Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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pvuorelasandsmark: saidinesh5, awesome :)08:20
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ilpianistasandsmark: you here too! :-)08:23
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pvuorelasaidinesh5: curious where do you get the word candidates from?08:34
saidinesh5pvuorela: android's latin IME08:34
pvuorelahmh? :D08:34
stephghey guys08:39
saidinesh5i had to convert these dictionaries a little though08:39
Stskeepsinteresting that those are openly licensed08:40
saidinesh5Stskeeps: these aren't the ones used by android's swipe keyboard afaik08:40
saidinesh5also there are a lot of sources for decent word-frequency lists08:41
Stskeepsyeah, but appropiately licensed is sometimes difficult08:41
saidinesh5heh nah they are all in public domain.. i mean its just running a script through a lot of text and counting the words..08:42
saidinesh5google theselves releases huuuuuge ones
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zGrrmoin :)09:12
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* Nc_ murders everyone who worked on QML10:10
SK_workNc_: why ?10:11
SK_workbe nice to QML and it will be nice to you10:11
Nc_Am trying to write an extension, and failing miserably :)10:11
SK_workNc_: show me the code10:12
Nc_uhm.... there's a LOT of it, so'eh ....10:13
SK_workNc_: no github ?10:13
Nc_I actually think I might have the extension done fairly right, but importing it is killing me10:13
Nc_no github ... still not decided final approach, so keeping things a bit low at the moment10:14
SK_workNc_: what's the problem ?10:14
Nc_well, bit backwards, but ..10:14
SK_workNc_: basis of QML plugin
Nc_Will try looking through that - brb :)10:15
ilpianistanazanin: hi, it seems my app isn't still approved/rejected? I submitted it 11 days ago10:16
Nc_SK_work, Just to clarify, I've written a C++/QT shared-lib, which I'm trying to turn into a QML Extension, and then use in QML - not sure is sane approach, but...10:17
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nazaninilpianista: can you tell me the name of your app?10:36
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ilpianistaPapocchio <310:38
nazaninilpianista: haven't you been contacted about this app staying in the queue?10:38
nazaninilpianista: as far as I see there is an email sent to you about it. Please check and let me know if you haven't received it10:40
ilpianistanazanin: on Dec 4th? If so I got it10:41
nazaninilpianista: there seems to be some issues with the app on update 8. if you do not wish to fix them for update 8, it needs to stay in the queue a bit longer for the multiversion support in Store10:45
ilpianistanazanin: multiversion support is not active yet?10:46
nazaninilpianista: not until update 10:
ilpianistaaaah I thought it was...ok I'll wait then!10:47
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nazaninilpianista: :)10:47
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SK_workNc_: not totally10:54
SK_workBTW, why don't you write a plugin that dynamically links to this shared lib ?10:54
Nc_Oh, is what I (think I) did10:54
SK_workNc_: and what's the problem atm ?10:55
Nc_basically set up 3 projects: 1 shared lib, 1 QML extension using the lib, 1 QML app using the extension10:55
Nc_the QML app loading the extension is failing me10:55
Nc_"module "IoTQuick" is not installed" <-- but I've set the import path etc :(10:55
SK_workcheck the path10:59
SK_workwhere did you installed IoTQuick thing ?10:59
SK_workNc_: zip me your project and send me to my mail11:00
Nc_uhm, 'k - but fair warning: for now I'm simply trying to get it to work on desktop. There is no SailfishOS/Jolla bits made yet11:01
SK_workNc_: which OS ?11:01
SK_workone sec11:02
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SK_workfor ease of dev, why don't you static link everything ,11:02
SK_workas you need to install the QML module in some specific place11:02
SK_workit's painful11:02
Nc_I've been thinking about static linking everything - would probably make things easier :)11:03
SK_workmuch much more11:03
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Nc_brb - bad pain ...11:04
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VDVsxis there some efforts going on for Telegram native app ?11:30
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TemeVVDVsx: I have done some efforts for that, but I just don't have enough time :)11:33
VDVsxTemeV, is there some backend already in c++ or something that can be reused ?11:34
TemeVI'm using this
