Monday, 2014-11-24

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HBP_ any ideas? google contacts sync is still broken for me :(06:40
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swift110-phoneHello al06:44
tbrgood moaning06:47
swift110-phoneGood morning how r u06:47
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swift110-phoneI really like the jolla tablet06:50
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tbrStskeeps: I seem to have misplaced my copy of the closed/open image that you had. wanted to go through that for tomorrow's meeting.07:15
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Stskeepstbr: i'll be providing an updated one07:24
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gogeta_hi guys07:45
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gogeta_coderus, are you here ?08:06
coderusgogeta_: always08:09
gogeta_there are new bannishment in place ?08:09
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gogeta_i can't regiter back08:09
gogeta_no signal for your operator08:10
gogeta_i think is a fake08:10
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swift110-phoneHow ru08:12
gogeta_coderus, they mangle something08:12
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coderusgogeta: what are you talking about?..09:05
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sandsmarkgogeta: wat10:13
kimmolicoderus: ping10:14
sandsmark(contentless ping :D)10:19
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kimmolii'm just making noise towards coderus, and payload is missing because i consider it to be confidential matter10:22
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kimmolibut more annoying is when get pinged, you reply, aaaand nothing10:22
sandsmarkyeah :p10:23
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jsimomaais it possible for me to use functions defined in C directly in my cpp main file? here is my configuration
jsimomaamy knowledge with QtCreator and Sailfish is quite minimal (first time trying)11:06
ln-change the prototype in test.h to: extern "C" double get_number();11:08
ln-actually, you may need to place the extern "C" part within #ifdef __cplusplus11:10
jsimomaathanks, the latter did the trick :-)11:15
swift110-phoneHello all11:19
SK_workmorning swift110-phone11:21
swift110-phoneGood morning11:21
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Nicd-my adventures with moment.js and QML continue:
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lukedirtwalkerhow can the jolla player get bluetooth input while minized?13:29
lukedirtwalkerI mean what do I need to do this in my app? Is it more than just qml?13:30
SK_worklukedirtwalker: you might need to reply to key input13:30
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SK_workdon't know if jolla media players is using bluetooth handsets media keys like "play / pause" to control playback13:31
SK_workbut you can try13:31
lukedirtwalkerMediaKey won't work when minized13:31
lukedirtwalkerbut they work when app is in foreground13:32
SK_worklukedirtwalker: how come ?13:32
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: so MediaKey should be enough for background as well?13:33
SK_worklukedirtwalker: it might13:33
SK_worki do wonder13:33
SK_worknever tried to develop this so13:33
Armadilloplayback control works13:33
Armadilloand also "minimized"13:34
Armadillotested with my Hyundai/LG navigation13:34
lukedirtwalkerArmadillo: with what app?13:34
Armadillothe native media player13:35
lukedirtwalkerYeah I know that it works there but I want to know what is needed that it would work in my app as well13:35
Armadilloah hm13:35
Armadillomaybe have a look into the qml files of the native media player13:35
Armadillomaybe it's only a flag which is needed13:36
lukedirtwalkerthere is also this Permissions {} in the native player yet I don't know what it does13:38
SK_worklukedirtwalker: permissions stuff is related to pulseaudio13:39
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: ok thanks13:41
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bluszczHi, I have a text field one line - and I want to call something after user enters, however I am not sure how to handle it
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Safa_[A_boy]Hello. How can I translate Sailfish to Arabic? Is there a guide link?14:43
SK_workSafa_[A_boy]: translate sailfish14:46
SK_workdon't know14:46
SK_workbut translate apps you need something like transifex yes14:46
SK_workbut also the input text sources14:47
PlntSafa_[A_boy]: jolla plans to have it's own system for the translations. so far there are couple of languages on transifex in
PlntSafa_[A_boy]: which is used in the meanwhile14:47
