Monday, 2014-09-15

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Naranekgood morning! update? yes?05:38
tbrNaranek: read tjc yet? no!05:38
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Naranekdamn. I never read tjc before I've had coffee05:40
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intei cant figure out where to divert calls on jolla?06:58
intedo i have to use keycodes or is there a settings menu hidden anywhere!06:59
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tbrinte: I think there was something, have you tried settings / apps / dialer?07:07
jusa_inte: settings app -> apps -> phone07:07
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* tbr high-fives jusa07:08
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intedid expect to find them in apps:)07:08
* jusa_ high-fives back07:08
tbrinte: the app settings screen isn't used by many applications, as it's only open to platform apps at the moment07:09
tbrso most people either don't find it or forget about it07:09
* tbr had similar problems on harmattan07:09
intebut on the N9 the phone functions where not treated as "apps"07:10
intehope i'll remember the next time:)07:11
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys07:27
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dr_gogeta86there is a way to intercept wifi browser prompt ?07:42
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camerisHow could I mimic Launchers scrollUp/Down behaviour (when reorder icons) ? The best I could think of was creating DropAreas at top and bottom of my page and call positionAtIndex of the view. but my dragged items always looses focus even when preventStealing is set to true.
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Nc_Anyone here have any experience with for distributing a Jolla app to a limited audience?08:37
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dr_gogeta86Nc_, better give rpm trough link08:43
dr_gogeta86was a good thing for harbour08:43
dr_gogeta86Nc_, push this to #jollamobile08:43
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* Nc_ crawls back into his pondering-cave to ponder further08:45
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camerisanybody able to help? I'm really stuck on this.08:58
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r0kk3rzwhat was the question cameris?08:59
cameris09:49 < cameris> How could I mimic Launchers scrollUp/Down behaviour (when reorder icons) ? The best I could  think of was creating DropAreas at top and bottom of my page and call positionAtIndex of the  view. but my dragged items always looses focus even when preventStealing is set to true.
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r0kk3rzmmm tricky one09:01
r0kk3rzyou can manually scroll the view09:06
r0kk3rzthe people app menu does it09:07
r0kk3rzso your mousearea could trigger that, rather than relying on index position09:07
camerissry, but I'm not following.09:09
r0kk3rzthat function does a few checks, then decides how much to scroll the view09:11
camerisoh, by manually you mean set contentY09:11
cameristried that, same result09:12
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camerishave you tried the paste above? The problem is: I enter the scrollUp/Down DropAreas with a dragged Item the view scrolls up/down but somehow the dragged item does not follow. The focus stays with the item I guess, since the onCanceled is never called, but I'm also unable to move the dragged Item. Don't know what I'm missing, wasted most of the weekend figuring this out.09:17
cameriss/figuring/trying to figure/09:18
cjbaylissI added this commit to /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/browser/browser.qml and now I can change the home page in settings > apps > browser09:21
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cjbaylisshere is what I did to change the homepage
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coderusabout last meeting topic: iconless daemons should have desktop file, but with NoDisplay=true after allowing settings. Before that it should have desktop file opening own settings helper10:43
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cjbaylisssitu: do you know if homepage support in the browser is going to be included in the next releae?11:11
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situcjbayliss: I think so.11:14
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situveskuh: ^ Can you confirm this ?11:15
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veskuhsitu, cjbayliss it missed the integration deadline for the next update, so should be one after that.11:16
stephgcjbayliss: there's a browser dailies build in openrepos btw11:18
r0kk3rzstephg: is that actually updated daily?11:20
stephgnot sure, haven't looked closely at it11:20
stephgbut wasn't sure if you were aware11:21
r0kk3rzafaik that hasnt been updated in a while11:21
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cjbaylisssitu, veskuh: ok, thank you.11:37
cjbaylissstephg: ok, will look at that.11:37