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TemeVI tested that as a proof of consept and it seems to be working11:35
TemeVI could read the conversations I have and receive notifications11:35
SK_workTemeV: awesome11:36
SK_workany repo ?11:36
TemeVNot yet11:36
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TemeVnot public anyway11:36
TemeVit was really just poc, I don't want to show that code to anyone11:37
TemeVtoo ugly :)11:37
TemeVNow I have to learn some dbus magic etc, to get daemon and ui working11:37
*** tanty_off is now known as tanty11:38
ulvushi ppl11:38
SK_workTemeV: I'm quite interested by a telegram client actually, so I could help making the code looks better :)11:41
SK_workmorning ulvus11:41
ulvushi SK_work11:43
TemeVSK_work: I'll publish the repo somewhere when I get the Connection, Daemon-GUI interaction and Notifications to work at some level11:44
TemeVwhich is actually not too far away11:44
SK_workwhat do you use as daemon ?11:44
VDVsxthat would be quite awesome, Telegram seems to be growing a lot, and they are so far friendly (not like stupid whatsup :P)11:44
SK_worklinking to libqtelegram ?11:44
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SK_workgetting rid of whatsapp yeah11:45
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos11:45
TemeVwrapper around libqtelegram to communicate with dbus11:45
*** gexc has quit IRC11:45
TemeVchem|st: maybe in the future11:46
TemeVtelepathy on jolla doesn't support group chats afaik11:46
VDVsxTemeV, SK_work when code is published ping me as well, probably don't have time to help much, but can have a look at least/test11:46
chem|st5 years of unified msging on my mobilephone makes me not consider installing "apps" for msging ever11:47
SK_workchem|st: +111:47
SK_workbut you need to use what you friends use11:47
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TemeVBut I think private chats could be integrated to telepathy and the app would be for group chats11:48
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chem|stSK_work: I do not have friends when it comes to msging! any person asking me to get whatsapp can go die in the woods!11:48
SK_workwhat abotu FB ?11:48
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chem|stI have FB but the account on the phone is limited to upload pictures "only"11:49
*** till- has joined #sailfishos11:49
chem|stI don't want it to ping FB every time I go online11:49
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SK_workchem|st: at the end I'm actually not using FB anymore11:50
SK_workbut I use twitter a lot11:50
chem|stwhat I need and I think the world needs is having msging like email, where you can chose your provider or even be your own + OTR + PGP and that is xmpp11:50
chem|stI do not have commercial feeds on my phone11:51
chem|stif you want to caht with all of your friends, you need to have 4+ msging apps/accounts installed by now, help telepathy to get groupchat, filetransfer and what else and we are good to go for most other things11:53
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chem|stOTR can be implemented on account/protocol base for now..11:54
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vakkovi ported an app to Qt5 and built it with my sailfish target in sb212:13
integreat, thank you12:13
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vakkovwhen it is started on the phne it says platform xcb not found; when i add -platform wayland it says Failed to create display (No such file or directory); i built it with the qt creator and now it at least starts with the default platform as wayland but still gives Failed to create display (No such file or directory)12:15
vakkovinte: omg ...12:15
pp_hmn, wayland socket not set?12:16
coderusvakkov: launch with invoker12:16
coderusqtc start lack of environment variables12:17
*** ottulo has quit IRC12:17
vakkovcoderus: omg, my bad i was startng it from root ;D su nemo and it works !12:20
vakkovit just said This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints() but seems to be working12:20
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Armadillonazanin hey, may I disturb you with a question regarding TaskList QA? :)12:42
nazaninArmadillo: sure :)12:42
sandsmarkilpianista: I am everywhere <312:43
Armadillonazanin it is now locked in QA for over 6 days, can you have a look what the current situation is? the update brings a new language and I already have updates regarding this language12:44
Armadillobut as it is locked I can't push new updates :-/12:45
nazaninArmadillo: ah, lemme check12:45
Armadillomaybe I exhausted my update quote and now I'm throttled :D12:46
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos12:47
