Sunday, 2014-11-16

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coderussolved puzzle by adding non-standard import path using version info :)01:12
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ilpianistadoes the sdk have something like "toast" notification in android?09:30
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ilpianistaStskeeps: they are popup messages like that are shown over the current application and disappears after some sec09:32
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ilpianistawell, I just need a way to display a message to the user which disappear after some sec, any idea?09:34
Stskeepsfairly sure such one exists09:35
Stskeepsi mean, messaging app uses it09:35
ilpianistammm...which app?09:35
coderusilpianista: there are no toast in Silica UX09:35
ilpianistacoderus: neither something like that?09:36
coderusilpianista: only for real notifications09:36
coderusilpianista: when you shouw notification to notification screen it showed ad notification banner and disappear, then you can reach all nissed notifications in notification vie09:37
ilpianistanope, notifications are too invasive for what I do. I mean, I'd like to show a message which says "Mode X enabled/disabled"09:38
ilpianistaafter the user press an iconButton09:38
coderussorry my sleepy fingers, hope you understand what i wrote :D09:38
ilpianistasure, np09:38
locusftweetian has a subtle notification when a reply or tweet is posted, check out the source for that09:38
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ilpianistalocusf: thanks, taking a look09:38
coderusilpianista: only lipstick can show system banners09:38
coderusnot 3rd party apps09:39
coderusand by silica UX app shouldn't have banners ;)09:39
coderusbut you can do it of course09:39
coderusnobody permitting09:39
coderusjust some useless info from morning coderus head :D09:39
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coderusactually i can tell you how to show same system-like notification banner topmost09:48
coderusbut you shouldn't actually use it if it not really important to do09:48
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ilpianistaok, so no thanks ;-P09:49
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ilpianistammm...for some reason the IconButton doesn't always change it's icon on click (I put something like onClicked: if (swap) { icon.source = "foo"; else icon.source = "bar" }. any idea?10:13
ilpianistasometime it does, sometime it does not10:14
ilpianistait seems that with a long press it works, with a quick one it does not :-/10:18
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coderusilpianista: what you mean? what should it change and for?10:25
ilpianistacoderus: I've an IconButton that I use as toggle10:26
ilpianistaso, it should change it's icon just as feedback for the user10:26
coderususe Switch10:26
ilpianistaoh right10:27
coderusit designed for toggle, not IconButton :)10:27
ilpianistathanks :-)10:27
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coderusMorpog_PC: ping10:31
coderusMorpog_PC: can you make some icons for my new app? :)10:31
coderusilpianista: also for icons, you can use highlights for theme icons10:32
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ilpianistacoderus: sorry, I don't get it. What do you mean?10:32
coderusilpianista: icon.source: "image://theme/icon-m-image?" + (swap ? "#00FF00" : "#FF0000")10:33
coderusilpianista: it will highlight icon (only theme ones can be used this way)10:33
ilpianistayep got it10:34
coderushighlighting provided by theme imageProvider10:34
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ilpianistacoderus: is there a way to disable the slider animation?10:36
coderusilpianista: what animation you mean?10:36
ilpianistathe one which makes the current value font bigger10:36
ilpianistawhen you change it10:37
ilpianistaI've a row with a fixed height with a Slider onto it. When I change the slider value, the animation makes the row bigger. Then I had to put a workaround which re-size the Row to the fixed height10:38
coderusilpianista: set fixed height to slider10:38
coderusor set fixed row height10:39
coderusits better10:39
coderusset row.height: Theme.itemSizeMedium10:39
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ilpianistayou are right, just setting a fixed row height does the job10:40
ilpianistanot sure why it didn't work first time I tried it10:41
coderusprbably you set row.height: slider.height before?10:41
ilpianistacould be10:42
ilpianistaBTW, I'm writing this :-)
coderusif you have LG webOS SmartTV you can also test my app :D10:45
ilpianistanope I don't, what your does?10:45
coderusremote control10:45
ilpianistaoh :-)10:46
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coderusvia local network connection10:47
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AlphaX2Hi short question, is it possible to access a LocalStorage DB from different apps? Or can I allow a specific app access to a specific DB?10:50
coderusAlphaX2: there are no access restrictions for invoker boosted processes10:52
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AlphaX2coderus: but how to access the db, because, if I create a db with app A, B can't read it, if I use the same name, description etc. B is creating a own db at ~/.local/share/<app name>/QML/1231443255.sqlite. Can I set a specific path?10:56
