Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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zGrrmoin :)08:23
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zGrrYes, there was a mainframe malware called kurwa, but it was Swedish.08:31
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Sail0rcarddav works now for me with owncloud ^^ https://together.jolla.com/question/60493/new-carddavcaldav-support-got-to-it-working-with-owncloud/#post-id-6107111:13
BlizzzSail0r: think it's a bug in ownCloud or in SailfishOS?11:15
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Sail0rI think in sailfishos11:32
Sail0rit's not using the complete uri11:32
Sail0ronly the request part11:32
Sail0rand thats why it breaks11:32
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r0kk3rzyeah bit of a hack11:34
r0kk3rzbut now jolla know where their implementation is deficient11:34
r0kk3rzthey might be able to fix it properly11:34
Sail0rbecause the rest works without any problem11:35
Sail0rit's just the url which gets messed up11:35
Sail0rtried adding contact on server and deleting it on jolla after importing11:35
Sail0rit worked without a problem and got delete on server11:35
Jarei noticed the same issue, when i quickly tested it with kolab (uses sabredav too). I guess it would work out of the box, if the dav was placed to the webroot11:35
Sail0ryep, it works with providers which use a different vhost with carddav directly there11:36
r0kk3rzdo you run your own owncloud or use a third party provider?11:39
Jareyup, i'll create a bug about it, if we haven't one yet... of course if there are enthusiastic community members to fix it, the code is available in github. You might get it fixed faster then :)11:40
Sail0rI run my own owncloud11:41
Sail0rwhere can we find the involved code @ Jare?11:42
Sail0rbuteo-sync ?11:42
Sail0rthis one i think: https://github.com/nemomobile/buteo-sync-plugin-carddav11:43
Armadillobut could also be an issue with the accounts app11:44
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r0kk3rzwhere is the best place to look for connman errors11:57
tigelir0kk3rz: journalctl ;)11:57
tigelir0kk3rz: if you need more detail install connman-tracing-package11:58
r0kk3rzmight be a idea11:58
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r0kk3rzits hard to know whether its a connman issue or a network issue11:59
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r0kk3rzive been noticing that the phone displays no signal, unless i toggle on\off flight mode and then it recovers12:26
r0kk3rzand just now the phone was displaying signal, but wouldnt establish a call due to no coverage12:27
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r0kk3rztries to dial, then ends the call with null status13:23
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stephgr0kk3rz: how many Gs?14:03
r0kk3rzi think it was an issue with 3g14:03
r0kk3rzas it kept downgrading back to 2g and then would work properly14:04
r0kk3rzso could be patchy 3g coverage14:04
cos-ok where can i buy the tohkbd?14:06
tadzikI'm a nigerian prince, please send me $1000 and I'll send you your tohkbd14:06
Armadillocos- in the past, rev1 :P14:07
r0kk3rzcos: when its available, it will likely be on http://funkyotherhalf.com/14:08
cos-my tardis is in service14:08
tadzikthen bring us a tohkbd from the future14:09
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cos-oh, kickstarter :-/14:11
r0kk3rzbe interesting to see how this pans out14:12
cos-i was already inserting my credit card to the pcmcia slot to buy one14:12
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r0kk3rzi have no doubt one of the options on the kickstarter is to pre-order one14:13
cos-kickstarter probably means several months of more delay14:14
Armadillowe'll see in the next days14:15
r0kk3rzdepends where they are at with manufacturer negotiations14:15
r0kk3rzit might just be a case of getting enough funds for the manufacturing run14:15
Armadillostarting at 100€ for early birds^^14:16
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r0kk3rzbut yes, all will be revealed14:16
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simbrownJare: would I be able to install the master branch version of the caldav plugin without dependancy problems?15:28
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daitheflucos-: thank you for this one : "i was already inserting my credit card to the pcmcia slot to buy one" - I can't stop laughing15:32
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SK_worksimbrown: well15:50
SK_workbuild a package and try ?15:50
