Wednesday, 2014-08-27

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coderushmm-m-m, phone just rebooted after incoming call showed06:46
tbrcoderus: on GSM coverage_06:46
coderusand now it rebooting and rebooting again, and again rebooting and rebooting rebooting06:47
* coderus need to make journal persistent06:49
coderuscan you remind me path of that config?06:49
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tbrdon't remember06:51
tbrbut sounds like oxide build up on your battery contacts06:51
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tbreither clean them with a hard rubber eraser or reseat the battery 5-10 times (that will rub the metal)06:52
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stephgtbr: how are tricks?06:53
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tbrstephg: so-n-so06:58
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camerisIf I have a Page where I can switch between List- and GridView like the search page from components example project, how would I share a PullDown menu? I tried setting parent and flickable in the Component.onCompleted of each view, which gave me some visual bug. With a Loader I get some error msg's when I switch, but it works. So apperantley I'm doing something wrong.07:27
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SK_workcameris: I guess: use 2 pulley menus ?07:28
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camerisSK_work: had that for testing, but since they both did the same, I thought I could share one.07:29
SK_workcameris: not sure, as you need to move them from one listview to another07:30
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SK_workand this is just painful07:30
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camerissince sharing the searchField seemed so easy, I thought I give it a try on the PullDown. But I guess your right, not worth wasting time on it.07:32
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SK_workcoderus: so07:41
coderuspullDownMenu._addToFlickable(listView / gridView)07:42
SK_workcoderus: hehe, private API :D07:42
camerisis that not the same as setting the flickable property?07:43
coderusgrid[list]View.pullDownMenu = myPullDown07:43
coderusmyPullDown.parent = grid[list]View.contentItem07:44
coderusthats all you need07:44
cameristhx, will try.07:44
coderusparent = flickable.contentItem <= take care about it07:44
cameriscoderus: btw, about the GridView/SortFilterProxy not displaying the first item, lowering the cacheBuffer didn't help afterall.07:45
coderuscameris: still waiting for test case07:46
camerisyeah, I know. Just fyi, since I thought I had it fixed.07:47
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entil7win 1008:26
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cameriscoderus: small test project is ready, same problem. where to send it?08:38
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FloR707Hi there. Anyone here who can help me submitting a new app to the store?09:48
Nicd-what do you need help with exactly?09:49
FloR707Actually I already submitted the app but got rejected. I wanted to submit the new version but I am not sure how.09:49
Nicd-go to harbour, edit the details of your app, delete the old rpm and upload the new one09:49
Nicd-then submit09:49
FloR707Thats all?09:49
Nicd-should be09:50
FloR707Okay thanks. I wasn't sure since nothing changed after I've done that.09:50
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FloR707I expected some notification that the app is re-submitted.09:50
Nicd-what if you check notifications in harbour?09:50
ln-this might be a stupid question, but does your new version fix the reason why it was rejected in the first place?09:50
Nicd-whoa, the harbour numbers are updated!09:51
Nicd-and look real!09:51
FloR707Yes, I passed the rpm validator now.09:52
FloR707No I do not have any new notifications.09:52
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Armadillo_If you submitted the new version the status of your app in harbour is set to "QA"09:53
Nicd-Stskeepz: not random. they match with what is in store09:53
FloR707Funny, the status just changed from rejected to updated.09:53
Nicd-Stskeepz: still can't see reviews but everything else looks correct09:53
Armadillo_Nicd-: yes, there was an update some days ago, which has been anounced ont he devel mailing list ;)09:53
Nicd-nice :)09:53
Nicd-1297 active installs \o/09:54
Armadillo_FloR707: then you submitted it and have to wait some hours now09:54
Nicd-I assume that means how many people have it on their phone *now*09:54
Armadillo_I think so, too09:54
*** Armadillo_ is now known as Armadillo09:54
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FloR707For the next update I would like to include orientation. So in case the user turns the phone the display turns, too. Is there a HowTo on that? I am just learning.09:55
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Armadilloyes there is one09:56
FloR707Is there a number out there how many people are using SailfishOS?09:56
Armadillohave a look at this page09:57
FloR707Thanks a lot!09:57
ArmadilloI don't think there is a public known number of used Sailfish phone currently09:58
ArmadilloNicd-: which app did mean with the ~1300 installations?09:58
Nicd-Armadillo: SailTime09:58
Armadilloah ok09:59
TMavicacoderus: where is the db located?09:59
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WntFloR707: the android support app from Jolla store has 25000+ downloads. I think that might be pretty close to the number of total SailfishOS users10:02
Armadillohe's gone ;)10:02
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Armadillothe total downloads don't represent the currently active installations of the apps10:03
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ArmadilloI can't remember if the Android support has been installed by default10:04
coderusTMavica: answered in github :)10:04
Wntno applications sthat are available from the store are installed by default10:04
