Thursday, 2014-10-30

sledgeslooks like latest warehouse version performs a stricter check on repos, many of our #sailfishos-porters are using warehouse on non-jolla devices (due to jolla store not avail), and started experiencing problems00:00
sledgescould you help looking into that?00:00
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sledgesnight good!00:31
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BasilSemuonov__sledges, thats not latest warehouse version, but u9 and packagekit update. i'm aware about interface freezes, but havent looked into it yet.08:05
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sledgesBasilSemuonov__: hi, those devices are running u8 though08:41
BasilSemuonov__sledges, problems are 'not responding' message for application? version used is 0.3-28+ ?08:43
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sledgesBasilSemuonov__:  "Problem with installing" on the notifications. warehouse updated yesterday (don't know version number). when it's launched as root - everything works08:44
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sledges(as it's also possible to do e.g. pkcon install harbour-friends , from 'devel-su -p' shell or root shell)08:45
sledgesbut that's secondary problem08:45
sledgesprimary problem is that we have repos which don't exist (adaptation0 and store). we have to ssu rr them for warehouse to update. i quite believe this worked previously, but i guess this ball won't be in your court:)08:46
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BasilSemuonov__sledges, latest warehouse change was to perform per-repository update instead of full update of all repositories, and application installation is equal to 'pkcon install packagename' runned as nemouser08:47
sledgeswell 'pkcon install packagename' works only from a privileged shell08:48
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sledgessince recently (iirc since u8)08:50
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BasilSemuonov__to make it work, warehouse installs policy, that allows execution from nemo shell (no auth error)08:51
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BasilSemuonov__if pkcon install from nemo user does not work, something changed within policies, or that policy did not applied08:51
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sledgesquite probably08:52
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sledgeshow is the policy acquired?08:52
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BasilSemuonov__installed by warehouse, {_sharedstatedir}/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/50-net.openrepos.warehouse-packagekit.pkla08:52
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sledgesBasilSemuonov__: but that policy is only per-app (for warehouse), so pkcon install will continue not to work from a simple user shell?09:00
BasilSemuonov__it allows everybody to use package kit dbus, since there were no way to diff applications (js scriplets are not supported)09:00
sledgesok, i'll install warehouse on jolla, and then on nexus4, to compare09:01
sledgesthanks for now!09:02
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coderusjusa_: ping?09:17
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jusa_coderus: pong09:24
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coderusjusa_: you responsive for pulseaudio call recording, right?09:51
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coderusjusa_: i added my comment here:
coderusjusa_: now with uitukka we can finally test this feature, and headphones voice not recorded D:09:52
jusa_coderus: is something recorded anyway? or is it total silence?09:53
coderusjusa_: incoming voice is total silence, only microphone is recorded when headphones connected.09:54
coderuswith earphone everything recorded correctly09:54
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jusa_hm.. strange.. I just tested myself, and recording both uplink and downlink with headphones worked09:54
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jusa_but second time I tried there was strange issue where call audio was lost from headphones when starting the recording (didn't check what was recorded this time though)09:55
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jusa_coderus: could you do "pactl list" during the voice call record with headphones, and put to pastebin?09:55
coderussure, just second09:56
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jusa_I'll look into that later..09:58
coderusjusa_: < not recording, no headphones09:58
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coderusjusa_: < recording, no headphones09:58
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coderusjusa_: < recording, with headphones09:58
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coderusjusa_: thanks :)09:59
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coderusjusa_: btw, my headphones are just headphones, not headset10:00
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danielbeck_Hello. I submitted an app in jolla harbour 9 days ago for approval. The QA process should lasts 48 hours. Is it normal that approval lasts that long (or was the app somehow forgotten?)10:07
Stskeepsdid you mail developer care?10:07
danielbeck_I mail them. thanks.10:09
fmunozsthere's going to be a talk today about the jolla phone at ekoparty argentina10:11
fmunozs(I guess you guys knew it)10:11
Stskeepsnice, by who?10:11
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Accedanielbeck_: the 48 hours isn't based on any real statistics or promises but is just dummy data afaik.. Although they usually are faster10:12
fmunozsV. MClain - C. Weedon - D. Suarez10:12
Stskeepsok, don't know the names10:12
fmunozsMatasano security10:12
danielbeck_Acce: In that case, 9 days looks really strange. I mail them and ask about the state of the QA.10:13
Accethere was something about the submitting to harbour since most users now have u8 and some have u9, there is a post in the mailing list10:13
Aarddanielbeck_: a) the u9 thing Acce mentioned b) we're currently quite busy10:14
Stskeepsfmunozs: let me know if slides come online10:15
SK_workfmunozs: interested by the slides too10:15
