Sunday, 2014-09-28

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coderusbtw, new dialogs style are...crippie. you really like update10 dialogs more than update9?07:33
Armadillo_new dialog style?07:37
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coderusyeah, read about upcoming dialogs changes07:38
Armadillowhere have they been published?07:39
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Stskeepsupdate9 vs update8 you mean08:15
coderusthere was no update6, but update7, so i thought if there was no update9 it will be update10, no?08:17
coderusi'm talking about uitukka anyway :)08:17
TemeVupdate 6 was planned, but then 6 and 7 were merged08:18
coderusjust call it uitukka08:18
TemeVnow "missing" one update was intentional, so this would be update 908:18
coderuswhenever update № it have :)08:18
TemeVyeah, let's just call it uitukka until we hear the version number from official sources :)08:19
kimmoliits 9th update anyway :)08:21
kimmolijust remembered this
coderusbut i really hear "why dialogs now looks like this!??" after updating to uitukka from many peoples ;)08:29
Stskeepshopefully not too many do that, at risk of bricking devices..08:31
coderusStskeeps: what are you talking about?08:31
coderusi'm just guessing peoples reaction after updating to Uitukka after it will be released ;)08:31
kimmolicoderus: but doesn't any good change have some resistance at first ?08:33
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coderuskimmoli: well08:33
coderusit's laggy for me08:33
Stskeepsespecially in oss environments08:33
coderussome dialogs have no button overlays08:34
coderussome overlays have laggy initial position at dialog show08:34
coderus(when i'm putting it inside List/Grid header)08:34
coderusi'm sad :(08:34
coderuswill se on next week08:37
coderuswill see*08:37
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* kimmoli goes to make webhook meme...08:39
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coderusanyway, it's another sailfish os update breaks/improves many things and still no api to check sailfish version on the fly to enable/disable some features.08:50
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kimmolihow about reading environment variable PRETTY_NAME ?09:55
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coderuskimmoli: ?09:57
kimmoliDIY api...09:57
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.8.10 released. Changelog: Check for updates!10:15
Hartzicoderus: nice work!10:16
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vakkovdoes Sailfish support PEAP wi-fi networks?10:23
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chem|stvakkov: depends...11:09
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Nicd-coderus: where did you get those?17:40
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coderusfrom sailors17:43
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coderusjust screens from silica components gallery demo17:43
Nicd-why don't they make it public?17:45
Nicd-pretty stupid to give instructions to one dev17:45
Nicd-when we all have to change our dialogs17:45
coderusno idea17:45
coderusjust sdk should be available week before release or so17:46
Nicd-I'm going to be pretty annoyed if my app breaks in update 9 and I haven't had any chance to fix it17:46
coderusbut :)17:46
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coderuskaltsi: any news about new sdk?17:48
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giucamNicd-: what is your app?18:23
Nicd-giucam: sailtime18:23
Nicd-coderus already checked the dialog and even gave me a pull request <318:23
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coderusanyone need help too?18:25
giucamyeah, works fine as far as i can see18:25
giucampretty interesting app, too :)18:25
coderusbe noticed, PowerMenu not ready for Uitukka18:26
Nicd-I have passed 1337 active installs for SailTime \o/18:27
entilthe apps officially in jolla store are probably qa-tested somehow for the new version?18:27
coderusit won't break yourprobably it will break your device18:27
coderus:D broken backspace18:27
coderuspowermenu will break your device after installing Uitukka :D18:27
coderusentil: absolutely not18:27
entilwhy not18:28
coderusentil: why someone should check your app? you should care it yourself while there are no groups for different os versions18:28
entildoes the jolla store have version dependencies, or something, that the phone will warn you that apps may break? or lock down apps that aren't certified to work?18:28
entilit's bad karma.. joe q average will not understand why half his shit stopped working after an upgrade18:29
coderusentil: there are just look and feel changes18:30
coderusnothing big18:30
coderusah, good news, your device WOULD NOT BE BRICKED after update ti Uitukka :D18:31
entilwhy would powermenu break, then?18:31
coderusjust powermenu stop working18:31
coderusentil: because powermenu is hacky app :)18:31
entiland wasn't there something about mitakuuluu as well, that it needs an upgrade to work with uitukka?18:31
coderusuitukka changed qml structure of lipstick files18:31
coderusentil: nothing for mitakuuluu18:32
entiloh, I misunderstood.. next time I'll actually read the changelog and not rely on vague memories of something I browsed through on irc18:32
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coderussmall look and feel changes for new dialogs already made18:33
entilok, but still, it should not be ok that apps would actually break (which is probably why powermenu isn't in the store ;)18:34
entilbecause certain other vendors have very rigorouos QA processes for their stores18:34
coderusapps are continue working18:34