nazaninArmadillo: it sure is not that :D asked our Store guys to take a look, will let you know about the results12:50
Armadillonazanin thank you very much :)12:51
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m4g0gI have this text with tags to display in Text element. But id displayed not as in paste. For example, first 5 lines showed as one line but in italic mode13:39
nazaninArmadillo: check again13:40
*** Nc_ has quit IRC13:42
Armadillonazanin thanks, it's approved! :D13:42
nazaninArmadillo: great ;)13:42
* Armadillo prepeares the next release13:42
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos13:42
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*** xth has quit IRC13:46
m4g0gof what?13:48
*** mcuros has joined #sailfishos13:52
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m4g0gThere are many tasklists...13:59
m4g0gany ideas about my question? I tried to use TextArea, but it can't interpret html tags14:00
Nicd-m4g0g: but the first 5 lines are supposed to be one line14:02
Nicd-if it is parsed as HTML14:02
Nicd-they should have <br> if you want linebreaks14:02
m4g0ghm. One moment14:03
m4g0gNicd-: but why plain text interpret it as necessary, but with tags and why android app shows this text as necessary? May be I need to replace \n with <br>?14:06
m4g0gbr tag?14:06
*** xth has quit IRC14:06
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Sailor10120is there a way to pin apps to the top? e.g. a search app14:08
*** Sailor10120 is now known as hasdf14:09
SK_workpin app on top ?14:09
SK_workwhat do you mean ?14:09
SK_worknot in the app switcher14:09
Nicd-m4g0g: yes, you need to replace \n with <br>14:09
Nicd-I don't know how android does this14:09
hasdf@SK_work the app switcher is the thibg direcly under my lockscreen? thats what i meant14:10
*** hasdf has quit IRC14:11
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*** Raven67855 is now known as RavenholmDX14:12
*** hasdf has joined #sailfishos14:13
SK_workhasdf: no you cannot pin14:15
hasdfok. is there a way to open apps with gestures?14:16
*** RavenholmDX is now known as TheRavenholmDX14:16
*** TheRavenholmDX is now known as RavenholmDX14:17
meklum4g0g: <style>* { white-space: pre-wrap; }</style>14:17
mekluyou might want to add that14:17
meklu(if this is rich text, not 100% sure it's supported though...)14:18
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC14:18
mekluthe \n -> <br/> thing would work too14:18
Nicd-hasdf: there's an app called quickbar in the store, maybe it does something like what you want14:18
Nicd-hasdf: you can move apps to the quick launch row (the four apps in home screen under the open apps) by press-hold-dragging apps around14:19
*** hasdf_ has joined #sailfishos14:21
*** rbn has joined #sailfishos14:21
hasdf_what I would like is a search feature like on iOS (gesture opens search vor apps, media, etc)14:23
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos14:23
Nicd-well, would need a gesture (doable with lipstick patches) and a search app (currently there is none)14:24
hasdf_Quick launcher does search for Apps14:25
hasdf_could you link me some information for lipstick patches or does that mean I have to write my own patch for sailfishos?14:26
m4g0gNicd-: Great/ . I repalced and it helped14:27
SK_workhasdf_: depends on what you want to add14:27
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos14:27
SK_workyou want to add a global search14:27
SK_workthat's not easy14:27
SK_workso you need to first do a sort of app that allows doing this14:27
hasdf_I want to add a gesture to open an app14:28
SK_work(maybe some C++ / JS module)14:28
SK_workhasdf_: which gesture ?14:28
SK_workgesture recognition isn't nice either14:28
hasdf_first thing that comes to my mind: top down (which I can toggle in the settings to close apps and lock my phone)14:30
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos14:31
hasdf_something like a circle gesture would be too much effort I think14:32
Armadillomaybe a long press could bring up a focused search field in addition to the kill option for the open apps14:33
Nicd-that's unintuitive14:34
hasdf_also a good idea14:34
*** filippz has quit IRC14:34
*** goroboro has quit IRC14:35
*** hasdf has quit IRC14:35
*** hasdf_ is now known as hasdf14:35
*** goroboro has joined #sailfishos14:35
*** SK_work has quit IRC14:35
Armadilloswiping from the outer screen in on the launcher pages could show a search page14:36
*** aboyer has quit IRC14:37
*** aboyer has joined #sailfishos14:37
chem|stArmadillo: how about pull from inside?14:37
chem|stoutside is partnerscreen14:38
Armadillooh ok14:38
