Sunday, 2014-09-14

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coderusvaldur55: L') nice video06:06
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cjbaylissHow can I calibrate my phones display in Sailfish OS?06:41
Stskeepsdefine calibrate06:42
cjbaylissum, correct the white balance to look more natural.06:43
cjbaylisscurrently it is a bit greenish.06:43
Stskeepsgot me there, i'm not sure how you would, other than a system wide shader06:43
cjbaylissok, oh well.06:44
cjbaylissThe other thing is I need mp3 to work, what package do I install for that?06:45
cjbayliss(I'm on a nexus not a Jolla)06:45
Stskeepsahh, i think that's listed on xda developers somewhere :)06:49
Stskeepscan always ask in #sailfishos-porters06:50
Stskeepsalbeit it' a bit early in morning06:50
cjbaylissStskeeps: ok, I'm in Australia. :-) right now 4:51pm06:51
tbrthere are probably some gst-plugins-* packages you want to install06:51
cjbaylisstbr: ok, thanks06:51
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ljp_hmm.. sailfish is known in australia07:14
Stskeepsthe swimsuit?07:14
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cjbaylissljp_: what do you mean? Yes it is to opensource fans like me. :-)07:16
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ljp_just seems like few people here know about it07:17
cjbaylissah, ok. I am also a Fedora user, which means that when I heard that there is a phone os that uses rpm, my head turned. :)07:18
Stskeepsand systemd, and wayland..07:18
ljp_and sensorfw!07:18
cjbaylissStskeeps: yep. :)07:19
ljp_we'll ignore that it also uses connman07:19
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stephgg'day (in honour of cjbayliss)08:53
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kimmolisounds like lipbalm brand ...08:56
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* kimmoli goes cont making sushi08:56
Morpog_PCanyone had that all albums in media player are lost and are in one unknown album?08:57
Morpog_PCall tracks08:57
stephgMorpog_PC: never happened to me but tracker sometimes does straaaange things08:58
stephgyou can force it to reindex08:58
Morpog_PCi did a reindex with tracker, didn't help08:58
stephgyuou restart the media app afterwards?08:58
Morpog_PCgonna delete all albums now and readd them08:58
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Morpog_PCstephg, it was closed when I reindexed08:58
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tbrkimmoli: mhhhm, sushi, haven't made that in a while. should do that soon too.08:59
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kimmoliwaiting rice to cool down09:00
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tbroh, nice, still have 500g sushi rice and more than one pack of nori leaves. will just need to remember to shop for some fresh ingredients.09:07
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kimmolinext thing is to make pasta, got this machine last xmas and hadn't time to drive it in09:11
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stephganyone know what sailfish tastes like? are they edible? I'm guessing like swordfish...09:28
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kimmolithat should be appendix of HADK09:39
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kimmolii have eaten swordfish (at least the dish was named so) seems it is available as frozen precut in finland too (~35€/kg)09:56
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cos-is it time to start asking when the next update is coming?10:07
Morpog_PCnot yet10:08
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Morpog_PC2-3 weeks10:16
r0kk3rzmust be hard releasing an update every month10:16
Morpog_PCwell, they had a summer break for 1 month10:17
Morpog_PCand september update is rather complex with Qt updated to 5.210:17
r0kk3rzyeah, potentially a lot of breakages with the qt update10:18
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* stephg wouldn't be surprised if we jump to 1.1 with the 5.2 stuff10:37
tbrcos-: soon™, they promised this week that they will release before the end of the month10:46
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Anz_cos-: there is an October-ish release (as per stezz). so September update can't be that late :)10:50
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stephgnow that's very strange. what would disable developer mode?11:43
stephghm something in openrepos I wonder11:43
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stephgor killdroid11:44
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stephgah openrepos and the openssl that's there, nothing to see here11:49
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Morpog_PCAnz_, it will be end of september12:19
