Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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JuubaI installed an app from Warehouse, it installed about 5-6 "dependencies"06:55
Juubawhen removing said app, it does not remove said dependencies06:55
Juubais there a quick-n-easy way to remove them06:55
Juubawireshark was the app...06:59
Armadilloif you know the package names you can use pkcon to remove them as superuser from the shell07:01
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coderusinfinite battary power: http://i.imgur.com/m50orO8.png07:39
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BysmyyrJuuba: that why I do not use warehouse07:40
Armadillocoderus: which app is this?07:41
JuubaArmadillo: yeah, i did not pay attention close enough :(07:41
SK_workArmadillo: sysmon from BasilSemuonov07:44
SK_workquite a nice one07:44
SK_workeven ships a daemon07:45
SK_worknow only missing battery consumption per app07:45
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dr_gogeta86SK_work, need to be helped by silica07:47
SK_workdr_gogeta86: ??07:47
Nicd-my weechat client is progressing: http://i.imgur.com/lSjzEJZ.png :)07:47
SK_workNicd-: :)07:48
dr_gogeta86SK_work, you need to know many things07:48
SK_workdr_gogeta86: hum ?07:48
SK_workie ?07:48
dr_gogeta86here apps are not single binary07:50
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dr_gogeta86while in ios and android are07:50
SK_workdr_gogeta86: hum, please explain ?07:54
dr_gogeta86sailfishapp need to register like powertop07:56
dr_gogeta86but like in my case07:56
dr_gogeta86is the service doing the big job07:57
dr_gogeta86ui is just a frontend07:57
SK_workwell, that's the linux way of doing stuff07:59
dr_gogeta86is a good thing08:00
dr_gogeta86especially without push08:00
dr_gogeta86SK_work, other platform dev going in headcache while see sailfish apps08:01
dr_gogeta86the lack of example and afterdeath invocation without service ....08:01
SK_workdr_gogeta86: do you mean that other platform devs think SFOS is a pain ?08:01
SK_workafterdeath invocation without service ?08:02
dr_gogeta86worse pain in a**08:02
dr_gogeta86push notification08:02
dr_gogeta86especially who come from android08:02
dr_gogeta86where a push can recall an actvity08:02
SK_workwell, in SFOS there is basically no push notif service08:02
SK_workbut tbr is doing some nice experiment about this08:03
SK_workI'm not a huge fan of push though08:03
SK_workI do prefer pooling08:03
dr_gogeta86but polling different sources08:03
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dr_gogeta86is more expesive than check one08:03
Stskeepspolling is not good on 3g08:03
SK_workI'm more about: "you gather sources on your device, your info is yours" way of thinking08:03
SK_workpush servers means that there are servers outside getting your info08:04
SK_work(or relaying it)08:04
dr_gogeta86SK_work, peep don't care08:04
dr_gogeta86sad but true08:04
SK_workdr_gogeta86: another reason is that, for me as a MW app dev, setting up a push server is rather painful08:05
SK_workso ...08:05
dr_gogeta86I can help you08:05
dr_gogeta86is my job08:05
dr_gogeta86(daily basis )08:06
tbrSK_work: in my plans there is an explicit mention "this is encrypted in transit, but still the server can read it, so please use proper encryption of payload, e.g. this snippet: XXX"08:06
SK_workthanks for the help, but, I'm not in this kind of projects now :)08:06
SK_worktbr: hum ...08:06
tbrcurrently the test service doesn't even encrypt in transit, as I didn't have time to set up my test CA08:07
SK_workI'm more about doing "web developement for the Jolla" D: :D08:07
SK_worktbr: ok08:07
dr_gogeta86SK_work, pretty soon i need to create qml ui for my brew system08:09
SK_workbrew system ?08:10
SK_workdr_gogeta86: ping me if you need help :)08:10
SK_workor coderus, he is pretty much all the time here :)08:10
dr_gogeta86 i need to drill and inox pot can you help me ?08:10
lainwir3dhi there !08:10
SK_workwell, wait a sec, boarding a plane ticket to italia :D08:11
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lainwir3dso, any idea how I can include QtBluetooth in my app and still be accepted in harbour ?08:14
Juubais there a way to check dependencies of  wireshark-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm08:14
lainwir3dIs copying the libQtBluetooth in /usr/share/myapp/ enought  ? :-/08:14
dr_gogeta86if Harbour reject there is still openrepos08:14
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lainwir3ddr_gogeta86: well yeah, but I would prefer putting it in harbour if possible08:15
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lainwir3dwell, actually openrepos would be the easy way, I could get it there faster08:15
