Saturday, 2014-11-15

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coderuscan anybody tell me about using rpath, with example pro file please :)07:16
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stephgit's hangover saturday!09:11
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raa700_if you start drinking as soon as you wake up, you surely have one less problem to worry about09:39
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lbtcoderus: I used    QMAKE_RPATHDIR += /opt/sdk/$$TARGET/$$DEPLOYMENT_PATH/lib/:$$DEPLOYMENT_PATH/lib/09:49
lbtthat seems to be the only line needed in the .pro ... it copes with both rpm and file deployment during dev09:50
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coderuslbt: seems i need anyway install my libs to build root?10:32
coderusi cant make it compile if i dont make install libs10:32
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lbtI am so bad10:33
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lbtbasically I made a nice clean package for my lib (assimp in this case)10:34
lbtthen I added it and the dev headers to my target10:34
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lbtthen I just hard copy the lib from the standard location in the install phase of the harbour app10:35
lbtbecause make install runs the rpm %install% ... it just works10:35
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lbtI should push assimp and bullet to chum10:36
coderuslbt: hehe :)10:48
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frafraI'm trying to upgrade my N9 to sailfish, but I can't find the flasher ( seems down)10:50
frafrawhat can I do?10:50
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frafraok, I found flasher11:14
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frafrathank you coderus11:42
frafraI've just tried ... black screen for now11:45
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frafraand.. it works ^_^11:47
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frafrait's very slow on my n911:56
frafrasometimes it freezes for 20~30 seconds11:56
frafraand it seems dead11:56
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coderusfrafra: :)12:05
cos-nice.. does it work on n950?12:07
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frafraI thinks so12:11
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fraframmm... it's strange13:39
frafrait works but sometimes it freeze for 20~30 seconds13:39
frafraui still works, but app freeze13:40
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coderuswhat is the best way to parse xml in qt?
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lbtread only:
coderusno qml please :D13:56
coderussailfish have xpath?13:56
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lbtno qml? in #sailfishos .. ha ha13:57
lbtit's pretty easy in c++ too13:57
coderusi started hating default qml "helpers"13:58
coderususing qml just for ui13:58
coderusjust ui and some properties, thats all13:58
coderusall operations inside qt code13:59
lbtto be fair I tend to do the same13:59
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coderusmitakuuluu is crap because of many qml helpers i added14:00
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sandsmarkbeidl_: porting qwebdavlib was a single-line change :)14:29
beidl_sandsmark: yup :)14:29
sandsmarkah, you already did it?14:29
beidl_yup, just a few hours ago14:30
sandsmarkah, ok14:30
sandsmarkgreat minds, etc.14:30
sandsmark(I got tired of snapchat)14:30
sandsmarkdid you push it somewhere?14:30
beidl_actually it was yesterday night. so much about remembering things14:30
sandsmarkah, haha14:30
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beidl_sandsmark: I also created a repo for the actual app. pulls in qwebdavlib via git submodules14:31
sandsmarkyup, found it, awesome :D14:32
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beidl_sandsmark: might be interesting for you as well: :P14:33
sandsmarkthat's pretty cool14:33
sandsmarkbeidl_: have you figured out if tracker works with those dbus APIs, btw?14:34
beidl_needed a replacement for DriveDroid, it's a quick and dirty hack :)14:34
sandsmarkwell, as long as it works14:34
beidl_sandsmark: haven't looked into that very deeply. from the harbour side of things accessing those interfaces should be allowed though14:35
sandsmarkah, ok14:35
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sandsmarkhmm, fun, gobject API14:41
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beidl_should be trivial to use the Qt dbus API14:44
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sandsmarkyeah, I think that might be the easiest14:44
sandsmarkand probably also the only thing allowed in harbour14:44
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frafraI wrote the sailfish os image on my n9 twice, and now it works better15:23
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sandsmarkbeidl_: there seems to be some other stuff people have done that might be nice to pull in:
coderussailfish have no websockets?15:41
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sandsmarkcoderus: only in QML, I think15:46
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sandsmark ah, maybe c++15:47
sandsmarkhmm, not officially in qt, though, so you'll need to bundle it...15:47
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coderusits from 5.3 :D15:48
coderuslong way :D15:48
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coderusfinally found interesting project to be first Harbour app by me, but everything it requires not in Sailfish :D15:50
cos-would websockets be difficult to implement using regular socket?15:51
cos-afaik it's just a persistent tcp connection with http headers15:51
coderuscos-: well, it's same with building qtwebsockets manually :D15:52
coderusyou need to resonse on requests, pings and parse results :)15:52
VDVsxthere's also this add-on for older versions:
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos15:53
