Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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sandsmarkhmm, how can I get the camera out fullscreen in landscape mode, when my app is in portrait?00:17
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sandsmarkah, orientation property00:28
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sandsmarkhmm, isn't imageCapture.resolution supported?00:38
sandsmarkwhen I try to set it, I get: [W] CameraBinSession::processBusMessage:919 - CameraBin error: "No common caps"00:38
sandsmarkand no output00:38
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sandsmarkis this really necessary?:
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kendeMorning. Seems like I got my whatsapp account blocked by using mitakuuluu. Anyone else?07:46
kendeMorning. Seems like I got my whatsapp account blocked by using mitakuuluu. Anyone else?07:47
tme09:02 < Bysmyyr> coderus: I got blocked from whatsapp, Have you hear similar before?07:48
tme09:14 < skvark> I have the same problem, worked yesterday just fine07:48
* kende doh!07:49
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kendeAccording to couple of people have the same problem as well, whatsapp has started blocking users.07:53
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VDVsxmaybe consequence of
Bysmyyryep, now have to move all friends also to new program...07:59
VDVsxI stopped using it a while ago, too many problems even in other platforms with official app, people that have whatsapp also have something else like FB/gtalk, so can chat there :)08:00
Bysmyyrdo gtalk have group chats?08:01
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VDVsxFB messenger for example already does the same, you can chat with people in your contacts list, even if they aren't your FB friends08:01
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Bysmyyrbut no group chat08:02
VDVsxofc it has group chat08:02
Bysmyyror native client08:02
Bysmyyrand I am not going to get my parents to facebook08:03
VDVsxthat probably will be even harder to do than whatsApp closed FB stuff08:03
VDVsxthere's also Telegram and those, but never used them, no sure if they are good08:03
tbrdidn't FB still support XMPP?08:05
VDVsxbut no group chat on that08:06
Bysmyyrtelegram android app was quite nice08:06
tbralso google hangouts (formerly gtalk) has multi-user chat, but also not accessible by XMPP08:06
VDVsxFB messenger android also works well :P08:06
tbrBUT, there is a reverse engineered library08:06
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* tbr wanted to look into that08:06
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tbrit wasn't super stable when I tried08:07
tbrhangouts.apk ofc also works, but meh08:07
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VDVsxgoogle should open up those libs...08:08
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VDVsxwell they want some control there, but would be nice08:08
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tbrVDVsx: seems it's all a http API. REST or something, forgot the details.08:10
VDVsxso no reason to not open that up08:10
VDVsxcould be behind a oauth2 flow with app key, so they could control all08:10
tbr - "Notice: hangups is currently BROKEN because of a Hangouts API change on October 27"08:11
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coderushow to change mer sdk port in qtc from 2222 to another?10:10
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tbrone side probably on the VBox side10:10
coderustbr: yes but10:11
coderusin qtc Mer SDDK window it still 222210:11
coderusand i cant connect10:11
tbrthat should be somewhere in settings, you might need to create a new connection10:13
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coderustbr: only patching helped10:19
coderusport was hardcoded10:19
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coderustbr: yep10:35
coderustbr: i need other software  runnong on my 2222 port :)10:36
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dr_gogeta86good mornining10:54
dr_gogeta86coderus, I will made your day10:55
dr_gogeta86Peeps say10:55
dr_gogeta86what the hell you buyed that phone ...( jphone ) to avoid android and don't be a sheep like you10:56
coderusdr_gogeta86: i dont care :)11:02
dr_gogeta86me also11:02
coderusi'm applications developer11:02
coderusi dont care if you like android or not11:02
coderusand how much you like my project11:03
coderusi dont care at all if you're using my projects or not11:03
coderusdr_gogeta86: you can quote my answer for them as is :)11:03
dr_gogeta86coderus, is the opposite11:03
dr_gogeta86peeps are dumb11:03
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sandsmarkless entitled users, less hassle and whining :D11:03
tadzikfortunately no one needs to care about dumb people :)11:03
dr_gogeta86untile an entire population begin to be dumb11:04
sandsmarkyou think everything was better earlier? :p11:04
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dr_gogeta86that's why in italy wp 8.1 become strong11:05
dr_gogeta86android is a crap11:05
dr_gogeta86they found nokia written on top11:05
dr_gogeta86and bingo11:05
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sandsmarkhow is android crap?11:05
chem|stbut it has electrolytes?11:06
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sandsmarkI don't agree with many of their decisions, but I wouldn't call it crap11:06
