
SK_workand problem about QML is that it become quickly limiting if you want to do network, parsing etc13:45
ArmadilloI'm getting crazy to understand the status changes emitted from the Cover and the pages13:47
NaranekI was thinking that if I simply import a QML file, it could do all the tricks it needs if it justs returns data in correct format13:47
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos13:48
*** radekp has quit IRC13:48
coderusArmadillo: ?13:48
coderuswhy you want emit something from cover?13:48
Armadillocoderus: I'm trying to catch the event, when I'm jumping back from the cover to the main page13:49
SK_workNaranek: tell me more about this idea13:49
Armadilloany hint, which is the easiest way to get this owrking?13:49
SK_workArmadillo: why would you do this ?13:49
SK_workIIRC you cannot13:49
SK_workhumm ...13:49
Armadilloto reset some global variables13:49
SK_workArmadillo: applicationActive property of ApplicationWindow ?13:50
SK_worktrue when your app is active, false when not (ie minimized)13:50
SK_workNaranek: how would you design such an app13:50
coderusArmadillo: you not jumping from cover to application13:50
SK_workbecause it reminds me of my experiment "phonebot"13:50
coderusyou can only open application and hide it's window13:51
coderusno other action like "jumping" designed :)13:51
NaranekSK_work: here's an example:
Armadillocoderus: that's waht i meant, sorry13:51
NaranekSK_work: I call that qml component. It parses the xml data in xmlListModel and then puts it in a regular ListModel13:52
SK_workNaranek: in this case go Component13:52
SK_workcreateQtObject etc.13:52
SK_workor Component.create13:52
ArmadilloI also know the applicationActive property, but where/on which signal should I check it's current value to set the variables on the correct event13:54
NaranekSK_work: I'll try that :)13:54
coderusonApplicationActiveChanged ?13:55
coderusArmadillo: ^13:55
Armadillodamn, good hint, forgot this one :D13:55
Armadilloit works, thank you! :)13:57
*** jmlich has quit IRC14:03
*** Zippi has joined #sailfishos14:03
*** RobJanc has quit IRC14:04
Zippihi, I was messing around with repos and packages while managing to lose some important stuff (I have no idea what I'm doing) like developer mode14:05
ZippiI got that back but I seem to have lost update icon from settings aswell, is there a way to check OS update from terminal?14:05
SK_workZippi: do a version --verify14:07
SK_workto check missing packages14:07
Zippithat sounds useful, thanks14:08
SK_workZippi: paste me what's missin14:09
*** daitheflu has quit IRC14:11
tubahow do I align the label of a combobox to center?14:11
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos14:11
ZippiSK_work: seems like I'm missing jolla-vault and qt5-eglfs-qcom-hwcomposer-plugin14:13
ZippiI guess I should just go and install them?14:13
SK_workjolla-vault is related to backup14:13
SK_workthat's all14:13
SK_workegl-qcom-hwcomposer-plugin, I'm missing it too14:13
Zippithat's not necessary then14:14
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos14:14
*** captainigloo has joined #sailfishos14:17
captainigloohi i tried to port an app to jolla14:17
captainigloothe source code is based on qt5 and qml14:18
captainigloobut i get compilation error with sailfish sdk, it seems that it force to use -std=c++0x14:18
captainiglooand i need c++1114:18
captainigloohere the error i get :
captainiglooand the code is here :
captainiglooif you guys have an idea ?14:21
SK_workcaptainigloo: can you paste it elsewhere, unthrusted ssl here14:22
captainiglooI added CONFIG=c++11 in the .pro but it's not working14:22
Nicd-try for pastes14:22
SK_workI guess you need a bit of CONFIG+=c++1114:22
Nicd-SK_work: he has it14:22
SK_worktry :P14:22
captainigloohere it's trusted with advertisements :)14:23
SK_workcaptainigloo: hum ...14:24
SK_work'constexpr' needed for in-class initialization14:24
SK_workit seems (not c++11 expert here) that the compiler is telling you what to do ;)14:24
*** disharmonic has quit IRC14:24
captainiglooyeah i agree, but it works for linux and android with this code :)14:25
captainigloowith latest QtSDK14:25
SK_workcaptainigloo: does it works with latest gcc ? :)14:26
SK_worki think that gcc is being stricter here, that's all14:26
captainiglooyes on my arch with gcc 4.914:26
SK_workso meaning that gcc 4.6 have bugs ?14:27
Stskeepsit sure does..14:27
captainiglooah sailfhish is using gcc 4.6 ?14:27
SK_workcaptainigloo: zypper info gcc gives 4.614:27
*** ottulonen has quit IRC14:27
SK_workStskeeps: any update in the pipeline?14:27
SK_workcaptainigloo: meaning that you will need nice workarounds to make this code compile ... :(14:28
Stskeepswell, it'd be suicidal to upgrade both to qt5.2 and glibc/gcc... :P14:28
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:28
captainigloohaha :)14:28
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:28
SK_workStskeeps: I know14:30
SK_workbut some modern gcc is helpful14:30
captainiglooSK_work: the guy who writed this code, loves c++11 so much that i doubt that workarounds will be sufficient :)14:30
SK_workcaptainigloo: well14:31
SK_workdon't know14:31
