Monday, 2014-10-27

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nimmersatthey friends. I wanted to ask about the sailfiah launcher for amdroid.. will it be available soon?01:11
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jpeghello :) I was wondering, why does the sailfish sdk provide one VM (x86) containing two scratchboxes (x86 and arm) instead of providing two VMs (x86 and arm) from the beginning? this seems to really really slow down compilation when building for arm06:42
jpegother than that I'm very happy about it as it's so easy to compile stuff, zypper works and all, sweet :)06:42
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specialjpeg: well.. scratchbox is slightly smarter than an arm vm would be06:49
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jpegproblem is one of my compilation tools had an unsupported syscall (unsupported by qemu)06:50
specialjpeg: the scratchbox is a qemu arm environment with selected tools replaced with x86 native versions06:50
specialthe compiler and such are actually x86 binaries cross-compiling to arm06:50
specialbut scripts are run in an arm environment06:50
jpegyep. but how does that make it smarter? (i'm really wondering :) )06:51
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specialbecause an x86 compiler running on x86 will be much faster than an arm compiler being translated to x8606:51
specialso your option would be to make your compilation tool not use that syscall, to make qemu support that syscall, or to build your tool for x86 and figure out how to expose it to the sb2 environment06:52
specialthat is the end of my knowledge06:52
jpegyeah all I had to do was to build for x86 and use that tool. this works, that's how we compile for windows and such06:53
jpegbut i was just wondering06:53
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jpegany idea when 1.0.9 will be released for jolla? (not sure yet if I want to take the risk with the test version ^^)06:55
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zoldyckjpeg: they said in November07:00
jpegspecial: thanks btw :)07:01
zoldyckprobably when all current most outstanding bugs are fixed07:01
jpegand it's wayland 1.3? not more recent than that, right?07:01
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specialjpeg: the wayland package is built from
speciallooks like none of its branches are newer than 1.3, so you can assume that it's not in progress07:04
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suyAny idea what could have changed in the update9 to make gpodder not find any of the previous susbscriptions?07:47
suyA previous  update broke several apps that weren't using settings properly, and in this case the config/data files are there, but I doubt is the case07:47
stephgsuy you not out of btrfs space?07:49
tadzikthat's not the case07:50
suystephg: no, all partitions seem to have space07:50
stephgno, btrfs fi sh07:50
tadzikalso, since the last update I often get "Unnamed application is not responding" popup07:50
stephg(probably not that but make sure the devid line isn't full)07:50
suysize 13.75GB used 12.75GB07:52
stephgk so not that then :)07:53
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tadzikupdate broke gpodder for everyone, I doubt we all ran out of space :)07:54
stephgah, didn't know that tadzik07:55
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suytadzik: now I see the issue reported... Thanks.07:56
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coderuswhere can i get pk-command-not-found for nemo/sailfish?08:47
coderusi see it in repo:
coderusbut is it compiled with PackageKit?08:52
coderusi cant find it in packages :)08:52
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coderussorry, stupid me, its different package: PackageKit-command-not-found08:56
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coderusgreat, now i have working bash-completion for pkcon, finally :D08:58
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Sail0rsdk release? ^^12:09
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r0kk3rzi dont think im going to bother upgrading the sdk just yet12:22
r0kk3rzi havent hit any sdk issues with uitukka12:23
r0kk3rzand it means I wont unknowingly break tahkalampi devices12:23
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Armadillowell I'm interested in the new "details item" component^^12:28
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r0kk3rzwould be nice to see an example of it, hopefully someone can post a screenshot12:33
r0kk3rzsee how long it takes for update 10 to come out I suppose12:33
Nicd-new component? :o12:34
Nicd-where can I read about that?12:34
Armadilloit is in the opt-in tjc post12:35
ArmadilloNew detail item component available for detail and value label pair12:35
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lbtah - sorted13:45