sandsmarkit's what plants crave!11:06
coderusprobably not so dumb, but demanding so much, while not producing anything themself :)11:06
sandsmarkcoderus: well, they're named consumers for a reason :p11:06
dr_gogeta86we need more devs like coderus11:06
dr_gogeta86despite forbidden api11:07
coderusi want to stay unique! :D11:07
dr_gogeta86i say like11:07
sandsmarkbut back to the actual reason this channel exists; why don't I get 25 fps in my file from this:
coderusi dont like somebody like me :D11:07
dr_gogeta86coderus you made something company like facebook11:07
dr_gogeta86don't see like a viable11:08
coderussandsmark: what fps you getting?11:08
dr_gogeta86monetize and users ....11:08
sandsmarkuh, something very low11:08
sandsmarkI think maybe 16fps is the default or something?11:08
sandsmarkoh, and the quality is absolute crap11:08
sandsmarklots and lots of macroblocks all over the place :D11:08
coderussandsmark: check it please with some video player in pc and  check file options :)11:09
coderussandsmark: ah11:09
coderusyou need to set it to "high"11:09
sandsmarkI couldn't find a proper property11:09
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sandsmarkah, ugh :D11:10
sandsmarkbut thanks!11:10
coderussandsmark: then here set preset "high":
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sandsmarkyeah, this is exactly what I was looking for11:10
sandsmarkthanks a lot :)11:10
coderussandsmark: and you need to copy presets to your folder:
sandsmarkyeah, I found them already11:11
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sandsmarkI just found this yesterday, but setting the quality there didn't work:
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sandsmarkbut then I just set it in QVideoEncoderSettings, not with gstreamer directly11:12
coderussandsmark: it wont work without loaded preset :)11:13
coderusi spent two months for this11:13
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sandsmarkI thought maybe QtMultimedia would sett the correct stuff for me11:13
coderusits QtMultimedia stuff already :)11:14
sandsmarkwell, I'm glad you were active now, otherwise I probably would have just given up11:14
coderusits wired with gstreamer11:14
coderusi'm always online11:14
sandsmarkyeah, but setting this won't work:
coderusjust need to fix my email notifier...11:14
sandsmarkwell, I didn't know you have this figured out11:14
coderussandsmark: it wont work while you didn't loaded presets folder and selected preset :)11:15
sandsmarkah, ok11:15
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dr_gogeta86coderus, sheeps sheeps and more sheeps11:30
coderusdr_gogeta86: lol, he thinks account will be automatically unbanned on android? :D11:31
coderusdr_gogeta86: ask him to trade jolla phone to another :)11:31
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tadzikno no11:38
tadzikdon't ruin the market of our discount vouchers :P11:38
dr_gogeta86another ships11:46
Stskeepsit's not nice to call people sheep. people have various needs. not all are political.11:47
pp_what's wrong with the android one?-) (except that the ux is horrible, but it's the same on native android I'd guess)11:47
sandsmarkhey, why is noone complaining about the lack of a snapchat client :(11:47
pp_only found whatsapp useful after installing mitakuuluu, tried the android one ages ago and didn't find an use for it11:48
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, not nice ... but sometimes is the truth11:48
pp_(after starting it, I found 2 month old messages from friends who thought I used it)11:48
dr_gogeta86sandsmark, snapchat is something for 14-21 ages11:49
dr_gogeta86last weeking I was in messina11:49
dr_gogeta86( south italy )11:49
dr_gogeta86in a linux day11:49
dr_gogeta861) now one knows about jolla11:49
dr_gogeta862) I've also printed a TOH11:49
dr_gogeta863) I demoed the phone ... and11:50
dr_gogeta86is a crap where are facebook/instagram and all android / iOs nut and bolts11:50
dr_gogeta86for the record all girls from 15 to 18 ( was hosted in a high-school ) got iPhones so ...11:52
sandsmarkwell, if they get snapchat maybe they will switch! :p11:52
sandsmarkanyways, I'm making it mostly for myself11:52
sandsmarkand because it was an interesting protocol to implement11:52
dr_gogeta86is saw the source11:52
Nokius1coderus: sorry no one has plans to travel soon to Russia :( can't help11:55
_miqu_How about a Chatrulet client for some peeps. :)11:55
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coderusNokius1: ok :)12:03
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twixxhey guys. i did something stupid: installed glacier homescreen, then uninstalled and reboot... now jolla is not able to boot :/12:21
twixxi chrooted in through telnet. but without internet connection. as described on i need to install lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 but it's not working without internet connection. so what next?12:21
twixx* getting wifi to work?12:21
twixx* internet throug telnet ?!12:21
twixx* installing package without internet?12:21
twixx* enableing jolla home screen (which was working before)?12:21
twixxthanks in advance :)12:21
locusftwixx: hi12:21
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twixxlocusf: oh hi :)12:22
coderustwixx: just grab jolla-lipstick-qt5.rpm and install it :)12:22