Morpog_PCthey officially told us12:19
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Shinryuumhh, nice12:30
M4rtinKwell, I really hope they upgrade the store to support dependency versioning at the same time they release the update12:31
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M4rtinKit would kinda suck otherwise if you had all those Qt 5.2 stable modules but could not actually use them in the store12:31
M4rtinKwell, why bother with Harbour if you have OpenRepos though :)12:32
tbrM4rtinK: because OR breaks your device12:32
Morpog_PCM4rtinK, I think I remember that that will come later to store12:33
M4rtinKtbr: sure has the capability to do that12:33
Morpog_PC@juiceme, not yet. Official support for Qt5.2 specific APIs are pending multi-version support in Jolla Store. We are working to bring this out as soon as possible.12:33
tadzikno Jolla code review == decide explodes12:33
M4rtinKtbr: but also is the sole reason there are any application developers left12:33
Morpog_PCanswer from bijal in TOJ12:33
tadzikit is known12:33
M4rtinKwell, code review12:34
tbrM4rtinK: bullshit, you are grossly overestimating that12:34
M4rtinKif Jolla actually did code review, all would be fine12:34
M4rtinKwhat the store QA actually checks is just the binaries and packaging12:34
tadzikit just feels weird for a Truly Open [tm] company to say "OpenRepos is murder, only Jolla Store is happiness"12:34
tbrit sure is an important developer playground, but it's not by far exclusive12:34
tbrtadzik: they don't, you just waive your warranty at developer mode12:35
M4rtinKwhat I mean is that many applications (all GPS using ones, all Python ones, all SDL ones,...) are outright blocked out of the store12:35
M4rtinKand I think that without Open Repos being available for application distribution, I see many developers of such applications just stopping to bother with Sailfish12:36
M4rtinKand some indeed already did, unfortunately12:37
tbrM4rtinK: something else would have happened. e.g. we'd now have a well working chum or something similar12:37
tadzikstuff from openrepos just makes the device so much better12:37
tadzikthe user experience, I mean12:38
tadziksimple things like mediplayer buttons on the lockscreen for instance12:38
tbrtadzik: yes, but it comes at extreme risk. I'm not going to install random non-QAd binaries12:38
M4rtinKtbr: that might have been a possibility, yes12:38
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tbrif I really want something, I track down its source, have a look at it and then build it on OBS or on my own machine12:39
tadziktbr: well, after things like "turning off haptic feedbck disables vibration system-wide" I don't put much faith in Jolla QA, to be honest12:39
M4rtinKtbr: well, I would rather like them to look at the code - so they can see for example that the app will still work with degraded functionality if QtPositioning breaks, etc12:39
tbrtadzik: you are mixing things. I'm talking about the complete and conceptual absence of any QA on OR.12:40
tadzikI am aware of that12:41
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tadzikI've lived half my life running operating systems and applications with no formal QA overseeing them, and it's not like it makes stuff explode in my face every other day12:42
M4rtinKsame thing about Python & SDL - well, if there are still some people running the first sailfish release, the app won't start and that's about it12:42
cjbaylissHow do I set a home page in the web browser? I have tried going to about:config but it is not letting me in.12:42
M4rtinKnothing a note in the application description would not fix, but we are instead waiting 10 moths for an ideal solution to come12:43
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tbrcjbayliss: you can probably add the config item to the browser config file that gets read on start12:43
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cjbaylisstbr: ok, I presume that is in .mozilla/mozembed/ ? I opened prefs.js and got this
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* cjbayliss goes afk.12:57
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tbrcjbayliss: sorry, was AFK, yeah, should be that13:15
tbrcjbayliss: editing while closed should be fine13:16
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Morpog_PCI have seen that setting an homepage was added in latest commits, so hopefully will be tehre with update 1014:06
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coderuscjbayliss: homepage not exposed to prefs14:52
coderusit will be exposed to dconf value in some (?) update14:52
coderusnot in next btw14:52
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