Sunday, 2014-10-26

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atte1230912Hi! Could someone help me with the sailfish silica web view? I'm trying to use local html file04:51
atte1230912How can I open it/how can I find the path for the file?04:52
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tbrgood moaning06:00
jpegHello. So I was trying to port something to sailfish yesterday but it appeared that Wayland was quite old (1.1.0). What are the plans to upgrade it? Would version 9 bring a newer version of wl, or would that have to wait longer?06:11
tbrwhat something directly depends on the wayland version?06:14
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Stskeepsi think we're actually 1.306:14
tbrbut what's in the emulator? :)06:15
tbrnext week is SDK update time though? :)06:15
Stskeepspossibly, i don't track that atm, growing a big beard and diving into linux vm internals06:15
jpegI wanted to.try and port EFL :)06:16
jpegAnd since I have a Jolla phone I'm stuck to whatever version is used there06:17
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tbrok, I can see that having low level deps, as opposed to a random Qt App06:17
Stskeepswe do upgrade when we can06:17
Stskeepslast time in february though06:17
Stskeeps1.3.0 on device06:18
jpegI'll definitely have a look at the SDK when an update is out06:18
jpegoh cool06:18
jpeghmm looks like my phone has 1.1.0. Is it 1.3 with update 9?06:21
Stskeepsthink so06:21
Stskeepswhat release are you on?06:21
Stskeepsu8 should have had it06:21
jpegnah actually I'm not sure about the version. the so files are just 1.0.006:22
Stskeepsrpm -q wayland06:22
tbrpkcon or rpm -q know the answer06:22
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jpeg1.1.0+git2 1.2.106:24
Stskeepsok, what does your sailfish about say?06:24
tbror ssu status06:24
Stskeepsthen u9 has it06:25
jpegawesome. now I'll just have to figure.out why autogen failed but that's an EFL issue06:26
tbrautofool-hell :)06:27
jpegindeed. i hate autofoo :)06:27
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nomeataHi. I’d like to create a custom reaction to a left swipe on my app, with an animation that is determined by how much the swipe has progressed (similar to the home-screen-peek)09:36
nomeataHow would I go about that?09:36
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r0kk3rzstart reading09:41
nomeatabut can I really hook into a partial gesture there? I.e. do something while the gesture is not finished yet?09:43
nomeataah, I se09:44
nomeataThre is a Qt::GestureUpdated state09:45
r0kk3rzive never done anything with gesture recognition09:48
r0kk3rzbut the qt docs is always a good place to start09:48
nomeataAccording to this is not available to QML directly. Is that post correct?09:49
nomeataYes, I’m new to qt, so I don’t even know yet the places to look at :-)09:49
r0kk3rzqml is still fairly new09:49
r0kk3rzso theres lots of stuff that isnt built for it yet09:50
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nomeataso it might be easier to simply detect the swipe manually, as in
r0kk3rzi would suggest getting stuck in cpp09:52
r0kk3rzsure there are ways of avoiding it, but its worth learning09:52
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r0kk3rzopens up a whole new world of possibillities, and its nicer to write complicated apps with09:55
nomeataI’m not yet writing complicated apps :-)09:56
nomeataAlso, it seems that QtGestures doesn’t help, as it does not tell me how far an unfinished swipe went09:56
coderusr0kk3rz: nothing related to silica gestures in your qt 4.8 gestures link ;)09:57
nomeataI thin I should look at the code of the pagestack implementation09:57
r0kk3rzlike i said, ive never done gestures before09:57
r0kk3rzbut if theres a silica object you can use, sounds like coderus has a better idea09:58
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nomeataMy intuition tells me that ist just a bit too demading to be provided by an existing API. I always do that :-)09:59
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r0kk3rzyoud be surprised nomeata, qt is pretty fancy at times10:00
r0kk3rzsirensong is mostly just an implementation of qtmultimedia10:01
r0kk3rzwith some other simple stuff thrown in10:02
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coderusall UI stuff is easily doable on QML side10:02
coderusQt Gestures system handling system gestures, not application10:02
coderusand you can do some actions in application after system gesture resolved/ended10:02
coderusthis is not same you want10:02
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coderusjust code some clipping items, fade animations and PathView/Flickable components10:03
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nomeata has a good suggestion, look at the calendar app. doing that...10:07
nomeataThere is a TouchInteractionHint which might be related, but I cannot find documentaiton for it. But Code by coderus on GitHub :-)10:11
nomeataah, or is that simply the overlay that tells the user that it can swipe here...10:14
nomeataThat might be nice for my app as well :-)10:15
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r0kk3rzhmm the linguist button in the sdk doesnt appear to do anything10:17
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dhbikerhow has sailfish evolved till now ?10:19
dhbiker<--- N900 user thinking about upgrade10:19
Morpog_PCneeds some more time10:20
stephgdhbiker: rather nicely, to counter Morpog_PC's opinion ;)10:20
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r0kk3rzyeah its a personal opinion really10:22
r0kk3rzi guess the point is that its still evolving10:23