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SK_workbe careful that it is an opt-in SDK update13:57
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*** Jare changes topic to " - Beta Qt5 SDK 1410 (U9 opt-in) and Alpha Qt5 SDK 1407 out now for linux/mac/win - MD5s:, -, | For friendly Jolla mobile device community: #jollamobi"13:59
locusfoh cool its beta now14:00
r0kk3rzoooo new qtcreator14:00
Jareyeh, we decided to push the beta button after moving to qtc 314:01
coderus is down?14:01
sandsmarkbut no new gcc :(14:01
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r0kk3rzi think im going to wait though14:03
r0kk3rzbut with any luck that will fix the annoying mer sdk is not responding issue14:03
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coderusJare: can we get just QtC + Plugins please?14:03
coderusJare: i dont want to download these images again...14:03
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Jarecoderus: the repo's here
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coderusJare: yeah, thanks!14:11
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r0kk3rzwhats the likely timeframe on u10? novemberish?14:58
tigelir0kk3rz: real soon now (tm)14:59
Aardr0kk3rz: it's quite unlikely we'll release it in october15:00
kontiowe still have almost a week :p15:01
r0kk3rzthis is true15:02
r0kk3rzbut i didnt think it would be this hot on the heels of uitukka15:02
Aardr0kk3rz: I'm just preparing RC1. which does not say that much about when it'll come out, though, just about feature completeness15:03
r0kk3rzwell i hope the RC process goes a bit smoother this time15:03
* Aard hopes so as well15:03
r0kk3rzwith less interuptions from exploits15:03
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kontioand ppl asking here when it comes, also delays it each time a week :) so stop asking...15:06
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r0kk3rzif that was true i dont think we would have update 9 yet15:08
r0kk3rzmaybe mid next year sometime15:08
Stskeepsstop finding ssl exploits and nobody gets hurt..15:08
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* tbr tries to think of a witty pulp fiction reference but fails. :-(15:11
r0kk3rzexploit ssl again, i dare you, no i double dare you15:11
r0kk3rzbit lame, but whatever15:11
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TemeVoh, new sdk. I was just thinking if I'd dare to ask when it comes out, but started wondering if it will be delayed also :)15:53
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kontiofor sure will delay the next one ;)16:00
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TemeVwas there some way to automatically install required packages to the build vm?17:01
TemeVlast time I insalled them manually from command line, but I recall hearing they could be added to .pro file so they are automatically installed17:02
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos17:03
ernestiyou could also do it through the ui17:04
ernestiin qtcreator17:05
coderusTemeV: BuildDepends ;)17:05
coderusTemeV: in yaml or spec17:05
TemeVisn't yaml generated from .pro file?17:06
coderusTemeV: no17:06
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos17:07
coderusspec generated from your yaml17:07
coderusyaml created when you starting new project17:07
TemeVah, ok17:07
TemeVseems to be working. Thanks coderus :)17:09
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sandsmarkhmm, qtc can't seem to connect to the emulator anymore17:33
sandsmarkis there some trick to turn on networking in the emulator17:34
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos17:34
sandsmarkor is there a simple way to reset it?17:39
r0kk3rzyou can ssh into it17:39
sandsmarkhmm, what address does it bind to?17:39
sandsmarkI guess that's in the settings17:40
*** Guhl has quit IRC17:40
r0kk3rzyou need to use the allowed keys in the sdk directory to login17:40
sandsmarkhmm, isn't the user/password nemo/nemo17:40
sandsmarkah, ok17:40
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos17:41
sandsmarkhmm, I wonder why qtcreator doesn't think that the emulator is running17:42
sandsmarkthe "test" button in the settings works17:42
sandsmarkok, just clicking the start button again works17:43
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos17:44
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r0kk3rzi wonder if i have to install all my mersdk packages again17:49
r0kk3rzi guess so, since they replaced the vm image17:49
*** flash1 has quit IRC17:49
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tbrjust throwing this in here as it went to the wrong channel (#sailfish) once again. Stskeeps or whomever this concerns.17:54
coderusr0kk3rz: what is your mersdk packages? build deps?17:54
tbr15:51:43< jmlich> Hi, you probably know, there is a problem in DialogHeader.