chem|stor just on the favourites in home-screen14:38
*** zalan has quit IRC14:38
Armadillothat sounds good to me14:39
Armadillovoted :D14:44
chem|stlbt: nice read, thanks (how are you doing thread)14:49
hasdfthank you!14:52
*** SK_work has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** proyvind has quit IRC14:54
*** keithzg has quit IRC14:54
*** Nc_ has quit IRC14:55
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos14:55 much for thinking it was safe to run qmlscene14:57
anandrkrischem|st: do we already have favourites in home-screen?14:57
Armadillothe bar at the bottom14:58
anandrkrisoh..ok..go it14:59
anandrkrisfavorite items are fixed by Jolla though ;-)15:00
Armadillothe 4 icons?15:01
anandrkrisArmadillo: chem|st - seems the partner screen is invoked from home screen... And not from launcher page?15:01
Armadillohome screen invokes ambiences15:02
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:03
anandrkrislet me see the video again15:03
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos15:06
anandrkrisArmadillo: the video at least it is invoked from home screen...maybe got changed to ambiance switcher15:11
Armadillowell I don't know if there currently is any partner using this screen15:12
*** mcuros_ has joined #sailfishos15:13
*** mcuros has quit IRC15:15
*** zGrr has quit IRC15:20
*** proyvind has joined #sailfishos15:22
*** anandrkris has quit IRC15:25
SK_workpartnerspace ?15:26
fluxthere's an app search app in the store, btw15:29
fluxI have that in my bottom row15:29
*** gexc has quit IRC15:29
fluxit doesn't search from app descriptions, though, so it's not very useful for 'searching' but rather 'recalling'15:29
*** ottulo has quit IRC15:37
ArmadilloSK_work interesting, thanks15:39
Armadilloso launcher gestures would be available15:39
SK_workthe partnerspace gesture only15:40
*** Mivalpuff has quit IRC15:41
Armadillothe partnerspace is located on the home screen, is it?15:43
Armadilloso there are currently no gestures in use at the app launcher screen15:43
TemeVisn't there a way in QtCreator to autogenerate getters and setters?15:44
TemeVI'm sure i saw it there15:44
fluxthere's this one great app for N9 called 'my moves', btw, though its gesture detection could be better15:44
fluxit'd be nice to see something like that for Jolla, though it would probably involve extending the wayland protocol to support such functionality (alternatively: implement the whole stuff in the compositor)15:45
fluxor maybe not, if one would just read /dev/input directly.. (the app used multi-finger gestured)15:46
SK_workArmadillo: left "ambience drawer"15:48
SK_workTemeV: right click on Q_PROPERTY > refactor15:48
TemeVSK_work: thanks15:51
*** martyone has quit IRC15:51
*** kontio has quit IRC15:51
SK_workit is not available in the "core" protocol though15:51
SK_workflux: it can be easily handled via homescreen patches15:51
Nc_SK_work, per earlier: yeah, a lot simpler with static linking :/ ... at least now I can get the QML code to see the objects15:52
*** tat has quit IRC15:52
*** kontio has joined #sailfishos15:53
*** kontio has quit IRC15:53
*** kontio has joined #sailfishos15:53
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos15:55
*** SK_work has quit IRC15:55
*** Sail0r has quit IRC15:56
*** gexc has quit IRC15:56
*** SK_work has joined #sailfishos15:57
fluxsk_work, but those gestures worked everywhere, regardless which app you were running?15:58
SK_workflux: where ? with my moves ?15:58
SK_workhaha, the multitouch laucher thingie15:58
SK_workyeah, true15:58
SK_workdon't know how it worked15:58
SK_workwon't be nice to implement I guess15:58
*** carepack has left #sailfishos16:00
*** carepack has quit IRC16:01
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:04
*** servalex_d3cli has joined #sailfishos16:04
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl16:04
*** mhlavink has quit IRC16:05
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos16:06
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:06
*** mhlavink_afk has joined #sailfishos16:08
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*** leinir has joined #sailfishos16:12
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos16:15
*** flash1 has quit IRC16:20
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*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos16:33
*** rbn has quit IRC16:36
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos16:36
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*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos16:39
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*** meetingcpp has quit IRC16:47
