Saturday, 2014-09-27

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tbrJonni: someone poked me on twitter, that they have the lock code problem. I asked them to join here and poke you AND be patient10:46
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Morpog_PChey coderus is it safe to update next week to update 9 with poewermenu installed?10:58
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coderusMorpog_PC: sure, you'll just reinstall powermenu after update.11:16
casanundaHi all, I have a problem with my Jolla: Lockscreen shows "permanently locked" (limit for number of login attempts was set to 10, but it must have tried to unlock while in my pocket this morning).11:16
casanundadeveloper mode is enabled, ssh'ing into my phone is no problem. What can I do to get my phone back to working state?11:17
tbrcasanunda: you'll want to talk to Jonni. He should be able to help you. e.g. if you can either get him ssh access to the phone or do a reverse ssh tunnel.11:18
coderusthats why 'm setting unlimited code guesses :D11:19
casanundatbr: thanks for your hint.11:19
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casanundacoderus: yeah, maybe that idea is not too bad after all. I  was thinking it was a good idea to have some extra protection for my data...11:21
coderuswell, i enabled code protection because phone in my pocket unlocked itself very frequently, and i realized from beginning it can fail 10 guesses.11:24
casanundaat least I should set the limit much higher  once my phone works again...11:26
coderusyou dont think it will be locked permanently again? :D11:26
casanundausually I don't have problems with accidental unlocking. So far....11:27
casanundatoday I was working with a vibrating plate while having the phone in my pocket. looks like this confused my dear Jolla... :D11:27
kimmoliit should ask for "enter PIN 1234567890 to continue entering wrong lock codes" after 5 fails11:29
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tbrkimmoli: yeah, I had some suggestions on how to avoid 10 consecutive identical fails11:29
kimmolii remember our discussion around it11:30
coderustbr: yeah, like "enter blackberry" to continue :)11:31
casanundathat discussion sounded very theoretical to me until this morning ;)11:31
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kimmoliquote Jaakko Roppola "it's not impossible, just improbable"11:43
SpeedEvilI have managed (with my nexus 7) to slide-unlock, and purchase an app.11:46
SpeedEvilWith my leg - in my pocket11:46
SpeedEvilFortunately, I managed to catch it in the 15 min refund window11:46
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casanundanot bad ;)11:50
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casanundatbr: did you have to reflash your device when you had the same problem, or could Jonni do some "magic"?11:52
coderusthey are magicans afaik :)11:52
casanundasounds good...11:53
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tbrcasanunda: it should be possible to recover. it will help if you have the unlock code at hand.11:58
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casanundahmm, unlock code? was that provided with the phone? or do you mean the normal code I SHOULD have entered while my phone tried to unlock itself?12:00
tbryes, the latter12:00
casanundaah, ok. That one is easier ;)12:01
tbrall you can do right now is patiently wait for Jonni to show up. :)12:01
casanundanot easy to be patient.... ;)12:02
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tbrlbt_at_xda: yohoho, how's binary-patching-con? ;)12:04
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casanundain the meantime, firing up my good old N900 once more to bring it back to life...12:06
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casanundatbr: magic indeed! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction (to the right person...) Jonni indeed could help me.12:55
casanundaThis was a classic case of "aw, stupid Jolla phone destroys itself" followed by "wow, great community help" ;)12:56
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casanundanow I can send my good old N900 back to sleep... ;)12:57
tbrwithout developer mode it would have been a bit more complicated12:57
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casanundaoh yeah, quite sure about that. On this phone developer mode is actually essential12:59
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casanundanumber of attempts set to "unlimited" now... ;)13:03
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javispedrosomeone will have to show me around OBSs _service files some days..13:49
javispedroor at least a pointer to where this stuff is documented13:49
javispedrook, adding quotes in google helped :)13:50
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lbt_at_xdatbr: haha ,,, it's pretty good13:57
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tbrlbt_at_xda: nice :)14:07
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kimmolihoo , finally my device started to shutdown and reboot suddenly \o/15:37
Venemokimmoli: why the \o/15:39
Venemokimmoli: you almost make it sound like good news15:39
kimmoliyes it is15:39
kimmolii have been really waiting for this15:39
* kimmoli is happy :)15:39
kimmoliam i only one?15:40
Morpog_PCkimmoli, paper battery trick?15:41