AardStskeeps: they've been in contact with us before10:15
StskeepsAard: yeah, i know10:15
danielbeck_Aard & Acce ah, ok. In that case I wait :-)10:15
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zGrrmoin :)10:21
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Hartzisigh. Still no response from whatsapp support12:45
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r0kk3rzmaybe thats because you're using mitakuuluu?12:49
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sledgesshow some RTs to the author \o/
fluxhey wasn't that supposed to be impossible?12:59
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fluxdue to all the voice control magic being in the binary blob13:00
fluxor does it record only what the jolla end of the cal says?13:00
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fluxdoesn't suggest anything like that. I wonder how it works then, or was the previous information incorrect..13:01
fluxapparently it can all be done with pulseaudio. nice work dpurgin!13:02
sledgesflux: yes, he just proved that call recording can be done in a linuxy phone! \o/13:03
sledgesbig kudos also go to jusa_ ;)13:03
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jusa_yay :)13:05
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jusa_see above coderus mentioned a bug.. I'll have to take a look soonish..13:06
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sledgesyes, that's also mentioned in
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Nicd-flux: it was impossible before U9 afaik13:12
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fluxwas the android driver blob updated? because I thought that was the key issue.13:14
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fluxit'd be cool to have it automatically encrypt and send the clips somewhere (say, to my inbox). but now as it is open source the possibilities are endless :)13:16
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fluxor for example "save only calls from unlisted or unknown phone numbers" option could be useful for folks that only want to save telemarketing calls.13:16
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Nicd-well, it's trange, rainisto said it's not possible since the audio never goes to pulseaudio13:17
Nicd-but now we have a call recorder using pulseaudio13:17
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Nicd-lots of comments here before different answers:
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos13:18
Nicd-"@Robin, the main work is done by Jolla audio guys, it allows us to access the other party's audio on the higher level." -- so apparently Jolla was able to tap into the call audio somehow13:18
flux"It means, that it will most likely never happen in Jolla1 as telephony routing happens deep inside android adaptation blackbox which we have no access to modify." has changed since then I suppose.13:19
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obsedis the audio controlled by the baseband?13:24
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tadzikpombo breaker!14:17
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randomActOfdevelhello everybody15:49
randomActOfdevelWould somebody know how I'd get the messaging app in the jolla emulator?15:50
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SK_workrandomActOfdevel: ever tried zypper in jolla-messages ?16:04
stephgsb n16:04
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randomActOfdevelSK_work: thank you, that worked(I'm actually don't have much experience with the jolla, so I didn't know of this before)16:22
randomActOfdevelHow would I now add account support?16:23
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: hum ...16:23
SK_workI have to say, first16:23
SK_workgood luck on the emulator16:23
SK_workthen, try to install everything accounts related16:23
SK_workzypper se account16:23
randomActOfdevelHaha why that? (On a sidenote: I do own a jolla, but never really used zypper tools expect for getting warehouse I guess)16:25
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randomActOfdevelis wildcard expansion supported by zypper?16:25
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC16:26
Stskeepsi'm working on getting a full system emul going but something is breaking bad16:26
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: it should16:26
randomActOfdevelok wildcard expansion works16:26
SK_workStskeeps: hum ?16:27
StskeepsSK_work: as in, have entire sailfish in sdk emulator16:27
randomActOfdevelHowever I then run into this problem: Problem: nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-email-qt5 >= 0.1.34 needed by jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-email-
randomActOfdevelStskeeps: Great idea!16:28
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos16:28
SK_workStskeeps: isn't most SFOS in SDK emulator already ?16:29
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: :/16:29
SK_workdo'nt install jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-email16:29
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC16:29
SK_workas I guess you don't need it to send /instant/ messages16:29
StskeepsSK_work: no, it's pretty much just homescreen16:30
SK_workStskeeps: I have seen some packages being included in the emu actually, but it is good news if you works on it :)16:30
*** VDVsx_ has joined #sailfishos16:30
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC16:34
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos16:34
*** Blazk has joined #sailfishos16:34
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos16:34
randomActOfdevelit worked now, thank you :)16:34
*** kunev has quit IRC16:34
*** beidl has quit IRC16:36
*** synchris has joined #sailfishos16:36
*** synchris has joined #sailfishos16:36
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:38
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos16:41
randomActOfdevelumm... I guess messing around with sociald won't be as easy as downloading source and run it with sdk?16:43
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: sociald ?16:44
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:44