Wntas far as I know10:04
Armadilloadditionally the download counter on the store is not very precise, because the value changes only after some thousand more donwloads, for example 100+, 500+, 1000+, 5000+,...10:06
Armadilloso if the Android support has 25000+, it could probably be 49999 :)10:07
oh8gnzandroid support and some others can be installed when phoneis first time started10:07
Armadillocan, but it doesn't need to10:08
oh8gnzyes, it's not must10:08
Armadilloso the correct number of online Sailfish devices is only known by Jolla itself10:08
oh8gnzthat's the thing #1 I like in Jolla... nearly nothing is a must10:08
Armadillomaybe they give us some information about this in the future10:08
oh8gnzmy 11 month old son also loves jolla10:10
oh8gnzseems that it tastes good.. ;)10:10
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Stskeepzoh8gnz: mine put me on hold when i called him.10:10
Stskeepzwith pulley menu.10:10
Armadilloeveryone I know who bought a Jolla loves it at least one day after the first usage10:11
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oh8gnzI knew few that doesn't10:11
Stskeepzeither you like a device or you don't :P10:11
SK_workStskeepz: no mixed feelings allowed ?10:12
*** AlexRussia has joined #sailfishos10:12
StskeepzSK_work: hmmm. :)10:12
SK_workStskeepz: one question, did you (either with Mer hat, or with Jolla hat) thought of running a CI for nemo components ?10:13
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StskeepzSK_work: yes but even in jolla as you know it's not really traditional CI10:16
SK_workwhat's traditionnal and non-traditionnal CI ?10:17
Stskeepzas in that usually it's when a maintainer tags that a build happens10:17
Stskeepzbrb getting water10:18
Stskeepzand promotion to 'stable' or 'testing' happens seperately, as a whole stack10:19
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zGrrmoin :)10:53
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SK_workStskeepz: I was thinking of automated CI to detect regressions and run tests12:07
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Armadilloare there any news on the app settings integration for third party applications?13:07
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos13:07
tbrgood point, check TJC13:08
tbrif there's nothing, put it on the meeting agenda13:08
tbrthat tends to at least to get answers13:08
Armadillogood idea13:10
Armadillocan just take the question template from tjc and post it filled in a new comment or should I make an answer?13:11
Armadillothe problem is, that I mostly have no time slot to participate in the meetings13:12
kimmolifor meeting topic proposals, edit the wikipost there13:14
Armadillowhat if I can not be present to present the topic and don't know anyone who could/want to do this for me?13:15
Armadillodamn need more karma :D13:18
Armadillogood to know people with much more karma hehe13:19
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tbrArmadillo: I can bring the topic forward if necessary. it's straight forward and short.13:27
SK_workArmadillo: I will bring this question to you13:28
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ArmadilloSK_work tbr thank you, I added (respectively instructed some to add) both of you :)13:32
tbrso there is no TJC question covering this?13:33
Armadillohaven't found one13:34
Armadillonot via tjc search nor google serch with the +site parameter13:34
Armadillodamn, now I got one13:35
Armadillothanks to Sail0r ^^13:35
Armadillobut there's no solution or answer from Jolla to this topic13:39
Armadilloand latest acitivity is from january :-/13:39
kimmolitime to bring it up13:40
Armadillothink so, too13:40
* kimmoli also likes to know how to have settings for "iconless" apps13:40
kimmolias the app-settings page seems to follow launcher13:41
tbrplease mention the question in the meeting wiki13:41
kimmoliconfusing templateing13:42
ArmadilloBut you found a good solution ;)13:46
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m4g0gI have page with SilicaFlickable but I don't want to fill whole page. How can I have top margin equal to header? I don't want to cover navigation buttons13:49
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m4g0gwhat is the right way for this?13:57
*** msava has joined #sailfishos13:59
tbrArmadillo: reading this I guess that the answer will be a no. it's good to ask regardless though.13:59
m4g0gguys, no ideas?14:02
*** MrJustreborn has left #sailfishos14:03
SK_workm4g0g: put a header14:04
SK_workempty one14:04
SK_workdepending on what you want inside your page you might also consider ViewPlaceHolder14:04
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Armadillotbr: sure, this is a possible answer. But I hope those settings were not planned to only be supported by non Jolla apps. I think this would be a great feature to enhance the "Sailfish feeling"14:05
tbrArmadillo: have you read the answer?14:05
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SK_worktbr: if there is a demand, at least we could force Jolla to polish their API14:06
m4g0gSK_work: but page and silicaflickable haven't header element14:07
SK_workm4g0g: ha14:07
Armadillotbr: the on of the old tjc thread? yes, but this doesn't mean that there's no other way to implement this in a way which also works with the current privilege system14:07
SK_workand inside, header14:08
m4g0gwow. Thx14:08
Armadillofor me Jollas APIs is one of the biggest problems which I have as a small developer, because there is none for the calendar, for the settings and so on...14:10
tbrArmadillo: to me it sounds like they won't bother with it until they have implemented their priviledge dropping. So that is also what the question in the meeting will be about.14:10
tbrwhat are their plans in that respect and are we going to see anything there any time soon14:11
Armadillotbr: well, maybe we get a roigh timeline for the privilege dropping, better than nothing ;)14:11
Armadillocan't type today, sorry...14:12
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos14:12