faenilMorpog_PC: I guess he wants to debug it ;)15:41
faenilor "troubleshoot it" is maybe a better term in this case :)15:41
Morpog_PCah :D15:42
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kimmolii need to see first does it escalate15:51
Nightmare__ <-- page 18, would be really nice for sailfish15:59
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Nightmare__oh there is already a tpoic an j2g:
Morpog_PCkimmoli, normaly it does without removing battery16:01
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faenilkimmoli: mine switched off twice since I've bought it (i.e. Jolla's launch)16:03
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kimmolii just created a facebook account for testing, but do i need to create another to get some notifications (?)19:35
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javispedrokimmoli: trying to get notifications?21:13
kimmoligot some more21:14
*** Eskild_ has quit IRC21:14
javispedroare you trying to capture system notifications in order to send to the OLED TOH or similar?21:15
javispedroif so, how are you doing it, ooi?21:15
javispedroor is it just a facebook thing? :)21:16
kimmolii did find some code from the internet... :) smokku pebble21:16
javispedroheh :)21:17
javispedrokimmoli: or you will cause duplicate notifications21:17
javispedrobasically you have to make the class that contains the Notify slot a child of QDBusContext21:18
javispedroand then call setDelayedReply(true); within the Notify slot21:18
javispedrosome examples on how to do the required multiple inheratance are in qt docs,
kimmolithat looks familiar snippet21:20
javispedrooh, he may have commited it in a recent update21:20
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos21:21
javispedroyep, yesterday :)21:21
javispedrook, ignore me :)21:21
kimmolibut... i'm getting them double still to my app21:21
javispedroif you're trying to get a count of notifications in some way it's going to be difficult with this method21:21
javispedroie if you receive two mails from the mail app you will get two notifications, the first one being about the first mail, but the second one will have sth like "two unread mails"21:22
javispedrois that what you're getting?21:23
kimmolii show just "if any"21:23
javispedrothen it should be ok21:23
kimmolicommhistoryd sends double from instant-messagins21:24
*** tanghus has quit IRC21:24
javispedroyou edbug those using facebook, right?21:25
ryukafalzAnyone know if there's been any progress on bluez5 in sailfish lately?21:25
kimmolii use google and sms21:25
* ryukafalz wants to use pebble/metawatch apps so very much but can't :(21:25
kimmoliand facebook (earlier but my tester-person went to sleep :)21:26
javispedroryukafalz: hm? none of the pebble/mw apps require bluez521:26
ryukafalzjavispedro: Right, but my hardware does afaik21:26
ryukafalzrather, it doesn't work with bluez421:26
javispedroryukafalz: that would be surprising, which hardware?21:26
ryukafalzjavispedro: mako21:26
*** tanghus has joined #sailfishos21:27
ryukafalzunless I'm misunderstanding something21:27
javispedromako ~= nexus 4?21:28
* ryukafalz nods21:28
javispedroit's probably worse than that, you may require bluedroid..21:28
ryukafalzwell, I did see something lately that indicated bluez5 has support for it21:28
javispedroryukafalz: could you dig that up? :)21:29
ryukafalzsure, I'll take a look21:29
javispedrolast I heard Stskeeps was even considering moving to bluedroid because some manufactures now ship only bluedroid binaries...21:29
ryukafalzjavispedro: not the one I was thinking of, but aosp-bluez supports it, and that uses bluez5
* ryukafalz continues looking for the previous post21:29
javispedroI some that they patch the kernel with lots of bluetooth patches21:30
javispedroin fact... all of the patches listed there are bt related, heh21:30
javispedros/I some/I see21:30
ryukafalzI personally would rather see mer/sfos stay as close as possible to upstream linux, but if that results in a lack of hardware support then... yeah21:30
javispedroI don't know much about HADK but maybe you actually need kernel changes, not bluez changes21:31
javispedroe.g. ../misc/patches-backports/0003-Add-HCI-SMD.patch  (needed for Nexus 4,7)21:31
ryukafalz <- what I was thinking of before, it references aosp-bluez21:31
javispedroandroid bluez is basically bluez exporting the android API21:32
javispedrototally useless on jolla because the android bt API is not used21:32
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:32
ryukafalzI'm not really too knowledgeable about how bluetooth on linux/android works, do you know of any good resources I could look at to get a high-level overview?21:33
javispedroif you want to play with this I'd try the bt backported patches that are listed in the aosp-bluez page21:33
javispedrobasically most if not all bluetooth hardware speaks a protocol called HCI21:33
javispedroon bluetooth stacks the kernel needs to have both the serial driver that provides the HCI interface, and net/bluetooth/* files which are the ones that speak the HCI protocol over that serial interface21:34
javispedros/on bluetooth stacks/on bluez stacks/21:34
javispedronow the bluez user-space side does the management-y tasks such as keeping the keys of paired devices, etc. but it's not actually required to open unecrypted sockets over bluetooth21:35