NaranekIs it possible to tell Sailfish, that if user makes the back gesture, it shouldn't close the page, but go back and leave it attached instead?11:39
Naranekso that if the user makes the forward gesture, he/she'll get back to the original page11:40
Naranekfor some apps it makes sense to move forward and backward in the stack without recreating the pages every time11:41
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r0kk3rzi do that in sirensong, you use the push attached method11:45
r0kk3rzthen tell the page to navigate forward11:45
r0kk3rzwhich keeps the page there until you pop it at some point11:46
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Naranekhey cool! Thanks a lot!11:59
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ParruHello all!15:44
ParruI've difficulties staring sailfish emulator.15:44
tbrcan you describe those?15:45
ParruWhen I press "Start Emulator" button, it goes grey.15:45
ParruNothing happens. It never starts.15:45
tbrwhat if you open virtualbox and start it from there?15:46
ParruI've got Linux Mint.15:46
ParruHmm. Wait a minute.15:46
ParruLast time it started there.15:46
ParruVBoxHeadless --startvm "SailfishOS Emulator" Oracle VM VirtualBox Headless Interface 4.3.10_Ubuntu (C) 2008-2014 Oracle Corporation All rights reserved.  15/09/2014 18:46:49 Listening for VNC connections on TCP port 3389 15/09/2014 18:46:49 Listening for VNC connections on TCP6 port 5900 VRDE server is listening on port 3389.15:47
ParruSame thing with the port 222315:47
tbrso starting the emulator VM from the VBox GUI gives you a command line message?15:47
ParruThat was taken from command line.15:48
*** kunev has left #sailfishos15:48
ParruI cannot find any command in QT Creator which is used15:48
tbr> what if you open virtualbox and start it from there?15:49
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ParruI don't have VBoxQui15:50
ParruI don't have VBoxGui15:50
*** jstaniek has quit IRC15:50
ParruVBoxBalloonCtrl  VBoxControl      VBoxManage       VBoxService VBoxClient       VBoxHeadless     VBoxSDL15:50
tbrmaybe your vbox installation is somehow broken then?15:51
tbrit should come with a UI15:51
Raimthe executable could be named virtualbox or VirtualBox15:51
ParruDo I need GUI?15:51
tbrhere the executable is VBox15:51
ParruVirtual SDK starts ok.15:52
tbrah sorry virtualbox, right15:52
* tbr heads to the sauna for a bit15:52
*** carepack has quit IRC15:53
ParruI did not have virtualbox-qt installed. After installation it is starting15:57
ParruNow I have to go and find some suppilovahvero.15:58
ParruThanks for the help.15:58
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SK_workhi Yrr16:14
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos16:15
Yrrthx for replying16:16
*** Yrr has quit IRC16:16
javispedrotbr: so, does it really take 15minutes for you to get a notification?16:24
tbrjavispedro: non-scientific observation, my battery was pretty much gone after about a day16:24
tbrnot that long, but sometimes it took it more than a minute for sure16:24
tbrI didn't use a stop watch16:25
tbrit might as well have been 2-316:25
tbrwhich felt familiar: sleep(1s) can last up to 5min16:25
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javispedrohm, battery usage here is as usual16:25
tbrok, then it was just the sudden onset of vibration all the time :)16:26
javispedroyou mean _watch_ battery?16:26
tbryes, sorry16:26
tbrshould have been more specific16:26
*** jjanvier__ has quit IRC16:27
tbrjolla is at 79%, which is perfectly fine after a day of usage and a lot of vibration and a couple of calls16:27
javispedrowatch battery seems normal-ish here, 81% right now and I didn't charge it after yesterday's experiments16:27
* javispedro watches it drop to 80%16:28
*** jjanvier has quit IRC16:28
tbrok, I don't remember the exact time I charged it, it was either saturday or sunday. which would make a difference16:28
javispedroand now it's went back to 81% :)16:28
javispedroeither way I suspect it's not cool for the watch if notifications are taking that long time to send16:28
tbrthat sucks if it happens around 20%, as then you get the low battery alarm repeatedly16:28
javispedrobecause I'm sending the full 96x96 bitmap, that's around 9kbits traffic16:28
javispedrolast I've heard BLE bandwidth should be ~10kbps16:29
javispedroso that's two seconds most for a notification16:29
javispedroyet I experience 1-2 minutes of delay on mine (without suspend)16:30
javispedroI need to read on the physical details of BLE..16:30
javispedrothere's some tunables ('connInterval') I haven't played with on the Jolla16:30
*** LarstiQ has quit IRC16:31
*** LarstiQ has joined #sailfishos16:32
*** sletta has quit IRC16:33
javispedrore iphb usage, this should be in libgato; it doesn't sleep() but I suspect it should take a wakelock whenever there's data to be sent in the output buffer16:36
javispedroman I hate wakelocks.16:37
*** chriadam has quit IRC16:38
*** mikelima has quit IRC16:40
*** chriadam has joined #sailfishos16:40
*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos16:40
