Saturday, 2014-08-23

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SaberAltriaHow to run terminal command in Qt ?02:58
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FireFlyHow can I hook up to page load/unload events (i.e. the page's status becomes PageStatus.Activating/Deactivating)?  I want to enable something when the page is made visible and disable it when it is hidden03:34
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FireFlyOops, never mind.. apparently it's as easy as "onStatusChanged", or onXChanged in general for an event X03:39
FireFlyer, a property X*03:39
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tortoisedoc_giucam : how to force a window to be toplevel?06:47
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coderustortoisedoc: libwayland-egl have set_toplevel07:32
tortoisedoc_coderus: yes, it is correctly called at first attempt07:34
tortoisedoc_but then successive showings do not call it anymore07:34
coderuscall it yourself?07:35
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tortoisedoc_coderus : how?07:38
tortoisedoc_I could proably do it from wl_shell:surface, but that would mean linking with wayland07:39
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coderusi didn't used that07:41
coderusjust googling and suggesting :)07:41
tortoisedoc_coderus : googling for what :P07:42
coderuswayland toplevel :P07:42
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SaberAltriaWhat should I put in the remorse.execute ?08:15
SaberAltrialinking to the current item neither parent nor child08:15
coderusremorse.execute(text, function() { //actions }, timeout)08:16
coderustortoisedoc_: ping08:17
coderuswhat config in pro and headers i need to compile with QWaylandSurface?08:17
SaberAltriaOK Thz !08:17
coderusundefined reference to `QWaylandSurfaceItem::staticMetaObject'08:18
coderusanyone & ?08:18
coderusi need to get QWaylandSurface from QQuickView ^_^08:19
tortoisedoc_coderus : fighting with qSceneGraph=?08:20
coderusjust want to play with wayland surfaces08:22
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coderustortoisedoc_: can you give me your code?08:33
tortoisedoc_coderus : there is no wayland surface in my code :P08:36
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tortoisedoc_(not yet at least)08:36
tortoisedoc_coderus : have a look at QPlatformNativeInterface08:38
tortoisedoc_i believe from there you can get access to wayland surfaces08:38
tortoisedoc_but it is pretty limited; wayland is designed for isolation08:38
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entilcoderus: you around? just wanting to ask is there a chance that powermenu might cause poweroff derps with the phone?08:39
entilbeen noticing instability, thinking it might be the battery suddenly getting loose, but there's more to it... like a couple of times when I try to reboot it after a shutdown, it comes online with the flashlight app running - I have it bound to the powermenu08:40
entilso what if it's not a hardware issue but something in powermenu?08:40
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katomuQT += compositor ?08:41
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katomucoderus: I found the last sentence on the bottom would be worth a try, I think.08:44
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giucamtortoisedoc: the set_toplevel call isn't to put a window on top of the othewrs08:45
giucamand there's not use in calling it more than one time08:45
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tortoisedoc_giucam : thanks08:46
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giucamyou can try QWindow::raise08:46
tortoisedoc_giucam : seems like even raise is not good enough08:51
giucamwhat do you want to do exactly?08:52
tortoisedoc_display quickbar on top of systemdialog's08:52
tortoisedoc_it seems to work for some08:52
tortoisedoc_(for example internet connection dialog)08:52
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tortoisedoc_but not for others (like powermenu from coderus)08:53
tortoisedoc_SystemDialog === SystemWindow btw08:54
giucammmh.. why?08:55
tortoisedoc_one difference that powermenu does is that it sets the opacity08:55
tortoisedoc_i wonder if that has an effect08:56
giucamno, i mean why do you want to do that08:57
tortoisedoc_why not? :P08:58
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giucamwell, i don't see how quickbar could fit on top of something like the connection dialog09:01
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tortoisedoc_I am exploring possibilities to combine quickbar with powermenu09:02
coderuswant to displat it on top of powermenu09:02
