Friday, 2014-09-26

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SaberAltriaHow to use QVariantList as a 2 dimentional array ?01:11
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stephgright, off to berlin, see y'all laters04:21
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r0kk3rzSaberAltria: QList <qvariantlist>04:33
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Juubamy SMS "Messages" -app is frozen09:02
Juubaclose and re-open does not help09:03
Juubait's just stuck09:03
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Juuba(ofc i mean the built-in app, but on my phone) :D09:04
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SK_workJuuba: terminal, killall jolla-messages09:10
SK_workshould work09:10
Juubayes, ty09:18
Juubadidn't even need devel-su09:18
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menoetiusgreets fellas.09:48
menoetiusI am packing my phone for return today--a Jolla--and am doing manual backups of the Android environment.09:49
menoetiusI know that Sailfish OS' bacup functionality is rather limited, especially for the Android environment09:50
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menoetiusdoes anybody dave a good write-up of a Sailfish-specific bacup guide that takes all user files and settings, including the Android env.?09:51
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menoetiusI have had mixed results w. my own backups; would be excellent to know how to preserve files and permissions  for  better restoration after factory reset09:53
menoetiusall tips welcome. thanks!09:54
javispedromenoetius, it's not entirely unreasonable to use an android backup program to backup the android environment09:54
javispedrospecially if you're already used to one09:54
menoetiusjavispedro: interesting, the thought never struck me. will this manage user ids and permissions for me?09:55
javispedrowell, if it works with android :)09:56
javispedrocause I'm not sure if you can actually assume user ids are going to be same on android..09:56
javispedroso manual tar --preserve might fail, but I dunno about this.09:56
menoetiusjavispedro: yeah, I am not sure if the Android env. mimicks the data structure entirely.09:57
menoetiusjavispedro: but good tip!09:57
javispedromostly yes09:57
menoetiusI'll do a bit of research and testing see how it works out =)09:58
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tachikomahi, i know i had that before, but am too stupid to use google today it seem ... could anyone point me to a layout description of the jolla phone backside? I mean a description telling me which pins are power,w hich i2c and so on?10:11
tachikomaah, guess i found it after all:
r0kk3rz_Yeah the TOH dk will tell you everything10:13
r0kk3rz_and then theres kimmoli for everything else10:14
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kimmolitachikoma: suggested reading -
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tachikomakimmoli: thx12:01
tachikomaI'm just utting a QI receiver in for now, but thanks12:01
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tachikomamh, is there a way to see if the phone receives electricity from the connectors on the back?12:34
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cos-today would be a good day for update12:40
Stskeepsdhclient specific?12:41
Stskeepsi don't think we have scripted network hooks in our stack12:41
cos-that's good12:42
cos-perhaps someone could verify this12:42
Stskeepsi'm fairly certain of it.. tigeli / aard ?12:44
Stskeepswe use connman so12:44
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kimmolitachikoma: i have tools for you
tachikomaah, nice12:50
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tachikomamh, i get some authentication issues for the repo when using it with the warehouse app12:54
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tachikomakimmoli: thanks a lot, just charging my phone wireless for the first time \o/13:10
coderustachikoma: maybe you have ancient old warehouse and didnt updated it for ages?13:11
tachikomacoderus: could be, i installed at the command line and there it worked13:12
cos-i also had to reinstall warehouse from web page13:12
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cos-i'm also not sure if "check for updates" works.. at least it doesn't find anything and nothing has been updated in ages13:13
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Morpog_PC__here it works well13:15
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cos-oh, it has updates but "check for updates" doesn't show them13:16
cos-still no "update all"-button :/13:17
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coderuscontact author and tell all wishes? :D13:23
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cos-i hope he's reading :-)13:26
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coderusBasilSemuonov: reading? :D14:18
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kimmoliare the webhooks working (or selfconfigurable?) would like to put some stuff in obs...15:11
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coderuskimmoli: i asked but got no answer :D15:24