r0kk3rzcoderus: yeah those ones17:54
Nicd-I have that same problem, tbr18:02
Nicd-but it went through harbour qa so it probably doesn't matter18:02
sandsmarkis there any tricks to get the debugger to work?18:03
sandsmarkI don't get a stack trace or anything when my app segfaults18:03
SK_worksandsmark: run gdb on device / emulator ?18:04
SK_workinstead of running debug button on QtC18:04
SK_workat least you will get something18:04
Stskeepstbr: -L is dead again?18:04
SK_workyep, better than nothing18:04
tbrNicd-: tbh IDGAF, I just copy pasted from #sailfish, as the channel *again* doesn't redirect to #sailfishos.18:04
sandsmarkjust annoying :p18:04
* Stskeeps puts freenode on fire18:04
*** Behold has joined #sailfishos18:04
tbrStskeeps: is there a chanserv chansitter?18:04
Stskeepsthere is even18:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps18:05
Nicd-tbr: btw, seeing your car around always makes me smile on my morning/evening commute :)18:05
Stskeepstbr: might work now18:06
tbrNicd-: had to move it though. they instituted alternating parking restrictions.18:06
Accethey want you to give up18:06
Acceso nakkivene18:06
sandsmarkbaaah, now the stupid qt MVC classes18:07
tbrNicd-: parked it next to Hermia5, but today got finally an parking spot nearby. Going to be in front of the new Hermia building across from Mikontalo18:07
tbrwell parking spot from 1. november. so still a few days on hermiankatu18:07
Nicd-I'll enjoy looking at it while it lasts18:08
SK_worksandsmark: what's the problem about Qt's MVC ?18:08
SK_workexcept that they are pretty bloated18:08
sandsmarknever works on the first try :D18:08
Nicd-tbr: what is the model exactly?18:08
sandsmarkand pretty inelegant to work with, compared to the rest of the APIs18:08
SK_worksandsmark: well, in Sailfish, you just need to subclass QAbstractListModel18:09
SK_workthat is already arther ok18:09
SK_workeven if you need to write the damn boilerplate code all the time18:09
sandsmarkSK_work: I know18:09
sandsmarkbut somehow the ui isn't updated when the model is updated18:09
tbrNicd-: it's a Volvo C304, exact model is TgB 1314A18:10
SK_worksandsmark: show code18:10
sandsmarkI call both beginInsertModel and emit dataChanged18:10
SK_worksandsmark: beginInsertRow ?18:10
sandsmarkeh, yeah18:10
tbrNicd-: that should get you all the vehicle-pr0n
SK_workStskeeps: nice18:10
Nicd-tbr: thanks! it's so cool 8)18:11
SK_worksandsmark: which line ?18:11
Accesandsmark: what about endInsertRows?18:11
sandsmarkAcce: line 11118:11
Accedid you test that it ever actually gets evaluated?18:11
sandsmarkhence the qDebug()'s18:11
sandsmark[D] SnapModel::parseJson:107 - adding snap "303059413639548711r"18:12
SK_worksandsmark: quite weired way to populate18:12
SK_workeither you append or you update18:12
SK_workdon't do both in same code path :/18:12
* Stskeeps twitches at reading about ilp32 for aarch64.18:12
sandsmarkwell, I need to loop over the JSON array18:12
SK_worksandsmark: which path is called atm ?18:12
sandsmarkgood question18:13
SK_workemit dataUpdated or endInsertRows ?18:13
SK_worksandsmark: if you need to loop over the json array do an begin/endInsertRows one time18:13
SK_workperformance wise it is much better18:13
sandsmarkhmm, true18:13
SK_worksandsmark: what's the use case ?18:14
SK_workwhy do you need to update model actually ?18:14
SK_workor couldn't you batch update the model, followed by the appending ?18:14
sandsmarkwhen snaps are viewed the the snap item need to be updated18:14
SK_worksandsmark: then do one code path for viewing snap18:15
SK_workanother for adding snaps18:15
sandsmarkyeah, I guess18:16
sandsmarkit will still need two paths, though, one for batching and one for updating18:16
SK_worksandsmark: please18:16
SK_workdon't mix update and add18:16
sandsmarkso I don't really see the improvement18:16
SK_workit is not pleasant18:16
r0kk3rzinstead of keeping the json, store it in a qmap <qvariantmap>??18:16
sandsmarkr0kk3rz: what do you mean?18:16