locusftwixx: I haven't tried to get the telnet enabled Jolla to go to the internet but lets try something now12:22
tbryou could always route over the usb network connection?12:23
locusfit needs some iptables magic as well12:24
coderustwixx: also
twixxnice. jepp mounting proc sys and dev what i wanted to try next12:26
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coderustwixx: what release you using?12:33
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dr_gogeta86coderus, with last version on uitukka all contacts seems like selected12:44
coderusdr_gogeta86: yep12:45
coderusdr_gogeta86: dont expect it t be fixed soon :)12:45
dr_gogeta86was just a report12:45
coderuspost your reports to github please :)12:46
coderusotherwise it wont be fixed in this century :)12:46
dr_gogeta86report for unreleased firmware12:46
coderusmitakuuluu doesn't have any firmware :D12:46
coderusuitukka what?12:47
dr_gogeta86sailfish os version12:47
coderusok, uitukka is sailfish os version12:47
coderusand what are you talking about?12:47
dr_gogeta86don't mind12:47
_miqu_Yeah I feel the same when I wanted to report some problems to TJC when using Uitukka.12:48
_miqu_But well I can live a month without numbers and names on my phone. :)12:49
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_miqu_I do have call and messaging logs so just selecting from there to recall or continue a txt discussion.12:50
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okucoderus: Does the main view have a light gray tint on purpose in latest version of mitakuuluu?13:01
okuand is it only me or do others also have it like that?13:02
okucoderus: oh maybe i need to read the backlog little better, nevermind ;)13:13
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coderusoku: at least read bugtracker :)13:28
okuthat's a good one too :)13:29
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twixxis pkcon available in recovery mode? i am getting " Failed to contact PackageKit: Could not connect: Connection refused"14:00
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lainwir3dtwixx: it should be available if packagekit is launched. You might have to launch packagekit (if he agrees with it, not sure in recovery mode)14:07
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coderustwixx: use rpm14:20
*** jhakala has quit IRC14:21
coderustwixx: what sailfish version you have?14:21
*** f3an0r has quit IRC14:21
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twixxcoderus: i cannot find lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 rpm14:30
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC14:31
twixxi installed zypper rpm but i am getting errors with refresh and install14:32
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r0kk3rzwhats the difference between zypper and pkcon?14:37
coderustwixx: i can give you rpm14:37
coderusone moment...14:37
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twixxr0kk3rz: pkcon needs packageKit which seems not to work in recovery mode?! dunno i am bloody new to all this :D14:41
twixxcoderus: thank you very much14:42
coderustwixx: this one is for, but i think lipstick wont changed in 2114:43
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twixxcoderus: my jolla is working again :)15:25
locusftwixx: good, now remember to reinstall the homescreen next time in the terminal before restarting lipstick :)15:25
twixxlocusf: yeah you are right. last time i was in a hurry...stupid. but to see the positive: i learned a lot today. nice system so far15:27
locusftwixx: thanks :)15:27
twixxi received my jolla last week and now i am check out everythin with it to get closer :)15:30
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HartziHey, does anyone got a response from whatsapp support yet?16:03
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coderusHartzi: in worst case block will expire automatically in 3 months :)16:27
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Hartzinot funny16:31
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Sailor11736. v17:05
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stephggood afternoon everyone17:13
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sandsmarkcoderus: hmm, where do you get the gstreamer headers from?18:23
sandsmark/home/sandsmark/src/bluefish/src/bluefish.cpp:37: error: gst/gst.h: No such file or directory18:23
sandsmarkforgot pkgconfig18:24
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos18:26
sandsmark:-1: error: Package gstreamer-0.10 not found18:26
*** flash1 has quit IRC18:30
*** brunelli has quit IRC18:31
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sandsmarkadded that19:10
sandsmarknow [W] CameraBinSession::processBusMessage:919 - CameraBin error: "Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in."19:10
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos19:14
coderussandsmark: show your code19:15
sandsmarkI just pasted in yours19:15
sandsmarkbut one sec, I'll commit and push19:15
sandsmarkis the qml19:16
sandsmark is the cpp part19:16
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC19:17
coderusGstOMXMPEG4VideoEnc-omxmpeg4videoenc.prs.txt << TXT!!!19:18
sandsmarkstupid browser19:19
sandsmarkI saved it from the browser19:20
coderusgit clone :D19:20
sandsmarkbut even fixing that it is broken19:20
sandsmarkmeh :p19:20
sandsmarkI already had the file open19:20