SK_workout of curiosity what are yuoo trying to do ? :)16:44
SK_workI guess it will be as easy as to do this16:44
randomActOfdevelcool :)16:44
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: what do you want to implement ? :)16:45
randomActOfdevelI want to try to develop a telegram plugin as learning experience16:45
randomActOfdeveland because I prefer native apps16:45
randomActOfdeveland I really love the idea of a messaging hub16:45
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: ha16:46
SK_workyou are welcomed here16:46
SK_workbut don't use sociald16:46
randomActOfdevelhm, why that?16:46
SK_worksociald is for non-insteand feeds like stuff (facebook feeds, twitter feeds, etc.)16:47
randomActOfdevelHow would I integrate it into the messeging hub?16:47
SK_workyou will need to do something related to telepathy16:47
SK_workand you will need to summon special16:47
SK_work(maybe he is sleeping atm :))16:47
SK_workspecial knows how telepathy stuff are implemetned16:47
randomActOfdevelIs he the expert on these things? :)16:47
SK_workyou can also read freedesktop docs on telepathy16:47
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: well, special maintains jolla-messages16:48
randomActOfdevelthank you, I'll definitly read those!16:48
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: basically Jolla's messaging system is basd on telepathy16:48
SK_workrandomActOfdevel: maybe you need this too
randomActOfdevelThat should make things... easiert I hope?16:49
randomActOfdevelSo it's based on telepathy. How would I apply a patch there?16:51
randomActOfdevelA shit I really need to leave now and didn't configure a bouncer on this channel. yet16:53
randomActOfdevelcya another time :D16:53
*** randomActOfdevel has quit IRC16:53
*** obsed has quit IRC16:55
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:55
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC17:06
r0kk3rzthere is currently no 'public' api for the messaging system17:09
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos17:13
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:14
SK_workr0kk3rz: I do wonder what you can pipe through telepathy17:16
r0kk3rzim sure you can hack something together17:16
*** daitheflu has quit IRC17:17
r0kk3rzbut i think this was a topic of one of the mer meetings i was in17:17
r0kk3rzthat there isnt an API developers can use to hook into the messaging system, and that jolla would look into doing so17:17
r0kk3rzbut im sure its technically possible through telepathy17:18
r0kk3rzunified comms is always the way to go17:20
*** piggz has quit IRC17:23
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:26
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** Kabouik has quit IRC17:32
r0kk3rzthis seems like a good read so far
coderusgod bless to Andrew den Exter for gstvideothumbnailer code!17:33
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:34
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos17:35
SK_workcoderus: ah ?17:36
SK_worktoo bad he cannot hear you :)17:37
*** Behold has joined #sailfishos17:39
*** Behold has quit IRC17:39
*** Behold has joined #sailfishos17:39
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*** Morpog_PC__ has joined #sailfishos17:48
* satmd got his new jolla \o/17:50
coderusthis one:
* satmd does the satmd dance17:50
coderusSK_work: i know he know i like him :)17:51
Stskeepssatmd: didn't you have one before?17:51
SK_workcoderus: :)17:51
SK_workcoderus: wow, that gst code ... don't look niec :)17:51
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos17:51
coderusSK_work: that awesome code!17:51
SK_workcoderus: it can be nice without looking awesome17:52
* SK_work don't like code that don't contain Q stuff17:52
SK_work(that's actually a problem)17:52
*** fmunozs has joined #sailfishos17:52
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC17:52
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos17:52
coderusSK_work: :D17:52
coderusSK_work: thats why i like Andrew17:52
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos17:53
coderusjust copypasted code a nd it work over all platforms which have gst :)17:53
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC17:56
r0kk3rzSK_work: want me to refactor everything so the classes start with q?17:57
SK_workr0kk3rz: and contains the Q_OBJECT macro17:57
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos17:57
SK_workand nice signals and slots17:57
*** igordcard has quit IRC17:57
r0kk3rzsignals and slots are pretty useful17:57
*** nomeata has quit IRC17:58
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ryukafalzWelp, this is what I get for updating to a newer version on my own, heh18:21
ryukafalz"Fatal error: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''"18:22
*** uvatbc has quit IRC18:22
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coderusstore not supporting mako, so?19:43
coderusjolla store for jolla19:43
coderustherea re no "sailfish store" instead of openrepos :)19:43
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*** fmunozs has joined #sailfishos19:50
Stskeepscoderus: i'm fairly sure latest release had store support?19:52
Stskeepsit shouldn't look for that adaptation though19:52
*** vakkov has quit IRC19:53
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coderusand jolla-hw is notabout jolla store ofc., sorry...20:04
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r0kk3rzwell this is what happens when you call your device and you company the same name :P20:07
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos20:07
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satmdStskeeps: cat, box, dropped20:41
satmdspiderman app20:41
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ryukafalzcoderus: well, I was trying to install gstreamer0.10-droidcamsrc and looks like it's in that repo21:03
ryukafalzthings like that in jolla repos rather than upstream nemo/mer =/21:06
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sandsmarkin a dialog, can I interrupt the accept() and deny it if for example a login fails?23:53
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC23:53
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