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anYc_Hi, does anyone know if the "friends" application uploads private data like the contacts to FB?11:02
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stephganYc: I don't think so, but the source is open so do check for yourself11:09
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coderusAlphaX2: using QSqlDatabase11:21
anYcok thanks. I assume that too but I missed an explicit statement somewhere11:21
tortoisedoc_is there a way to proof from image://theme if a given image is available11:22
tortoisedoc_i know QIcon::hasThemeIcon11:23
tortoisedoc_which apparently works on names only (i.e. without the image://theme/ part)11:23
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coderustortoisedoc_: QIcon not for theme images11:25
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coderusbut isn't it better to bundle icons in your package?11:27
tortoisedoc_coderus : ugh thats ugly :P11:27
tortoisedoc_and yes, it is11:27
tortoisedoc_but when you work with other app's icons (Quickbar)11:27
tortoisedoc_you need access to them somehow11:27
coderustortoisedoc_: why?11:28
coderusbundle it twice11:28
coderusin each package11:28
coderusgetting graphics from other package is bad way11:28
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tortoisedoc_qdir.exists (filepath) can check  theme://image/<aa> as well11:28
tortoisedoc_need to connect jolla :/11:29
tortoisedoc_battery running out11:29
tortoisedoc_been 24 h on 10 % :P11:29
tortoisedoc_not bad11:29
coderususe Solar TOH11:29
coderusor Dynamo TOH11:29
tortoisedoc_Dynamo TOH? :D:D:D:11:29
coderusdynamo electric machine11:31
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Stskeepsgoogle translate translates jolla with "dinghy with outboard motor"11:31
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TemeVoutboard motor TOH, i want that one :)11:31
Stskeeps + technics?11:32
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tortoisedoc_kewl toh's11:32
kimmoliworking on that when have time, mindstorm has i2c ...11:33
kimmolirender somewhere11:34
tortoisedoc_been toying around with arduino @ home for a while now11:34
tortoisedoc_need a project for an excuse to use it with jolla (and buy more arduinos :P)11:34
coderusi finally installed both u8 and u9 sdk in different chroots, tunneled to different ports and can use and compile in both at the same time :D11:35
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tortoisedoc_coderus :D11:36
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coderusand patched libMer to ignore vbox :D11:36
tortoisedoc_on same device?11:36
coderustortoisedoc_: same laptop, sure11:36
coderusdevice have u9 only :D11:36
TemeVcoderus: you obviously have too much free time :)11:36
coderusTemeV: well11:37
coderusi just want my apps running in both sailfish11:37
coderusthis is my trick for loading diffetent qt libraries in runtime:
tortoisedoc_coderus : i was thinking if it would be possible to use differnt qt's in differnt chroots on device11:38
coderustortoisedoc_: well yes11:38
coderustortoisedoc_: i thought so11:38
coderustortoisedoc_: but it need compatible kernel modules11:39
coderusand i doubt it easily doable11:39
tortoisedoc_coderus : hrmm you mean chroot @ kernel level?11:39
tortoisedoc_and no, its not going to be easy :P11:40
coderuswell, actually i mean booting from u8 or u9 subvolumes11:40
coderusmountimg it to root11:40
coderusHarbour QA here?11:42
tortoisedoc_aah ok11:42
coderuscan you check if my code valid for Harbour?11:42
kimmoliversionfile closed twice just for sure?11:44
coderusoh yes it just typo11:45
AlphaX2coderus: but in this case I can use only QML/JS11:45
coderusAlphaX2: in this case you can't acccess other app local storage :)11:46
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AlphaX2coderus: no way to give a path...that sucks11:46
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AlphaX2with QQmlEngine it's possible to set a path, but Sailfish uses QQuickView?11:52
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AlphaX2Ahh okay, can access the engine with view->engine()11:57
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coderusah sure, engine()->setOfflineStoragePath12:12
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kimmoliis it safe to use Qttranslate as "singleshot", not installing it, but load one from /usr/share/translations/ and then translate(NULL, stringtotranslate)13:04
kimmoliat least it works....13:04
coderuskimmoli: why not to install translator?13:05
kimmolii need system ones, like sailfish-browser...13:07
coderusinstall QTranslator13:08
coderusinitialize QTranslator with path you want to load translation and set language code13:08
coderusand it should work13:08
coderusyou can install as many translators as you need imho13:08
kimmolito localize application names13:08
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kimmolii dont want to consume memory to keep them installed 24/713:09
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kimmolihmm, also if i QProcess::startDetached, the console output of that started program is "coming from" my daemon in journal13:12
coderuswhy using startDetached?13:14
kimmoliwhat then?13:14