captainiglooanyway, it worked if i build an android app so, i guess it's a workarround14:31
SK_workyou can try14:31
captainigloohow could i know the version of gcc in the sdk ?14:32
coderusgcc --version ?14:32
SK_workcoderus: orry, unimplemented: non-static data member initializers14:32
SK_workcaptainigloo: orry, unimplemented: non-static data member initializers14:32
SK_workthis tells that gcc don't implement this14:32
SK_workand I think that the easy workaround is to remiove the nullptr, and initialize inside constructors the qnetworkaccessmanager14:33
captainigloocoderus: ok but where to launch gcc --version ?14:33
captainiglooSK_work: i'm trying14:33
SK_workcaptainigloo: you need to ssh into the vm14:34
SK_workand then sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl gcc -v14:34
lukedirtwalkerit is 4.6 thus you don't have in-class initializers14:37
SK_workcode looks easy to fix though14:37
captainigloook, i fix the in-class initializers, but now i get error about QJson14:37
SK_workcaptainigloo: paste error please14:37
SK_workhe might like c++11, but is forgetting all (const) referenece passing14:40
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:41
captainiglooi added QString("string") instead of "string"14:41
captainiglooit seems to pass the build, but i don't know if it's correct14:41
lukedirtwalkershould work yes14:41
SK_workcaptainigloo: yes, it is14:41
SK_workbecause of non-explicit conversion (it seems)14:42
captainigloook it builds !14:43
captainigloofinaly you was right, it was easy :) thanks to insist14:44
lukedirtwalkerdoes anyone regocgnize this: :P (it's a (partly) ported harmattan app)14:49
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** jalomann has joined #sailfishos14:55
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos14:56
captainigloook it seems that qml is too old for this code: i get this error when i launch it on the mobile : qrc:///qml/main.qml:1 module "QtQuick" version 2.2 is not installed15:04
*** rusty88 has quit IRC15:05
captainiglooand QtQuick.Controls is not present on the device15:06
captainiglooQtQuick.Contols 1.215:06
*** killSwam has quit IRC15:08
*** Sail0r has quit IRC15:09
lukedirtwalkerwell use 2.0 and Controls you have to replace with Sailfish.Silica 1.0 but that will need some adaptions I guess15:11
lukedirtwalkercaptainigloo: ^15:11
*** sletta has quit IRC15:13
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC15:15
*** cybrNaut has joined #sailfishos15:15
*** igordcard has quit IRC15:26
captainigloolukedirtwalker: ok thanks15:26
captainiglooi need stackview wich seems to be provided by QtQuick.contols 1.215:26
captainigloobut i can't find these component in silica15:27
*** lbt has quit IRC15:28
lukedirtwalkerPage stack propably?15:28
captainigloooh yes thanks15:29
lukedirtwalkercaptainigloo: The first window is a ApplicationWindow and all others Page15:29
lukedirtwalkerand pageStack provides push / pop etc15:30
captainigloowhy not using what's already provided by Qt ?15:30
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos15:31
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos15:32
coderuscaptainigloo: because sailfish have own vision ;)15:33
coderusit's not suitable for desktop UI15:33
coderusyou can port Controls yourself and use it15:34
coderusbut do it yourself and dont ask why sailfish have own controls :)15:34
*** kunev has quit IRC15:34
captainiglooi'm just a bit confused, that an app writted with qt5 is not working in a mobile that support it out of the box :)15:39
*** boom1992 has joined #sailfishos15:45
*** giucam has quit IRC15:46
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos15:46
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos15:46
*** giucam has quit IRC15:46
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos15:46
SK_workcaptainigloo: because Sailfish uses Qt AS the graphical toolkit, and use thie rown stuff15:46
SK_workit is not hard to write a sailfish ui though15:46
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos15:47
*** lbt_ has quit IRC15:47
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos15:47
*** gexc has quit IRC15:47
coderuscaptainigloo: say same to blackberry developers :D15:47
captainiglooyes indeed15:48
*** lbt has quit IRC15:48
smokucaptainigloo: QtQuick.Contols are not suitable for mobile phone screen.  so are QtWidgets.  thus - are not supported under SailfishOS15:49
*** freedomrun has quit IRC15:51
coderusit's supported of course15:51
coderusyou just need to do it yourself15:51
coderusjolla doesnt take care how it would work15:51
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC15:54
*** rashm2k has quit IRC15:55
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** rashm2k1 has joined #sailfishos15:58
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** AlexRussia has joined #sailfishos16:01
AlexRussiahi folks!16:01
AlexRussiaI just coming to ask, which devices support this OS?16:02
*** rashm2k has quit IRC16:02
AlexRussiaor probabily contain it with start? @_@16:02
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:03
*** qqK has quit IRC16:04
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC16:05
coderuscyanogenmod 10.1+16:07