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos14:47
PlntSafa_[A_boy]: for example czech translation is quite complete14:47
Safa_[A_boy]Another translation system? You use Qt right?14:47
PlntSafa_[A_boy]: what i'm not sure about is how hard it will be to translate to languages which are written in the opposite direction than english14:48
Plntbecause that probably requires also some ui changes14:48
Safa_[A_boy]It will require some ui changes14:48
Safa_[A_boy]The ui is written in?14:48
PlntSafa_[A_boy]: i'm not from jolla so better to wait for someone from jolla. this is just info i got from some transifex forums for the past few months.14:49
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SK_workespecially, arabic requires right to left text alignment14:49
Safa_[A_boy]It wont be a big problem if it's QML14:49
Safa_[A_boy]A moment please14:49
SK_worknot sure if the open translation thing will be out soon14:49
Juice__Can I get the factory reset image link from here?14:50
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos14:50
SK_workJuice__: no14:50
Safa_[A_boy]Take a look here:
Juice__that includes the factory.tar and factory-home.tar also?14:50
Safa_[A_boy]I don't think that there are major differences between Qt4 and Qt514:51
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Juice__My btrfs is messed up14:53
bluszczanyone? - I have a text field one line - and I want to call something after user enters, however I am not sure how to handle it
SK_workSafa_[A_boy]: I mean, modifying it system-wide, in Sailfish OS14:55
SK_workJuice__: hum ...14:55
SK_workcannot recover ?14:55
SK_work>> care14:55
SK_workbluszcz: I don't know either14:55
SK_workone sec14:55
Safa_[A_boy]SK_work: You said QML..14:55
SK_workSafa_[A_boy]: yes, but the UI part is not under our control14:56
SK_workso you need sailors to have it fixed14:56
SK_work(if needed)14:56
Juice__I think I could fix it by just making a new btrfs14:57
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bluszczSK_work: ;/14:57
Juice__bluszcz: there is no onTextChanged?14:58
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coderusbluszcz: "after user enters"15:01
coderuspressed enter key you mean?15:01
swift110-phoneWhere can i download sailfish os to use in virtualbox?15:08
bluszczJuice__: onTextChange changes after every key pressed15:10
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coderusswift110-phone: install SailfishSDK, sailfish emulator will be included15:13
swift110-phoneOk cool15:13
swift110-phoneWhats the website15:13
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swift110-phoneCool thanks15:14
swift110-phoneHas anyone already ordered a jolla tablet?15:15
SK_workswift110-phone: done15:17
cos-has anyone not ordered?15:17
coderuscos-: yep.. i'm waiting for some developer device program :D15:18
swift110-phoneThats cool15:18
TMavicaordered 315:18
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cos-coderus: i wouldn't.. there wasn't one for the phone15:19
Safa_[A_boy]The translation system is not good |:15:19
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swift110-phoneI was thinking of getting one as i am rather.impressed with it15:20
Safa_[A_boy]Really, Why using something like the java localization system?15:20
swift110-phoneIts only a little smaller than my ipad15:20
bluszczcoderus: thank you, works flawlewlessly15:21
bluszcz'flawlessly' ;P15:22
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SK_workTMavica: ordered ... 3 ???15:28
SK_workare you even serious ?15:28
Safa_[A_boy]Isn't there a repository or something like it? :\15:31
TMavicai help 2 fd ordered 215:31
TMavicaI own 1 only, LOL15:31
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SK_workTMavica: I hope you own one :)15:32
TMavicai have 115:33
* SK_work have too many gadgets, but still ordered one15:33
SK_workI guess I will use it more than the Nexus 715:33
TMavicabut it is a long time to get..15:33
SK_workmay 201515:33
SK_worknot that far15:33
TMavicahalf year..15:34
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coderusSafa_[A_boy]: repository?15:41
Safa_[A_boy]git? svn? bazzar?15:41
SK_workrepository for what ?15:42
Safa_[A_boy]For this OS?15:43
*** melonipoika has joined #sailfishos15:43
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: we found a solution for MediaKey you have to use Permission as in AudioPlayer.qml15:44
SK_worklukedirtwalker: really ?15:44
SK_workso what this permission thing do ?15:44
SK_workSafa_[A_boy]: SailfishOS is not fully Open sourced. The UI part is closed15:44
SK_workso repositories are inside Jolla15:44