tortoisedoc_yes :)09:02
giucamah, ok09:02
giucamhang on09:02
coderusentil: sure09:03
coderusit can also letme control your phone remotely09:03
entilcoderus :D09:03
tortoisedoc_coderus : :D:D:D09:03
coderusi can poweroff it or turn n flshlight :D09:03
giucamtortoisedoc_: and is quickbar a normal qquickwindow?09:03
tortoisedoc_giucam : qquickwindow + lipstick category set to notification09:04
entilI just think it's weird that it started doing this after I installed powermenu, and seeing the app launch.. so if there's anything I can help to track down a potential bug, let me know09:04
giucamah, notification..09:04
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coderusreboot with plugged in cable?09:05
tortoisedoc_coderus : why is opacity being set when you display powermenu?09:05
tortoisedoc_coderus : instead of using show / hide?09:05
entilcoderus: rebooting with cable plugged in09:06
entilI also folded a post-it note between toh and the battery, just in case it's a battery thing09:06
coderusentil: then it just goes to  softpoweroff and poweron :)09:07
coderustortoisedoc_: does it have such methods?09:07
giucamhmm... maybe powermenu does something funky... notifications should always be on top of dialogs09:07
tortoisedoc_giucam : exactly ! :P09:08
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tortoisedoc_coderus : aah , yes, it is systemwindow09:08
tortoisedoc_so basically09:08
tortoisedoc_powermenu is a window which is always on top?09:09
tortoisedoc_but transparent?09:09
entilbut myeah, beats me, I'll keep track of the situation and just wanted to let you know that there is a potential bug there09:09
coderusseems so09:09
tortoisedoc_enabled: opacity > 009:09
giucamwhat is this SystemWindow? it's not from silica..09:10
tortoisedoc_not even lipstick, but jolla-lipstick09:11
tortoisedoc_grrrr i hate these wlan disc09:12
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giucamah, yes09:14
giucamcoderus: uhm, but so you've modified l-j-h?09:15
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coderusinjected PowerMenuDialog {} to compositor.qml09:18
tortoisedoc_coderus : what if you emit signal to c++ and hide the view from there?09:18
tortoisedoc_(in qml)09:18
coderusdidnt understood09:18
giucamcoderus: as child of what?09:18
coderussibling to Unresponsive...Dialog09:19
giucamwell, try potting it as child of dialogContentItem09:20
giucami can't write today09:20
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tortoisedoc_coderus : btw, if I want to remove powermenu, does it automatically unpatch?09:25
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coderustortoisedoc_: try it yourself to reparent PowerMenuDialog to dialogContentItem or notificationLayer09:29
tortoisedoc_yes I am now :P09:29
tortoisedoc_building rpm..09:29
tortoisedoc_wlan conn broke ;_;09:30
tortoisedoc_again -_-09:30
* tortoisedoc_ goes for a usb cable09:30
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coderusjust sudo nano /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/qml/compositor.qml09:31
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tortoisedoc_black screen :D09:38
tortoisedoc_seems like i screwed lipstick09:39
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tortoisedoc_coderus : how do I restart lipstick?09:42
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giucamtortoisedoc_: you can just kill it09:48
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tortoisedoc_giucam, coderus : same result with reparenting to dialogContentItem09:52
tortoisedoc_ill try notificationlayer next09:52
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tortoisedoc_giucam coderus : negative with notificationlayer as well09:57
coderussystemctl --user restart lipstick.service09:58
kimmolino need to append .service, seems to work without too10:00
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coderusit can't work without .service :)10:01
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tortoisedoc_giucam : no can do, both reparenting options give the same result10:02
giucamtortoisedoc_: i don't see how that's possible, are you sure you deployed lipstick correctly?10:03
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tortoisedoc_giucam : doublechecking10:04
tortoisedoc_ah! :D10:04
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tortoisedoc_now I can display quickbar but not powermenu :D10:07
tortoisedoc_ok so10:07
tortoisedoc_giucam : reparenting to dialogContentItem -> quickbar shows, powermenu NOT10:08
tortoisedoc_giucam : reparenting to notificationlayer -> quickbar shows, powermenu shows in the space of a notification window (top of screen)10:08