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos16:07
lukedirtwalkerDevice that come with it pre-installed is only Jolla, however you can install it on many android devices for this best check in #sailfishos-porters16:08
*** useretail has joined #sailfishos16:12
AlexRussialukedirtwalker: which minimal RAM need for this OS? i have here one android with 512MiB16:13
*** captainigloo has left #sailfishos16:14
*** uvatbc has quit IRC16:14
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos16:14
AlexRussiafreedomrun: yoho16:14
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos16:14
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos16:14
phdeswerAlexRussia: might work, but more ram is always good. If you want to do the porting effort however you better go to sailfishos-porters16:15
AlexRussiaphdeswer: i already there16:15
AlexRussiaphdeswer: lol, Qt need many memory? @_@16:15
JonniAlexRussia: 1gig works with 2 even better. 512 is too litle on heavy browser pages.16:15
AlexRussiaJonni: :(16:15
AlexRussiaJonni: thats sad16:15
*** niqt has quit IRC16:16
Morpog_PCwith 512mb ram forget to hope for alieb-dalvik16:16
AardAlexRussia: tat's a browser problem, though. the core os with ui and basic apps comes up on a 256mb phone16:16
AlexRussiaMorpog_PC: ali...who?16:16
Jonniyou can always make swap in sd card, then you just run things _slowly_ :)16:16
AlexRussiaAard: ou, but i can change browser,yep?16:17
Morpog_PCthe Jolla supports android apps via alien-dalvik16:17
AlexRussiaAard: what you use, webkit? @_@16:17
*** sletta has quit IRC16:17
AlexRussiaAard: i mean engine16:17
SK_workAlexRussia: nope, gecko16:17
AlexRussiaSK_work: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh16:17
AlexRussiaSK_work: i understand everything ;)16:17
Morpog_PCAlexRussia, default browser on sailfishos is sailfishbrowser which is based on gecko16:17
*** petantik has quit IRC16:17
Jonniwell qtwebview uses webkit also16:18
Morpog_PCbut qt app use qtwebkit16:18
*** freedomrun has quit IRC16:18
AlexRussiagecko is nice, but sometimes it eat memory too much16:18
AlexRussiaeven my firefox :(16:18
AlexRussiabut i dislike run webkit on desktop, its too much f*ck my processor16:18
Jonniwell you can make a web page that eat all the memory in webkit or gecko, so it depends what pages you visit :)16:18
*** rashm2k1 has joined #sailfishos16:19
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:19
AlexRussiaJonni: UC folks still not port thir browser? it will be cool news, i like UC as mobile browser16:19
AlexRussiaJonni: yes yes yes, it not opensource, but it works fine16:19
AlexRussiaJonni: with low memory i mean16:19
AlexRussiayep, i see, nobody tried port OS to Samsung Galaxy Fame :(16:20
Morpog_PCgo for it ;)16:21
Jonniwell you can install that on device. Not helping much memorywise, and that app wants to have access to camera/microphone, location, call history and all your files.16:22
AlexRussiayep, i guess, first i need rooting it isn't?16:22
*** jjanvier has quit IRC16:24
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC16:26
SK_workAlexRussia: first, you need to port cyanogen mod 10.1 on it16:27
SK_workso before, you need root16:27
SK_workand afterwards, let's see16:27
AlexRussiaSK_work: oh shi*, i hear, nobody tried port cyanogen to that device :(16:28
SK_work"low end" devices don't attract cyanogenmod devs it seems16:28
AlexRussiaSK_work: its seems like infinty cycle :(16:28
SK_workI know the feeling16:29
AlexRussiaSK_work: s/attarct/excite/ ;)16:29
AlexRussiaSK_work: okay, probabily i try it, later, i am something busy for operations like that now :)16:31
AlexRussiaSK_work: thx for review16:31
*** dhbiker has quit IRC16:33
*** mv_ has joined #sailfishos16:33
*** lukedirtwalker has quit IRC16:35
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos16:36
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC16:36
*** SK_work has quit IRC16:41
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos16:43
*** petantik has joined #sailfishos16:44
*** artemma has quit IRC16:52
*** N-Mi has quit IRC16:54
coderusemm, in "\." its escape sequence?16:55
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC16:55
coderusand i actually need "\\." ?16:55
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos16:59
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:02
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:03
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos17:03
*** soexit has joined #sailfishos17:04
coderusdumb me :D17:05
*** lainwir3d__ has quit IRC17:07
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away17:08
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos17:08
AlexRussiacoderus: probabily,17:09
AlexRussiacoderus: '\' escape anything17:09
AlexRussiacoderus: and 'f*cking enter!!!'17:09
AlexRussiacoderus: i guess,you last be like '\.' in finish17:10
AlexRussiacoderus: and first just be '.'17:10
coderusah sure, sef f*ed my brain in the past :D17:14
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos17:15
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*** AlexRussia has quit IRC17:18
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