*** T-Dahg has joined #sailfishos16:40
tbrfor wakelocks there is something brewing IIRC16:41
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:42
tbrjavispedro: have you tried running gato/salmeta on a laptop or desktop?16:42
javispedroI debug on my desktop, where this doesn't happen :(16:43
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos16:43
javispedroI could also try connecting the sailfishi486 simulator to a USB bluetooth......16:43
javispedro... but I have this feeling it's also going to work OK :)16:43
javispedroeither way I suspect its something related to connInterval and other LE parameters, that's an area I didn't research much16:44
javispedroand Jolla's BT stack has proven to have not-very-sensible defaults16:45
javispedro(e.g. Wi-Fi BT coex :) )16:45
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe16:45
javispedro(kernel-side stack -- drivers, I mean)16:45
*** mikelima has quit IRC16:47
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos16:48
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC16:51
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos16:52
*** pat_o has quit IRC16:53
*** xerpi has quit IRC16:56
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** Andy80 has quit IRC16:57
r0kk3rzprobably dont stress too much until the next update hits16:58
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC16:58
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos17:01
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos17:02
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos17:02
*** _Razor_ has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** Jef91 has quit IRC17:05
*** tat has quit IRC17:06
*** pat_o has quit IRC17:06
*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos17:06
*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos17:06
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC17:07
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos17:08
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos17:13
*** tat has joined #sailfishos17:14
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*** Bernte_ has joined #sailfishos17:43
*** tat has quit IRC17:46
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos17:50
*** Mikkosssss has quit IRC17:51
tortoisedoc_nazanin : can I get a question through to the tester which took care of Quickbar this time?17:51
*** Hijackal has joined #sailfishos17:52
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos17:56
*** djkinetic___ is now known as djkinetic18:00
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos18:02
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos18:02
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:05
tortoisedoc_nazanin : nevermind, found the bug18:07
tortoisedoc_so, back to more intresting stuff : update? :D18:07
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos18:07
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos18:10
*** carepack is now known as carepack_18:10
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt18:12
*** Trizt is now known as TriztAway18:15
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt18:16
*** carepack_ has quit IRC18:17
*** uvatbc1 has quit IRC18:17
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos18:17
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos18:18
*** faenil has quit IRC18:19
*** Mossepo has left #sailfishos18:19
r0kk3rzand what do we say to Sailfish Update? Not today18:20
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:20
*** tomyri has quit IRC18:21
*** Mikkosssss has joined #sailfishos18:21
*** tomyri has joined #sailfishos18:22
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos18:25
*** filippz has quit IRC18:25
javispedrow00t, not at home atm, but what do you want to try?18:25
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos18:26
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:26
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC18:27
w00tjavispedro: I need a libcommhistory build custom done, but I might be able to get one..18:29
w00tjavispedro: can you rpm -q libcommhistory-qt5 for me at least?18:29
javispedro(on jolla only) libcommhistory-qt5-1.7.13-1.16.7.armv7hl (SailfishOS
*** jake9xx has joined #sailfishos18:30
*** jake9xx has quit IRC18:30
*** jake9xx has joined #sailfishos18:31
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos18:33
*** Funkeh` has quit IRC18:34
w00tuseful thanks18:34
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC18:35
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos18:36
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : :D18:37
tortoisedoc_console.log connects to qdebug, right?18:39
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos18:39
*** cybrNaut has joined #sailfishos18:39
coderusSK_work: hi18:40
coderuswhat is working in friends facebook api nowadays?18:40
*** T-Dahg has quit IRC18:41
*** sletta has quit IRC18:42
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos18:43
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos18:44