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:22
sandsmarkthis error doesn't make sense19:23 which is installed has GstOMXMPEG4VideoEnc19:24
coderussandsmark: means you renamed file and still error?19:24
*** bugzy has quit IRC19:24
sandsmarkhmm, maybe I can get gstreamer to be a bit more verbose19:24
coderuswhat is return of Init gst presets?19:25
coderusyep, you can add GST_DEBUG=319:25
coderussandsmark: first of all you need high settings, isnt it?19:26
sandsmarkyeah, but I just want to get something working first19:26
sandsmark    qDebug() << "Init gst presets" << gst_preset_set_app_dir("/usr/share/bluefish/presets");19:26
sandsmarkreturns 119:26
coderusin qml you have videoRecorder options, but not imageCapture19:27
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:27
coderusset frameRate: 3019:28
coderusand set real resolution19:28
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos19:28
sandsmarkUnable to read preset file /usr/share/bluefish/presets/GstOMXH264Enc-omxh264enc.prs: Permission denied19:28
coderusalso you need to call setCamera in page onCompleted19:28
coderuswhile camera is not loaded19:29
coderusyou have no properties for that in qml19:29
sandsmarkonCompleted in Page isn't called until after Camera, though?19:29
*** Firnwath has joined #sailfishos19:30
coderustoo many problems in your code :D19:30
sandsmarkwell, the problem seems to be that it can't access the preset file19:30
sandsmark-rw-r----- 1 root root 154 Oct 29 20:28 GstOMXH264Enc-omxh264enc.prs19:30
sandsmarkshould be a o+r19:30
sandsmarkbut I have no idea how rpm works :D19:30
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:30
coderusyour rpm looks ok, check file permissions on your disk19:31
sandsmarkit was wrong, fixed now19:31
*** bugzy has joined #sailfishos19:31
coderusset camera cameraState: Camera.UnloadedState19:31
coderusand set it to Camera.ActiveState after setting camera19:32
sandsmarkwell, it works19:32
coderuschange preset to high19:32
coderusand check video quality19:32
sandsmarkbut yeah, that would probably avoid a race condition19:32
*** arcean has quit IRC19:32
sandsmarkhmm, in the preset high and vga have the same values19:33
sandsmarkdo they inherit some other presets somehow?19:33
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:35
sandsmarkhmm, the built in video viewer refuses to play it19:35
sandsmarkbut it is much larger than what it was19:35
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:35
sandsmarkah, it works19:36
sandsmarkcoderus: thanks <319:36
sandsmarkhmm, trying to set resolution gives me: CameraBin error: "No common caps"19:40
*** nodevel has quit IRC19:42
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos19:42
sandsmarkhmm, I tried to set it to the height and width of the page, but that is 0 during initialization...19:43
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:44
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coderussandsmark: you can use only defined resolutions19:54
sandsmarkah, doh...19:54
sandsmarkyou know which resolutions it supports?19:54
coderusits output resolution, not viewfinder19:54
sandsmarkor, where can I find it19:54
sandsmarkyeah, I know19:56
coderusits written in some config19:56
coderusi cant remember now in which19:56
coderusMSameer: can you help? ^19:56
sandsmarkhmm, ok19:56
*** nodevel has quit IRC19:57
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos19:57
MSameerwhere is the question?19:58
MSameercoderus: BTW: check the 1st 4 repos
MSameercoderus: still early though19:59
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC20:03
sandsmarkok, 1280x720 works20:05
sandsmarkI guess that'll have to do20:05
MSameersandsmark: what is the issue? what are you trying to do?20:07
sandsmarkwell, first I wanted just better video recording quality than the default, and I got that thanks to coderus20:07
sandsmarknow I'm trying to record in the same resolution as the screen20:08
sandsmarkbut I guess plain 720 will have to do20:09
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos20:10
MSameer800x480 is supported20:10
sandsmarkah, ok20:10
MSameerso 1080p, 720p, 800x48020:11
MSameerI can get you lower than that if you want :)20:11
sandsmarkI guess that is close enough20:11
sandsmarkhaha, no20:11
sandsmarkthis is fine20:11
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coderusMSameer: MSameer nice! gst1.x!20:24
coderusMSameer: please tell me when it will be ready to use :)20:24
MSameercoderus: I will but it will not be ready in the next update20:25
MSameerit will take a few months but now you can actually watch the progress20:26
sandsmarkis QtMultimedia finally ported?20:28
MSameernot yet20:28
MSameerthere are patches but nothing more20:28
MSameeror there are tested patches20:28
sandsmarkbut they got stuck in gerrit20:29
MSameerbut it cannot go before gstreamer is in a good shape20:29
*** filippz has quit IRC20:29
MSameerthey can get stuck as they want but they can be pushed too20:29
MSameerbut don't worry20:30
MSameerand ofc you are more than welcomed to help :)20:30
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:36
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appdis there a mer sdk vm with a more recent version of gcc?20:45
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sledgesBasilSemuonov__: ping23:59

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