stephgdhbiker: depends what you what you're looking for10:23
r0kk3rzand the main way to support jolla so that it continues to evolve, is to buy a jolla phone10:23
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Morpog_PCthats true10:23
dhbikerstephg i'm looking for a daily driver10:24
r0kk3rzand now is a great time to buy one, because you can get 100e off the price10:24
dhbikera bit of terminal use10:24
dhbikerand maybe app development10:24
stephgit's been in the wild for under a year, there's been 9 milestones already and it's matured a bunch, and it now runs (to a lesser or greater extent) on like 20 devices10:25
stephgso it's progressing quickly I'd say10:25
r0kk3rzby asking someone here for their gift code10:25
dhbiker100e off... i don't know anyone10:25
Morpog_PCpaid app support is still missing, more api's allowed in store still missing, more account integration missing, more stability missing (hw and sw), more native apps missing10:25
stephgI use it daily, several folks here do too10:25
Morpog_PCdhbiker, i can give you mine10:25
stephgeverything Morpog_PC says is also true10:25
r0kk3rzyeah everyone will gladly give their code, because they get a free aloe cover if they do10:26
dhbikeryeah as i thought10:26
Morpog_PCbut I use it as my only device since I bought it, so for a tinkerer it's not that bad10:26
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dhbikerwell i'm buying it in about a month maybe if it's not too late ?10:26
Morpog_PCfor a mainstream user = not a that good idea10:26
dhbiker<-- major tinkerere10:26
r0kk3rzi think the gift codes are only working till the 2nd of nov10:27
Morpog_PCdhbiker, the code is valid till 2nd november10:27
Morpog_PCactually if you don't mind using android app compatibility, you get more apps than on n900 or n910:28
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dhbikerwell i'm currently using crashy N900 :D10:29
Morpog_PCyou can even install play store and play services and then it's not that different from a real android phone10:29
dhbikerso i guess jolla would be a godsend for me10:29
dhbikerright now10:29
r0kk3rzim glad i bought one10:29
r0kk3rzits a great little phone10:30
Morpog_PCyeah, I never regreted it10:30
dhbikerso then as a user10:30
dhbikerwhat's the cons10:30
dhbikerand nevermind the OS10:30
r0kk3rzhardware quality could be better10:30
Morpog_PCstability issues, perf issues10:30
r0kk3rzprice is a bit much10:30
dhbikerprice = agree10:30
dhbikerhardware quality... well... it's their first ever phone10:30
Morpog_PCbut some of that stuff got fixed with latest opt-in update 9 (which has a few new flaws, but thats why it is opt-in)10:31
dhbikerso i guess they will learn from it and make another one bettter10:31
tadzikI really think the hardware is the least of the problems :)10:31
Morpog_PChopefully :D10:31
dhbikerso basically the same problems as N90010:31
r0kk3rzthe unfortunate thing is that they know about common issues, and could technically fix them10:31
dhbikerexcept it's not dead OS like mine10:31
r0kk3rzbut cant afford to put another device through all the regulation testing again10:31
Morpog_PCperformance wise i like the dual core, I don't really miss a quad core. Also battery life is really decent. Display is OK, would have loved it to be a 720p one. In sunlight it's a bit weak10:32
dhbikerthat's understandable10:32
r0kk3rzbut its very fast for the outdated hardware10:32
r0kk3rzscreen is good but not amazing10:32
r0kk3rzcore sailfish functions are still a bit iffy, particularly conman10:33
Morpog_PCsmall fonts are a bit fuzzy, and sailfish os uses narrow fonts10:33
dhbikerthe main question now10:33
dhbikeris it GPL ?10:33
r0kk3rzbut if you're still running an n9, then i dont see what you have to lose10:33
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Morpog_PCdhbiker, alot but not not everything10:33
Stskeeps(a lot of LGPL, too..)10:33
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Morpog_PCui QML is BSD but c++ is closed10:34
r0kk3rzbecause even though its not as great as a samsung device, its probably a decent upgrade from the very dated n910:34
Morpog_PCa few plugins like word prediction are closed10:34
Morpog_PCdrivers are closed10:34
r0kk3rzit was a noticable upgrade from my HTC incredible s10:34
dhbikertoo bad... community could help fix the problems10:34
dhbikerlike on N90010:34
r0kk3rzwe help where we can10:35
Morpog_PCwell Jolla community is smaller than N900 or N910:35
dhbikeryeah but it's fairly new10:35
Morpog_PCthere is no giant behind that sells 100.000 devices10:35
dhbikercompared to maemo and meego10:35
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dhbikerumm... brb10:37
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r0kk3rzdoes the sailfish sdk not come with qt linguist?10:39
Stskeepsit does but you need to build dep on it.. isn't it in FAQ?10:39
r0kk3rzprobably a good idea to read the faq i guess10:40
stephgpfft, who ever reads anything ;)10:41
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r0kk3rzi dont really get how linguist works yet10:47
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nomeataBummer. The interaction I’m looking for seems to be implemented in the DatePicker component, where the implementation is closed source, isn’t it?10:55
Stskeepswell, you can peek at the qml on device10:55
nomeataThat’s what I did, but it just used DatePicker{...} (which is provided by silicia), so no way to peek at the implementation of that10:56
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nomeataTricky. Trying to detect a press-move-release gesture with a MouseArea, while still allowing plain presses to pass through. In my pressed handler, I either have to set mouse.accept = true (but then it is not passed through) or = false (but then I don’t see further events)11:24