VDVsx5.3 code can probably be extracted and compiled for 5.2 easily15:53
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coderusyep i'm compiling it now15:55
coderusbut, my compiler is too dumb for this code?15:55
coderusqwebsocketserver_p.cpp:312:59: error: return type 'struct QStringList' is incomplete15:55
sandsmarkcoderus: just add an #include <QStringList>?15:56
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coderusso easy? :D15:58
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sandsmarkwell, sounds like it from the error :p16:04
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coderusyeah, and it helped really :D16:38
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Morpog_PCbut it's ALOT more smooth than 1.0.816:50
Morpog_PCoh wrong channel16:50
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coderuswhat is right qml import name17:11
coderusharbour.coderus.websockets 1.0 or harbour-coderus.websockets 1.017:12
coderusright = valid17:12
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Accemy app went through qa using harbour.appname.blahblah17:22
coderusthanks :)17:23
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coderusCannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50100) with this library (version 0x50202)17:52
raa700_racist compiler17:52
coderushow to fix?17:55
coderusi build QtWebSockets with 1407 sdk17:56
coderusbuild qmlwebsockets with rpath17:56
coderusbuild my app with bundled lib and extension17:56
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coderusi need help help help :)18:08
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coderusgetting help in weekend is pain :D18:12
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tortoisedoc_is it a plane? NO! is it a bird? NO! It's jolla's new toy! :D18:31
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coderusis there any way to use library without QLibrary ?18:40
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:41
tortoisedoc_coderus : os api's to load?18:42
tortoisedoc_i.e. dynamic loading?18:42
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Accedid someone here manage to make a dynamic combobox (ie. changing number of choices)18:50
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Acceif there's someone, how'd you get it working properly? everything is fine until I try to remove items from the listModel I'm using for the Repeater :/18:51
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ilpianistaI'm writing an "free-hand" draw application for sailfish using a QML Canvas. It works fine, but everytime I switch to another app (or I receive a call, etc...) I loose the Canvas content...any idea on how to avoid that?18:51
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Acceilpianista: read this mailing list thread:
AcceI think it's related to your problem18:53
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Acceespecially those view->setPersistentOpenGLContext and SceneGraph19:00
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coderusyou can set persistent of course, but frefer repainting if possible19:01
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir19:01
*** APTX has joined #sailfishos19:02
*** samikshan_ has joined #sailfishos19:02
tortoisedoc_does harbour allow writing to /tmp?19:02
*** Mnsu_ has joined #sailfishos19:03
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*** DevBot has joined #sailfishos19:04
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*** ilpianista has joined #sailfishos19:04
coderustortoisedoc_: not permitting19:04
tortoisedoc_if i need to store a temporary location19:05
*** tachikoma has quit IRC19:05
*** samikshan has quit IRC19:05
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tortoisedoc_where do i put my goddamn temp files19:05
tortoisedoc_in my app folder?19:05
Nicd-_why not?19:05
tortoisedoc_why yes?19:05
Nicd-_because /tmp is not allowed :)19:05
tortoisedoc_but that's what /tmp is for - for /tmp files :P19:05
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** Nicd-_ is now known as Nicd-19:06
Nicd-well it doesn't matter since it's not allowed19:06
tortoisedoc_the usual abuse of power ;)19:06
tortoisedoc_oh well19:06
*** Skorpy has joined #sailfishos19:06
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coderusvia rpm validator it seems to be permitted :D19:17
*** raimue has joined #sailfishos19:19
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lbttortoisedoc_: you can put stuff in $HOME/.<something>/<appname> iirc19:31
coderushow can i publish app in harbour if it won't work on all sailfish versions?19:31
lbtcoderus: iirc that's on the TODO list19:31
coderuslbt: really no way to use same qt library?19:32
lbtyes, harbour apps are constrained19:32
coderuslbt:  i mean i can use this library only same at version?19:34
lbttbh I don't know all the rules by heart19:34
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos19:35
coderusyou talking about harbour?19:35
tortoisedoc_coderus : wrap the library next to texe?19:35
coderusi'm talking about qt19:35
tortoisedoc_*to the19:35
tortoisedoc_wrap the qt libraries next to the exe?19:35
coderustortoisedoc_: ?19:35
tortoisedoc_(the ones you need I mean)19:35
tortoisedoc_shouldnt that do the trick19:36
tortoisedoc_i mean19:36
tortoisedoc_thats what they suggest for libraries currently not supported in harbour19:36
coderustortoisedoc_: i dont understand what you mean19:36
coderuswhy you all taking about harbour?19:36
tortoisedoc_<coderus> how can i publish app in harbour if it won't work on all sailfish versions? [21:31]19:36
tortoisedoc_coderus ^19:36
coderusi have error running app19:36
lbttortoisedoc_: that was my impression too :D19:37
coderusCannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50100) with this library (version 0x50202)19:37
tortoisedoc_codersu :which library is it?19:37
coderusthis is an error running app19:37
coderusi build library with 1707 sdk19:37
coderusbut i have u9 on device19:37
coderusit will work (i suppose) on u819:38
coderusif i build with u9 sdk it will work on u919:38
