Thursday, 2014-11-06

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Juubaso, does anyone have a solution to Whatsapp android version, why it does not see Contact07:43
Juubaand when trying to save, it (alien-dalvik?) complains: "action not supported"07:44
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tbrbecause accessing the sailfish contacts database isn't implemented? (guessing)07:49
Jonniit should see the public contacts, but access to facebook etc contacts are blocked because of ToS.07:50
tadziktbr: it is, works for Telegram07:51
tadzikno idea about whatsapp07:52
* tbr doesn't use android apps much07:52
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Juubaam I missing something from the "Google"implementation07:55
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Juubaearlier I had all kinds of google's shi..stuff around, like Hangout and stuff07:56
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Juubai'm wondering if this "new, less invasive" method is leaving stuff out that Google requires08:55
Juubare: whatsapp contacts funtionality etc...08:55
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Bysmyyratleast telegram not need any google stuff08:57
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Juubayeah, dunno08:58
Juubagames do work08:58
Juubalike Clash of Clans and Plague!08:58
JuubaPlague inc.08:58
Juubawhatsapp, I can receive messages, but I cannot add the people that sent them as contacts08:58
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Armadilloupdate10 features sound very well09:07
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coderusJuuba: android?09:17
coderusJuuba: restart aliendalvik/reboot device09:17
coderusit helps me09:17
coderuson first start whatsapp failed to fetch contacts somehow09:17
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Juubacoderus: ok, i'll try that09:19
Juubasecond question, maybe chem|st is available?09:19
Juubahow can I check/be sure, that my phone is using the btrfs sd card09:20
Juubafor android stuff09:20
Juubahmm,, just figured, that maybe timestamps..09:20
Juubaif they're recent on the card, it should be used...09:20
Juubaseems to be09:21
Juubajust funny that reinstalled apps on a reset phone do not have the same data available, even if the card is the same as in the previous "installation"09:22
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coderus"beginning with making icons resolution independent" <- best in u10 features list :D09:28
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SK_workcoderus: I wonder the impact on performance09:29
SK_workif everything is (for example) svg, it will take more time to render09:30
sandsmarkit can be cached easily, though09:31
Juubajeebus... this warehouse - emoji installation has taken 30 minutes so far09:31
sandsmarkKDE uses svg icons everywhere with no issue (at least after it got the global mmap disk cache thingie)09:31
sandsmarkJuuba: sounds like something broke09:31
Juubawarehouse is not responding pops up all the time09:31
Juubabut it is progressing09:32
Juubayeah, dunno what09:32
Juubafull 4G bars available09:32
SK_worksandsmark: nope, KDE uses several icons of different resolutions09:32
sandsmarkSK_work: with full svg support09:32
SK_workJuuba: U9 installed isn't it ?09:32
sandsmarkSK_work: and plasma themes are all svg09:32
SK_workwarehouse have issues with this09:32
SK_worksandsmark: ha, yep, plasma09:32
SK_workthey also have a complex caching system inside plasma09:33
JuubaSK_work: okay09:33
SK_workJuuba: you should have used zypper09:33
SK_workuse warehouse to add repo, zypper to install ...09:33
Juuba"should have used"09:33
sandsmarkSK_work: not very complex, it's just mpyne's kshareddatacache iirc09:33
JuubaTHANKS! :D09:33
Juuba"of course I should have known these thing beforehand!"09:33
Juubai <3 this linux way of doing stuff09:34
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SK_worksandsmark: looks rather complex09:35
sandsmarkit's a lot of work, but not very complex work09:36
JuubaSK_work: so, if I kill warehouse now, then use zypper install ... will it be able to resume installation ?09:36
SK_workJuuba: I don't even think that warehouse is doing something meaningful atm09:36
Juubawell, I saw it DLing stuff and then installing it09:37
Juubabut it just was S L O W09:37
Juubaseems like it got the work done in the end!09:38
Juubazypper says "nothing to do"09:38
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Juubabut the emoji is not working properly, hmm09:40
SK_workJuuba: what did you do ?09:42
SK_workwith zypper09:42
SK_workzypper ref09:42
SK_workzypper in <packagename>09:42
Juubai tried "zypper install keyboard-custom-emoji"09:43
Juubait did it's work but said "nothing to do" since it is installed alreadt09:43
Juubahmm, what was the way to remove dependant packages aswell ?09:43
SK_workJuuba: don't think you can09:44
SK_workbut zypper in -f if you need09:44
SK_workzypper in -f keyboard-custom-emoj09:44
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Juubabah, i need to restart the phone I belive after "first install"09:46
Juubathere was some package manager that could remove deps as well09:46