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kimmoliusing xdgopen to start .desktop files13:15
kimmolilaunching apps from the daemon13:15
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kimmolihmm, i could use QDesktopServices...13:31
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RzRpcfe, hi16:58
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pcfehey RzR17:07
RzRso you're talking about co maintaining some packages ?17:08
*** fracting has quit IRC17:09
RzRpcfe, sadly I dont use jolla that much ...17:09
RzRpcfe, I keep using n917:09
pcferzr: I'm fine with co-maintain if we can do this, handing it over to you or just keeping updating it.17:10
RzRpcfe, I cant promise I will keep them up to date17:10
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:10
RzRpcfe, I think neildk is the one that is doing what I did for harmattan17:11
RzRpcfe, lot of stuff in this repo isnt it ?17:11
pcfemust say that when my Jolla returned from reflashing at the company (silly closed blob partition is in the middle of the flash and they do not have images without it and dd instructions for the pother partitions) it took me way too many weeks to switch back from the N9 to the Jolla. N9 just works ;-)17:11
pcfeco maintain might be best then as I also have little time17:12
RzRI put it on my list tough :)17:12
RzRbtw why using exfat ?17:13
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pcfeideally we can check in build instruction files (spec and the deb ones) plus any needed patches(if any) somewhere and binary packages fall out (I use for that part at the moment) and both be able to do edits.17:14
RzRwhat about sharing a git tree ?17:15
*** xerpi has quit IRC17:15
pcfethe large µSD cards come pre-formatted with it and my reasoning is that the manuf will have the wear leveling alsogo tuned for the shipped FS. As fuse-exfat is available in source from google and I could recycle rpmfusion spec files, this was jyst an afternoon fiddling for me. Mostly spent with the difference between the fedpkg and obs warappper scriupts around git ;-)17:16
pcfemight as well let end users use this easily, warehouse seems the best solution, but I might be wriong17:16
pcfeRzR: a shared git tree would be perfect. Got a URL I can clone from and do you want a gpg pubkey?17:17
RzRhold on17:17
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos17:18
RzRlet's host it at ?17:18
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pcfeRzR: sounds good17:27
RzRtell me your id17:29
*** radekp has quit IRC17:29
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos17:31
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RzRpcfe, you can commit your files in
RzRpcfe, or ask to import them17:37
RzRI granted you17:38
pcfewhere do I RTFM on gitorious and triggering builds?17:39
RzRjust use this a regular git :)17:40
RzRthen we can make bots  to export to obs17:40
pcfejust checked both spec files, no patches, that makes it easy.17:41
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:43
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pcfeRzR: does the bot to export to obs have a preference for the location of the .spec file? maybe rpm/fuse-exfat.spec (akin to debian/rules)?17:56
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RzRpcfe, tizen uses packaging/%{name}.spec17:59
RzRpcfe, you can use the same convention17:59
pcfeRzR: sounds good17:59
RzRpcfe, do you know gbs ?17:59
*** ruskie has quit IRC18:01
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pcfeRzR: that does not ring a bell. what does the acronym expand to?18:02
RzRgit build system18:03
RzRsome tool over git-build-package18:03
RzRgbs is to tizen what pbuilder is to debian18:03
*** sec has joined #sailfishos18:05
pcfeand I guess what fedpkg is to Fedora. Point me to the docs, I'll RTFM18:07
RzRyea I know fedo has something similar18:08
RzRwhat I like w/ gbs18:08
RzRis the ability to rebase on upstream's git18:08
pcfeah nice, and once I have a succesful run for my known to build 1.0.1 I've just seen I'll have to anyway update to 1.1.1. Upstream code is on svn, but I assume there will be wrappers18:10
RzRsee page12 and later
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pcfeRzR: agh, clicky gui slideshare, can I pull the slides somewhere?18:16
Stskeepswe use mb2 + sb2 in sailfishos development at least18:17
RzRHi Stskeeps18:17
* RzR will not ask about the big thing :)18:19
Stskeepsthe big box of candy next to me?18:19
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:20
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tortoisedoc_3 more days18:37
secIt's coffee18:37
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gogetalpotter, conmand crashes twice a day20:15
gogeta journalctl -a output is usefull to you ?20:16
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos20:17
Stskeepsmoo dirkvl20:18
dirkvlhey carsten!20:18
dirkvlexcited for slush?20:18
Stskeepsdirkvl: i'm excited about a lot of things :P20:18
Stskeepsdirkvl: when are you in .fi anyway?20:18
dirkvltomorrow evening20:18
dirkvli have a practical question20:19
dirkvli want to do a full backup of my phone to sd20:19
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:19
dirkvland the do a full restore on another jolla20:19
dirkvlwith all files and apps, daemons, all20:19
Stskeepsie clone it?20:20