giucamtry fiddling :P10:09
tortoisedoc_needless to say powermenu is broken in the second case10:09
tortoisedoc_fiddling? :D10:09
coderusoverlayLayer ?10:09
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giucamor maybe you can try adding its own layer10:10
giucambetween dialog and notification, maybe10:10
coderusunder notificationLayer10:10
tortoisedoc_trying overlayLayer..10:11
coderusalarmsLayer ?10:11
coderusappLayer ?10:11
coderushomeLayer ?10:11
tortoisedoc_how many layers you need :D10:11
coderustry every10:11
tortoisedoc_first is fine, quickbar is displayed :P10:12
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tortoisedoc_maybe PowerMenuDialog should not be SystemWindow?10:17
tortoisedoc_but a normal application window?10:17
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tortoisedoc_reparenting to homeLayer puts powermenu in the background of the home10:19
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coderusit's not application10:33
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coderusit's just dialog window10:33
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tortoisedoc_ha :10:39
tortoisedoc_ha :D10:39
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SaberAltriathe solution of remorse doesnt work11:33
SaberAltriaIt shows this error : Error: Cannot assign JavaScript function to QString11:33
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coderusSaberAltria: what is your remorse?11:37
coderusRemorse or RemorsePopup?11:37
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coderustortoisedoc_: :D11:38
SaberAltriai want to show it on neither parent or child11:38
SaberAltriabut just on that item11:38
SaberAltriawant parameter i should use11:38
SaberAltriayes i read that11:39
SaberAltriaanyway to do this not using id ?11:40
SaberAltriathe example use id to locate the item11:40
SaberAltriajust curious11:40
coderusorphaned? :D11:41
coderusshow it on nothing? :D11:41
SaberAltriaI love this gag :D11:41
coderuswhere do you use it? :D11:42
SaberAltriaif no way then let it go11:42
coderusinside delegate?11:43
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SaberAltriajust a backgrounditem object in column11:43
tortoisedoc_coderus : I need leave11:43
coderusthen use RemorsePopup instead11:43
coderustortoisedoc_: ;D11:43
coderusSaberAltria: RemorseItem is for delegates11:43
tortoisedoc_coderus : i will ping you once I have something workable11:43
coderustortoisedoc_: :D11:43
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tortoisedoc_coderus : I have something15:59
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coderustortoisedoc_: :)16:43
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tortoisedoc_coderus : how do I do a pull request now :P16:55
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos16:57
tortoisedoc_i committed to my local branch16:57
tortoisedoc_but git push is not working16:57
tortoisedoc_says http error O_i16:57
tortoisedoc_says http error O_o16:57
*** daitheflu has quit IRC16:59
tortoisedoc_err 40316:59
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tortoisedoc_again 403 :S17:05
tortoisedoc_i can clone, but not push17:05
tortoisedoc_how's that?17:05
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tortoisedoc_coderus : do you have to add me to the project first?17:08
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coderusgo to github and press fork first17:15
coderusthen clone your project17:15
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coderuscommit changes here17:15
coderusand push it17:15
coderusthen on github create pull request from your to my repo17:15
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos17:16
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tortoisedoc_aaah ok so I need to push my repo to github first :P17:20
tortoisedoc_i thought you could pull from my local one :D17:20
tortoisedoc_bah this git is overrated ;)17:20
javispedrogithub != git17:25
tortoisedoc_done :D17:25
tortoisedoc_coderus :17:25
javispedro... but at this point, that is probably a lost battle.17:25
Stskeepsgood evening17:25
javispedrohi Stskeeps17:25
tortoisedoc_coderus : see above ^  ; thanks for giving me the chance to make my first pull renquest17:25
tortoisedoc_jo 'keeps17:26
coderustortoisedoc_: omg :O17:26
tortoisedoc_coderus : w0t17:26
coderustortoisedoc_: just setting in original PowerMenu { parent: layersParent } is not enough?17:27
tortoisedoc_coderus: i have now idea? :D17:27
tortoisedoc_i thought parent is read only in qml?17:27
coderusof course no17:28
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coderusit readwrite17:28