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Juubacouple of weeks ago I was told that09:46
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sandsmark«Remove dependencies that are no longer needed, because e.g. the package which needed the dependencies was removed.» «zypper rm -u»09:48
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SK_workJuuba: apt do this, don't know if zypper can do it09:49
Juubastill after reboot the emoji is not workin... well, maybe it's the problem of that adnroid FB client09:49
SK_workJuuba: hum09:50
SK_workdid you enabled it in settings ?09:50
Juubathose emoji smileys get written "right-to-left" as chinese/whatever09:50
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SK_workhum ?09:50
SK_worktrying to input emoj in android app ?09:51
SK_workwell, not a good idea ...09:51
sandsmarkzypper rm -u seems to be equivalent to apt-get autoremove or whatever, but I can't find an equivalent of pacman -Rcs foo09:51
SK_workI think android stuff have issues doing this09:51
Juubaperhaps, emoji seems to work in e.g SMS09:52
Juubaanother question09:53
Juubais there a package that allows install of 'less'09:54
Juubaor do i need to find it in warehouse09:54
locusfcould be in mer-tools09:54
SK_workJuuba: sms is a native app09:56
JuubaSK_work: yesh, just saying, that emoji seems to work in native09:56
Juubaso the installation was ok09:56
SK_worklocusf: didn't find it in mer-tools09:56
Juubaokay, got less installed, nielDK has it09:57
locusfSK_work: ok, just a guess09:57
Juubaandroid Chrome problem09:57
SK_workusually nieldk have it09:57
Juubait cant' open any pages09:57
SK_workJuuba: android chorme ?09:57
SK_workhum ...09:57
locusfchrome has never worked09:57
SK_workgood luck with that then :D09:57
JuubaI seemed to remember that it worked earlier09:57
Juubaokay then, removing that ballast09:57
Juuba(i reset my phone then update 9'ed it, so I'm doing these things from scratch again)09:58
JuubaI can access my bookmarks :D09:58
Juubaalso it .. when I'm typing and URL, it shows suggestions as it should09:58
Juubajust doesn't open any pages09:59
SK_workI'm thinking of getting a build of qtwebengine10:02
SK_workbut it do require qt 5.3 (or 4 ?)10:02
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sandsmarkSK_work: it depends on 5.4 now, I think10:04
sandsmarkat least latest git master10:04
SK_worktoo bad10:06
SK_workstatic link everything ?10:06
SK_workif I do this, lbt will kill me as I will kill the OBS10:06
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sandsmarkhaha, yes10:10
sandsmarkbuilding it probably requires about 32GB of RAM by now10:11
sandsmarkfor linking10:11
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r0kk3rznew laptop so is much nicer to develop on10:32
r0kk3rzhigh res screen, better cpu10:33
Nicd-which laptop?10:33
cryoratr0kk3rz, it brews coffe?10:33
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r0kk3rzlenovo u430 touch10:34
r0kk3rzno it doesnt brew coffee, but i wish it did10:34
fluxjust install emacs10:34
r0kk3rzall the reviews said it had a 1600x900 screen, but somehow ive ended up with a 1080 model10:35
cryoratabout a  year ago I upgraded to 1080p from 1024x600. the difference was astonishing10:36
cryoratBut I still use 8px console font :)10:36
r0kk3rzyeah i can imagine10:36
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Nicd-I'm looking at a retina mbp10:37
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos10:39
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r0kk3rzi wanted something like that, but i cant afford it atm10:40
r0kk3rzso this is a bit of a compromise10:40
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r0kk3rzsucks when your laptop breaks and you cant really afford a proper replacement10:43
cryoratr0kk3rz, it happened to me with phones10:45
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cryoratmy good old trusty motodefy 'dieded' then i bought an alcatel OT fire10:46
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coderusSK_work: i bet all to 16x16 - 256x256 icons packs :)10:55
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zGrrmoin :)11:34
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Wntargh! I accidentally ran 'grep Wnt> \#sailfishos.log |less' when yrying to find some of my old pastebin links from here!12:10
Wntmaybe I should have put quotes around that Wnt> part!12:11
fluxjust restore it from backups ;)12:11
Wntcould someone send me a copy of the channel logs from the last year or so?12:12
fluxif you're missing a single file, think how much you'll miss the whole device contents :)12:12
WntUnfortunatelly I have been lazy with the backups on this machine :(12:12
Wntthis might be a good reminder to automate backups from this machine too :)12:13
stephgWnt: ^^12:13
tbrWnt: there are the mer logs12:13
tbrWnt: if you drop the html it is also available as plain text12:13
tbrI can also make you a tarball of that12:14
Wnttbr: a tarball would be helpful!12:15
ponkywhos responsible for those logs?12:15
Wntbut I can also use a spiderto load that stuff12:15
ponkynicely archived ;o12:15
Wntthanks! :)12:15