simbrownSK_work: It's my day to day phone, I'm a bit reluctant to wading in15:51
SK_worksimbrown: build a package and be sure to set the version to 0.0.015:51
SK_workzypper in it15:51
SK_work(forcing if needed)15:51
SK_workand then, if problem, zypper in <package> to get the one from repos15:52
simbrownSK_work: I'll give it a go then15:53
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Nc_small question - is it possible to use qt.labs.* things in jolla apps?16:32
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SK_workNc_: try and run the rpmvalidator thingin inside the sdk17:02
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Nc_can try ...17:03
Nc_"Import 'Qt.labs.shaders 1.0' is not allowed" - crap17:05
Nc_shite, pretty much everything I use is disallowed :)17:05
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Jaresimbrown: there's a separate update9 branch, so you can probably cross-reference what kind of changes there are after that. I'm not working on that myself, but you could ask VDVsx once he comes back here17:12
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simbrownJare: Thanks.17:15
SK_workNc_: whait what ?17:21
SK_workshaders ?17:21
SK_workisn't shades already integrated ?17:21
SK_workNc_: or are you using QtQuick 1.0 ?17:22
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Nc_QtQuick 2.017:23
Nc_was using it to try something, found different solution17:24
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coderusNc_: its import QtGraphicalEffects 1.0 in qt517:34
Nc_"Import 'QtGraphicalEffects 1.0' is not allowed"17:35
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r0kk3rzpfft do what you want and release on openrepos17:37
Nc_Is my intent eventually, but first I have a pile of stuff to figure out17:38
Nc_Was actually thinking it was my perl-script set to run as root, that would fail the RPM check ...17:38
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coderusNc_: scriptlets not allowed :)17:42
Nc_I know - and seems no same way to solve that particular problem in a sane way, and permitted, way :)17:44
coderuswhat is your script for?17:46
Nc_calling /sbin/iwpriv to change BCAST filtering on startup, so can receive BCAST17:46
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*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:49
coderusi think such applications can't be allowed in harbour anyway17:49
Sail0rlocusf: any ideas for the pebbled issue?17:50
coderuscheck if there are such option in connman first17:50
locusfSail0r: nope, I didn't make the software, just ported it to qt 5.2 :)17:50
Sail0rhehe, ok. But I hoped you had the same issue and worked around it ;)17:50
Nc_coderus, I looked at connman (for other issue) - the documentation alone was reason enough for me to, "Nopes"17:51
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Sail0rlocusf: which repo did you add for qtlogger?17:56
locusfSail0r: I didn't, I manually built it from git17:56
Sail0rbecause mine does not build on the new sdk17:56
Sail0r../../pebble/daemon/watchconnector.h:40:25: fatal error: Log4Qt/Logger: No such file or directory17:57
locusfthere no real packaging for the devel package17:57
locusfjust clone it from here: https://github.com/smokku/Log4Qt17:58
locusfqmake and make install it17:58
locusfand then manually copy some headers over to /usr/include/Log4Qt17:58
locusfyou'll know which ones17:58
Sail0rsb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper ar -G http://repo.merproject.org/obs/sailfishos:/chum:/
Sail0rdoing this shows log4qt-devel afterwards as available packeges17:59
locusfoh ok17:59
locusfdid you try to install it?17:59
Sail0rI tried it at the moment looks like it works18:00
locusfoh cool18:00
locusfwould have saved me some time :p18:00
Sail0rthat worked18:01
Sail0rbut now it fails on fatal error: unicode/translit.h: No such file or directory ^^18:01
locusfinstall icu-devel18:01
*** leszek has quit IRC18:03
Sail0rlooks good18:04
*** pigletto_ is now known as pigletto18:09
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Sail0rI don't get it to build a rpm18:15
Sail0rit only builds the binary18:15
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos18:18
locusfare you using mb2?18:21
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC18:21
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos18:22
Sail0rI tried it via the creator18:22
Sail0rbut maybe i should just use mb218:22
Sail0rOk i added a try catch block to handle the exception18:30
Sail0rlet's have a look what happens18:30
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tortoisedocI was wondering19:48