dr_gogeta86lainwir3d, which app ?08:15
lainwir3dJuuba: try rpm -R wireshark-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm08:16
Juubaso i need to have it downloaded08:16
lainwir3ddr_gogeta86: An app to support the new Parrot headphone (Parrot Zik 2.0)08:16
SK_worklainwir3d: I would say: rebuild QtBluetooth and dynamically / statically link it08:16
lainwir3dJuuba: probably08:16
lainwir3dSK_work: I can't statically, it's closed source software for the moment. I could dynamically though. Can QtBluetooth be build outside the Qt source ?08:17
SK_worklainwir3d: you can build qtbluetooth outside of Qt08:18
SK_workas it is a Qt addon or something like that08:18
SK_workclone the repo from gitorious and invoke qmake in it08:18
SK_workit /should/ work08:18
SK_workif not, adapt the .pro file08:18
lainwir3dwell I guess it's the solution then08:18
Juubasailfish rpm does not recognise "-R"08:19
lainwir3dAnd I might even get features from QtBluetooth 5.3 on sailfish, which would be nice if It can build08:19
lainwir3dJuuba: --requires ?08:19
Juubahmm, or this not finding the rpm...08:20
Juubadang it :D08:20
Juubaanyone know where warehouse places it's downloads?08:21
lainwir3dJuuba: try with pkcon maybe08:22
lainwir3dit has an option to just download the package08:22
lainwir3dfrom what I see in the manual08:22
lainwir3dpkcon download DIRECTORY PACKAGES08:23
SK_worklainwir3d: you can try to build it08:23
SK_workbut good luck about it08:23
SK_workit might not work08:23
Armadillo2014-10-07 09:17:05,478 [http-bio-8080-exec-147] com.unitedinternet.portal.contractprocessservice.backend.impl.CometInvoiceBackend::readBills INFO  Found following bills for AccountID=3065054803 and CustomerID=108:23
Armadillothis was meant to be pasted^^08:24
SK_workArmadillo: good08:24
SK_workwho is account 3065054803  :)08:24
Juubapkcon got it08:26
Juubanow, to determine what are not needed :D08:26
Juubaquite a list of depends08:26
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Armadillocoderus: did you recognize the pastebin for the shellshock script yesterday?08:30
BasilSemuonovJuuba, Armadillo neither pkcon, nor zypper on jolla support buildin tracking of unneeded packages, when package is already deleted08:31
BasilSemuonovJuuba, for you better option is to install wireshark again, and then remove it with zypper08:31
BasilSemuonovJuuba, 'zypper remove -u wireshark'08:31
BasilSemuonovJuuba, where '-u, --clean-deps            Automatically remove unneeded dependencies.;08:31
Juubaty, cheers... doing it now08:32
Juubawhy doesn't warehouse use zypper?08:32
BasilSemuonovbecause it uses pkcon, and deps remove is disabled in warehouse.08:33
BasilSemuonovsailfishos uses packagekit as package manager (with zypp backend)08:34
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BasilSemuonovJuuba, maybe later deps removal will be enabled in warehouse, but not this time.08:35
Juubadunno how big a deal it would have been to just let those packages remain08:35
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Armadilloone of the reasons I'm traying to avoid warehouse^^08:35
Juubabut... 81 MB of unused data now removed08:35
Juubai was just trying to find an app that would let me scan WLANs at home and to see their ChannelID08:36
BasilSemuonovArmadillo, same happens with any installed package, if this package is first to require something08:37
Juubaended up using a loaned Samsung S3 for the job.08:37
Juubawife was on the laptop, so that was a no-go :D08:37
ArmadilloBasilSemuonov: sure08:38
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BasilSemuonovArmadillo, you just dont like warehouse :-p08:41
ArmadilloBasilSemuonov: this is the result, yes :)08:43
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Juubai don't really like it either08:47
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Juubalets see what happens with this "hotfix"08:48
Juubaand my btrfs SD-card08:48
BasilSemuonovlainwir3d, proper lib packaging is explained in harbour faq https://harbour.jolla.com/faq#Shared_Libraries place libs in lib folder and use rpath08:49
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dr_gogeta86SK_work, BasilSemuonov for next meeting ... a revamp of sailfish.org sdk site and harbour rules in one place08:56
lainwir3dBasilSemuonov: thank you !09:00
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coderusArmadillo: sure, thanks09:39
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coderuswhy the hell os upgrade downgrading my locally installed packages and installing old versions from harbour? can you please disable harbour packages upgrades while updating os?09:41