tbryes, that's why I suggested bringing it up in the first place14:14
Armadillowell, hope dies last :)14:15
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camerisFor the first time I used the harbour rpm validator, I didn't realize that nemomobile.thumbnailer is not allowed in harbour. Is there an alternative or do I have to download the sources and include it in the project?15:51
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos15:52
coderuscameris: yep15:52
coderususing thumbnailer for what?15:52
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cameriscoderus: a search page with lots of images (also the page where I have the problem with the GridView/ProxyModel)15:58
*** sletta has quit IRC16:03
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coderusjust checking your test project atm.16:07
cameriscool. thx.16:07
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camerisif all the images that I display are <200kB, does it even make sense to use a thumbnailer?16:55
*** xruxa_away is now known as xruxa16:55
javispedrocameris: depends on how much control you have over them. decoding+rendering time does not only depend on size16:57
javispedroie there may be a 10k x 10k jpeg file in under 200kB16:58
javispedroso if you are sure all the images are "sane", then the answer is no16:58
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos16:59
javispedrobesides 200kB might still be a too high threshold16:59
SpeedEvil100 photos is in the range you want them to load 'instantly'17:00
SpeedEvilthat's 20 meg17:00
SpeedEvilEven only considering the time to read them noncontiguously from storage, that's not negligible17:00
coderuscameris: lol17:07
coderuscameris: if i use callWidth: width / 3 its not visible17:07
coderuscameris: but with cellWIdth: width / 4 it's visible :D17:08
cameristhx for the answers so far. well, images are 500x700 size max. 180kB. There will be max 30 images on screen (+ the ones the view is loading int background). would it suffice to set source.size in QML Image or would a thumbnailer still be better?17:08
cameriscoderus: wtf?17:09
*** gigetoo has quit IRC17:09
cameriscoderus: ofc17:09
javispedrocameris: the generic answer is ... benchmark =)17:09
coderuscameris: if you will use Image { sourceSize.width: parent.width and sourceSize.height: parent.height } it will clip image with QImageReader17:09
coderuscameris: and  it will use very low amout of ram :)17:10
coderusthumbnailer is useful for video thumbmails btw17:11
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos17:11
cameriscoderus: I think it only happens when the delegate is instantiated as part of the caching, so not directly on the Screen. if the search string gets build up more and the already loaded delegate comes to view, it just doesnt show up. If for another searchstring the delegate gets instantiated and is inside screen it will show up, no matter what.17:13
camerisso changing the cellwidth does affect this i guess17:13
coderuscameris: ok, just find another case instead of "ang"17:16
coderusand also test it on desktop with Qt 5.217:16
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:16
coderusif can reproduce - fill bug to qtbugs17:16
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.8.3 update. LOG: DL:
cameriscoderus: another case would be 'af' or 'k'18:17
Nightmare__did you change anything influencing the high cpu usage bug?18:17
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos18:18
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coderusNightmare__: no18:22
coderuscameris: not happening with 4 in a row18:23
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos18:23
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cameriscoderus: as said, I think it only occurs when the delegate is already instantiated and moved on screen through a filter. changing the columns off the gridview changes all that, but I'm sure I can find one for 4 columns too.18:25
coderuscameris: yes, find for 4 in a row please18:27
cameriscoderus: 4 columns: 'co'18:28
cameris'b' too18:28
*** gigetoo has quit IRC18:32
coderusco reproduceable18:33
coderusb not18:34
coderusneed to check with desktop QML18:34
cameriscoderus: if you add this in FirstPage.qml: to searchField  onTextChanged: { console.log("--------------------") } | to gridDelegate onComponentCompleted: { console.log( } .18:34
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coderuscameris: so, what if i add this? :)18:47
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cameriswell, you see that the delegate that don't show up are created before the searchString would display them as first item. for example with 3 columns: 'c', you see "Cocos Islands" is instantiated. its in the 5. row and therefore offscreen. if you now add 'o', "Cocos Island" is the first item and doesn't show, even when created. If you want to find "Brazil" and type 'b' you dont see it created, now add 'r' and "Brazil" is the firs19:01
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coderuscameris: if elements not too much more probably you can use static Grid element?19:29
cameriscoderus: 1201 delegates with Image {}.19:33
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cameriscoderus: maybe I should emit a dataChanged(QAbstractListModle::index(0), ...) in the ProxyModel, when changing the stringFilter19:35
coderusyou shouldn't care too much about proxy model19:36
coderusimho its render bug19:36
coderusyou can lose last elements, but not first19:36
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos19:37
coderusneed to check it tomorrow on desktop19:37
coderusand decide then19:37
coderustime to sleep now btw :)19:37
cameriscoderus: thank you very much for your help, gn8.19:38
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TumeezWhy I can't read new groupmessages? MitäKuuluu..20:40
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TumeezAnd all my own messages show red ball20:41
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