dirkvlthere was some imstruction somewhere at some point20:20
dirkvlbut it is a bit swamped in other backup/sd/zendesk stuff20:20
dirkvlcopy to pc is also fine20:22
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zbenjaminanyone else has problems with very slow UI? It started like a week ago. I lost a SMS when trying to open it from the events view, also opening apps from the events there is horribly slow21:07
zbenjaminit does not seem to be the btrfs bug, i still have > 3Gig free to allocate blocks21:07
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Nicd-zbenjamin: memory and swap full?21:34
zbenjaminNicd-: even after reboot its the same... Maybe there is some process going wild. But i never saw that a SMS got lost. That concerned me a bit21:35
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:35
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coderuszbenjamin: btrfs fi show22:15
*** Eismann has quit IRC22:15
zbenjamincoderus: devid    1 size 13.75GB used 10.75GB path /dev/mmcblk0p2822:16
*** Bernte has quit IRC22:16
zbenjamincoderus: hey btw :)22:16
zbenjamincoderus: just a heads up. We are finally bringing qmake back into the Ubuntu SDK ;)22:17
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos22:19
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coderuszbenjamin: nice :D22:42
zbenjamincoderus: should come to the 15.04 framework in the next 2 weeks or so.22:43
coderuszbenjamin: hope i can finish my current projects until that date22:44
zbenjamincoderus: ping me if you need assitance :) would love to see your project on ubuntu phone22:46
*** tat has joined #sailfishos22:46
coderuszbenjamin: i got some funds for Nexus 4:
kengucoderus: what was/is the problem with mitäkuuluu users being banned by whatsapp22:59
coderusbut whatsapp project will be delayed actually because of whatsapp protocol changing right now22:59
coderuskengu: there are more probjems than just banning23:00
kenguor :|23:00
coderussoon you can't receive any messages from other clients because of encryption23:00
coderuswhatsapp enabled end-to-end encryption23:00
coderususing textsecure whispersystems :D23:00
zbenjamincoderus: they are changing the protocol again ? Jeez .. i wonder why they do not open a offical API at least for paid accounts like so many other companies do23:01
kenguhmm. interesting23:01
coderuswe didn't cracked it yet23:01
zbenjamincoderus: crap23:01
zbenjamincoderus: that stuff?
coderusCurve25519 + Axolotl and some whatsapp custom spices because it's not plain textsecure protocol :D23:03
coderuszbenjamin: yep23:03
*** flywheel_ has joined #sailfishos23:03
coderusthis one:
*** flywheel has quit IRC23:04
*** piggz has quit IRC23:05
zbenjamincoderus: so i guess every client is going to create its own keypair? Is the protocol itself also encrypted?23:06
coderuszbenjamin: it's only for texts23:07
zbenjamincoderus: ah they changed the encryption with their own custom algorithms ok ... now thats ugly23:08
zbenjaminand very questionable ...23:09
kenguso extend mitäkuuluu to telegram and what else..23:09
coderuszbenjamin: yep, something is changed with this23:09
coderuskengu: no, thanks23:09
*** Eismann has quit IRC23:09
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kengui would like to use whatsapp on my ipad but as i have no iphone it is a bit difficult to install it. the whatsapp strategy is a bit weird.. uhm.. different from my ideology23:11
kenguwechat is also an option23:12
zbenjaminkengu: the whatsapp strategy is really bad. Only one device, no webclient, no open APIs. But sadly thats what people chose to use :(23:13
kenguthey were too good in what is it.. marketing, penetrating, ..23:13
zbenjaminkengu: basically only because its really easy. You upload your phonebook and if anyone else you know uses whatsapp you can instantly communicate.23:14
zbenjaminkengu: so people don't need to bother with nicknames/email adress whatever23:14
zbenjaminkengu: i wonder really why they do not open up their apis. They can still make it a requirement that you can use the API only with a paid account23:16
zbenjaminkengu: which would open the whole thing up to many different use cases....23:16
* zbenjamin imagines his own dedicated whatsapp client running on a server 23:17
coderuszbenjamin: https://web.whatsapp.com23:17
zbenjamincoderus: why does that need a google account?23:22
kengu hmm.. interesting23:24
zbenjaminkengu: there is lots of interesting stuff, but as long as most people do not use it you are forced to the common used thing23:27
*** qqK has quit IRC23:28
kenguzbenjamin: so I need to chat with chinese friends. i was able to avoid whatsapp until this autumn but now there is some study related pressure as you stated everyone is using whatsapp23:29
kenguthe first MSc I was able to gain with IRC but this second.. nope.23:30
*** jua_ has quit IRC23:30
zbenjamincoderus: that site does not work for me23:33
*** lpotter has quit IRC23:35
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos23:35
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coderuszbenjamin: sure, it's not officially launched :)23:37
zbenjamincoderus: ok ;)23:37
zbenjamincoderus: still i don't understand why its using google accounts23:37
coderuszbenjamin: it just restricted by accounts :)23:38
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