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:48
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:49
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** msava has quit IRC18:52
r0kk3rzSail0r: ping18:52
*** sletta has quit IRC18:53
r0kk3rzcare to do some testing for me?18:53
r0kk3rzmpris should work with the latest code on git18:54
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC18:54
Sail0rI would like to test the new code but for some reason my build env is f***ed and I did not have time to fix it this evening will try it tomorrow ;)18:54
*** msava has joined #sailfishos18:56
r0kk3rzyeah no rush19:01
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos19:01
r0kk3rzi should really try and find something that i can test it with19:01
r0kk3rzwould be cool to use it to control over ssh19:01
*** fracting has quit IRC19:02
Sail0rtime for pebble :P19:03
r0kk3rznah im a dinosaur that likes watches with hands and gears and things19:04
Sail0rin 10 years pebble is the dinosaur ^^19:05
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:06
ryukafalzI just got myself a pebble actually19:06
*** Jef91_ has joined #sailfishos19:06
*** thedead1440_ has quit IRC19:06
ryukafalzcan't use it with sfos yet though because no bluetooth on n4 :(19:06
*** Jef91_ has quit IRC19:07
*** thedead1440__ has quit IRC19:08
r0kk3rzget a jolla19:10
*** Jef91_ has joined #sailfishos19:11
ryukafalzno US 3G bands19:11
ryukafalzelse I would very much be considering it19:11
phlixii have the impressiion, that pebble has great (bad) impact on battery on my jolla19:12
phlixi(might be bluetooth in general, i have no idea, i use bluetooth only for pebble)19:12
phlixistill much better than on n9 thogh ;-)19:13
*** AlmAck has quit IRC19:14
*** Jef91_ has quit IRC19:15
*** Jef91__ has joined #sailfishos19:15
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos19:15
*** Jef91__ has quit IRC19:17
ryukafalzphlixi: I don't believe SFOS has support for BTLE, hopefully that will happen and battery life should be much better19:18
* ryukafalz thinks we need to switch to Bluez 5 though19:20
phlixiusually i get home at the evening with ~60-75% battery, with pebble its mor 40-55ish. so no big deal...19:20
phlixi...and in the end, i guess i do not like the pebbel anyway... but i already have it, and in the moment i got it, the began to ship to germany, so selling it on ebay no longer is a (that) good deal^^19:21
ryukafalzIMO it's better than any other smartwatch out there at the momnent19:21
Sail0rphlixi: which pebble software do you use?19:21
Sail0rand latest version?19:21
ryukafalzI have a Pebble and a Metawatch currently19:21
phlixiat first rockwatch (n9), which nearly bricked it (no one blaming here, i was the idiot doing firmware "upgrade" to the steel^^), the on jolla tried different things; not sure what is called, and where I got it, probably from open repos, its just a button "connect pebbel" and once connected it is "disconnect pebbel" and works as it should19:23
phlixiactually it only says "disconneted" and "connected" (without "pebble")19:24
tbrmetawatch support is shaping up nicely <319:24
ryukafalztbr: I hope so :)19:24
ryukafalzmight switch between metawatch and pebble I guess haha19:25
*** thedead1440 has joined #sailfishos19:25
ryukafalzonce bluetooth is a thing19:25
tbrryukafalz: notifications sorta work already, simple watch faces too19:25
Sail0rI use pebbled and battery drain is not noticeable19:25
*** thedead1440_ has joined #sailfishos19:26
ryukafalztbr: well then I think sailfish currently has the only functional open source metawatch app19:27
Sail0rthis one
*** artemma has quit IRC19:29
BasilSemuonovphlixi, try pebble suggested by Sail0r, i also use it, and it takes about max 3-5% of battery for constantly running bluetooth.19:30
*** pulser_ is now known as pulser19:33
phlixijust found out i can close the app window and it stays connected, great, i will use that for a day or two and see ;-)19:36
phlixithanks for the tip19:36
Sail0rthat's the cool thing it's a real daemon :)19:36
Sail0rthe app is only the control window19:36
*** Froberg has quit IRC19:39
*** thedead1440 has quit IRC19:39
*** thedead1440_ has quit IRC19:40
*** thedead1440 has joined #sailfishos19:40
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC19:40
*** thedead1440_ has joined #sailfishos19:41
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*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos19:43
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*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos20:44
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Jabbounethi all20:50
*** Jabbounet has quit IRC20:51
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos21:01
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos21:03
javispedrow00t: still need a sdk update8 box?21:04
w00tjavispedro: no, thanks anyway - got a way to get a build thankfully :)21:04
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos21:04
javispedroby the wayyy21:05
* w00t runs away before this gets ugly ;p21:06
w00t(what's up)21:06