*** plfiorini_ has joined #sailfishos19:38
coderusbut i suppose it wont work on u8?19:38
tortoisedoc_but it will not work on u819:38
tortoisedoc_most likely not?19:38
tortoisedoc_make separate ver of library19:38
tortoisedoc_detect qt version19:38
tortoisedoc_load correct version dynamically @ runtime?19:39
coderusQLibrary? how?19:41
*** zacce has joined #sailfishos19:41
Acceis the source for NotificationManagerProxy available? used here:
Acceit looks like calling close() doesn't always emit closed() signal, even though replacesId != 019:42
*** ajalkane_ has joined #sailfishos19:42
Accethen if I manually emit the signal closed() one time, calling close() starts to emit the signal too..19:43
coderusAcce: use mlite5 MNotification19:44
*** arcean has quit IRC19:45
tortoisedoc_coderus : QLibrary should do the job no?19:45
tortoisedoc_coderus :19:45
tortoisedoc_coderus :19:45
tortoisedoc_coderus :19:45
Accenemo-qml-plugin-notifications is some kind of legacy stuff?19:45
tortoisedoc_coderus :   ^19:45
coderusAcce: not, but too complex imho.19:46
coderustortoisedoc_: load class constructor and all stuff?19:47
*** Plnt_ has joined #sailfishos19:47
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*** two3four has joined #sailfishos19:48
tortoisedoc_coderus : what you mean19:49
coderustortoisedoc_: or i dont understand how to use QLibrary?19:49
*** smlb has joined #sailfishos19:50
tortoisedoc_coderus : see detailed description in page19:50
tortoisedoc_should have all the info :)19:50
Accehmm.. I don't know.. mlite looks more complicated to me judging by quick look ^^' maybe I'll try to check it later19:51
*** disharmonic has quit IRC19:51
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:52
AcceI think there's just a bug in the notification.cpp, it shouldn't set the replacesId to 0 on L291, since it compares replacesId_ to the closed notifications id in checkNotificationClosed19:52
coderustortoisedoc_: how can i load class constructor and call its functions?19:52
Accebut I can't try it myself since some source files are missing19:53
tortoisedoc_coderus : you need to export  a class19:54
tortoisedoc_(in the library)19:54
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:54
tortoisedoc_you need to make a method that creates  a class for you; that metiond you can then export19:55
tortoisedoc_second way is preferred, because first one will work only if class & program that loaded dll and uses class are compiled with the same compiler19:55
tortoisedoc_(same version)19:55
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos19:56
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tortoisedoc_you need to use Interfaces19:58
*** sandsmark has joined #sailfishos19:58
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tortoisedoc_(aka a class with only virtual methods) to access the class that is generated in the library20:00
*** alexxy has joined #sailfishos20:00
coderustortoisedoc_: yeah, seems so20:01
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tortoisedoc_coderus : good luck!20:04
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coderustortoisedoc: i can't build working test :D20:10
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tortoisedoc_can anyone help with this  : why would this.mapToItem not be available in qt 5.1 but in qt5.2?21:07
tortoisedoc_(specifically this refers to a MouseArea)21:08
*** dhbiker has quit IRC21:08
tortoisedoc_found the reasno21:11
tortoisedoc_QT 5.1 -> MouseArea is not an Item21:12
tortoisedoc_QT 5.2 -> MouseArea is an Item21:12
tortoisedoc_apparently Item qml class has the mapToObject21:12
*** NC__ has quit IRC21:13
tortoisedoc_oh well21:13
tortoisedoc_neat :)21:13
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coderusok, about harbour21:37
*** ahjolinna has quit IRC21:38
coderuscan i donwload library inside application for corresponding sailfish version?21:38
tortoisedoc_coderus : I think not from harbour, but from your server yes21:41
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:41
*** Sequenced- has joined #sailfishos21:42
*** Elleo_ is now known as Elleo21:43
coderustortoisedoc_: from my server yes21:43
coderusis that action allowed in harbour?21:43
*** Elleo has quit IRC21:44
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tortoisedoc_coderus : I think that's oj21:48
*** cxl000 has joined #sailfishos21:48
coderustortoisedoc_: nice, i'll test it21:50
*** ced117_ is now known as ced11721:50
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tortoisedoc_coderus : you might anyway want to make completely sure by doublechecking with a sailor first21:51
tortoisedoc_i mean, my word counts jacksh*t :P21:51
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:57
coderustortoisedoc_: i will publish it to openrepos anyway21:57
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos21:58
coderusjust wanted to make first app to harbour :D21:58
tortoisedoc_coderus : \o/ is it new Mittakuuluu :P21:58
*** AlphaX2 has joined #sailfishos22:02
tigelicoderus: I'm pretty sure that you will need to include the needed libraries within the rpm and not to download them from some random server22:03
AlphaX2Hi guys. Is there a way to create new Accounts for Sailfish? I tried to create a share plugin, but all the service login stuff can't be done with the share plugin part, but depends on accounts as far as I can see / Coderus told at the mailing list. Any ideas how to do that? Or how to work around? Because share plugin seems just able to use a start() and cancel() method from plugin lib or anything that can be done via JS/QML.22:03
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kimmolii have a wish: can we have icon-s-keyboard in /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons22:22
kimmolithere is icon-m-keyboard but that is too big for DeviceEvent notification22:22
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coderustigeli: how to select library in runtime?23:13
*** TMavica has quit IRC23:15
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