tortoisedocif i would like to send a mail with the sailfish os19:48
tortoisedocmail client19:48
tortoisedocwith an attachment19:48
tortoisedocand start that say from another program19:48
tortoisedocchances to succeed?19:48
Sfiet_Konstantintortoisedoc: send a mail without user confirmation ?19:52
Sfiet_Konstantinnot easy19:52
tortoisedocSfiet_Konstantin : nono19:52
tortoisedocWITH user confirmation ofc19:52
tortoisedocI did not say wiht no user confirmation :P19:52
tortoisedocofc I could probably use the share dialog19:52
tortoisedocmaybe the camera app has some qml sample19:53
tortoisedoci am trying to add crash dump submission via mail for Quickbar19:53
tortoisedoc350 MB :P19:53
*** tat has joined #sailfishos19:55
sandsmarktortoisedoc: mailto?19:55
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos19:56
sandsmarkas in, mailto:/ url, and hopefully xdg-open handles that correctly19:56
tortoisedocsandsmark : aha!19:56
tortoisedocdidnt think of that possibility19:56
tortoisedochmm but does it handle attachments as well19:57
* tortoisedoc goes and checks19:57
sandsmarkbut mailing binary files is bad :p19:57
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*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:57
sandsmarkwhy not use breakpad, or just write a simple php script or something to receive it?19:57
sandsmarkhttps://code.google.com/p/google-breakpad/ is made for this19:57
tortoisedocphp script === hosting19:58
tortoisedocgoogle === google :P19:58
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos19:58
tortoisedocon the other hand19:59
sandsmarkwell, it is open sores :p19:59
tortoisedocas the email is in gmail it would end up in google anyway :D19:59
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tortoisedocthis breakpad is cool20:07
tortoisedocbut requires the extra processing on debug files20:07
tortoisedocto make the info platform agnostic20:07
sandsmarkhmm, true20:07
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sandsmarkthat's unnecessary20:08
tortoisedocwhich has some positive things20:08
tortoisedocyeah, exactly20:08
tortoisedocbut kewl project20:08
tortoisedocyou contributed?20:10
sandsmarkI'm not clever enough to work for google :)20:11
sandsmarkhmm, seems like there is an unofficial extension to the mailto: url standard with attachment=/path/to/file?20:11
sandsmarkyou could try that20:11
tortoisedocsandsmark : where did you get that from?20:12
sandsmarkotherwise I guess you could call something equivalent to system("mail -foo -bar /path/to/file")?20:13
sandsmarkassuming there's a simple MTA running20:13
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sandsmarkmodule "QtQuick.Layouts" is not installed20:20
*** Guhl has quit IRC20:24
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos20:24
sandsmarkand now the build VM seems to crash every three builds or so..20:25
tortoisedocsandsmark : you mean disconnect?20:26
tortoisedocincrease the ssh timeouts20:26
sandsmarkI guess?20:26
sandsmarkhmm, ok20:26
tortoisedoc(somewhere in options)20:26
sandsmarkyeah, found it :)20:26
tortoisedochopefully it works20:27
tortoisedocfor me it didnt :P20:27
tortoisedoc(but that was some time ago)20:27
sandsmarkhah, ok20:28
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:30
sandsmarkyeah, didn't work :p20:34
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sandsmarkmy QAbstractListModel returns 2 from rowCount(), but onCountChanged: console.log("count is: " + count) returns 3 in my SilicaListView20:39
sandsmarkseverely annoying20:40
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r0kk3rzarent you supposed to provide an implementation for rowcount?20:59
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sandsmarkI do21:05
sandsmarkand it returns the items in my list, which is 2, but count in the listview returns 321:05
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sandsmarkaaaagh, this is what I meant wrt. the MVC classes in Qt sucking21:28
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tortoisedocsandsmark : are you sure the 2 is not the index?21:51
sandsmarkwell, I pasted my code earlier21:51
sandsmarkbut I found the problem21:51
sandsmarkI needed a -1 here: beginInsertRows(QModelIndex(), start, start + items - 1);21:52
tortoisedocok great21:52
tortoisedocwhat was it21:52
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sandsmarkeh: /usr/bin/bluefish: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/bluefish: undefined symbol: _ZN9QFileInfo6existsERK7QString22:45
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