javispedrofeel free to escape, I seem to remember you're no longer a sailer...21:06
w00tyou can ask anyway, if I know the answer I'll try help21:06
javispedroit's that stuff re qtbluetooth packaging21:06
*** xerpi has quit IRC21:07
javispedroI spent some time trying to build it and couldn't :P21:07
javispedrobut, it's a two-line patch, what could go wrong if I try to push it even without trying? :)21:07
w00tyou may have some problems with that as you'd need a 5.2 environment21:07
w00tjust push it, I can test it for you21:07
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:08
*** krendil has quit IRC21:10
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos21:11
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away21:11
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*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos21:22
*** lbt_ has quit IRC21:22
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos21:22
javispedrook, done21:22
javispedrono hurries as usual :)21:22
*** lbt_ has quit IRC21:22
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos21:22
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos21:22
*** lbt_ has quit IRC21:22
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos21:22
* javispedro goes back to watches21:23
*** daitheflu has quit IRC21:23
*** lbt has quit IRC21:26
*** lbt_ has quit IRC21:26
*** xth has joined #sailfishos21:26
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*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos21:33
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*** tanty is now known as tanty_off21:38
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*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:37
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*** arcean has quit IRC22:48
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos22:48
ryukafalzjavispedro: yay watches! :D22:52
*** Bernte_ has quit IRC22:52
*** borcean is now known as thai22:53
ryukafalzjavispedro: I'm curious, are you reading through metawatch firmware changelogs to deal with the more recent protocol changes? Since they don't seem to be documented anywhere else...22:53
*** thai is now known as borcean22:53
*** Bernte has quit IRC22:53
javispedrono, I'm reading the firmware itself mostly22:53
marxistveganhey folks for those that are working on android devices to install on is the Galaxy Nexus Maguro a good one or is the Nexus 4 better?22:55
javispedromarxistvegan: probably you want #sailfishos-porters22:56
marxistveganjavispedro: oh i did not know that was another room :)22:56
javispedronp, it's also mostly empty during nighttime22:57
*** leinir has quit IRC22:57
marxistveganjavispedro: :(22:57
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos22:58
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos22:58
javispedromarxistvegan: have you looked at ?22:58
marxistveganjavispedro: i have which is what is causing me to ask, I have never had an android (/me still has the n9) so I am not sure if the nexus maguro is good or the nexus 422:59
*** tat has joined #sailfishos23:01
ryukafalzjavispedro: Oh, dang, that's even more impressive23:02
javispedroI hate it that the sailfish qtcreator plugin still doesn't handle multiple projects opened at the same time properly23:02
javispedroit will sometimes build one then attempt to deploy the other23:02
javispedrosame as if you switch from debug to release in the middle of a build, except I'm not doing that23:03
* javispedro smells that will be hard to fix23:03
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: I have a Nexus 4 running Sailfish, it's still missing some features... dang now this is making me jealous, Maguro has working bluetooth :<23:03
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos23:03
ryukafalzthere are lots more devices there than the last time I checked23:04
ryukafalzOi, why does N5 have working bluetooth while N4 doesn't...23:04
* ryukafalz pokes around things23:05
* javispedro ponders what's so hard about bluetooth23:05
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:05
ryukafalzjavispedro: I was asking about this a while back, I think it has to do with bluez vs. bluedroid support for the chipset in this phone23:05
javispedromeh, and people still believe in google's "do no evil" motto..23:06
javispedroeitherway I suspect it's still mostly some propietary hci initialization sequence23:06
ryukafalzwell to be fair, bluez 4 wasn't all that great from what I've gathered23:06
marxistveganryukafalz: i see23:06
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC23:07
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: N4 is the only one with an "official" port though23:07
marxistveganI happened to see the nokia X today I had some how missed that release but was not sure if sailfish was ported to it23:07
marxistveganryukafalz: ahhh23:07
javispedroinitial versions of bluedroid were not much better either23:07
marxistveganryukafalz: that makes it more interesting then23:07
ryukafalzjavispedro: well, I'd imagine you understand a lot more about bluetooth than I do :P23:07