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coderussailfish os update procedure is most hacky i ever seen in many distributions09:43
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nazanincoderus: can you explain more?09:46
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coderusnazanin: i have some apps installed on my device with versions higher than in harbour10:45
coderusnazanin: and when updating sailfish version it "upgrading" these packages to versions from harbour10:45
coderusand i need to reinstall everything again...10:46
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nazanincoderus: hhm, you installed them from open repos?10:46
coderusi build from sources and installed with pkcon10:46
coderuswith sdk-install*10:46
Armadillohm I'm not sure, if I installed my last release before or after the update yesterday10:47
coderusnazanin: i have harbour-meecase, harbour-tweetian and some others built from sources with ersions higher than in harbour10:47
coderusand it reinstalled to harbour versions during os update10:48
nazaninok, I'll report10:48
Armadillodidn't hppen for me, I just checked the dates10:48
Armadilloharbour-tasklist has a newer version before the update10:48
nazanincoderus: in these cases, making a post in TJC would help best as I checked this channel by accident :)10:49
coderusArmadillo: probably you didnt installed your software from harbour?10:49
coderusnazanin: okay, will do later10:50
Armadillodifficult to say, I built many new versions in the last time10:50
Armadilloin addition my store client software listing is currently completely broken10:51
Armadilloso don't care of my results^^10:51
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aard_coderus: did you update through ui, or with version --dup?11:01
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coderusaard_: version --dup11:08
coderusnever updating with ui11:08
aard_coderus: there's your problem. if you update through the store-ui we do repo isolation, and store apps are not updated. version --dup is an rnd-tool, which is not supported for end users. if you use it, you'll have side effects like "no repo isolation"11:09
aard_solutions in your case: uninstall from harbour and/or use /etc/zypp/locks to lock the packages11:10
coderuslol, my problem, oks11:13
coderustwo tools can't do the same thing, sure11:13
coderusyou need to have one tool with ui working fine11:14
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coderusand second with cli working fine as you want, and other behaviour is "your problems"11:14
coderusoks oks11:14
aard_well, version --dup is what we use in development, and there we do have slighly different requirements (like, repository isolation would hurt as, as we usually have additional development repositories around)11:15
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aard_back when we released we had the choice of going the 'nokia way', and remove all rnd-tools which may be useful for others from the device, or keep them. we went for keeping them, as they are useful for others -- but side effect is that they're not targeted at end users11:16
coderusi understand, i'm just talking about possibility to do same as ui but with cli :)11:17
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coderusi want to watch status in terminal and keep logs of process :D11:17
coderuswell, okay, i'll  do the third way: i'll create local repository with all packages i want to use locally11:19
coderusthat solves everythin11:19
aard_for now there are two workarounds I described above11:19
aard_in update10 there'll be experimental repository isolation on a lower level, so with an additional command before/after version --dup you'd get the same as updating from ui11:20
coderusaard_: so, just tell me that command now :)11:20
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aard_coderus: https://github.com/nemomobile/ssu/commit/b0708f6c4df16430cf95f57b79ff050966e5df0911:22
aard_so you'd need to set the ssu mode to containing the update mode flag11:22
coderusssu mode 16, thanks11:24
coderuswill test it with next release ;)11:25
aard_coderus: like I said, the code for that will only be in update1011:25
coderusjust UpdateMode or UpdateMode | ReleaseMode ?11:25
aard_so you can test it _after_ update10 (or put your own ssu package on the device)11:25
aard_UpdateMode | ReleaseMode to be safe (though if releasemode is not set it assumes release mode to avoid user error)11:26
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krnlyngw00t: is this fine? https://bpaste.net/show/8b8207dffc4a11:47
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AdrianoCamposSomeone know what mean "SSU_RELEASE_TYPE"?11:50