tortoisedoc_its not necessarily obvious :P17:28
tortoisedoc_I am not sure if not adding the anchor stuff caused some problems17:28
coderusi'm just asking is putting powermenudialog inside item necessary?17:28
tortoisedoc_need to test17:28
tortoisedoc_one sec17:28
coderusjust test with PowerMenuDialog { parent: layersParent } firts17:29
coderusand this code you patched is just fallback :D17:31
tortoisedoc_setting parent : layersParent != working17:31
coderusreal patching is done insire .rpm scriptlets with daemon/lipstick/lipstick.patch17:31
tortoisedoc_so yes, it seems to need the full item17:31
tortoisedoc_aah :D17:31
coderuscheck with parent: ... ; z:417:31
coderusPowerMenuDialog { parent: layersParent; z: 4 }17:32
*** Nc_ has quit IRC17:32
tortoisedoc_ok THAT works :)17:32
tortoisedoc_nice, revert excercize with git :D17:36
*** katomu has joined #sailfishos17:41
tortoisedoc_coderus : second pull request sent17:42
tortoisedoc_with simplified patch code :P17:43
tortoisedoc_(and updated patch file)17:43
tortoisedoc_i will work on getting quickbar to display horizontally at the bottom :)17:44
tortoisedoc_like it was originally on n9 :D17:44
tortoisedoc_(which btw still is the preferred way imo)17:44
coderussure i can make app with modified category17:46
coderusbut it will anyway need root for mce17:46
coderusso lipstick way is more solid for me :)17:46
coderustortoisedoc_: revert your local changes, reinstall powermenu, check it not working woth quickbar17:47
coderusi'll send you test version17:47
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos17:52
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tortoisedoc_coderus : ok i need to quickly afk17:58
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:01
*** tortoisedoc_ is now known as tortoisedoc_afk18:01
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tortoisedoc_afkcoderus : does powermenu reset the settings upon reinstall?18:26
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos18:26
*** tortoisedoc_afk is now known as tortoisedoc_18:26
tortoisedoc_coderus : works18:28
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos18:32
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*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos18:48
coderustortoisedoc_: no idea if it reset settings :)18:51
coderusnow remove it and restart lipstick18:51
coderusand check if it not crashing :D18:51
*** BearT has quit IRC19:03
*** krendil has quit IRC19:05
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coderussleeping now19:09
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muppethhmmm... just installed powermenu but even after restarting lipstick i dont get it working19:58
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:59
muppethis it safe to reboot at this stage?19:59
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos20:00
*** jjarven has quit IRC20:06
tortoisedoc_muppeth : which version?20:10
tortoisedoc_make sure you have configured it20:10
tortoisedoc_before rebooting20:10
tortoisedoc_coderus: no breaking20:10
tortoisedoc_works fine20:10
muppethi added few shourtcuts, restarted lipstick but when i press power button nothing happens20:12
muppethdunno what else should i setup. all the rest is default20:12
tortoisedoc_muppeth : from config app, in pulley menu .-> config20:14
*** olafh is now known as olafh_20:16
muppeth of course i did that. thene there is stuff like long tap action shirt tap etc. which i left default, and just restarted lipstick20:16
*** olafh_ is now known as olafh20:18
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos20:19
muppethtortoisedoc_: btw ver 0.2.4-220:21
tortoisedoc_hmm i think  if lipstick restarted ok20:21
tortoisedoc_then rebooting is fine20:21
tortoisedoc_assuming you can :D20:21
tortoisedoc_(reboot. that is=20:21
*** Sail0r2 has quit IRC20:22
*** gabriel_hneitir has joined #sailfishos20:23
muppethtortoisedoc_: rebooted good.20:25
*** martyone has quit IRC20:25
muppethstilll either i'm stupid or i dont get how it should work20:26
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC20:26
Shinryuuare you trying to get 'powermenu' to work?20:27
Shinryuuwell, you can't do that in the main screen, go to second screen where you can see phone, camera etc. icons and press power button there20:28
Shinryuushould work then20:28
*** HBP_ has joined #sailfishos20:29
muppethShinryuu: ahhhh.... now i get it. i was trying all the time in the lockscreen. didnt think about doing it in the app list :p20:32
*** jua_ has quit IRC20:33
Shinryuumuppeth: I had the same 'issue' like a day or two ago ;)20:33
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