Thursday, 2014-11-13

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guideXcan I put sailfish on my nokia lumia 90005:49
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guideXok thx05:58
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Juubathis turned out pretty nice:
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Hartziwhoo nice08:20
Juubahad to expand the "floor" coz the original was only 1200p, but is not visible as Ambience anyhoo08:22
Juubasome others in /Jollastuff if interested.08:22
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Juubathis is a masterpiece and ambience-crop worked pretty nice
Juubano editing was necessary, just used "" to crop and voila.08:23
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Wntmaybe you could have straighten the horizon on that one :P08:24
Wntor maybe all the trees are just tilted to the right08:24
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Juubathat was the original08:25
Juubadidn't want to touch that beautiful shot08:25
Juubatrees + lapland :)08:26
Wntbut nice looking ambiances!08:26
Juubadem crooked trees08:26
Juubaasked for permission in the FB group I spotted this pic, no problem08:27
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dr_gogeta86who can help me for sdcard dealing09:27
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WntJuuba: using your jolla_ambience_image-template.png I also got inspired to do few abiance crops of my pictures
zGrrmoin :)09:34
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coderusjolla aliendalvik not using sailfish proxy?09:44
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coderusi need to proxy android application09:48
JuubaWnt: :D09:50
Juubadät landscape is nice!09:50
Juubahow does the pillar work?09:50
WntJuuba: Thanks!09:51
dr_gogeta86coderus wellcome to the hell09:52
dr_gogeta86use iptables09:52
sandsmarkI'd use iptables to force everything through my laptop to use mitmproxy09:52
sandsmark... if I was doing stuff like this09:53
coderusinstalled ProxyDroid, all working now09:54
joonahoiWnt: cool ambiences, though would be a bit creepy to stare lauri multiple times a day ;)09:54
Wntjoonahoi: :D09:55
Juubanice feel to it, still09:55
joonahoiawesome landscape09:55
Juubathat pillar is too ... too something.. what's the word... for my liking09:55
Juubatoo much stuff :D09:56
Juubatoo detailed09:56
Juubaone thing i noticed with Matterhorn09:56
Juubathe cover icons do not "directly" shine thru the image from the bacground09:56
Juubasome magic happens09:57
Juubaand they're not aligned with the background09:57
Juubanow it seems to be ok09:58
Juubaearlier today it was not :D09:58
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dr_gogeta86I've found a bug on blkid10:36
dr_gogeta86not discover ext4 partitions10:36
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stephgdr_gogeta86: you sure? it detects mine just fine10:40
dr_gogeta86not mine10:42
dr_gogeta86i got two jollas10:42
dr_gogeta86one with uittuka10:43
dr_gogeta86and one with uittuka -110:43
dr_gogeta86same behaviour10:43
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dr_gogeta86anyone know when QtGraphicalEffects 1.0 will be allowed in harbour  ?15:01
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SK_workdr_gogeta86: isn't it already ?15:18
dr_gogeta86no no15:19
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SK_workdr_gogeta86: send mail in mailing list15:19
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dr_gogeta86tnx SK_work15:54
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kontiodr_gogeta86: QtGraphicalEffects was requested earlier and is on our radar, has good chances to be allowed soon16:05
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dr_gogeta86i use just single component16:05
dr_gogeta86copy pasted as is16:05
dr_gogeta86and works16:05
dr_gogeta86outside library16:06
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sandsmarkI want qca :D16:29
sandsmarkso I don't have to bundle my own aes ecb implementation16:29
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tortoisedocquestion about qa17:38
tortoisedocas we know, they do not allow storage of files outside of .config/harbour-<appname> folder17:38
tortoisedocis this the case for symlinks as well?17:38
tortoisedocI recall at least Nokia QA allowing for run-time creation of links17:38
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SK_worktortoisedoc: why do you want symlink ?17:42
*** Ram-Z has joined #sailfishos17:47
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tortoisedocSK_work : cause I need it :P18:02
tortoisedocbut I need to store them outside the .config/harbour-<appname>18:03
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC18:04
SK_worktortoisedoc: can't you do something else ?18:04
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC18:07
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tortoisedocSK_work : sorry my 2 years old found my laptop :P18:57
tortoisedocI need autostart capability of quickbar18:57
tortoisedocI was wondering if symlink generation @ runtime could pass harbour qa18:58
AcceI thought you need to make some after install script in the packaging18:58
Accewhich would create stuff in .config18:58
tortoisedocAcce : thats one option, but unfortunately not allowed in harbour :/18:58
tortoisedoc(if you are refering to my issue )18:58
*** piggz has quit IRC18:59
tortoisedocI have an alternative, but I do not necessarily like it too much18:59
Acceyeah, didn't know they don't allow it.. maybe they meant that the app should do it on the first run or something then18:59
Accethere was some talk about it long time ago18:59
tortoisedocyes exactly I think that should be "legal" so to speak18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
tortoisedocbut i would like some jolla qa to confirm before jumping on this train :)19:00
tortoisedocnazanin : are symlinks created outside of .config/harbour-<appname> folder during runtime (for example at startup) allowed in QA?19:05
coderussandsmark: ping19:08
sandsmarkcoderus: yo19:08
coderussandsmark: can you tell me about iptables configuration?19:08
coderusi want to mitm app ignoring proxy settings19:08
coderusit always connecting directly19:09
sandsmarkhmm, let's see, it's a long time since I did this19:09
coderusi hope itpables help me19:09
sandsmarkyou want to redirect all traffic on your phone through your laptop, for example?19:09
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coderussandsmark: okay19:12
*** igordcard has quit IRC19:13
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coderusthe app sending packages to 3000 port19:14
coderusi need to capture it with fiddler19:14
coderus(its websocket data)19:14
coderusand send it to destination19:15
coderusas i need request and reply19:15
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NRKAHi, my wifi symbol on the first slide in settings is gone. have anyond had the same problem?19:18
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos19:18
*** Kabouik has quit IRC19:18
sandsmarkcoderus: I'd use mitmproxy for that, but I guess fiddler also works?19:19
TeguNRKA: you might have accidentally removed it. go to WLAN settings and hold the WLAN toggle (above the access point list)19:19
coderussandsmark: just fiddler have scripts to view websocket data19:19
sandsmarkah, ok19:20
coderussandsmark: it doesnt matter19:20
coderusfirst i need to redirect all 3000 port traffic to proxy19:20
NRKAok thanks19:20
coderusbut proxy should send it to reciever also19:20
*** NRKA has quit IRC19:20
coderusdata shouldnt loss19:20
sandsmarkyou could try tsocks as well?19:20
*** NRKA has joined #sailfishos19:20
sandsmarkthat might be easier19:20
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos19:21
sandsmarkbeidl: did you get anywhere with qwebdav, btw?19:23
beidlsandsmark: haven't started yet. personal issues.19:23
sandsmarkah, ok19:23
beidlsandsmark: sorry. I'll play around with it tomorrow19:23
sandsmarkfound qwebdavlib, that might be better19:27
TeguNRKA: yea, it is not marked it any way. so you just have to try holding all the things to see if you can add them to favorites or not..19:28
NRKATegu: i solved it19:29
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