AdrianoCamposon using mic to create a image of Mer11:51
aard_AdrianoCampos: which kickstart?11:52
AdrianoCamposfor example11:54
aard_AdrianoCampos: check that scriptlet in the %post section. it configures ssu to either point to release repos (=snapshots), or rnd-repos (=published by OBS) on the image you're creating11:55
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w00tkrnlyng: no egl is bad. you need mesa headers12:00
krnlyngok thanks w00t12:01
AdrianoCamposaard_, can you explain better this point12:02
krnlyngbut i've run into another problem now: Project ERROR: QT_FOR_PRIVATE may not contain *-private. do you know what's wrong here? (i found a patch which should fix that, i will try that after installing the mesa headers)12:02
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krnlynghi, i can't install some packages because: "requires libEGL-devel, but this requirement cannot be provided" what can i do?12:29
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faenilPSA: sailfish community meeting in 5 mins in #mer-meeting channel14:57
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Nicd-can I make qt creator not truncate my console.log messages?17:30
Nicd-it's really annoying17:30
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lukedirtwalkerIs there a harbour compatible way to require a min version of Sailfish?18:27
Nicd-not yet18:29
coderuslukedirtwalker: you can only check it in main qml and show error page instead of18:31
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:32
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lukedirtwalkercoderus: how would that go?18:48
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos18:50
lukedirtwalkere.g. how can I check the version in qml?18:51
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tortoisedochas anyone managed to use plain opengles on jolla?19:01
tortoisedocafaik it is not yet completely accepted on harbour?19:01
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ArmadilloNicd-: when do your console.logs get truncated?19:05
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos19:05
Nicd-when they are shown in Qt creator's application output window19:07
ArmadilloI can stop and rebuild the application and they are kept as greyed out19:08
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC19:08
Nicd-no, I mean the lines are truncated19:09
Nicd-if they are too long19:09
Armadillohm ok19:09
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coderuslukedirtwalker: not in qml of course19:13
tortoisedockaltsi : stopping processes during debugging sometimes keeps gdbserver active on the mer vm19:14
tortoisedoc(or so it seems)19:14
tortoisedockaltsi: after 7-8 of these, you wont be able to connect to the mer sdk any more and you will need to restart it19:15
tortoisedocannoyin as hell :O19:15
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tortoisedoccan you fix it for the next update? ^^19:15
tortoisedockthxbye :P19:16
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gogetahi SfietKonstantin19:38
gogetakeepalive not found19:38
SfietKonstantinfull log plz ?19:39
*** fracting has quit IRC19:39
Nicd-WeeCRApp now loads backlog for channels :)19:40
gogeta:-1: error: Package keepalive not found19:41
gogetajust this19:41
*** spider-mario has quit IRC19:44
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gogetaSfietKonstantin, libkeepalive-devel is installed19:46
*** filippz has quit IRC19:47
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tortoisedoccan anyone explain20:16
tortoisedochow the favourites are called from within jolla-settings?20:16
tortoisedoci.e. how are they activated?20:16
tortoisedocit doesnt seem to rely on dbus or similar..20:16
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos20:19
tortoisedocjolla is suspiciously quiet...is something boiling in the pan? ;)20:22
Stskeepsit's 10pm and i'm going to bed.20:23
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos20:25
tortoisedochave a good one Stskeeps20:26
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gogetaSK_work, Sfiet_Konstantin profile ... is gone ?20:40
Sfiet_Konstantingogeta: connected on different comp :)20:40
gogetame too20:41
gogetathere are also a small tweaks in project yaml20:43
gogetatwo packages are missing20:44
Sfiet_Konstantinwhich two ?20:47
*** Froberg has joined #sailfishos20:47
gogetaotherwise not compile20:49
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coderushow to install certificate file into sailfish?22:54
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tigelicoderus: you can drop cert to /etc/pki/tls/certs and run multi_c_rehash23:06
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