locusfstuffs happening in #mer-boss15:25
Morpog_PC__it is?15:25
locusfyou guys don't have webhooks accounts?15:25
Morpog_PC__i got my webhook setup on #nemomobile back then15:25
coderuslocusf: no i havent. asked tbr to create mine. or it was Stskeeps, i dont remember exactly15:26
coderusand it stopped working somwhow...15:26
tbrI don't have root on OBS15:26
Morpog_PC__i think you asked lbt15:26
coderusor it was lbt_away :D15:27
coderusi sometimes mistake tbr and lbt15:28
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kimmolii hacked commit to _service manually and got build done15:43
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coderusi dont want to do manually anything :D16:09
kimmolii have electrodes in my head already16:10
r0kk3rz_explains a lot kimmoli ;)16:14
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kimmolidoes anyone had similar issue "there's something wrong with it. Gui can't connect - frequent green flashes with screen blank after the initial boot sequence. "16:49
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r0kk3rz_so many exploits17:21
*** Nc_ has quit IRC17:21
r0kk3rz_i wonder why they all surfaced now17:21
*** R-Z has quit IRC17:22
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Naranekr0kk3rz_: you mean the bash related ones?17:25
r0kk3rz_and a mozilla based one17:27
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r0kk3rz_poor Jolla guys are trying to release the Qt update, and they keep having to QA release candidates thanks to exploit patches17:29
kimmolii say it is conspiracy - to delay update17:29
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r0kk3rz_yeah I recon17:29
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r0kk3rz_Jolla sailors hacking the world because their updates not ready17:34
Naranekor people hacking the world so that the Jolla update is delayed17:39
NaranekTHEY don't want us to have it17:40
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r0kk3rz_those bastards17:43
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r0kk3rz_Although I expect update 10 to be quite delayed thanks to update 917:45
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos17:50
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NaranekAnother alternative is that it'll be a pretty quick bugfix release, because of the Qt 5.2. It would be cool to number it as A instead of 10 though ;)17:52
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r0kk3rzhexadecimal ftw18:13
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keithzg"Today we're releasing update 0x1F"18:40
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cos-no update, but there is still over 2h left18:46
tigelicos-, Stskeeps: connman should not be vulnerable like dhcpcd18:46
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cos-tigeli: good to know18:47
tigeliat least I'm not aware any shellhooks18:47
tigelicos-: if you want you can compile bash from
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r0kk3rzadditional note: connman isnt vulnerable because it barely works18:52
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Stskeepsr0kk3rz: i wish that wasn't true19:26
r0kk3rzHaha jokes19:27
r0kk3rzim sure you guys will get there19:27
r0kk3rzin the mean time its the aussie thing to take the piss19:28
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:29
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:29
keithzgHuh, Intel is still "[leading] the ConnMan project", eh?  Is it still in Tizen then too?19:30
r0kk3rzisnt the current goss that samsung is dropping tizen19:31
keithzgNaw people have been rumoring that for ages. I doubt they'll ever quite drop it, it's too juicy as their Plan B / Threat To Google.19:31
r0kk3rzand intel are great at making chips. but software? nah19:32
*** alin has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** alin has quit IRC19:32
*** alin has joined #sailfishos19:32
Stskeepswell, let's be fair: a lot of good things have come from intel and good impact on the linux stack as a whole19:32
r0kk3rzit is an obvious exit strategy from goog19:32
Stskeepsthink powertop as an example19:32
keithzgYeah I was just thinking of powertop.19:32
r0kk3rzpowertop was intel? cool19:33
keithzgThey're good at tiny components and utilities, they just never quite had the heart for larger metaprojects.19:33
Stskeepscrosswalk is something i am looking at as well19:33
SpeedEvilpowertop - on maemo - was not related to the intel powertop19:34
SpeedEvilother than as a clone19:34
r0kk3rzthat looks cool19:35
Stskeepscompared to firefox os at least these guys -try- to be a html5 runtime19:36
r0kk3rzyeah well html5 is a moving target19:38
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos19:40
keithzgHow does the feature set compare to Qt's WebEngine? Although I guess that's not really shipping with stable Qt versions yet.19:42
Stskeepscrosswork is chromium based at least19:44
Stskeeps / blink19:44
keithzgYeah, so that's pretty comparable. I guess Blink is the new WebKit, heh, since everyone seems to be transitioning to it. KHTML keeps on forking down the line . . .19:46