marxistveganryukafalz: then I think I will shop for a used unlocked nexus 423:08
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: That's what I did, yeah, though I will say that I'm not sure how actively anyone's working on the N423:08
ryukafalzthere hasn't been an image released for the latest Sailfish version, though you can upgrade from the terminal23:09
marxistveganryukafalz: well I am in the states so the actual jolla phone is not really an option23:09
* javispedro continues trying to beat bluez4 as in the jolla onto submission23:09
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: likewise23:09
ryukafalzjavispedro: Thoughts on the likelihood of Sailfish switching to bluez5?23:10
marxistveganryukafalz: I am just bummed that the n9 was never made to have an official release23:10
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: From what I understand that has more to do with the lack of open/usable drivers for the N9 than anything else23:11
ryukafalzand the fact that it only works with ancient kernel versions23:11
ryukafalzblame nokia :P23:11
javispedroryukafalz: my crystal ball says "Concentrate and ask again"23:11
ryukafalzjavispedro: hah23:11
javispedroit's also sadly easier these days to run Sailfish on Android hardware than it is to run it on ... X11 hardware.23:12
* javispedro has done some initial explorations on his Gear223:12
javispedro(which is a X11 platform btw)23:12
ryukafalzjavispedro: Wait, really?23:12
ryukafalzoh, because it runs Tizen... right23:13
ryukafalzWait, Tizen's still using X11?23:13
* ryukafalz is actually kinda disappointed in that23:13
* javispedro coughs23:13
javispedroI do not really dislike X11 in any way23:14
* javispedro just sees it as yet another graphic driver ABI driver between *unixes23:14
ryukafalzIf you ever get it running well on a smartwatch, let me know - I'd love to play around with Linux-based smartwatches23:14
javispedroer.. ABI barrier23:14
javispedroryukafalz: Sts got it running on the gear1, which is android23:14
*** TMavica has quit IRC23:15
ryukafalzI think I need to start playing around with Lipstick then in preparation :P23:15
ryukafalzwould be amazing to have a Nemo smartwatch interface23:15
ryukafalzI have a Pebble and a Metawatch, but both are somewhat lacking in both functionality and openness23:16
javispedroMetawatch lacking in openness? :)23:16
ryukafalzwell, the metawatch has open firmware which is nice23:16
*** mikelima has quit IRC23:16
ryukafalzthat said, have you seen the license for the bluetooth stack?23:16
ryukafalzI was sorely disappointed when I read that23:17
javispedrothere's fully open replacements though23:17
ryukafalzoh, reall23:17
ryukafalzthere's also the fact that, in typical open source fashion, it has little to no recent documentation :P23:17
ryukafalzoooh, nice23:18
ryukafalzI need to get myself a JTAG clip methinks23:18
ryukafalzjavispedro: It was kinda disappointing though, I asked Metawatch support if there were up to date docs, and their response was basically "nope, and just leave it to the developers to update their stuff"23:20
javispedrothey've abandoned this23:20
javispedrovery friendly during early days though23:20
javispedro(I got a free MW when my original one got "outdated")23:20
ryukafalzyeah, it sounds like they were once pretty supportive of developers23:21
ryukafalzbut not so much anymore23:21
javispedrotheir new one is... expensive... with some... uh, peculiar design choices23:21
ryukafalzit's the same firmware though, right?23:21
javispedroI don't know, and sadly the answer is "probably not".23:22
javispedrohas slightly larger res screen23:22
marxistveganryukafalz: yeah I have23:22
marxistveganjust had hoped that some of those developers got their hands on the drivers before nokia or microsoft rather fired them23:22
ryukafalzjavispedro: yeah, my bet is they keep the firmware closed for the new one23:22
ryukafalzwhich in my eyes eliminates the only reason I ever bought one over the Pebble23:23
ryukafalzwithout that aspect it's just a Pebble that doesn't really do anything23:23
ryukafalzmarxistvegan: Heh, even if they did that would be very illegal :P23:25
marxistveganryukafalz: unfortunately I know with the licenses that were used23:25
ryukafalzI was thinking it would be awesome if someone ever ported Sailfish to a Nokia X23:26
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:26
ryukafalzthe last Nokia hardware that could run it, with the spiritual successor of MeeGo23:27
ryukafalzHarmattan, rather - I think Mer is a literal successor to MeeGo23:27
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:29
*** roboro has quit IRC23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:36
*** disharmonic has quit IRC23:37
*** tobbe_ has quit IRC23:37
*** igordcard has quit IRC23:37
*** DarkSim_ has joined #sailfishos23:43
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*** lbt has quit IRC23:46
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos23:46
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