javispedroon bluez4 the communication between user-space (bluetoothd) and kernel-side was in the form of HCI messages, but from bluez5 onwards they use a more high-level protocol called "mgmtops"21:36
javispedro^^the above should be enough to at least get started googling :)21:36
ryukafalzThanks, that's helpful :)21:37
javispedrobluedroid is totally different beast and I understand the kernel does the bare minimum, and most work is done by bluedroid user-space... in manufacturer specific binaries...21:38
ryukafalzif that's the case I would very much like to avoid bluedroid, heh21:38
ryukafalzit looks like bluedroid does have some support for HCI though?21:39
javispedroprobably, most hardware is HCI21:39
ryukafalzI'm curious why something would work with bluedroid but not with bluez4 then21:39
ryukafalzif the protocol is standardized21:39
javispedroalbeit they may have "extensions" or even propietary initialization sequences21:40
ryukafalzahh... welp21:40
javispedro I suspect though that the missing part is actually the " the serial driver that provides the HCI interface " from my brief explanation above21:40
javispedroso the net/bluetooth/* just can't find the hci interface to connect to, and bluedroid may use some non-standard way to get to it21:41
javispedrobut I have no nexus to tell :)21:41
ryukafalzhaha, fair enough21:41
javispedrothat's why I suggested the kernel patches21:41
ryukafalzSo would bluez5 use the same HCI interface as bluez4? Just with additional higher-level stuff on top of that?21:42
javispedrofrom kernel side yes21:42
javispedros/from kernel side// :)21:43
ryukafalzAhh, alright, so yeah it sounds like those kernel patches may indeed help21:43
javispedroUNLESS they're already in CM, in which case I have no idea and you're fscked :)21:43
javispedrobut since I suppose they break bluedroid, they may not be in CM21:44
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC21:44
ryukafalzwell the sailfish port is also using an old version of CM, right21:46
*** FireFly has quit IRC21:46
ryukafalzso even if they are in CM, it could be a newer version of CM21:46
javispedromaybe it even has net/bluetooth/* disabled in config...21:46
*** FireFly has joined #sailfishos21:46
ryukafalzI'll have to look into how one would recompile a kernel for mer/hybris, I'd imagine it's a bit more involved than on a traditional x86 machine21:46
javispedroask in -porters during european daytime hours :)21:46
ryukafalzat the very least I need some sort of cross-compiler, no way am I compiling it on the phone :P21:46
ryukafalzyeah, I'll have to do that21:46
*** rysiekpl has quit IRC21:47
*** wmarone has quit IRC21:48
*** rysiek|pl has joined #sailfishos21:48
ryukafalzactually, isn't the config for my current kernel stored somewhere on disk?21:48
* ryukafalz pokes around21:48
javispedro/proc/config.gz or /proc/config usually21:48
*** wmarone_ has joined #sailfishos21:48
ryukafalzyup, there it is21:49
ryukafalzI'll have to take a look at it once I have a microusb cable handy to pull it21:49
merlin1991hey javispedro, in your latest commit to salmeta you changed the image path in qml/watch/faces/builtinface4.qml now the ui displays the watchface #3 instead of #421:52
javispedrooh? :P21:53
merlin1991yep :D21:53
* javispedro curses21:53
javispedroI even know _how_ this happened21:53
javispedrostupid cp21:54
javispedro(and stupid me obviously)21:54
javispedrowell, ignore me21:54
javispedromerlin1991: by the way I think I'll put some preview on the addwidget dialog thus go back to the larger listdelegate height :)21:54
javispedrobut still deciding21:55
merlin1991ah yeah and for some reason builtinface1.qml also has the #3 image21:55
javispedromerlin1991: that's because I didn't have any screenshot nearby of watchface #1 :)21:55
javispedronor 021:55
merlin1991but #0 does have the #0 png path ;)21:56
javispedro*sigh* it's a hot day today :)21:57
javispedrothanks! :)21:57
javispedrobtw, you may ponder why all the .qml files instead of directly linking the png files..21:58
javispedrothe idea still is to have .qml widgets in the future21:58
javispedrothat's why :)21:58
kimmoliäh "This remarkable engineering trick "21:59
javispedrokimmoli: "21:59
javispedroiPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus use two accelerometers for better power management " ? :)21:59
kimmolicant open that chipworks page, just empty22:00
javispedroI've seen many hw with two symmetric accelerometers, but admitedly never one with asymmetric ones :P22:00
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:01
javispedrosame here, chipworks returns empty page22:02
kimmolibut using two parts to measure same parameter with different features is nothing remarkable22:04
javispedrothis is basically the same idea as with the dark silicon problem..22:04
kimmolihaa. batteryissue escalates quickly. battery was at ~40%, and suddenly bleeps that it is low22:10
kimmoli9%, display on 4%, > long beeep and shutdown22:10
kimmolii was too slow ;(22:12
kimmolisyys 28 01:06:59 Jolla harbour-toholed[6270]: Charger connected22:12
kimmolisyys 28 01:06:59 Jolla DSME[538]: state: Battery empty shutdown!22:12
*** igordcard has quit IRC22:17
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louisdkkimmoli, had the same error. Pretty annoying.22:24
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:26
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