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:46
*** Eztran has quit IRC19:49
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*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos20:00
keithzgHmm, am I just blind? Trying to figure out what mp3 decoder gstreamer is using, but nowhere in the big "gst-inspect-0.10 --plugin" list do I see one listed.20:00
Stskeepsgst-av i think20:01
keithzgAha, yeah I see that there in the list, just listed more generically as "av audio decoder" rather than specifically for mp3s. That's gotta be it then.20:04
keithzgTime to fumble around some more and see if I can pin down exactly what's causing since it continues to bite me!20:05
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos20:08
keithzgWait, Sailfish/Mer is still using gstreamer from early 2012?20:12
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC20:12
*** dhbiker has quit IRC20:15
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos20:15
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*** Sailor6553 has joined #sailfishos20:18
keithzgWhelp, time to compile a modern copy of gstreamer and see if *that* can play low-Hz mp3s without skipping on Sailfish. Shouldn't be too hard to compile an entirely multimedia framework , right? ;)20:19
javispedroyou're going to die in the attempt, keithzg20:19
javispedrothe problem is probably 0.10 vs 1.0 ab i20:19
javispedro(it's a guess -- anyone who knows for sure jump in and correct me)20:20
javispedromoving that is a shitton of work and probably impossible in jolla because it will hit some closed source package for certain20:21
keithzgYeah, I've been kindof figuring that myself here. And I certainly don't begrudge Jolla for not wanting to devote the resources to the switch. But I suspect it's also why bugs like the low-Hz skipping on podcasts happen, since there hasn't been a release of gstreamer 0.10 since February 2012, so the bugs have started to accumulate.20:21
javispedro0.10 is still quite prevalent though20:22
javispedrodoes it happen on e.g. ubuntu?20:22
javispedrobig chance they're still using 0.10 too20:22
javispedroI'm using 0.10 too :)20:22
Stskeepsthey're on 1.020:23
javispedromeh, damn gnome 3 and their quick release cycle.20:23
*** Sailor6553 has quit IRC20:25
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos20:28
*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos20:31
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*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos20:36
*** Jpel has quit IRC20:39
javispedrobaseaudiosink gstbaseaudiosink.c:1567:gst_base_audio_sink_get_alignment:<audiosink-actual-sink-pulse> Unexpected discontinuity in audio timestamps of -0:00:17.179875000, resyncing20:39
*** jake9xx has joined #sailfishos20:39
javispedropulse pulsesink.c:651:gst_pulsering_stream_underflow_cb:<audiosink-actual-sink-pulse> Got underflow20:39
keithzgI swear before I didn't see any relevant output, but running now I do see "[mp3 @ 0x421b7360] overread, skip -9 enddists: -5 -5" and such when it skips.20:47
keithzgI probably just put the -v in the wrong place or something equally foolish.20:48
keithzggstreamer0.10 is still in the *buntu repos, even though everything I actually have installed seems to use 1.0, so I've tried installing that. By default it runs fine. Tried to mimic the plugin setup on Sailfish by compiling and installing, but it actually causes a crash if I try to run gstreamer with that plugin installed.20:49
javispedroyou should put something like --gst-debug=*:220:50
javispedroor :320:50
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos20:50
javispedro:5 increases verbosity too much20:50
javispedroe.g. this launches the "glitching" pipeline: gst-launch-0.10 --gst-debug=*:2 filesrc location=bill.flac ! flacparse ! avadec ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! volume ! pulsesink20:50
javispedrothe glitches happen in the first 20 seconds already right when he starts with the list of cities20:51
javispedroweird: they happen at fixed locations which are the same everytime I run it20:51
javispedrothe uncompressed .wav version works: gst-launch-0.10 --gst-debug=*:2 filesrc location=bill.wav ! wavparse ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! volume ! pulsesink20:52
javispedroif libav is used for mp3 too, then it seems libav may be to blame (mp3, flac, ogg are affected, all of them use libav)20:52
keithzgYeah, that seems likely.20:53
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC20:54
javispedrodefinitely not pulseaudio problem20:55
javispedrogst-launch-0.10 --gst-debug=*:3 filesrc location=bill.flac ! flacparse ! avadec ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! audio/x-raw-int, rate=44000, channels=1 ! pulsesink20:55
javispedrothis fails20:56
javispedrodespite sending 44kHz data to pulseaudio20:56
javispedroin fact, audioresample now complains about the "glitches":20:56
javispedroaudioresample gstaudioresample.c:1020:gst_audio_resample_check_discont:<audioresample0> encountered timestamp discontinuity of 68719 samples = 0:00:08.58987520:56
javispedro(and yes, the glitches are really 8seconds long..)20:56