*** roboro has quit IRC15:45
*** roboro has joined #sailfishos15:46
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: yes. it contains Resource {id: res; type: Resource.HeadsetButtons; optional: true} and then in MediaKey you do enabled: res.acquired15:46
SK_worklukedirtwalker: tried running both mediaplayer and your app ?15:46
SK_workwho get the media keys ?15:46
lukedirtwalkerI'm not sure have to ask (I can't test it junnuvi does ;)15:47
SK_worklukedirtwalker: haha15:48
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bluszczand best way to pass some variable from one page to another? I defined a property but how to access it in another page? ( I use page sync(15:51
SK_worksorry for blank highlight15:52
SK_workin the target page, write "property <type> <name>"15:52
*** ATOMKRAFTPIZZA has quit IRC15:52
SK_workand use pageStack.push(<page qml file>, {"<name>": value})15:53
SK_workyou can pass several properties via the JS object as second argument15:53
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bluszczSK_work: thanks, checking15:54
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bluszczSK_work: does not work, see the value empty, but when i log in parent page t is not empty...16:05
*** BearT has joined #sailfishos16:07
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SK_workbluszcz: show me your code16:08
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: so here is the answer: player which has been lauched first will lost keys16:09
lukedirtwalkerquite okay if you ask me16:10
SK_worklukedirtwalker: ok16:10
SK_workso first in last out16:10
SK_workdoes the first media get the keys back when the second is closed ?16:10
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lukedirtwalkerSK_work: isn't FIFO?16:11
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos16:13
bluszczswift110-phone: based on example from sailfish16:13
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos16:14
bluszczSK_work: based on example from sailfish16:15
bluszczswift110-phone: sorry :P16:15
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lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: wrong brackets: (Qt.resolvedUrl("SecondPage.qml"), { ...});16:16
Nicd-also just a note, you don't need to do console.log(""+code), JS should automatically convert it to the correct type16:17
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bluszczlukedirtwalker: och, nice one!16:18
bluszczlukedirtwalker: Nicd-thcx16:18
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: and first application will get keys after second app is closed16:19
SK_worklukedirtwalker: good news16:19
SK_workonTextChanged: pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("SecondPage.qml", {'code_txt': code})); << culpit16:20
SK_workchange it to                     onTextChanged: pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("SecondPage.qml"), {code_txt: code});16:20
SK_workshould also work with the 'code_txt'16:20
SK_workbluszcz: ^16:20
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lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: you most probably do not want onTextChanged: in the onClicked?16:23
bluszczlukedirtwalker: no, sk_yeah, i had in first case like this following example from qt. thanks!16:24
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos16:25
bluszczreading now about integrating qml with cpp16:26
leszekbluszcz: just take a look at applications already using this I would recommend. There are different ways you can go there depending on what you need.16:31
SK_workbluszcz: if you are not very familiar with Qt or C++, the Qt tutorials are quite good too16:32
bluszczi did some qt, but yeears ago. just got jolla and discoevered all new things like oml and so :) its awesome16:35
bluszczSK_work: ^16:35
SK_workbluszcz: be sure to do some QML tutorials16:36
*** Blizzz has quit IRC16:36
SK_workthe Qt ones are quite good16:36
SK_workand, forget everything QtGui you have learnt16:36
SK_workbasically, no QWidgets16:36
bluszczyeah, this is what i uused to do :D16:36
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swift110-phoneSo who has a jolla phone?16:47
swift110-phoneHow do u like it?16:47
*** jjanvier__ has joined #sailfishos16:48
Accehmm I like to use it and dev for it16:48
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC16:49
SK_workrather like it16:50
SK_workit is not an iPhone (ie quite stablet etc)16:51
SK_workbut it is (most of the time) a pleasure to use16:51
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TemeVWhat should I do to get subdirs project work. Trying to do a subdirs project which compiles two executables to one rpm18:04
TemeVi'm getting "File listed twice: /usr/lib/debug/.build-id"18:05