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*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos16:59
*** igordcard has quit IRC17:00
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos17:01
Toxipis it possible to have each item on a view do a different function? I tried to put the function as a model element but that didn't seem to work...17:01
*** kanishka has quit IRC17:03
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos17:04
SK_workToxip: use case ?17:07
SK_workwhat do you want to do ?17:08
ToxipI have a grid with cards in it and I want each card to do a different thing when clicked17:09
SK_workmodel ?17:10
SK_workwhat do you do when clicked ?17:10
*** SL89 is now known as SL89-AFK17:10
ToxipI tried placing different functions in the model but the whole view just disappeared when I did that :/17:11
SK_workToxip: what does these cards do ?17:11
Toxipone would for example call the attack function with different values and another one would call build function17:12
Toxipbut should it be possible to define these functions in the model?17:13
Toxipit's certainly possible to add references to properties by appending them17:14
Toxipbut I tried to do the same with a function and it just screwed the whole thing :/17:14
SK_workToxip: what do these functions do, are they JS ?17:14
ToxipJS yeah17:14
SK_workwhich model are you using ?17:14
SK_workListModel ?17:14
ToxipList model17:14
SK_workhum ...17:14
SK_workhow many different actions would you need to handle ?17:15
*** daitheflu has quit IRC17:18
Toxiphmm... I have like 10 at least17:18
SK_workdon't look nice17:18
SK_workI was about to ask you to do a huge switch17:19
SK_workI never tried to use function as properties of ListModel, probably won't work nicely17:19
Toxipapparently yeah :/17:20
*** lukedirtwalker has joined #sailfishos17:20
ToxipI may have to do separate functions for each card since some of them can do multiple things17:21
SK_worklet's do this17:21
SK_workcreate a JS object17:21
SK_workas a huge map17:21
SK_workeach member is a "pointer" to a JS function17:22
SK_workand each key is a "type"17:22
SK_workyou put the type in the model17:22
*** mcuros has joined #sailfishos17:22
*** Morpog_PC__ has joined #sailfishos17:22
SK_workand in the delegate you use the js objet to invoke methods17:22
* Nc_ does a little dance17:22
Toxipalright, sounds good17:23
Toxipjust have to study more JS now :D17:23
SK_workWhen I say "I have to study more JS now", I switch to C++17:23
SK_workproblem solved17:23
Toxipthe thing is, I'm very new to this stuff...17:24
*** mcuros has quit IRC17:24
SK_worktry JS a bit more17:24
*** mcuros_ has quit IRC17:24
ToxipI know some C++ and C but i've been learning QML and JS just by doing this and reading documentation17:24
SK_workI'm not sure that you are doing it right (c)17:24
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:25
Toxipyeah, I'17:25
*** mcuros has joined #sailfishos17:25
ToxipI've learned a lot about QML and JS by doing this... I gotta check that map thing now :P17:26
*** aboyer has quit IRC17:27
SK_workToxip: what app are you truying to build ?17:27
SK_workout of curiosity17:27
Toxipit's a game :)17:28
Nc_SK_work, sorry to be a pain again, but ... is there really no way to cast objects in QML from 1 class to another?17:28
SK_workwhat do you mean "class" ?17:28
*** xth has joined #sailfishos17:29
Nc_my C++ code is emit'ing an object by its base-class17:29
Nc_in C++, would need to check what type(s) it is, and then cast it to the right class, to use the object correctly17:30
SK_workNc_: what kind of classes there are17:30
SK_workthat's bad17:30
SK_workJS don't know ANYTHING about classes (non typed language)17:30
Nc_yeah, was getting that impression17:30
suyQML is kinda typed...17:31
SK_workbut if you have base class A having a slot do() and B inheriting A having another slot doDifferently(), you can try to invoke doDifferently() on your object17:31
SK_workif it is not B, it will just fail17:31
suyunless you make `property var foo`, then it is not typed :P17:31
SK_workif B overloads do(), the overload will be invoked17:31
SK_workyeah, there are some types, but if it is exposed as base type from C++, you have no way to know17:31
SK_workor ... doing it wrong (c)17:32
Nc_yeah, right now I've overloaded the signal, so it sends the relevant type, but this doesn't really work long-term :(17:32
Nc_Guess I need to apply more C++17:32
SK_workNc_: have some code to show ?17:32
suyNc_: can you elaborate what you want to achieve exactly?17:33
Nc_I'm writing a library for handling IoT-things17:33
SK_workthe infamous libqiot17:33
Nc_basically, detect stuff on network in various protocols, present as standard stuff17:33