*** tat has quit IRC20:57
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos20:57
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javispedrousing alternative decoder for the .flac version:21:00
javispedro gst-launch-0.10 --gst-debug=*:3 filesrc location=bill.flac ! flacparse ! flacdec ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! audio/x-raw-int, rate=44000, channels=2 ! pulsesink21:00
javispedro... works.21:00
keithzgThat seems pretty conclusive!21:00
javispedroproblem is gst-av or libav...21:00
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos21:00
javispedrostill, using gst-av to convert the file to a .wav works...21:03
javispedroe.g. gst-launch-0.10 --gst-debug=*:3 filesrc location=bill.flac ! flacparse ! avadec ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! wavenc ! filesink location=test.wav21:03
javispedro.oO(why libav preferred even over gstreamer's "good" codecs?)21:04
*** mikelima has quit IRC21:08
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keithzgBlame Felipec, I guess? ;)21:23
javispedrono idea, but I'd try to build gst-av21:23
javispedropossibly insert plenty of trace/printfs in the timing functions21:23
javispedrothe source seems simple enough21:24
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos21:25
*** lbt_away has quit IRC21:26
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:27
keithzgIf only I didn't suck at C++, heh.21:28
javispedroit's C :)21:28
keithzgOh, well in THAT case ;)21:31
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC21:32
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*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos21:44
javispedro0:00:12.180436440  5025    0xd5660 LOG                       av gstav_adec.c:189:check_timestamps:<avaudiodec0> self timestamp = 0:00:03.41006540821:47
javispedroso after 12 seconds of audio gst-av still believes it's at 3.41 seconds of decoded audio21:48
javispedrosSomething is rotten in the state of Denmark...21:48
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos21:51
javispedrouse of G_UNLIKELY macro despite condition being true in virtually every single execution of that conditional ... check✓21:52
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC21:56
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos21:56
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*** rbn has joined #sailfishos22:24
javispedrook, felipec did make a mistake.22:28
javispedroimplicit cast from uint64_t to uint32_t in a return value22:29
*** m4g0g has quit IRC22:29
javispedrobuffer duration when using 8kHz rate can be > 4 seconds... which overflows a uint32_t22:29
javispedro(yes, gst uses µsecond timers)22:29
javispedroI mean, gst uses nano-second timers ( )22:31
javispedroso the 3.41 seconds we see is actually 12,000,000,000 truncated to a uint32_t22:31
javispedrosimple sanity check. 12billion = 0x2'CB41780022:32
javispedro0xCB417800 = 3,410,065,40822:32
javispedrowhich is 3.41 seconds22:32
javispedroone-line fix..22:33
javispedroactually two-char fix...22:33
*** ejjoman has quit IRC22:34
javispedrokeithzg: will you be here around for long?22:34
keithzgjavispedro: Yeah, I'll be around for at least two or three more hours.22:35
javispedrook, will try to build a patched package in obs22:35
javispedrolet's see if this is the only issue or there are more22:35
javispedrothere's the cast by the way, function returns a uint32_t yet calculation is done using uint64_t size22:37
javispedroanyone knows where felipec is those days btw? still nokia?22:39
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keithzgGetting stalker-y, has his tenure at Nokia being from March 2007 to December 2013.22:54
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos22:55
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keithzgI tried changing lines 168 to "static inline uint64_t" and compiled the .so, dropped it in place and it's working for me so far (I'll reverse that for testing once you have a package ready).23:00
javispedroyep, just built it23:01
javispedrothough no need to install the package then23:01
javispedroso don't install it =)23:01
javispedro(dunno what problems will cause when a system upgrade comes)23:02
javispedro0:00:59.950160226  7283   0x590660 LOG                       av gstav_adec.c:189:check_timestamps:<avaudiodec0> self timestamp = 0:01:00.00000000023:02
javispedrotimestamps are now exact :)23:02
javispedroso yeah, I think this fixes it23:02
javispedrowill submit a pull request to felipec, hopefully jolla can pull the update down in a further update23:03
keithzgCool cool.23:05
*** snotr has quit IRC23:07
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*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos23:09
keithzgOpen source in action :)23:10
javispedroyep, small success story23:11
*** disharmonic has quit IRC23:13
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tatmy earpeace works again,23:37
tathad it brocken some 2 weeks ago23:38
tatso i guess it was a software thingi23:38
tatbut i got a new problem the phone turns sometimes off,23:38
*** plfiorini has quit IRC23:41
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