tbrponky: it runs on Mer infra. if something in Merbot breaks, poking me is a good first step.12:16
ponkytbr: kk, i think irclog2html is what i was looking for12:16
tbrit's a great piece of code by mgedmin12:17
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* tbr curses as he can't remember the passphrase for the mer ssh key12:23
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sjtoikguess it's good to have a infinite amount of retries.12:24
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tbryay, that was weird12:30
tortoisedoctbr : what was weird?12:31
tortoisedocwho is going to slush this year?12:31
* tortoisedoc not having a ticket :(12:31
tortoisedocanyone got a ticket to spare???12:31
tbrtortoisedoc: that the password I tried repeatedly only worked on the umptienth time12:32
* tbr is pondering to go to slush, but doesn't have a ticket either12:32
tbrWnt: - let me know once you have it12:32
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tortoisedocjolla could support devs by providing discounts on slush tickets? ;P12:36
VDVsxSlush is not a dev conference :)12:37
Juubayeah, so about android whatsapp, now after rebooting, it works, contacts are shown.12:38
tortoisedocSlush is  a startup sauna :P12:38
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos12:38
tortoisedoceach individual developer in open source is hence a startup :P12:38
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ForgrimmIs there an event, that fires when a page gets started from app cover? the status property only changes when moving from page to page. But minimize the app and then open the app again -> How can I react to that?12:49
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Wnttbr: got it, thank you very much!12:50
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WntAnd I found the pastebin links for calling dbus from .desktop files
Wntnow I have a "Lock the device" and "Connect to internet" actions in the lock screen pulley menu again :)13:04
tortoisedoc_Wnt : lock button broken?13:11
tbrtortoisedoc_: I expect full lock with code13:13
tbre.g. if you want to leave the device on the table13:13
tortoisedoc_tbr : hmm ok but with screen on you mean?13:13
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WntThe email in developer mailinglist about update 10 reminded me of the tweak I did earlier that makes it possible to put the device in to a mode that requires the lock code. Without waiting for the lock timeout13:43
*** Forgrimm has quit IRC13:43
Wntthat can be achieved by running: "dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=org.nemomobile.lipstick /devicelock org.nemomobile.lipstick.devicelock.setState int32:1"13:44
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Armadillois it possible to enable the QuickScroll feature already at two times the visible length instead of third times?15:04
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coderusArmadillo: reimplement it16:44
lainwir3danyone know something about this error ? rsync: rename "/home/nemo/RPMS/.harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm.oWSwB5" -> "harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm": No space left on device (28)16:47
lainwir3dwhen trying to deploy a rpm with sailfish sdk16:47
sandsmark«rsync: rename "/home/nemo/RPMS/.harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm.oWSwB5" -> "harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm": No space left on device (28)»16:48
sandsmarkthe disk is full16:48
lainwir3dbut no16:48
lainwir3dit's not16:48
sandsmarkhow did you check?16:48
sandsmarkremember that it is btrfs16:49
lainwir3dsorry I should have precised16:49
lainwir3doh. df -h16:49
sandsmarkthat doesn't work on btrfs16:49
lainwir3dfirst time hearing of this16:49
sandsmarkand the kernel used is very old, which means that the btrfs behaviour is pretty bad16:49
lainwir3dhow should I do it ?16:49
lainwir3di'll look into it16:50
sandsmarkI really wish for a newer kernel, but I guess that's a long shot because of the drivers and stuff :p16:51
*** zalan has quit IRC16:52
r0kk3rzsandsmark: depends on the nemo/mer guys as well16:52
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos16:52
lainwir3dit doesn't look full...16:53
sandsmarkthe behaviour of btrfs should be much better in 3.1416:53
sandsmarklainwir3d: what does `btrfs fi show` say?16:54
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos16:54
lainwir3ddevid    1 size 13.75GB used 12.75GB path /dev/mmcblk0p2816:54
sandsmarkhmm, btrfs allocates in 1GB chunks?16:55
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos16:55
sandsmarkstill weird, though, it should be able to allocate another chunk16:55
sandsmarkmaybe it wants another metadata chunk as well or something weird16:55
lainwir3di guess so16:55
sandsmarknot sure how much it logs, maybe look in journalctl or dmesg?16:56
*** tat has quit IRC16:56
lainwir3dI have absolutely 0 logs about this16:56
lainwir3d(which is even more weirder)16:56
*** zalan has quit IRC16:56
*** alight_ has quit IRC16:57
lainwir3dpulseaudio[2316]: error while renaming file. No space left on device16:58
lainwir3dwait, what ?16:58