coderusjust small look and feel changes18:34
coderusspecially for pagestack indicators and dialog headers18:35
entiland also powermenu stopping working instead of causing your battery to catch fire is ok, then I won't care ;)18:35
entilthough I do use powermenu fairly regularly18:35
coderuscheck this:
coderusi'm thinking about ways to update powermenu to work on both sailfish versions correctly18:37
entilcoderus: yeah, saw that before, it's been here before, I suppose... "  * Copy unsaved numbers from call log " that's a sweet feature18:37
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Nicd-where can I list the different builtin icons for the enter key?18:38
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coderusNicd-: you mean you want to change icon?18:40
Nicd-yeah like EnterKey.iconSource: "image://theme/icon-m-send"18:40
coderusso, icons are under /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons18:40
Nicd-ah there are only three options18:41
coderusyou can use any icon you want :)18:41
coderusor draw your own18:41
Nicd-I'll see if one of those looks nice first18:42
coderusi'm using message icon for mitakuuluu sendByEnter option :)18:43
tango_hm can you write a sailfish os UI app without using QML, just pure Qt?18:44
Nicd-I think yes but you won't have any platform UI widgets or styles available18:45
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coderustango_: it will be hard to create "sailfish os UI app" because qt widgets are not styled for sailfish abience, you'd need to do it your own18:47
tango_coderus: ok18:48
coderusbut sure it's possible, even if meaningless18:48
coderustango_: why doing so? :D18:48
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coderusi'm thinking about creating own text field based on QLabel, because declarative text/styledtext is laggy buggy shit and nobody in t care of it18:49
coderusnobody in Qt*18:50
tango_coderus: meh, just come across someone on reddit pissed off because I said that Qt > GTK and one of his argument is that people are now forced to use QML18:51
tango_which left me kind of baffled, since I'm writing Qt desktop apps without QML, so I was thinking on who might be _forcing_ people to use QML, and the only thing I could think of was Sailfish OS18:52
Stskeepswe force, and i think ubuntu kinda does too if you want same visual style18:52
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entilthe two apps I did.. I never considered qml "being forced"18:53
Stskeepswell, kinda forced, you can of course do egl/gles18:54
entilI mean, sure, it's hard the same way html+css is hard, ie. I don't get it, but it serves a real purpose and ultimately might make your life easier18:54
Stskeepsor qgraphicsview..18:54
tango_entil: well if you can't do it some other way it _is_ forced18:54
tango_entil: no, his complaint was about speed in bringing up the UI and difficulty in instrumentation18:55
tango_but he's saying it's being forced, which I thought was bullshit (when talking about Qt in general)18:55
entilok, something like that might actually be valid as well, and sure I could also buy an iphone if I didn't want to be forced to do qml ;)18:55
giucamtango_: you can also run qwidget apps on sailfish, but they work like crap18:56
tango_giucam: well, that's not my point in this argument18:56
tango_since I'm just talking about Qt as a toolkit18:56
tango_and you can write cross-platform UI apps without using QML18:56
tango_(in Qt)18:56
giucamok, that's for sure18:56
tango_just wondering where this guy was coming from18:56
Nicd-I am speaking to you from WeeCRApp18:57
Nicd-It's alive!18:57
tango_nice name18:58
Nicd-Tango: I'm that mature18:58
Stskeepsis this a client for tbr's internet of toilets?18:58
* tbr looks18:59
Nicd-Stskeeps: it's a client for IRCing about tbr's internet of toilets!18:59
giucamtango_: where is the reddit thread, ooi? i enjoy reading wrong opinions on the internet :P19:03
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javispedroif you're using qtwidgets you're in as much danger as if you're using gtk19:07
javispedrodanger of being abandoned, or of the toolkit changing enough in the long-term so as to force you to rewrite your programs19:08
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tango_javispedro: stability of the api was not actually discussed as a benefit of either qt or gtk19:21
javispedroI don't think it is reasonable to ignore that problem19:21
javispedroat some point, Gtk+ actually looked nice in OSX.19:22
tango_what, gtk1?19:23
javispedrona, mid gtk2 verions19:23
tango_let's switch to vcl19:24
*** soexit has quit IRC19:24
tango_(the libreoffice toolkit 8-D)19:24
javispedrodoesn't it use gtk by now19:24
Stskeepsor EFL.19:24
Stskeepsthe we-disabled-ABI-checks-because-it-troubled-developers19:25
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tango_javispedro: nope, still its own tk inherited from staroffice19:30
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tango_it's being modernized, but still not gtk19:30
*** hibby has joined #sailfishos19:30
tango_and hoefully they won't switch19:31
javispedrowell I suppose it's on the "uses gtk+ to render" camp19:31
tango_javispedro: not that I know of19:31
javispedrolast time I hacked on it (global menu reasons) it was pretty much gtk+ all over the place19:31
javispedroyep, using GtkWindow and other theming functions19:32
tango_hey look it's true, it has some gtk stuff19:32
tango_I suspec that's only when running under gnome though19:32
tango_native controls and stuff19:32
tango_the part that I hacked was definitely pure Xlib19:32
tango_(well, and extensions)19:33
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