SK_workwhat's the issue17:33
SK_workwith the overloaded stuff17:33
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC17:34
Nc_Just that I'm emit'ing base-class, and then cannot make calls on those objects :(17:34
Nc_i.e. can't see a way to make the QML code know whether the object has e.g. Power, or Colour, or Channel or anything :)17:34
suyyou are emitting in the signal the data and the type of the data?17:35
SK_workwhat's the base class ?17:35
SK_workwhat's the extended classes ?17:35
*** twixx has left #sailfishos17:35
Nc_IoTObject -> LightBulb -> LIFXBulb / HueBulb/ HoliBulb ....17:35
SK_workI see17:36
Nc_or IoTObject -> PowerSwitch -> WeMoSwitch / .....17:36
SK_workwhat do you want to do on your stuff ?17:36
suyNc_: but what's the signature of the signal?17:36
SK_workdoes LightBulb share all methods in their implementations ?17:36
Nc_find devices on network, present on UI, with ability to control based on what it is17:36
SK_workso your IoTObject should at least expose a CONSTANT property called type17:36
SK_workand expose the enum describing these types17:37
Nc_LightBulb sets a minimum set of ability (implementations), but LIFX/Hue etc extends17:37
SK_worklike LightBulb Switch17:37
SK_workdoes LIFX Hue provide new methods?17:37
Nc_yeah, have base-type defined and set17:37
Nc_yeah, specific implementation can have more methods17:37
Nc_and objects can implement both PowerSwitch and LightBulb and Timer and ....17:37
SK_worklet's start with basis17:37
SK_workdifferenciate LightBulb and PowerSwitch17:38
SK_workan object can be both a LightBulb and PowerSwitch ?17:38
SK_workthis looks more like interfaces17:38
Nc_they are17:38
SK_workare they "true" interfaces ?17:38
SK_workor QObject based interfaces17:39
Nc_purely virtual, abstract classes? No, they include basic implementations for some bits17:39
SK_workcan't you separate your lightbulb from a switch ?17:39
SK_worklet's do composition, assume a class called IoTObject17:39
* Nc_ just got attacked by small girls17:39
Nc_I really should drop this on GitHub ....17:40
SK_workthat have methods like: isLightBulb, isSwitch etc17:41
Nc_ <-- sample client17:41
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos17:41
Nc_I'm trying hard to not make IoTObject understand anything beyond itself17:41
*** gigetoo has quit IRC17:46
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** SL89-AFK is now known as SL8917:48
suyNc_: so the problem is void bulbRemoteChanged(IoTLightBulbClient *); ?17:49
Nc_no, that a Discovery object will emit "void newIoTItem(IoTObject *item);"17:50
Nc_in QML I then get an IoTObject called item, on which I cannot call methods from the LIFXLightClient class17:51
SK_workNc_: forgot the fact that your iotobject is everythign at the same time17:51
SK_workcan't you have methods like lightbulb()17:52
SK_workreturn a IoTLightBulb QObject based class17:52
SK_workthat have basic lightbulb handling17:52
SK_workso in QML / JS you do17:52
SK_workonNewIoTItem: if (item.lightbulb) { item.lightBulb.doSomething() }17:52
Nc_IoTObject.getLightbulb()  return (lightbulb*)this;  ?17:52
SK_workwon't work17:53
SK_workthe fact is that in QML / JS context you NEED QObject based objects17:53
SK_workif you cast (lightbulb *) this, lightbulb is a C++ interface, so not a QObject17:54
SK_workand that won't work17:54
SK_workyou cannot dread diamond QObject based class17:54
*** mhlavink_afk has quit IRC17:54
SK_workso I was thinking about an IoTObject that is a "final" class17:54
SK_workthat have several attributes17:54
SK_workthat are all NULL at the begining, and if you build your specific IoT17:54
SK_worklike a switch + lightbulb, you set the m_switch and m_lightbulb attribtues17:55
SK_workthe problem about this architecture is that you will probably have more and more attributes17:55
SK_workbut at that time it is manageable17:55
Nc_IoTObject having an attribute for each possible interface .... That could escalate17:55
locusfIs there a way to limit the number of items in a model which produces the data?17:55
Nc_for now I've set IoTObject.type to 64-bit, and even suspect that won't suffice (64 bit flags)17:56
SK_workWhat I don't like is how it is exposed to QML17:57
SK_workthat's all17:57
SK_workhum another possibility17:58
Nc_Starting to ponder best option is to wrap most of it in a C++ class, so it handles the different types, and just present different lists to QML17:58
*** Nerfiaux has quit IRC17:59
SK_workNc_: I got a "nice" idea C++ side for your stuff18:00
*** Nerfiaux has joined #sailfishos18:00
SK_workit is basically what you are doing18:00
SK_workdeclare many interfaces for different IOT stuff18:00