Sailor-2getherFATAL Qt - ASSERT: "uint(i) < uint(size())" in file /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qbytearray.h, line 414 were do I have to search if this happens in the logfiles with a application?11:26
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Sailor-2getherfound it11:29
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locusfSailor-2gether: this is about pebble?11:51
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Sailor-2getherlocusf: yep11:51
Sailor-2getherjust added it to the bug report11:52
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Sail0rfor some reason it crashes in the shown code11:53
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Sail0rI wonder why it never crashed before11:55
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Sail0rI would like to see what the watch is trying to send in this moments ^^12:04
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r0kk3rzdo i really need to add the translator to the sailfish app instance? seems like something that should be there by default12:09
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r0kk3rzon the libsailfishapp it seems like it is there by default13:06
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r0kk3rzoh of course, when you run via the sdk it defaults to C locale..... ooooops13:14
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attahWould the uplift to qt 5.2 mean that we can expect to be allowed to use qtdocgallery in harbour?14:12
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coderusJolla! Please update tzdata in some future hotfix release! Stupid russian goverment changed timezones again. Now Moscow have UTC+3 clock. There is tzdata 2014i available, but Jolla still using tzdata 2013i.14:22
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quixote1Compatibility list says Sailfish can be installed on Xiaomi Mi 2. Does that include 2S? Need to know before I drop $250 on it! >:o14:39
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos14:41
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Zotanquixote1: where is the compatibility list?14:45
*** tat has joined #sailfishos14:46
quixote1The one on Wikipedia:
*** attah has quit IRC14:47
stephgthe source link for wikipedia is ooooold14:49
quixote1I was afraid of that. The libhybris link looks excellent. I don't see the Xiaomi on it at all, though. Oh well.14:51
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kimmolicoderus: now you just wait fsb to impound your stuff after berating government14:55
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quixote1Thanks for the info. You great people just saved me $250!15:02
*** quixote1 has left #sailfishos15:02
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cryoratguys, you know about why tweetian cant upload pictures via direct messages?16:19
cryorati able to use the 'attach image' option but the selected image didnt show up in the message line16:20
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:21
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* merlin1991 just wondered if there's a ready vnc solution to remote control the phone?16:24
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stephgmerlin1991: there's a semi-working one16:33
stephgit's not great tho16:34
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drtechensteinHello everyone18:19
drtechensteinI have a few questions regarding Tahkalampi for Nexus 418:20
drtechensteinI installed mp3 codec according to this page but mp3 audio is still not working18:20
drtechensteinalso I can't get my mobile data to work18:20
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r0kk3rzdrtechenstein: probably best to ask in #sailfishos-porters18:31
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:36
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coderusMSameer: ping20:52
coderuscan you halp me to remember how to check video metadata?20:52
*** _cvp_ has joined #sailfishos20:57
_cvp_hi :D20:58
coderusMSameer: sorry, whatsapp still rejecting video :(20:58
MSameerhas there been any changes since the last time we checked it?20:59
_cvp_i check the bug list, have trouble with contact sync :(20:59
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coderusMSameer: no changes in metadata qt version21:01
coderusMSameer: still 53719936021:01
coderusas before update21:01
MSameercoderus: I know that whatsapp rejects videos and nothing has been fixed regarding that21:02
MSameercoderus: I am bus with some fixes for jolla camera and after that I will be working on gst 1.x21:02
*** zoldyck has quit IRC21:02
MSameercoderus: so it's now almost on my table21:02
coderusMSameer: good21:03
coderusseems update 11 can have gst1.x finally :)21:04
MSameerI hope so but I cannot promise21:06
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:06
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coderusgood enough :)21:10
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_cvp_what is this meaning?         id: serverSettingFlickable21:36
_cvp_sry iam noob :P21:36
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Sailor6717hi  which channel again should i ask about issues with nexus 4 and sailfish os?21:40
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos21:41
Yaniel#sailfish-porters ?21:41
Sailor6717thank you Yaniel21:41
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_cvp_allowedOrientations: bothOrientation22:08
_cvp_is this for landscape?22:08
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