SK_workwell, what I feel is that you need to read the array and batch update18:16
sandsmarkwhat would be the improvement?18:17
Acceconsider creating the snap items as QObjects instead of js objects18:17
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos18:17
sandsmarkit's just a struct18:17
sandsmarkand I get it as json from snapchat itself18:17
Accethen register the qobjects to the qml engine and you can bind the data18:17
SK_workAcce: or C struct, QObjects have metadata that might not be needed18:18
sandsmarkdone that before, it is very crash prone18:18
SK_workAcce: not bad either18:18
SK_workgtg bbl18:18
SK_worksandsmark: hope you can find a good solution :)18:18
sandsmarkusing a list model roleNames is much more tested, apparently18:18
SK_worksandsmark: I do like roleNames, but QObject with properties is quite nice too18:18
sandsmarkwell, as long as they don't cause qtquick to crash :p18:19
sandsmarkalso, more boilerplate18:19
Accesandsmark: when you tried it, did you set the ownership of the objects?18:19
SK_worksandsmark: not exactly18:19
Acceand qml still tries to delete them? :/18:19
sandsmarkI don't remember the issue exactly, but threading was a pain18:19
SK_workit has to do with you18:19
sandsmarkit was more about updating the content18:19
SK_worknever populate QObjects in another thread18:19
sandsmarkyou don't want to run stuff in the QML UI thread18:19
SK_workthere is a thread affinity with QObject18:20
sandsmarkI know18:20
SK_workyou should retrive QVariantMap or stuff, and create it in UI thread18:20
SK_worknot hard18:20
sandsmarkit's a ton of extra code for no gain over a listmodel :)18:20
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC18:20
r0kk3rzi should really revisit my qabstractlistmodel implementation18:26
r0kk3rzits pretty bad as is18:26
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sandsmarkhmm, no I can't get outgoing connections18:50
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attahDoes anyone know the status of qtdocgallery or any other ways of apping around the media library?19:17
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Accecoderus: thanks for your help the other day, I got this working.. however19:50
AcceFor some reason any media player I've tried on Jolla won't play the video recorded.. works fine in VLC on PC though19:51
Accemight that be because of using the matroska container? I tried using some other containers from
*** Didou has joined #sailfishos19:53
Accebut trying anything else, it says gstreamer installation is missing plugin.. any pointers?19:53
DidouI wonder if there a version for one oneplus19:54
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC19:56
r0kk3rzDidou: theres one in the works19:58
DidouHow to get it?19:59
*** kunev has quit IRC19:59
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Accecoderus: hmm now it seems to work in the gallery player.. blargh, sorry to bother you ^^'20:03
*** Nc_ has quit IRC20:04
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r0kk3rzDidou: not sure its been made available yet20:05
r0kk3rzthat is the current list, and what works20:05
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Didoucurrently there is not20:17
skvarkwhat does this mean: file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/Page.qml:134: TypeError: Cannot read property of null20:19
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:19
skvarkhappens with the new sdk20:19
skvarkwhen I swipe back after pageStack.push20:19
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos20:20
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coderusAcce: nice :)20:22
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coderusskvark: that means there are not enough good developers working in Jolla for Silica :)20:27
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skvarkcoderus: well I'm going ignore the error because everything is working fine :)20:35
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