SK_workbut nicer stuff is that you declare them as Q_INTERFACES18:00
SK_workso that you can easily qobject_cast from one to another18:00
Nc_not familiar with Q_INTERFACES - will have to google later18:01
SK_workand then, no need of a sort of flag to know which iot this stuff impleemtsn18:01
Nc_'k... ?18:01
* Nc_ googles18:01
SK_workif you have a QObject inherited object18:02
SK_workthat implements several interfaces that are declared with q_declare_interface18:02
SK_workyou can qobject_cast easily18:02
SK_workso I imagine a basic IoTObject: public QObject18:02
SK_workthat have a method like18:02
SK_worktemplate<class T> T * toObject() { return qobject_cast<T *>(this));18:02
SK_workthis could be nice to have so that you can have ILightBulb *bulb = object.toObject<ILightBulb>18:03
SK_worksomething like that18:03
SK_workfor QML, I would prefer to have different objects for different goal: for example a LightBulb component that have the same properties / methods as the ILightBulb interface18:04
SK_workand wraps an ILightBulb18:04
*** iskatu has quit IRC18:04
Nc_'k, think I can see how that could help18:04
SK_workin QML, you don't have C++ power, no templaet and strong requirement of QObject18:05
SK_workso basically you need to create separate component for each part of an IoT18:05
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:05
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos18:05
SK_worksuppose that you have an IoTRegistrator, that sends you a nice IoTObject18:05
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos18:06
Nc_sort-of, yes :)18:06
SK_workyou cannot do anything with IoTObject (as QML can't call the toObject) method, but you can call a method from IoTRegistrator like18:06
SK_workso it gives you a QML LightBulb wrapper for your IoTObject18:06
SK_workeven better18:06
SK_workhave a LightBulb component, that takes as parameter an IotObject18:07
SK_workand the LightBulb component will, internally do: m_lightBulb = object.toObject<ILightBulb>(), plus wraps the methods of ILightBulb18:07
SK_workthis could be enough to get the interface being exposed to QML18:08
SK_workso your registrator sends a IoTObject instance, and you pass it to a LightBulb for example18:08
*** flywheel has joined #sailfishos18:08
SK_work+ you will need to support an enum to be able to know which type is your IoTObject18:08
SK_workbut that can be rather easy18:08
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos18:09
SK_worka method like isType(enum)18:09
Nc_sorta have that already18:09
SK_workand switch (type) { case LightBulb: return toObject<ILightBulb>(); }18:09
SK_workrather easy to do18:09
SK_workplease github yeah18:09
SK_workadvanced functionalities like HueLightBulb might be an issue to solve18:10
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:10
SK_workor not18:10
SK_worksimply do IHueLightBulb: public ILightBulb, declare IHueLightBulb as an interface, and expose to QML via HueLightBulb component18:10
Toxipthey should release this maroon game in Jolla store :D18:12
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos18:12
Nc_btw, fair warning: I'm crap at programming, so you really don't want to anything I've made XD18:12
*** jjanvier has quit IRC18:13
suySK_work: Nc_: I have to go now, but check if what the qt3d people made with extension objects is of any help. See Paul's comment on:
SK_workNc_: I do want pull requests and a nice API18:13
suy(wrt interfaces, etc.)18:13
Nc_suy, cheers :) .. will look18:14
SK_workis qmlRegisterExtendedType available in Qt 5.1/2 ?18:15
*** mkollaro has quit IRC18:15
suySK_work: yes, but the documentation was accidentally scrapped18:15
suythe ones new in 5.4 are the "customExtended" and "customUncreatable"18:16
SK_workinteresting stuff18:17
suyI'm late, but also look at the slides:
*** Mivalpuff has quit IRC18:19
*** arcean has quit IRC18:20
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos18:23
SK_workI'm really puzzled about this itnerface thing18:23
SK_workas we don't profit from properties or signals in QML side18:23
*** m4g0g_ has joined #sailfishos18:25
SK_workhi m4g0g_18:26
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos18:27
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos18:28
*** hasdf has quit IRC18:29
*** ionstorm has quit IRC18:29
*** flywheel has quit IRC18:29
*** m4g0g_ has quit IRC18:30
*** flywheel has joined #sailfishos18:32
*** mihlit has joined #sailfishos18:36
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off18:43
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*** inte has quit IRC18:57
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