lainwir3dno ok, bluetooth headset bug, might not be related16:59
sandsmarkI think it is related16:59
sandsmarkcan you touch a test file?17:00
lainwir3dmaybe but I'm not sure. The software on my headphone is experimental (i'm working for parrot)17:00
lainwir3dit works17:00
sandsmarkok, what about echoing some data into it?17:01
sandsmarkecho foo >> test, for example17:01
sandsmarkbut then it looks like it has free space for metadata at least17:01
lainwir3di'll try a bigger file17:01
lainwir3dalright I'm lost17:03
lainwir3dbetter not try restarting the device I guess...17:04
lainwir3dif it's really a btrfs problem I might not reboot at all17:04
sandsmarkwriting a bigger file worked?17:05
lainwir3dbut iw was still just 4~5MB17:05
sandsmarkwell, the rpm shouldn't be much bigger17:05
lainwir3dit's still bigger than the rpm the sdk is trying to copy / rename17:05
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos17:06
sandsmarkah, wait17:06
sandsmarkit's always renames that fails?17:06
lainwir3dseems like it17:06
lainwir3drsync: rename "/home/nemo/RPMS/.harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm.gXibfn" -> "harbour-zik2-manager-1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm": No space left on device (28)17:06
sandsmarkyeah, same with PA17:06
sandsmarktry renaming your testfile?17:06
lainwir3doh shit17:07
lainwir3dfirst one worked17:07
lainwir3dnot second one17:07
sandsmarkreally weird...17:07
lainwir3d mv Downloads/62.pdf as worked17:07
lainwir3dtouch bob17:08
lainwir3dmv bob as17:08
lainwir3ddidn't work17:08
sandsmarkkind of sounds like btrfs not being able to allocate a new metadata chunk17:08
sandsmarkbut you have over 1GB free, and metadata chunks should be 256MB17:08
lainwir3dyeah, it's really weird17:09
*** ndvl has quit IRC17:09
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos17:10
*** kunev has quit IRC17:10
lainwir3dsandsmark: doind this as root pose no problem17:11
lainwir3dis there user quota on Jolla ?17:11
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos17:12
sandsmarkhmm, possibly17:12
sandsmarkthat makes sense17:12
sandsmarkI'm not familiar enough with btrfs17:13
*** ottulonen has joined #sailfishos17:14
lainwir3dMetadata, DUP: total=330.00MB, used=166.04MB17:14
sandsmarklooks okay17:15
sandsmarkthere seems to be some quota groups (btrfs qgroup show /), but I have no idea what the numbers mean :-)17:16
*** ottulo has quit IRC17:17
lainwir3dwell, i can try disabling quotas...17:18
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos17:18
lainwir3d number on each line represents the subvolume id. The second number represents the amount of space contained within each subvolume (in bytes) and the last number represents the  <= found some info on the numbers17:19
sandsmarkah, ok17:19
*** Noiseless has joined #sailfishos17:20
*** tat has joined #sailfishos17:20
*** ottulonen has quit IRC17:21
lainwir3di'm completely lost :-|17:23
*** ottulo has quit IRC17:23
sandsmarkdidn't disabling the quotas help?17:23
r0kk3rzcoderus: does telepathy do libpurple?17:24
lainwir3dsandsmark: it refuse my command17:24
*** arms has quit IRC17:24
lainwir3dbtrfs quota disable /17:24
lainwir3dERROR: quota command failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device17:24
sandsmarkah, you probably need to specify the right submodule17:24
lainwir3di dunno which path i'm supposed to give17:25
sandsmark/dev/mmcblk0p28 maybe?17:25
sandsmarkbut I hope you have a backup...17:25
lainwir3dabsolutely not17:25
sandsmarkit doesn't feel good shooting in the dark with filesystems17:25
lainwir3dbut well... i'm a bit crazy, so let's do it17:25
lainwir3dERROR: quota command failed: Invalid argument17:26
lainwir3dit's weird root doesn't give me any error when moving files17:26
sandsmarkyeah, and you're doing it in the same folder?17:27
sandsmarkthat's extremely weird, because the quotas are supposed to be only per volume...17:28
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos17:29
lainwir3dmight try doing a btrfs balance start /17:29
lainwir3dalright, let's do it !17:29
lainwir3dcrap : ERROR: error during balancing '/' - No space left on device17:29
sandsmarktry with the --duse argument first17:29
sandsmarkeh, -dusage=517:29
sandsmarkthen it should only try the low-hanging groups17:29
*** fracting has quit IRC17:30
lainwir3doops, i pushed the enter key too early and relaunched the command17:31
lainwir3dtakes more time now17:31
lainwir3dseems to be doing some things17:31
lainwir3dseems to have worked17:32
lainwir3dI don't know why though17:32
sandsmarkwell, I have to run17:32
sandsmarksee you17:33
lainwir3dsee you17:33
lainwir3dthanks for the tips17:33
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC17:34
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edippim a pysider :)22:02
edipphey thp22:03
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edippim also pyothersider :)22:06
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coderuswhat side are you on?22:17
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r0kk3rznever underestimate the power of the cpp side22:34
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