*** beidl_ has quit IRC18:05
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SK_workTemeV: this is not normal18:24
SK_workmind sharing logs / project files / spec ?18:24
TemeVSure, just a moment. I have to do some reverting first :)18:28
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TemeVI really need to update my hardware. Compiling takes forever18:31
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:33
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TemeVspec file:
*** arcean has quit IRC18:35
TemeVmain .pro:
*** salamisami has joined #sailfishos18:36
TemeVsub .pro:
salamisamiI know this isn't exactly the channel but #meego and #n9 seem pretty dead18:36
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:37
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos18:37
salamisamiSo my N9 is malfunctioning in a lot of ways and I guess the way to fix it would be flashing it18:37
TemeVanother sub .pro:
TemeVpiece of log:
salamisamiSo I've got absolutely NO idea which one of these zillion images i should get for my device18:39
salamisamiwhere do i even find the corresponding product code for my device18:41
TemeVsalamisami: iirc you can pick anyone you want18:44
TemeVhw is the same18:44
TemeVwell, correct memory size of course18:44
salamisamiok ty18:46
salamisamianyway i found the product code18:46
salamisamiit was behind the sim cover18:46
salamisamiYou know, i got these crazy errors with my device18:46
*** grzywacz has joined #sailfishos18:46
salamisamiunable to turn on the dev mode, whatsup going bonkers, camera photos not being saved etc18:46
salamisamii guess flashing is the smartest way to deal with this18:46
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos18:47
salamisamibtw the size of the firmware file is really small, just 3,6kb18:48
salamisamiis that how its supposed to be18:48
salamisamioh man! flasher site down18:48
salamisamican't even install the flasher now18:48
salamisamiwhat a bummer18:48
*** martyone has quit IRC18:51
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salamisamigahh its fucked18:54
*** salamisami has quit IRC18:54
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lukedirtwalkerWhat does that mean in validator: rpath in binary is empty!19:16
*** Nekron_dev has quit IRC19:19
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jsimomaafrom where can I install lzma (with headers) to MerSDK i486 target?20:24
jsimomaafrom IDE manage target there were only xz-lzma-compat20:25
swift110_hello all20:29
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bluszczI am getting now Module 'Sailfish.Silica' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations. - anyone?21:25
TemeVWhat do I have to do, to get rid of .desktop file in my rpm package?21:26
TemeVINSTALLS -= desktop icon and removing files from yaml/spec doesn't seem to be enough21:26
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos21:30
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lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: that is not a problem but the messages below can you show the qml?21:33
lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: you should have an ApplicationWindow in first paint21:34
coderusjsimomaa: from sources21:34
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC21:34
coderusTemeV: INSTALLS = target21:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos21:35
TemeVcoderus: I tried that one also already21:36
lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: instead of pages/FirstPage.qml you should have a main.qml or something which has ApllicationWindow{ initialPage: firstPage; FirstPage{id: firstPage}}21:36
TemeVbut I'm getting "error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:"21:36
coderusTemeV: add it at the end of pro file21:36
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos21:36
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coderusTemeV: you can also remove desktop file from project dir :D21:36
TemeVit shouldn't matter if I delete the file or not. Does it?21:37
coderusTemeV: if you delete this file it can't be included in your rpm file because not exists :D21:37
TemeVand now it just works. It is the "ask in IRC magic"21:37
coderusINSTALLS = target works?21:38
TemeVnow I have INSTALLS -= desktop icon21:38
coderusok :)21:38
TemeVthanks for help anyway :)21:39
bluszczlukedirtwalker: hm,21:39
*** grzywacz has quit IRC21:40
bluszczlukedirtwalker: thx21:40
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lukedirtwalkerbluszcz: works?21:43
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bluszczlukedirtwalker: yeah21:54
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ulvushi. sailfisher22:04
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